Y&R Transcript Thursday 11/8/07

Y&R Transcript Thursday 11/8/07 -- Canada; Friday 11/9/07 -- U.S.A.


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Jana: So what's it like, working at the, uh, Newman building-- knowing that Victor was responsible for the explosion?

Phyllis: It was the drilling that caused the explosion, Jana.

Jana: Yeah, but he's the one who approved it, right?

Phyllis: They passed all the safety regulations. I think there's some investigation right now. Anyway, Victor's spending all his time at the hospital.

Jana: So sad for his daughter. I know exactly how he feels. Causing pain to those he loves. And being responsible for a death.

Phyllis: Um, Jack is working on some relief efforts for the victims.

Jana: Why? So he can atone for all of his sins?

Phyllis: He's a good man, Jana.

Jana: No one's all evil. But he did have his father write Gloria out of the will.

Phyllis: Yeah, well, that was never proven. Ah. Yay. Yay. See you later.

Jana: Excuse me? Um, I would like to make an appointment with the chaplain.

Nick: Is there any change?

Victor: Right now, nothing. But if she has two readings of 190/40, there's a problem.

Nick: You better not be stressing about work.

Nikki: They've ordered additional tests.

Nick: What kind of tests?

Nikki: A urinalysis, to check for protein. He said that... that would mean... the high blood pressure was damaging her kidneys.

Nick: How long will that take?

J.T.: What'd the doctor say? A formal test takes 24 hours, but they can get an idea by checking every 6?

Nikki: Right.

Nick: Can they give her any medication?

J.T.: The doctors don't know exactly what kind of meds to give her right now, and they won't know that until--

Nick: Till they get the test results back. What about the baby?

Nikki: The baby is great.

Victor: He's as strong as his mother. He's a Newman.

Paul: Still no answer. It went to voice mail again.

Maggie: Yeah, well, J.T. probably keeps his phone off while he's in the room.

Paul: Yeah. Well, I'm stopping by later, so...

Maggie: You could leave quicker, if--if you need to go, I'll understand.

Paul: Well, I just wanna make sure I have enough time.

Maggie: For what? Another woman?

Paul: Yeah, I guess. Heather.

Maggie: Are you gonna tell her she's your daughter?

Paul: Today.

Heather: Thank you. Ahem.

Kevin: So why do you look so busy? You should have plenty of time on your hands now that you're not trying to lock me up.

Heather: Hmm. Somehow I'm sure I'll have more opportunities for that.

Kevin: Nice. So what are you working on? Maybe I can help?

Heather: Oh, I'm just, uh, catching up on some of William's old case work.

Kevin: Sheila Carter?

Heather: Apparently, a pretty notorious case around here.

Kevin: Uh, notorious nut job, you mean.

Heather: Yeah, I was, um, I was reading in her file that last time she was here she shot Detective Sullivan.

Kevin: Yeah. That's not all she did. She kidnapped my nephew, she made Lauren's life a living hell. I tell you, when Lauren shot her in self-defense, she did the whole world a favor.

Heather: Is there anything else you can tell me?

Kevin: Yeah. Yeah, we are all better off with Sheila Carter dead and buried.

Phyllis: Hey. I couldn't wait. How's your sister?

Nick: Oh, we're waiting on some test results.

Phyllis: What's wrong?

Nick: Her blood pressure spiked. Look, I don't want you to get caught, but I will call you as soon as I have any news, okay? I don't know if I'm gonna be able to come into the office today.

Phyllis: Oh, no problem. Listen, I understand. Stay with your family. My--my thoughts are with Victoria.

Jack: Bad news?

Phyllis: You scared me.

Jack: I'm sorry. Was that Nicholas?

Phyllis: Yeah. Victoria's still in a coma. Her--her blood pressure is elevated.

Jack: What does that mean?

Phyllis: They're waiting to find out.

Victor: Good morning. What's the news?

Dr. Ryan: Well, her blood pressure is normal.

Nikki: What about the urinalysis?

Dr. Ryan: Good news, as well. The test results show no sign of protein. Both are excellent indicators.

J.T.: Thank God.

Victor: But why did her blood pressure go up and fluctuate?

Dr. Ryan: Well, I've scheduled another M.R.I. I wanna make sure there's no swelling or bleeding causing the elevation. We'll continue to monitor and let you know what we find.

Nick: Thank you.

Nikki: Doctor? I want more information.

Dr. Ryan: Well, I'm sorry. There's nothing else I can tell you at this point. I know waiting can be frustrating.

Nikki: I want you to do everything you can to find out what's wrong, all right? I want you to run every test you think might tell you something. And then I want you to run every test that you might think will tell you something. Because I am tired of waiting for those alarms to go off! I need to know what we're facing before it affects my daughter and her baby. Do you understand?

Dr. Ryan: I do. I'll order a C.B.C. and a full chemistry panel. Okay?

Nikki: Okay. Thank you.

Nikki: (Sobbing) oh, dear God.

Paul: Heather, I don't know how else to say it, I'm your father.

Maggie: No way! That is so great! That's the best news ever!

Paul: You know, somehow, I just don't think she's going to share your joy.

Maggie: Oh, why not? Having a P.I. as a dad? That's great! Okay, okay, okay, okay. How about-- oh, you send her a singing telegram.

Paul: Boy, you're whip-smart today. I do thank you for trying to make me relax, though.

Maggie: Hey... if you need backup, I'm a phone call away.

Paul: Thanks.

Lauren: Why don't you sit down?

Heather: Thank you.

Lauren: What can I do for you?

Heather: Uh, there's just a few loose ends on some of William's old files. I'm trying to tie them up.

Lauren: Ah, I see. You find my police record?

Heather: Kind of.

Lauren: What?

Heather: I wanna talk to you about Sheila Carter.

[Lauren remembering]

Sheila: You shot the wrong one.

Lauren: Oh, my God. Is she back?

Heather: Back?

Lauren: Uh, please... please tell me... that you did not find her, that she's not alive!

Heather: No! No! No! No! I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you. It's--it's just that I want some additional information for the file.

Lauren: I know. Okay.

Heather: I'm so sorry to have upset you.

Lauren: No, no, no, it's just that just hearing her name sends chills down my spine.

Heather: Well, after reading the case file, I can certainly understand why.

Lauren: She wanted and took both of my children.

Heather: It can help sometimes to talk about the traumatic event. There's a few victims that I've spoken to that actually feel a sense of relief after they've shared their experience. You know, as if they own the ordeal, instead of the other way around.

Lauren: What do you wanna know?

Heather: Do you feel comfortable talking about what happened most recently?

Lauren: Um... okay. Sheila got plastic surgery to look like Phyllis. She then kidnapped Phyllis, her daughter and my son.

[Lauren remembering]

Lauren: I was able to track them down at a retirement home. And by the time I got there, they were both fighting over a gun. Ugh! Don't either of you move! When I came in, I couldn't tell them apart. Stand up! Don't you move! The babies were crying and there was-- there was so much noise and confusion, I-I-I... I couldn't think. Which one of you is Phyllis?

Sheila: Me.

Phyllis: I am.

Lauren: They both tried to convince me that they were Phyllis.

Sheila: Lauren, I'm Phyllis.

Phyllis: Lauren, ask me anything. Ask me about Nick. Ask me about Michael. I am Phyllis!

Sheila: Don't listen to her. This is a trick.

Phyllis: I am!

Sheila: Lauren, this is a trick! Don't fall for it.

Lauren: Quiet!! Quiet! I can't hear. I can't think. And then Sheila reached for one of the babies.

Sheila: Summer, come to Mommy.

Lauren: Stop it!

Phyllis: No! No! Point the gun at me. Don't go near the babies. Point the gun at me! Lauren, point the gun at me! No!

Lauren: Phyllis never would've put those babies in jeopardy.

Heather: You were a hero.

Lauren: I protected my family.

Heather: There was just one more thing about a cage that I remembered--

Michael: Hey, hey.

Lauren: Hi. Hi.

Michael: Oh. What's going on?

Lauren: Um, Heather was just asking about Sheila.

Michael: That is not a topic my wife is comfortable talking about.

Heather: I only had some questions about the warehouse, that's all.

Michael: Well, we don't have time right now. The contracts for your stores are ready for you to review.

Heather: Okay. Well, maybe you and I could meet later and finish discussing the rest of the story.

Michael: Well, I'll, uh, get your coat. This is it.

Heather: That's it. Thank you.

Lauren: Bye.

Michael: Here you go.

Heather: Thank you very much.

Michael: Of course.

Michael: You okay?

Lauren: Yeah.

Michael: Why was she asking about Sheila?

Lauren: She said she was going through a file and just was tying up loose ends.

Michael: Uh, assistant district attorneys don't make house calls to tie up a loose end.

Lauren: Paul, hi, it's Lauren. Listen, can you call me as soon as possible? It's really important. Thanks. Bye.

Michael: Sure. Sure. I'm on my way. All right, duty calls. Unless... you need me?

Lauren: No. I'm good. Promise.

Michael: Okay.

Lauren: So what are you working on?

Michael: Oh, um, I filed a motion to rehear Phyllis' appeal. And I am...

Lauren: Yeah?

Michael: Cautiously optimistic.

Lauren: Oh, my God, that's so great! That's great! I'm gonna see her later.

Michael: Oh, could you not mention it? Uh, after what happened last time, I don't wanna get her hopes up.

Lauren: Yeah, I understand.

Phyllis: I'm glad you called.

Nick: I wish I had news for you, but we're still waiting on the test results.

Phyllis: How are your parents doing?

Nick: They're trying to stay positive, but it's starting to wear everyone down.

Phyllis: Are you taking care of yourself?

Nick: Oh, yeah, three squares a day-- red, yellow and orange gelatin.

Phyllis: I'm serious.

Nick: Don't worry about me. Just get back to work.

Phyllis: Okay. I'll talk to you later.

Jack: These are requests from various media outlets.

Phyllis: Jack... please tell me you're not gonna try to kick Victor when he's down.

Jack: I'm not gonna try to kick Victor when he's down.

Phyllis: Good! Good! Because you are better than that.

Jack: It's a shame he isn't. But since his company is clearly responsible for this tragedy, he's probably suffering enough. Though, when Victoria gets out of that hospital--

Phyllis: He saved your life.

Jack: Yeah, and then told me if he had a chance to do it again, he'd step right over me. Whatever plagues befall the house of Newman, Victor Newman is not gonna change his evil ways.

Phyllis: You know, a friend of mine once told me, no one is all evil.

Jack: There is such a thing as situational kindness. The moment presents itself and people help. Victor Newman does not go out of his way to help anyone but Victor Newman. I'm sure he wishes he was still on his spiritual journey.

Phyllis: Even if he's not on a spiritual journey anymore, I'm sure he's praying as hard as the rest of the family.

Jack: Speaking of that, uh, you still seeing the chaplain these days?

Phyllis: Yes, I am. He's been of great help to me. He's the only one who completely understands what I'm going through. I don't know what I'd do without him.

Jana: I was surprised when Mrs. Bardwell came to visit.

Chaplain: How did that go?

Jana: It went really well. I, um, I think she's beginning to see that I'm remorseful.

Chaplain: You've made remarkable strides, Jana.

Jana: You know, she mentioned that she knew you.

Chaplain: I don't recall a parishioner by that name.

Jana: Well, you would know her as Gloria Abbott.

Chaplain: Oh, yes, John's wife. He would go on and on about her all day if we'd let him.

Jana: Really? Ah, well, what did he say?

Chaplain: Oh, what a breath of fresh air she was, how much he adored her.

Jana: It's a real shame about the will biz, though, don't you think?

Chaplain: It was unfortunate.

Jana: Did he tell you why he was so cross with her?

Chaplain: I can't discuss private conversations with you.

Jana: I know. I'm--I'm sorry. I didn't mean to overstep. It's just that... well, Gloria so wanted to know she'd done to make him hate her. She still has a hard time dealing with it.

Chaplain: She needs closure.

Jana: Exactly! And since you can't discuss personal information, do you know if there's anyone else that might able to help?

Chaplain: John did have a confidante.

Jana: And, um... what's his name, so I can tell Gloria?

Chaplain: Todd Scheller.

Jana: Right. I will let her know. Don't you have another appointment to get to? I don't want to keep you waiting.

Chaplain: I do. Take care.

Jana: You, too.

(Cell phone ringing)

Kevin: Jana?

Jana: Hello, Love. I've just been chatting up the chaplain.

Kevin: Find anything out?

Jana: Oh, only the name of John's best mate.

Kevin: Uh, hold on a sec. Okay.

Jana: Todd Scheller.

Kevin: Todd Scheller.

Heather: And the Morley case?

Maggie: That was a bar fight gone wrong. The bartender hit a patron.

Heather: He was a repeat offender, right?

Maggie: Oh, yeah. Yeah, we busted him four other times.

Heather: Wow. And speaking of repeat offenders, this one's, uh, the big leagues. Sheila Carter?

Maggie: Yeah, I-I never encountered anyone quite like her.

Heather: How'd you find her?

[Maggie remembering]

Maggie: G.C.P.D.!

Sheila: Help me!

Maggie: I, uh, thought I saw Phyllis Newman in a strange part of town, so I followed her into a, uh, warehouse.

Sheila: Please come quick before he comes back!

Maggie: Okay. Before who comes back?

Sheila: I don't know. I just woke up here.

Maggie: Before who comes back?

Sheila: I don't know!

Maggie: Okay.

Sheila: I don't know.

Maggie: Okay, okay, calm down. You don't know who did this to you?

Sheila: No. Please--please just unlock me.

Maggie: Okay, okay. It's okay. I'm with the police. It's okay. It's okay.

Sheila: Thank you so much.

Maggie: We've got it all now, okay?

Sheila: Thank you.

Maggie: And it turned out to be Sheila Carter. She caught me off guard and choked me out. I... she shot me and let me to die. I-I don't know how Paul found me, I'm just glad he did, because, um... he stayed with me until the paramedics arrived and made sure I was comfortable.

Heather: Right. 'Cause you were in a cage? Right?

Maggie: Right.

Heather: Yeah.

Maggie: Why the Carter case?

Heather: Oh, I'm preparing a report on repeat offenders. And one of my goals is to keep 'em off the streets.

Maggie: Well, citing that particular criminal should make your case.

Heather: Hmm.

(Monitor beeping)

Nick: What is that?

Nikki: It's the blood pressure alarm. Get the doctor! Get the doctor! Nurse?

Woman: She's okay. We've set the monitor to notify of any changes. She's at 125/70.

Nikki: Well, that's-- that's not as high as it was.

Woman: No, it isn't. And that could be a good sigh.

Nikki: Good. Okay, that's good, Baby. Everything's gonna be fine. We're right here.

Victor: Stars that shine in heaven so bright keep my children safe tonight.

[J.T. and Nick leave the room]

Nick: You all right?

J.T.: You know, right before Victoria goes to bed, she, uh... she has this little ritual. And if you call me out on this, Man, I'm gonna kill you, but... she picks her clothes out, brushes her hair, and she rubs that, uh, cocoa butter lotion all over her stomach. You know, the stuff that prevents stretch marks? And the whole time she's doing it, she recites that... she recites that poem your dad just said.

Nick: Yeah, he'd say that to us when he'd tuck us in at night.

J.T.: I had to get out of there, Man. I didn't want Victoria to see me lose it.

Nick: No need to explain, Man.

J.T.: This is the third time her blood pressure's gone up like this. Your mom's trying to stay positive, but... I-I can't, you know? The nurse tells us don't worry about it, you know? Everything's normal, but these up and down numbers-- Man, they... they can't be good.

Paul: Where is she?

J.T.: Her blood pressure spiked a few times, so they took her for more tests.

Paul: Oh. Um, is there anything I can get for you guys?

Victor: That's very kind of you. We just have to wait it out. But to be frank with you, to see her lying here unconscious, one feels so utterly disconnected from her. I think it's the worst pain I ever felt.

Phyllis: What can I do for you?

Heather: I've been looking into Sheila Carter's last crime spree.

Phyllis: Why?

Heather: Long story short, so I can better understand the way a repeat offender thinks and operates.

Phyllis: Well, it's in the file. You should take a look at that.

Heather: What about the fake nursery?

Phyllis: I never saw it. She came to me. I opened the door and saw myself. I freaked out. Sheila tricked Lauren into bringing her son over.

[Phyllis remembering]

Sheila: Keep moving down the hall.

Phyllis: What is this? Do you know someone who lives here?

Sheila: Enough. Shut your mouth. Shut up. Open the door.

Phyllis: Lauren came in, she couldn't tell the difference between the two of us. She made a very difficult decision, but thank God it was the right one. She shot and killed Sheila Carter. End of story.

Heather: So I've been told.

Phyllis: Anymore questions?

Heather: Uh, no. Not right now. Thank you.

Phyllis: You know, Ms. Stevens, you should remember this little exchange when my parole comes up. I cooperated with you after you made it your mission to put me behind bars. That's gotta be worth something, don't you think?

Kevin: Who's your favorite son?

Gloria: Now you know that I don't play favorites.

Kevin: Okay, fine. Who is your favorite son who does your dirty deeds?

Gloria: Ah. Well, I guess that would be you.

Kevin: Yeah, that's what I thought. Okay, so I have some highly sought after information courtesy of my amazing, amazing girlfriend. Who happens to be your new best friend?

Gloria: Hey, hey, hey, don't push it. One visit at a time.

Kevin: What if I told you that she was talking to the chaplain about John?

Gloria: Why would she do that?

Kevin: To figure out the will. When you were talking about it being forged, she decided to investigate. Well, Mom, the chaplain was around when John was acting all crazy and getting into fights.

Gloria: So maybe the chaplain knows why John cut me out of his will?

Kevin: Exactamundo.

Gloria: So what'd she find out?

Kevin: Well, it turns out while your hubby was in the pen, he had a confidante. I have his name.

Gloria: Kevin!

Phyllis: We should see if the chaplain wants to participate in the relief effort.

Jack: Yeah. That--that'd be fine if he wants to help.

Phyllis: Yeah. It would be great. He helped your father, didn't he?

Jack: Yeah, I think he was a-a great comfort to Dad while he was in prison.

Phyllis: Yeah. Your dad was-- he was sort of losing it at the end, wasn't he?

Jack: That was mostly due to the wrong medication.

Phyllis: I've been hearing rumors.

Jack: Oh?

Phyllis: They're insinuating that you had something to do with your father's new will.

Jack: They? Who would "They" be?

Phyllis: Come on, Jack. Jack, come on. You know you could've written a new one.

Jack: A new will for my father? Version 2.-- Oh, my God, I finally got that money-grubbing witch out of his life? Yeah, I could have.

Phyllis: Did you?

Jack: My father wrote that will, Phyllis. If I had any influence, it was my constant campaign to get the gold digger out of our family's life. I guess he finally saw things my way.

Gloria: Oh, how many are left?

Kevin: Three.

Gloria: Wouldn't it be wonderful to find out that John never meant to hurt me?

Kevin: Well, don't update your blog just yet.

Gloria: I know, I know. But if John did talk to this man, and he has information to prove that Jack manipulated his father, then the whole world will know what kind of man Senator Abbott really is. Call the next one, I'm feeling lucky.

Jack: All right. I'll give it to her right away. Thanks.

Phyllis: All righty.

Jack: Oh, you just missed it. Todd Scheller left a message for you.

Phyllis: Oh, you spoke to him?

Jack: Well, just long enough to tell him you weren't here and to get his name and number.

Phyllis: Oh, great. Good. Good. I'll, uh, call him back.

Lauren: Hi!

Jack: Hey.

Lauren: Hi.

Phyllis: Hey. Oh, what are you doing here?

Lauren: Well, do you always greet volunteers that way?

Jack: I asked Lauren to come by and help us with our relief efforts.

Lauren: Yeah.

Phyllis: Oh. Great.

Lauren: Yeah, so I'm on business.

Phyllis: Okay!

Jack: I'm, uh, gonna be tied up with a couple of phone calls. Why don't the two of you, uh, start to work?

Lauren: Thank you.

Phyllis: Ah, yes.

Jack: I'm gonna close the door.

Lauren: Would you?

Phyllis: Let's do some work.

Lauren: Okay, so we're working.

Phyllis: Yeah, let's have some work.

Lauren: Working away.

Phyllis: Address some of these.

Lauren: Oh, envelopes!

Phyllis: So it looks like we're doing something.

Lauren: Excellent. Excellent.

Phyllis: Okay. So how's it going?

Lauren: Well, uh... I miss my friend. Especially since your family's having such a rough time.

Phyllis: I know.

Lauren: I'm not supposed to touch you, okay?

Phyllis: I know.

Lauren: Can I touch your hand?

Nick: Hey, Mom? Mom, hold on a second.

Nikki: What?

Nick: How'd it go?

Nikki: Good. Great. Uh, we do have to... set the alarm thing, though, again.

Nick: Oh, so more waiting?

Nikki: Um... yeah, but you know, that baby was kicking like crazy, trying to wake his mommy up.

Nick: Hey, do you think... we should call Brad, let him know what's going on?

Nikki: No, no, no, no. No, not right now. Let's--let's just wait for the results to get back. Right now I wanna focus on Victoria and the baby. And all that kicking-- that's activity. That's gotta be something good, right?

Nick: It would be a whole lot better if she'd just wake up.

Nikki: She will wake up. Nicholas, she will wake up. She will be here to welcome that little boy into this world, I know that.

Nick: Yeah. I'm glad you're staying so positive, Mom. You're really keeping everyone going.

Nikki: (Sobs) no, I'm not.

Nick: Yes, you are. Yes, you are.

Nikki: (Sobbing) all right, look...

Nick: Here.

Nikki: No, don't tell anybody. Thank you. Don't mention this to anyone, okay? I'm... I'm fine.

Nick: I know you are. I won't.

Nikki: Thanks.

Jack: I just got three more companies to sign on to help with medical expenses and any other financial needs of the victims.

Phyllis: Oh, that's a cool idea.

Lauren: Oh!

Jack: Isn't it? I've also decided I am going to sponsor five workers and their families. I'm going to invite them to the state of the state address and they can meet the governor.

Lauren: Well, it's good to be senator.

Phyllis: You know, I'm gonna put that on the web site.

Jack: No. No. No. I don't want this to be a publicity stunt or anything like that. Let's just keep this between us, all right?

Phyllis: All right. That's great.

Jack: Oh. You dropped Todd Scheller's message.

Phyllis: I'm not gonna need that after all.

Kevin: Okay, great, thanks. I, uh, I appreciate the information. Bye-bye.

Gloria: Well?

Kevin: Oh, well, I-I found him.

Gloria: And does he remember John?

Kevin: Well, he was out. But I spoke to the roommate who says that we're not the only ones looking for him. Apparently, he's pretty popular lately.

Maggie: Hi. Uh, I'm just checking in to see how things went with your daughter.

Paul: Well, uh, I'm running a little late. I haven't met with her yet. And, uh... you know what? I should probably go, 'cause, uh, I don't see her. I should look for her.

Maggie: Good luck.

Paul: All right, thanks. I'll call you later.

Heather: Looking for me?

Nikki: When I was at the loft, I saw your Christmas list. She starts it earlier every year, I'm telling ya.

Nick: Ooh, Vick is gonna be mad. You remember what she did when she found out I read her journal?

Nikki: Mmm.

J.T.: What did she do?

Nick: She wrote a bunch of lies in there. Said that Mom and Dad were gonna send me to military school.

Victor: Oh, that's right. I remember you were petrified they would shave your head.

Nikki: She said it would be so very weird to have a bald brother.

Dr. Grant: Hello, I'm Dr. Eve Grant. I have your daughter's test results.

Nikki: Where's Dr. Ryan?

Dr. Grant: He's in surgery. I'm the resident assigned to assist Dr. Ryan.

Victor: Excuse me, Dr. Grant, but you haven't finished medical school and you're in charge of my daughter's life?

Dr. Grant: Sir, I'm a fourth year. I'm more than capable. The test results are very straightforward.

Victor: Uh-huh. What did they say?

Dr. Grant: Well, the M.R.I. showed no bleeding in the head, and no swelling. Her elevated blood pressure was not caused by any head trauma. Her liver functions are normal and her urinalysis was clean.

Nikki: Well, what is going on with her then?

Dr. Grant: We are doing everything possible to find out.

(Cell phone ringing)

Kevin: Hello? Yes, I was trying to get in touch with Mr. Todd scheller? Oh, this is his secretary? How are you? Uh, fine, thanks. I, uh, I was calling in regards to, um, Mr. John Abbott? Does that name ring a bell? Did Mr. Scheller ever mention him? Oh--oh, he did? Uh, that's great. Yeah, no, that's great. Um, would you mind having him give me a call back when he gets back in town? Okay, thank you. All right, take care.

Jack: It was a category 5 tornado by the time it hit Barneveld. It did incredible damage. Dad donated 10% of all Jabot products sold in Wisconsin to the relief effort.

Phyllis: John was very generous.

Jack: I always admired how committed he was to the community.

Lauren: You know what? I think it's time for me to go home.

Michael: Hey, hey, hey!

Lauren: Oh, my goodness! Hi!

Phyllis: Hey, look at you, you look happy.

Lauren: He does.

Michael: Well, seeing my lovely wife and lovely friend always makes for a better day. Hello, Jack.

Jack: Baldwin.

Lauren: All right, so what put you in this mood?

Michael: Uh, your appeal is going to be reconsidered by the appellate court.

Lauren: Oh, my God!

Phyllis: No, is it really?

Michael: Yes!

Phyllis: Are you serious?

Michael: Yep.

Phyllis: Oh, Michael, you are the best. You are the best! You are the best.

Lauren: Of course he is! Oh, I knew you could do it! I knew it!

Jack: Well, maybe we'll get the right outcome this time, huh?

Michael: Hm.

(Cell phone ringing)

Jack: Oh, that's my Madison office. We will celebrate later, huh?

Phyllis: Okay. Wow. Really?

Michael: Yes.

Phyllis: This is huge. This is huge!

Michael: Okay... this is also good news, remember?

Phyllis: I know. It's good news. I just--I-I wanna be able to-- to celebrate with my husband.

Lauren: Oh, Honey. He'll call soon. You can tell him then, right?

Phyllis: Yeah. Oh, definitely. Definitely. I mean, he--he has all his focus on his sister right now, and he should.

Paul: Boy, this, um... this really isn't easy for me. Uh... what I have to tell you... is gonna change both our lives. I've wanted to do it for some time and, uh... it's never--

Heather: Go ahead.

Paul: When I was a teenager... the thing I was most interested in was having a good time. Especially with the girls, if you know what I mean. And, um... I got this one girl pregnant. And I didn't step up and do the right thing the way I should've. We tried the family thing. I, um... got married. But I was really young and I couldn't-- I couldn't... it was really too much for me. I couldn't handle it. And we both decided that the best thing for the child would be... if she was raised without me. And, um... they moved away. I got updates, you know, from her mother every so often. And every now and then, I-I would see her. And I was hoping that, uh... when she looked in my eyes, she would remember the few times that--that I held her in my arms and I rocked her to sleep. But she didn't. I struggled, you know, wanting to tell her the truth time after time. But I made a promise that I wouldn't do that. And I-I kept my promise. Until now. Heather... you're my daughter.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Daniel: Keep an eye out for random spot checks in the next couple of days.

Phyllis: Because that is the assistant D.A. we all know and love.

Heather: It is my duty to report you.

Paul: If Heather comes after me--

Michael: We'll all go down with you!

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