Y&R Transcript Wednesday 12/5/07

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 12/5/07 -- Canada; Thursday 12/6/07 -- U.S.A.


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Sharon: Your statement was perfect. You did it.

Jack: I guess we'll see.

Sharon: What? You were heartfelt. You were sincere. What more could you ask for? Nothing!

Jack: Says the senator's wife.

Sharon: Okay, but I was watching their faces and I think that they were very impressed.

Jack: All the same, let's not break out the champagne just yet.

Sharon: Okay, I understand you wanna be cautious, but you are at least relieved that this whole thing is over?

Jack: Well, let's hope it is.

Gloria: Where's Michael? He needs to see this.

Kevin: Mom got a letter from John today.

Lauren: What? How is that possible?

Gloria: John gave this letter to his cell mate and his son gave it to me.

Lauren: That's incredible.

Gloria: I know. I know. These are John's very own words. You know, after he died, I started to doubt. I thought that maybe he had changed his mind about me and that he didn't love me the way I believed and the way I'd hoped. But, Lauren, this proves it. He loved me. Just listen to this. "I miss you so very much. I dream about you every night. And the hardest part is not having you here with me in the morning. Did you know that you smile in your sleep sometimes? I love your smile. It's the first thing that drew me to you, and the first thing I think about every morning."

Lauren: That's the John I remember.

Gloria: Listen to this. This is the best part. "Even after you said yes to marrying me, I couldn't believe that this amazing woman had chosen me. How lucky can a man get? I adore you, Gloria. And I always will." John was the man of my dreams. And I was the woman of his.

Nikki: The day nurse is with Victoria right now, but we still have to hire a night nurse.

Victor: Oh, well, we'll meet with them today.

Nikki: One of them has six years experience as an ICU nurse.

(Cell phone ringing)

Nikki: Sorry. Hello?

David: Nikki, hey. I'm happy you picked up. How are you?

Nikki: I have to call you back.

David: (Sighs)

Neil: Oh, sorry, I didn't know anybody was using this room.

David: Yeah, well, if you'd taken the time to check, you would've learned that I reserved the conference room.

Neil: Whoa. Maybe you should take the rest of the day off. Sounds like you could use it.

Maggie: Thanks. Okay, well--

Heather: I got it.

Maggie: Oh, thank you.

Heather: Mm-hmm.

Maggie: Okay, I'm gonna head over to Newman now. I'll call you when I'm on my way to the, uh, ranch.

Heather: Okay, just, uh, make sure you give me enough time to get there.

Maggie: Don't worry. He's a high-profile citizen, and as a courtesy, you're gonna show up to soften the blow.

Heather: Not that that should keep you from rifling through his closet like you would any ordinary street criminal.

Maggie: With a little finesse.

Heather: Because of who he is? Not that that should matter.

Maggie: No.

Heather: And then there's also his daughter's condition to consider. 'Cause we don't wanna look like we're harassing a man in the midst of a personal tragedy.

Maggie: Yeah. A tragedy he made. You know, something tells me no matter how prepared I am going in, nothing is going to appease Victor Newman when I come knocking.

Heather: Hmm.

Maggie: I gotta go.

Heather: Okay.

Maggie: Excuse me? I'm Detective Maggie Sullivan. I have a warrant to search Victor Newman's office. Spencer, I'm gonna need you to go into Mr. Newman's office, get his computer, these files.

Neil: Hold--what-- what's going on here? Can I help you?

Maggie: Mr. Winters, I have a warrant.

David: A search warrant? Is Victor in trouble?

Neil: I thought you'd be gone by now.

Neil: Yeah, hi, Victor? It's me, Neil. Um, the police are here with a search warrant. It says here it covers your house, too, so they'll be there soon, if they're not already.

Gloria: Is Michael home yet?

Lauren: Not yet.

Gloria: Well, what do you think?

Lauren: Wow. You look amazing.

Gloria: Not too much?

Lauren: Um... well, different frame of mind, different color.

Gloria: That's what I think. Look at me, I got something to say.

Lauren: Oh, yeah. All eyes will definitely be on you.

Gloria: That's the idea, Lauren. Do you know how many times I've dreamt of getting a letter like this? Something, anything, that would validate my relationship with John.

Lauren: Do you know it's a long time since I've seen you this happy.

Gloria: Yeah! Now I've got his very last words to me. And nobody can take 'em away.

Lauren: You meant the world to him. It's obvious.

Gloria: I did, didn't I?

Michael: Gloria?

Gloria: Michael, we're going back to Madison!

Michael: Why?

Gloria: Because we have to go before the ethics committee again.

Michael: Oh, no, you had your chance. We don't need to go--

Gloria: No, please, please, read this! You'll agree.

Kevin: Uh, somebody was getting a little cranky-- a little smelly cranky. You owe me. Big.

Lauren: Oh, thank you.

Gloria: Can you believe it? Please--and please be careful.

Michael: Yeah. Where did you get this?

Gloria: The son of John's cell mate. Honey, it's a long story. I'll tell you all about it on the way to Madison.

Michael: If there is a trip.

Gloria: Michael!

Michael: Yes, yes, we're going. We just have to figure out a way to get there.

Gloria: But you do agree?

Michael: I agree. This is gold.

Lauren: Well, why don't you just book a private jet?

Gloria: Kevin, book a private jet.

Kevin: When did I become your assistant?

Gloria: Honey, you do those things so much better than I do. So, um, but make sure it's good and big.

Kevin: Okay.

Gloria: So all of us can fit on it.

Michael: You coming?

Lauren: Well--

Gloria: Lauren, you have to come.

Lauren: Uh, okay. I'll call the sitter.

Gloria: I didn't know if this day would ever come.

Michael: Don't get ahead of yourself. You've already appeared before the committee. They might not agree to hear from you again.

Gloria: They will... with your powers of persuasion.

Nikki: The nurse is giving her a bath.

Victor: Oh, yeah? I'm so happy she's home. By the way, I read that article you gave me on music therapy.

Nikki: Yeah, isn't that interesting?

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Nikki: J.T. said he can make a copy of a CD of all of her favorite music, and I thought we could put the small piano in there? I could play for her.

(Doorbell rings)

Nikki: Now who is that? My first interview isn't for 40 minutes.

Neil: Hi, Nikki.

Nikki: Neil? Well, for heaven's sake, come in.

Neil: I need to speak to Victor.

Victor: Well, this is a surprise.

Neil: You didn't get my message?

Victor: No.

Neil: The police have issued search warrants for your office and your house. They showed up at Newman a little while ago.

Nikki: What?!

Neil: Yeah, they were finishing up when I left. They're probably right behind me.

Nikki: Well, what are they looking for? A warrant for what?

Neil: There was a list. I saw them take your hard drive, your laptop and some documents I didn't get a good look at.

Nikki: What are they doing that for? Is this about that Ji Min?

Victor: You bet. This is Jack Abbott's doing. This is all about Ji Min and speculation that I had something to do with his death.

Nikki: The timing couldn't be worse!

(Doorbell rings)

Heather: Mr. Newman, hello. I'm Assistant District Attorney Heather Stevens, and this is Detective Margaret Sullivan.

Victor: I've had the misfortune of meeting Ms. Sullivan.

Maggie: Mr. Newman, I have a warrant to search your premises. May we come in? Shouldn't take that long.

Victor: What are you gonna do, roll over my comatose daughter and look for evidence under her sheets or what?

Heather: We are very well aware of your daughter's condition, Sir, and I assure you we will not disturb her.

Nikki: I really don't want you people in the same room with her, if you don't mind.

Maggie: I will search her room myself. And I'll be very quiet.

Heather: And you are more than welcome to be present, Mrs. Newman, if that makes you more comfortable, along with any of Victoria's caretakers.

Victor: This is outrageous. Come in.

Maggie: Okay, Clay, Griggs, I'd like you to start in here. And, O'Hara, I'd like you to start with Mr. Newman's office. Can somebody show them the way?

Neil: Uh, Victor, if you'd like, I can show them.

Victor: Go ahead, Neil, and show them, all right?

Neil: This way, Gentlemen. Excuse me, Ladies.

Victor: Make it quick.

Maggie: Mr. Newman, I'm looking for the clothing and shoes you were wearing on September 4th of this year.

Victor: How the hell would I remember what I wore three months ago?

Nikki: Are you saying that my husband is a suspect?

Heather: No one is saying your husband is a suspect.

Victor: They're rummaging through my house. What do you call it, person of interest? Is that it?

Maggie: Mr. Newman, if you would just allow Sergeant Miles to come with you to your closet, he has a description of the clothing and tie that you were wearing that day. The quicker we can--

Victor: You do it fast. And do it now.

Jack: Well, I sure appreciate the heads up. Yeah. We'll talk then. Thank you again.

Sharon: Who was it?

Jack: That was a friend of an aide in Senator Vendrell's office.

Sharon: Okay, what did he say?

Jack: The senator had a favorable response to my apology.

Sharon: See! I told you! Okay, what about the others?

Jack: The others appear to be responding favorably, as well, according to my source. I'm sure they want this whole thing to just go away. Any scandal affects the senate as a whole, and the sooner this whole thing is over with...

Sharon: The sooner you can just get back to business as usual.

Jack: God, I hope.

Sharon: Well, this is a reliable source, right?

Jack: He always has been in the past.

Sharon: Okay, well, maybe we should break out the champagne, then go back to our hotel room and use that hot tub, and do whatever we feel like.

Jack: That sounds like a date. Wanna come with me to get my keys?

Ben: Hey, hey! Victor's been slapped with a search warrant.

Jack: Hallelujah!

Sharon: When?

Ben: This morning.

Jack: I always believed he was complicit in Ji Min's death.

Ben: Well, obviously, the, uh, police believe it, too.

Jack: You know what this means, don't you? All of this public scrutiny is finally going to be on a real evil-doer and away from me.

Sharon: Well, this couldn't have come at a worse time.

Jack: What?

Ben: What? What do you mean? With the senate hearing winding down...

Sharon: No, I mean, because of Victor.

Jack: Honey, I know you feel bad--

Sharon: Look, I know why you had to turn in that tape to the police. I understand. And I hate what he did to you, Jack, but...

Ben: But what? That's the end of it.

Sharon: Victoria and his grandson are in critical condition in the hospital right now.

Jack: Sweetheart, we feel terrible about that. You don't expect me to just roll over and take the blame for something I didn't do. You heard Victor's voice talking to Ji Min on that tape. He is a violent and vicious man.

Nikki: Will you please be careful? My daughter gave me this.

Maggie: I am--I am so sorry. Of course we'll be more careful.

(Cell phone ringing)

Nikki: I can't talk right now.

David: Okay.

Nikki: I'll have to call you back.

(Cell phone ringing)

David: Hi. That was fast.

Nikki: Hi, I'm sorry I keep cutting you off. It's been a strange morning around here.

David: How so?

Nikki: I can't get into it.

David: Is there anything I can do?

Nikki: Um, can you bring me some things from the office?

David: What do you need?

Nikki: I need my day planner, oh, and some files-- my assistant knows where they are. I had her get them together for me. I thought I would be in myself, but--

David: Don't worry about it. I'll ask.

Nikki: Oh, and my mail. I hate when my mail piles up.

David: No problem.

Nikki: Thanks.

David: Anytime, Nikki. Call me if you need anything else. Or if you just need to talk.

Nikki: Okay, I will.

Victor: Michael Baldwin, this is Victor Newman. This is the second message I'm leaving for you. Please call me back as soon as you can. This is vitally important, all right? Thank you. Did this obnoxious detective go up to Vicki’s room or what?

Nikki: Yes. I got her out of there as soon as I could. What is it that they're taking away? What do they want?

Neil: You know, we went through this before, Dru and I, when she was alive, and they're gonna give you an itemized receipt.

Victor: How dare they come into my home and disturb my daughter who is seriously ill?

David: Um, excuse me, hold on for a second, okay? I have a package for Ms. Newman. I'll be right there.

David: You saved it.

(David reading the note he had wrote to Nikki) I came here for a reason. I now know that reason was you. We were destined to meet, Nikki. I knew I'd find the perfect woman someday, I just didn't expect it to happen now. But I guess it's the unexpected that actually makes life worth living now, isn't it? I can't even imagine not having you in my life. And I don't want to.

David: Okay. Hi. Here you go. Okay? She's waiting on that.

Man: Okay.

Jack: Ready?

Sharon: Um... I don't know, Jack. I'm...

Jack: You really wanna stay? I can hear that hot tub calling.

Sharon: No, I'm just thinking about Noah. I mean, if his grandfather is being investigated in a possible murder--

Jack: You know what? You're absolutely right. We should go home.

Sharon: You don't mind?

Jack: Do I mind? For you? Anything. Besides, we have hot tubs in Genoa City.

Sharon: Mmm. Thank God.

Ben: Oh, hey, I'm glad I caught you.

Jack: We're just headed home right now.

Sharon: Yeah, I need to be with my son and--

Ben: You--you can't. Look, the committee chair just received a petition to stay in session.

Sharon: What?

Jack: Who made the request?

Ben: Michael Baldwin. He claims to have further relevant testimony.

Nikki: Well, I can't watch this anymore. I'll be upstairs with Victoria.

Neil: Victor, I'm sorry that I--that I didn't give you more warning.

Victor: There's nothing you can do about that. Thank you for trying, okay?

Neil: So Nikki moved back in?

(Cell phone ringing)

Victor: Excuse me.

Neil: Sure.

Victor: Yes, Michael.

Michael: Yes, Victor, I'm in Madison.

Victor: Listen, you're my attorney. I want you to be here, all right? The police are just taking half my stuff here.

Michael: Uh, even if I could leave-- which I can't-- they'd be finished by the time I got there.

Victor: Michael Baldwin, you're my attorney. I want you to be here.

Michael: Look, uh, the warrant's been served, the search carried out. There's really nothing more I can do.

Victor: In other words, you want me to sit by and do nothing, is that it?

Michael: Either they will indict you or they won’t. It's up to the D.A.

Victor: By the way, this Ms. Stevens is here.

Michael: How political of her. Look, should she ask you any questions, refuse to speak until I'm present. Not a word.

Victor: And this is the advice I pay you for, is that it?

Michael: I will check in with you as soon as I get back.

Victor: You better get back here today.

Lauren: Is there an emergency?

Michael: In Victor Newman terms--yes.

Lauren: Mmm.

Kevin: It was infinitely better than first class. And the best part was you didn't have to wait in line to go through security.

Gloria: It was nice, but it was a one-time thing.

Kevin: What, too expensive? You could afford it.

Gloria: Honey, just don't get used to it. And besides, it's environmentally unfriendly.

Kevin: That's a good point. But how cool would it be if you could have your own jet with the letters "Gloria" in giant pink letters, especially if we could figure out a way to make it run on vegetable oil.

Gloria: Oh, please don't tempt me.

Kevin: Come on, you know you'd love the attention. You can get me one, too. Christmas is coming up.

Gloria: I already got you a present.

Kevin: Get me another one.

Michael: You know, after this, I think Gloria should treat us to a trip to Tahiti for our wedding anniversary.

Lauren: Oh, keep dreaming.

Michael: Well, anywhere with white sandy beaches would be fine. Really.

Lauren: Well, I was kinda thinking about dinner at the club and spa treatment.

Michael: I suppose if she did send us on a trip, she'd wanna make it a family affair.

Lauren: Oh.

Michael: How romantic, right?

Lauren: Yes. The club is sounding so much better.

Michael: A cardboard box sounds good to me, as long as it's just the two of us. Maybe we could try some of that, uh, love under the stars stuff.

Lauren: I really like that under the stars stuff.

Michael: I could paint stars on our bedroom ceiling.

Lauren: Or I could paint you. And we could stay in bed. What do you think? I'm gonna be buying paint tomorrow.

Alex: Mr. Baldwin?

Michael: Yes?

Alex: The chairman will speak with you now.

Michael: Thank you. All right, family, wish me luck.

Lauren: Luck.

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Gloria: Good luck. But you won't need it.

Gloria: I hope.

Lauren: Oh, Gloria, you're gonna get your chance. Something tells me that John's gonna make that happen.

Gloria: Yeah. Well, if he doesn't, I'm getting a megaphone and shouting his letter from the steps of the capitol and taking a full page out in every major newspaper. John Abbott--John Abbott-- everyone is going to know how he really felt about me.

Tommy: We heard from her yesterday, Mr. Baldwin.

Michael: Well, Mrs. Bardwell has new information pertinent to these proceedings.

Ben: She's a vindictive woman. Bitter about being rejected by her husband's family. How do you consider that pertinent information?

Michael: What part of private meeting didn't you get?

Tommy: My meeting, Gentlemen.

Ben: I apologize for the intrusion, but as Senator Abbott's representative--

Tommy: You're entitled to schedule a meeting, just like Mr. Baldwin did.

Ben: I would have, if the senator wasn't returning to Genoa City as we speak. Now in all fairness, the senator should be present if this committee reconvenes.

Tommy: I haven't made my decision yet.

Ben: Well, when it comes to this woman, my claim has been spot on.

Michael: You're right. You're right. Mrs. Bardwell is bitter. But it's for a reason which the committee should know about, because it relates directly to Senator Abbott and potential criminal actions.

Ben: Wow! You know, I have to applaud your Perry Mason tactics.

Michael: Well, I'm glad.

Tommy: All right, stop, I've had enough. You can both make your cases to the full committee.

Nikki: Are they gone?

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: Have you checked your office?

Victor: Yep, they took everything, including my computer.

Nikki: How are you supposed to work?

Victor: They obviously are not concerned about that.

Nikki: Well, did they say when you're gonna get your things back?

Victor: When they're finished with the investigation.

Nikki: Something tells me they will be very disappointed with their lack of evidence.

Victor: I have nothing to hide.

Nikki: This was a huge invasion of your privacy.

Victor: You bet. And you know who's responsible. Our friend Jack Abbott. They pulled his name through the mud, now he wants to put mine there.

Nikki: I cannot believe his gall. I'll bet you he timed this intentionally with the ethics hearing. I'll bet you he did. You saved his life. How could he do that?

Victor: Gratitude has never been his strong suit.

Nikki: Well, I'm amazed you're so calm about it.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Nikki: You don't deserve this, especially not now.

Victor: Jack Abbott is his own worst enemy. He doesn't think things through. And then he ends up shooting himself in the foot.

Sharon: (Sighs)

Kevin: Oh, joy. Look who's here.

Jack: I should've known you were the so-called relevant testimony.

Gloria: Well, nice to see you again, Jack. Hello, Sharon.

Sharon: Gloria.

Jack: What are you gonna tell them, Gloria?

Gloria: The truth, Jack. What else would I tell them?

Jack: Don't be coy with me.

Gloria: Oh, relax. I'm not even sure they'll let me testify again.

Jack: They shouldn't have let you testify in the first place.

Kevin: Well, it is her civic duty as a citizen of this fine state. Surely you'd agree, Senator?

Jack: You stay out of this, Pugsley.

Kevin: Why so nervous?

Sharon: These hearings have been grueling on everyone.

Jack: Yeah, try to remember that if ever you run for public office.

[Gloria takes out a lipstick and puts some one her lips]

Gloria: What do you think of this color, Jack? It's a new one we're testing at Jabot. What's it called again, Honey?

Kevin: Wicked.

Gloria: Ha.

Jack: Very clever. Something I wouldn't expect from you.

Gloria: Not the time for sarcasm, Jack.

John: Now you watch how you talk to my wife.

Ben: Senators, Mrs. Bardwell is a woman with a personal vendetta against the Senator. After John Abbott's death-- the Senator's father and one of Mrs. Bardwell's previous husbands-- Senator Abbott and Mrs. Bardwell were in a highly publicized court battle over Mr. Abbott's will. Now Mrs. Bardwell was unsuccessful in that case, and as a result, holds a great deal of animosity towards the senator. You may have witnessed that when Mrs. Bardwell testified before you yesterday. Which raises the question-- how much more could she possibly have to add? In fact, when asked that by your chief counsel, Mrs. Bardwell said she had nothing further. Now I not only question her motives, I-I question the validity in that statement. Gathering the facts is one thing, but it testimony before this committee is not monitored carefully, these hearings will never conclude. Now I know that we're all hopeful that we can move on as quickly as possible and put this all behind us. Thank you.

Tommy: Mr. Baldwin, you wish to address the committee?

Michael: Yes. Thank you.

Michael: Mr. Chairman, Senators, is it accurate to state that Senator Abbott and Mrs. Bardwell don't get along? Probably. Has it influenced her testimony? Yes. But not necessarily in the prejudicial manner you might think. In fact, it is Mrs. Bardwell's very dislike and distrust of Senator Abbott that makes her determined to get at the truth. And isn't that why this body was formed in the first place? To get at the truth. Suppressing the testimony of any witness is tantamount to having all of your hard work go to waste. Toss ethics out the door. You may as well not be here. But you are here... to do a job to the best of your ability. And of course, Mrs. Bardwell has a very good reason for requesting to speak before you again today. She has vital, new information that will undoubtedly alter the outcome of these very important hearings. And all that she asks of you-- is that you allow the truth to be heard. I thank you. I appreciate your time.

Ben: What new information?

Michael: This is not a court of law. I'm under no obligation to notify Senator Abbott or his representatives--

Tommy: You are out of order, Mr. Hollander. Order! Are there questions from the panel? Very well, I move we take an immediate vote. All in favor of hearing from Mrs. Bardwell raise your right hand. All opposed the motion is carried. Mrs. Bardwell will be allowed to resume testimony. However, and I want to make myself perfectly clear, Mr. Baldwin, if Mrs. Bardwell rehashes any part of her prior testimony, she will be cut off immediately.

[Victor remembering]

Jack: I am now a suspect in Ji Min Kim's death.

Victor: Well, that's not too surprising, considering you were the last one to see him alive.

Jack: Well, I guess the police found a dog hair on his body. That's what brought 'em to my door anyway.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Jack: Guess they'll be knocking on yours next.

Victor: Why would they knock on my door?

Jack: Well, I guess the tests they ran on this dog hair are not exactly conclusive. Apparently, retrievers share certain attributes.

Victor: What are you talking about?

Jack: Well, this dog hair could as easily have been from your dog.

(Doorbell rings)

Victor: Yes? [A delivery guy hands Victor a box] Thank you.

[Victor opens up the box and takes out an envelope addressed to Nikki from David]

Nikki: Victor?

Victor: Yeah?

Nikki: The nurse is having trouble adjusting the bed. Can you come look at it?

Victor: All right.

[Victor puts the envelope in his back pocket]

Gloria: Honey, be an angel and go get me some water, huh?

Kevin: You're gonna have to start paying me soon.

Michael: All right.

Lauren: You ready to do this?

Gloria: I have to be. For John. He'd want this. And I have my whole family here to support me, and I've been waiting for this opportunity for a long time.

Michael: All right. All you have to do is state the facts.

Gloria: Fact--John loved me. Fact--Jack's a liar.

Sharon: Why would she come all the way back here after testifying yesterday?

Jack: Because she's a bitter, angry witch and she wants to have the last word.

Sharon: She claims that her last word is relevant information. What does she mean by that?

Jack: Relevant to Gloria? God only knows.

Sharon: Michael wouldn't let her get up here and make a fool out of herself. He's too smart for that.

Ben: Do you have any idea what she's going to say?

Jack: None.

Sharon: So what do we do?

Jack: I would tell you if I knew.

Ben: We wait. Then try to spin it.

Jack: Can I stay here to listen to her testimony?

Ben: Protocol, Jack.

Jack: Is there anything in protocol that says I can unequivocally not be here?

Ben: No.

Jack: Then I will be here.

Alex: Ladies and Gentlemen, the hearing is about to reconvene.

Sharon: All right.

John: Son, I wish to God it didn't come to this, but you're not gonna like what's about to happen.

(Cell phone ringing)

Nikki: Hello?

David: Hi, it's me. Did you get the package?

Nikki: Oh, yeah, yeah, it's here right now. Thank you.

David: How's Victoria?

Nikki: Well, she's still getting settled in. Um, pretty soon she'll-- she'll be good.

David: Good. Well, I won't bother you.

Nikki: You're not bothering me. You never bother me. Things have just been really busy around here, though. I'll have more time to talk later.

David: I'll look forward to it. Call me then.

Nikki: Okay. Bye.

Nikki: Okay... blanket...

Victor: I'm going to ask Miguel to make us a snack.

Nikki: Oh, that's nice. Okay.

Victor: Would you like some tea?

Nikki: I'd love some tea. Thanks.

Victor: You have a package, by the way.

Nikki: I'm coming back.

Victor: All right.

Victor: I thought this was for me.

Nikki: Oh, that's okay.

[Nikki takes her box upstairs]

Gloria: Thank you for seeing me again. I would like to read to you a letter from my late husband John Abbott, written to me just before he passed away. He gave it to a friend for safekeeping, but it was misplaced and I just received it today. "My beloved Gloria, I am sitting here in this cramped cell and wondering if I will ever get out. It depresses me, but then I think of you and your next visit and seeing you and if my prayers are answered, lying in bed with you again."

Ben: How is this relevant?

Gloria: I'm getting to that.

Sharon: How do we even know that this is real?

Jack: That's a good question.

John: Oh, it's real, Son. I meant every word of it.

Ben: Did you know about this?

Gloria: Michael, they said they would listen to me.

Michael: Mr. Chairman, may my client have a moment to collect herself?

Tommy: You may have a moment.

Gloria: No, no, no, no, I don't want a moment. I'm perfectly fine.

Michael: Thank you. Listen to me. Listen to me. Whilst John's love is important, the committee is much more interested in his intentions. The facts. Get to the crux. All right? Mr. Chairman, Senators, the remainder of what Mrs. Bardwell has to say will without a doubt establish wrongdoing on the part of Senator Abbott.

(Gavel pounds)

Tommy: Order.

(Gavel pounds)

Tommy: Order!

[Victor reads David’s note he wrote to Nikki]

David's voice: I promise to support you, and I will never desert you or put you second. You deserve to be treated like the smart, beautiful, capable woman that you truly are. And I will never let you down the way your husband has.

Nikki: Where you going?

Victor: Gonna get some air.

(Door closes)

Gloria: "I am afraid that I did something that I shouldn't have. I wasn't thinking clearly. Jack helped me to write a new will, but I believe that I was talking about Dina at the time. Dina was a bad woman, but you, my dearest Gloria, I love with all of my heart, and I want you to receive what it rightfully yours. Let there be no question. You are to receive half of my estate. The other half is to be divided among my children-- Jack, Ashley, Traci and Billy." You helped him to write a new will. You helped him?! You dictated to him what you wanted that will to say to cut me out!

Michael: Gloria--

Gloria: You took advantage of your dying father at the lowest moment of his life! What kind of son are you?!

(Gavel pounding)

Tommy: Mrs. Bardwell--

Gloria: I knew that you were greedy, but this is burn in hell evil! And I am glad that John realized what a self-serving son of a bitch you are!

Tommy: Mrs. Bardwell!

Gloria: Finally, his voice! The truth! John Abbott loved me to his dying breath. And now... and now everyone-- everyone... knows.

John: She's right, Jack. How could you do it?

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Michael: We need to postpone our anniversary dinner.

Nikki: Victor has to argue about everything.

Phyllis: I think Victor is trying to get your attention.

Jack: Well, you can take the hooker out of the gutter, you just can't--

Kevin: Oh, don't you talk to my mother that way!

Michael: Kevin! Kevin!

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