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Y&R Transcript Friday 11/16/07 -- Canada; Monday 11/19/07 -- U.S.A.


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Dr. Webb: As joint guardians for Ms. Newman, you need to be in agreement before we can proceed with a course of treatment.

Nick: That's the problem. They don't agree.

J.T.: Bottom line, we have to save Victoria.

Nikki: But it's okay if we lose the baby?

Victor: Dr. Webb, would you kindly explain to my wife one more time why a C-section is necessary?

Nikki: No, I-I know why it's necessary, but I also know my daughter, and she would never agree to this. Never.

J.T.: Her blood pressure is too high. We're gonna lose 'em both.

Nick: Discuss this reasonably.

Victor: There's nothing to discuss right now.

J.T.: Dr. Webb, would you please explain to her what you told us.

Dr. Webb: It's my recommendation that the surgery be performed immediately. Dr. Okamura's already scheduled the O.R.

Nikki: He can unschedule it!

Dr. Webb: I think I should warn you how dangerous this is.

Nikki: Answer me this question. If you operate, the baby will definitely die, right?

Victor: Will you come to your senses? If they don't operate, Victoria will definitely die.

J.T.: We can't let that happen.

Dr. Webb: Either way, I'll need a decision very soon.

Colleen: Dad, how's Victoria?

Brad: As far as I know, she's stable.

Colleen: Well, I mean, that's--that's good, right? If there was something wrong, you would know.

Brad: I told the Newmans I wanted to be included.

Colleen: Well, you're not exactly their favorite person.

Brad: No, I'm not. But I'm heading over there as soon as I can. We had a crisis I had to deal with over here.

Colleen: Dad--Dad, I've gotta go. Um, Adrian just walked in. Okay, bye. Hey.

Adrian: How's Victoria?

Colleen: She's the same.

Adrian: Still nothing?

Colleen: Yeah, they tried a couple of different medicines.

Adrian: I have to go see her.

Colleen: Yeah, yeah. I'll go with you.

Adrian: Okay.

Jana: Your dollhouse is beautiful.

Phyllis: Oh, thank you. It's a distraction. It keeps me from worrying whether or not my appeal's gonna be granted.

Jana: Is it working?

Phyllis: No. Because all I can think about is getting out of here.

Jana: Your daughter's really going to love this.

Phyllis: If I don't break it first. Oh, damn it!

Jana: Phyllis, your hands are shaking. Are you all right?

Phyllis: No, I'm not. I'm not all right, Jana. Because men in black robes are deciding whether I get to be free or not. And I can't even be there to hear the decision.

Victor: I know you're scared. So am I.

Nikki: She'll never forgive us if we let her baby die. If Victoria could choose... she would sacrifice herself for that baby and you know that.

Victor: The point is, Victoria cannot choose. You and I have to choose. And I cannot stand the idea of living without my daughter. You got that?

Nikki: It's too horrible to think about.

Dr. Webb: Look, I-I hate to interrupt, but I cannot stress how important timing is in a situation like this. Every minute we wait--

Nikki: So you're telling me that if we don't deliver this baby right now this minute, that our daughter will die?

Dr. Webb: No, I'm telling you that every minute we wait, the greater the risk for complications for your daughter and the baby.

Victor: For heaven's sake, Nikki, let them go ahead with the surgery!

Nikki: I can’t. I can't do that knowing that the baby has no chance.

Victor: You're being totally unreasonable right now!

J.T.: But what about my fiancée's chances?

Nick: This is ridiculous! How can you two be expected to make a decision like this?

Dr. Webb: I need to go check on her. Excuse me please.

Nick: Are you sure we can't wait a few more days, Dr. Webb?

Dr. Webb: I'd strongly advise against it.

Nikki: Oh, God, I don't feel well.

Nick: Come sit down, Mom. Can I get you some water or something?

Nikki: (Sobbing) I don't know.

Victor: How the hell can you live with yourself knowing full well that your refusal to let her have surgery may cost her her life?

Nikki: And we kill her baby boy? Victor... as much as I love my daughter, how can you ask me to do that?

Victor: I totally disagree with you!

Nikki: I can't do that.

Victor: There is no choice!

Nick: Look, I know... whatever you two decide, you wanna do the right thing, but honestly, is there a right and wrong here?

Victor: If we lose Victoria, we could lose the baby as well.

Nikki: If we wait, they could both survive.

Nick: Mom, if they save Vick, then maybe by some miracle the baby will make it.

Victor: Nicholas is right.

Nikki: The baby doesn't have a chance, even with a miracle! There's virtually no chance! It's just not fair!

Victor: Will you stop talking for heaven's sake?! Her blood pressure's going up! Dr. Webb, please, talk to my wife one more time about what the consequences would be if my daughter does not have surgery right now.

Dr. Webb: Well, she could have a stroke, kidney failure--

Nikki: I don't wanna hear this! I don't wanna hear this!

Victor: You better hear it.

Dr. Webb: Look, uh, when you need me, the nurse will have me paged.

Victor: Thank you.

Nikki: (Sobs)

Victor: What the hell does it take to convince you?

Nikki: God! How can you expect me to say yes to something with such dire consequences?!

Nick: Mom, there are consequences either way.

Victor: We do not have the luxury of time! Every second you and I debate out here, her life is in danger! Do you understand that?

Nikki: What if she never comes out of the coma?

Victor: You're being irresponsible right now!

Nikki: What if-- what if she does wake up and then we have to tell her that the baby that she wanted more than life itself is gone because of what we did?

Victor: It's a ridiculous argument! You obviously didn't listen to the doctor, did you? Her life is in danger right now!

Nikki: Are you listening to me?

Victor: No!

Nikki: Well, try to. I don't wanna put myself in that position.

Victor: Your position is indefensible!

Nikki: Can you handle that? Maybe you can, I can't!

Victor: Do you understand that? It is totally indefensible! This is insane.

Nick: Dad, let me ask you--

Victor: What?

Nick: Are you 100% sure this is what you want?

Victor: Of course I'm 100% sure! My position is the only one that's defensible right now! We are talking about your sister's life!

Nick: I'm not saying I don't agree with you, but I-- you know, I can't stop thinking, what if it was Phyllis and Summer in there?

Victor: Well, what would you do?

Nick: I love my wife. I love her, but I can't imagine what it would be like if our little girl wasn't around.

Victor: Son, that's your sister in there, who's about to die, because your mother can't make up her mind!

Nick: Whatever you decide, you are probably gonna lose one of 'em.

Phyllis: Ugh! I give up! I give up! I can't do that.

Jana: Phyllis, you've got to calm down.

Phyllis: Don't tell me to calm down! Are you kidding me? How could you stay calm if a bunch of people were deciding your future?

Jana: I'd help you, but I'd probably muck it all up.

Phyllis: My appeal? Or the dollhouse?

Jana: No, the dollhouse. Your appeal is a sure thing.

Phyllis: No, no, don't! Don't--don't say that.

Jana: Well, why not?

Phyllis: Shh. You're gonna jinx it. Shh.

J.T.: (Sighs)

Adrian: Hey, J.T.? What is it? Is... is Victoria okay?

Colleen: My dad said she was stable.

J.T.: Not anymore.

Adrian: What's going on?

J.T.: Her blood pressure isn't going down. She and the baby might die.

Colleen: I have to call my dad.

(Cell phone ringing)

Brad: Hey, Honey.

Colleen: Uh, Dad--Dad, yeah, it's me. Victoria and the baby are getting worse.

Brad: I'll be right there.

Adrian: Can I do anything?

J.T.: No, there's nothing I can do either. It's up to her mother whether she lives or dies.

Phyllis: I can't focus. I'm going nuts. I'm going nuts.

Jana: By this time tomorrow, you could be--

Phyllis: Shh! Shh! I-I can't--I can't believe you just did that! I told you not to talk about it.

Jana: Phyllis, do you really believe that positive thinking will tilt the bloody universe against you?

Phyllis: Shh. Shh. Yes, I do. It happened to Victoria.

Jana: Did it really?

Phyllis: Yes, it did. She was superstitious about getting pregnant. And when she finally relaxed and convinced herself that everything would be fine, the garage collapsed on her. Now she's in a coma, fighting for her life.

Jana: Yeah. And I'm sure you believe in little green men in flying saucers, too, right?

Phyllis: Well... I don't wanna talk about this with you, okay? No more talk about courts or judges or appeals. It's over. We're done.

Colleen: There's almost no chance that they can save Victoria and the baby.

Adrian: I can't imagine what her family is going through. I think, um... I think I'm gonna go to the chapel.

Colleen: I'll wait for my dad here.

Nikki: Oh, Baby. I had to get out of there. If I stayed in there another moment, I thought I was gonna start screaming. I'm so scared. I don't know what to do.

Nick: I know. I know. Me, too.

Nikki: I know... that I am risking your sister's life. I know that. But I also know what she would want. I'm just trying to protect what she wants. Do you understand?

Nick: I do. I do. Look, my gut reaction is to save Vick.

Nikki: Even... if she would rather us save the baby?

Nick: I don't know. But I do know that I can't stand the thought of not having my sister around. And that is why dad is pushing for the surgery.

Nikki: I know. All I am asking for here is that we wait a little longer, just give the baby a chance to get a little stronger. That's all.

Nick: They're sure that the baby's not gonna survive?

Nikki: You know, if she were 23 weeks or 24 weeks... maybe there would be a tiny chance that the baby would maybe survive birth. But 22 weeks? From what they say, I mean, the best they could offer is hospice care.

Nick: So basically, a caesarean is a death sentence?

Nikki: Yeah. And I am not willing to play God. Obviously, your father is.

Nick: All right, Mom, Dad is hurting as much as you are.

Nikki: I know. But he's not thinking straight. He’s... he's just not thinking right. We cannot do the surgery right now. He's wrong about that. I'm gonna go to the chapel.

J.T.: Boy, you're gonna kill me. I've been at the hospital so much lately that, uh... your favorite plant's on his way out. I was gonna replace it, but I kinda figured you'd notice.

[Brad comes into the room]

Brad: Colleen filled me in.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Brad: Hey, Sleeping Beauty, it's Brad. Time to get your lazy behind out of that bed and back to work. Newman needs you. We all need you. Outside.

Brad: Why didn't someone tell me Vicki got worse?

Victor: You're here now.

Brad: That's my baby she could be carrying, Victor. I deserve to have a say in this.

Victor: No, you do not. My wife and I make that decision, all right?

Brad: And what have you decided?

Victor: That's a very good question, Brad. My wife and I are in total disagreement. I want Victoria to have a C-section to save her life. My wife doesn't.

Brad: The baby is too young. We all know that if he had a few more weeks, at least he'd have a small chance of surviving.

Victor: I am not going to sacrifice Victoria's life for the slim hope that the child may survive.

Brad: So that's it? You won't give the baby a chance?

Victor: I will give my daughter a chance. Her high blood pressure could make her live another ten days or ten minutes. Do you understand that? Every second counts. That's the point.

Brad: Every second counts for the baby, too.

Victor: What would you do if that were your daughter in there? What if Colleen were in there? Would you let her die?

Colleen: Hey. I've been reading about Victoria's condition.

Brad: Victor's going through hell right now.

Colleen: What did he say?

Brad: He can't agree with Nikki. He's adamant about saving Victoria's life.

Colleen: Well, of course he is.

Brad: God forbid, it was you lying in that bed. I can't say I wouldn't make the same decision that he is.

Colleen: And there's no way that they can save them both?

Brad: A million to one shot, maybe. The baby just hasn't developed enough yet.

Colleen: What do you think they should do?

Brad: Regardless of what Victoria and I have been through, I still love her and care for her very much. And I truly believe, with all my heart, that she would want the baby to live. But what I think doesn't matter. Nikki won't allow the C-section.

Colleen: So... what happens now?

Brad: I wish I knew.

Nick: Hey, J.T.? Where you going?

J.T.: I was gonna get something to eat.

Nick: So what do you think about all this? You think we should do the surgery?

J.T.: Yeah, don't you?

Nick: I don't want my sister to die.

J.T.: Well, that's exactly what's gonna happen if we sit around and talk about this too long. That doctor is an expert. He's the best. And if he says that she can't live with blood pressure that high, then... we have to save her.

Nick: I just can't imagine my life without Vick in it.

J.T.: Me either. But I don't--I don't think we have an option here. As much as I want that baby, we can try for another one.

Nick: It'd be her fourth try.

J.T.: It--it doesn't matter. We'll be up for it, or we'll adopt. There are options better than losing her.

Nick: You know, J.T., there's a chance she might never wake up.

J.T.: I... you're closer to her than anybody. Are you telling me you're having doubts about this?

Nick: Are you not?

J.T.: No.

Nick: That son in there could be yours.

J.T.: She wouldn't want this.

Nick: Do you really know that? That is my problem with this whole thing. Everybody has an opinion, but nobody really knows what Vick wants.

Brad: Nikki?

Nikki: Oh, hi, Brad. I-I'm sorry. I should've called you.

Brad: No, no, no. Whether you believe it or not, I love Victoria, too. I need to be here.

Nikki: I know. Why isn't it me in that hospital bed? I would do anything to change places with her. I would.

Brad: I ran into Victor earlier.

Nikki: Ugh.

Brad: And I want you to know that I agree with you. Victoria would never allow anyone to terminate her pregnancy.

Nikki: I know. Thank you, Brad. I know. I don't know why Victor doesn't see that. He thinks that I'm heartless.

Brad: He's upset.

Nikki: Well, I'm upset, too, damn it! I mean, I could lose my daughter, but that baby is everything to her. Even if she woke up, I don't think she could go on without him.

Nick: Hey, Dad, could I have a minute alone with her?

Victor: Sure, Son.

Nick: You know, I keep expecting you to... sit up and say "Gotcha!" You remember when we were kids and, uh... we used to fight over that video game--Starship? I remember that first time I ever beat you, you got so mad at me you pushed me. And then I pushed you back. And you fell down and you just laid there, lifeless. It didn't even look like you were breathing. It freaked me out. Well, now everybody's freaking out, Sis. You see, the crazy thing is, is in the past, if I had a problem, I'd come to you. You'd always help me through it. You'd put things in perspective. You'd always remind me how much smarter you are than me.

Nick: I need your help right now. I need you to wake up and tell me what you want.

Victor: She still the same?

Nick: Yeah.

Victor: Every time I'm in that room I'm holding my breath.

Nick: I know. I just feel like I'm waiting for some alarm to go off.

Victor: Doctors Okamura and Ryan agree with the assessment of Dr. Webb. Unless they perform a C-section immediately, Victoria will most likely die.

Nick: I thought if I spent some time with her, held her hand, I'd get some... idea as to what she was thinking.

Victor: Well, we don't have that luxury, do we? We are all she has. We have to make that decision.

Nick: I know, Dad. I'm just--I'm trying to look at it from her point of view, what she would want.

Victor: Son, I think it's quite clear what she would want. She would want to know that her brother wants to save her life.

Nikki: (Sighs deeply) hey, Bunny. Just checking out your accommodations. Not bad. Pretty cozy, actually. You know, if you wake up, when you wake up, they'll move you to a room with a TV anyway. And we can watch Lucy. (Laughs) (Laughing) (Sobs) oh... hey... huge announcement from Mommy. I've decided I'm gonna give you my rocking chair. The same one that I rocked you in and your brother in. Oh, you used to love that. Your big eyes would look up at me, and we would rock... and you didn't wanna fall asleep. You fought so hard. I used to sing you this lullaby that I made up for you. Let's see. Do I remember? “When--when you... when you close your blue eyes and you dream of blue skies your playground is waiting for you to decide what will you plan? Where will you climb? Maybe tomorrow you'll dance and you'll twirl baby Victoria you're mommy's girl baby Victoria you're mommy's girl” Baby, you gotta wake up now. Okay? You just have to. You gotta-- you just--you just have to wake up, okay? (Sobbing) and then it will be fine. I know that you are so strong and you always independent. You've been Miss Independent from the moment you could walk. And you were a very strong-willed young lady. And I know that you are fighting this with everything in you. I know that.

Adrian: I saw all of that first hand when we were trapped together.

Victor: I will sit with her.

Nikki: Um... can I talk to you in the hallway for a minute? Nurse, I'll be-- I'll be right back.

Nikki: When you two were trapped, did Victoria say much about the baby?

Adrian: That's-- that's pretty much all she talked about, and with such excitement. She--she practically had the boy's future all mapped out. She wants to be a mother so badly and--and she was determined that-- that this pregnancy wouldn't end up like the other two.

J.T.: Did you hear that, Nikki? She had plans. She wanted to be here. If not to raise this child, then another one.

Nikki: She also did not want this baby to die like the other two. Did we hear him?

J.T.: Tell her how she wanted to make it out of there, how she wanted to live.

Nikki: Not at the baby's expense. She was not thinking about herself down there. She was thinking about the baby.

Adrian: The situation is complex enough without my interpretation. I just pray that you find the strength to make the right decision. Whatever that may be.

Nikki: Thank you.

[Nick is talking to Phyllis on the phone]

Nick: I'm caught in the middle. I go back and forth. I mean, without talking to Vick...

Phyllis: It's impossible to decide, right?

Nick: Who are we to say who lives and who dies?

Phyllis: Well, I'm sure she would want the doctors to everything they could to save her baby. I mean, I would want that.

Nick: I'd do anything to save my sister.

Phyllis: Be strong. Okay, I love you.

Jana: What, no change with your sister-in-law?

Phyllis: No. I feel so bad for Nick. It's tearing the entire family apart.

Woman: Newman? We've got a problem. The warden's gonna be paying you a visit.

Phyllis: What did I do wrong?

Woman: You broke the rules. We found contraband in your cell.

Phyllis: Wait, what?! Are you kidding me? Not in my cell! This is a mistake! Are you kidding me?! Are you holding out on me?

Jana: No, Phyllis! I don't know what she's bloody talking about.

Phyllis: What do you have in that cell? What do you have? A knife? Drugs? What do you have in there?

Jana: Nothing! No, it's a setup. I swear to you, I don't have a thing!

Phyllis: If you-- if you screw up my appeal, I swear to you, Jana, I will make you wish that you were never born.

Brad: (Sighs) Honey, do me a favor, just give me a minute with Nick.

Colleen: Yeah.

Brad: Thank you. Nick?

Nick: Look, later, I gotta go sit with my sister.

Brad: Before you do, I want you to know that I spoke with your mother and I agree with her. We shouldn't do anything drastic. Vicki wouldn't want that.

Nick: Look, Brad, I know my sister better than anyone, and I don't even know that.

Brad: I don't dispute that, Nick. I know how close you two are. But think about it. There's nothing Victoria wanted more than this baby.

Nick: You're right about that.

Brad: Then talk to your father. He listens to you.

Nick: I can't. Because I'd be saying its okay to just let my sister die. And I cannot do that.

Victor: Excuse me? When you were trapped with my daughter, did you talk to her about the baby?

Adrian: Of course. I think being able to focus on that helped her stay calm.

Victor: Do you remember what she said?

Adrian: We talked about our futures, both ours and the baby's.

[Adrian remembering]

Adrian: What about you? What are you gonna do?

Victoria: I don't know. Maybe I'll go back to Italy. Maybe I'll paint a masterpiece. Mostly, I just wanna be a mom. I've wanted that for a long time. I've just had such rotten luck with it.

Adrian: Well, just think how much more you're gonna appreciate this kid when he comes.

Victoria: Yeah. You know, it's funny, I've been so superstitious about everything. I didn't wanna decorate the nursery, or I didn't wanna pick out any clothes, or come up with a name or anything, 'cause I was afraid I was gonna... I was gonna jinx the pregnancy. Look at me. Don't get more jinxed than this.

Adrian: You know, yeah, it is--it is your fault that the parking structure collapsed.

Victoria: Well, you know, the world does revolve around me.

Adrian: Hey... you're gonna be a terrific mother.

Victoria: Thank you.

Victor: So she was really looking forward to raising her son?

Adrian: More than anything. Excuse me.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Nikki: Oh, my son.

Victor: The time has come. We need to make a decision now.

Nikki: Nicholas?

Nick: Look, you two are Vick's legal guardians. You have to decide. I can't be in on this.

Victor: Son, your mother and I have potentially a deadly disagreement. You need to let us know what you think.

Nikki: Honey, you need to be part of this decision. You're in the family. Please?

Nick: I can't. I can't decide. I'm sorry.

Nikki: Nicholas, please, we need you.

Nick: Look, I wanna say go ahead and operate. I can't imagine not having Vick around.

Victor: Son, then say it.

Nick: Dad, I can't. I can't do that.

Nikki: Well... how do you feel?

Nick: Look, as hard as it is to admit it... I know that Vick wouldn't hesitate for one second to put that child's safety before her own.

Nikki: That's right. She wouldn't.

Victor: But don't you understand? Victoria can always have more children. If she doesn't survive this, if the baby dies, we have lost both of them. Think about that.

Nick: Dad, I know that. And I hate this. This is the hardest thing I have ever done. But knowing my sister the way I do, I know this is what she would want.

Phyllis: I still don't know what I did wrong.

McQueen: We found a wooden picture frame in your cell.

Phyllis: And that's bad because?

McQueen: You also have a dollhouse. You're only allowed to keep one craft in your cell.

Phyllis: Oh. I didn't know that. Nobody told me.

Jana: Um, the picture frame is mine.

McQueen: Well, what's it doing on her bunk?

Jana: I must've left it there.

McQueen: Hawkes, you're not even in the craft class.

Jana: Well, um, an inmate gave it to me.

McQueen: You're lying to cover for her.

Jana: Warden, give her a break now, will you?

McQueen: After Thanksgiving, I'm suspending your visiting privileges.

Jana: What? Well, for how long?

McQueen: Until I say otherwise.

Colleen: I feel so sorry for my dad, you know? I mean, the baby could be his and he has no say in what happens.

Adrian: I don't envy the Newmans.

Colleen: I could never make a choice like that. Could you?

Adrian: I just hope I never have to find out.

Colleen: Hey, Dad.

Adrian: Can we get you anything?

Brad: No, thanks.

Colleen: I know this must be so hard for you.

Brad: Hard, yeah. It's, uh, it's hard. It's frustrating. But Victor and Nikki are the guardians. The decision falls on them.

Colleen: You know, uh... I wish by some miracle that there didn't have to be a choice.

Brad: You and me both, Baby. I'm gonna go check in on them. Excuse me.

Victor: Any change?

Man: No, I'm afraid not, Mr. Newman.

Victor: Would you kindly call Dr. Webb and tell him I wanna talk to him immediately?

Man: Of course.

Victor: Thank you.

Brad: Can I go in?

Nikki: J.T.'s in there, but go ahead if you want to.

Brad: I can come back later.

J.T.: No. You can stay.

J.T.: I feel so powerless.

Brad: I was just telling Colleen the same thing.

J.T.: It doesn't matter what form of treatment you and I think's best. What happens to Victoria and the baby is out of our hands.

Brad: The question is, will Victor and Nikki ever agree?

Dr. Webb: Well, the nurse said you wanted to see me. Have you come to an agreement?

Victor: I want you to perform a C-section immediately.

Nikki: No! I won't allow it!

Victor: You must not let this hospital allow my daughter to die while she and I are debating this issue.

Dr. Webb: Since you cannot reach an agreement, a hospital appointed mediator is going to be brought in.

Victor: That's ridiculous. That'll take too long.

J.T.: She could be dying right now.

Nikki: I will fight you every step of the way to save this child!

J.T.: No, you're killing her, Nikki! You realize that?!

Nikki: No, I'm not.

Victor: If they don't perform the C-section immediately, our daughter may very well die. You will have to live with that!

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