Y&R Transcript Thursday 12/6/07

Y&R Transcript Thursday 12/6/07 -- Canada; Friday 12/7/07 -- U.S.A.


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Nick: Mmm.

Phyllis: Hey, baby! I'm home.

Nick: Hey, look, Summer, it's Mommy.

Phyllis: Look! Oh, see? I love that I can say that. I'll never take that for granted again, saying, "I'm home." And just walking through the door. Hi, Sweetie.

Nick: No locks. Mmm!

Phyllis: No guards.

Nick: Yeah, it's good. Sweet haircut, by the way.

Phyllis: Thank you. I just got it cut on my way over here. You know, I'm done with prison hair.

Nick: Hands in--that's good. Get all up in it.

Phyllis: Do you-- do you have, uh, carrots on you?

Nick: Um, no, this is actually peaches.

Phyllis: Oh, peaches. Okay.

Nick: Yeah. Peaches. Do you have any idea how long you were gone, young lady?

Phyllis: Yeah, I was gone too long.

Nick: Um, hours.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Nick: And Summer and I decided we don't really want you leaving anymore.

Phyllis: Oh, okay. Good, I won't leave anymore. Hi, pretty girl! What are you doing? Look at the peaches all over your mouth, my baby girl! Come here.

Nick: How was the, uh, hearing?

Phyllis: Um, it was-- it was good. You know? The ethics committee-- they sort of put Jack through the wringer, um, but he sucked it up. He apologized.

Nick: Well, the voters aren't going to forgive him just because he says he's sorry.

Phyllis: I agree. He did a pretty good job at that, you know? He took responsibility for Jabot, and he, um... you know, he apologized for everything. It was very emotional.

Nick: For you, maybe. What do you think the committee thought?

Phyllis: Uh, I don't know, because I wasn't in the room. But I think they bought it. I think the worst is over for Jack.

Gloria: My husband was on medication. And sometimes it clouded his thinking. Jack knew that. Because of his father's medical condition and pressured him into writing a new will.

Kevin: And stole my mother's inheritance.

(Gavel pounds)

Tommy: Let's have quiet.

Jack: That letter is a fake.

Gloria: The letter is true and you know it, Jack.

(Gavel pounds)

Ben: If I may be able to speak--

Tommy: Not now, Mr. Hollander.

Cynthia: These are very serious charges, Mrs. Bardwell.

Gloria: Yes, they are. And this letter was written in my husband's own handwriting.

Jack: Yeah, we'll just see about that.

Tommy: We'll take a ten minute recess. When we reconvene, Senator Abbott will be given the chance to respond.

Ben: Yes, I would-- I would like to examine that letter.

Michael: I have concerns about the possibility of destroying evidence.

Jack: That is ridiculous.

Ben: Oh, come on!

Tommy: This is not a courtroom. Ten minutes.

Nick: So I managed to get some work done while things were quiet. Summer was an angel.

Phyllis: She is always an angel.

Nick: Except when she's a devil.

Phyllis: No! She's never a devil.

Summer: (Coos)

Phyllis: Yeah.

Summer: (Coos)

Phyllis: How are-- we're not gonna eat that--

Nick: No.

Phyllis: How are Victoria and the baby?

Nick: Uh, I stopped by the hospital.

Phyllis: And?

Nick: Um... well, my nephew, uh, he's hanging in there. He's a tough kid.

Phyllis: Good. Were you able to see Victoria?

Nick: I wanted to let Mom and Dad have some time alone together and get used to being around each other again.

Summer: (Fusses)

Phyllis: Oh, right, right. That's gonna be a big adjustment for your mom.

Nick: Back home?

Phyllis: You think they're gonna work it out?

Nick: They better... for everybody's sake.

Victor: Where's the nurse?

Nikki: She's upstairs with Victoria.

Victor: Good. [Victor shows Nikki the note he had taken from the box] How do you explain this?

Nikki: Where'd you get this?

Victor: It was in the package that arrived for you. I thought it was mine. I opened it.

Nikki: And you read it? Even though you realized it wasn't--

Victor: Why the hell would you have a love letter written to you brought into my house?

Nikki: Victor, I did not bring this into the house. Why did you read my mail?

Victor: It's a love letter written to my wife! I had to read it in my house! You know you did that! You know, to rub my nose in that tawdry affair with that excuse for a man!

Nikki: I did not! You are nosing around in something that I did not want you to see this!

Victor: How dare you?!

Nikki: I'm not rubbing your nose in anything. You're the one who brought up David's name, not me.

Victor: Why don't you put that damn card on the mantelpiece along with all the other cards so that people who come in here can see what you bring into my house?

Nikki: Your house?

Victor: My house!

Nikki: Your house? I'm sorry, it's our house. After raising two children--

Victor: You tried that argument before. It didn't work then, it doesn't work now!

Nikki: Not to mention putting up with you!

Victor: You got it?

Nikki: I'm entitled to something!

Victor: You should put Victoria's life before your own.

Nikki: I came back here for Victoria! To put everything-- put her ahead of everything!

Victor: You know something? What, you think you're the only one in pain?

Nikki: Oh, don't you dare!

Victor: Listen to me! This is ridiculous!

Nikki: Don't you dare accuse me of being selfish!

Victor: What?

Nikki: You define the word! There you are in the dictionary! Your picture!

Victor: You know what this letter says? You know what this letter says?

Phyllis: This is a bad idea.

Nick: No. No.

Phyllis: Maybe we should--

Nick: No, no. Uh, hello?

Victor: Sharing intimate details--

Nick: Hello?

Victor: Who's this?

Nick: Dad, it's, uh...

Phyllis: Hey.

Nick: It's us.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Nick: We just wanted to come by and see Vick.

Victor: The nurse is upstairs with her right now. You have to wait a little bit.

Nikki: Do you know that your father read my personal mail?

Nick: Look, Mom, I'm sorry, but I-I don't wanna hear that.

Phyllis: Hey, um, Nikki, why don't--why don't, uh, we go back to the tack house? You, me, Summer? It'd be fun.

Nikki: Yeah, I think maybe I will.

Victor: That's a hell of an idea.

Gloria: I always believed there was something shady about that will.

Woman: When did you first become suspicious about the will?

Gloria: When I first heard about it. My late husband would never have cut me out. We adored each other.

Man: Is it a possibility the letter is a forgery?

Gloria: I am 100% certain this letter is not a forgery.

Michael: Mrs. Bardwell has no further comment. Thank you very much.

Gloria: I do have further comment, actually.

Michael: She will issue a statement later.

Gloria: I guess we'll just have to see how this--

Michael: Later.

Gloria: Senator Abbott talks his way out of this one.

Michael: Later. Thank you. Later.

Kevin: Did you see the look on Jack's face when you read that letter?

Gloria: Delicious.

Kevin: Is there a copy of that video? It needs to be online.

Michael: All senate committee hearings are videotaped. You can order as many copies as you'd like from the clerk.

Gloria: I'll take 12.

Kevin: That's what I'm getting you for Christmas.

Gloria: Mm-hmm.

Michael: You did good.

Lauren: She did great.

Woman: What do you think of Mrs. Bardwell's new testimony?

Ben: The senator-- the senator has no comment.

Gloria: Well, well, well, I guess the world finally knows what a lying, thieving, low-life you really are, Jack.

Jack: Boy, you can take the hooker out of the gutter, you just can't--

Kevin: Don't you talk to my mother that way!

Michael: Kevin! Kevin! Kevin! Seeing you get what you so richly deserve will be my pleasure.

Jack: This phony letter was your idea to sandbag me, wasn't it?

Ben: Let's go, Jack.

Gloria: You know, I'm glad John's not here to see his son disgrace himself and the family name. He would've been heartbroken.

Jack: Don't you ever again tell me how my father would feel. You're the one that killed him. That letter is a phony and I'm gonna prove it.

Michael: See you in court then.

Woman: Senator Abbott, will you resign?

Man: And if not, why not?

Ben: All right, that's it. Come on. Listen to me, Jack, arguing publicly with your ex-stepmother is not gonna help your cause. I mean, this woman just dropped an a-bomb on your senate career.

Jack: That woman has been a blight on my family since the day she married Dad.

Ben: Look, we have to-- we have to figure out how to deal with this.

Jack: The gold-digger wouldn't know the truth if it bit her in the ass!

Ben: Oh, that's fine. Attack the, uh, the messenger. It's a fine start.

Jack: Fine. Get your shovel out. She's dirty through and through.

Ben: Listen to me! Your credibility is suspect here.

Jack: My credibility? She fabricated that to do me in!

Ben: Great, in time you can prove that, okay? But right now you have less than ten minutes to come up with a brilliant response.

Jack: My response is that's a black widow who has managed to bury two rich husbands in one year.

Ben: That's not brilliant, that's suicide. Forget Gloria and focus on yourself! Listen to me, in the past, you have admitted to lying. Everything you say is gonna be looked at under a microscope, Jack. These people are gonna wanna know... did you--did you pressure your father into rewriting that will?

Jack: Listen to yourself. Doesn't that sound ridiculous?

Ben: Just don't say anything that's gonna come back and bite you later.

Sharon: I just wanted to call you and say good night. And I'll pick you up in the morning, okay? Okay, you thank Sam's mother for me, will you? I love you, too, Noah. Okay, good night.

Man: Five bucks says this guy sinks like the "Titanic."

Nikki: So I had some things sent over that I wanted to have at home. I had no idea that card was in there. Of course, Victor doesn't believe me.

Phyllis: Well, everybody's emotions are raw right now. Do you want something to drink?

Nikki: No. No, thanks. I'm fine. But of course, even though it was private, Victor read it. I-I don't wanna argue with him. We should just be focusing on Victoria and her baby.

Phyllis: Right, I agree. Will you take Summer while I fix some tea?

Summer: (Coos)

Nikki: Oh, sure.

Phyllis: Okay.

Nikki: Come here. Yes, you just come to your Ni-Ni. Come on. Whoops! Whoops-a-daisy! Here we go. We'll go in the rocker. How about that? We rock a little bit, huh? Yes. Whatcha pointing at? Whatcha pointing at? When your Aunt Victoria was your age, she would make such a fuss if I put her down. She just liked to rock and rock. Yes, she did. And she would fall right to sleep. Right to sleep! Yes. You're such a good girl.

Phyllis: You're welcome to stay the night if you want.

Nikki: Oh, thanks. I just don't understand why Victor has to argue about everything. Everything.

Phyllis: Well, I think because... you don't have a ponytail.

Nikki: Huh?

Phyllis: Yeah, you don't have a ponytail, so he has to argue. You know how the boys pull the little girls' ponytails in the school yard?

Nikki: (Laughs)

Phyllis: I think... I think Victor is trying to get your attention.

Victor: What the hell is wrong with your mother?

Nick: Well, Dad, it's not like the letter was news. You know how she feels about David.

Victor: Wait a minute. To share with that guy my personal life with her? You must be kidding me.

Nick: Look, Dad, you two need to find a way to put aside your differences.

Victor: On top of everything else, the police is harassing me. They came here with a search warrant, you know?

Nick: Wait a minute. They came into our home? Did they go into Victoria's room?

Victor: You bet.

Nick: How can they get a warrant without any evidence?

Victor: Michael Baldwin is trying to find out.

Nick: Didn't they tell you?

Victor: Look, I was so damn busy with Victoria, I just, you know, wanted them to do their search and get the hell out of here.

Nick: It's obvious someone has trumped up something against you. My money's on Jack Abbott to take the heat off himself. But that's what you need Baldwin to check into, Dad.

Michael: How did you get a judge to sign a warrant for dog hair. I mean, there are thousands of people with dogs in Genoa City. Audio tape? No, okay, okay, yes, thank you. We will talk about that when I get back. Yes. Thank you. Good-bye.

Lauren: So why is the D.A. after Victor?

Michael: Uh, an audio tape has surfaced. Victor was trying to pressure Ji Min into turning on Jack.

Lauren: I can't believe another tape. Where'd it come from?

Michael: I don't know.

Lauren: Okay. So, uh, what does Victor want you to do?

Michael: I haven't spoken to him yet. But I'll tell you one thing, I will feel a whole lot better once I've heard that tape for myself.

[Michael listens to the tape]

Michael: You can skip the formalities. He knows everything.

Ji min: I'm sorry, knows what exactly?

Michael: That Jack Abbott is your boss, and owns the house of Kim and owns Jabot Cosmetics. That he owns you. And you will help us bring him down.

Michael: Uh, cupcake?

Lauren: Oh, no.

Michael: Sweetie...

Lauren: Ugh.

Michael: I hate to do this, but we need to postpone our anniversary dinner.

Lauren: Honey!

Michael: It's just for one night-- a 24-hour postponement. That's all. Please, I need to get home. I'm so sorry.

Lauren: I understand.

Michael: I-- how much do I love you for pretending that you don't wanna punch my lights out?

Lauren: You're really lucky. You know why?

Michael: Hmm?

Lauren: 'Cause I happen to like your lights.

Michael: Mmm. I will make it up to you.

Lauren: You will. Twice.

Michael: Oh, I'll try to live up to the advanced billing.

Lauren: You usually do. Sometimes.

Michael: Oh, yes.

Gloria: That's right, for four. Bardwell. Thank you. We have a reservation for a table right in the middle of the dining room.

Kevin: A gloat-fest?

Gloria: Gloating has its place, Kevin.

Kevin: Mom... half of John Abbott's estate on top of the money you inherited from Bardwell?

Gloria: Is a very, very rich woman.

Kevin: Oh, yeah. But it's like I always say, rich or poor, having money is good.

Gloria: Yeah, so I can spend it on my loved ones. What do you want? A sports car? New wardrobe?

Kevin: How about both?

Sharon: Michael? Do you think that that note is real?

Michael: Yes, I do.

Sharon: But Gloria has no qualms about lying. Everything she told John about the blackmail-- that was all lies.

Michael: You knew John. Did you think his love for Gloria was genuine?

Sharon: Yeah.

Michael: Did you ever wonder why he cut her out of the will?

Sharon: Well, people do all kinds of things.

Michael: Gloria truly loved John.

Lauren: And John really loved her. After he died, and Gloria was grieving, Jack treated her despicably.

Sharon: Look, um, I don't-- I don't mean to offend you, but you're biased.

Michael: Yes. We are. But we're also telling you the truth.

Sharon: Jack hasn't had a chance to defend himself.

Michael: Sharon, watch what he says to the committee. My guess is he's not gonna out and out lie. He will tap dance around the questions, but you will never, ever hear him say, "I didn't do it." And that's because... he did.

Jack: Mr. Chairman, ladies and gentlemen of the committee, my father, John Abbott, was a brilliant businessman and a great humanitarian. God bless him, his taste in women never matched his brain or his heart. Here we are, in the 11th hour, the 59th minute, and in walks my ex-stepmother-- who, you should know, married another man before my father was dead one year and has managed to bury him, too. She walks in with an unauthenticated letter designed solely to cast me in the worst possible light. Well, there are a few things this witness didn't tell you. She didn't mention that she's a bigamist. Yes, that she was married to still another man when she joined in holy matrimony with my father, that she hired escorts-- paid, professional escorts to pose as her sons, so that my family would never know who her children were. Of course, my father never knew anything about this until after they were married and he was crushed.

Gloria: And he forgave me.

Michael: Shh.

Jack: She then siphoned my father's money to pay off her ex-husband. My father didn't know about this either. Had he known, he may never have gone to jail. In fact, had he known, he might still be alive today. When I learned all of this, I did what any son would do. I worked to defend what this woman defamed-- my father's name. I don't for one minute believe my father wrote this letter. And here I am, having already apologized to you, to the people of Wisconsin, for my bad judgment in the Jabot affair. Imagine my embarrassment to be apologizing to you yet again for dragging this tawdry family squabble before you. For wasting your time with something that has nothing to do with public service.

Nick: The night nurse is amazing, Dad. I mean, she's talking to Victoria like she's gonna answer back.

Victor: She's very nice, isn't she? The one covering days is just as nice, you know? So how does it feel having Phyllis back home?

Nick: It's awesome. Summer wakes up a half-hour earlier every day and I find the two of them in bed together just... laughing and playing. It's awesome. It's normal.

Victor: I'm very happy for you, Son.

Nick: You know, Dad, I was kinda hoping that when Mom said she was gonna move back in, that you two would...

Victor: It's not meant to be a reconciliation.

Nick: You think you overreacted today?

Victor: No.

Nick: Well, you know, Mom's here with you. She's not with David.

Victor: Son, she brought a love letter written by another man into this house.

Nick: Dad, she didn't bring it in.

Victor: She wanted me to see it. Rub my nose in it. Trust me.

Nick: If you didn't still love Mom, that letter wouldn't matter.

Phyllis: Victor would not act the way he did if he didn't still love you.

Nikki: And he shows me that by yelling at me?

Phyllis: Come on, you know... he's Victor. He's an alpha male.

Nikki: Listen, men who are really strong don't have to yell.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Nikki: I mean, the whole reason that I moved back was to be close to Victoria. I don't understand why he's doing this.

Phyllis: Let me ask you a question. How serious is it with you and David?

Nikki: He's been a very good friend. And--and I appreciate that. I never, ever intended for Victor to see that note.

Phyllis: How good a friend is David?

Nikki: He's not Victor.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Nikki: When it comes to Victor, I guess I have selective amnesia. I remember the good things. Till he treats me badly all over again.

Phyllis: Yeah, but, you know, to read a love letter written to your spouse--ouch.

Nikki: I know. I know it hurt him. But it doesn't give him the right to treat me that way.

Phyllis: Right, attacking you.

Nikki: Lashing out at me.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. Right.

Nikki: I mean, as much as I love him, I can't see myself ever living with him again.

Gloria: I just couldn't stop staring at that little bead of sweat hanging off Jack's lip.

Kevin: You gotta love that.

Lauren: I couldn't believe the way he attacked you in there.

Gloria: Oh, don't you worry about that, Lauren. I think it's gonna come back to bite him in his assets.

Michael: Hey! You ready?

Lauren: Yeah.

Gloria: Yes, we're ready. The plane is waiting and I have a reservation for all four of us at the Athletic Club.

Michael: Oh, I'm so sorry. I can't go.

Gloria: Honey, we have to celebrate. You saw what happened in there.

Michael: Too much work.

Gloria: Lauren, can you join us?

Lauren: Um, you know what? It's been a long day. I think I'll go home to Fen.

Gloria: Well, Kiddo, I guess it's you and me.

Kevin: Eh.

Michael: Well, look, my professional advice is enjoy yourselves, but don't jump the gun on this big fiesta. You did good in there. But never assume you know what a jury's gonna do, or a senate committee. Okay, let's go.

Lauren: Okay.

Ben: To discredit this letter, we're gonna need an--an expert graphologist.

Jack: Fine, hire three of 'em.

Ben: Jack, Gloria is not gonna hand over that letter without a fight.

Jack: Well, let's have a fight then. I mean it--lawyers, accountants, private investigators, I wanna meet this so-called prisoner who knew my father, who wrote this supposed letter. She wanted a war? She picked the wrong enemy.

Sharon: Jack, can I talk to you?

Jack: Hey, Baby. I-I'm sorry. I just--

Ben: Uh, listen, I'm sorry. Can--can you talk later? We don't wanna keep the press waiting. And right now we're gonna be the right sound bite for the 10:00 news.

Jack: Uh, can I meet you at the plane?

Sharon: Yeah.

Jack: Hey.

Ben: You gotta be honest. Right now, you gotta lay it l on the line.

Summer: (Cries)

Phyllis: Listen to my future opera singer. She has a set of lungs on her, my gosh! Can you believe that? I'll be right back.

Nikki: Okay.

(Cell phone ringing)

David: Nikki? Hey.

Nikki: Hey. Where are you?

David: Oh, in the trenches. Just putting out memos to the retreats for the holidays. Better late than never, huh?

Nikki: Oh, I can't even think about the holidays.

David: How are you doing?

Nikki: I've had better days. Victor found the note you wrote me.

David: Oh, no! Nikki, I put that in the box because I thought--

Nikki: It wasn't your fault.

David: I'm sorry. I-I feel terrible.

Nikki: Well, we argued, of course. And I left. I had to.

David: Where are you?

Nikki: I'm at Nicholas'.

David: I'll come and get you.

Nikki: No, no, that's very sweet, but it'll just make things worse. The whole reason that I moved out here was to be close to Victoria. Now I don't know what I'm gonna do. She needs both of her parents.

David: For Victoria's sake, I hope you work it out. But if it gets too difficult, you still have the key to my suite at the club.

Nikki: You are a good man.

David: I'm here if you need me.

Nikki: Hi. Where's Nicholas?

Victor: He's upstairs with his sister.

Nikki: We've been so focused on Victoria and the baby. Have--have you noticed how big Summer's getting?

Victor: Oh, yeah. She's a year old. We're gonna have to do something for her birthday.

Nikki: Well, I'd like to plan that. She'll be walking any day.

Victor: Uh-huh.

Nikki: Look, um... I-I had no intention of hurting you.

Victor: Funny way of showing it.

Nikki: It was an accident. I'm sorry.

Victor: So am I.

Nikki: So... we can put our differences aside for Victoria's sake?

Victor: You should spend as much time with Victoria as possible. It's important for her recovery, okay?

Nikki: Good. Then we agree.

Victor: But I do not want you to stay here in this house. You can come and go whenever you think is necessary to be with Victoria, but kindly warn me, because I'll make arrangements to be elsewhere when you come.

Michael: I am just gonna drop my stuff off and head straight to the office.

Lauren: (Giggles) happy anniversary.

Michael: When did you have time to do this?

Lauren: When you canceled our plans in Madison, I made a few phone calls. I mean, it's not exactly as elaborate as when you proposed to me, but on short notice, what can you do?

Michael: You're magnificent. Where's Fenmore?

Lauren: He's with the sitter. And Kevin has been given implicit instructions to spend three hours and not a minute less, taking your mother to dinner.

Michael: Three hours?

Lauren: Three hours.

Lauren: So you can go back to work. Or you can... try your luck here.

Gloria: I wish your brother were with us to share in my victory.

Kevin: Well, Michael and Lauren are having a celebration of their own.

Gloria: Oh, really? I thought Michael was working.

Kevin: So did Michael. Which is why you can't go home for three hours, at least.

Gloria: Oh, well, in that case, bring me a bottle of your finest champagne. Um, that one. It's the most expensive. You know, I really should be on the board of directors of a charity-- one of the really big ones.

Kevin: Oh, yeah, I've always thought of you as the charitable type. And you know, Mom, charity does begin at home.

Gloria: Honey, when you're as wealthy as I am, you have to be socially responsible. That's what John always said. Can't you just see me throwing a charity ball with all the important people there? Who knows? I might even invite Jack. After I strip him of every penny.

Kevin: You need to go for the house, Ma.

Gloria: Oh, that's a great idea. The Abbott Mansion.

Kevin: Well, kick Jack out on his butt.

Gloria: Mm-hmm. With all of his fine clothes in garbage bags.

Kevin: First things first, though, you gotta get that letter authenticated.

Gloria: I will do that, and you keep pressure on the committee.

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

Gloria: E-mails, letters, calls.

Kevin: Mm-hmm, you got it.

Gloria: I want him stripped of that senate seat.

Kevin: I'll get the beer for the resignation party with your credit card of course.

Gloria: And if he doesn't give me everything I'm owed--

Kevin: Plus interest.

Gloria: I will sue him for every penny he's got. Aw, Kevin, life is sweet.

Jack: Where's Noah?

Sharon: At Sam’s.

Jack: Oh, well, I can go to Sam’s and pick him up.

Sharon: He's spending the night.

Ben: Uh, listen, I have some calls to make, press release to draft. You need me for anything else?

Jack: No, thanks.

Ben: All right, I'll see you tomorrow?

Jack: Yeah.

Ben: Good-bye, Sharon.

Sharon: Good-bye, Ben.

Jack: So how about a drink?

Sharon: No. I don't want a drink. I want you to look at me and tell me what really happened.

Jack: Gloria told a bunch of lies, like she always does.

Sharon: Okay, all right. Fine. I heard everything that you said about her. What I didn't hear you say is that she made that whole thing up. Now I was talking to Michael Baldwin--

Jack: Oh, great. Now there's an unbiased opinion.

Sharon: Okay, well, I was talking to Michael Baldwin and he asked me if I thought that John's affections for Gloria were genuine, and... it seems that they were. In fact, I've never heard anyone, not even you, say that John didn't love Gloria.

Jack: I guess there's no accounting for taste.

Sharon: You know, it never made sense that John cut her out of his will. So, Jack, you're not in the senate room right now. I am not the ethics committee. I just want a yes or no answer. Did you take advantage of your father and get him to change his will?

Jack: Sweetheart, there isn't a simple yes or no answer to your question.

Sharon: Why does that make me think that the answer is yes?

Jack: You don't think Gloria took advantage of my father?

Sharon: Perhaps she did, Jack. I'm not asking about Gloria. I'm asking about you.

Jack: Fine, I couldn't stand the woman. I never wanted her to have anything to do with my family. Come on, you know me. You know this isn't something I would I do.

Sharon: A non-denial denial is not gonna work with me, Jack.

Jack: Someone had to protect my family!

Sharon: Oh, God, you did it. You actually did it.

Nick: I think my father may be the most stubborn man in the world, though.

Phyllis: Hmm. Second most stubborn. You know, um... when parents have a child who's seriously ill-- you know this-- it's, like, the number one stress in a marriage.

Nick: Yeah, I know all about that. And it's not like they were sailing along before this. You know, in the past, if my parents ever got into it with each other, I'd call Vick. Or she'd call me. I miss my sister.

Nikki: I'm gonna go say good night to Victoria, and I'm gonna spend the night in the tack house.

Gloria: It's not just about the money, Kevin. It's about the validation.

Kevin: Yeah, keep telling yourself that.

Gloria: I loved John Abbott and John Abbott loved me.

Kevin: Hey, Mom, when we were living in Detroit, did you ever, ever imagine that you would have this kind of money?

Gloria: All the time. All the time. And I would say, what am I gonna do if I ever get really, really rich.

Kevin: What did you want?

Gloria: A big beautiful home, a wonderful man and cruise around the world.

Kevin: Hey, what about your sons?

Gloria: Oh, I knew they could take care of themselves.

Kevin: Oh, thanks. I guess.

Gloria: All right, Honey, you want a cruise around the world?

Kevin: No. But I do want you to help get my felon-fiancée-who-had- a-brain-tumor-and-wasn't- responsible-for-her-actions out of prison. She's gonna need a legal dream team.

Gloria: All right, I'll think about it. You're catching me on a perfect day.

Kevin: Great.

Gloria: I feel great.

Jeff: Hello, Gloria.

Gloria: Hello, Jeffrey.

Jeff: I heard what happened in Madison, and I just wanted to say brava!

Gloria: Thank you.

Jeff: What courage you showed. I hope Senator Abbott resigns in disgrace.

Gloria: Well, not for what he did to me, but for the disrespect he's shown the good people of Wisconsin.

Jeff: Mmm. It's fortuitous for you, though. I mean, if that letter is genuine--

Kevin: Oh, it's real.

Jeff: Between John Abbott's estate and the fortune my brother left you, you're a very wealthy woman. You could quit your job. It's not like you'd need a discount on cosmetics. With that kind of money, you could buy all the moisturizer you want.

Michael: Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! Lose! Lose! Lose! Loose!

Lauren: Oh, you know I'm good at this game.

Michael: No, no, no, no, no.

Lauren: Okay. Here we go.

Michael: Lose! Lose! Lose! Lose! Lose! Lose! Seven! Yes! Come on!

Lauren: I can't believe it! Okay!

Michael: No, no, no, no, no. Clothing. Clothing.

Lauren: Are you kidding? This from the same man who took off cufflinks?

Michael: That's because you wear more than I do. Come on. Go on.

Lauren: Really?

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Lauren: All right.

Michael: Yeah.

Lauren: You asked for it.

Michael: (Imitating cymbals)

Lauren: Yep.

Michael: Yeah. Okay... that's the spirit.

Lauren: Here we go. Your turn.

Michael: Come on!

Lauren: Ready?

Michael: Yep.

Lauren: Okay, I'm gonna kiss 'em for you. Here you go. Whoops.

Michael: All right, all right, all right, okay. Watch the master.

Lauren: Oh, the master?

Michael: Yeah!

Lauren: (Laughs) snake eyes! I can't believe it!

Michael: I win!

Lauren: Excuse me? Sorry, you lose. You know what's left. Take it off, Baby.

Lauren: Mm-hmm. That's what I'm talking about.

Michael: Yeah? That's what you're talking about? This is what I call winning.

Lauren: Well, when I married you, I hit the jackpot.

Sharon: You know, I don't think much of Gloria. I am not taking her side here. Just what concerns me is what you did to your father. No son--no son ever loved his father more than you did, and yet you still betrayed his trust?

Jack: Sharon, listen to me--

Sharon: How? How did you do that, Jack?

Jack: What, do you want some pat sound bite answer?

Sharon: No. Would you-- would you do that to me? Or would you do that to Noah?

Jack: I would never do anything to hurt you.

Sharon: You know, I'm not perfect, Jack. I'm far, far from it. And I never expected you to be perfect, either, but I trusted you. And you know, every time-- every time I forgave you, you did something worse!

Jack: Wait, that-- that's not true.

Sharon: Yes, it is true! Yes, it is true! You know what? I stood by you because I thought that you were a decent man and an honest man. And during that collapse, I thought that you were a hero. No, you know what? You--you were a hero. It's just that now I... I don't know if the man that I believed in really exists.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Gloria: That was sentiment.

Jeff: I'd be sentimental, too, about evidence that could get me convicted of manslaughter.

Jack: The important thing now is that Sharon realizes the man I was back then is not the man I am today.

Sharon: I'd rather be here with you and Victoria than home with my own husband.

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