Y&R Transcript Thursday 11/29/07

Y&R Transcript Thursday 11/29/07 -- Canada; Friday 11/30/07 -- U.S.A.


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Jack: Have you seen this op-ed piece on me in today's "Chronicle"?

Ben: Ignore it. I know for a fact the guy didn't pass Journalism 101.

Jack: I'm being skewered in the press yet again.

Ben: I'm pretty sure I warned you about this part of the job.

Jack: Even the big guy gets a day off now and then.

Sharon: Hey, have you seen Noah’s backpack?

Jack: Uh, dining room, maybe?

Ben: The important thing is we have the ammunition to fight back.

Sharon: Please tell me you're not thinking of using that audio tape?

Ben: Did you listen to it?

Sharon: I don't have to.

Ben: Sharon, it's the best weapon we've got. It proves that Victor was pressuring Ji Min to out your husband to the press.

Jack: The fact that Ji Min went against Victor-- that he didn't give this interview--

Sharon: Jack, you promised. With everything that family is going through right now...

Jack: Sharon--

Ben: Senator, we need this. Again, it--it proves that Victor had motive. It takes the suspicion off of you.

Jack: I know. I know. The timing is just awful. Beyond awful.

Sharon: Noah, I found it. Let's go.

Jack: Sharon, listen, uh--

Sharon: Jack, you promised.

Ben: Ignoring this would be political suicide.

Sharon: You haven't been charged with a crime. The committee has no right to ask you about Ji Min.

Jack: In a perfect world, you're absolutely right. In the real world, this ethics committee can ask me anything they want.

Nikki: Call Dr. Webb again.

Victor: I left two messages.

Nick: I'll have a nurse page Dr. Okamura.

Brad: Ask him when we can see the baby.

Nick: Okay.

Nikki: When was the last time she had an episode?

Victor: About two hours ago.

Phyllis: That's gotta be good, right?

Victor: Well...

Brad: Did you hear whether or not we could see the baby?

Victor: It's up to the neonatologist, apparently.

Nikki: The doctor said we could visit after he's finished.

Phyllis: Hey.

Daniel: Hey.

Phyllis: Hey, Sweetie.

Daniel: How'd it go last night?

Phyllis: Um, it was touch and go.

Daniel: Yeah?

Phyllis: Actually, uh, but we're waiting on the doctor.

Nick: Yeah, and she's doing a lot better this morning.

Daniel: Well, how's the baby?

Phyllis: We haven't heard yet.

Daniel: Well, I brought breakfast for everyone.

Phyllis: Thank you,

Nick: Thank you, Daniel.

Phyllis: Hey, what's up with the suit?

Daniel: Jack's hearing in Madison.

Phyllis: Oh, that's right. I forgot about that. I guess I should call him, right?

Daniel: No. No. He knows that you'd be there if you could.

Phyllis: Yeah. Well, wish him luck for us.

Daniel: I will. Um, why don't you give me a call let me know how everything goes here? And I'll call you and keep you posted on stuff there, okay?

Phyllis: Okay.

Dr. Webb: Mr. and Mrs. Newman?

Victor: Any change?

Dr. Webb: Well, uh, she's stable at the moment, her blood pressure is still higher than I'd like, but it has to come down some.

Brad: And the baby?

David: He's very weak at 23-weeks gestation. Um, we're doing everything we can. We've administered a steroid shot to speed up the growth process.

Nikki: What are his chances of being impaired?

Dr. Webb: Well, approximately 50% of babies born at this age will have, uh, moderate to severe disabilities.

Cane: Beth, I have to run down to the club for a meeting. What have I got this afternoon?

Beth: Uh, lunch with Mrs. Chancellor. OSHA at 3:00.

Cane: Can you copy me everything?

Beth: Uh, yeah, already did that. And here's the Jabot report that you asked for.

Cane: Thank you.

Beth: Any other divisions of Chancellor that you wanna familiarize yourself with?

Cane: Every one, please. But I'll just start with Jabot. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Lily: I'm open to a lot of possibilities.

Cane: I like that.

Lily: Well, I'm--I'm late. I'm supposed to meet Colleen at the hospital to visit Victoria.

Cane: Well, um... please... make sure you give the family my best.

Lily: I will. I'm, uh, I'm glad that you're safe.

Lily: Bye.

Lily: Are you trying your dad again?

Colleen: Yeah.

Brad's voice: You've reached Brad Carlton’s voice mail. Please leave a brief message and a number where you can be reached. I'll call you back.

Colleen: Hey, Dad, it's me. I'm just checking on Victoria and the baby. So I guess I'll stop by after work. Love you. Bye.

Lily: What happened at the hearing yesterday?

Colleen: Um, they stopped it. Victoria and the baby were critical, so they had to do an emergency C-section to save her life.

Lily: What? Is she okay?

Colleen: I guess she was up and down all night. There were complications with the pregnancy.

Lily: Man, her parents must be going crazy and poor J.T.

Colleen: Yeah. Well, my dad would've called if things got worse, so... that's good. Let's talk about something a little less depressing. Um, are you entering the Jabot contest?

Lily: Um... yeah. I'm in.

Colleen: Good.

Woman: (New York accent) excuse me, Mr. Fisher?

Kevin: Yeah?

Woman: You the owner?

Kevin: Yeah, can I help-- can I help you?

Woman: My name is Marina Dryden. I represent a consortium of investors looking for franchise opportunities. We like your operation.

Kevin: Really?

Woman: Yes.

Kevin: My place? Why?

Amber: Mm-hmm. Because the owner... is...gullible as all hell!

Kevin: Amber?

Amber: You really are. Yeah, you really are.

Kevin: Amber, who are you hiding from this time?

Amber: Not hiding, reinventing. You are looking at the future face of Jabot. Let fame... begin.

Amber: (New York accent) thank you so much. (Normal voice) ha! She didn't recognize me!

Kevin: You're wasting your time.

Amber: Don't think I can do it?

Kevin: Are you forgetting rule number one already? No family members allowed to enter.

Amber: I'm not a family member.

Kevin: Ex-wives count.

Amber: Mere technicality.

Kevin: You're affiliated.

Amber: Okay, Amber might be, Marina is not.

Kevin: That disguise is not gonna fool anyone for too long.

Amber: You didn't recognize me.

Kevin: I was about to figure it out.

Amber: Mm-hmm.

Kevin: And Cane will not be fooled.

Amber: Oh, please, he's gonna love Marina. Come on. Hey, call your office, find out where he is. Come on. Come on. I wanna put Marina to the real test.

Kevin: Oh, God.

Colleen: So you did enter the competition?

Lily: It hasn't officially started yet.

Colleen: But you're going to enter, right?

Lily: Can I say yes, and feel stupid about it at the same time?

Colleen: Sure. It proves you're modest. It's your inner beauty.

Lily: Oh, that's sweet.

Colleen: Plus, if Cane's the judge, then--then you're a ringer.

Lily: No. That's not true. He's a professional. And besides, it's a national contest, okay? I'm sure some gorgeous girl from Yale who's a straight-A student will enter, and it turns out that she saves stray animals and feeds the homeless and she happens to look like Angelina Jolie.

Colleen: I say you could take her.

Lily: Please.

Colleen: Oh, come on, your mom was gorgeous. She was fabulous, and she loved a good competition. You've got her genes. So channel your inner Dru.

Victor's voice: If things get too dicey for you, we'll find a safe house for you, with enough financial support to last you for awhile.

Ji Min's voice: I can take care of myself, but thank you, Victor.

Victor's voice: Now this is my enlightened self-interest. You get facts, not conjecture-- that Jack Abbott owns House of Kim-- and by extension, Jabot Cosmetics.

Ji Min's voice: I'm gonna need some time to consider the best approach.

Ben: Ji Min-- he agreed to do it. It's all there on tape.

Sharon: Okay, listen, take a few days before you decide whether you're gonna use this.

Ben: I won't sit back and watch you lose your senate seat. You have the evidence to defend yourself.

Sharon: I don't like what Victor did any more than you do, but now is not the right time. Not while Victoria is lying in a hospital bed.

Ben: Sharon, we have to let the public hear this. Let them make up their own minds.

Sharon: Jack, it's gonna come back to haunt you. Victor is going through hell right now.

Jack: Yes, I know-- I know that. But why should we take the fall for his mistakes? It was his company that caused the damage in Clear Springs.

Sharon: Yeah, and look how he's paying for that.

(Doorbell rings)

Jack: I'll get that. Hold on.

Daniel: Got those files you wanted.

Jack: Yeah, thanks. Come on in.

Sharon: Hey. Uh, how are Victoria and the baby?

Daniel: Still critical. Everyone's holding their breath. You know, my mom wanted to come to the hearing.

Jack: No, tell her she'll do a lot more good staying with Nicholas at the hospital.

Daniel: I already told her that. She still wants me to wish you luck.

Sharon: Do I have time to go over there?

Ben: We're not leaving for a few hours.

Sharon: Okay. Good. I'm going to. They need all the support they can get.

J.T.: They won't let me see Victoria. I just wanna be with her, Paul.

Paul: I know.

J.T.: She--she needs me to tell her about the baby. I can't wait any longer.

Paul: You're probably not gonna have to. Her blood pressure's down. She's getting better. They're gonna let you see her soon.

J.T.: If anything happens to her, I'm never gonna forgive Nikki and Brad for putting off that C-section.

Nikki: (Sighs) I just read the same sentence ten times.

Nick: Hey, where's Dad?

Nikki: He went to see the doctor.

Phyllis: Do you want some more coffee? I can get you some coffee.

Nikki: No, thanks.

Nikki: Do you think I did the right thing? Fighting for the baby?

Nick: You followed your conscience. You did what you thought she would want.

Nikki: I really do feel that way.

Phyllis: Listen, Nikki-- Nikki, when I was in labor, I didn't care about myself, I just wanted Summer to be okay.

Nikki: It's all up to him now. He's gotta fight. He's just so fragile, you know? And I'm... I'm so afraid he's not gonna make it. (Sobbing) I'm so afraid, Son. What if he doesn't make it?

Nick: Mom, you did the right thing.

Nikki: I know.

Nick: You did the right thing.

Amber: You know, you didn't have to come.

Kevin: And miss this show?

Amber: Okay, how much you wanna bet that I can pull this off?

Kevin: Mmm. You win, you don't have to pay rent for a month. I win, you clean the apartment for a month.

Amber: A week.

Kevin: Two weeks.

Amber: Deal.

Cane: Okay, that's great. Frank, thank you so much. Daniel, thank you for coming by. I'll talk to you next week, all right? Thank you.

Amber: (New York accent) you're Australian, aren't you?

Cane: What gave that away? The accent or the look?

Amber: Both. I just came back from down under. It was dazzling. So were the guys.

J.T.: So I read about this... this baby on the internet. She was just over 23--23 weeks, just under a pound. And she made it.

Brad: Was she healthy?

J.T.: Yeah, she had a few surgeries, but she's fine today.

Brad: Hey, little one. You have a lot of people who love you and are pulling for you. Hey, Sweetie.

Colleen: Hey. I've never seen a baby that small.

Dr. Webb: We're giving Victoria different anti-seizure medications as a precautionary.

Victor: Is there still a chance she might go into convulsions?

Dr. Webb: Well, it's possible, but, uh, now that we've delivered the baby, we certainly have many more options for treatment.

Nikki: May we go in?

Dr. Webb: For a moment.

Victor: Thank you.

Nikki: Hi, Darling.

Victor: Hi, my sweetheart. Your mother and I are both here now.

Nikki: Your baby boy has been delivered. And he's hanging in there, so all you have to do is get well.

Victor: You don't have to fight anymore to keep your boy strong. You can focus all of your energy on yourself now, okay? We want you to get well.

Nikki: He is tiny, but he's perfect. Ten toes, ten fingers. You have a beautiful son. And you've gotta wake up now and give him a proper name. Before your brother gives him some goofy nickname that sticks. God knows what that could be.

Victor: We'd love you to wake up now, my sweetheart. Want you to see your little boy. Just wake up now.

Daniel: I don't get it. You didn't do anything illegal.

Ben: That's what I've been telling him.

Jack: What worries me most is the implication that I am responsible for Ji Min's death.

Daniel: Yeah, but they've got nothing. It's innuendo.

Jack: Yeah, welcome to a time-honored political tradition-- the smear campaign. And what better way to smear a public official?

Ben: They wanna get a jump start on fund raising for next year's election.

Daniel: Do you guys have any room on the plane?

Jack: Why, you wanna come to Madison?

Daniel: Figured you could use all the support you can get.

Jack: That would be great. We got room on the plane?

Ben: Sure.

Jack: How about you meet us at the airport?

Daniel: Okay. Call my cell if you need anything.

Jack: Yeah.

Ben: Have you given any more thought to the tape?

Jack: Not since three minutes ago when you last brought it up.

Ben: Senator, I'd hate to see your career end now. As your chief of staff, let me release it. You'll know nothing about it.

Jack: Another tape released to the press?

Ben: You cannot let your career be destroyed. Are you gonna listen to Sharon or your political advisor? I said from day one, women are your weakness. Don't let Sharon ruin this.

Jack: Okay. We'll use it. Now.

Ben: I'll call my contact at "The Chronicle."

Jack: No. No. We implicate Victor in front of the ethics committee, that will be political suicide.

Ben: You just said you wanted to use the tape.

Jack: I do. I can't allow myself to be railroaded on a murder I didn't commit.

Ben: You lost me.

Jack: We're not leaking this to the press. We're giving it to the D.A.

Sharon: Hey.

Victor: Hi, Sweetheart.

Sharon: Hi. Victor, how is she?

Victor: Stabilized. Not getting any worse.

Nikki: Hi, Son.

Nick: Hey. So do you think Victoria knows about her son?

Nikki: We told her. I don't know if she hears us.

Sharon: How's the baby?

Victor: Well... apparently if he survives, he'll have problems.

Nikki: One more week, his lungs would've been better developed.

Phyllis: Listen, Nikki, you did everything you could for him.

Sharon: I wish there was something I could do.

Victor: We just have to wait and see. I'm glad you're here.

Sharon: Listen, I wanna say this... no matter what happens between you and Jack, I hope that you and I will still be friends.

Victor: That's sweet of you to say. It's very hard to come by friends these days. Everyone blames me for Clear Springs and... I'm a villain even in my own family.

Sharon: No one cares about their family more than you.

Nikki: When Victoria wakes up, I don't know if she'll forgive me.

Nick: Of course she will.

Phyllis: Yeah. Absolutely. Listen, you know Victoria wanted to save this baby more than anything. You know that. I mean, you stood up for your daughter. You were her voice. That's huge. Nikki, you did what any mother would've done. You did what any mother would've done. Victoria will always be grateful.

Nikki: That's very nice of you to say.

Phyllis: I mean it.

Nikki: Thank you.

Cane: So were you-- were you there on business or pleasure?

Amber: (New York accent) my business is pleasure.

Cane: Really?

Amber: I love my work.

Cane: And what do you do?

Amber: Travel writer.

Cane: For who?

Amber: Freelance. Mostly magazines, some travel web sites. Have you spent much time in the outback?

Cane: Uh, only most of my life. So what was your, uh, favorite place that you went to that you wrote about?

Amber: Ayers Rock, to start.

Cane: Uluru, huh?

Amber: What?

Cane: Uluru? It's the aboriginal name for Ayers Rock.

Amber: Of course.

Cane: Mm-hmm, of course.

Amber: The sunset in Uluru was breathtaking.

Cane: Yeah, it is. Um... I would like to read one of your articles when they come out.

Amber: Hmm.

Lily: Hey, Kevin.

Kevin: Hey.

Lily: Have you, uh, have you seen Colleen?

Kevin: Uh, no, no. Maybe she's-- maybe she's on break.

Lily: Yeah, she, uh, probably left early to go visit her dad. But, um, hey, when is the Jabot contest official?

Kevin: Um, I am putting the finishing touches on the web site today. We're trying to tie it into the New Year's campaign. Um, are, uh, are you gonna enter?

Lily: I'm thinking about it.

Kevin: Hey, why not give it a shot, right?

Lily: That's encouraging.

Kevin: Well, it's a national contest. There's gonna be a lot of competition in all age categories.

Lily: Yeah. So that means a lot of entries.

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, it's gonna be a fun job for some lucky guy.

Cane: So I look forward to reading that, um, article when it comes out.

(Cell phone ringing)

Cane: Oh, excuse me. Oh, it's a work call. I have to take this. I'm sorry.

Amber: See you soon.

Cane: Okay.

Lily: Oh, I'm sorry!

Amber: Excuse me.

Amber: (New York accent) pretty phone. Yours?

Lily: Uh, no. There's only one person I know whose phone looks like that.

Kevin: Uh, is that Amber's?

Lily: Yeah, looks like it.

Kevin: Uh, yeah, this is definitely Amber's. My roommate's. I'll give it back to her.

Amber: She'll say thank you. Excuse me.

Cane: Hey.

Kevin: Hey, Cane.

Lily: Hey.

Cane: What's that? You liked Amber's phone so much you got one made for yourself?

Kevin: Yeah, exactly. I, uh, I guess she left it here.

Cane: She left it? Nah. No, that's like a lifeline. She can't breathe without that thing.

Kevin: Go figure, huh?

Cane: And she didn't... bother coming back for it?

Kevin: I guess she didn't notice. See ya.

Cane: Not possible.

Nikki: No. No, there--there's no reason for you to come now. I'll call you and let you know. I love you, too. Bye. Casey sends her love.

Victor: You told her not to come?

Nikki: She can come when Victoria's better.

Victor: Or...

Nikki: Don't say it. Don't even think it. I know you're still upset with me for fighting the C-section.

Victor: I don't wanna argue about this anymore. I know why you did it. Let's focus our energy on the baby and Victoria now.

Colleen: Dad, I did a lot of reading on premature babies.

Brad: Yeah?

Colleen: And they say at 23 weeks he has a 50% chance of survival.

Brad: Yeah, that's what the doctor said.

Colleen: But I mean, those figures include everyone. Like, multiple babies and babies of drug addicts. I mean, his chances are better than that.

Brad: Yeah, you bet they are. Listen, he could come through this with no problems at all. You never know. I don't wanna lose either one of them.

Sharon: Oh, he's so small.

J.T.: The doctor said he'll, uh, he'll lose some more weight the first few days. He'll be even smaller.

Nick: Does he have a name yet?

J.T.: No. We, uh, had a few ideas, but we didn't-- we never settled on anything. We thought we'd have more time. I was willing to let that little guy die to save her. And now...

Sharon: You'll do anything for your children.

J.T.: Yeah, I didn't-- I didn't understand that till now.

Nick: You know, the first time you hold your son, it changes your life. 'Cause all you wanna do is be with your baby, keep him safe from the world.

Sharon: Yeah, and that doesn't change when they get older, either. You know, Noah was a preemie.

J.T.: No, I didn't know that.

Sharon: Yeah, I, um, I'd had a lot of complications, and they thought that he might be too young to deliver.

J.T.: Wow.

Nick: The doctors told me I may have to choose between Sharon and Noah.

Sharon: Yeah. And, um, I wanted to save the baby, Nick wanted to save me. You know, Nick, I will never forget that time that we saw Noah-- that first time, hooked up to all those tubes and--and the wires. You know, he was so small and they didn't think that he had a good chance of making it, but he did.

J.T.: How old was he?

Sharon: He was 28 weeks.

J.T.: Five weeks older.

Amber: (Normal voice) no one recognized me! I so pulled it off.

Kevin: Yeah, with a little help from yours truly. Not that I'm keeping track, but you owe me.

Amber: Actually, I don't owe you rent!

Kevin: Well, then maybe I will just hold on to this!

Amber: Oh, ante up. Listen, I will pay you rent, if you find a way to get me into that contest.

Kevin: Hmm.

Amber: Hmm.

Kevin: Get out of my way.

Amber: (Giggles) all right...

Amber: Okay...

Kevin: This is all the information that I'm putting on the web site.

Amber: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: Kevin? Amber? A little late for Halloween. What's with the get-up?

Kevin: (Laughs)

Amber: Shut up.

Kevin: Ow.

Lily: Yeah, my dad turned me on to some of the greats like Olatunji and King Sunny Ade.

Cane: Really? You like drum-based bands?

Lily: Yeah.

Cane: Then you must like Mickey Hart. He was one of the drummers for the Grateful Dead.

Lily: Yeah, I know. Wait, don't tell me you're a "Deadhead"?

Cane: Yeah, I am, uh, musically eclectic.

Lily: Ah, is that what it's called?

Cane: Yeah. Um... have you heard a band called Yothu Yindi?

Lily: No, never.

Cane: They're Australian. They, um, they play aboriginal instruments and they mix their sound with contemporary music.

Lily: Oh, I haven't heard of 'em.

Cane: Really?

Lily: No.

Cane: I'll burn you a CD. And you can burn me one of those CDs.

Lily: Okay, deal.

Cane: You have such a beautiful smile.

Lily: (Laughs) thank you.

Cane: Will you do me a favor? When you do your video for Faces of Jabot, you smile just like that.

Paul: Yeah, the poor guy has barely left the hospital. You know, he's just racing back and forth between Victoria's room and the--the neonatal unit.

Maggie: You have keys to his place?

Paul: Yeah, I mean, not with me. At home.

Maggie: Yeah. Maybe we should get him a change of clothes, you know, pack him a suitcase.

Paul: Look at you. That's sweet. I'm sure the Newmans would appreciate it. Maybe the nurses, too. You want some more coffee?

Maggie: Yeah, I do. Thanks.

Ben: Detective? Detective Sullivan? Hi.

Maggie: Oh!

Paul: Hi.

Maggie: Well, if it isn't my favorite internet co-star.

Paul: Um... excuse me, will you?

Ben: Yeah. Please.

Maggie: Are you still here?

Ben: I brought you something you'll wanna hear.

Maggie: I don't want anything from you.

Ben: Take it. There's enough on that tape for you to investigate Victor Newman.

Victor: But why isn't Victoria's condition changing now that the baby has been delivered?

Dr. Webb: I've run several tests this morning and, uh, it's true. There is virtually no change in her condition.

Nick: Can I see her?

Phyllis: I think J.T. should go.

Dr. Webb: I'll allow one person to see her briefly.

J.T.: Let me go. Please.

Dr. Webb: Sure. If that's all right with you? Now, um... we've run every test I can think of. Um, she's in stable condition, but we need to continue to monitor her closely, because there is the risk of Eclamptic seizure, especially during the first 48 hours after delivery.

Brad: I thought the C-section was supposed to be a cure.

Dr. Webb: Well, it can be days, or even weeks before her blood pressure returns to normal.

Victor: In other words, what you're saying is my daughter could still be in danger?

Nikki: When is she going to come out of this coma?

Dr. Webb: Well, I can't make any predictions as to when or even if Victoria will wake up.

Sharon: Um... Victoria is in critical condition still. And there were complications last night during her surgery. They don't know if she's gonna make it, Jack.

Jack: How's the baby?

Sharon: He's critical, too. He's so tiny. You know, Noah was a preemie, but he was twice that size. It'll be a miracle if he survives.

Jack: I don't know what to say. It's awful. Awful--all the sadness.

Sharon: Where's Ben?

Jack: You're not gonna like this.

Sharon: What?

Jack: Ben just took the tape to the police.

Sharon: Oh, God, Jack!

Jack: He's under strict instructions not to go public with this. This is not leaking it to the press or anything like that.

Sharon: But Victor will still-- why today, Jack? Why not tomorrow? Maybe the next day? This is the last thing that family needs right now. You weren't there. You didn't see them.

Jack: Don't think this was easy. It was anything but easy.

Sharon: Well, then call Ben and stop him. You can do that.

Jack: No, I can't do that. Your husband is now a suspect in Ji Min's death. If you don't want me to be the only suspect, the police have to follow every possible lead. I'm sorry, I'm not ignoring what Victor's going through, or Victoria or the baby. I can't ignore this either.

Daniel: Hey, I was gonna, uh, go to Madison for the hearing. Can I borrow your suitcase?

Kevin: Uh, yeah, it's in my bedroom in the closet.

Daniel: Thanks. Hey, seriously, do you owe someone money or something? I mean, what's with the disguise?

Amber: No. It's because...

Daniel: You know what? Never mind. I really don't think I wanna know.

Kevin: Good call.

Amber: I'm entering a contest.

Daniel: A contest where they only accept redheads?

Kevin: Okay, look, I just redid the list of rules on the web site. I changed one word. It now reads, "No current Jabot family members are permitted to enter."

Amber: Oh, you rock my world, Baby.

Kevin: If anyone asks, I'm saying it was a typo.

Daniel: You're entering a Jabot contest?

Amber: Yeah. Got a problem with that?

Daniel: Your ex-mother-in-law might.

Amber: I saved her life. Anyway, I'm not entering. (New York accent) Marina is.

Daniel: Are you kidding me? What, do you think you're not gonna be recognized. I knew who you were in, like, two seconds. Kevin, you're going along with this? This is just another one of Amber's really bad ideas.

Amber: Hey!

Kevin: She wouldn't listen to me. And what are you gonna do if you win? You gonna tell people who you really are?

Amber: I will worry about that when it happens.

Nikki: I really had hoped that... once the baby was delivered... it would take some stress off of Victoria's body, you know? And she would come out of the coma.

Nick: The doctor didn't say it was a sure thing.

Nikki: I said, I had hoped, Son. I hoped.

Nick: I know, Mom. Me, too.

Phyllis: Listen, don't-- don't give up hope. She still might come out.

Nikki: I just have to be realistic, okay? And the truth is that Victoria may never wake up. She may never see her baby boy. Ever.

J.T.: You gotta see him, Victoria. He's perfect. He's perfect. He looks like a little angel. He--he's got these, uh... he's got these perfect little hands and feet, you know, and all... all ten fingers and toes. And believe me, I-I counted twice. He's so tiny he can fit in the palm of your hand. The doctors-- they won't let me hold him now, 'cause he's not big enough. But I promise you when he is big enough, I'm not gonna let him go. And he needs you-- he needs you to wake up right now. He needs you to get strong and wake up and be there for him. 'Cause he needs his mom. We both do.

J.T.: You gotta wake up and name your son.

Jack: I hate you looking at me that way.

Sharon: Yeah, I hate looking at you like this, too, but you know how to change that.

Jack: I know what you would do.

Sharon: Yeah, because that tape doesn't prove anything, Jack. All it does is create suspicion.

Jack: That tape is an important piece of information that the police need for their investigation. Sharon, I have been telling them for a long time now that Victor was involved in Ji Min's death. They haven't listened to me. Any idea why? I have a few theories. It's called piling-on.

Sharon: Victor doesn't need to deal with this right now.

Jack: I know that. I can't imagine what Victor and Nikki are going through right now-- with their daughter, with their grandson.

Sharon: Yeah, well, it doesn't help what you and Ben are doing with that audio tape.

Jack: If it comes to the difficult decision of deciding between Victor and his family and me and my family, I'm always gonna choose us. Sweetheart, my political career hangs in the balance here. If I don't do this now, I may not have a career to protect later.

Ben: Well?

Maggie: I-I can't make any promises.

Ben: All I'm asking is that you give the senator a fair shot. He's not the only suspect in Ji Min's homicide.

Maggie: You know, we never said he was.

Ben: Do I leave the tape with you? Or do I take it to the department myself?

Maggie: You can leave the tape with me. I'll take care of it.

Ben: Thank you.

Paul: Anything interesting?

Maggie: Always interesting. When your dad... used to come home from work, did he ever talk to your mom about how his day went?

Paul: Yeah, all the time.

Maggie: Mine, too.

Paul: That doesn't mean you have to tell me anything.

Maggie: You already know some of it.

Paul: It has to do with Ji Min Kim?

Maggie: Jack isn't the only suspect.

Paul: Don't look at me.

Maggie: I had, uh, Zapato's hair tested.

Paul: Victor's dog?

Maggie: It was a closer match to the, uh, dog hair we found on Ji Min than Fisher's.

Paul: Jack's dog.

Maggie: Noah's dog. It's the same difference.

Paul: DNA test?

Maggie: Well, that'd be my first choice. Unfortunately, there were no follicles on the dog hair we found on Ji Min, so no DNA.

Paul: So what is any of this have to do with whatever you were listening to?

Maggie: Well, this tape might help me convince a judge to issue a search warrant for Victor's home and office.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Jill: I can't wait to get up there and testify.

Gloria: John must be rolling in his grave.

Daniel: I just saw Jill cozying up to the chairman. She and Gloria wanna testify against you.

Kevin: She wants to marry me.

Lauren: She said yes?

Kevin: She said no.

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