Y&R Transcript Monday 10/22/07

Y&R Transcript Monday 10/22/07 -- Canada; Tuesday 10/23/07 -- USA


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Victor: Good evening.

Nick: All right, this is ridiculous. I gotta get back in there.

Nikki: No, you are not going back in there.

Nick: Mom, I'm going!

Nikki: Nicholas, no!

Victor: Son, what's going on?

Nick: Dad! Dad, Noah is in there and he's trapped and he's hurt.

Victor: He's alone?

Nick: No, he's with-- with Paul and--and Maggie and Lauren, but they could be hurt, too.

Victor: Oh, my God.

Nick: Dad, I gotta go. Dad, I gotta go! I gotta go!

Victor: Son, listen, look who's there. These people know what they're doing. You may endanger them. Don't do that, please. Don't go in there now.

Nick: Dad...

Victor: No, Son, don't go in there. I know you want to.

Sharon: Noah wasn't supposed to be here. They were supposed to be going fishing.

David: The phone circuits are back up.

Woman: We're ready to take you to the hospital now.

Sharon: No, no, I don't wanna leave. I'm not going anywhere till I know that my son and my husband are okay.

Victor: My sweetheart.

Sharon: Victor.

Victor: Are you okay?

Sharon: I'm so worried about Noah. I'm so worried about Noah.

Victor: They will find him, Sweetheart, they will find him.

Daniel: Hey, I just got here. There's firefighters and cops and E.M.T.s, rescue workers.

Phyllis: So does it look bad?

Daniel: I've never seen anything like this. Nick's here.

Phyllis: He is? Is he hurt?

Daniel: Nick? Nick? Mom.

Nick: Hey, you, what took you so long to call?

Phyllis: Oh. Hey. It is great to hear your voice. Talk. Just talk.

Nick: Well, it's-- it's not all good news here. Noah is still trapped down there. He's injured. He's with Lauren and--and Maggie and Paul.

Phyllis: Oh, my God.

Nick: And Jack's still down there.

Phyllis: No!

Nick: Yeah, he helped me and Sharon get out.

Phyllis: Why didn't he just get out with you?

Nick: It just-- it wasn't possible.

Phyllis: But--but you know where to find him, right? I mean, it's just a matter of time, right?

Nick: Well, I hope so, but... when--when we were getting out, the--the ceiling collapsed and Jack was cut off.

Jack: (Coughing)

Maggie: Hey, can you move?

Noah: Ow. It hurts.

Maggie: Okay. Okay. I know. I think you cracked a few ribs there, Sport.

Noah: It hurts to breathe.

Maggie: I know. I know. You know what you do? You take--take shallow breaths. Okay? You don't huff and puff, you... (Shallow breathing)

Noah: (Shallow breathing)

Maggie: All right? Is that better?

Noah: Yeah.

Maggie: Okay. Don't move. Don't move.

Paul: Okay, this is gonna work. We're not gonna be down here too much longer, Noah. Not if we can help it.

Lauren: What if they don't find us?

Paul: They're gonna find us. They can and they will. They know we're down here.

Lauren: Do you still have your phone?

Paul: Yeah.

Lauren: Is it charged?

Paul: Barely.

Lauren: I need to talk to Michael.

Paul: What?

Lauren: I need to talk to Michael.

Paul: Look, I'm just gonna keep digging. The sooner we get out of here, the sooner you can see him.

Lauren: I need to talk to my husband!

Paul: Okay, okay, okay. Hold on. Okay, here you go.

Lauren: Thank you.

Paul: Okay.

Lauren: Okay, I'm okay.

(Telephone ringing)

Michael: Okay, okay, okay! Jeez! Hello. Michael.

Lauren: Michael, I'm so glad I could reach you.

Michael: Lauren--Lauren, hey, I can't-- I can hardly hear you.

(Phone static)

Lauren: I-I don't have much time to talk.

Michael: Listen, can you hear me? We have a bad connection. Let me call you back, all right? I'll call you right back.

Lauren: We're trapped in Clear Springs.

Michael: You're trapped? Can you hear me? Look, I can call the police.

Lauren: The garage collapsed. We're trapped.

Michael: Look, I will call the police. Does anyone know you're there?

Lauren: Tell the boys I love them.

Michael: Lauren!

(Phone static)

Michael: Lauren, just tell me! Tell me exactly what's going-- Lauren?! Lauren?!

Michael: Yes, uh, my wife called me, uh, Lauren Fenmore Baldwin. And... well, who does have information? Yeah. Yeah. No--no, well, I already called and I have that number, yes. Thank you. Useless! Useless!

Gloria: Any news?

Michael: How is it possible that nobody knows anything?!

Kevin: Well, at least she called. That means she's okay.

Gloria: Yeah.

Michael: No. That means she was okay when she called. Now, who knows?

Gloria: Michael--Michael, the television said the Newman family is up there. Call Victor.

Michael: Victor.

Gloria: Mm.

Michael: Yes! Victor, um, Michael. Uh, my wife--Lauren--is, um, trapped in that garage. Uh, do you know what's going on?

Victor: Uh, she is with my grandson and the detective woman and then with Paul Williams. And my grandson is hurt.

Michael: Lauren just called me earlier, and--and she couldn't hear me. Um... has anyone reached them?

Victor: Not yet.

Michael: Oh. Okay. How did this happen?

Victor: No one knows for sure. Uh, as soon as I find out, I'll let you know, all right?

Michael: All right, uh... call me on my cell because I'm heading up there now. Thank you.

Gloria: Michael? Michael? What did he say?

Michael: Uh, there's no word on how this happened. Uh, can you look after Fenmore?

Gloria: Oh, no way. I've already called the sitter. She'll be here in two minutes. I'm going with you, Honey.

Kevin: Me, too.

Michael: Okay, in two minutes I will be out in front of the building. Be there, or I am gone.

Gloria: Okay.

Sharon: Daniel, I'm a little bit cold. Would you mind--

Daniel: I'll get you a blanket, all right?

Sharon: Thank you.

Nick: Hey, is your pain medication working?

Sharon: You know what? I only took half of it. I wanna be alert when Noah comes out.

Brad: Sharon! Sharon, thank God you're all right.

Neil: Good to see you.

Nick: Hey, thanks.

Brad: Shouldn't you be at the hospital?

Sharon: No, I'm not going anywhere. Not until Jack and Noah come up from there.

Brad: What?

Neil: All right, what I wanna know is what can I do? Do they need volunteers to go in? Anything like that?

Nick: They won't let anyone go back in there.

Victor: Son, it's because that's a very, very fragile structure. It could collapse at any minute now.

Nick: All the more reason for us to get in there as fast as we can, Dad.

Victor: Nicholas, I understand how much you wanna find Noah. So do I. Anyone who's not trained will endanger people who are in there right now.

Brad: Well, how many more people are in there?

Victor: We don't know for sure. I know my grandson is in there, and Paul Williams is in there, Lauren Fenmore, and that female detective.

Brad: Oh, my God.

Sharon: Jack's in there, too.

Nick: Yeah, he, uh, he helped us get out.

Nikki: Has anybody heard from Victoria?

Brad: She's missing, too?

Victor: She's not answering her cell phone.

Nikki: Brad!

Neil: Hold on a second. Did you try J.T.?

Nikki: Yes. No answer.

Nick: You know, Vick mentioned to me something about scouting locations with Adrian.

Brad: Have you tried to reach him?

Nikki: Voice mail.

Brad: I'm gonna call Colleen, see if she knows where he is. Colleen, Sweetheart, its Dad. Listen, I need to know if you've heard from Adrian. Get back to me A.S.A.P. I left Colleen a message. Listen, I'm gonna go look for Victoria above ground.

David: I can go with you.

Brad: All right. Why don't we take, uh, two cars? We'll cover more ground.

David: Sounds good. Let's go.

Nikki: Thank you.

David: All right.

Neil: It won't hurt for another pair of eyes to be out there. I think I'll leave, too.

Victor: Neil, would you do me a favor and issue a press statement.

Neil: Absolutely. I draw it up right away. Listen, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Guys.

Nick: Thanks, Neil.

Nikki: Thank you.

Neil: Yeah.

Victor: Uh, Nikki, you and I can go talk to the incident commander, okay?

Nikki: All right.

Sharon: I'm so worried about Jack, and--and I'm worried about our son.

Nick: Hey, Noah is a tough kid.

Sharon: Nick, I cannot lose another child. I can’t.

Nick: No.

Sharon: I will die.

Nick: That is not gonna happen. That's not gonna happen.

Daniel: Here.

Nick: Thanks, Daniel.

Sharon: Thank you. Daniel, um... I want you to know, uh... I'm so grateful that you've been... you've been terrific with Noah.

Daniel: It's not work, you know? He's a cool guy and I like hanging out with him.

Sharon: He loves having you as a brother.

Paul: (Grunting)

Noah: Ow.

Lauren: Oh! Do you think it's safe to go through?

Paul: Well, I'm not sure of anything, but I think its better we try and get out of here.

Lauren: Yeah.

Paul: The closer we get to the surface, the sooner we'll meet up with that rescue team and get our little guy some medical attention.

Lauren: Okay.

Paul: How you doing, Buddy? Hanging in?

Noah: Can you get me a pizza and a soda?

Paul: (Laughs) you bet.

Maggie: Well, that's a good sign. He's got a sense of humor.

Lauren: I wish I found something funny here.

Paul: Do you think its okay to move him?

Maggie: He'll be uncomfortable. You know, but she's right, we gotta get him up top. We have no idea what his internal injuries are.

Lauren: Why did I have you meet me back here? Why didn't I just meet you at the lake? Why didn't I just meet you outside with the equipment?

Paul: Lauren--

Maggie: Lauren--

Paul: We're--we're fine.

Lauren: No!

Maggie: Lauren, it's not your fault.

Lauren: He is in pain. He's afraid that he's never gonna see his parents again. And you are here because of me.

Paul: Lauren, please...

Lauren: This is my fault.

Nikki: Have you checked the library and the copy center?

Brad: Yeah, and we're gonna keep looking.

Nikki: I don't understand why Victoria isn't answering her phone!

Brad: Maybe she's out of the service area.

Nikki: David said she's not at that diner on route five.

Brad: Listen, Nikki, if she's in Clear Springs, we'll find her.

Victor: Uh, kindly keep me posted?

Man: Yes, Sir.

Neil: Victor?

Victor: Any problems?

Neil: No. No problems. Only solutions. Uh, the press had a lot of questions about Jack, though.

Nick: What did you say?

Neil: I told them exactly what you told me to say. Senator Abbott unselfishly helped you and Sharon escape, and as a result, was trapped himself. We look forward to his rescue and recovery.

Nikki: Brad called. He hasn't heard from her.

Nick: All right, I'm gonna check on Sharon.

Nick: I'm so sorry.

Sharon: (Sighs) I don't wanna think that the last time I'm gonna see my husband is... down there watching him stay while you and I got out.

Nick: It won't be the last time.

Sharon: I was having a dream about socks.

Nick: You mean, that mangy cat you had in high school?

Sharon: No. No, um... the last conversation I had with Noah-- we were talking about socks. And whether or not he should clip them together with one of those thingies when he takes them off, but he thought that that was too much work. And I said, "Well, it may help resolve the mystery of the missing socks." And maybe help him out so that he won't wear one of each kind.

Nick: Hey, it's his own personal style.

Sharon: But when I asked him why he did it, he said, "Mom, what does it matter? No one's gonna see my socks. Anyway."

Nick: Well, he-- he just didn't wanna talk about, you know, style with his mother. For the most part, moms aren't too hip.

Sharon: But then I said, "Honey, what if you're in an accident? Won't you be embarrassed?" Right now, Nick, I don't care if he has holes in his socks. I just... I really want him here with us. Right now I want him right here with us.

Paul: Okay, I'm actually gonna try and do this without hurting you. So you tell me, uh, if anything hurts as I move you.

Noah: Oh, there's a body!

Maggie: Paul?

Lauren: You found a dead body?

Paul: No, no, no, there are no bodies. These are mannequins. They're just dummies, see?

Noah: Okay.

Paul: They fell out of that Fenmore’s truck. Okay? I got a--a little area for you here. You're gonna be really comfortable. Because I'm gonna put you right on my jacket, and you can sit right there. Put your back up against there. Is that okay?

Noah: Ow!

Paul: Here, let me give you a hand. See?

Maggie: Oh, you know what you should do is look for your sense of humor. It's helpful in situations like this.

Paul: I'll have you know I'm considered very funny in some circles.

Maggie: Which circle is that? The one in your bathroom mirror? It's Lauren. I got him.

Paul: Lauren?

Maggie: How you doing?

Lauren: Yeah?

Paul: Here we go. Come on.

Lauren: Okay.

Paul: We've got a new area.

Lauren: Okay.

Paul: Come on. Watch your head.

Lauren: Okay, okay.

Paul: That's it.

Lauren: Aah! Is it caving in?

Paul: No, no, no, no, you're fine. You're fine. You're all right. Come on.

Lauren: Okay.

Paul: Walk through here. What do you think, huh?

Lauren: More space in here.

Paul: Yeah. A veritable ballroom.

Noah: It doesn't feel good.

Maggie: I know. I know it does. And you know we're doing our best. I know this is gonna be hard on you for a little bit, but you know, we're gonna get you out of here soon.

Noah: When?

Maggie: As soon as we can.

Noah: (Coughing) I'm thirsty.

Maggie: You're thirsty? All right... let's see what we got here. What do we... we got pizza. We got ice cream. We got chips.

Noah: You lie.

Maggie: You're right. We got carrot sticks and apple juice.

Noah: That's all my mom ever lets me have.

Maggie: What a mean mommy you have.

Noah: (Laughs)

Maggie: Okay, listen, I'm gonna give this to you. You take small sips, okay?

Noah: Okay.

Maggie: Okay.


Lauren: Wait a minute! Did you hear that?

Paul: I sure did. Maybe somebody else is trapped down here.

Lauren: Do you think?

Paul: Yeah, maybe. Hello? Hello? (Tapping continues)

Maggie: I don't hear a pattern.

Paul: No, come on, listen, there's a little sequence to it, isn't there?

Maggie: I don't know.

Lauren: There it-- let's go find a pipe.

Paul: No. You know what we could use? A little more light. Maybe, uh... you know, I'm thinking maybe I could use one of these car batteries and splice it to one of these emergency lights.

Lauren: Wait, wait, wait, wait, we cannot have sparks in here.

Paul: Why not?

Maggie: You smell gas?

Lauren: There could be methane. You can't smell it.

Paul: What makes you think there's methane here?

Lauren: Because it was a problem during construction.

Paul: Oh, well, thanks for that little tidbit of information. Uh, okay. So maybe I need to find a flashlight somewhere.

Maggie: Yeah.

Paul: All right, you guys stay here.

Maggie: All right.

Paul: I'll see what I can do.

Lauren: Hey.

Noah: Hey.

Lauren: Excuse me. I didn't realize there was room service here. Very nice.

Noah: You want some carrot sticks?

Lauren: No, Sweetie. There's some in here? You go ahead.

Noah: I'm not hungry.

Lauren: It's okay. It's okay.

Noah: Are we getting out soon?

Maggie: Yeah. Yeah, we are. We'll save those for later, huh?

Paul: It works, too!

Maggie: Yeah?

Paul: I got one.

Maggie: Yeah?

Paul: Yeah. Check it out.

Maggie: Ah!

Paul: How's that, Buddy?

Noah: All right. Are we getting out soon?

Paul: Oh, you bet we are. I got a game to catch.

Maggie: Did you place another losing bet?

Paul: Hey, come on!

Maggie: He is so bad at picking teams. And he owes me so much money.

Noah: Mom says I'm not allowed to bet.

Paul: We don't bet money. No. We don't bet money.

Maggie: No, we bet hugs.

Paul: We bet hugs.

Maggie: Hugs. A lot of hugs. He owes me a lot of hugs.

Noah: You lie.

Maggie: No. No. Here, I'll show you.

Paul: Observe and learn. How's this?

Maggie: Oh, yeah.

Paul: That's how it works.

Maggie: So that's one less hug you owe me. Good.

Paul: I can make another bad bet.

Maggie: Would I lie to you?

Noah: No.

Lauren: (Hyperventilating)

Paul: Hey. Come on. Come on. No. No. No. Breathe normally, come on. Come on, we're gonna get out of here. We're gonna get out of here. I'm with you here, okay? Come on. That's it. That's good. Okay.

Lauren: I'm sorry.

Paul: You've been in tougher scrapes than this.

Lauren: I know.

Paul: Okay.

Lauren: But I'm really sorry.

Paul: No problem. What are you sorry for?

Lauren: I'm sorry for bringing you here.

Paul: Oh, it's not your fault. It really isn’t. You believe me, right?

Lauren: Sorry.

Paul: Yeah. Well, you better believe me.

Lauren: Oh.

Paul: All right, if it-- if it helps...

Lauren: What?

Paul: If you really think it's your fault, you can owe me a fishing pole.

Lauren: A fishing pole?

Paul: A fishing pole.

Lauren: What do you want with a fishing pole?

Paul: Because I think I lost mine. And you know what? Maybe a new car.

Lauren: You lost your fishing pole? And a car?

Paul: Yeah. Well, how about some lawn darts? I saw some--it's gonna be fine. Come on now.

Lauren: Okay.

Paul: Stay with me.

Lauren: All right.

Paul: Just breathe normally. We're gonna be fine.

Neil's voice: Deep gratitude for the specialists and rescue teams who are here from all over Wisconsin and are coming from all other states. Victor Newman is making additional equipment available for the rescue effort. We will update Newman Enterprises' web site with the names of the missing and those rescued as soon as that information is available. At this time, there is still no definitive answer as to the cause of the damage.

Phyllis: This is so frustrating. I can't just sit here.

Jana: Well, I can check the web site.

Phyllis: I just should be there! I wanna do something!

[Phyllis throws a chair]

Woman: Who's got the problem in here? You, Newman?

Phyllis: No.

Jana: No, sorry, sorry, it was me. I'm just-- I'm so... I'm so angry! Ooh! Aah! You see, um, my best mate is stuck underground, and there's just nothing I can do about it. I'm sorry.

Woman: I don't want anymore from you.

Jana: Yes, Ma'am. I mean, no, Ma'am.

Phyllis: It's all good. It's all good here.

Jana: Yeah, I'm not covering up for you next time.

Phyllis: There's not gonna be a next time. I'm not gonna... (sighs) I wish I prayed.

Jana: Well, I can help you. Who's first on your list?

Phyllis: It was Nick. Now it's Jack.

Jack: (Panting)

Jack: (Coughing)

Michael: Has my wife called again? Have you heard anything?

Man: There's been no additional communications. Our teams have begun going in.

Michael: Why did this happen? Was this structure not up to code?

Man: Look, look, our focus is getting to those survivors. Excuse me.

Gloria: Thanks.

Man: Go for the commander.

Michael: Wow. Wow. I have to admit... I have never felt enough sympathy for... people who've had to stand around and wait after something like this has happened.

Gloria: I'm sure they're gonna be all right, Michael.

Michael: No. No. They won’t. They won't be fine.

Kevin: Michael--Michael, they're doing everything they can.

Michael: Why do people always say that? Why do people always say, "It's gonna be fine. It's gonna work out." When it won’t. And they know it won’t. Lauren is a claustrophobic. She has panic attacks. And she is stuck underground right now. And she's gonna be fine? I don't think so!

Gloria: Shh. Shh. Shh.

(Tapping continues)

Paul: You all right?

Lauren: Yeah. I'm okay.

Paul: All right.

Lauren: Thanks.

Maggie: Okay. He's asleep.

Paul: Hey, look at you. Weren't you the little mother?

Maggie: I love kids.

Paul: You're really good at that.

Maggie: I love 'em. They don't edit themselves. I love that.

Paul: That's great. (Banging)

Lauren: Oh, my God!

Paul: Get out.

Lauren: Oh, my God!

(Cell phone ringing)

Michael: Baldwin.

Phyllis: Hey, it's your favorite client.

Michael: I'm not talking to clients today, just friends and family.

Phyllis: It's your favorite friend.

Michael: Yeah. I guess you heard.

Phyllis: Yeah, I've been watching the news all night. It's really frustrating not being able to be there.

Michael: Yeah, well, it's just as frustrating being here.

Phyllis: Oh, how is Lauren?

Michael: I haven't heard anything. Uh, look, why don't I call you back when I do have something good to talk about?

Phyllis: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's good. All right. Bye

Michael: Bye.

Man: Mr. Newman, that's as far as we can go. The east end of the garage is unstable.

Victor: What does that mean in regard to my grandson?

Man: What that means, Sir, is we have to slow down. We can't afford to compromise the structural integrity any further. Excuse me.

Nikki: What now?

Michael: I understand the structural integrity, but the longer they stay down there, the worse it's going to be if they're not--

Gloria: They will be rescued, Michael. Now you focus on that and nothing else. Lauren is not by herself. Paul is with her. And Detective Maggie has been trained to deal with panic.

Michael: What if Lauren's having a panic attack right now? I have got to get in there, and I've got to find her.

Gloria: Stop it. You stop it. She is not alone. Paul is with her--

Michael: It doesn't matter who's with her when she's in that mindset!

Michael: She's going through hell. I can feel it.

Paul: Come on. Come on. Come on.

Lauren: Okay. I can do this.

Paul: You can do it.

Lauren: I can do this. Did that scare Noah?

Maggie: No.

Paul: I'll tell you what, let's try this... let's close our eyes and visualize happy thoughts, okay? Think about people, places, happy times. Try it.

Lauren: Really?

Paul: Come on.

Lauren: Okay.

Paul: What do you see?

Lauren: I see my boys. My husband.

Paul: There you go.

Lauren: They're smiling and laughing.

Paul: What else?

Lauren: Oh.

Paul: What?

Lauren: Oh, God. I see Gloria and my mother.

Paul: No, I distinctly said happy thoughts. If you recall, I said, happy thoughts.

Lauren: Okay. I see you. My knight... my knight in shining armor.

Paul: Yeah. We seem to have figured out a system that works for us, haven't we?

Lauren: Yeah. Do you think? I don't think its working.

Paul: No, it's working. Come on.

Lauren: It's not working.

Paul: Be strong. You can do it. Come on. Thatta girl. That's it. That's good. That's good.

Kevin: Um, there's, uh, there's not really much to report. They're still trying to get into the structure.

Jana: Oh, God, Phyllis and I are going out of our bloody minds over here!

Kevin: I'm working the web site, but there isn't anything else anyone here can do, so... it's just as frustrating.

Jana: Look, promise me something, okay? Don't go anywhere near that structure. Be careful, all right?

Kevin: My duty station is the computer.

Jana: Good. Okay. I'll phone you later, all right?

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: Any news?

Jana: Not about anyone we know.

Phyllis: I can't believe this-- Jack, Noah, now Lauren... I mean, Michael can't lose her. He--he can't lose her. That's for sure.

Jana: Phyllis, stop talking about losing people. I mean, nobody's died yet.

Phyllis: Well, as far as we know, right? Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, what are you doing? What are you doing? Some people are watching that! Give me--give me this.

Jana: Okay. All right--

Phyllis: You can't just change the channel! Get outta here! Get outta here!

Jana: All right, she's leaving!

Phyllis: We're watching this! People have died!

Jana: Crisis averted. Stop it.

Gloria: I just heard that somebody else has been rescued. Huh?

Kevin: A truck driver by the name if Micheline Beaule.

Gloria: Is she alone?

Kevin: Yeah.

Gloria: I'm just grateful that Lauren is with people she knows.

Michael: You two are not subtle, but, uh... I appreciate the effort.

Gloria: And when my daughter-in-law gets out of this mess, we are going to treat her to an entire week at a spa.

Kevin: Make it a month.

Gloria: Yeah.

Michael: Spa. Damn spas! If it weren't for the spas, none of this-- Nikki's grand vision. Lauren had her doubts about putting her store in this development. All that fighting between Nikki and Victor? She knew--she knew something was gonna go wrong. If Lauren had listened to her first instincts, she would not... she...

Maggie: He's got a fever.

Paul: Oh. Maybe I can find some water in one of these cars. We can make a compress.

Maggie: Yeah.

Paul: I've always wanted to break into a car window.

Maggie: Did you just confess wanting to commit a crime?

Paul: Relax, it's out of your jurisdiction.

Maggie: Good, 'cause I'm thirsty.

Maggie: Well... he reverted to hunter-gatherer.

Lauren: Do you hear noises?

Maggie: You know, I haven't been listening that hard, but I think if we do hear something, it'd be good. That means people are coming for us.

Lauren: You know what? I-I think we should move Noah next to the car. You know, in case something collapses, it'll create a void and it'll be safer.

Maggie: Okay, nothing's gonna collapse.

Lauren: No, I really think we should.

Maggie: All right. Just... gently.

Lauren: All right.

Maggie: Yeah.

Lauren: Okay, Noah.

Maggie: Hey, Sweetie.

Lauren: We're gonna move you, okay?

Noah: Mm.

Lauren: Ready?

Maggie: Okay. Hey, can you stand?

Lauren: Not too far.

Maggie: Can you do that? Can you stand? Okay. Oh, you're a strong guy. Big tough guy.

Lauren: All right? You're okay.

Maggie: Here we go.

Lauren: Here we go.

Maggie: Careful here. Okay. There we go. There we go. Okay. That's it.

Lauren: You do this often?

Maggie: (Laughs)

Lauren: Oh.

Maggie: Oh. It's done now, right? It's done now.

Lauren: Here. Put this behind his head.

Maggie: It's done now. Yeah. Yeah.

Lauren: You don't seem very frightened.

Maggie: Well, disaster drills are part of our training.

Lauren: Great job.

Maggie: Usually it is. It's fun.

Lauren: You must think I'm a head case.

Maggie: Oh, no, Lauren, I don't-- I don't think that at all. After everything you've been through? Paul told me about that, uh, nut job fan club president, and we both know Sheila Carter.

Lauren: Oh, yeah, we do, don't we?

Maggie: I think, given all that, you're perfectly sane.

Noah: (Moans)

Lauren: What?

Noah: Is the building falling?

Lauren: No, Sweetie.

Maggie: Oh.

Lauren: No. It's just the rescue workers coming to get us.

Maggie: Okay. Okay, Lauren?

Lauren: What?

Maggie: You can take this. Hold it on his forehead, right?

Lauren: Right. Okay. Got it.

Maggie: Okay? Huh? His pulse is getting weaker.

Paul: Is there anything we can do for him?

(Debris falling)

Noah: Are you scared?

Lauren: Huh? A little.

Noah: Here. You can hold my hand.

Man: Hello? Can anybody hear me?

Paul: Yeah!

Maggie: Hello! We have a child down here. He needs medical attention.

Man: They're over here! They're over here!

Paul: Over here! Come on.

Maggie: Yeah.

Lauren: Sweetie? You're gonna be okay.

Paul: Right here!

Lauren: We're rescued. I just wanna say thank you so much for helping me get through this. I wasn't afraid when you held my hand.

Neil's voice: As well as Noah Newman. All were rescued from the structure moments ago. An update will be posted on clearspringsupdate.com. The family has no other comment at this time.

Phyllis: Yes. Yes.

Paul: Thanks. Appreciate it. Here you go.

Maggie: Thank you.

Paul: Gosh. Well, you know, I'll be fine. If--as long as I had to be stuck in a parking structure, I'm really glad it was with you.

Maggie: If that's your best pick up line... you got a lot of work to do. Enough flirting. Let's go to the hospital, get your arm taken care of.

Paul: No, I'm fine. You know what I'd like? You go ahead. Uh, I'd like to stay here and help out if I can.

Maggie: My hero.

Gloria: Here you go, Honey. Here you go.

Lauren: Thank you.

Michael: The paramedics are looking after Noah, and you're next, all right?

Lauren: Okay. Where's Amber?

Kevin: Amber? She's home. Why?

Lauren: No. No, she came up here to meet me.

Kevin: Amber's in Clear Springs?

Michael: Wait, don't assume the worst, Kevin.

Daniel: Are you telling me that she could be down there?

Daniel: Amber, hey, it's--it's me. Call me as soon as you get this, or--or call Kevin, or call anyone and let us know that you're all right, all right? This is important.

(Cell phone ringing)

Nick: Hey, Noah's out!

Phyllis: I saw the news. I saw the news. I'm so glad.

Nick: He's a little banged up, but we're taking him to the hospital right now.

Phyllis: All right, well, go, go, go. Listen, I'm not supposed to be using the phone anyway, so go.

Nick: Okay. I'll call you in an hour.

Phyllis: Okay. Hey, hey, wait a second, how about Jack?

Nick: Uh, Jack's still down there.

Phyllis: Oh, okay.

Nick: Look, they are getting so many people out of there. I know they're gonna find them soon. This nightmare's almost over.

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah, definitely. Definitely.

Jack: Ugh!

Jack: (Coughing)

Michael: I am personally gonna drag you out of this sorry, little town.

Lauren: It's not like you have to persuade me or anything.

Gloria: You go in the helicopter with Lauren. I'll follow in the car.

Lauren: What about Kevin?

Michael: He's gonna stay behind and make sure the web site's updated.

Gloria: And keep an eye out for Amber.

Sharon: Hey, we get to take an ambulance ride together.

Noah: It hurts to move.

Nick: Well, don't move.

Sharon: Yeah. You know, the medication they gave you should be kicking in soon and you won't feel it.

Nick: Yeah. Look, Bud, I need to go talk to my dad for a second, but I'll be right back, all right? I don't wanna miss this ambulance ride.

Nick: Hey, Dad?

Victor: Yeah?

Nick: I'm gonna go with Noah to the, uh, hospital. Will you call me if you hear anything about Jack or Victoria?

Victor: Okay, my boy. I will, okay?

Nick: Thanks, Dad.

Kay: (Moaning)

Kay: Ugh! Oh, God! Ugh. Ah.

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