Y&R Transcript Thursday 10/25/07

Y&R Transcript Thursday 10/25/07 -- Canada; Friday 10/26/07 -- U.S.A.


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Michael: Hey. They found Victoria. Fell and hit her in the head, knocked her out.

Lauren: Oh, my God! Is the baby okay?

Nick: He didn't say.

Man: Caucasian female, early 30s, unconscious, no response to pain. BP 100/90, pulse, 82. She's pregnant.

Woman: Let's go.

Nick: Mom. Dad.

Nikki: Nicholas! She hasn't woken up yet. She hasn't woken up yet.

Victor: Now that she's here, she's in good hands.

J.T.: I'm gonna go see her.

Nick: Okay.

Michael: Is there anything we can do?

Victor: No.

Nikki: No. No. Nothing.

Nick: All right, what-- what about the baby?

Nikki: I'm just worried about Victoria right now.

(Cell phone ringing)

Sharon: Jack? Oh, my gosh, Jack, it's you!

Jack: Hey, there's the voice I've been longing to hear.

Sharon: Where are you?

Jack: I'm down at the E.R.

Sharon: Are you okay?

Jack: Oh, a few bumps and bruises. I-I'm just so happy to be breathing clean air, without the methane. They're checking me out in case I have a concussion, but I don't even have a headache right now. How's Noah?

Sharon: Um, he's, uh, he's coming out of the anesthesia.

Jack: I cannot believe he was trapped down there. That poor kid had to be so scared.

Sharon: Is there anyone else that's hurt?

Jack: Yeah, a couple of the construction workers were hurt pretty badly. Adrian Korbel had something nasty embedded in his leg. Victoria--I mean, they were both on the chopper with me--she got here. When she arrived, she was unconscious.

Sharon: What about the baby?

Jack: Honey, I just don't know.

Woman: All right, I'll need for you to get off the phone now so the doctor can examine you, Senator.

Jack: Sharon, listen to me. Stay right where you are. Being with Noah is where you need to be, okay? I'll be up there as soon as I can.

Sharon: Hey. Hey, Baby. It's okay.

Noah: I'm in the hospital? But... I was hurt in the parking garage.

Sharon: Yeah. And you had an operation, but all you need to do right now is rest, okay?

Noah: Who else got hurt? You said Victoria?

Sharon: Well... just a little bit. She'll be fine. Everyone's gonna be fine.

Doctor: I need mag sulfate. We need to get her to a fetal monitor, stat. Prepare for an ultrasound in exam room four.

Adrian: Ow! Ow! Ow! Oh! Do you know anything about Victoria Newman? She was on the same MedEvac as me.

Woman: I'm sure they're taking good care of her. That's a nasty piece of metal you've acquired.

Adrian: Yeah.

Woman: Schedule the O.R.

Adrian: Oh, let my girlfriend know. She was on the next MedEvac with her father, Brad Carlton.

Neil: And Brad Carlton, that's "C-a-r-l-t-o-n." Um, Senator Abbott, Mr. Korbel, and Ms. Newman have all be MedEvaced to Genoa City Hospital.

Woman: Uh, can you give us any information on their condition?

Neil: No, I can't do that. Not at this time. I'm sorry.

Woman: Mr. Winters?

Neil: Yeah, uh-- you know, I'll update you if I have anything else. Um, that's all for now. Thank you very much. Appreciate it.

Karen: Excuse me. Do you need a hand?

Neil: I would love a hand.

Karen: Okay, well, just tell me what you need. 'Cause I'm--I'm here to help.

Neil: I could use it. A lot of people could right now.

Victor: Are you taking my daughter for a C.A.T. scan?

Doctor: We're making sure she's stable, Mr. Newman.

J.T.: When will she come to?

Doctor: I have no way of knowing that.

Nikki: What about the baby?

Doctor: We have a fetal monitor in place, and we're getting ready to do an ultrasound.

J.T.: Yeah, but the baby's all right?

Doctor: Uh, we're doing tests to ascertain that right now. We, uh, have heard the fetal heart beat.

Victor: I'm very happy to hear the news about the baby. What can you tell us about our daughter?

Brad: All right, listen, I need to know about a woman who came in on the first MedEvac. She was unconscious. Her name is Victoria Newman. She's pregnant. I need to know how she and the baby are doing.

Man: Your eyes are very irritated, Mr. Carlton. There might still be debris in there, toxins--

Brad: Yeah, I know my eyes are irritated. Nurse, can you can you just find out, please?

Colleen: Dad--Dad, please, I'll go find out, okay? Please, can you just cooperate with them, please?

Brad: You'll get back to me right away?

Colleen: Yeah, I will.

Brad: All right. I have my cell phone.

Colleen: Okay.

Brad: Check on Adrian. I know you want to. Go ahead.

Colleen: Hey, Nurse? Can you take care of him, please? Thank you.

Michael: And Noah just woke up from surgery. And, uh, we were with Nicholas when they brought Victoria in.

Gloria: Oh, yeah? How's she doing?

Michael: Well, she was unconscious then. Now, I don't know. How's Fenmore?

Gloria: Oh, he woke up, he gurgled, I gave him a bottle. He went right back to sleep.

Michael: I'll tell Lauren. Uh, we should be home... fairly soon.

Gloria: Fen and I are fine. Don't you worry.

Michael: All right.

Michael: Gloria and Fenmore are fine.

Lauren: Oh, good. I was just telling Noah here how brave he was down there.

Noah: I was?

Lauren: Yeah, you were. I was scared and you held my hand.

Sharon: Wow.

Noah: I don't remember. My head feels funny.

Sharon: Well, that's because of the anesthesia they gave you during the surgery. But that'll wear off. Does anything hurt?

Noah: When I take a deep breath.

Sharon: That's because you broke a couple of ribs or you cracked 'em.

Michael: Try and take little breaths. That should help.

Noah: Why did I have surgery?

Sharon: Well, the doctor had to remove your spleen.

Lauren: Do you know what that is? It's a little organ that's right here.

Noah: What does the spleen do?

Sharon: Um, well, it helps fight infection, but, you know, you're gonna be okay without one.

Noah: I'm kinda tired.

Sharon: All right. Okay. You just rest for awhile. All right? Um... you know, they brought Jack in, and I'd really like to go down and visit him.

Lauren: Oh.

Michael: We'll stay with Noah.

Sharon: Okay. Will you--will you tell him that I'll be right back if he wakes up?

Michael: Sure.

Lauren: Sure.

Sharon: Thank you. Thank you.

Michael: Sure.

Lauren: What if it were Fen lying in there?

Michael: Oh, well, that would be impossible. I plan on keeping Fenmore locked in his room with no sharp objects until he's around, what, 30 or so? We'll have a full surgical team outside the door around the clock, just in case. Hm?

Lauren: I can't even imagine what Victor and Nikki are going through. I'll tell you one thing. That is one amazing kid.

Sharon: Leaving you there was the hardest thing I've ever had to do.

Jack: I knew I would find my way back to you. I knew it.

Sharon: You almost didn't, you know? And Victor--

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, who'd have figured he'd find me under all that rubble? Oh, how's Victoria? What's the news?

Sharon: I-I haven't heard any news.

Jack: We'll go find out together. Nurse, uh, I'm gonna get the C.A.T. scan later, all right?

Sharon: Wait, Jack, they need to check you out.

Jack: No, I'll check me out. They can x-ray my brain later.

Sharon: I'm worried about you.

Jack: I need to do this. I need to know how everyone else is doing. I need to see Noah. I'll get my C.A.T. scan later, I promise.

Adrian: Mmm. They just gave me a second shot for the pain, so now it only hurts when I laugh.

Colleen: Well, I promise not to say any funny stories. How... long is that gonna be in your leg?

Adrian: Evidently there's surgery in my near future.

Colleen: Well, I always knew you were a man of steel.

Adrian: (Laughs) I said don't make me laugh. How's your dad?

Colleen: Um, he's worried about Victoria. Did you hear anything?

Adrian: No.

Colleen: Well, I promised I'd go find out. Um, did they say when you're gonna go into surgery?

Adrian: I don't know. Hey, do you have your, uh, cell phone?

Colleen: Yeah. Yeah.

Adrian: Good. Take a--take a picture. And make sure you get my leg in it.

Colleen: Baby, what, you wanna save this for posterity?

Adrian: Yeah, it's gonna make an awesome jacket photo for my book. "Written by Professor Adrian "Rebar Man" Korbel." Come on.

Colleen: There is something wrong with you.

Adrian: Just take it.

Colleen: Okay.

Doctor: There were some irregularities with the baby's heartbeat.

Nikki: Oh, my God!

Doctor: But we hope that will resolve itself. Ms. Newman's blood pressure does seem to be coming down.

Victor: Would there be a good time for a C.A.T. scan?

Doctor: Well, it's still too high for us to move her safely. High blood pressure in these situations could be quite dangerous.

J.T.: Because?

Doctor: There's a risk of seizures.

J.T.: Seizures? What do you--?

Doctor: Bringing down her blood pressure should alleviate that concern.

Victor: So in other words, the situation is improving?

Doctor: I would call it stabilizing.

Victor: In other words, we do not know why she's unconscious. Do you have any idea when she'll become conscious again?

Sharon: Nick?

Jack: Hey, Nick.

Sharon: How's Victoria?

Nick: Oh, she's unconscious. Her blood pressure's pretty high. The baby's heartbeat is irregular.

Sharon: Oh, gosh, I'm so sorry.

Nick: She went in for a C.A.T. scan. They'll know a lot more then. Mom and Dad are here. They went to get some coffee. They just couldn't wait around.

Jack: Yeah, that must be excruciating.

Nick: I'm really glad you're okay.

Jack: Well, thanks. You can't keep a semi-good-depending-on- the-circumstances-but-trying- trying-to-be-better-guy down.

Nick: I still think it should've been me that stayed.

Jack: Remember, I forced you to go. And all's well that ends well.

Nick: Well, if... Victoria and Noah and the baby-- if that ends well, then yes.

Sharon: Then you'll be able to breathe again.

Nick: And so will he. I'm gonna go see my son.

Noah: Where's my mom?

Michael: She went downstairs to see Jack.

Noah: Is he okay? Did he get hurt?

Lauren: Well, she said he's okay.

Noah: Can I have some water?

Lauren: Honey, can you-- I think its right there.

Michael: Oh, okay. Here you go.

Lauren: There you go, Sweetie.

Noah: Thanks.

Michael: Be careful. You got it?

Noah: Where's my dad?

Lauren: Well--

Michael: Hey!

Lauren: Hey!

Nick: I must've read your mind. My man! Man, I heard you were fierce down there. You took care of Paul and Maggie.

Lauren: And me.

Nick: And Lauren.

Lauren: He was telling bad jokes, but...

Michael: Yeah, I heard there was one about ordering pizza.

Lauren: Mm-hmm.

Noah: You're okay, Dad?

Nick: I'm great, now that I'm with you. And your mom told me to tell you she's gonna be up here in, like, five minutes.

Noah: Okay.

Nick: How you feeling? You still in some pain?

Noah: Kinda.

Lauren: You know, the nurse said that, uh, if he woke up in pain that she would give him something. So why don't I go find her?

Nick: Okay. Thank you.

Lauren: Sure.

Noah: Do you have a spleen?

Nick: Do I have a spleen? Yeah, but it's not impressive.

Noah: I don’t.

Michael: Oh, well, what good has it done him, right? I don't have a kidney. It's all hollow back there. I'm doing great, right?

Nick: Well...

Neil: Oh, Man.

Karen: Neil, can I get you anything?

Neil: No, no, no, no, thanks.

Karen: Come on. Coffee? Tea? A hot meal? Something?

Neil: No, Karen. Thank you. Appreciate it. It's just hard.

Karen: Yeah.

Neil: Not knowing how anyone is. I mean, Victoria.

Karen: Well, look, why don't we just call Victor?

Neil: Oh, Karen, I know the man. If he had anything to tell me, he would've called me.

Karen: Okay, why don't you go upstairs and get some rest then?

Neil: I can’t. I can’t.

Karen: Why, Neil?

Neil: I can't, Karen.

Karen: Why?

Neil: Look around you. I can’t.

Karen: I can't handle this? Come on, the press is my forte. Don't forget.

Neil: I don't question your abilities for a second.

Karen: Well, then go. Take me up on my offer. Because this is why I drove out here. You're not gonna go, are you?

Neil: I wanna wait until I hear how Victoria’s doing.

Nikki: Doctor?

Doctor: The baby's heartbeat has stabilized.

Nikki: Oh, thank God.

Victor: What about my daughter's blood pressure?

Doctor: Heading back to the normal zone. Mag sulfate tends to work very quickly. And it looks like it's doing the trick.

J.T.: But she's still unconscious?

Doctor: Yes. I will need permission to take her for a C.A.T. scan.

Victor: You have it.

Nikki: Anything. Any--anything that she needs, just please-- please take care of her. Make sure that our daughter comes back to us, please.

Doctor: Excuse me.

Karen: All right, the, uh, decaf is for you.

Neil: Decaf, huh? Thanks. But I'm not gonna be able to sleep.

Karen: Neil, you could try.

Neil: Yeah, I could, couldn't I? But you know what would happen? I'd just lie awake, staring at the ceiling, worrying. Ever since this damn building collapsed, I... all I've been thinking about is bad things that could've happened to people that I love. I mean, for instance, Devon--he--he would've been up here, but instead he has class. Lauren wanted Lily's input on some displays at Fenmore’s. It's highly likely they could've been up here.

Karen: I know. But they weren’t.

Neil: Why is it when-- when there's a tragedy or a disaster, we tend to personalize and think, "What if that happened to my family?"

Karen: Well, everyone does that.

Neil: You know, Karen, ever since my wife's accident, if my kids are running behind, ten minutes late, what do I do? I'm ready to start phoning the local police, all the hospitals.

Karen: Yeah, I-I had some... dark memories of my own on the way up here.

Neil: What do you mean?

Karen: Some other time.

Neil: You know you can talk to me, right?

Karen: I know. I know. I'm--I'm learning that.

Neil: I'm glad you're here.

Maggie: Well... back from our trip to the scene-- not to mention serene-- Clear Springs.

Paul: Yeah. I hate those boring vacations.

Maggie: Well, Paul, I don't know about you, but I think this was enough to turn me into a homebody.

Paul: (Laughs)

Maggie: At least for tonight.

Paul: Oh... I couldn't have said it better myself.

Maggie: Hey, how about that kid Noah? He rocked, didn't he?

Maggie: What?

Paul: I wanna ask you a question.

Maggie: Okay.

Paul: Have you ever thought about it?

Maggie: What?

Paul: You know... having kids?

Maggie: Right at this particular moment?

Paul: (Chuckles)

Maggie: (Laughs)

Paul: Or in general.

Maggie: I think... right at this particular moment, I could be talked into practice.

Paul: Boo-boo.

Maggie: Is it gonna be okay?

Paul: I think so.

Sharon: Hey. It's Sharon.

Brad: Hey.

Sharon: Jack told me your eyes were damaged in the explosion.

Brad: Uh, not permanently.

Sharon: So you're okay?

Brad: Yeah, I'm okay.

Sharon: I'll let you rest then.

Brad: Wait, Sharon? Have you heard anything about Victoria and the baby?

Sharon: The minute I get any news, I'll let you know.

Brad: Thanks.

Sharon: You're sure you're okay? No--no permanent damage or anything?

Brad: No. But I'd give both eyes if it meant the baby would be okay.

Sharon: I know you would.

Nikki: I love you, Baby.

Nikki: Sweet pea.

Nikki: I love you. We'll see you very soon, okay?

J.T.: Hey, hold on a second. Hey... Victoria, I know you can hear me. I love you. And I'm gonna be right here by your side waiting for you, okay? I'm going with you.

Sharon: Hey! Guess who's here?

Jack: Hey, Buddy.

Noah: Jack. Hey. Are you okay?

Sharon: He, uh, he--he hurt his ribs.

Noah: I cracked them, and they took out my spleen.

Jack: Well, it sounds like you had too much adventure.

Noah: I was afraid you were...

Jack: What, do you really think some cement and dirt was gonna stop me?

Noah: Nah.

Jack: Didn't stop you either, did it?

Noah: I can't even remember when it happened. It was so dark. And the air was filled with stuff. I had a hard time breathing.

Sharon: Well, I don't want you to tire yourself out, okay, Sweetie?

Noah: Were you scared?

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, I was scared big-time. But you know what? When you're in a scary situation, it's a pretty normal reaction.

Noah: I was scared, too.

Jack: You know what, though? And here's the heroic part, I have it on very good authority that when you were scared, and when you couldn't breathe, you were busy helping other people get through it.

Sharon: Lauren told him.

Noah: She said I held her hand. And she was scared, too.

Jack: Hey, don't underestimate what you did. It's the little things, like telling a funny story, or holding a hand that really makes a difference. And I'm very, very proud of you.

Noah: You were scared, too, Mom?

Sharon: Mm-hmm. But Jack and your dad distracted me. And you know what your dad said? He told me that in ancient times the doctors used to punch their patients so they would forget about the pain.

Noah: Like hit-therapy?

Sharon: (Laughs)

Jack: You like that, huh?

Noah: Yeah.

Jack: Your tooth hurt? Wham!

Noah: Oh! Ow!

Jack: How's the tooth feel now?

Noah: Oh, no more joking.

Jack: I promise I will never tell a joke again the rest of my life.

Sharon: Oh, that's the biggest whopper of a lie I ever heard. Hey, you know what? Jack, um... Jack really helped out your dad and me. He saved our lives.

Jack: Oh, I don't know if I'd go that far.

Sharon: Oh, come on. You saved our lives. Jack held the beam so your dad and I could get out. And he stayed behind.

Noah: You did that?

Jack: I drew the short straw. Someone wasn't gonna make it through that opening. It just happened to be me.

Noah: That's when you got scared?

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, when I was alone, it got pretty tough. Time just stood still. Every minute that I was waiting for someone to come help me seemed like an hour. And all I could think about... was getting back to you and your mom and everybody I love. In fact, it was... thinking about seeing you again that really got me through everything. I'm not sure I would've made it otherwise.

Lauren: It was horrible down there. I was absolutely paralyzed. My heart was beating so fast I thought it was gonna burst out of my chest. I knew I was having a panic attack.

Michael: It's so upsetting I wasn't there with you.

Gloria: Honey, it's true. You weren't with her. But, Lauren, at least you weren't alone.

Lauren: No, I wasn't alone, but the silence was... it was deafening. I mean, the only sound I could hear was my own heart beating and that horrible noise of the building shifting.

Michael: It's over now. It's over now.

Lauren: No. There were no sirens. I mean, there were no cranes. I... I didn't know if they were gonna be able to rescue us. I didn't even know if they were gonna be able to find us. I just... I thought I was gonna die. And I thank God for Paul. Honestly. Because if it weren't for him calming me down, I-I think I would've lost it. And I would've started screaming. And--and... I don't think I would've be able to stop.

Michael: It's okay. It's okay.

Paul: Talking to Lauren, uh, you know, it really helped me as much... as much as it helped her.

Maggie: Well... I don't see why. She was having a panic attack. You weren't.

Paul: No, but she's had problems with that before. Panic attacks, you know? I recognized the signs.

Maggie: Yeah, you two seem very close.

Paul: Well, I care about her. I guess I always will.

Maggie: Most divorces aren't that amicable.

Paul: (Laughs) you know, in emergency situations, your training kicks in. When I was a kid, my dad used to have disaster drills at home.

Maggie: Oh, yeah?

Paul: Once a cop, you know?

Maggie: Mr. Prepared?

Paul: Well... it's different, though, when you're with people you care about. The personal part-- colors everything, you begin to second-guess yourself.

Maggie: Yeah. I know that feeling. You can't keep emotion out of it, even though you've been trained to. It's just that voice inside your head... second-guessing every decision you make. It keeps whispering, can you handle it? Can you get them all through this?

Paul: And you think I wonder if they're gonna die down there. And if they do... if it's because of... the decision you made.

Adrian: When the structure first collapsed, I was knocked out, and I came to in total darkness. I knew my eyes were open, but I couldn't see anything. It was just pitch black. I started calling for Victoria and then, you know, when she didn't answer, I just started digging. I didn't know where I was digging to, or what I was digging for-- light, air, something.

Colleen: I can't even imagine.

Adrian: And then, uh, somehow she managed to get a light on, and I caught just a sliver of it and started digging towards her. You can't understand the power of simple human contact until you don't have it. And before we found each other, there was... nothing but... just inky, infinite silence.

Nick: I was practically jumping out of my skin, from the adrenaline. Because Jack and I knew that we both couldn't leave. One of us had to stay back and hold up the debris so... so the other two could get out. I wanted to stay. Jack wanted to stay. So we drew straws and his came up short. I hated leaving him there, but... I had to. And you know, the whole time, I wasn't even worried about Victoria. I just assumed she was in the museum.

J.T.: Yeah. I thought I was doing the right thing by helping Adrian and... sending Victoria ahead. If I just would've... had her stay with me, she wouldn't have gotten hurt. Why did I do that? How the hell did I do that?

Victor: I mean, all I was concerned with was getting to Victoria. So I thought I was heading in the right direction. I turned a corner, looked down, and I see a body in the rubble. And I thought for a moment it might be Professor Korbel's body, and that Victoria might be nearby. So I went down there to check it out, turn over the body, it turns out to be Jack Abbott.

Nikki: When you saw that it was Jack, why didn't you alert someone else to rescue him? I mean, those few seconds could've made all the difference for Victoria.

Victor: I considered that. But I cannot possibly leave Jack Abbott to his own devices. I mean, I may not be fond of that man, but I can't let him just die. I couldn't live with myself.

Gloria: Here's the handsome Fen who got so big. He loves his little starts.

Michael: There he is. He missed his mommy.

Gloria: And watch how he can feed himself. There you go. There you go, Honey.

Michael: Look at our brilliant son.

Gloria: Look, look, look.

Fen: (Babbles)

Gloria: Up the nose!

Michael: (Laughs)

Lauren: I would've missed this.

Maggie: Do you ever just get, um... overwhelmed by it all?

Paul: What, life?

Maggie: Yeah. But... this life. Sometimes, um... it's hard for me to leave it at the door. We see more bad stuff in a week than most people see in their whole lives.

Paul: Yeah, I know. You just can't dwell on it.

Maggie: I'm really grateful for you. I'm really grateful that you get me. I'm really grateful not to be breathing in dust and smoke.

Paul: (Laughs) so let me get this straight, you're really grateful?

Maggie: You know, you may never get such a heartfelt confession from me ever, ever again. I'd soak it in.

Paul: I am.

Paul: I am.

Jack: I haven't had a chance yet to thank you for saving my life.

Victor: I acted on instinct.

Sharon: I'm grateful, too, Victor. Thank you.

Victor: I understand that you did everything to save my son, so I guess we call it even.

Doctor: Excuse me, Mr. Newman?

Victor: Yes, Doctor?

Doctor: The CT scan shows no sign of brain damage or bleeding.

Nikki: Well, then why is she still in a coma?

Doctor: One possibility is D.A.I.-- Diffuse axonal injury. There might be damage to the microscopic fibers in the brain.

Victor: That would show up on a test?

Doctor: If they exist, it's possible that they're so small they can't be detected by a C.T. or an MRI.

Nikki: So what--what now? What do we do now?

Doctor: We keep a close watch for any brain swelling or cranial pressure.

J.T.: So that's it?

Doctor: We have every reason to be hopeful. Her vitals are fine, her blood pressure is holding, and the baby is fine, too. Excuse me.

Victor: Thank you, Doctor. (Sighs) I guess we wait.

Nikki: And pray.

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: We pray.

Karen: So then the canoe tips over...

Neil: Right.

Karen: And we're scrambling like hell, trying to get to the shoreline. We don't know whether to lay down and just swim or stand up and beat a track there, and the moose is flailing all over the place, splashing water everywhere, stomping his feet--

Neil: That's great. That's a great story. I'll bet you weren't laughing then, though.

Karen: No. No. I was not laughing then.

Neil: So any more wilderness trips??

Karen: Yeah. I love it. I absolutely love it.

Neil: Karen, you know what I think? I think you just told me that--that whole moose story just to get my mind off things.

Karen: You think so?

Neil: Thanks. I appreciate it. (Cell phone ringing)

Karen: Is that your cell?

Neil: Yeah. It sure is. Excuse me. It's Victor. Yes, Victor, how's it going? How's your daughter doing?

J.T.: Hi. Um, can I sit with her?

Woman: Are you family?

J.T.: Yeah, I'm her fiancé.

Woman: I'm sorry, only family.

J.T.: I-I realize that, but we're-- we're getting married.

Woman: No exceptions. I'm sorry.

J.T.: All right, well... can you play this for her, please? It's a song she loves.

Woman: You'll have to speak to the doctor first. And to her family.

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