Y&R Transcript Tuesday 11/6/07

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 11/6/07 -- Canada; Wednesday 11/7/07 -- U.S.A.


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Neil: I'll refer you to the press release.

Karen: No, Mr. Newman no culpab in the collapse NIST report and we are following up with our own investigation.

Neil: No, no, no interviews at this time.

Karen: Yeah, just-- just e-mail it to me. I'd really appreciate that. You have the address, right? Okay, great. I'll speak to you then, thanks.

Neil: You're welcome. Call me if you need anything else, all right?

Karen: Okay.

Neil: Thanks.

Karen: Next...

Neil: No, no, no, no, no. Don't--don't even-- don't even think about it.

Karen: Think? It's not possible at this point.

Neil: Karen, it's time to get out of here.

Karen: No, really, really, I just--I just--this one, I've gotta finish this one e-mail.

Neil: No, no, no, we're leaving. We're off the clock. Tonight is a huge night.

Karen: Yes, it is. And I cannot believe that I am going to see Enrique Iglesias.

Neil: Ah. Yeah, you make it sound like, uh, you're gonna enjoy seeing a hot Latin superstar. Uh, I guess you are.

Karen: And he's doing it for charity.

Neil: Yeah. That's nice.

Devon: Ahem.

Karen: Hey.

Devon: Hi, how you doing?

Neil: Hey, Buddy.

Devon: Hey, Dad. Uh, done and done. There you go.

Neil: Oh, great! Thank you so much.

Devon: You are welcome. You mind if I take off? 'Cause I told Roxanne I'd be there, like, ten minutes ago.

Neil: Good job. I like this. Yeah, good, go ahead.

Devon: Cool.

Neil: We're, uh, we're not far behind you. We'll see you there.

Devon: Okay. I'll, uh, see you guys.

Neil: Tonight is not gonna be a repeat of the last time when the kids-- somebody's kids-- 'cause they weren't my kids-- were less than welcoming. I mean, they understand that you and I have been hanging out a lot together and they're... believe it or not, they accept it.

Karen: Okay.

Maggie: I think we better get going. I wanna make sure we get a good table.

Paul: You seem awfully excited about the entertainment.

Maggie: Don't worry. I'm not one of those women.

Paul: Mmm. Which ones?

Maggie: Well, I-- they used to be called groupies. I don't know what they're called anymore.

Paul: And you're not one of those?

Maggie: No, I'm not. I just like his music.

Paul: Oh, I see.

Maggie: Why are you giving me such grief?

Paul: I don't know. It just... what was the name of that song? You seem to know every single word.

Maggie: You know what? I'll play it for you in the car.

Paul: Okay.

Maggie: Okay. You ready?

Paul: Hmm.

Maggie: 'Cause we-- we really do have to get-- ow.

Paul: What's the matter?

Maggie: Oh, I'm just-- you know, it's my stomach. I just... a little sensitive.

Paul: Wait a minute, where you were shot?

Maggie: Yeah. It's been sensitive the last couple days, but I think it's from crawling around underground, you know?

Paul: I think we should get it checked out.

Maggie: And spend all night in the E.R.? I have a date.

Paul: Maggie...

Maggie: With Enrique. Come on.

Lauren: Dinner and a movie?

Michael: Hmm.

Lauren: Or... we go to bed early and I use my new massage oil. What do you think, huh?

Michael: (Chuckles) you're bad.

Lauren: Yeah.

Michael: Well... it could be fun.

Lauren: It could be fun?

Michael: Mmm.

Lauren: It could be? I can't believe you just said that to me. What can I say to entice you, huh?

Michael: Look, as much as I've loved being locked away from the real world with my beautiful wife, I was thinking that maybe... a change of pace could be nice tonight.

Lauren: Are you sure we're not thinking the same thing?

Michael: Oh, I don't know. I was thinking... Enrique Iglesias? He's playing at Indigo.

Lauren: Oh, right.

Michael: Yeah.

Lauren: That's tonight.

Michael: Mm-hmm. I know you love him. Oh, you love him.

Lauren: I do. I do.

Michael: I wouldn't have bought all those cds for myself.

Lauren: That's true. But I-I'm not sure.

Michael: Oh, come on. It'll be fun. Gloria said she'd baby-sit Fenmore.

Lauren: Baby, I love my idea better.

Michael: Oh. And I'm gonna take you up on that. We can do both. I'd just don't wanna see you lock yourself away like you did--

Lauren: Okay, I'm not doing that. I'm not.

Michael: Mm.

Lauren: Just--I'm not sure I wanna go out. That's all.

Daniel: The ice cream truck is here.

Amber: Go ring the bell. I have ten more minutes.

Daniel: Why can't you just ask to get off early?

Amber: I canít. My boss is a total hard-ass.

Kevin: Lunges. Wanna feel?

Amber: Ha ha. I think I'll pass.

Kevin: I wasn't talking to you. Rock solid.

Daniel: Thank you. The mental image has successfully paralyzed me.

Kevin: So are you and, uh, sassy here headed to Indigo?

Daniel: Yes. Me, the girl with no pants and you.

Kevin: Sorry, Man, business owner. I gotta start playing the part.

Amber: You've been on the books all day.

Kevin: Mm-hmm. And I will be all pants-- uh, all night.

Amber: Ha ha ha. Boring. Um, tell him not to be so responsible.

Daniel: Kevin, don't be so responsible!

Kevin: It's gonna be all couples there, and--and Janaís warden has this odd idea that she's not allowed to have any dates.

Amber: We don't have dates.

Kevin: You have each other, so go have fun.

Amber: Something you obviously know nothing about.

Daniel: Hey, you know what? It's okay. Maybe he'll come with us next time you're almost killed.

Amber: Yeah, maybe.

Kevin: Nice try. I'm still not going.

Amber: We are celebrating me being alive. As the person with the most recent near-death experience, I am calling the shots. And you are going.

Cane: Hey. Hey, Heather, um... can you--can you meet me at Indigo? I've got a couple things I have to finish up. Does 20 minutes sound good? Okay, I'll see you there. Hey, listen, um, I'm really glad that you asked me to go. Me, too.

Colleen: What are you gonna do here?

Lily: I'm just gonna sit another minute, okay? My feet hurt.

Colleen: Lily, you're avoiding Cane. Come on.

Lily: Yep. For as long as I can.

Colleen: Why don't you just get it over with? Say hey and move on.

Lily: And what? Pretend like I don't see him? Uh, no.

Colleen: Why don't you just wave from across the room like you're acknowledging him, but you're avoiding small talk.

Lily: Mmm. No.

Colleen: Whatever happened to the girl who said, "I don't need a boyfriend" and "I'm gonna have a fabulous time."?

Lily: I am. I'm going to.

Colleen: Then let's go. Come on. I mean, I think this is exactly what we need after seeing everyone suffer, don't you?

Lily: Ugh. That's right. I didn't even ask you about how your dad and Adrian were.

Colleen: They're better. You can ask him yourself tonight.

Devon: Hey. You hiding out back here?

Colleen: Hey.

Lily: Um, no, I just came early to help set up. Hi.

Roxanne: What's up, Lily? I haven't seen you since your party.

Lily: Yeah, well, Devon doesn't allow me around his dates.

Devon: That's because you feel the need to share every embarrassing story there is about me.

Neil: Hi, you guys.

Karen: Hey.

Paul: Hey.

Maggie: Hey.

Neil: How are you?

Maggie: I'm good. How are you?

Neil: How you feeling?

Paul: Pretty good. Pretty good. You know, nothing stops this one. She's a tough cop. She's, uh, you know, got a black belt in Shotokan karate. One-woman crime fighting machine. Let me tell you.

Karen: We should train together sometime.

Maggie: Oh, yeah, I'd like that.

Karen: Yes, yes, yes.

Maggie: Yeah.

Karen: Okay, good.

Neil: Yeah, but if y'all train together, you better watch out for her left--wah-- roundhouse kick.

Maggie: That's the on.

Paul: Oh, somebody get a little bruised? I'm getting the feeling that, um...

Neil: Yeah, uh, my ego, as well, sure. She dropped me. Twice. Shh. Don't say anything.

Maggie: Twice?!

Karen: Yeah, well, no, no, but he's getting a lot better at hitting the ground. I have to say that.

Neil: Thank you for telling me that. So what about you? Have you ever beat up Paul?

Maggie: You know, I can't say that I have.

Paul: See, I'm lucky. I've never been afraid of any woman I've ever gone out with. Oh!

Neil: Me neither. Me neither. Until now. Oh, no, no, wait, no, I'm lying. Um, there were times when Drucilla actually scared me.

Paul: Oh, well, there's a force to be reckoned with there, huh?

Neil: Are you kidding me? Category 5 hurricane coming right at ya.

Amber: Kick it up a notch, Kev. My shift's over.

Kevin: Ten minutes. I have to finish these receipts.

Amber: Five! Five! Five.

Daniel: Five.

Amber: Five! I can't wait! Enrique Iglesias-- oh, I'm so happy you thought about this! Wait, wouldn't it be really cool if we did a duet together, hmm?

Daniel: I'd pay to see that. You got a great voice.

Amber: Thank you. I can't wait. I can't wait. It is gonna be so good to just... get away from the news for the night, you know? Oh, if I hear one more thing about government reports or methane fields, just...

Daniel: Quick.

Amber: Yeah, right. We need to get out. Hey, thanks for getting the tickets.

Daniel: No problem.

Amber: You take good care of me.

Daniel: Yeah. And you know, it's not easy.

Amber: Nothing about me is.

Daniel: Wait a minute, you're not gonna go all Lifetime movie of the week on me, are you?

Amber: Maybe. I am entitled. You know, you even said so yourself.

Daniel: Okay, then... give me your best Heather Locklear.

Amber: Maybe later. Wanna know the first thing that I thought about when I was trapped?

Daniel: Uh, I got a pretty good idea. Let's see. Mm. One--I'm never gonna be able to shop again. Or better yet, is my hair flat?

Amber: Stop it! No! I thought... that I was never gonna see a blue sky again. 'Cause it was so dark. And--and I was thinking to myself, "Is this the way I'm gonna die, really? Trapped in my hunk of a junk piece of car?" Needless to say, I had a lot of time to reevaluate my life. And just think about all the stuff I messed up. I mean, it's one thing if it just affects you, but when it affects your friends, itís... I got you in a lot of trouble, Daniel. I practically broke up your marriage.

Daniel: That was all me.

Amber: Okay, well, either way, I'm sorry. You're my best friend.

Daniel: B.F.F.S?

Amber: Don't knock it. You know, most so-called friends-- they stab you in the back at the first chance they have to get ahead. At least that's been my, uh, experience thus far.

Daniel: Yeah, well, no knives here. Do me a favor, though, would you?

Amber: Hm?

Daniel: You look out for yourself, too. 'Cause the way I see it, you deserve the best.

Amber: Thanks, Baby.

Daniel: Yeah.

Michael: Ahem. Just in case?

Lauren: Oh, you are relentless.

Michael: How long have we been married and you're just discovering that?

Lauren: Honey, I'm trying to interest you in a DVD and homemade popcorn. Your favorite.

Michael: Oh, popcorn?

Lauren: Yes.

Michael: Popcorn? Well, live music sounds so much better.

Lauren: You want music? Really? May I show you to our lovely stereo over there?

Michael: Live music. Enrique Iglesias. Romantic setting.

Lauren: Hm.

Michael: Come on... we get to hear him in person. You know, that little club, what's its name? That, you know, that club.

Lauren: You're incorrigible.

Michael: I know. And I'm a lawyer. I took a whole class in it in school, but I digress. I was about to set the scene.

Lauren: Oh, please do.

Michael: All right. You know, a relaxing evening out with friends, 'cause Maggie and Paul said they would join us, a couple of drinks, you would have your husband's undivided attention. And, um, who knows? Look, maybe a dance or two or three? High romance. And the topper is, the proceeds go to charity.

Lauren: Okay, but you see, my idea... just as romantic, even more, possibly. They already have our money. You don't have to buy tickets. We just stay here.

Michael: Come on. Let's do this. I don't want you to just lock yourself away like you did the last time.

Lauren: No, no, no. You really wanna go? Okay. How can I turn down my handsome husband, huh?

Michael: You canít.

Lauren: No. Go get your coat.

Michael: I'll get my coat.

Lauren: All right.

Michael: Kiss me.

Amber: Hmm. A lot of pretty faces.

Daniel: Take it easy, Tiger. We just got here.

Amber: Who shall I hit on first?

Daniel: I don't know, but I got a pretty good idea of which one I'm going after.

Amber: Who?

Daniel: That one. She is perfect.

Amber: Perfect? What if she has a "Butter face"?

Daniel: Come on, she could pull off a dress like that, I am fairly certain that I will like the rest. I will see you later tonight.

Amber: Hmm.

Daniel: Maybe.

Amber: (Laughs)

Daniel: You gotta be kidding me.

Amber: (Laughs)

Kevin: What, what, what, what did I miss?

Amber: Daniel has the hots for the assistant D.A.

Kevin: Her?

Amber: Oh, yeah, she's perfect.

Daniel: Did I, um, mention that I have a doctor's appointment to get my eyes checked tomorrow?

Kevin: Oh, that's weak, Man.

Amber: Well, what are you waiting for, Lover Boy? Go talk to Miss Perfect.

Daniel: How about I go talk to miss "Someone I don't hate?"

Kevin: It's tough, isn't it?

Daniel: What?

Kevin: Hating the one you love. We have a lot in common.

Amber: Yeah.

Neil: I can't believe the nerve of that guy.

Devon: Are you surprised he has no sense of judgment?

Neil: I'm gonna tell him to leave.

Lily: No, Dad, no, no. It's okay. Daniel doesn't bother me anymore.

Devon: Oh, that makes one of us.

Lily: Devon, I've gotten over it, so you should, too.

Karen: You know, Lily, your dad has told me that you're considering running for student government, right?

Lily: Um, yeah, yeah, I was thinking about it.

Karen: Great. Well, if you need some help strategizing, I'm right here.

Lily: Okay. Thanks.

Karen: Mm-hmm.

Lily: I might take you up on that. Um, where's Roxanne?

Devon: She is over there with, uh, Colleen and Adrian.

Lily: Okay. I have to ask her a question about bio lab. Devon said that she's taking the same course, so...

Neil: My daughter-- the devoted student.

Lily: Well, it's better than your daughter the drug addict.

Neil: Yeah.

Lily: All right, have fun, you guys.

Neil: See you. Hey... you heard her. Let's see a smile and have some fun, all right?

Lily: Hey. Can I talk to you for a second?

Roxanne: Yeah, sure.

Lily: Excuse us. So... I told them I had to ask you a question about bio lab.

Roxanne: Oh, you have another story about Devon?

Lily: Yes. Yes, I have tons. But, um... first things first, do you really like him?

Roxanne: Um... he's the coolest guy I've met a G.C.U.

Lily: And you're not just saying that?

Roxanne: No. I've, uh, I've dated a lot of losers. And, uh... well, I could actually see myself staying with him for more than a week.

Lily: Okay.

Maggie: It was the best concert I've ever been to.

Paul: Mine was Steely Dan.

Michael: Oh, you're dating yourself now, my friend.

Lauren: I like Steely Dan.

Paul: I was 4.

Maggie: (Laughs)

Michael: Oh, a toddler? A mere lad?

Paul: 15, maybe.

(Cell phone ringing)

Lauren: Hi, Gloria. Wait. Oh, did you try in his toy box? She can't find lullaby bear.

Michael: Tell her to try and look behind our chair in the bedroom.

Lauren: All right, hold on, I'll be right back. Gloria?

Paul: Kudos for getting her out of the apartment tonight.

Michael: Wasn't easy.

Maggie: She still having a rough time?

Michael: It varies hour by hour, but you know, this is gonna be really good for her.

Maggie: Yeah.

Paul: So how did she handle the whole thing with Victor?

Michael: What about him?

Michael: He set up the drilling operation outside of town.

Michael: What?

Paul: Well, according to the N.I.S.T. report, it led to the explosion that caused the collapse. He's disputing it.

Michael: Of course he is.

Maggie: Are you gonna tell Lauren?

Michael: No. No. She's dealing with enough. Nikki--Nikki is his wife. How can he do this to his wife? My wife? Everyone who was trapped? Victoria is in the hospital because of her-- because of her father.

Michael: Victor is responsible for what happened at Clear Springs?

Neil: Michael, his team is still investigating the reports. We never had any indication this might happen from day one.

Michael: You knew? You knew about the mining this whole time?

Neil: Now, Michael, with all due respect, this isn't the place. Now I understand-- I completely understand why you're upset.

Michael: You cannot begin to understand!

Neil: Okay, listen to me, I'm sorry. I really am sorry.

Karen: Neil, the bartender--

Neil: I'm gonna have to get back out there.

Karen: Excuse me.

Neil: It's all right. Michael's asking about Victor's involvement in the building collapse.

Michael: There's an N.I.S.T. report?

Karen: Yes, there is. And we're conducting an investigation of our own.

Michael: Which Victor is paying for, I'm sure.

Karen: Look, our reports indicate that the drilling company did everything by the book.

Michael: That book almost killed my wife.

Heather: I lived in Lakeview.

Lauren: Really?

Cane: That's near Wrigley Field, isn't it?

Heather: You know Chicago?

Cane: I know the Cubs.

Maggie: Oh, I'm a big fan.

Paul: Nicely understated.

Maggie: Oh!

Paul: Hey!

Maggie: Ow.

Paul: Your stomach again?

Maggie: Yeah.

Heather: That's not from the parking garage, is it?

Maggie: It's an old gunshot wound.

Lauren: Yeah.

Heather: What happened?

Maggie: A woman named Sheila Carter happened. A long story. I'm fine.

Heather: Oh, my God.

Paul: Um, we're still on for lunch tomorrow, right?

Heather: Yes, we are, 1:00 P.M. sharp.

Paul: All right.

Heather: Okay.

Paul: See you later.

Heather: Bye, Lauren.

Lauren: Bye.

Maggie: Lunch?

Lauren: Are you planning on telling her?

Paul: Well, uh... Aprilís against it.

Lauren: So you're not going to tell her?

Paul: Well, Aprilís against it, but, um... she's my daughter, too. I think it's time she finally knew the truth.

(Cell phone ringing)

Cane: I gotta take this. One second.

Heather: Okay.

Kevin: Hey, Heather, great dress.

Heather: Thank you, Kevin.

Kevin: Uh, listen, do you mind if I ask for your professional opinion on something?

Heather: Sure, why not?

Kevin: Okay, so, uh... I know you're the one who put her there, but, um... what are Janaís chances of getting out of Jackson pen?

Heather: It's an ongoing case. I'm not at liberty--

Kevin: Okay, okay, okay, uh, hypothetically?

Heather: Kevin, I don't do hypotheticalís. I know the world isn't black and white, but I believe we live in a society with laws for a reason.

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it. I get it. Uh, to maintain social order, to help people blah, blah, blah.

Heather: Mm-hmm. So then you probably also get that we can't just let criminals go free because we like them.

Kevin: I guess you're right. But you know, Jana didn't know what she was doing. She was sick.

Heather: Okay, so a case could probably, hypothetically speaking, be made for Jana that's she's fit to live in society again. But only if she has a very good lawyer. Know any?

Kevin: I thought you didn't do hypotheticalís? How about I buy you a drink?

Amber: Kevin's making his move on your girl. You better get over there.

Daniel: Shut up! It's not funny.

Amber: Mm-hmm. Yeah, it is.

Cane: What a coincidence.

Lily: Hi.

Cane: Hey.

Lily: You look nice. I like your shirt.

Cane: Thank you. You... you look beautiful. I like your dress.

Lily: Thanks.

Cane: So who are you-- who are you here with?

Lily: Uh, just from friends and colleen. Yeah.

Heather: Hi.

Cane: Hey. Hey.

Heather: Hi.

Lily: Hi.

Cane: I, um, I haven't had a chance to get the drinks yet.

Heather: Oh, that's okay. Do you want me to grab 'em?

Cane: No. No, we'll do it together. We'll do it together.

Lily: Uh, well, you guys have fun.

Cane: Thanks.

Heather: Bye.

Neil: Hi, Honey.

Lily: Hi.

Neil: Little chilly out here, huh?

Lily: Yeah. Thanks.

Neil: Sure.

Lily: I just needed to get away from everybody.

Neil: Yeah. You okay?

Lily: Yeah, I'm fine. I was just up late last night, working on a paper, so I'm pretty tired.

Neil: Does it have anything to do with Cane?

Lily: We're friends.

Neil: Lily, how long have I known you? Your whole life, right? I saw you talking with Cane.

Lily: Trust me, we're friends. We were just talking.

Neil: I can tell that your feelings go way beyond friendship.

Lily: Oh, my gosh! Where do you get this stuff?

Neil: This afternoon... Cane was the first person you mentioned when I told you that chancellor industries wasn't responsible for the collapse, remember that?

Lily: So?

Neil: So I wondered why at the time. And now I know.

Lily: Dad...

Neil: Lily... this really isn't a good idea.

Lily: Please don't treat me like I'm 12.

Neil: Well, I'm sorry, I don't mean to do that.

Lily: Listen, there's nothing going on between me and Cane.

Neil: Let's keep it that way, huh? Seriously, you and Daniel just broke up. It hasn't been that long. Cane just got divorced. And plus, he is way, way too old for you.

Lily: Okay, you're getting ahead of yourself. And you're being way, way, way too overprotective.

Neil: Well, Honey... that's what fathers do.

Lily: (Scoffs)

Heather: Cheers.

Cane: So... tell me how you know Paul.

Heather: Uh, he's an old friend of my momís.

Cane: Really?

Heather: Yeah, do you remember the other day when I mentioned that stepfather situation?

Cane: Yeah.

Heather: Yeah, he helped us out a little bit during that time. I actually lived with his mom for awhile.

Cane: When you were a kid, right?

Heather: Mm-hmm. He was really great to me during that time.

Cane: Yeah. Yeah, I like Paul. He's a good guy.

Heather: He is. He's the best.

Paul: Are you sure you're feeling okay?

Maggie: I'm fine.

Paul: Would you tell me if you weren't?

Maggie: Yes. Why wouldn't I?

Paul: To get me to stop bugging you.

Maggie: I don't-- I don't mind you bugging me. I think it's sweet that you're worried.

Michael: Worried? Worried about what?

Paul: Sheila Carter. It's just the gift that keeps on giving.

Michael: Excuse me?

Paul: Maggie's gunshot wound is acting up a little bit.

Maggie: It's really no big deal. He's making a big deal out of this. It's no big deal.

Lauren: I need some air.

Michael: Let's, uh, Sweetie--.

Devon: Here you go.

Roxanne: Thank you.

Devon: Feels like we were just here, doesn't it?

Roxanne: Yes, except I'm having much more fun this time.

Devon: Oh, that's 'cause I'm not dragging you to work with me.

Roxanne: No, that's because I'm getting all the dirt on you.

Devon: The dirt on me? Has Lily been telling you more stupid stories about me?

Roxanne: (Giggles)

Devon: No, she hasn't! That girl is gonna pay!

Roxanne: Is she?

Devon: She's gonna pay for that!

Colleen: You know, we are finally not in a disaster site or a mental institution. So why don't we talk about nice, happy, normal things.

Kevin: Okay. What do you have in mind? Puppy dogs? Cotton candy? Sex?

Colleen: Oh, my God!

Kevin: Sex!

Colleen: I was setting myself up for that. Mm-hmm. You know what? To being happy.

Kevin: Here's mud in your eye. No offense to your dad. Here.

Colleen: Cheers.

Kevin: Cheers.

Adrian: Hey, thanks for, uh, keeping my girlfriend company while I was away.

Kevin: Sure thing. So, hey, why don't you, uh... sit down and, uh, rest your foot?

Adrian: I am gonna keep my feet firmly on the floor. But I don't think I'll be dancing anytime soon.

Colleen: Do you wanna go home? 'Cause I-I don't--

Adrian: No, no, no, no, no, definitely not. Considering what I've been through, I have no room to complain. I'm just happy to be here.

Daniel: Thank you for not letting your dad kill me. I could tell that he really wanted to.

Lily: No. Actually, he just wanted to throw you out.

Daniel: Well, I'm still standing here. So your amazing powers of persuasion must still be intact. So how have you been?

Lily: I've been good. How are you?

Daniel: Good. You having a good time tonight?

Lily: Yeah. Yeah, I'm having a great time.

Daniel: I should probably go.

Lily: Okay.

Amber: I mean, can you believe Enrique Iglesias is gonna be here?

Cane: Yeah, it's quite the coup, isn't it?

Amber: Major. And it's for a good cause. You know, I'm lucky. I just wish everyone else could have been.

Cane: You seem to have bounced back.

Amber: I'm nothing if not resilient.

Cane: You wore it.

Amber: Oh, yeah. The pin Kay gave me. I love it.

Cane: It looks very pretty on you.

Amber: Thank you.

Heather: Um, are you getting any reception? 'Cause I don't have-- how many bars do you have?

Daniel: Ah. I get it. Trick question, right? Some kind of covert operation, gonna try and put me away for life this time? Where's your camera?

Heather: Still paranoid, I see. Okay, never mind.

Daniel: Wait. My reception is fine. You might wanna try your phone outside. You might have better luck out there.

Heather: Thanks.

[Heather goes outside and around the corner she sees Lauren, Paul and Michael]

Lauren: Oh!

Michael: Um, tonight was a bad idea. I'm--I'm sorry.

Lauren: Don't be.

Michael: No, you--you wanted to stay home. I just--I just kept pushing. Here.

Lauren: No, no, no, no. No. No. I wanted to come. I mean, I wanted to come. And I was okay. I was--I was just fine. And then, all of a sudden, the walls just started-- they closed in on me and--

Michael: I had no idea that they would bring her up.

Lauren: I know. I know. Somewhere between hearing Sheilaís name and Maggieís gunshot, I just...

Michael: All right, you know what? It's over. It's over. Sheila cannot hurt you again, all right?

Lauren: She can haunt me.

Michael: All right, we should go.

Lauren: No.

Michael: You wanted to see a movie. We can see a movie. That's great.

Lauren: No, no, no, I'm fine. I--no, I wanna stay. Let me work through this, okay? It's good for me. It's good for me.

Paul: Hey. Everything okay out here?

Lauren: Yeah. Fine. Everything's fine.

Michael: No, she's been on edge ever since the collapse.

Lauren: Michael.

Paul: Well, anything I can do?

Lauren: Nothing. I don't know, hearing... Sheilaís name... and Maggie... I-I just--I lost it. You know, I started thinking about that cage and... she wanted to trap me, and then Maggie almost died there.

Paul: Yeah, but Maggie didnít. She didn't die. She's fine. You know what? I just wish I could've protected you the whole time.

Lauren: Oh, Paul, it wasn't your fault.

Michael: Sometimes psychos don't play by the handbook.

Paul: You're right. I mean, I thought I was one step ahead of her the whole time. But what's a little kidnapping for the better good, right? I'd hold her there, nobody would know, nobody gets hurt. I tell ya, if I had to do it all over again, I would make sure that Sheila Carter never escaped.

Cane: Hey, I was worried about you.

Heather: Yeah, um...

Cane: What happened?

Heather: I just got some really shocking news. I...

Maggie: Well, I was about to send out a search party.

Lauren: Oh.

Maggie: How you doing?

Lauren: I'm better.

Paul: Breathing's back to normal, huh?

Lauren: Yeah. Yeah. Panic attack's over. I survived. Hey... don't ever doubt yourself. I-I'm so grateful for everything that you did for me. Now... I'm fine. You can see that. I-I don't wanna ruin your date. Please go back. The concert's about to start. Go on.

Maggie: Will you join us? Maybe?

Lauren: Pretend this never happened, okay?

Maggie: Okay.

Paul: Okay.

Michael: What do you wanna do?

Lauren: Um... I think I wanna stay out here, okay? Is that all right with you?

Michael: Dancing on the loading dock?

Lauren: Hmm. Yeah.

Michael: I'd love to.

Neil: So everybody's feeling good tonight?

(Cheers and applause)

Neil: Okay. All right, good. As you know, all of the proceeds for tonight go towards the Clear Springs relief fund. So I wanna thank all of you-- yeah, you can clap for that. That's good. I wanna thank all of you for coming out and showing your generosity. You've made a real impact into the lives of the people who need the help the most right now. Okay. So now, the moment we've all been waiting for. He's an international superstar, having enjoyed 18-- count 'em-- 18 number one Latin billboard hits. He's here to sing his new single, "Somebody's me," Enrique Iglesias! How you doing?

Enrique: Good, Man. Thank you! It's great to be here in Genoa City helping with the Clear Springs relief fund. Thank you very much.

(Playing "Somebody's me")

Enrique: You do you remember me? Like I remember you? Do you spend your life going back in your mind to that time? Because I I walk the streets alone. I hate being on my own, and everyone can see that I really fell, and I'm going through hell thinking about you with somebody else. Somebody wants you somebody needs you somebody dreams about you every single night. Somebody can't breathe without you. It's lonely. Somebody hopes that someday you will see that somebody's me that somebody's me. How how could we go wrong? It was so good and now it's gone. And I pray at night that our paths soon will cross, and what we had isn't lost, 'cause you're always right here in my thoughts. Somebody wants you somebody needs you somebody dreams about you every single night. Somebody can't breathe without you. It's lonely. Somebody hopes that someday you will see that somebody's me. You will always be in my life even if I'm in not in your life, because you're in my memory. You when you remember me and before you set me free. Oh, listen please somebody wants you somebody needs you somebody dreams about you every single night. Somebody can't breathe without you. It's lonely. Somebody hopes that someday you will see that somebody's me

Man: Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh.

Enrique: Somebody's me that somebody's me that somebody's me.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Colleen: I'm worried about you. I know you're not taking care of yourself.

J.T.: I'm fine.

Nikki: What's happening?

Woman: The machines registered an elevated blood pressure reading.

Heather: I've love you to come up. I wanna make it up to you. Do you wanna grab a cup of coffee?

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