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Y&R Transcript Tuesday 11/27/07 -- Canada; Wednesday 11/28/07 -- U.S.A.


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J.T.: You always used to do this for me. I wish you'd just wake up and tie this damn thing. You always seemed to tie the perfect knot.

Phyllis: Here, I'll--I'll help you with that. It's fine.

J.T.: Thanks.

Phyllis: You're welcome. No problem. How's she doing?

J.T.: I think she's all right.

Phyllis: The same?

J.T.: Yeah. Hey, Baby, listen, Phyllis is gonna-- she's gonna stay here with you while Nick and I go to our meeting.

Phyllis: I'll stay here.

Nick: Actually, I'm staying.

J.T.: Can I talk to you outside?

Phyllis: Okay, here. I got it.

Nick: Sure.

J.T.: Thanks.

Phyllis: It still needs some work.

J.T.: Yeah. Thank you. I can't believe you're not gonna go fight for your sister.

Nick: J.T., you don't know what the hell you're talking about. I would do anything to save my sister--anything.

J.T.: Well, then prove it. Go to court and you tell that judge to save her life.

Nick: I can't do that.

J.T.: That's what I thought.

Nick: Look, I know my sister better than you. And she would do anything to save this baby. And I have to respect that about her, because this isn't about me and it's not about you or my parents. It's about Victoria.

Nikki: I hate being away from Victoria for a few minutes. I might be at that hearing for hours.

Brad: Can Nikki leave after she's testified?

Man: She has to be there. The judge knows a quick decision is imperative.

Nikki: All right. I'll be there. I have to do it for my daughter.

J.T.: If you wanted to do the right thing, you wouldn't be fighting this, Nikki.

Brad: Have a little respect, J.T.

J.T.: I can't have respect for someone who's willing to let their daughter die.

Brad: Let's go.

Victor: I cannot lose control over my daughter's well-being.

Michael: Look, I will do everything I can to protect Victoria, but you cannot get angry in front of the judge.

Victor: Don't worry about it. For her sake, I won’t.

Michael: That's exactly what I worry about. I know how you hold things in. The composed, rational you has got to stay that way tonight, no matter how angry you get. Now you want any of this?

Victor: No, thank you.

Neil: Gentlemen? Victor, I just wanted to let you know that I'll be there in court to support you today.

Victor: Neil, I appreciate your support, but I'd rather you run this office, make sure everything is... in order when my daughter returns, all right?

Neil: Absolutely. Do what you have to do. I'll take care of everything.

Victor: Thank you.

Neil: Yeah. Michael. Godspeed.

Jill: Cane, have you got a minute?

Cane: (Sighs)

Jill: Oh. You're up to your ears. Clear Springs, I should've guessed.

Cane: Yep. I've been running the latest numbers on the clean-up and the rebuild and they are staggering. It is gonna cost us hundreds of millions of dollars.

Jill: Well, Victor's insurance company will just have to pay up.

Cane: Yeah, but not until the man can accept responsibility. Until then, we're gonna keep hemorrhaging money, Mum.

Jill: Do what you have to do. And I'm a phone call away if you need me.

Cane: Thank you.

Cane: Neil? Hey, it's Cane Ashby. Listen, I think you and I need to get together and talk about who's gonna cover these clean-up costs.

Neil: Liability hasn't been determined yet. Let's wait until the investigation is over and then we'll talk, all right?

Cane: Come on! Every investigator is saying it was Newman's drilling that caused the collapse. Chancellor started a new engineering report and we'll have the results soon.

Neil: We have our own report and it says differently, all right? Is that Gleason?

Woman: Mm-hmm.

Neil: Okay.

Woman: Should I tell him you'll call back?

Neil: Uh, no, no, no, no. I'll be right there. Thanks. Hey, Cane? Listen, I gotta go. I'll call you later, all right?

Gloria: "To my beloved Gloria." I know John wrote that letter to me and now I need to see it. Kevin?

Kevin: What? What? Mom, the guy said he'd look for it. There's nothing else you can do.

Gloria: I can call him.

Kevin: Why isn't Jana's doctor calling? I need to know if this tumor is growing back or not.

Gloria: I'm gonna need a sleeping pill tonight. I am never gonna get through this! (Cell phone ringing)

Gloria: Oh! Where's the--

Kevin: Hello?

Gloria: Hello, Jeffrey. Ah, I'm working. Tonight? You know, actually, I could use a little distraction. Where shall I meet you?

Kevin: Mom, why can't you just stay away from this guy?

Gloria: Why can't you stay away from Jana?

Kevin: Hey, don't go there.

Gloria: All right, then fine. Help me with my strategy.

Kevin: Your strategy?

Gloria: Yes, my strategy. You know, the romantic angle that seems to be working? Because if it is working, and if Jeffrey is falling for me, then I can convince him that he doesn't wanna hurt me.

Kevin: Ah, the queen of the hypothetical.

Gloria: Enough with the negativity, okay? And don't underestimate your mother's charm.

Kevin: I'm covering my ears now.

Gloria: I got my John and my William to fall in love with me!

Kevin: Mom! Neither of them knew that you were a killer. Jeff is playing you.

Gloria: Yeah, yeah, yeah. That may be, but Jeffrey is a country fiddler and I am first chair symphony.

Kevin: Where do you come up with this crap?

Gloria: Honey, I just need to convince him that I am pure and that I am lovely and that I am innocent.

Kevin: Mom, you're describing snow.

Gloria: (Laughs)

(Knock on door)

Gloria: Come in. Hey!

Jill: I thought I heard voices. Gloria, I think I got it.

Gloria: Already?

Jill: I just needed a kick start.

Gloria: Jabot's going after the younger market.

Jill: Yeah, well, that was our starting point. Listen, nowadays, what is everybody influenced by?

Kevin: The internet.

Jill: Exactly. And we use that to our advantage.

Gloria: All right, so a new web site?

Jill: No, no, no, it's more than a web site. It's a contest. Do you remember what Lily was saying about her mother? Well, when the marketplace speaks, we have got to listen. What would you think of us looking for women-- real women-- of all generations.

Gloria: That aren't professional models.

Jill: Yes. Of all sizes and shapes and colors and ages, whose beauty comes from within, an inner light that shines.

Gloria: Because they're doing wonderful things in their life?

Jill: And they're making a difference!

Gloria: Oh! Mothers who raise great kids, um, student organizers, C.E.O. grandmothers.

Jill: Or fighting cancer or living with a disability.

Gloria: Jill, I see it! I see it! Thousands of women all over America nominating their friends.

Jill: Yes, or themselves. That would be fine, too.

Gloria: As long as they fit the bill.

Jill: Right. And all they have to do is upload a photo or a couple of paragraphs on why their nominee is beautiful.

Gloria: All right, all right, what about videos?

Jill: Videos? I love it!

Gloria: Mothers are gonna nominate their daughters. Granddaughters will nominate grandmothers!

Jill: Yes, and we will treat the winners to a day of pampering, followed by a photo shoot. Listen to this-- Faces of Jabot-- the beauty is you.

Gloria: Oh!

Jill: (Laughs)

Kevin: Hey, you know, whatever you guys had for breakfast, I want some.

Gloria: It is brilliant!

Jill: I know it!

Cane: Neil?

Neil: Yeah?

Cane: I have that final report.

Neil: Yeah, um, Cane, I said I'd get back to you.

Cane: I understand that. But this can't wait.

Neil: I'll look at it. But I already told you, we have our own report and we're still investigating.

Cane: You know, with all due respect, it sounds to me like Newman is trying to avoid the responsibility.

Neil: No. Incorrect. We are trying to assess our responsibility. If we were at fault, we will make it right.

Cane: You mean your insurance companies will make it right. Listen, you and I both know that could take years. Chancellor is going further into the red trying to clear up Victor's mess. The man needs to get involved.

Neil: Well, that's not gonna happen. He's got more important things on his mind right now, Cane.

Cane: All right. My heart goes out to Victor, and I mean no disrespect to his family, but my back is up against the wall. If you are telling me I have to wait, its not gonna happen.

Neil: I'll read the report.

J.T.: Michael?

Michael: Hmm?

J.T.: Do we have a minute before it starts?

Michael: Yeah, be quick.

J.T.: Okay.

Michael: All right, Victor, I'm gonna give you a brief overview of how this is gonna play. First off, the hospital's attorney will make a brief statement as to why they're petitioning the court, then he'll call witnesses-- Dr. Webb, the mediator. Then it's our turn. Then Nikki's.

Victor: What about Carlton?

Michael: He'll testify last. He and Victoria were divorced. He's not a blood relative. He has no legal standing.

Victor: Why the hell does he have to testify at all, for heaven's sake? My daughter is in--is dying as we speak. Why the hell are we waiting for that character to testify?

Man: I'll ask the clerk if we can get started now.

Nikki: Okay. I have a terrible headache.

Brad: (Sighs)

Nikki: Brad, please?

Brad: Oh.

Michael: (Speaking indistinctly)

Brad: Here you go.

Nikki: (Coughs)

Brad: You okay? Let me get you some water.

Michael: I got it. I got it.

Brad: Hurry up.

Nikki: (Coughing)

Brad: Hang on, Nikki, hang on. Come on, Michael.

Michael: Nikki--Nikki. Take it slow! Take it slow!

Brad: Easy! Easy! Easy! Easy!

Nikki: (Coughs)

Brad: You all right. You okay?

Nikki: I don't know how you can take that baby. That baby has no chance to live!

Michael: Just clam down.

Nikki: What the hell are you thinking?

Phyllis: What's going on? You guys, everyone, stop it!

(Cell phone ringing)

Phyllis: This is-- this is Nick. Hey, Baby. He has news about Victoria.

Phyllis: What's the news?

Nick: It's bad. Her latest urinalysis showed that her protein levels are higher.

Phyllis: All right, is there anything they can give her for it?

Nick: No. They're watching her blood tests for signs of kidney failure, but... can you let my parents know?

Phyllis: Yeah, definitely. Uh, listen, I'm gonna have my phone on vibrate, call me if you hear anything. I love you.

Victor: What is it?

Phyllis: Um, the, uh, protein levels in Victoria's urine have gone up.

J.T.: Are her kidneys--

Phyllis: No, they're watching for it.

J.T.: How?

Phyllis: They're monitoring her blood.

Brad: Is that all he said?

Phyllis: Um, he's gonna call as soon as he hears anything else.

Victor: Michael, why, for heaven's sake, are we standing around here waiting?

Michael: I understand you're--

Man: Ladies and Gentlemen, we're about to begin.

Michael: Let's go. We can go now.

Brad: Come on.

Nick: Hey, so, I wasn't gonna tell you this, but I took your car out for a little spin. I put a nice ding in it on the side as I was putting it back in the garage. It's a good one. I'm sure you're gonna wanna kick my butt for it. But to do that, you gotta wake up, Sis. So wake up.

Judge Chong: Mr. Scott, the hospital filed this petition. Proceed with your witnesses.

Mr. Scott: To establish the need for an immediate guardian, I call Dr. Paul Webb.

Man: Do you swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth?

Dr. Webb: I do.

Man: Please be seated.

Mr. Scott: Dr. Webb, you're currently in charge of Victoria Newman's healthcare, is that correct?

Dr. Webb: Yes.

Mr. Scott: Could you please summarize her current condition?

Dr. Webb: She remains in a coma at 23 1/2 weeks gestational. There are signs of Preeclampsia, her blood pressure is elevated, and she has not responded to treatment.

Mr. Scott: What was your recommended course of treatment?

Dr. Webb: These cases are exceptionally challenging. A baby this premature is typically not viable outside the womb. Yet its delivery is the best option to ensure the health of the mother. I recommended an immediate C-section because time is of the essence in this case.

Mr. Scott: And what was the response of the parents?

Dr. Webb: They were-- and are--deadlocked.

Lily: Hey.

Neil: Hey. Hi, Baby.

Lily: The, um, internet is down at my house. So I had to work here, but it looks like we have the same idea.

Neil: Yeah, we sure did. It'll be a few minutes, though. You know, it's the little things in life that drive you absolutely crazy. Somebody keeps drinking that last cup of coffee and then they refuse to--to pour a fresh pot. It drives me out of my mind.

Lily: Well, it's late. They probably just figured...

Neil: Figured what, Honey? There's still people working here.

Lily: Is this really about the coffee?

Neil: No. I had a little run-in earlier.

Lily: With whom?

Neil: With Cane. He was here demanding that Victor cover the clean-up costs for Clear Springs.

Lily: Well, they're still investigating, right?

Neil: Yeah, they are. The Newmans are a little preoccupied right now, though. The fact remains that Victoria's condition is deteriorating. And all that guy cares about is getting his money. I mean, come on, where's his heart at? I'm sorry. I know Cane's your friend. I shouldn't be discussing this with you.

Lily: No, it's fine. I'm--I'm just sure that he's under a lot of pressure.

Neil: Honey, pressure? We're all under a lot of pressure.

Lily: Oh, hey, is this your PDA? 'Cause I found it out by the elevators,

Neil: Here, let me see. You know--you know what my PDA looks like. It looks nothing like it. No, take this to the receptionist's desk with a note. Whoever owns it will claim it. Here.

Lily: Okay. Sure.

Neil: Oh, Man, I gotta get back to work. Hey, listen, um, when that coffee is done, would you please, please bring me a cup? I really need it. You know I love you, right?

Lily: All right. You owe me.

Michael: You believe that you are the most appropriate temporary guardian for your daughter Victoria?

Victor: Yes.

Michael: Why is that, Mr. Newman?

Victor: Because I'm her father.

Michael: And you agree with Dr. Webb's assessment. If Victoria's life is to be saved, a C-section must be performed as soon as possible.

Victor: Dr. Webb is an expert in his field. Of course I agree with him.

Michael: Thank you, Mr. Newman.

Judge Chong: Mr. Flaherty?

Mr. Flaherty: Mr. Newman, you are a father, correct?

Victor: That is why I'm here.

Mr. Flaherty: Would you sacrifice your own life for your children?

Victor: What kind of a question is that?

Mr. Flaherty: It's a simple question.

Victor: How is that question germane to this case? My daughter is on death's door as we speak.

Mr. Flaherty: Considering this is the choice you'd like to take out of your daughter's hands, I'd say it's most important. So please, answer the question. Would you sacrifice your life for your children?

Victor: It's an unequivocal yes.

Gloria: Thank you!

Woman: I just heard about the new contest for Jabot, starring real women.

Gloria: Mm-hmm.

Woman: I think it's great. Congrats on coming up with it.

Gloria: Oh, it wasn't-- you know, Liza, I wish I could take credit for it, but it was Jill's idea. And you should tell her. She'd appreciate it.

Liza: I will.

Gloria: Mm-hmm.

Liza: Is it all right if I go now?

Gloria: Mm-hmm. I'll see you in the morning.

Liza: Okay.

Kevin: Bye, Liza. What's with you? You have no reason to be this happy.

Gloria: Of course I do. Because I'm brilliant.

Kevin: Uh-oh.

Gloria: Her little mistake thinking I was the brains behind the new contest gave me an idea on what to do about Jeffrey.

Kevin: You gonna put him in the new Jabot campaign? "The fresh face of Jeff."

Gloria: Honey, William’s note said, "Don't let her get away with it." Her. The mystery woman could be anybody.

Kevin: But she's not anybody, Mom. She's you.

Gloria: But Jeffrey doesn't know that. And if I can make him believe that William was on another woman's trail...

Kevin: Mom, it's not enough to just say it could've been some other woman.

Gloria: Don't worry. I've got somebody in mind.

Kevin: Liza?

Gloria: Someone that William had a relationship. In fact, the first person he dated after his wife died. Jill.

Victor: How dare you allow your attorney to question me in that way! How dare you!

Nikki: Victor, I'm sorry, but you're wrong about this. And my attorney is going to do anything he can to show that.

Victor: I am wrong for loving Victoria enough to want to save her life?

Nikki: She feels just as passionately about that child as you do about her.

Victor: You damn well know that child cannot survive on his own! You know that!

Nikki: He is still her child, not yours.

Victor: You are playing games with my daughter's life. You got that?

Nikki: Okay, stop it.

Victor: She's on the verge of dying.

Nikki: This conversation is over. Stop.

Victor: Don't you turn your back on me!

Michael: Victor, do you wanna lose this case? Please, please, come back in the courtroom with me. Come on. Victor.

Victor: This woman infuriates me.

Michael: Now. We have to do this now.

Gloria: Come on, come on. Come on, he's gonna be here!

Kevin: All right, I'm leaving. Jeez!

Gloria: Go, go, go, go. All right.

(Knock on door)

Gloria: Come in.

Jeff: Hey.

Gloria: Hello, Jeffrey.

Jeff: For you.

Gloria: Oh, thank you! Isn't that beautiful?

Jeff: What are you in the mood for?

Gloria: Uh, you pick. Surprise me.

Jeff: Um... Italian. I'm craving Gina's lasagna.

Gloria: That sounds lovely.

Jeff: Shall we?

Gloria: Just give me two minutes so I can make sure I'm all put together.

Jeff: Oh, no need. You're perfect already.

Gloria: Oh, come on, you are such a flatterer.

Kevin: Ugh! I cannot believe that woman! She's telling me how to program? What does she know about it?!

Gloria: Hello.

Kevin: Hello, Jeffrey.

Jeff: Hi.

Kevin: So you guys are going to dinner?

Jeff: We are. Boss troubles?

Kevin: With Jill Abbott? Always.

Jeff: That's too bad.

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, the woman reads one article and suddenly she's an expert! I mean, then again, she's an expert on everything! She has an ego the size of--

Gloria: Kevin. This is inappropriate. She is your boss.

Kevin: So what?

Gloria: She isn't the easiest person to get along with, but William probably already told you, huh?

Jeff: Well, no, actually, we never talked about it. But I do know that she dated my brother before you did.

Gloria: Yeah. Yeah. Well, enough about that, and enough from you. Shall we go? Because I'm famished.

Jeff: Good seeing you.

Kevin: You, too, Jeffrey. Enjoy your dinner.

Nikki: My husband and I disagree. We always will.

Michael: Objection, your honor.

Judge Chong: Sustained. Strike the last sentence.

Mr. Flaherty: Do you want your daughter to die?

Nikki: Of course not.

Mr. Flaherty: Then how do you justify not following Dr. Webb's recommendation?

Nikki: I guess I'm doing what any parent in this horrific situation has to do. I have listened to the medical experts, and made a judgment based on how I know my child. Now... I think that Dr. Webb is a fine doctor, but he doesn't know Victoria. He has never talked with her. I know her. I know how she feels. I know her will to live. I know how much she wants to live and... I want her to. And I want her baby to live, too.

Mr. Flaherty: Would Victoria share your opinion, if she was able to tell us?

Nikki: Absolutely. She already feels that she's a parent. And she would sacrifice herself if she had to, to save that child.

Mr. Flaherty: Thank you.

Nikki: Thank you.

Judge Chong: Mr. Baldwin?

Michael: Yes, your honor. Mrs. Newman, how do you know your daughter's wishes?

Nikki: I know my daughter.

Michael: Did you... did you talk to her? Did you discuss these things?

Nikki: Discuss them? Um... not in so many words.

Michael: Then your statements today about her willingness to die in order that a fetus, which, by the medical testimony we've heard today, has only the barest chances of survival, is based solely on speculation. Thank you, Mrs. Newman.

Mr. Flaherty: Will counsel allow my client to answer the question?

Michael: I'm sorry. I thought I had, but let me rephrase. Mrs. Newman, do you have any proof at all of your daughter's wishes?

Nikki: No. No, I don't. No.

(Knock on door)

Lily: Hey. Missing something?

Cane: Oh! I left it at Newman, didn't I?

Lily: Yeah, I was visiting my dad. You know, you don't have to lie. I know you left it there just so you could come back and see me.

Cane: I wish I'd thought of that, but I was too upset to be that clever.

Lily: Yeah. He told me about your argument.

Cane: Yeah. It was one of those hundred million dollar arguments.

Lily: You know, my dad is the most honest man I know.

Cane: I know.

Lily: But with Victoria in the hospital and...

Cane: I know. I know. I know. I know. I know. I know. I'm really proud of you for standing beside him like that.

Lily: Yeah, I'm just trying to tell you like it is.

Cane: You know, you coming here has been the highlight of my day.

Lily: I know. I think you should lose things and let me find them more often.

Cane: You're onto my ideas. I'd love to ask you out for a cup of coffee, but I got this... thing I gotta do. So how about a rain check?

Lily: Yeah. Sure. Yeah.

Cane: Okay.

Gloria: I admire a woman who knows what she wants.

Jeff: Kinda like you?

Gloria: I've gone through a lot to get where I am. So has Jill, so has Katherine Chancellor.

Jeff: I've talked to Jill, but I don't really know either one of them very well.

Gloria: They're very successful businesswomen, and they hate each other. Really-- a mother and a daughter. Amazing the company makes any money with all the infighting.

Jeff: That bad, huh?

Gloria: Oh, yeah, you should see the lengths they go to to get at each other.

Jeff: Such as?

Gloria: Well, you know, that would be gossiping and not very professional, Jeffrey. All right... for example, Katherine didn't like Jill's fiancé, so she cut her out of her will.

Jeff: What did Jill do?

Gloria: Jill turned right around and had her fiancé publicly humiliate Katherine. But of course, that never happened because he died under mysterious circumstances.

Jeff: Right. Mr. Kim.

Gloria: Mr. Kim. I liked Mr. Kim. But, you know, it just takes so much energy to be mean-spirited. I mean, they could put all that energy-- all that power-- into something positive.

Jeff: Some people have a hard time with that.

Gloria: Yeah, I guess so. But as ruthless as Kay can be, I think Jill's even worse. And I hate to say this, but I honestly don't know where she'd draw the line.

Brad: We were divorced in July.

Mr. Flaherty: If you're divorced, what qualifies you to be her guardian?

Brad: When Victoria and I were married. We lost a baby, she miscarried. It devastated her. Before that, she lost another child shortly after it was born. I know how much this pregnancy-- this, uh, new baby-- means to Victoria. Regardless of the divorce, I will always love her and care about what happens to her. I think my intimate knowledge of the events I just described, as well as the fact that I do love her and care about what happens to her, makes me uniquely qualified.

Mr. Flaherty: Thank you.

Judge Chong: Mr. Baldwin?

Michael: Mr. Carlton, why did you marriage break up?

Brad: I had an affair.

Michael: Oh. So you cheated on a woman that you will "Always love?"

Brad: I made a mistake.

Michael: A mistake that cost you your marriage. You also claim to be dispassionate.

Brad: Yes, I believe I can be objective.

Michael: Is the baby yours, Mr. Carlton?

Brad: I don't know.

Michael: It's possible, though?

Brad: It is.

Michael: There's a possibility that another man is the father.

Brad: There is.

Michael: How does that make you feel?

Mr. Flaherty: Objection!

Judge Chong: I'll allow it. Mr. Carlton?

Brad: Not good.

Michael: You hope the child is yours?

Brad: Yes, I do.

Michael: Are you aware of who else might be the father?

Brad: J.T. Hellstrom.

Michael: Does Mr. Hellstrom agree with your wish that the pregnancy continue?

Brad: No, he doesn’t.

Michael: He doesn't?

Brad: He'd like to terminate the pregnancy.

Michael: As Dr. Webb has recommended?

Brad: Correct.

Michael: I take it that you're not very fond of Mr. Hellstrom.

Brad: Well, we'll never be best friends.

Michael: Hasn't there been outright animosity, heated arguments?

Brad: A few times.

Michael: And maybe your intervention today is your way at getting back at him?

Brad: That's absurd.

Michael: Mr. Carlton, in your years of marriage, Victoria never made her wishes clear to you, should such a situation ever arise, did she?

Brad: If you're asking if there is a, uh, living will or anything written down, no, there is not.

Michael: That's exactly what I'm asking you. Thank you, Mr. Carlton.

Judge Chong: You may step down, Mr. Carlton. I'd like to take a look at some case law before rendering my decision. Let my clerk know if there's any change in the patient's condition. Short recess.

Nick: So I can teach you a curve ball and a change-up, but your mother's gonna have to teach you her spitter. I know. But she's the only one that can do it. I'll tell ya, that sucker drops, like, 90 degrees, straight down. It's unbelievable. It's so sick. But in a good way, sick. You know, she used to--

(Blood pressure alarm sounding)

Woman: Hydralazine, 20 milligrams, I.V.

Jeff: Thank you. So... tell me more about Jill and my brother. How long did they date?

Gloria: Hmm, I don't know, let's see... a while. You know, I thought William was really head over heels for Jill, and then one day all of a sudden, broke off. And he never said anything more about it.

Jeff: That's odd.

Gloria: Why? Maybe some things shouldn't be talked about.

Jeff: Well, there must've been a good reason. You said earlier you didn't know where Jill would draw the line? Do you think she could've done something criminal?

Gloria: (Laughs) Jill? Well, that never crossed my mind. Let me think about it. I suppose. Anybody could. But I'll tell ya this, Jill is so smart. If she did something criminal, she'd take precautions to make sure she never got caught.

Jeff: Mmm. She was dating the D.A.

Gloria: Well, that could be a problem for a criminal, I bet. Oh, enough of this, Jeffrey! It's just gossip. We're just speculating. Now stop.

Jeff: Well, either way, I think my brother was smart to break it off with her.

Gloria: And I certainly didn't complain.

Jeff: I'm sure he wasn't either.

Cane: So thank you once again for being a one-woman lost and found.

Lily: (Chuckles) yeah, it's no problem. It actually got me away from a really boring research paper I was working on. Which I should probably go finish right now.

Cane: Okay. I'll call you for that cup of coffee.

Lily: Sure.

Jill: Oh, Lily!

Lily: Hey.

Jill: I owe you a huge thank you.

Lily: Uh, for what?

Jill: For our little talk about cosmetics. It was the catalyst for a fantastic marketing idea.

Lily: Oh, I-I barely said anything.

Jill: Oh, Honey, it was the way you talked about your mother and inner beauty. We're launching this contest for real women. You know, not models, real women of all ages whose inner beauty shines through.

Lily: You know, that's funny, 'cause my mom-- she really was a model, but she would've loved your idea.

Jill: I know she would've. I was the person who hired her the first time here at Jabot.

Lily: Wow.

Jill: Lily, you should think about entering.

Lily: Uh... me?

Cane: I think it's a wonderful idea.

Phyllis: So it's coming down?

Nick: Yeah, a little bit. It's been fluctuating.

Phyllis: Okay, her blood pressure is fluctuating, but it's down.

Victor: Ask about her kidneys.

Phyllis: What about her kidneys?

Nick: Nothing new so far.

Phyllis: No change. No change.

Phyllis: All right, listen, do you need me to bring you something?

Nick: No, I'm good. How much longer are you guys gonna be there?

Phyllis: Um... I'm not really sure. It's kinda crazy. Listen, um, I-I think that the judge has to review some information and then he's gonna make his decision.

Nick: All right. I'll, uh, I'll talk to you soon then.

Phyllis: I will. I love you.


J.T.: I'm gonna head back to the hospital. You guys don't need me here.

Michael: Any news?

Victor: No change so far.

Michael: Well... it shouldn't be long. The judge has to review the material and then--

Victor: Damn the judge! Reviewing the material? Victoria's on her deathbed right now!

Jill: There is one thing we have to be careful of with this faces of Jabot campaign.

Cane: What's that?

Jill: Well, I don't wanna get into another PR nightmare like we did with Amber and "Catwalk."

Cane: Oh. Good point.

Jill: No one-- and I mean no one-- who has anything to do with this company can be allowed to compete.

Cane: Okay.

[Cane remembering]

Cane: If you want a guy's unsolicited point of view... I think you're a natural beauty.

Jill: Well, actually, Lily, in your case, I think you are a natural beauty. And I think too much makeup would ruin your look. Do you agree with me, Cane?

Cane: Yeah, Mum, I think she's a knock out.

Gloria: Ah! It was a perfect setup! I had him eating out of my hand. He couldn't get enough information about Jill.

Kevin: Why does he care so much?

Gloria: Because William dated the woman. He wants to know everything about his brother.

Kevin: So you're sure shifting the focus to Jill is a good idea? What if he knows exactly what you're doing?

Gloria: And what if he doesn't?

Kevin: Don't say I didn't warn you.

Gloria: All right, but then I get to say I told you so when he goes after Jill.

Jill: Hi, there. Dirty martini, please.

Jeff: Hello, Jill.

Jill: Jeffrey.

Jeff: Do you, um, mind if I ask you a question?

Jill: Well, you can go for it. I can't promise you'll like the answer.

Jeff: What do you know about my brother's widow? Gloria?

Jill: I know you've been seeing an awful lot of her lately.

Jeff: Well, she's an interesting woman.

Jill: Oh, she's downright captivating. Of course, I wouldn't trust her if I were you.

Judge Chong: I'm ready to rule.

Nikki: Your honor, could I say one last thing on my daughter's behalf?

Victor: For heaven's sake, you have said enough!

Michael: Victor, please...

Victor: Our daughter's life is hanging in the balance!

Michael: Victor, you have got to calm down.

Judge Chong: I understand your frustration, Mrs. Newman. But since there is no written declaration of intent from your daughter, nor even oral communication--

Brad: Your honor! Permission to approach.

Judge Chong: What is it, Mr. Carlton?

Brad: I have a letter you have to read, your honor. A letter that proves Victoria would wanna save her baby.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Jack: My every survival instinct tells me I should finish Victor off while I still can.

Michael: In light of the new evidence, I believe Mr. Newman should have the opportunity to speak.

Brad: You heard the words in this letter saying that she loved her baby more than life itself.

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