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Y&R Transcript Monday 11/12/07 -- Canada; Tuesday 11/13/07 -- USA


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Nick: Yeah, I'll bring the files to the hospital. Give you an update when I get there. Any word from Dr. Webb? Right. Okay, call me if you hear anything, okay? And tell Mom I'm on my way back. All right.

Phyllis: Hello, I'm here on official business from the senator, Sir.

Nick: Wow. I didn't think I was gonna see you for another hour.

Phyllis: Well, it was an early pickup at the prison. I'm not complaining. It's more time with you. What's wrong?

Nick: My sister may have developed this condition. We found out about it yesterday. You were on your way back to the prison, so it was too late to call you.

Phyllis: Oh, okay. What's the condition?

Nick: It's called Preeclampsia. It's high blood pressure. There's protein in her urine. They're not 100% sure that she has it, because she doesn't have all the symptoms.

Phyllis: Right. I-I know about it. I read about it when I was pregnant. So is there anything they can do for her?

Nick: Well, Vick’s stable now. They've given her magnesium sulfate to lower her blood pressure.

Phyllis: But?

Nick: It's the baby. If her blood pressure spikes again, they're gonna have to induce labor or maybe do a C-section. But they don't if the baby's--

Phyllis: Because he's-- he's too little, right?

Nick: Yeah. They're giving Victoria steroids to help his lungs develop. But they just--they don't know.

Phyllis: I'm sorry.

Phyllis: This is stupid.

J.T.: Your blood pressure's right between the lines. It hasn't changed since yesterday. That's--that's a good thing. I feel good about that. So we never did decide on a name. And I was thinking that this-- this specialist your dad brought in, Dr. Webb? Apparently he's the man when it comes to this stuff. So what do you think about Webb Newman? All right, listen, it's not really my first choice either, but... I was thinking if, uh, if you and Bubba can hang in there, I think I can live with a son named Webb. I think.

Nikki: J.T.? Dr. Webb wants to speak to us.

Victor: I understand the new ultrasound equipment has arrived?

Man: It's state of the art equipment, Mr. Newman. I understand you donated it to the hospital?

Victor: I did indeed. Now it's very sensitive I'm told. Does that mean it was rattled around between Chicago and Genoa City?

Man: It's being checked out right now.

Victor: Good.

J.T.: Doctor?

Man: You know about the new scanner that Mr. Newman's donated?

J.T.: Yeah.

Nikki: You'll be able to see the baby with the highest accuracy. Dr. Okamura was telling us about it.

Man: Yes. It'll give us the most definitive information on whether or not the baby is viable outside the womb in case we have to intervene quickly.

Nikki: In case her blood pressure spikes again.

Man: That's right. I should have the information for you in a few hours.

Victor: Not sooner than that?

Man: We're working as fast as we can, Mr. Newman. This is a delicate situation.

J.T.: So you're saying if the baby has to be delivered soon, he might not be able to survive?

Man: Yes.

Abby: Daddy!

Brad: Hey, Honey, come here. Oh, I missed you! So good to see you!

Colleen: Her flight was right on time.

Abby: Why didn't you come to the airport, Daddy?

Brad: Uh, well, I wanted to finish some work so I'd have more time to spend with you.

Abby: I'm wanna do a zillion, billion fun things. Colleen said we could go out for breakfast and go shopping and get our toenails painted.

Colleen: We have some serious sister-time mapped out.

Brad: That sounds like a lot of fun.

Abby: I brought everyone presents. Victoria showed me how to make these last time I was here.

Abby: I even made one for my baby brother.

Gloria: Oh, that poor, beautiful young woman. Nikki and Victor must be heartbroken. What are you doing?

Kevin: Well, a bunch of people from the collapse are still in the hospital. I figured by now they must be sick of hospital food.

Gloria: That's very thoughtful of you, Kevin. I should do something.

Kevin: Yeah. Write a big fat check.

Gloria: I'll do that. If it were up to my brother-in-law, I wouldn't have any money to be able to write a check. And I wanna find out what he's up to.

Kevin: Ugh. And it begins again.

(Cell phone ringing)

Gloria: Hello?

Jeff: Hello, Gloria. Good morning.

Gloria: Good morning to you. Jeffrey, Kevin and I were just talking about you.

Jeff: Saying good things, I hope.

Gloria: Oh, yes.

Jeff: So are we still on for breakfast?

Gloria: Of course. I'd love to have breakfast with you.

Jeff: Great. Say half an hour?

Gloria: I'll see you then.

(Device beeps)

Kevin: Stay away from him.

Gloria: I can’t.

Kevin: You have to. If he figures out the truth behind the killer cream, you're gonna end up bunking in the big house with Phyllis and Jana.

Gloria: And if he knows something, I need to know.

Kevin: You're flirting with danger.

Gloria: And he's flirting with me. And he's not gonna beat me at my own game.

Kevin: Fine.

Victor: Dr. Webb? If you need any further equipment, just let me know.

Dr. Webb: Oh. Well, thank you.

Victor: So you're gonna assess the baby's brain and heart and lung functions?

Dr. Webb: Yes. Uh, especially the lungs. The steroids we gave your daughter should speed up development.

Victor: I'm a man who demands complete honesty. Do not shield me from the truth whatever that may be.

Dr. Webb: I'm a researcher as well as a physician, Mr. Newman. I'm obsessed with the truth.

Victor: The baby's very premature, is it not?

Dr. Webb: The younger the fetus, the worse the chances are for survival. But we will do everything we can to up those chances.

Victor: In other words, you'll do everything you can to keep my daughter stable so the baby can develop properly?

Dr. Webb: That's right.

Victor: Am I correct in assuming that in order to cure my daughter's illness, you may have to deliver the baby?

Dr. Webb: Yes. Uh, will you excuse me? They're paging me from upstairs. The calibration must be nearly finished.

David: When will you know?

Nikki: Later today. I don't know exactly what time. Victor had some high-tech scanner brought in that will tell us exactly how much the baby has developed.

David: Good. And how are you?

Nikki: I have no idea. I feel like I'm in the middle of some horrific nightmare. Nothing seems real. And when I think that Victor is responsible for this whole thing... but then I see everything he's doing to try to help.

Victor: Hello, David.

David: Hello, Victor.

Victor: I think that Dr. Webb is a very good doctor. I have good feelings about him.

Nikki: Good.

David: I want you to know, Victor, that your daughter is in my prayers. As is the rest of your family.

Victor: Thank you, David. I'm gonna see Victoria before the test.

David: It must be difficult to be around your husband right now.

Nikki: Actually, no. There's no man I would rather have in Victoria's corner right now but that man right there.

Abby: Is he here?

Brad: The baby isn't ready to be born quite yet.

Abby: Oh. Then when will he be born?

Brad: Well, uh, in--in a little while. Listen, Sweetheart, um... the baby is fine, but Victoria had an accident.

Abby: Was it the explosion? Mommy told me about it.

Brad: Yeah.

Colleen: Yeah, something fell on her head.

Abby: Is she okay?

Brad: We hope she will be okay. Victoria's in something called a coma. It's like she's sleeping, but it's--it's different. And it can last for a long time.

Abby: How long?

Colleen: Well, you see, we don't know. That's the hardest part.

Abby: Well, can she hear if we talk to her?

Brad: She might be able to hear. We--we don't know for sure. So when we're all in the room with her, we--we talk a lot.

Colleen: And the doctors are taking very good care of her, okay?

Brad: And, uh, Victor and Nikki, J.T., Nick-- everybody who loves her is with her all the time.

Abby: Daddy?

Brad: Yeah?

Abby: I wanna go see her.

Gloria: So what have you been up to since the last time I saw you?

Jeff: I've been looking into some property downtown.

Gloria: Really? Thinking of staying in our fair city?

Jeff: Well, of all the reasons I can think of for hanging around, you'd be the top of my list.

Gloria: So where's this property?

Jeff: Um, it's just off Main Street. It's actually a perfect place for a franchise. Here. Drive by sometime. Tell me what you think.

Gloria: I'll do that.

Jeff: It's not too far from the D.A.'s office. The only problem with that is that it's a constant reminder of my brother and how I'm letting him down by not figuring out what it is he was trying to tell me when he sent me that package.

Gloria: Well, I am very grateful you gave me that cream. I use it.

Jeff: Do you?

Gloria: Why wouldn't I?

Jeff: To keep it as a memory. I took you for the sentimental type.

Gloria: I am. That's why I love it. When I use it, it reminds me so much of William.

Brad: Yes, can you tell me what the hospital policy is on visits from minors? Family members with a parent or guardian? Okay, thanks.

Nick: Hey, Brad, I was just about to call you.

Brad: Something from the hospital?

Nick: Yeah, uh, my dad called and said they were performing a test on the baby today.

Brad: What kind of test?

Nick: To see if it’s viable outside the womb now.

Brad: Uh, 22 weeks of development is the minimum-- the bare minimum.

Nick: Sounds like you've been online as much as I have.

Brad: Oh, yeah, last night, this morning, it's all I can think about.

Nick: Yeah, me, too. You know, I'm headed over there now, if you wanna go with me.

Brad: Yeah, I would. I appreciate that, Nick. Hey, uh, can I ask you a question as a father?

Nick: Yeah. What's up?

Brad: Abby's in town. She's--she's visiting. She wants to see Victoria.

Nick: Man, they grow up fast, don't they?

Brad: Yeah, they do. Listen, Noah’s a great kid and that doesn't just happen. It takes terrific parents. If it were your decision, what would you do?

Phyllis: Hey, Nick? Um... hello, Brad.

Brad: Phyllis.

Phyllis: What, are you shocked to see me? I'm out on work release. And I suggest you get used to it because I'm not going anywhere.

Brad: This is unbelievable.

Nick: All right, let's just focus on what is important here and that is my sister and the baby.

Phyllis: Yes, the only thing that matters right now is the health of that child.

Brad: Well, that's at least one thing we agree on.

Nick: You, uh... handled that well.

Phyllis: I-I meant it.

Nick: I know you did.

Phyllis: What's all of that?

Nick: Uh, work stuff. Neil and I can handle most everything, but these are my dad's call. So I gotta get out of here.

Phyllis: You're gonna go. Right. God, it drives me crazy that I can't help you.

Nick: You are helping me. More than you can imagine.

Nikki: Thanks.

David: Have you eaten?

Nikki: David, I can't eat.

David: Nikki, you're gonna get sick. Victoria wouldn't want that.

Nikki: That's funny. Victor said the same thing to me.

David: Obviously, he still cares about you.

Nikki: You know... with all the fighting and the accusations and the divorce and... everything... it all just kinda falls away when your child is fighting for her life. Really, I mean, every ounce of energy I have and he has is totally focused on Victoria. Nothing else matters--nothing.

Abby: Mom and Dad would never let me have a cookie for breakfast.

Colleen: One of the many reasons I love being a big sister. (Whispers) don't tell them I let you.

Abby: (Whispers) I won't. (Normal voice) those earrings are very pretty.

Colleen: Oh, thank you. Adrian gave them to me.

Abby: Your boyfriend!

Colleen: Yes, my boyfriend. You know where that great nail place is in the mall?

Abby: Uh-huh. I want pink on my toenails.

Colleen: Okay, well, pink it is. And guess what?

Abby: What?

Colleen: There's this great shop next door that sells beautiful Native American crafts.

Abby: Hey, we're studying them in school right now. They were the first people to live in America, but they didn't call it that.

Colleen: That's right.

Abby: They have tribes. And some of them used to live in wigwams, but they don't anymore. And they told really good stories. Our teacher read us some.

Colleen: Which ones did you like?

Abby: Um, I like the one about the peace pipe.

Colleen: Mm-hmm.

Abby: And the one about an ear of corn that could talk.

Colleen: (Laughs)

Abby: That was funny. And one about a dream catcher. Do you think Victoria's dreaming right now?

Colleen: Yes, I do.

Abby: I wanna see her.

Colleen: Well, Dad's checking if you can.

J.T.: All right, Bubba, here's the deal. I'm saying this for your mom 'cause right now she's the, uh, she's the strong silent type. And what-- what she wants to tell you is... grow, swim, backstroke-- do whatever it takes. Because you need to get bigger and stronger. There's so many people out here waiting to meet you.

(Door opens)

Victor: The new equipment has arrived. Dr. Webb is ready to begin his work, okay?

Dr. Webb: We'll wheel it in here. Victoria won't have to be moved.

J.T.: Can I stay?

Victor: Uh, well, it's a question of millimeters. It's a very delicate machine. So I think its best if he... you do your work alone, all right? Okay, let's go.

J.T.: How long is it gonna take?

Dr. Webb: Uh, an hour and a half, maybe more.

J.T.: She's gonna make it.

Nick: Hey.

Nikki: Nicholas, you're just in time.

Victor: Hello, Son. Dr. Webb is running the test on your sister now.

Nick: Oh. Good.

Victor: Thanks for taking care of things for me at the office.

Nick: Yeah, Neil and I can take care of everything, but you need to look at this.

Victor: Look, all we can do around here is wait, so why don't we grab lunch, okay?

Nikki: I-I can't eat.

Nick: Mom, you need to eat.

Nikki: (Sighs) all right, let me-- let me tell David.

Nick: Was, uh, Dr. Webb optimistic at least?

Victor: Well, he's neither an optimist, nor a pessimist. He's a realist. I appreciate that.

David: Well, that's good. Good, you need this. Go eat with your family.

Nikki: Yeah, but I also need to be here. I need to be with Victoria. And work--what about work?

David: You don't have to worry about anything. I've got it all under control.

Nikki: Which makes you indispensable to me. Thank you.

David: Which makes me very happy. Look, I gotta get back to the office, all right? So call me with the good news.

Nikki: Okay.

David: All right.

J.T.: This waiting is brutal.

Nick: Yeah.

Nick: You know, we're gonna go get something to eat. Wanna come with us?

J.T.: No, thanks.

Nick: It might be good for you to get out of here for, like, an hour.

J.T.: I can’t. I can't leave her. I can't do it.

Nick: Okay. You're a good guy, J.T. You want me to bring you something back?

J.T.: It'd be a waste, Man. I can't--I can't eat. I can't sleep. I can barely even think right now. I wanna be there for her. I wanna make everything all right. But right now, I can't even give her the one thing she needs.

Brad: What's the latest? Nick told me about the test.

Victor: Uh, Dr. Webb is with Victoria right now, running some tests. It takes about an hour or two to get the results back.

Brad: Um, before you go, I-I need to ask you something.

Nikki: What is it, Brad?

Brad: Abby's in town. She asked about Victoria-- whether she had a little brother. I had to tell her about what was going on.

Victor: How did she react?

Brad: She wants to see Victoria. I told her I would talk to you about it.

Nikki: I can't even think past this test.

Victor: Neither can I, to be honest with you.

Brad: Well, Abby doesn't know anything about the test. She only knows that Victoria is sick. She wants to see her.

Gloria: The thing I admired most about William was his honesty.

Jeff: Ah. True blue Bardwell. That was my brother. I admired that, too. He could be tough, though.

Gloria: In court, there was nobody like him. Except my son.

Jeff: Well, he could be tough out of court, too. Anybody ever lied to him, he never let him get away with it. They may have thought they had him, but in the end, the truth always won.

(Cell phone ringing)

Jeff: Ah. Um, it's this real estate thing. Would you excuse me for a minute?

Gloria: Of course. Please.

Gloria: Thank you. Uh...

Jeff: Forgot my pen.

Gloria: Ah! A Genoa City pen for real estate? That should be good luck.

Jeff: Well, thanks. I'll only be a sec. I'm sorry to be so rude.

Gloria: You're not being rude.

Jeff: Uh, I've ordered an inspection and title search. And I'm getting the names of some local mortgage brokers.

Gloria: It sounds like you're very serious about this.

Jeff: Yes, I am. I could soon be a proud property owner in your fair city.

Gloria: And property owners usually stick around.

Jeff: Yes. They do.

Kevin: Hey, where is everybody?

J.T.: They left for a little while. The doctor's running a test on the baby.

Kevin: I'd ask how you’re doing, but...

J.T.: Yeah.

Kevin: You know, when, uh, when Jana was really sick, you know, people would ask, "How's she doing?" And I'd be like, "Terrible. Awful. I'm worried I'm gonna lose her." I bet my face then looked a lot like yours does now.

J.T.: They might have to do-- induce labor or do a caesarean on Victoria, but they don't know if the baby's lungs are developed enough to survive. So they put her on steroids, try to speed up the growth process, but they... they don't know. They don't know if it's enough.

Kevin: Jeez.

J.T.: In my mind, the baby's already born. Victoria's holding him and they're both smiling. And she's looking at me when she says, "That's your dad."

Kevin: I can see that. Hey, why not, right?

J.T.: I've, uh... I made a lot of offers to God lately. I told him if... I told him if he just lets 'em both be all right, I will be the best husband and father a guy could possibly be.

Kevin: Did God talk back?

J.T.: I don't think we speak the same language.

(Cell phone buzzing)

[Gloria sends Kevin a text message. “He’s recording me!”]

Kevin: Well, look, I, uh... I left some stuff at the nurse's station. I'm thinking good thoughts for her.

J.T.: Thanks.

Nick: So they're doing a test today to see if the baby can live outside the womb.

Phyllis: She's pretty far along, right?

Nick: Yeah, I think so. I've been reading a lot of stuff on preemies.

Phyllis: Yeah, listen, I know it sounds bleak.

Nick: Fluid in the brain, seizures, heart trouble, cerebral palsy.

Phyllis: Okay, listen, you've been on the internet. The internet is like a search engine right towards your worst fear. Lots of preemies end up just fine.

Nick: Yeah, I know.

Phyllis: I hate that I'm not with you.

Nick: Well, at least I can see you now.

Phyllis: On the weekdays between 9:00 to 5:00, but only with a folder in front of my face.

Nick: Well, that's better than nothing, right?

Phyllis: Okay, listen, call me when you hear something. Actually, better than that, why don't you call me before you hear something so I can be on the phone with you. It's gonna be sort of like I'm there.

Nick: Okay, I will.

Phyllis: I love you.

Nick: That's what's getting me through this. I love you, too.

Nick: Phyllis says hello.

Nikki: Well, I'm glad the two of you can be together. How I feel about my daughter-in-law is immaterial. She's your wife, and I'm glad that you can be together, that's all.

Nick: So, Dad, you wanna go through those files now?

Victor: No, Son. Why don't you and Neil work on it, all right?

Nikki: Well, I'm thankful that Victoria's pregnancy is as far along as it is.

Victor: I told Dr. Webb if they need anything to improve to give me a call. My grandson is in excellent, excellent hands.

Nick: You know, Noah came early, too, and we were all worried about him and look at him now.

Nikki: I talked to Sharon. She said the doctor says he's healing beautifully because he's so young and strong and healthy.

Nick: Told ya.

Victor: One day very soon, Victoria and her baby will be at one of our Christmas parties and he'll meet all of his cousins and uncles and aunts and grandparents. I'm gonna teach him how to ride. I'll buy him a pony.

J.T.: Excuse me? How's my fiancée? How's the baby?

Man: You'll need to speak with the doctor, Sir.

J.T.: Yeah, but can you-- can you tell me something? Tell me how things are going on there, please?

Man: Sorry, I can't.

Gloria: What does Jeffrey think he's going to gain by taping me?

Kevin: Maybe-- maybe he's trying to seduce you into a confession.

Gloria: Maybe. But if--

Kevin: Mom, just for the zillionth time, just stay away from the guy.

Gloria: Honey, then I'm never gonna find out what he knows. If he suspects me of being guilty, why did he give me that cream? Unless...

Kevin: Unless--unless he gave you a different cream.

Gloria: Exactly. And if that's the case, we have only one option.

Kevin: No, no, I don't recall being part of this particular folly.

Gloria: Test the cream. On myself.

Kevin: You have the cream? I thought you dumped it.

Gloria: Yeah, well, I undumped it. Just in case I needed it, and it turns out I was right.

Kevin: Are you insane? No, don't answer that. Because you are insane. And the only reason that we're-- you're in this predicament is because a woman was burned by that cream, Mom, and then she--whoa! Mom, no! No! Don't do it! Why? Why did you just do that?

Kevin: Anything?

Gloria: A little tingle. Maybe.

Kevin: Is it getting worse?

Gloria: I don't think... no.

Kevin: How about now?

Gloria: No.

Kevin: How about now?

Gloria: Kevin, give it a minute.

Kevin: Sure. Sure. How about now?

Colleen: I'll be back.

Brad: You know, the good thing about hospitals is that people come here to get better.

Abby: Yeah, but they have to be sick in the first place.

Brad: Well, that's true. Excuse me? I'm Brad Carlton. The Newmans left permission for my daughter to see Victoria.

Man: Oh, yeah, Mr. Carlton. Uh, Dr. Webb is still in with Ms. Newman right now.

Brad: That's okay. We'll wait.

Man: Sure.

Brad: Oh, um, do you have some, uh, pens or markers and some paper? My daughter likes to draw.

Man: Here, these are my little girl's. She likes to draw when she's here, too.

Brad: Great, thank you. Let's go sit over there, Sweetheart. Can I take your coat? Here you go. Let me open these for you. You know, uh... if you wanna change your mind about seeing Victoria right now, its okay.

Abby: No. Mnh-mnh. It smells funny in here.

Brad: You know, um... you were born in this hospital.

Abby: I was?

Brad: Yeah. And so was Noah. So you see, people don't only come here when they're sick, they come here to have babies, too.

Abby: Like my baby brother. But how can he be born if Victoria is still in a coma?

Brad: You know, um... Victoria may come out of the coma very soon. And even if she doesn't, the baby's very happy being in her tummy. He's warm. He's cozy. And he's getting big and strong. Hopefully, by the time he's ready to come out, Victoria's going to be wide awake. And the doctor can hand her her beautiful son.

Colleen: Is there anything I can do for you?

J.T.: I've kind of taken that request to a higher authority.

Colleen: Well, I will put in a good word. My grandmother always used to say that it, uh, might help, but it can't hurt.

J.T.: They're doing an ultrasound of the baby right now. They've got this-- some state of the art scanner. They wanna know whether the baby... they wanna know whether or not he can--he, uh... I want 'em to get it right. That--that's all I care about. They gotta get it right.

Colleen: They will. It's their job.

J.T.: Dr. Webb--this guy-- this specialist-- he's apparently the best when it comes to this stuff. You know, Victor brought him in. I just wish I knew what was taking so long.

Nikki: Hey, the doctor is still in there with her.

Nick: Good. He's being thorough.

Victor: We just have to be patient. There he is.

Nikki: Doctor?

Dr. Webb: I've, uh, completed my examination, but I'd like to upload Victoria's results to Dr. Steve Danforth before I render an opinion.

J.T.: You want us to wait again?

Dr. Webb: Yeah, I just wanna confirm my recommendation. It's prudent. Will you please excuse me?

J.T.: What does this mean?

Victor: It's a close call, that's what it means.

Gloria: Kevin? Nothing! Nothing! No reaction. I'm fine.

Kevin: All right, I was ready to call 9-1-1. Although, when they said what's your emergency? And I'd have to say "Toxic cream," they would've thought I was a crazy person.

Gloria: You were scared to death for me, weren't you?

Kevin: Maybe just a little bit.

Gloria: Uh-huh. But what this proves-- Jeffrey is toying with me.

Kevin: Yeah, and he's also taping you.

Gloria: Yeah. The only reason I can think that he wouldn't give me the real cream is so he could hold onto the evidence himself.

Kevin: That's bad news, Mom.

Gloria: Mm-hmm. And I'm not gonna sit back and let him get away with this. I'm gonna get that cream from him, no matter what I have to do.

Kevin: Ugh.

Abby: She looks like she's sleeping.

Brad: You don't have to whisper, Sweetheart.

Colleen: Victoria will wanna hear you, okay?

Abby: It's me, Abby. I'm very sorry you got in a comma. Coma. But don't feel scared. 'Cause I love you. A lot of other people here do, too. We're all waiting for you to wake up. And I hope you and my baby brother don't have bad dreams. So I made you this. It's a picture of a dream catcher. We can make one, like you said. You can have this one until you wake up. The Native Americans say the dream catcher catches all your bad dreams, let the good ones go through the center. Right to your heart. Sweet dreams.

Dr. Webb: All right, I've, uh, consulted with Dr. Danforth, and I'm ready to give you my report and make a recommendation.

Victor: All right.

Nick: Did you hear that?

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah, I'm still here, praying.

Dr. Webb: Now I've done a thorough examination using the best technology available. And, uh, I regret to tell you that I do not believe the fetus is capable of living outside the womb at this time. Now I-I know this is difficult to hear, but... the baby's heart and lungs are not developed sufficiently to, uh, allow it--

Victor: Does the other doctor concur with your diagnosis?

Dr. Webb: Yes. I wish I had better news for you.

J.T.: How long does the baby need?

Dr. Webb: About two weeks. At least. The longer the baby stays inside the womb growing, the better chance he has to survive. We'll keep Victoria on the glucocorticoids to stimulate lung development and, uh--

Nikki: And we pray that she stays stable at the same time.

Dr. Webb: Yes.

Victor: And you think you can do that?

Dr. Webb: I can't make any guarantees. There are other things we could try if conditions worsen.

J.T.: Do whatever it takes, Doctor.

Victor: Doctor, I want you to stay here 24 hours a day. I want you to make sure that my daughter and her baby survive this.

Dr. Webb: All right.

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