Y&R Transcript Friday 10/26/07

Y&R Transcript Friday 10/26/07 -- Canada; Monday 10/29/07 -- U.S.A.


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Jack: How's Noah?

Sharon: Still no changes since you left an hour ago.

Jack: He's still sleeping.

Daniel: I'll tell Mom. I'm on my way to pick her up right now.

Jack: Tell her we can't wait to see her.

Daniel: Will do.

Sharon: Did you get a chance to shower and--and get something to eat?

Jack: Uh, shower, yes. I don't have much of an appetite right now. Is Nicholas still with you?

Sharon: No, he--he went to grab a bite.

Jack: When he gets back, maybe you should go home and rest, huh?

Sharon: I'm not gonna leave Noah.

Jack: I thought you'd say that. I feel the same way. If this weren't Phyllis' first day of work release...

Sharon: I know. You'd be here.

Jack: Okay, I'm gonna get out of here as soon as I can. As soon as I get her all signed in, I'll be right there, okay? Call me if there are any changes.

Sharon: I will. I love you.

Noah: (Moans)

Kay: There was only one fatality and, uh, many more injured. And some of them we know very well-- Noah, Victoria and that Korbel fellow.

Jill: I'm gonna go over there in a little while and see how they are.

Kay: Yes, of course.

Jill: Darling, we don't know the cause of the collapse. It could've been seismic.

Cane: Mum...

Jill: It could have been sabotage.

Cane: It could've been substandard materials.

Kay: It could've been anything, Cane.

Cane: You saw the cracks in the garage. If it was construction, it was my fault.

Nick: (Sighs) Here you go, Mom.

Nikki: Thank you, Son.

Victor: Doctor Meyer at Case Western gave me Dr. Webb's number. Well, my daughter is pregnant and, uh, she has been unconscious for 12 hours now. You tell the doctor whatever his fee is, I'll double it. Tell him Victor Newman is calling.

J.T.: Squeeze my fingers. Come on, I know you can do it. Do it for me and the baby, all right? Come back to us, Victoria. Squeeze my fingers.

Phyllis: Hey. The warden is 22 minutes late. Which means I've lost 22 minutes of my life.

Jana: Oh, he didn't say for sure when he's coming.

Phyllis: She's been on the phone forever. I need to talk to Nick.

Jana: Well, if you want, I could tell her I'm a psychotic killer set off by frustration. And right now I'm just so frustrated that my friend can't use the phone.

Phyllis: No, no, no, no, that's--that's a good idea. No, thanks. I'll just, you know... wait. I need to be the model felon.

Jana: Um, Phyllis, if you see Kevin, could you please give him this for me? It's a model motorbike from shop class. It's just... to remind him about the trip we're supposed to take together.

Phyllis: Oh, okay, yeah. I'll give it to Kevin. And if I don't see him, I'll give it to Daniel.

Jana: Yeah?

Phyllis: That is, if I ever get out of here.

Victor: Excuse me, Dr. Ryan? May I speak with you for a moment? Any news on my daughter?

Dr. Ryan: I'm sorry, Mr. Newman, there's been no change.

Nikki: We hear you ordered a second CT scan this morning.

Dr. Ryan: In case of additional injury we didn't immediately see.

Nick: Excuse me, there's my son's doctor.

Victor: Sure. What about the second CT scan?

Dr. Ryan: Nothing new. Uh, which isn't unusual for these kinds of blunt trauma injuries.

Nikki: So you still don't know why she's unconscious?

Dr. Ryan: If we're dealing with axonal injuriesó

(Cell phone ringing)

Victor: Excuse me. Excuse me for a moment, please. Yes, hello? Yes, Dr. Webb. Thank you for calling back. I will tell them to upload her charts. Right. For your review. I appreciate it. Thank you.

Dr. Ryan: Is that Dr. Paul Webb at Johns Hopkins?

Victor: That is he indeed. I'm told he's an expert on brain injury and pregnancy.

Dr. Ryan: That he is.

Victor: And you kindly take advantage of his expertise, all right?

Dr. Ryan: Absolutely.

Victor: Thank you.

Dr. Ryan: Excuse me.

Sharon: How is he?

Doctor: Removing the spleen laparoscopically caused less stress on his system. No infection, no complications. I gave him some pain medication for the rib injury. They should heal on their own in about six weeks.

Sharon: So when will he be able to come home?

Doctor: Maybe tomorrow.

Sharon: Wow!

(Pager beeping)

Doctor: Excuse me.

Noah: Dad.

Nick: Hi.

Sharon: Hey.

Nick: Hey, what's up, Champ? How you feeling?

Noah: Tired. Were you here before?

Nick: Oh, yeah, lots of times. Lots of times. So, uh, I need to talk to your mom for a minute, okay?

Noah: Don't go.

Nick: Look, if I am not in this room, I am somewhere in this hospital. I promise you. If you need me, I'm here in a flash.

Noah: Okay.

Nick: All right.

Nick: So what did the doctor say?

Sharon: She said that he's doing fine, physically. But he seems really out of it.

Nick: Well, the anesthesia, and the pain meds, it's not surprising. As soon as they give me the okay, I'll go get him a milkshake from the coffeehouse.

Sharon: Yeah, strawberry, extra thick. Like the one he brought you when you were in here.

Nick: Yeah, I remember.

Sharon: Hey, um... how's Vicki?

Nick: She's still unconscious.

Sharon: Wow. I-I don't understand.

Nick: Neither do they. Dad's flying in a specialist. This whole thing is such a nightmare.

Sharon: Is there anything I can do?

Phyllis: I'm permitted to be en route to and from work 12 hours per day, six days per week.

McQueen: Which means you'll be spending your other time--

Phyllis: Right here. Right here. I know. And my hours need to be approved by your office. The only one who can change them is my employer, but not without written consent by you.

McQueen: Good. Now let's talk about your husband. Is he okay after yesterday's events?

Phyllis: Yes. Yes, he's very healthy. His sister and his son were injured. I know I can't go to the hospital to visit them. I know that.

McQueen: Your husband, your daughter-- if it's not work related, it doesn't exist. We do unannounced spot checks.

Phyllis: I understand. I'm not gonna blow this.

McQueen: I'm clearing Ms. Newman. Send in her driver. Put on your street clothes.

Phyllis: All right. All right.

Daniel: I'm Ms. Newman's driver.

Phyllis: Hey! Daniel--it's Daniel. Uh, okay. Well, I will put on my street clothes and, um, then we can leave and proceed to Newman Enterprises.

Michael: Well, he just has to stay focused on the positive.

Lauren: Oh, Nick! Hey.

Nick: Hey. What are you doing here? You should be home resting.

Lauren: Well...

Michael: She insisted on coming.

Lauren: Yeah. How are Noah and Vicki?

Nick: Well, Noah's sleeping, and Vicki... we're all taking turns sitting with her.

Lauren: Nothing?

Nick: Not yet.

Michael: I know this doesn't compare as far as good news goes, but you heard about Phyllis, right?

Nick: Yeah, Dan called, said they're on their way back from the prison.

Lauren: Yeah, it's gonna kill her not to come.

Nick: They should instate a tragedy exception. It would mean everything to my son if he could see Phyllis.

Michael: I-I wouldn't take a chance with those work release rules.

Nick: Yeah, I know. Normally, this would be one of the best days of my life. Instead, itís... one of the worst.

J.T.: All right, you're pretty stubborn. I know. You don't wanna squeeze my hand? Why don't you lift a finger?

(Door opens)

J.T.: The doctor say anything new?

Nick: They don't know anything yet.

J.T.: What kind of hospital is this?

Nick: You know, Dr. Ryan's right outside. If you wanna try and catch him. Hey, it's all right. I got her.

J.T.: Don't let go.

Nick: I wonít.

Nick: So everybody's here. Me and Mom and Dad. And J.T. -- it's like the guy is super-glued to your side. And dude seriously needs a shower. I don't know how you put up with it. You know, if the squeezing of the hand thing is not working out for you, you can... you could give me a power noogie. Remember those? You used to give 'em to me all the time when I was a kid. You wanna know something funny? Mom and Dad are right outside together in the-- in the waiting room. And they're not fighting. All it took was a little... you know, knock on the head to get 'em closer than they've been in months. But did you have to be so dramatic about it, Vick? Look, we're gonna laugh about this... you know, after it's over. We're gonna laugh about it. I need you to squeeze my hand. Anything? Hit me, punch me, do whatever you want. Just let me know you're on your way back.

Nikki: So you're still worried that her brain could swell?

Dr. Ryan: In part. But we're more concerned about possible biochemical changes to the brain as a result of the trauma.

J.T.: What about the baby?

Dr. Ryan: Vital signs are normal.

J.T.: Doc, I don't understand what you mean when you say "Biochemical changes." Help me understand that.

Dr. Ryan: I'll have more answers after I talk to Dr. Webb. Excuse me.

Victor: Thank you, Dr. Ryan.

J.T.: Who's Dr. Webb?

Victor: He's a specialist I hired from Johns Hopkins. He will take care of Victoria.

Cane: So she's still unconscious? How's Noah? Okay. Well, um... our thoughts are with you, Nick. Please, if you could, just call us if anything changes, okay? All right. Bye.

Kay: No change in Victoria?

Cane: Noah's on the mend.

Kay: Ah.

Cane: Grandma, I have to know how this happened.

Kay: Now you listen to me. I am much more experienced than you are, and you cannot be blamed for anything.

Cane: I am blaming me.

Kay: Oh, stop it!

Jill: We've got a draft here.

Kevin: I'll put it on the web site as soon as I get the go ahead.

Kay: All right, let's hear it. Let's hear it.

Jill: "The entire Chancellor Industries family extends its thoughts and prayers to those who were impacted by this--"

Cane: Mum--Mum, you can't say "Impacted."

Jill: Oh, of course. Okay, um... "Who were affected by the devastating events yesterday in Clear Springs. Our special gratitude and thanks go out to the police, firefighters, volunteers and other first responders who were on site to help. We are determined to uncover the cause of this tragedy and assist the injured."

Kay: All right, I'm going to the hospital. Do you wanna go with me?

Jill: Yeah.

Cane: I'm coming.

Kay: Oh, get my coat, would you, Cane?

Jill: I got it.

Sharon: Easy, now.

Noah: I'm hungry. Can I have some more?

Sharon: Well, the doctor said you can't have any food until she gives the order. How are you feeling? Um, I know I asked you that already. I ask you that every time you wake up, though.

Noah: I don't remember.

Sharon: Oh. Well, that's just because of the stuff they gave you for the surgery.

Noah: Cool.

Sharon: But you know, that should wear off soon. And so don't try to use that excuse when I tell you to clean your room.

Noah: I don't remember.

Nikki: Hey, you're awake! Hi, Sweetie. How are you feeling?

Noah: Okay.

Sharon: What do you wanna bet everyone asks you that?

Nikki: Well... crayons and a pad. There wasn't very much in the gift shop, but I know you like to draw, so... maybe you'll feel like doing it later.

Noah: My stomach hurts.

Sharon: Okay. Uh, you know, the doctor said you were gonna be sore today. Hey, you know what? Pretty soon, you're gonna be well enough to have one of your favorite things-- a strawberry milkshake.

Noah: The kind Dad likes?

Nikki: Only at the coffeehouse.

Sharon: Extra extra thick.

Noah: Where is... Dad and Jack?

Sharon: They were here a little while ago.

Noah: I don't remember.

Jack: Overnight this to my office in Madison. Send the rest to the Mayor of Clear Springs. My office will render all possible help. Thanks.

(Knock on door)

Daniel: Jack, your assistant his here.

Phyllis: Hey.

Jack: Hey, yourself. Thanks for getting her here safely.

Daniel: Yes. Well, I live to serve.

Phyllis: (Laughs) well, um, look at you.

Jack: You know, I am the boss. There's no rule that says you can't hug the boss.

Phyllis: Oh, okay, well... it feels so good to be here.

Jack: I hear there is a beautiful little girl in the Newman nursery who is dying to see her mother.

Daniel: Ooh, I'm on it.

Phyllis: Um, no, don't-- uh, I can't--I can't do that.

Jack: You don't wanna see your daughter?

Phyllis: Of course I do. More than anything, I wanna see her.

Daniel: Okay, then I'm outta here.

Phyllis: No, Daniel... um, go ahead and get her, but don't--don't bring her to me, please.

Daniel: What?

Jack: Daniel, go get Summer.

Jack: Hey? What's going on here?

Phyllis: Uh, when-- when Nick would bring Summer to prison, it was wonderful and terrible at the same time. I mean, she... would leave and then I'd go back to my cell and that's how it was. But if I see her here, it's familiar to her, right? She'll think its real life. She'll feel my clothes and she'll get the smell of my hair, and--and it's like real life. But it's not real life. And--and I just-- I, you know, she'll cry and I won't come and... she'll--she'll wonder where her mommy is, so I can't do it. You understand that, don't you?

Jack: Sure. I understand that. But once you're finished staring at your beautiful daughter to your heart's content, why don't you tackle that pile of stuff right there.

Phyllis: Ah. Ah, I see you are backlogged.

Jack: Yep.

Phyllis: Behind. Okay.

Daniel: Go see Mommy.

Phyllis: Hey! Look at my pretty girl. But donít... don't, please... hi, Sweetie!

Daniel: Okay, you can just look at her then. Okay?

Phyllis: Hey.

Jack: I think, uh, maybe this will come in handy. Go ahead.

Phyllis: Oh, no, no, I can only do work related activities.

Jack: I'm your boss. I'm telling you to call your husband right now.

Phyllis: Hey! What do you have in your hand? Hey! Hi, it's me. Yeah. I... me, too. Um, listen, uh, I'm standing here with Daniel and our daughter. Hi, Sweetie. She says hi. And, um, I just wanted to know if... oh, no, no, that's fine. I understand. How's Noah? Oh. Oh, good. Good. Victoria?

J.T.: She's stable. The baby's all right. They don't know why she won't wake up.

Cane: Can't they run anymore tests?

J.T.: Yeah. Yeah. Victor called in a specialist. What the hell was I thinking, running around up there undercover?

Cane: Hey, hey...

J.T.: I should've been with her.

Cane: I hired you, Man.

J.T.: I know. I didn't even get the job done.

Cane: I promise you, I'll find out what happened.

J.T.: Thanks.

Cane: Okay.

J.T.: It's not gonna help Victoria wake up.

Lily: Hi.

Sharon: Lily, hi.

Lily: Hi. Oh, I can come back later if he's--

Sharon: No, that's okay. You know what? He's asleep. He won't wake up if we just talk quietly.

Noah: I'm not sleeping.

Sharon: Oh, you fooled me.

Noah: I was thinking.

Lily: Hi, Noah.

Noah: Hi.

Lily: Guess what? I brought you... every comic book known to mankind, okay? Or at least, all the ones I could find.

Noah: Thanks. Mom?

Sharon: Yeah, Sweetie.

Noah: What if people are still down there? How will they get out?

Sharon: Well, I know that... lots of people are working really hard to make sure everyone gets out of there.

Lily: Yeah, I heard that there's almost a hundred rescuers.

Sharon: You see? They're gonna make sure that no one stays trapped.

Noah: But they can't know for sure.

Lily: Well, I mean, these-- these people are experts. I mean, they won't stop until everybody's out.

(Telephone ringing)

Sharon: Oh, I'll get it for you. See who it is.

Noah: Hello?

Phyllis: Hello, Noah Newman? This is Phyllis Newman. I'm calling from, uh, Jack Abbottís office. We'd like to know how you're doing.

Noah: Hey!

Sharon: Who is it?

Noah: It's Phyllis. What are you--where are you?

Phyllis: I'm in Genoa City.

Noah: You're out of jail?

Phyllis: Uh, yeah. Well, sort of.

Noah: Well, come by the hospital. I wanna see you.

Phyllis: Ah, listen, I would love to do that. I-I canít. Um...

Noah: Here's Mom.

Sharon: Oh. Thanks. Phyllis?

Phyllis: Hey, Sharon. Um, how is he doing? It sounds like he's having a hard time talking.

Sharon: Yeah, he, uh, he has a cracked rib-- or a few, and, um, no more spleen, but he's healing up like a champ.

Phyllis: Oh, that's great. Oh, gosh, I wish I could see him. Please explain to him why I can't come there. And I just adore him and... just tell him if it were my choice, I'd be there.

Sharon: I'll do my best.

Phyllis: Thanks.

Daniel: Definitely not from the prison cafeteria!

Phyllis: Ooh! Nice! This is great. Oh, yes, all my favorite food groups-- sugar, fat, brown and fried.

Daniel: And a jumbo lava java.

Phyllis: Nice! You are a wonderful, wonderful son.

Daniel: Mm.

Phyllis: Mm. So good! Oh, nice! Look at this.

Daniel: You just consider that I guess one of the perks of your work release program.

Phyllis: Oh, thank you. This is great. You want some?

Daniel: Mnh-mnh.

Phyllis: This is really good. But not as good as having my son, my daughter and my husband near me. Nick made me promise not to come down to the hospital, so I'm not gonna do it. Yeah. He'll be here soon. I feel kind of guilty, him leaving Victoria and Noah to come see me.

Daniel: Noah's dying to see you.

Phyllis: I talked to him. He doesn't really understand. Summer definitely doesn't understand.

Daniel: Are you at least getting work done here?

Phyllis: Yeah. We're backlogged. Mm-hmm.

Daniel: I could help.

Phyllis: No. You have your own things to worry about. Listen, I am strong. I am focused. I am woman. I am caged heat.

Daniel: You are nuts.

Phyllis: I am nuts!

Daniel: Let's go to plan "B" then.

Phyllis: What's plan "B"?

Daniel: Mm. Not what. Who.

Jack: Well, if tragedy makes you older and wise, I think Noah's ready for grad school.

Sharon: Phyllis called. I had to explain to him why she couldn't come and see him.

Jack: How did that go?

Sharon: Not good. You know, I wish there were something... that I could do to make sure that nothing would ever hurt him again. To think that he was trapped down there without me... I just-- I should've been with him.

Jack: You're with him now.

Sharon: You know that foreman that died? He's someone's son, too. I look at Noah, and I look at you, and I think with just some slightest alteration in the universe--

Jack: Listen to me. It's okay. Everything's gonna be okay.

Sharon: You know, or Noah could've lost me. Nick and I are here because of you.

Jack: Nick would've done the same thing for me. In fact, he tried.

Sharon: But he didnít. You did. You're the hero.

Jack: Oh, I think if there's a hero here, its Victor. Without him, I wouldnít be alive.

Victor: Well, thank you. I appreciate that, thank you. That was Dr. Webb's office. They apparently contacted Dr. Ryan. Hello, Katherine.

Nikki: Thank God.

Kay: Hello, old friend.

Jill: Nikki was just updating us.

Victor: Yeah. Then you heard that there's nothing new with Victoria?

Kay: Well, we hear that Noah came through his surgery very well.

Jill: What are the doctors saying about Victoria?

Nikki: Not much of anything. They're still trying to determine why she's in a coma. But her vitals are good, as are the babyís.

Kay: Good.

Jill: Well, all we know is what we hear on the news. Now they're calling Jack a hero for saving Nick and Sharon.

Kay: And they're calling you a hero, also, for saving Jack. You did save Jack. Now like it or not, Victor, that makes you a hero.

Victor: Katherine, what kind of a hero am I if I can't save my own daughter?

Lily: You look like you could use a friend.

Cane: Hey. How are you?

Lily: I would ask you the same, but I think I already know. I went to see Noah. And his surgery went very well.

Cane: Yeah? What about when he comes home and he starts having nightmares about everything that happened to him?

Lily: Maybe he wonít.

Cane: You know, I went to the hospital, too. Victoria's unconscious. Her parents are distraught. J.T.'s going crazy about everything. God, this is such a mess. And I can't help... but wonder what job I had back home that could qualify me to do anything like this.

Lily: That doesn't mean you didn't do a good job, or that any of this is your fault.

Cane: You know, most people work their way up. But not if you're a Chancellor.

Lily: Well, from what I heard, no one even knows what caused it.

Cane: I go over every contract in my head that I signed, every decision that I made, and I keep wondering... was that the moment that I sealed Victoriaís fate? Or was that the moment that Jack Abbott had to sacrifice himself? Or was that the moment... that I put a little boy in ICU? All of this was my fault.

Phyllis: Interesting. You're in Jack's seat. Do you work here?

Kevin: Uh, no.

Phyllis: Why are you here?

Kevin: A friend in need, Phyllis, a friend in need. Not that you and I are friends.

Phyllis: That's true.

Kevin: Okay, so look, this whole situation needs to be handled very delicately on his web site. You know, when people hear disaster, it's not usually followed up with double down. And when Daniel-- that's where the friend part comes in-- said you were on a work release with a very serious work overload...

Phyllis: You're here to help me.

Kevin: Yeah. When it comes to physics, I'm horrible. But this stuff? Genius.

Phyllis: I'm very good at physics.

Kevin: I'm very good at this stuff.

Phyllis: I have something, uh, for you from Jana.

Kevin: Oh, wow! Thank you. You know, I like to think of you guys as, like, sorority sisters in this really, really twisted sorority. I'll be back.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Michael: What is Kevin doing in Jack's office?

Lauren: Well, I am here on Fenmoreís business!

Phyllis: Oh, hey!

Lauren: That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Michael: Oh, no hugging.

Phyllis: Good to see you!

Michael: Quickly. Quickly. Please.

Phyllis: How are you?

Lauren: I'm good. I'm good.

Phyllis: Good.

Lauren: And you're free!

Phyllis: Yeah, well, you know, free-er. Not really free.

Michael: For work purposes, not to fraternize.

Lauren: Excuse me, I'm here on legitimate reasons.

Phyllis: It's legitimate.

Lauren: Yes.

Phyllis: So have you been to the hospital?

Lauren: Yeah, yeah, I saw Noah, but not Victoria.

Phyllis: Nick is with them right now.

Lauren: Have you seen him yet?

Phyllis: No, but he'll be here soon.

Michael: Phyllis, look, I'm telling you, this is not--and I repeat-- not a dress rehearsal. If you so much as hold someone's hand here and get caught, they're gonna send you back behind bars so fast your head will spin. You hear me?

Phyllis: Loud and clear.

Jill: Here. This should help with the pain.

Kay: Thank you.

Jill: Are you sure you don't want the doctor to look at your shoulder again, since we're here?

Kay: Mnh-mnh. No, it will heal. Some of the other victims I'm not quite so sure. You know, I'm going to call every--every family who's involved. I'm going to call them personally.

Jill: I'll help you with that.

Kay: Not that Chancellor is at fault--

Jill: I pray we're not.

Kay: But if we are, dear God--dear God in heaven, we will handle it most honorably.

Jill: Absolutely.

Jack: Oh, Noah's sleeping again. Poor kid. Any news on Victoria?

Jill: I hope you're not addressing me.

Jack: Yes, somehow I imagined adult to adult, who had just been through this, you might actually care.

Kay: Um, Nikki and Victor were here a few minutes ago. Uh, nothing has changed, actually. Needless to say, Nikki is a wreck. And, uh, Victor was... Being his stoic self, but he was a wreck inside.

Jack: I owe him my life.

Kay: Yes, he was very heroic. We heard that on the news.

Jill: Yeah, but journalists throw the word heroic around so easily. They called you heroic.

Jack: We all did what we could.

Jill: To help? Do you really think that saving the people you like makes up for what you did to somebody you didn't?

Kay: Jill, this is not the time.

Jill: Stop it! They could pin the congressional medal of honor on you, Jack, and it wouldn't make any difference. 'Cause I know who you are. And I know what you did. And I will damn well never let people forget it.

Lily: "The Chronicle" online is reporting that nearly all the missing are accounted for.

Cane: Yeah, well, nearly isn't all of them, is it?

Lily: Why are you so quick to blame yourself?

Cane: I spent a lot of years in my life living fancy-free, and I liked it. Because I didn't have to answer to anybody. Upside... is that no one asks if you spend all your money on coldies.

Lily: And the downside?

Cane: No one cares if you live or die. The upside... is I found this family that I would not trade for the world. And now my grandmother gives me this job. And if I let her down, then... I don't think I deserve the family that I found.

Lily: The night my mom died? The rescuers did all they could. And they only found one person-- Sharon. And I've come to realize that there's no reason she lived and my mom died. And as much as I would... love to blame someone, the truth is that sometimes... bad things just happen.

Cane: Yeah, but you know what? More often than not, they happen for a reason, and if--if I'm that reason, I think people deserve to know.

Lily: Family doesn't turn away when you make a mistake. Even a big one. They always care. And no matter what happens, you do deserve them.

Lauren: So when Fen wakes up from his nap, let's go back to the hospital, okay?

Michael: Oh! Not okay. We will let Fenmore take his nap, and we will let Lauren take her nap. And then when Lauren wakes up, I will make Lauren lunch.

Lauren: Our friends need us.

Michael: Our friends understand what you went through yesterday.

Lauren: What they went through is infinitely worse. I am just tired.

Michael: You know what cures that?

Lauren: What?

Michael: A nap.

Lauren: There's no getting around you, is there?

Michael: Mnh-mnh.

Lauren: You okay with staying with Fen?

Michael: Hell, I got my laptop. I have a thousand interrogatories to answer.

Lauren: Michael!

Michael: You're all right, Lauren.

Lauren: Michael.

Michael: It's okay. I'm here. Just look at me. It's okay.

Noah: Oh!

Jack: Noah? Noah?

Noah: What?

Jack: Hey, hey, it's okay. It's okay. It's just me. I'm right here.

Noah: Jack?

Sharon: Did you have a bad dream, Honey?

Noah: My stomach hurts.

Sharon: Really? Is it worse than before?

Noah: Yeah.

Jack: I'll see a nurse about getting you some more medication, okay?

Noah: No, don't leave!

Jack: I'll-- I'll be right back, okay?

Noah: Don't leave. Where's my dad? I want my dad.

Nick: I was looking for a Phyllis Newman?

Phyllis: You're here!

Nick: Mmm.

Phyllis: Oh, no.

Nick: No.

Phyllis: No. We canít. We canít.

Nick: No. We canít.

Phyllis: Someone could walk in. Someone could walk in, right?

Nick: That's right.

Phyllis: Yeah. Of course, in my mind, I'm... you know?

Nick: Me, too.

Phyllis: Yeah. Yeah. But if I start, I won't be able to stop. And they spot check--

Nick: Yeah. So we canít.

Phyllis: No.

Nick: I understand.

Phyllis: So, uh, you're here on official business, are you?

Nick: Yes, as always.

Phyllis: Mm. Good. Noah and Victoria?

Nick: They're the same.

Nick: (Whispers) I need you.

Phyllis: (Whispers) I need you, too. But we canít. Now.

Nick: No, we canít.

Victor: By the way, J.T., Um, Dr. Webb is flying out to deal with Victoria, okay?

J.T.: Maybe she'll be awake by then?

Nikki: Oh, we hope so.

Dr. Ryan: Would you like to hear the baby's heartbeat?

J.T.: Nikki first.

Nikki: Oh. No... let Victor. He saved a life.

Victor: Are you sure? I'd love to.

Nikki: You should go first. Go ahead.

Victor: I would love to. Come here.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Victor: You knew there was a problem with the garage?

J.T.: It's not that simple.

Victor: You tell me everything now.

Amber: I must've really hurt you to do something like that to me.

Victor: What do you know about kickbacks at Clear Springs?

David: What kickbacks?

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