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Y&R Transcript Friday 12/7/07 -- Canada; Monday 12/10/07 -- U.S.A.


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Nick: Hey.

Nikki: Hey.

Nick: Did your, uh, Mother and I tell you could take that for a drive, young lady?

Nikki: I can't sleep, and I can't read.

Nick: Can you eat? I was just about to make Phyllis a sandwich.

Nikki: No, I definitely can't eat. I think I'm just gonna go for a drive.

Nick: To?

Nikki: Nowhere. Anywhere. I don't know.

Nick: Okay, let me throw some clothes on. I'll go with you.

Nikki: No. Thanks for the offer, I just... need to be alone.

Nick: I'm just gonna worry about you all night.

Nikki: That's my line. I'm okay. Really.

Nick: Mom, come on.

Nikki: Really.

Nikki: Now don't wait up for me, okay?

Nick: Be careful.

Nikki: Go to bed.

(Knock on door)

Victor: Sharon?

Sharon: Hi, I know it's, um, it's a little bit late for an impromptu visit.

Victor: Please come in.

Sharon: But I was just thinking about you and Victoria, and I know I should've called first, but, um... you know, I heard that the police searched your home.

Victor: Yes, they did. This is so sweet of you to bring this.

Sharon: It's for Victoria.

Victor: Somehow they thought that I was involved in in Ji Min Kimís demise.

Sharon: Yeah, I know. To go through that, right now of all times, with Victoria here...

Victor: I know. You know she'll be happy to see you. And you don't have to worry about a chilly reception by my wife, because she isn't here.

Sharon: Oh. She isn't?

Victor: Nope.

Sharon: Well, I-I would've thought--

Victor: That she would be with her 24 hours a day? Yeah.

Sharon: Yeah. Um, when I saw you at the hospital together, it seemed...

Victor: Looks can be deceiving.

Sharon: Yeah, tell me about it.

Victor: How about you and Jack?

Sharon: I wanna tell you, honestly, Victor, he's the reason why the police searched your house tonight. And that's just one of the reasons why I'm angry with him.

Victor: I suspected as much.

Sharon: The truth is that I'd rather be here with you and Victoria, than home with my own husband.

Jack: Sharon, it's me again. Uh, I-I know you're not picking up, but... Honey, we need to talk. I have so much explaining to do, but--but I need to talk to you. Call--call me back, okay?

John: Oh, what I wouldn't do for one of those.

Jack: They don't have scotch in your neighborhood?

John: Well, if I were you, Jackie, I'd ask more pertinent questions. Like, "How could I be such a numbskull to my wonderful wife?"

Jack: Mistakes were made.

John: Where'd you read that? In the "Politics for Dummies"?

Jack: Thank you for all your great support.

John: Oh, suck it up, son. It's the truth.

Jack: The important thing now is that Sharon realizes the man I was back then is not the man I am today.

John: Well, that is, oh, quite a challenge. Seeing you questioned by the police, subpoenaed by the ethics committee, and then, my Gloria shows up with her December surprise? That's great theater, Jackie, but not exactly confidence-inspiring.

Jack: Sharon thinks if... I could betray you to get what I want, that I'd do the same thing to her and Noah.

John: And she's right.

Jack: Oh, come on!

John: No, you come on! There was plenty of money in my will. You could've played nice and shared it with my wife.

Jack: Gloria was scamming you! I was trying to protect you!

John: Jack, put the drink down!

Jack: Dad, I'm a little old for you to be telling me what to do anymore.

John: And I'm your father.

John: Good. Now I want you straight and sober. Cue the heavenly choir. Because it's time to face the celestial music.

Kevin: Are you crazy? Jeff "I Know What You Did Last Summer" Bardwell is onto you.

Gloria: All right, maybe he suspects.

Kevin: Suspects?

Gloria: All right, maybe he knows. All the more reason for my-- well, hello, Jeffrey, back so soon?

Jeff: Yeah, I had a business call, sorry.

Gloria: Ah, and, uh, Kevin's night manager just called in sick, so he's going to have to leave.

Kevin: Yeah, you know, I feel a little ill myself. How about you, Mom?

Gloria: Actually, I feel wonderful.

Kevin: Jeffrey.

Jeff: Hmm.

Gloria: Great. Now you can help me celebrate. What do you say we order another bottle of champagne?

Jeff: Well, great. But first, I wanna show you something.

[Jeffrey shows his hand. It looks raw and red on top of his hand]

Gloria: (Gasps) Jeffrey, that's nasty looking. How'd that happen?

Jeff: You know how.

Gloria: I'm sorry?

Jeff: The Jabot skin cream my brother sent me? I tried it on my hand.

Gloria: Jeffrey, you gave me that cream.

Jeff: No, that was a jar of drugstore stuff in a Jabot container.

Gloria: Now why would you do something like that?

Jeff: My brother knew what happened with that cream. That's why he sent it to me. And now, I know, too.

Gloria: Really? Well, tell me. 'Cause I'm dying to know.

Jeff: I understand why my brother did what he did. Or shall I say, didn't.

Gloria: And I don't understand what you're saying.

Jeff: William was a truly fine man. Ethical. Honest to a fault. Beauty was his weakness. It must've killed him when he found out it was you.

Gloria: Me?

Jeff: That his own wife caused a woman to die.

Gloria: (Laughs) oh, Jeffrey! You know, for a minute, I thought you were really serious.

Jeff: The proof, dear Gloria, is in the putting. On. The cream. You did it.

Phyllis: So, um, should we... make a sandwich and leave a note for your mom?

Nick: I don't even know if she's coming back.

Phyllis: Hmm. She's very upset.

Nick: Yeah, she is. She tries to hide it, but...

Phyllis: Mmm. Is that the baby girl?

Nick: I don't hear anything, except you chewing.

Phyllis: (Giggles) okay, never mind. What?

Nick: I mean, we're such a sandwich generation. I mean, we're worried about our kids, now we're worried about our parents.

Phyllis: Ooh, how Dr. Phil of you.

Nick: I know. At least that one-- you know, the one in pink, at least we can control her.

Phyllis: Oh, no, no, that's not gonna last. Forget it.

Nick: (Sighs) but with my parents-- we tried everything-- support, reason, diplomacy. Nothing works.

Phyllis: Mmm. Well, your mom can't eat, right? She can't sleep. She's driving around really going nowhere. So something tells me that you're not gonna give up, right?

Nick: No. I'm not gonna give up.

Nikki: Oh. Um... sparkling water with lime, please.

[Nikki calls someone on her cellphone]

Nikki: Hi, it's me. At the club. I'm all alone. Unless you wanna join me?

Sharon: She looks peaceful.

Victor: Oh, yeah? To be honest with you, I wish she would scream bloody murder. Or sing along one of those horrid rock bands that she used to love when she was a child. I'd let her do it 24 hours a day.

Sharon: Well, you could always play Bartok for her. That'd make her scream.

Victor: (Chuckles) then she would open her eyes to spite me.

Sharon: Well... I should go.

Victor: Why don't you sit down? You don't really wanna go, do you?

Sharon: No.

Victor: Why don't you go spend the night in your old place on the property?

Sharon: Oh, I love that place. I just love that house. And I miss it so much. You know, I used to have this... this great, great escape where I would curl up on the sofa with my--my quilt.

Victor: Everyone needs an escape.

Sharon: Yeah.

Victor: Do you still have some keys to the place?

Sharon: Not with me.

Victor: Well, maybe I have an extra set. Let me take a look.

Sharon: Oh!

Victor: There we are.

Sharon: I promise that I will bring those keys back first thing in the morning before I leave the house.

Victor: And by the way, there are fresh linens on the bed, and I think there's some coffee in the cupboard.

Sharon: Why?

Victor: Well, because sometimes I need an escape.

Karen: So Lily ate all of them?

Neil: Mnh-mnh.

Karen: No.

Neil: Let me tell you something, that three-year-old could put away her Great Aunt Mamie's sugar cookies like nobody's business. And then-- now listen to this, with the totally straight face, she would look at her Aunt Mamie and she would say that the Cookie Monster jumped out of the television--

Karen: No!

Neil: Yes. Went to the kitchen, and ate every single cookie.

Karen: Okay, I love that story!

Neil: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Karen: That's great.

Neil: Mamie absolutely adored Lily.

Karen: Yeah.

Neil: If Lily said that the Cookie Monster ate all the cookies, then that's exactly what happened. And Mamie would just make another batch. Yeah, thinking about Nikki's new grandson?

Karen: Yeah. You know, I had a cousin who had a baby that was a preemie, and the baby had, like, four heart surgeries before she was ten.

Neil: Oh, really? I'm sorry.

Karen: I know. I know. Poor Nikki. You know, why don't we, um, why don't we just ask her to--to join us for dessert or something? Or better yet, why don't we go join her at the bar?

Neil: I...

Karen: Yeah? Oh.

Neil: Yeah. Looks like, uh, she's got it covered.

Nikki: Hey.

David: I'm glad you called.

Nikki: Me, too.

Karen: So did you hear that the gym is putting on a kickboxing clinic?

Neil: Oh, really? I'll bet you're in charge of it all, too.

Karen: How'd you know?

(Cell phone ringing)

Neil: Excuse me. I'm on call. It's Victor. Yes, Victor?

Victor: Neil, I need to see you.

Neil: Yeah, well, it's late.

Victor: I know it's late. I expect you in ten minutes. Good-bye.

Neil: Yeah, bye.

Karen: Problem?

Neil: Uh, oh. No. No problems, only solutions. Um, Victor-- he sounded very stressed out.

Karen: Well, of course he's stressed.

Neil: Oh, no, it's even worse than you know. The police got a search warrant. They turned his house upside down. It seems now he's a person of interest in Ji Min's murder.

Karen: What? Why?

Neil: Maybe that's what he wants to talk to me about.

Karen: Well, go. I mean, he's your boss.

Neil: Yeah, he's my boss, but not at this time of night, you know? But he's also my friend.

Karen: Go.

Neil: My apologies. I'll make it up to you.

Karen: No, and I will accept those apologies if you agree to help me out with the kickboxing clinic.

Neil: Lady, you are tough, but I love it. Come on, let's go say hi real fast. Hi, Nikki. David.

Karen: Nikki.

Nikki: Hi.

David: Hi.

Karen: I just wanted to let you know that your grandson and Victoria are in my prayers.

Nikki: Oh, thank you. Thanks.

Neil: All right, we gotta go. Take care. Bye, Guys.

Nikki: Bye. (Sighs) I look at all these happy couples and happy families... I just think about my daughter and my grandson, you know? I think, how can they smile and laugh, like all is right with the world? I know that is incredibly selfish. Unspeakable things happen every day, all over the world-- I know.

David: But it's not your world. You're so tense, Nikki. You can't relax in public.

Nikki: I have news for you. I can't relax in private.

David: What can I do for you? There has to be something.

Nikki: I wanna go to the hospital. I need to see the baby.

Jack: (Sighs) if she'd just let me explain!

John: Now here's your problem, Son. If you can't convince me, you can't convince Sharon. And so far, you haven't convinced me.

Jack: She won't even answer my callsó

(Cell phone ringing)

Jack: Hey, Beautiful. Thanks for calling me back.

Sharon: Yeah, um, I wasn't going to.

Jack: Where are you?

Sharon: Doesn't matter.

Jack: Are you at the club? Or the coffeehouse?

Sharon: No. I'm home.

Jack: You're home? Well, come on in.

Sharon: No, um... I'm at the ranch.

Jack: Oh.

John: Home is where the heart is, Jack. Not a good sign.

Jack: Come back to your real home, Honey.

Sharon: I can't. Not tonight.

Jack: Of course you can.

Sharon: I'm gonna stay here tonight, okay? It's just for tonight. So--so let it go.

Jack: O-okay. Whatever you need.

Sharon: Thanks.

Jack: She's not coming home.

John: Can you blame her?

Jack: You're supposed to be on my side, you know?

John: Oh, I am, Son, always.

Jack: I love this woman, Dad. I love her with everything in me.

John: And that's how much I loved Gloria.

Jack: Oh, Dad, Sharon is not Gloria. Not by a long shot. I hope you're here when I get back.

John: Where are you going?

Jack: Don't you see all and know all?

John: Jackie, if I knew, I wouldn't ask.

Jack: I'm going to bring my wife home.

Gloria: Well, this story just keeps getting better and better. Starring me. I appreciate the top billing, Jeffrey, but the plot line-- it's a little farfetched.

Jeff: It's not a story.

Gloria: All right. The night is young. We have lots of wine. So fill me in, I'm fascinated.

Gloria: "Chancellor C.E.O. tenures resignation." That's true. That's true. "Jabot Cosmetics named in wrongful death suit." Also true. But all it proves is an admirable interest in carrying on your brother's work.

Jeff: Ever since you found out about the package my brother sent me, you've wanted to get your hands on it.

Gloria: Also true. That was sentiment.

Jeff: (Laughs) I'd be sentimental, too, about evidence that could get me convicted of manslaughter.

Gloria: I told you I wanted that cream because it was William's favorite scent.

Jeff: You saw what it did to my hand.

Gloria: You actually believe I'm capable of doing something like this?

Nikki: Oh, you came to see him, too?

Brad: Remember when that G.C.U. student was living in that old oak tree on campus to prevent them from chopping it down to make room for a new parking structure?

David: Must've been before my time.

Nikki: Sure. Two or three years ago.

Brad: She said, "As long as I'm here, nothing can happen to this tree."

David: So as long as you stay here...

Brad: He looks stronger. Don't you think?

David: Can I get you something? A sandwich? Coffee?

Brad: No, thanks. The social worker came by. Asked me if I considered the possibility that the baby wouldn't make it. Have I explored my feelings about that?

Nikki: And you said no.

Brad: Right. Welcome to my tree.

Woman: Our lead story tonight is from Madison, where State Senator Jack Abbott was stung by testimony at his ethics committee hearing that cast-- (Sharon turns television turns off)

(Knock on door)

Jack: Sharon? Sharon? Please talk to me.

Sharon: This is not fair, Jack!

Jack: I know how upset you are! If you'd just hear me out-- five minutes is all I ask. Two minutes! You have to understand. What happened with my father and Gloria-- I wasn't trying to take advantage of him. I would never do that. I was trying to stop Gloria from taking advantage of him!

Sharon: Jack, stop, okay? Just stop!

Jack: One--one minute! Just listen to me! Let me explain.

Sharon: I'm going to bed, Jack.

Jack: Sharon, I made a mistake! I made it out of love, not out of hate. Please don't do this. Sharon, please listen to me! Talk to me! Sharon?

David: Thank you.

Woman: Mm-hmm.

Nikki: That's very kind of you.

Woman: It's one of the nurse's birthdays. We got her a cake. I can bring you some.

David: Oh, no. None for me.

Nikki: Me either.

Brad: But thank you.

Woman: Well, let me know if you change your mind.

Nikki: Thanks.

Brad: My son should have a name.

Nikki: Yes, he should.

David: Every person-- even a very, very small person, should have a name.

Brad: Especially a very, very small person. I was thinking of naming him after my dad. Arthur.

Nikki: Arthur?

David: Art. Artie.

Brad: It's Jewish tradition to name children after a relative who's passed. Or at least to use the first letter.

Nikki: First letter? Okay. "A"... Alan. Alex.

David: Archimedes. A brilliant scientist and mathematician.

Brad: Died in the siege of Syracuse.

David: You've studied ancient Greece.

Brad: I had a great professor.

Nikki: Archimedes Newman? No. And Victoria will want to decide with you.

Brad: Yes, she will. As soon as she wakes up.

Nikki: So if it turns out that you are the one that she decides with, we'll talk about Arthur then.

Gloria: Oh, I'm sorry that took so long. I had to make some calls about the fresh faces of Jabot contest. Everybody's working around the clock for the big rollout tomorrow.

Jeff: I kept an eye on you.

Gloria: Oh, I suppose you think I was going to go running off into the night? You know, it hurts my feelings knowing how you feel about me.

Jeff: I just followed the evidence.

Gloria: You know, I don't wanna insult you, Jeffrey. I mean, you're intelligent, you're handsome, and you're even kind. But you're no William. He was going after a real criminal.

Jeff: He sent me that package. He put his special signal in the box.

Gloria: Oh, yes, the special signal. How do you know for certain it had anything to do with that cream? Aha! I learned a few things from William myself. And I know that your fingerprints must be all over that jar of cream. So basically, it's useless. Which is a real shame, 'cause I'd love to know who did it.

(Door slams)

John: Great timing. Diaper commercial. How'd it go?

Jack: It didn't.

John: Oh, we're back. We're back. Turn it up.

Woman: Recapping our top story, Gloria Abbott Bardwell, former wife of the late industrialist John Abbott, set off a political shockwave today when she produced a letter that, if authentic, seems to prove that State Senator Jack Abbott unduly influenced his father to change his will in the Senator's favor.

Jack: Yeah, tell me about it. I lived it.

Woman: A firestorm is building, with calls for Abbott's resignation or impeachment.

(Television turns off)

(Cell phone ringing)

Jack: Yeah, Ben? Yeah, it's all over the news. We make a statement that we will address Mrs. Bardwell's allegations as soon as we've had a chance to thoroughly investigate them. Yeah, thanks. You, too.

John: So your chief of staff hasn't resigned? Great loyalty.

Jack: Go ahead. Kick me while I'm down.

John: You know, Jackie, you worry about all the wrong things.

Jack: Should I be taking notes now?

John: No, you should worry about how you've treated Gloria.

Jack: Gloria! Gloria! Gloria!

John: Listen, when we would have breakfast in this very room, she would simply ask you to pass the coffee, and you would pretend you didn't hear her.

Jack: I did not.

John: You did too! Just as you gave her the wrong information about my memorial so she would miss it.

Jack: Maybe she missed it because she was already looking for your replacement!

John: Oh, Jackie, Jackie. Jack, what did you think when I married Gloria? Just--just be honest.

Jack: I thought you were nuts.

John: And what did people think when Sharon married you?

Jack: They thought she was nuts.

John: But she didn't listen. Because she loved you. 'Cause the day she married you, she looked you in the eye, and she saw a good man, one that she believed in. And you threw all of that trust away.

Jack: You're right.

John: Of course I'm right. I'm dead. We bat a thousand up here. Perks of the system.

Jack: The power, the prestige-- I can give all that up. I don't care. The best part of me-- that's who I am when I'm with Sharon or Noah. The best part of me. I can't give that up.

John: Oh, Jackie, regrets. You've had a few.

Jack: This isn't gonna be one of them. I will be the man that Sharon married. I will get my wife to come back to me.

Victor: Thank you for coming by, Neil. But this can't wait. Please sit down.

Neil: Yeah, anytime, Victor. You know that. Anytime. So what is it?

Victor: Well, do you know what our insurance companies are doing to us because of the disaster?

Neil: Uh, yeah. I'm--I'm aware of it. It would be prudent to wait, though.

Victor: No, I don't wanna wait.

Neil: Victor, come on, it's late. The police just turned your house upside down a few hours ago. You've been through enough for one day.

Victor: I wanna tackle this right now, okay?

Neil: Yeah, sure.

Victor: You will see some of the numbers there--

Neil: You happy with the--the nurses that you've hired for Victoria?

Victor: The nurses are excellent.

Neil: Its better that Nikki is, uh, is here, as well. That way, you and Nikki can be with her all the time.

Victor: I rue the day I invested in her scheme.

Neil: Victor, I've known you a hell of a long time. Almost 20 years. You've always offered me good advice and I've always listened to it. If our roles were reversed right now, you'd be saying this to me. Do not make business decisions for personal reasons.

Victor: Neil, thank you for your concern, but when it comes to my wife, everything is personal.

Nikki: Brad? Bradley?

Brad: What? What?

David: You fell asleep.

Brad: No, I didnít.

Nikki: Come on, you have to go home.

David: Why don't I take you? You can pick up your car tomorrow.

Brad: No, I'm--I'm good.

Nikki: Brad, I will stand guard. I promise.

Brad: All right, uh... I'll go home, I'll shower and I'll change, and then I'll come back. I'm okay to drive. Nikki, thanks.

Nikki: No need. I love that little boy, too.

David: You amaze me.

Nikki: Why? Because I can be civil to my ex-son-in-law?

David: If you could only see yourself through my eyes.

(Cell phone ringing)

Sharon: Hey. Okay. We can talk. I'll be there in 15 minutes.

Jeff: You know, what you said about the cream and the container being contaminated?

Gloria: Mm-hmm, you didn't think about that, did you?

Jeff: No, I didnít. But it's not gonna stop me from nailing you.

Gloria: Are you threatening me?

Jeff: More like a promise.

Gloria: What's all this about, Jeffrey? Money? You want money? Extortion? I got half a mind to go to the police about you.

Jeff: What are you doing?

Gloria: I think I'll go see the police.

Jeff: Oh, okay, wait. I'll go with you. I'll go with you. And they can read this while you're getting booked.

Gloria: What is that?

Jeff: That is a note that came in the box with the cream from my brother. Short and sweet-- "If anything happens to me, don't let her get away with it."

Gloria: May I?

Jeff: "If anything happens to me, don't let her get away with it."

Gloria: Don't let her... get away with it.

Jeff: What?

Gloria: Well, first of all, it doesn't say Gloria. In fact, it doesn't have any name here at all. You know something, Jeffrey? I bet I can play this game, too. Let me think... if I think hard enough, I can think of something very ugly.

Jeff: What?

Gloria: Before me, what did your brother tell you about his life here?

Jeff: Cut to the chase, Gloria.

Gloria: Did he tell you he had a relationship with, um... my boss? Jill Abbott.

Jeff: You mentioned that before. So?

Gloria: Yeah, and she was very, very unhappy when they broke up. I mean, really, really unhappy.

Jeff: I repeat, so?

Gloria: So maybe, just maybe, William found out that she had something to do with the cream, but he never did anything about it. And then... he had a change of heart, and... he sent you this.

Jeff: You're blaming Jill?

Gloria: Well, I would hope I'm wrong. Just the way you're wrong about blaming me.

Jeff: Well, I'll tell you what, I say we let the police figure this out.

Gloria: And I say, I'm glad that your brother's not here. He'd be ashamed of the way you're treating his widow. So good night, Jeffrey. And good-bye.

Nikki: I hope this is David. That feels wonderful.

David: Why don't you come and spend what's left of the night with me? You need to sleep, Nikki.

Nikki: I know. But I feel like I have to stay awake. That somehow that's helping Victoria. I know that makes no sense at all. I just keep thinking about all the times I yelled at her, and treated her unfairly.

David: Nikki, donít.

Nikki: We're both mothers now. And I'm supposed to keep her safe. She's supposed to keep her baby safe. I canít. And she canít. No, not tonight, David. Some night, but... right now I have to watch over this little boy for my little girl.

Neil: (Sighs) and last but not least--

Victor: Finalize the paperwork and call in the Clear Springs loan, okay?

Neil: You do mean Nikki's loan, right?

Victor: Now who is personalizing business decisions?

Neil: You do understand that this might bankrupt her development? And most likely, her.

Victor: Just do it.

Jack: Sharon? Sharon?

John: She's not here, Son.

Jack: She might be. Sharon?

John: Trust me. She's not here, Jack.

Jack: Maybe she went back to our house.

John: And maybe she didnít.

Sharon: You look exhausted.

Brad: Mmm. I am. You know, that is so like you.

Sharon: What?

Brad: Well, here you've had the day from hell, sounds like you've had the night from the last rung of hell, and yet you're worried about me.

Sharon: Well, of course I am. You know, when Noah was born, he was a preemie. But he wasn't as small as Vicki and your baby.

Brad: You think he's mine?

Sharon: I hope.

Brad: You know, tonight is the last night of Hanukkah. Eight candles on the menorah. When I was a kid, my dad used to put all these lion decorations around our menorah at home. It was a ritual. And I loved it. I'd like to name the baby after my dad--Arthur. In Hebrew, it's Ari. The lion.

Sharon: May the son take after the father.

Brad: So what are you gonna do about Jack?

Sharon: Oh, I don't know. I know what everyone said when I married him, and what you said-- that I was crazy. Now I wonder... if everybody was right and I was wrong. But... Noah loves him.

Brad: He betrayed Noahís trust, too, Sharon.

Sharon: I know. That's gotta be the part that hurts the most. And I just... I don't know what to do.

Brad: Well, I do. And I can help you.

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