Y&R Transcript Friday 10/19/07

Y&R Transcript Friday 10/19/07 -- Canada; Monday 10/22/07 -- U.S.A.


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[Sharon wakes up with debris all around her]

Sharon: (Gasps)

Man's voice: We interrupt our regular programming with this breaking news bulletin. There are unconfirmed reports of a potential disaster at Clear Springs in north central Wisconsin, site of the largest new retail residential development in the state. An underground parking structure and casino have apparently collapsed. We have no word yet on the cause or the extent of damage or injuries and there is no suggestion at this time that this was an act of terrorism. Stay tuned to channel six for up-to-the-minute coverage of developments as they happen.

Phyllis: Hey, hey, Babe, uh, it's me. I-I-I just saw on the news that the structure at Clear Springs collapsed. Um... I-I-I hope it's not true. Uh... you know, I-I-I can't be certain of anything up here. Listen, um, just please, please call me as soon as you get this. I wanna know that you're okay. All right, um... I love you. Bye.

Nick: Ow! Hello? Can anybody hear me? Hello?

Man: (Coughing)

Jack: Nick?

Nick: Jack? Jack?

Jack: I need a hand.

Nick: Keep talkin', man.

Jack: Over here. Ow!

Nick: Hi.

Jack: Can you move this thing?

Nick: Yeah, yeah, yeah, hold on.

Jack: Oh.

Nick: Okay. You okay? Anything broken?

Jack: I don't think so. Are you okay?

Nick: Yeah, I'm good. Hey--hey, where's Sharon?

Jack: She was-- she was just-- Sharon?

Nick: Sharon?!

Jack: Sharon?

Nick: Shar--Sharon?

Jack: Sharon?

Nikki: I don't know. Just everything started shaking. And there was this horrible rumbling sound and--and-- they said that everything is caved in.

Victor: Wait a minute, who's saying? Slow down. Have you called 9-1-1?

Nikki: Yes, yes, they've been called. I-I-I can't reach Nicholas.

Victor: Why?

Nikki: Victor, listen to me, Nicholas is not answering his cell phone.

Victor: But that doesn't mean that he is down there.

Nikki: No, look, I know it doesn't prove anything, but I'm worried Nicholas was in the casino because he was supposed to be doing business there with Sharon and Jack. And they're not answering their phones either.

Victor: Well, now wait a minute, you make sure that you are safe, all right? Do you have a way to get out of there?

Nikki: My car was in the garage.

Victor: You call a taxi or just start walking. I'll send a driver, okay?

Nikki: No. I'm not leaving without Nicholas.

Victor: Listen to me, leave it to the professionals, please.

Nikki: Victor, I'm not leaving.

Victor: Nikki, I want you to get away from that building. Do you understand that? Get away from it now.

Nikki: I am not leaving without our son.

Victor: Nikki--

(Telephone ringing)

Victor: Yes? I guess you've heard.

Phyllis: Yeah. Yeah, I only know that something horrible happened. I don't have any details.

Victor: I don't either. I'm heading there right now.

Phyllis: Have--have you heard from Nick?

Victor: I'm afraid not.

Phyllis: Has anybody heard from Nick?

Victor: Nikki hasn't. But for all we know, they're not anywhere near there, so don't presume the worst.

Phyllis: I'm trying not to, but I'm afraid.

Victor: You know that we'll do what we have to, okay?

Phyllis: Listen, Victor, I-I know I shouldn't ask this, but please, is there anything you can do? Can you pull just a couple strings or is there anything you could do? I'm scheduled to get out tomorrow, and it's only a few hours away. I'm trying to get a hold of Michael --

Victor: Phyllis, just-- I'll make some phone calls, all right? But I'm on my way up there right now. Uh, there are too many things I have to deal with at the moment, so...

Phyllis: But you'll try?

Victor: Yes, I certainly will try, okay?

Phyllis: All right, please let--Victor? Victor? If you see Nicholas, please tell him to call me right away.

Victor: Of course. I have to go now.

Jana: Has anyone heard from him?

Phyllis: No. No. Victor thought I was crazy, I'm sure, asking him to spring me.

Jana: Well, I'm sure he understands.

Phyllis: He said don't presume the worst.

Jana: Yeah. That's good advice.

Phyllis: How can I if Nick doesn't call? What is that visualization thing again? What is that?

Jana: Okay, look, look, why don't you try closing your eyes and breathe in very deeply and imagine Nick is all well and he's above ground and maybe he's going for a jog.

Phyllis: He's playing basketball.

Jana: Playing basketball.

Phyllis: With his shirt off.

Jana: Yes, I can see that right now.

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Definitely with his shirt off, and he's strutting around... showing his arms. And he pretends like, uh, he doesn't care if the women look, but believe me, he cares if the women look. Just focus the game, Nick. Just focus on the game. Who cares about the admirers? Just focus on your game.

Jack: Sharon? Sharon?!

Sharon: Hello? (Moans)

Nick: Sharon?

Jack: Wait, wait, quiet.

Sharon: Here! Here!

Jack: Over there. Over there. Sharon?!

Sharon: Here.

Jack: Oh, Baby! Oh, am I happy to see you. Oh, we're here, beautiful. Come on, we'll bring you to the side.

Jack: Oh. Okay, we're gonna help you get out of here quickly, okay?

Sharon: Ow!

Jack: Ready? We're gonna get up on three. One... two... three!

Sharon: Ow! Ow! My leg! My leg! My leg is killing me.

Nick: Do you think it's broken?

Sharon: I don't know.

Jack: Can you wiggle your toes?

Sharon: Yeah, I think so.

Jack: Okay, the good news is, your leg is not broken.

Nick: The bad news is, I don't think she can walk out of here.

Sharon: Okay. Let me try again. Let me try.

Jack: Ready?

Sharon: Yeah.

Nick: Go easy.

Jack: One... two... three.

Sharon: Ow!

Nick: All right, okay, okay.

Sharon: Oh! Ow!

David: All right, let me know, okay, ASAP. I -- I've got another call coming in. All right, later.

Nikki: Keep calling Nicholas.

David: So far, voice mail.

Nikki: Just keep calling.

David: Okay. Okay. Yeah, yeah.

(Cell phone ringing)

Nikki: What?

Victor: I can't get anything definitive on the news.

Nikki: Well, it's the same here. Security is saying that nobody can go into the buildings until they determine that they're stable.

Victor: Don't you go in there, do you hear that?

Nikki: But I don't understand how that can be determined if they're not letting anybody in.

Victor: Nikki, I don't like you being near there now.

Nikki: You already said that, Victor.

Victor: Listen to me, I want you to get away from there.

Nikki: Well, I'm not leaving, so forget that.

Victor: Will you listen carefully? We don't know who brought down the corporate jet, you got that?

Nikki: What does that have to do with anything?

Victor: Does that matter? Think about it. This could be another case of sabotage.

Nikki: I'll call you back.

Victor: Nikki?

Nikki: Anything?

David: No, still no answer.

Jack: It's--its right here?

Sharon: Yeah, yeah. Ow.

Jack: Easy. I've got an idea. I've got an idea.

Sharon: Jack? What do you think happened here?

Jack: Chicken Little, I don't know. I think maybe the sky fell in.

Sharon: No, seriously. Seriously.

Jack: Seriously, I have no idea. Nick, give me your shirt.

Sharon: Nick? What do you think happened?

Nick: I'm gonna with the sky fell in, too.

Jack: I'm gonna try and lift this a little bit.

Sharon: Ow!

Jack: I know. I know. I'm gonna try to immobilize your leg now, okay?

Sharon: Jack!

Jack: Got that shirt, Nick?

Nick: Yeah, here.

Sharon: Okay, why do I get the feeling this procedure is going to involve a lot of pain?

Jack: Yeah. Easy.

Nick: You need more?

Jack: I think I'm good.

Sharon: Ahh.

Nick: Here.

Jack: Okay.

Sharon: Oh, careful, careful.

Jack: I know. I know. I know.

Sharon: Ow!

Jack: Here we go, one more. One more. One more. How's that feel?

Sharon: Like I have a couple of boards tied to my leg? (Pipe clanging)

Nick: Hey!

Jack: Nick?

Nick: Yeah? I was just trying to make some noise so they could find us.

Jack: We can't wait for them to find us.

Sharon: Ow!

Nick: Jack, I don't think we can drag her out of here.

Jack: We gotta get her out of here. There are methane deposits down here.

Sharon: Methane?

Jack: Yeah. With all this damage, it could be seeping in here right now. It fills this space, we are as good as dead. We've gotta get out of here. How's that?

Sharon: Ow.

Jack: I know. I know. Is that okay? We gotta go.

Sharon: Its okay as it's gonna be.

Man's voice: A multi-story underground parking structure and its casino are completely destroyed. We still have no report of injuries, but rescue teams are preparing to search for victims trapped inside. Police are limiting access to the area but our news six chopper will be in position to bring you live coverage from the scene.

Phyllis: Hey, Sharon, uh, um, it's Phyllis. Um... listen, uh, could you do me a favor? If you're working with Nick, can you tell him to give me a call? I-I just wanna know how he's doing. Um, I heard what happened. Um, I'm kind of going crazy here. Just tell him to call me, please? Um, I hope you're doing okay, too.

Jana: The trustee in operations said there's no procedure for releasing you tonight. They acted like I was an idiot for even asking.

Phyllis: Are you kidding me? My husband could be injured or hurt and I have to worry about procedure?

Jana: I told them all that. She said if it was up to her, she's let you go home right away, but there's nothing she can do. And it's too late to fill out new paperwork. The supervisor was sick, so they went home early.

Phyllis: I-I-I can't just sit here and do nothing!

(Cell phone ringing)

Sharon: Wait! You guys, shh! I think I hear something.

Jack: That's my phone! That's my phone!

(Cell phone ringing)

Phyllis: (Sighs) hey, Jack, it's--it's Phyllis, if you didn't recognize my voice. It's me. Hey, um, if you're-- you're working with Nick, or if you run into him, can you just tell him to give me a call? Just--just tell him to call his wife. He just needs to call me. Um... I'm kind of going nuts. Um... just--just--just tell him just to give me a call. It won't take a long time. Um, so I-I wanna know he's okay. I hope you're okay, too.

Jack: Nick, do you have your cell phone?

Nick: I don't know where it is. I left it somewhere.

Jack: Oh, great.

Nick: Hey, how was I supposed to know I was gonna be in the middle of a disaster.

Sharon: You, Guys, knock it off.

Jack: Do you have your cell with you?

Sharon: Yeah, I think I had it. I don't know.

Nick: Oh, I think I found it. Is this it?

Sharon: Yeah, that-- that looks like that was it. Hey, did you guys-- did you find anything? Anything we can use?

Jack: I found some aspirin and a couple bandages. Here.

Nick: I found a flashlight over in that car.

Sharon: You guys want any water?

Jack: No.

Nick: No.

Jack: Okay, listen, I think we gotta get out of here.

Nick: Yeah, let's go.

Jack: You ready?

Sharon: Yeah.

Jack: We're gonna go in this direction, all right?

Nick: No, this-- this is the exit.

Jack: There's exits on every floor. This is the quicker way.

Nick: I wanna go this way. This is the best way.

Jack: I just said no.

Nick: No, Jack, no! We are going this way. We're going right now. Let's go.

Sharon: Aah! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Nick: All right, all right. Okay, like Jack just said, let's go--let's go this way.

Jack: One, two, three! Watch your head.

Nikki: No. No.

Man: Excuse me, may I help you?

Nikki: I need to know if my son came back here for dinner.

Man: I'm sorry, but you're not allowed to--

Nikki: Please, please, I need to know if he had dinner here, because I can't find him.

Man: What is his name?

Nikki: Um, Nicholas Newman. And--and could you check Sharon and Jack Abbott, too? Please? Thank you.

David: Hey. Nick's car isn't in any of the surface parking lots.

Nikki: What about Jack?

David: No. No. I didn't see his license plate.

Nikki: Oh, my God.

David: Although, the Madison office said that he could be driving a rental, and there are a lot of rentals out there.

Nikki: Yeah.

(Cell phone ringing)

Nikki: Wait. Yes?

Victor: Have you heard from Victoria?

Nikki: No, not yet.

Victor: We cannot presume the worst just because we can't reach them. I called the phone company. Apparently the whole system is in overload because everyone is trying to call at once. For all we know, Nick is trying to reach us right now.

Nikki: Really? Oh, I'm glad you told me that. Well, then I-I'm gonna hope-- no, I'm gonna believe that that's why we haven't heard from them.

Victor: Now you stay safe. I'll be right there.

Man: I'm sorry, none of those names are on my receipts.

Nikki: Thank you. Victor says that... the phone systems are-- are overloaded because everybody's calling.

David: All right. Okay. Well, listen, okay, the fact that they're not on any of these lists doesn't mean anything, okay? They could've paid cash. Or they could've eaten somewhere else, so let's not assume the worst. Try not to.

Nikki: I-I-I'm trying not to.

David: Okay. All right. Good.

Nikki: I-I'm sure they're fine.

David: Yes. Okay, try this-- try to visualize your kids trying to reach you by phone, okay? And they're getting angry with you because they think that you're not answering your phone. I mean, "What’s wrong with Mother?" I mean, "I'm gonna give it to her when I see her for being so inconsiderate." "How could she do this to us?" All right?

Nikki: Yeah, they would.

David: Yeah.

Nikki: (Sighs) oh, okay.

David: Yeah. Okay.

Nikki: Thanks.

David: All right.

Neil: It's extremely important, okay? I want you to have these reports on my desk--

Victor: Neil, can I talk to you for a moment?

Neil: Before noon tomorrow. Please. Yeah, sure, what's, uh, what's going on?

Victor: There was a disaster at Clear Springs. The underground garage and the casino collapsed.

Neil: What? You must be kidding. How?

Victor: They don't know yet. They don't know the cause.

Neil: Uh, sabotage, maybe?

Victor: They don't know.

Neil: Injuries?

Victor: We don't know that either. Um...

Neil: What, is there something else?

Victor: I have not heard a thing from Nicholas or Victoria.

Neil: Oh, no. Listen, is there anything I can do?

Victor: Uh, meet me up there, okay?

Neil: All right, you want me to call your driver?

Victor: No, no, I already did that, thank you.

Sharon: Oh! Oh! Ow! You, Guys? My leg -- I'm gonna have to take a break.

Nick: Okay.

Jack: Easy, easy.

Sharon: Ow.

Jack: You okay?

Nick: I'm gonna-- I'm gonna go up there and check things out. I'll be right back.

Sharon: Ow. How much further is it, do you think?

Jack: Uh, that'd be hard to say.

Sharon: It's hard to say, or you just don't wanna discourage me?

Jack: I'd say it's probably 30 yards that way. Maybe half that distance up.

Sharon: All right, I'm discouraged.

Jack: Hey, look, there are people looking for us. They're gonna find us. They'll have the painkillers with them.

Sharon: Yeah. Well, I haven't heard anything in awhile.

Jack: I heard a siren.

Sharon: That was earlier. I haven't heard anything recently.

Jack: Well, maybe it takes awhile to get a search party going.

Sharon: Or maybe they're not coming.

Jack: They're coming.

Sharon: Jack, this structure is really unstable. And if they detected methane, they made decide that it's too dangerous to send anyone down here after us.

Jack: Hey, hey, hey. If ever I need a worse-case scenario, I promise I'll come to you.

Sharon: No, the worse-case scenario would be if Noah was down here with us.

Jack: Wow. She can do "What if" worse-case scenarios.

Sharon: I'm just glad that Paul took him fishing.

Jack: Oh, amen to that. Well?

Nick: Okay. Okay. I may have found a way out.

Jack: Great.

Nick: I think I feel some breeze on my face. Jack, why don't you, uh, why don't you go take a look at it first.

Jack: What, I trust you.

Nick: No. Go look at it. See if you agree with me.

Jack: Okay. I'll be right back.

Nick: (Coughs) how's the leg?

Sharon: It's killing me.

Nick: Hey, you know what, uh, what they used to kill pain with before anesthesia, right?

Sharon: I have a feeling you're gonna tell me.

Nick: Distraction.

Sharon: What, like, listen to my funny joke, or my magic trick?

Nick: No, like, uh... distraction with... creating more pain.

Sharon: Oh, gruesome.

Nick: Yeah, like, in the old days, if they needed to put you out, they'd just sock you in your jaw. I guess if that didn't work, they'd sock you again. Or maybe they'd, uh, rub some poison plant all over your body and make you real itchy.

Sharon: Okay, well, don't get any crazy ideas. I-I-I'm feeling better already. See?

Nick: And if, uh, you needed some bones reset, the doctor would have all his assistants hold you down and then it would be somebody's job to smash your toe with, like, a hammer or something, make some excruciating pain, so that you'd never even know that your bones were being reset.

Sharon: Um, I'm cured. I'm cured. It's a miracle. I'm not feeling any pain whatsoever right now. I promise.

Nick: You're such a chicken.

Nick: Hey. So, uh, what did you think?

Jack: Well, I definitely felt a breeze. I'm not sure where it's coming from.

Sharon: You know, um, if both of you felt that breeze, and you--and you smelled the air, it's definitely not methane. You're still standing.

Jack: Okay, let's go.

Sharon: Yeah.

Nick: All right, take it easy. Watch your head.

Sharon: Ow!

Nick: Easy. I got you.

Sharon: Okay, thank you.

Nick: There you go. Easy.

Jack: Nick, there is no way three of us are getting through that passageway.

Nick: I know. So you take Sharon out, I'll stay behind. Tell the police where I'm at. Maybe send some professionals--

Jack: No, no, no, there is no way I am leaving you here.

Nick: Jack, somebody has to stay. The decision's made. I'm staying.

Phyllis: Would you please find out when the laundry goes out?

Jana: This is an insanely stupid idea!

Phyllis: All right, all right, shh, go away.

Jana: No! This is not a B-rated movie, and you're not a stunt double. The whole idea of you breaking out is just ridiculous!

Phyllis: Oh, my gosh, what are you talking about, breaking out? Breaking out? Please keep your voice down. And I wouldn't be breaking out, I would be sneaking out.

Jana: Phyllis, why would you risk it? You get out tomorrow.

Phyllis: Anything could happen before then. Hey, Daniel? Hey, um, listen, I need you to do something for me and don't judge me, okay?

Jana: Tell her it's stupid to try to sneak out. She's being ridiculous.

Phyllis: I'm not trying to sneak out. I'm not trying to sneak out. Daniel? Sweetie?

Daniel: Mom, what--

Phyllis: Um... I-I need to get out of here.

Daniel: You will. Tomorrow.

Phyllis: No, no, I've got to get out of here now.

Jana: They won't let her out tonight. They already turned her down.

Phyllis: Shh. Please go away. Daniel, I have to get out of here.

Daniel: Okay, okay, Mom, Mom, just calm down. What's the big deal?

Phyllis: Did--did you hear what happened at Clear Springs?

Daniel: Uh, no. What happened?

Phyllis: Oh, Daniel, Daniel, the--the building collapsed, the casino collapsed.

Daniel: Oh, my God.

Phyllis: Yeah. I mean, I-I've been leaving messages with Nick, and--and he hasn't called me back. I'm going crazy.

Daniel: Even so, I don't want you to do anything crazy, okay? It's not gonna help the situation.

Phyllis: All right, well, will you drive up there for me, please?

Daniel: Absolutely. I will drop the baby off at the sitter, and I-I don't know what good that's gonna do you, though.

Phyllis: Well, I-I-I would like it because family would be up there, and then you could tell me what's going on and tell me that everything's okay. It would make me feel better. Please.

Daniel: O-o-okay, I said I'll go.

Phyllis: All right. Great. Thank you. And then call me-- call me the minute you hear anything.

Daniel: One condition.

Phyllis: What?

Daniel: You don't even think about leaving there early.

Phyllis: Okay, I won’t. I won’t. Just--just--just do that, please.

Daniel: Can you put Jana on?

Phyllis: Here, just say something to him.

Jana: Daniel?

Daniel: Can you call me if she tries anything stupid?

Jana: Oh, I will.

Phyllis: Oh. Okay. I promise you, I'm not gonna go anywhere. I promise you. Just please call me the minute you hear something. Okay?

Jana: It's okay.

Phyllis: I'm fine. Thank you. Thanks.

Jack: Go.

Nick: Okay, let it go.

Jack: You sure?

Nick: Yeah.

Jack: Okay.

Nick: One one-thousand, two one-thousand, three one-thousand, four one-thousand. (Grunting)

Jack: You all right?

Nick: Oh.

Jack: You okay?

Nick: Yeah, I'm good. Okay.

Jack: (Coughing)

Nick: So you're gonna have, like... like ten seconds to get out.

Jack: Ten seconds? Sharon can't move that fast.

Nick: No, we're gonna hold it up until she gets through.

Jack: Okay.

Nick: And then you got, like, ten seconds until I run out of gas.

Sharon: Nick, I'm not leaving you here. That's insane. Why don't you just let me stay? I-I'm the one who's hurt and I'm holding you up. I'll stay. I'll be fine.

Nick: That's not an option.

Jack: Not in the realm of possibilities.

Sharon: Okay, I know that you're both knights in shining armor, okay? Now is the time to be practical, not romantic.

Nick: Okay, how's this for practical for you? Somebody has to stay behind and hold that pipe.

Jack: And that would be an able-bodied person and that cancels you out. No, I'm staying behind.

Nick: No, no, no. I'm staying.

Jack: No. I'm pulling rank here.

Nick: Look, the most important thing is getting Sharon to ground level, right?

Jack: I'm not gonna argue-- you know what? Here. Here. We'll pull straws, okay? One short. One long. Right? Whoever pulls the short one, stays.

Nick: No, I'm staying.

Jack: If we keep arguing this forever, the methane is gonna catch up with us.

Nick: All right, let's do it.

Jack: Sharon?

Nick: (Coughs)

Sharon: I'm not gonna play God like that.

Nick: You have to do it.

Sharon: No.

Nick: Sharon, do it.

Jack: Nick, you go first.

Sharon: Jack, I hate this. I hate this. I should be the one who stays.

Jack: Hey, hey, hey, hey. I'll be all right. I'll be all right.

Neil: Hey, Brad, you headed up there?

Brad: Where?

Neil: Clear Springs. You heard about it, right?

Brad: No, I've been swamped.

Neil: Well, we just found out an underground parking structure collapsed.

Brad: What? When?

Neil: I don't know, about an hour or two ago.

Brad: How did it happen?

Neil: We just found out. A lot of people are trapped inside. You wanna drive with me, or--or what?

Brad: Uh, yeah, yeah, give--give me a second.

Brad: Sharon, its Brad. Uh, listen, I just heard what happened. Call me right away and let me know you're okay. Right away.

Jack: And try to get a picture of whatever Noah catches.

Sharon: You'll take plenty of your own pictures.

Jack: Just make sure he didn't get Paul to take him to the grocery store and buy a whole trout and say he caught it. Just the kind of joke he likes. Oh, and next week... his outline for his geography project is due.

Sharon: You're gonna be there, Jack.

Jack: I told him no video games until after that's done. Okay, I think it's time. If anything goes wrong--

Sharon: Nothing is going to go wrong.

Jack: If anything goes wrong... remember how much I love you. Okay?

Sharon: You remember how much I love you, too.

Jack: Oh, believe me, I do. It's what wakes me up in the morning, what gets me out of bed. It's what's gonna get me through this.

Jack: Come on. Let's go. Feet first.

Sharon: Okay.

Nick: Watch your leg, watch your leg.

Sharon: Ow!

Nick: Watch your leg.

Jack: Easy.

Sharon: Okay.

Nick: Take the flashlight.

Jack: You got the flashlight?

Nick: Look, Sharon.

Sharon: Thank you.

Nick: I'm gonna bring the cavalry, or whatever it is they call the rescuers that still haven't rescued us yet.

Jack: All right, I'll keep the home fires burning.

Nick: I'll leave a trail of breadcrumbs so I now how to get my way back.

Jack: Listen, if it is too dangerous, don't come back here.

Nick: Oh, so you get to be the hero and I don't? How's that fair?

Jack: I got a lot more to make up for. Besides, you'll be a hero enough just getting her out of here.

Nick: Yeah, maybe. Hey, uh... I-I can't stop thinking about that time when you helped me over that snowdrift, when I was, like, 7 or 8? What was it?

Jack: You were 8. And you were a great kid. Come on, let's get going.

Nick: Hey. I don't say it enough, but I know... that you helped me become the man that I am. Thank you. I'm gonna come back, all right? I'll be back.

Jack: You ready, Sharon?

Sharon: Yeah. Ready.

Jack: Okay, on three. One... two... three!

Sharon: Okay.

Jack: Go!

Sharon: I'm going.

Jack: Go, Nick.

Nick: You got it?

Jack: Go!

Jack: Oh!

Nick: Jack?! You all right? You all right?

Jack: Yeah. Get out of here!

Nick: I'll be back! Hang tight!

Jack: Go!

Man: The cause of the structural collapse is not known, and investigators have so far been unable to determine the number of victims trapped inside. There are reports that some victims managed to use cell phones to call 9-1-1 or family and friends. State authorities ask anyone who has heard from a victim...

Neil: Hey, do you wanna turn that off, Man?

Brad: Yeah, please.

Brad: Nikki, its Brad. Listen, I-I know you have a million things going on, but can I ask you if you've heard from Sharon? Has anybody heard from Sharon?

Nikki: Nothing from Sharon. Nothing from Nicholas, either.

Brad: Oh, Nick. Of course, I-I'm so sorry, Nikki. Why isn't the fire department going in there? Why isn't anybody going in there?

Nikki: They are, but... if you were here, you would understand why it's so hard to get down there.

Brad: Describe it to me.

Nikki: The most horrific thing I've ever experienced. I was... maybe 20 yards away from the parking structure and... the ground just started shaking. And it was like... just like a wave... and... it just-- it just caved in on top of itself and... all this noise-- I mean, oh, my God, the noise, and these car alarms started going off and... and dust--the dust-- we couldn't breathe. There was so much dust.

Brad: You're not hurt, are you?

Nikki: No, I'm okay. What are they saying on TV?

Brad: They're not saying anything. Nothing about survivors, nothing about the cause.

Nikki: (Sighs) well, you know as much as I do.

Brad: Good luck, Nikki.

Nikki: Good luck to us all.

Nikki: Oh, dear God.

Brad: I can't believe there's no information.

Neil: Hey, Brad, listen, I know you got a thing for Sharon, but--

Brad: What the hell are you talking about?

Neil: But it was insensitive to ask about Sharon while Nikki is going crazy worrying about her son.

Brad: All right, listen, Neil, let me tell you something, all right? I'm sick of your moral superiority. I don't wanna hear about your judgmental attitude. In fact, I don't wanna hear the judgmental attitude from anybody. Sharon and I slept together one time, when we were both at low points in our lives. Now we've dealt with it, and we've moved past it. And I think it's time everybody else did, too.

Neil: Cool, Man. You wanna listen to some music?

Brad: Yeah. Great.

Neil: Cool.

Brad: Turn on the music.

Phyllis: Okay, Jack, uh, they're--they're telling me I'm monopolizing the phone. So, um... imagine that? Me, monopolizing the phone. It's crazy. What's up with that, right? I just need to be serious for a second here. Jack, please... please... all right, two--two things. One, um, please call. And--and two, I hope you're okay. Actually, that should come first. I hope you're okay, one, and please call, two. I'm just so worried about everything and everyone. Please, please call me. Jack, please call me and tell me everything's okay before I go crazy.

Jack: (Coughing)

Nikki: Damn it! Nicholas! Oh, clear your phone. Clear your messages.

David: Nikki? Somebody's coming out of the garage.

Nikki: Who?!

David: I don't know! Come on. Let's go.

Nikki: Oh, my God!

Woman: Sir, the EMTs are standing by! This will only take a few minutes.

Nick: All right, fine. Just get that damn light out of my eyes! Be careful with her leg. Have some painkillers ready.

Woman: How many of you are there?

Nick: It's just the two of us, with Jack Abbott still back there in the structure. You gotta go get him.

Nikki: Who is it? Who is it? Ask their name!

Woman: Just a few more feet. They'll be here in a minute!

Nikki: Ask their names!

Nick: Mom, it's me and Sharon!

Nikki: Oh, thank God! Oh, my God!

Nick: Thank you. You're okay, Sharon. You're okay. You're gonna be okay. Okay. There you go. You're gonna be okay. You're gonna be okay.

Nikki: Nicholas!

Nick: Hey, Mom.

Nikki: Oh, my baby!

Woman: What floor were you caught on?

Sharon: We couldn't tell.

Nick: I don't know, but did you hear what I said? Jack Abbott is still in there.

Woman: He's alone?

Nick: Yes.

Woman: Did you see the boy or anyone else?

Nick: No, there wasn't anyone else around.

Sharon: Wait. What boy?

Woman: There was a 9-1-1 call made by a man who identified himself as Paul Williams, said two other adults were with him.

Nick: No, no, no, we were alone. We would've heard if there was any other people.

Woman: With a ten-year-old boy who has a serious injury.

Nikki: What--what are you--

Nick: What's his name? What's his name?

Sharon: Who is the boy?

Woman: Noah. Noah Newman.

Sharon: No!

Nikki: Oh, my God!

Nick: Noah!

Nikki: Don't go back in there!

Nick: I need to get in there! Get off of me!

Nikki: Oh, my God!

Nick: Noah!

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