Y&R Transcript Monday 10/15/07

Y&R Transcript Monday 10/15/07 -- Canada; Tuesday 10/16/07 -- USA


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Sharon: Jack, I'm home! Hey, I expected you to greet me with a glass of champagne at the door. Or at least one of those Belgian beers you like so much. I mean, I know we're in Wisconsin, but I won't tell your constituents. I'm sorry it took so long. I was just checking on some of our corporate sponsors for Cassie’s Challenge. Why is it that all some of them care about is their logo-- oh. Hey, you don't look so hot. What's going on?

Jack: I'm just happy you're home.

Sharon: Well... oh. What happened to the celebration?

Jack: It has been mooted.

Sharon: Why? Did the ethics committee call again?

Jack: Worse. Detective Sullivan stopped by to tell me there's been a break in Ji Min's case. You're looking at him.

Sharon: What?

Jack: I am now the official or unofficial person of interest in the Ji Min homicide.

Sharon: That's crazy! Why--why do they think you had anything to do with it?

Jack: That's a good question. There's your answer.


Jill: Detective Sullivan?

Maggie: Ms. Abbott. Hello.

Jill: I haven't heard from you in awhile.

Maggie: Well, I've been very busy.

Jill: I was just wondering if there's been anymore news about Ji Min's death, because you did promise me that you'd keep me in the loop.

Maggie: And I will. It's an ongoing investigation. Well, there has--there has been one recent development that you'd like to know.

Jill: Really? What is it?

Maggie: Remember how you told me that, uh, Ji Min was allergic to dogs?

Jill: Yeah.

Maggie: That proved to be very helpful.

Jill: Detective... (Clears throat) when I went up to Ji Min's room at the club here, when I found his body dead on the floor? At first, from where I was standing, I could only see his feet. And then I rushed over and I saw his face. His eyes were open. He wasn't moving. He wasn't breathing. Have you ever looked into the eyes of somebody you love and seen nothing at all looking back at you? 'Cause that's what happened. You know, it--it happens over and over again. It happens when I'm at breakfast, when I'm in the shower, when I'm in bed at night. Even when I sleep, I see him in my dreams. But it isn't Ji Min-- the man I loved, that's full of life. It's that body. Full of nothing.

Maggie: I-I can't imagine.

Jill: Please, please, just be honest with me. That's all I’m asking. I need to know this. Please tell me.

Maggie: I-I really shouldn't be telling you this. We--we have a new lead.

Jill: What is it?

Maggie: Forensics did a full analysis of Ji Min's clothing. We found dog hair. And, um... on further testing, it was determined that the dog hair was most likely from a golden retriever, like Jack Abbott’s dog.

Jill: Jack's dog?

Maggie: Yeah. Now it's not definitive. I don't want you to jump to any conclusions.

Jill: No, no, no.

Maggie: I talked to Jack. And he claims he never had any physical contact with Mr. Kim.

Jill: He saw Ji Min before his death?

Maggie: Oh, there's hard evidence to confirm that, at least. The club has, uh, security cameras in the hallway. And there's footage of Senator Abbott leaving Mr. Kim's room. He was the last person to leave before the body was found.


Heather: What a night. Great weather.

Cane: Great company.

Heather: That's debatable.

Cane: Ouch.

Heather: (Laughs)

Cane: Oh, that hurts.

Heather: No, no, that would be me, remember?

Cane: Yeah, but that's what you get for being a show off.

Heather: Oh. Well, I had fun doing it. God, I gotta get out more. This is the most fun I've had in weeks.


Cane: That doesn't say much.

Heather: It's all prosecution all the time.

Cane: Makes Heather a dull girl.

Heather: Mm-hmm. I don't even think there's any swelling. I think it's already better.

Cane: I promise you, next time I will not take you out to a basketball court and get you wounded.

Heather: Well, there's certainly worse places I could be.


(Door slams)

Michael: Fenmore started his nap late, so you're gonna have to feed him when he wakes up. I'm off to the prison to see Phyllis.

Gloria: At this hour?

Michael: Yeah, lawyers only.

Gloria: Good luck.

Michael: Now there are, uh, strained carrots and rice in the fridge... and... and Fenmore enjoys a hearty red burgundy with his dinner.

Gloria: I know.

Michael: Gloria, pay attention. You just agreed to give the baby wine with his meal.

Gloria: Oh, stop being so ridiculous, Michael. I will tell Fen's sitter when she gets here.

Michael: What? I figured you were too formal for babysitting. You promised Lauren you'd be here. You'd be sitting.

Gloria: I know, but something came up.

Michael: All right. Spill it. What are you planning?

Gloria: I have a date with Jeffrey Bardwell. I'm just worried this scarf won't match my lipstick.

Michael: And I'm worried that your brain has ceased functioning completely.

Gloria: Don't be rude, Michael.

Michael: Okay. Okay. No rudeness. (Chuckles) let's see, how can I can put this so you don't feel bad about yourself? Oh, hey, here-- Jeffrey Bardwell is a man with a plan. He covets your inheritance. And, oh, uh, just for kicks? He probably would like to see you in prison for manslaughter.

Michael: Is it possible to have a rational talk about this?

Gloria: No need to, Michael. It's not like I trust the guy. We're just going out on a date.

Michael: (Laughs) "I don't trust the guy." "We're going out on a date." In what alternate universe do those two statements go together?

Gloria: He's not getting a dime of my money. It doesn't matter whether we go out or not.

Michael: How about "Or not?" That way you won't be making anything easy for him. Look, it was just a few days ago that you thought he was taunting you with that cream.

Gloria: That's true. But you know something? I asked him for the cream as a memento. He handed it over, no questions asked. Now he's been nothing but cordial to me ever since.

Michael: So what? So you think his only interest in you is romantic? Come on!

Gloria: Michael, keep your enemies close. That way you find out if they do have ulterior motives. And being just a silly woman, Jeff will think I have my guard down.

Michael: You do! Otherwise you'd be staying far away from this man.

Gloria: You know, I think it is too chilly for this scarf. I need something a little bit more substantial.

Michael: You listen to me, Gloria. Hanging out with Jeffrey Bardwell is dangerous.

Gloria: Thank you, Michael. That's very sweet. But it's just for a few hours. And I'm gonna learn a whole lot about that man, which will be to our advantage, so you just relax, 'cause I've got everything under control.

Michael: Why does that not make me feel better?

Gloria: Hm.

Owen: Hello, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Hi, Chaplain.

Owen: You looked pretty far away.

Phyllis: Uh... wouldn't that be nice?

Owen: How are you?

Phyllis: Well, I'm trying to stay out of trouble. Which is ironic, because trouble got me here in the first place. I don't think the warden is too happy with me.

Owen: Because?

Phyllis: Well, um... we had a disagreement.

Owen: A disagreement?

Phyllis: Yeah, I told him he was running a gulag.

Owen: Ah.

Phyllis: That's what I told him. And, uh, he wanted to close the day room. I didn't think it was fair. Come on. He banished me to my cell. I felt like a five-year-old on a time out.

Owen: Well, it's been pretty difficult for you. Your appeal was denied and that doesn't leave you much hope. I'm here to offer prayer if you'd like me to.

Phyllis: Thank you, I appreciate that.

Owen: Or if you just wanna talk, that's fine, too.

Phyllis: Okay.

Owen: No third party involved.

Phyllis: Right.

Owen: What are you reading?

Phyllis: Well, I'm doing some research on the work release program. Uh, they usually don't offer it to felons, but this prison is doing a pilot program, and I thought I might qualify.

Owen: Well, that would be wonderful. Do you have a job in mind? Or an employer that'll take you?

Phyllis: Well, I used to do corporate web sites. And I would like to get into that again. You've heard of the Clear Springs development? They have a web site, and Senator Jack Abbott wants me to work on that.

Owen: Sounds like you should apply.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Owen: You just need to show that there's a need for your specific services.

Phyllis: Right. Well, you've been following the news on the development, right? I mean, Jack needs all the help he could get.

Sharon: You know, there are lots of dogs out there and dogs shed. Anyone can have dog hair on them.

Jack: That's what I said.

Sharon: Well, are they sure that it's Fisher's hair?

Jack: No. But you know Detective Sullivan. In no time at all, she had me sounding like I had something to hide.

Sharon: Hm. You think she was just blowing smoke to see how you would react?

Jack: I don't know. But I think I need to hire an attorney before this gets any worse. And boy, is that gonna read well in the papers.

Sharon: Yeah. We just can't get a break.

Jack: It just keeps coming-- attacked in the tabloids, this Senate Ethics investigation, and now the police wanna tie me to a homicide.

Sharon: Police like to arrest people, Jack. If they had any real hard evidence on you, they would've arrested you.

Jack: Sweetheart, now that I am a person of interest, I am a short putt away from a DNA test and a one-way ticket to my own day in court.

Sharon: They're wrong about the evidence. It'll blow over.

Jack: I'm not so sure about that. Look, whether I'm in a holding cell or in my senate seat, this new evidence is gonna make it to the tabloids, if not the cover of "The Chronicle."

Sharon: But that's not going to prove that you killed Ji Min.

Jack: It doesn't have to. As far as my credibility with my constituents is concerned, this may be one scandal too many.

Maggie: Jack isn't an official suspect. The evidence is circumstantial. It doesn't link him directly to the crime.

Jill: But it is possible?

(Cell phone ringing)

Maggie: Excuse me.

Jill: Yeah. Sorry.

Maggie: Detective Sullivan. Yes. Okay.

Cane: Hey. What is it?

Jill: Would you excuse us just a minute?

Heather: Of course. Of course.

Jill: Detective Sullivan just told me that the crime lab found dog hairs on Ji Min's clothes that could've come from Jack Abbott’s dog.

Maggie: Ms. Abbott? I have to get back to the station on another matter, but I'll keep in touch.

Jill: Thank you.

Heather: So I guess the sack race worked. Got the results back from the lab in record time.

Maggie: You know, I think our new state senator might not be telling us everything he knows.

Jill: Every time there's a new lead, I relive that night all over again.

Cane: Mum, I'm getting worried about you.

Jill: No, all this information that the police have and nothing ever comes of it.

Cane: Okay, listen, I know this is hard for you. But you have to let the police build their case. They'll do this brick by brick, piece by piece. They won't rush it. They'll do it the right way. 'Cause if they do, and they follow the wrong evidence, the case will fall apart. Let them follow their own schedule and on their own timeline, okay?

Jill: That's all well and good, but my fiancé is still dead. And I don't need the law to tell me who's guilty.

Gloria: Hello. Good evening.

Jeff: Pardon me, Miss--

Gloria: Oh!

Jeff: Whoa. I'm looking for my date. Have you seen her? Gorgeous, well-dressed, sophisticated, a little jumpy?

Gloria: Actually, I was looking for my date, too. But maybe I should forget about him. He couldn't possibly be as handsome as you are.

Jeff: Well... There's only one man that handsome. And you married him.

Gloria: Touché, Jeffrey. You're just like William. You see right through me.

Jeff: No, no, not at all. I'd love to know everything there is to know about you. The good and the bad.

Gloria: All right, I'll tell you what, you tell me yours, I'll tell you mind.

Jeff: Fair enough.

Gloria: Shall we?

Jeff: Hmm.

Phyllis: You know, when I look back at the past year, I can definitely put things in perspective. Definitely. I did this to myself. I put myself here. I know that. I just--I wish I knew when it would all be over. I wish I had some crystal ball that would say, "Calm down. Calm down. It's all gonna be okay. If you just calm down and hang in there, some day in the not-so-distant future, it'll all work out. And it will all go your way." Oh, yeah, and I... and--and can that not-so-distant future not be in six years?

Owen: Well, everybody struggles with uncertainty. Life is uncertainty. And uncertainty is... scary. But that's where faith comes in. It may not be a crystal ball, but, uh, it can help. If you give it a chance.

Phyllis: I'm sure that John Abbott was a lot stronger in spirit than I am, right?

Owen: Actually, after he became ill, he was really quite lost. But before that, he, um, he gained so much strength from his friends and especially his family. He carried some heavy burdens, but, uh... he always knew how blessed he was. And that gave him peace of mind.

Phyllis: I could use peace of mind right now.

Sharon: You weren't there when Ji Min died, so how did this one's fur end up at the crime scene?

Jack: Seems a simple enough question. You'd think there'd be a simple answer, huh?

Sharon: Well, let's just talk it out. We'll work it out.

Jack: Okay, I'm game.

Sharon: And then, afterwards, I think that we should celebrate. You know, this ethics committee decision-- it's important. All the rest of it is just conjecture. And no one is accusing you of anything. I mean, if they were, I would be there for you.

Jack: Thank you.

Sharon: For what?

Jack: For believing in me. For not freaking out. For being your normal, loving, unjudgmental self.

Sharon: I know that you're innocent.

(Doorbell rings)

Jack: Well, the press didn't waste any time. I didn't think we'd hear from them till 5:00 in the morning.

Sharon: Oh, don't answer it.

Jack: You know what? Why put it off? I can handle them. Two minutes--two minutes, and then we break out the champagne.

Jill: Why, what are we celebrating? Did you figure out a way to explain how your dog's hair got on my fiancé's body?

Sharon: You know, you have no right to come in here--barge in here and start accusing my husband.

Jill: Your dog's hair was found on Ji Min.

Sharon: It might be Fisher’s. That hasn't been determined, so you might wanna get your facts straight before you start the blame game.

Jack: You know what? Let's--let's pretend for a moment that it was Fisher's hair. So what? Dog hair has a way of floating. It also has a way of sticking. It could've gotten on your boyfriend's clothes any of a million ways. Look, somebody came out to the house, they saw him at the office, or he saw Noah with the dog at the coffeehouse or wherever. Or we have the same dry cleaners and they're not very good at what they do. Who knows what happened?

Jill: I think you do.

Jack: I know what you're doing here, Jill. You need someone to blame and you've picked me.

Jill: You didn't want Ji Min doing that press conference, so you put a stop to it.

Sharon: Do you have any idea what you're saying? This isn't a stolen candy bar you're talking about.

Jill: Look, just for the record, I don't really think you intended to kill him. I think the two of you got into a fight and you left him to die.

Jack: Have you said everything you wanted?

Jill: Not by a long shot.

Jack: Because my wife and I have plans tonight and you're not involved.

Jill: Sharon, were you aware that your husband was the last person seen leaving Ji Min's room before I discovered his body?

Sharon: By whom?

Jill: By a security camera. Which doesn't lie, unlike your husband.

Jack: Actually, I was about to get into that. Detective Sullivan--

Jill: Uh, found the killer. So, before you go on defending your husband, why don't you get your own facts straight?

Sharon: All right, you know what? I don't need to listen to this. I'm not gonna listen to this.

Jack: I'll-- I'll walk you out.

Jill: I'll go. But just know that someday very soon, Jack, everybody's gonna know what you did. And what you're doing right now? Pulling the classic Jack Abbott? Covering your tracks to save yourself.

(Door slams)

Cane: I'm glad you could join me.

Heather: Me, too.

Cane: I wish my mum could be here actually. She's decided to go and bury herself in work.

Heather: I know the feeling. I do the same thing.

Cane: No!

Heather: Yes. I do it to get my mind off other things. The piles are always there. They never disappoint me.

Cane: So... um... this evidence you have against Jack Abbott-- do you think it's enough that you could use to arrest him?

Heather: I can't talk about it.

Cane: Is he at the top of your list?

Heather: I said I can't talk about it.

Cane: Listen, I don't mean to pry, okay? I'm just trying to give my mum something that'll make her feel better.

Heather: Cane--Cane, please.

Cane: I can keep a secret.

Heather: And so can I. Look, I've had a really great time, but I'm gonna call it a night.

Cane: Okay, okay, okay. Listen, listen, I'm sorry, all right? I'll change the subject. Um, we'll talk about something fun, like, uh, politics or religion.

Heather: Okay. I'll take you up on that next time.

Cane: Oh. So there's gonna be a next time, huh?

Heather: Maybe. So long as you can understand that I can't always tell you everything you wanna hear.

Cane: It's a deal.

Michael: I wanna talk to you. About a work release.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, I heard y'all were having a big meeting about it.

Michael: "Meeting"-- meeting doesn't quite capture the moment. "Mosh pit"--that covers it.

Phyllis: Well, of course it was.

Michael: Listen, we're gonna put together the strongest proposal we can, but you have to be a part of it. Your record in here has to be spotless. No more seg. No more infractions.

Phyllis: Mm. Yeah. Well...

Michael: Okay. What? What?

Phyllis: Oh, you know...

Michael: What did you do? What's going on?

Phyllis: I just-- I just had a-a little, um, disagreement with the warden.

Michael: Uh-huh.

Phyllis: And, um, well, it's all good now. I'm back in the day room. So it's good.

Michael: All right.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Michael: No more.

Phyllis: No more. Of course. I'm a model prisoner.

Michael: Excellent.

Phyllis: Look at me. Look at me! I'm a model prisoner. I'm even--I'm even, uh, having meetings with the chaplain.

Michael: You don't think that's laying it on a bit thick?

Phyllis: No. No. I really like him. He's a really good man. We're having nice talks.

Michael: Really?

Phyllis: I'm really enjoying myself. Hey, he counseled, uh, John Abbott when John was in the same situation.

Michael: This is Reverend Anderson?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Michael: Reverend Anderson-- he was with John in prison.

Phyllis: Yep. Yep. Up until the time John died, and then he was transferred.

Michael: You know, when John was incarcerated, he was sick. He was not of sound mind. That was the time-- that was when he rewrote his will and he cut Gloria out of his estate.

Phyllis: Whoa, whoa, whoa, you're not blaming the chaplain for that, are you?

Michael: No, I don't blame the chaplain for that. I blame Jack Abbott for that.

Jeff: Legend has it that the monk who invented champagne said it was like "Tasting the stars."

Gloria: Ha. Well, he was absolutely right. But being a monk, he probably didn't enjoy an evening as fun as this.

Jeff: I can't imagine an evening with you that isn't fun.

Gloria: Well, it wasn't always like this. But when I came to Genoa City and met John Abbott and then your brother, it changed my whole outlook on life.

Jeff: I only know John from what I've read. What was he like?

Gloria: John Abbott was a perfect man. And he was happiest spending Sunday afternoons with his grandchildren. He liked renting a movie for Colleen--a classic she hadn't seen-- and reading books to Abby and playing all the parts. He made us all laugh.

Jeff: And his company?

Gloria: Other than his grandchildren, that was his pride and joy.

Jeff: Well, then... it's a good thing he had you to carry on his legacy.

Gloria: Yeah. But the best gift he ever gave me-- John was the first man who ever let me know it was all right to hold my head up high. Even if he did leave me out of his will.

Jeff: Hard to believe that could ever happen.

Gloria: Well, I think his son Jack was responsible for that. Unfortunately, there's no proof.

Jeff: I know exactly how you feel.

Gloria: Do you?

Jeff: I'll never know for sure if William just really left me out of his will, or if he was manipulated into doing it.  

Gloria: Do you really think someone could've manipulated William into leaving you out of his will?

Jeff: It's possible. You thought the same about your husband.

Gloria: Yeah, but John was very sick at the time and easily manipulated. That's very different.

Jeff: Mm. Yeah, I suppose you're right. Nobody was sharper than William. Except maybe my uncle.

Gloria: No offense, Jeffrey, but how did someone as charming as you alienate both of them?

Jeff: I told you about William and me.

Gloria: Miranda.

Jeff: I made my own fortune. William went into the public sector. I think Uncle Ross respected that. He probably figured I just didn't really need the money. And at the time, I didn’t.

Gloria: You didn't?

Jeff: Mnh-mnh. No, remember the internet boom in the '90s? Well, I was there. Took my own company public and bought plenty of options on plenty of others.

Gloria: Really?

Jeff: Yep. And like plenty of others, my start-up went belly-up. And the options? Worthless.

Gloria: Oh. Guess you could've used some of that inheritance after all, huh?

Phyllis: Listen, Gloria lost the case because the judge accepted the will. I mean, Gloria said it was authentic because John gave it to the chaplain.

Michael: You know, just because John gave it to the chaplain doesn't mean Jack didn't manipulate his father into rewriting it.

Phyllis: That's ridiculous. Do you know how ridiculous that sounds?

Michael: John promised Gloria half of everything.

Phyllis: Oh, come on. Do you--do you hear the words? Did he actually say that?

Michael: Yes, yes, he actually said those words.

Phyllis: Okay.

Michael: All John ever wanted to do was take care of Gloria. He wanted to take care of her.

Phyllis: Maybe he changed his mind. Maybe he changed his mind. That doesn't make Jack responsible.

Michael: Oh, go ahead and defend the man if you want.

Phyllis: Oh, come-- what are you talk-- what? You hate Jack! You blame him for everything. If something goes wrong, it's his fault.

Michael: No, no, no, no, and you have a soft spot for the man that prevents you from seeing the truth.

Sharon: I'll be there soon. Bye-bye. That was Noah. Jason's mother took them to pizza after the movie. So I'm gonna have to go and pick him up soon.

Jack: I probably dread him finding out about this the most. I used to be a hero in that boy's eyes.

Sharon: You still are.

Jack: Yeah, but for how much longer? How much more can he hear and not thing any differently? Or you, for that matter.

Sharon: It's not gonna happen.

Jack: You sure about that? You've been kinda quiet since Jill left.

Sharon: It's not her.

Jack: Look, these damn surveillance tapes-- I was gonna tell you about them.

Sharon: When? I would think that you would tell me about it right when you found out about it. We're married. I'm supposed to be on your team, but I can't really be a team member when I don't know what the hell I'm talking about!

Jack: Sharon--

Sharon: And you told me that you did not threaten Ji Min, that you did not threaten his estate in Korea. That wasn't true. What else wasn't true? What else were you meaning to tell me? Things are looking really bad, Jack. A lot worse than I ever thought they could.

Jack: I understand why you might have doubts--

Sharon: No, I don't have any doubts! I fee bad for you because I know that you didn't do this!

Jack: You do believe me then?

Sharon: Of course I believe you, Jack. I know you. I know the real Jack Abbott. The problem is, I don't know when this nightmare is gonna end.

Jeff: I've been looking at, um, real estate and franchise opportunities around here. The university is growing. Medical center, too. I've looked at the economic development statistics and I think there's real growth potential for investors.

Gloria: And you'd like me to invest?

Jeff: No, of course not! I'm sorry, did I say something to make you think that?

Gloria: No. No. Just wanted to be clear.

Jeff: Good. Because I wanna be honest with you.

Gloria: That's a very good quality.

Jeff: And I hope you can be honest with me, too.

Gloria: No reason not to be.

Jeff: No, no. I'll get this. Unless there's something else?

Gloria: No, Jeffrey, thank you. Um, it's getting late.

Jeff: You know, I'd like to see you again, so we can continue this conversation. I feel like I've just got a little taste of who the real Gloria is.

Gloria: You have no idea, brother-in-law.

[Gloria leaves]

[Jill sits at the bar]

Jill: I would like a dirty martini and make it a double.

Sharon: I have to go pick up Noah. I'll be back soon. You sure you're okay alone?

Jack: Yeah, I'm fine.

Sharon: Okay. You know, if the reporters come--

Jack: I've had lots of experience. Drive safely.

[John’s spirit appears]

John: Being alone is the last thing you need.

Jack: I'm surprised to see you here. Last time I needed you...

John: No, you didn't need me then.

Jack: Yeah, I did.

John: Now, Jack, who would know best when I should come? You wanted to talk about Sharon.

Jack: That's right. I did.

John: And we didn't need to do that. Because I know, and so do you finally, that she's the best thing in your life.

Jack: Yeah. I know that now.

John: Well, good, Son. You know, and don't forget it, either. But, Jack? She's not the only person looking out for you.

Michael: We're processing your paperwork. And I am doing everything I can to fast-track your work release application.

Phyllis: All right. All right. All right. Be honest with me. Do I have a shot?

Michael: Well, I would prefer it if you didn't refer to the warden as the guardian of the gulag.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Michael: Or whatever it is you said or intimated.

Phyllis: I said that.

Michael: But, you know, with Jack and the Newmans on your side, your chances are better than average.

Phyllis: See? See this? See this? You just said it yourself. I am lucky to have Jack on my side. So, yeah, you know, sometimes he's a jerk, but he can be very kind and generous.

Michael: Yeah, I'm sure he can. But if we take a stack of his good deeds and a stack of his sins, and we put them on the scales of justice, the good ones would be cantilevered out of the county.

Phyllis: Come on, Michael! All right, yeah, he's bent the law once or twice, but, you know, haven't we all here? Hey, hey, hey, I'm not done! He has no reason to mess with John's will. No reason at all. He has his own money. He doesn't need John’s.

Michael: Jack hates Gloria. What's good for Gloria is bad for Jack. And vice-versa. Guard!

Michael: Aah! What are you trying to do? Scare me to death?

Gloria: I'm the black widow, Michael. I only kill my mates.

Michael: So what, did you date fall a few notches below magical?

Gloria: Doesn't seem like your meeting with Phyllis went much better.

Michael: Well, I talked to her about work release. I tried to make it sound hopeful.

Gloria: It's just like I said, you got nothing to worry about.

Michael: What do you know about her chances?

Gloria: I'm talking about Jeffrey.

Michael: So the man isn't completely smitten with your charms?

Gloria: Hard to say. It's so vague. He talked about being honest and wanting to get to know me, but nothing about the cream or the lawsuit or anything suspicious.

Michael: What did he do?

Gloria: Didn't ask me for a nightcap, didn't try to kiss me. And if he really wants to get to know the real Gloria, you'd think he would've tried something.

Michael: I don't' see the problem. The less Jeffrey Bardwell wants to know about you, the better. I don't want that man curious about anything.

Gloria: He didn't talk about my past, or the little box that William sent him.

Michael: Sounds like the perfect date.

Gloria: The only thing he was interested in... is my money. Jeffrey Bardwell is a gold-digger.

Michael: I suspected that weeks ago. You suspected that weeks ago. Listen to your son. If you don't listen to your son, trust your instincts. Stay away from the man.

Jill: You have to forgive me for staring.

Jeff: (Laughs) must be my boyish good looks. It's all right. Don't worry. I get that "You're supposed to be dead" stare a lot around here.

Jill: Good, then I don't have to blame it on the martini.

Jeff: Well, just to be sure, could I buy you another?

Jill: Mm. I'm still workin' on this one. But you're welcome to sit with me.

Jeff: Were you and William close?

Jill: We were good friends. We actually dated for awhile, but that didn't work out. He married someone else. Maybe you know her? What is it, Gloria Fisher Abbott Kennedy Presley Bardwell, I think she calls herself now.

Jeff: Yeah, I know Gloria. I also know my brother made the wrong choice.

Cane: Heather, hey, it's, uh, it's me. Listen, um... I just wanted to call and make sure that you got home safely, and I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry. If I made you feel uncomfortable, I didn't mean to do that. And I promise you, I won't do it again, okay? I will, um... call you soon.

Jack: Dad, I never wanted things to turn out this way.

John: I'm not so sure of that. Ji Min is out of your life.

Jack: No, it's one thing to want someone gone, it's another thing to want him dead.

John: And there's a difference between wanting someone dead and killing them.

Jack: I didn't kill him.

John: Well, then you're gonna have to start convincing people of that.

Jack: You got any ideas? I'd love to hear 'em.

John: Well, what you need to do is think about what you've got control over and what you don't.

Jack: Well, all I have control over is finding the killer myself.

John: Yes, Senator, you do. Sounds like a good plan, huh?

Phyllis: Chaplain, can I have a few moments of your time?

Owen: Yeah, of course. Sit down.

Phyllis: Um...

Owen: What can I help you with?

Phyllis: What else can you tell me about the last few weeks of John Abbott’s life?

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