Y&R Transcript Monday 10/8/07

Y&R Transcript Monday 10/8/07 -- Canada; Tuesday 10/9/07 -- USA


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Lily: 98 on my hardest midterm! It's ice cream night!

Devon: Wow, ice cream night! That's good.

Lily: I get to call flavors. I want coffee gelato, pistachio--

Devon: I don't wanna get pistachio.

Lily: Yes. And sour berry yogurt.

Devon: Okay, well, I will pick them up, but I'm gonna get strawberry, too, because I like that.

Lily: Well, why not get melted vanilla to match your sophisticated palate?

Devon: (Laughs) That's funny. That's funny.

Karen: Thanks.

Neil: Ah, there you are. Hey, how are ya?

Karen: Hey.

Neil: My apartment?

Karen: You know, actually, I've gotta get away from work. I mean, I-I've got to remind myself that there's more to life than this job.

Neil: Right. So, dinner, tonight, my apartment?

Karen: Come on, Neil, where does the conversation go when we have dinner over there? You know where it goes. It goes to this proposal or that report or can you edit this copy and blah, blah, blah. And you know what? I need a night off.

Neil: You know, you shame me. I'm embarrassed that when I ask a beautiful woman to dinner she looks at me like I'm a task-master.

Karen: Oh. Sorry?

Neil: But... I had no plans to work tonight.

Karen: You're just saying that because I complained, and you know it.

Neil: Ooh, twist the knife and poor more salt in the wound why don't you? Kick me when I'm down.

Karen: Mmm.

Neil: My credibility is that low with you?

Karen: When it comes to working at night, uh, yeah.

Neil: All right, no lie. I had no plans to work tonight.

Karen: Ah.

Neil: It's ice cream night. My daughter Lily?

Karen: Mm?

Neil: She scored a 98 on one of her toughest midterms of the year, and it's a family tradition that we celebrate stuff like that.

Karen: You had me at ice cream.

Neil: That was easy.

Karen: Yeah.

Neil: And after we're good and stuffed, I badger the kids into pulling out a board game or cards. They pretend like they hate it when they actually love it, and I have to throw the game after a couple of hours just to get to bed.

Karen: Okay, you were a really good dad until you lied about having to throw the game.

Neil: Lie?

Karen: Lie. Because I know your kids, and I know that you don't have to throw anything because they are going to beat your butt.

Neil: Et tu, Karen? I face way too much skepticism from my own children. I am not, not, not gonna tolerate it from you.

Karen: Did I touch a little nerve?

Neil: Are you coming or not?

Karen: Yes, and I promise that I will let you win whatever game it is.

Neil: Really?

Jack: I have descended to some level of hell Dante forgot to mention. I'm being spied on, indicted for saving my father's company, ethics committee's breathing down my neck, I'm defending myself against rumors, you're being trashed by the tabloids for just being my wife.

Sharon: Okay, forget about me.

Jack: And now the police wanna talk to me about a homicide. A homicide? I mean, I keep saying things couldn't get any worse. They keep getting worse.

Sharon: Well, you did the right thing by not talking to them.

Jack: Even that is a no-win proposition.

Sharon: I know, because they think you're hiding something.

Jack: Exactly. I exercise my constitutional right to have an attorney present and it looks like I have something to hide. I'm telling you, the minute the press hears about this... I'm guilty. I'm road kill. They keep running over me again and again and again.

Sharon: I love you.

Jack: What?

Sharon: I love you. And you are still standing, Senator road kill.

Jack: Give me a minute, I'll figure out what's good about that.

Sharon: Okay, not the road kill part, but the fact that I love you. And no matter what stuff hits the fan, or what they throw at you, you are still undefeated. It doesn't change the way you tie your tie.

Jack: I can't let them think they got to me.

Sharon: Exactly. Or your dedication to the legislature or your work ethic. And you come home every day to a wife who loves you and a kid who adores you. And so, tell me, who's really winning this battle?

Paul: Hey.

Maggie: What's Jack afraid of?

Paul: You, your badge, your questions. Even I'm intimidated.

Maggie: Why won't he talk to me? What's he afraid I'll find out? What's he trying to hide?

Paul: Oh, you see, there we got that pesky U.S. Constitution. Till proven guilty, he's as innocent as you are.

Maggie: The innocent talk freely.

Paul: That's cop think.

Maggie: Maybe cops think that because it's true.

Paul: You can't honestly tell me you're more suspicious of Jack because he wants his lawyer present?

Maggie: Objectively, no.

Paul: Subjectively, yes?

Maggie: I wanna discuss his business partner's homicide. Of course I'm curious as to why a conversation like that threatens him.

Jack: So what if was to just go to Maggie Sullivanís office and say, "Officer, you can ask me any question you want about my old partner. I had as much to do with his death as you did." I mean, what's the harm there? You keep arguing for transparency, for honesty-- boy, is there ever a better time to be transparent?

Sharon: Okay, let's think about this. If they had anything on you--

Jack: They donít. They canít. I had nothing to do with this.

Sharon: Okay, but if they did, they would arrest you. They wouldn't ask you to come in for questioning. So obviously, they think that you have information that can help them.

Jack: Well, if I do, they're welcome to it.

Sharon: Okay, wait, wait, don't rush into this. You have something that they want.

Jack: They think I do.

Sharon: And for you to agree to help them...

Jack: They'd have to agree to help me.

Cane: Hey.

Lily: Oh, hi.

Cane: I just-- I just got you something.

Lily: Oh. Um, how did you-- how did you know I'd be here?

Cane: I didn't, I just bought it, so...

Lily: (Laughs) wow! "Watching out for Jumbuck, Joe Blake and Joey-- origins of Australian English."

Cane: Yeah, it's for your, uh, cultural anthropology paper.

Devon: Lily, you're not taking cultural anthropology, are you?

Lily: Next semester, I am.

Devon: Oh, that's right. You're doing it next semester.

Cane: I thought your paper was for this semester.

Lily: Uh, well, no, I'm-- I'm planning it out right now, but thank you so much!

Cane: You're welcome.

Lily: Or, I mean, ta.

Cane: No worries.

Lily: Yeah, but this is really, really nice. I'll definitely take good care of it and get it back to you.

Cane: No, no, I bought it for you. It's--it's for you.

Lily: Oh, okay. Thanks.

Cane: Oh, I also have your CD. I liked it. It was--it was--I liked it.

Lily: No, no, no, you keep that. You keep it.

Cane: Thank you.

Lily: Sure. Well, this will definitely come in handy next semester, so thank you.

Cane: That makes me happy. Okay. Here's the bag.

Lily: Thanks.

Cane: See ya. See you later, Man.

Devon: See ya.

Lily: Thank you so much for embarrassing me.

Devon: What?

Lily: Don't "What?" If you hadn't opened your big mouth, he wouldn't have know that I'm not writing a paper on Australia.

Devon: Oh, I am sorry. Next time tell me ahead of time that you're interested in old men and after I get done barfing, I'll play along with whatever you wanna tell him.

Lily: You are sick.

Devon: I'm sick?

Lily: You know, there are many ways to like a guy that don't involve what you think they should involve. And he's nice. And obviously thoughtful enough to buy me a book.

Devon: And you bought him a CD. Which I guess is what girls your age do to impress older guys and older guys do to impress girls your age, so I get it.

Lily: You're sick and hateful.

Devon: I'm truthful.

Lily: No, you're hateful and you're mean and I don't like you.

Devon: Then I guess I won't be picking up your ice cream then, will I?

Lily: Oh, okay, big threat, because if you don't, you'll deal with Dad.

Devon: What do you think Cane's favorite ice cream flavor is? I bet he likes that soft yogurt so it doesn't mess up his dentures.

Lily: Go. Before I call Dad.

Devon: What are you, 5? Oh, come on, you wouldnít.

Lily: Wanna bet?

Devon: Jeez! All right!

Paul: All right, let's just say David Chow is right and Jack did convince Kim not to give the interview. What of it? Two former business partners-- they talk, they reach an agreement, no crime committed.

Maggie: Yeah. But if Kim was angry enough to admit his own fraud just so he could damage Jack, what did Jack bring to that conversation to change his mind?

Paul: Money. Some promise.

Maggie: Some threat?

Paul: Yeah, and I suppose... if Kim didn't agree...

Maggie: They end up fighting. Kim ends up dead.

(Cell phone ringing)

Maggie: Sorry. Detective Sullivan. Thanks. Well, the lab found something on Ji Min's body that oughta let us know if, uh, Jack's approach was persuasive or just plain lethal.

Jack: Thank you, Katherine, for agreeing to meet me.

Kay: You're meeting me, remember? Now I was having dinner, you begged me to stay until you got here, and I did.

Jack: Whatever way you see it, thank you. I am trying to cut a deal with the police and the district attorney's office.

Kay: Mm. So what's that got to do with me?

Jack: You do realize, don't you, if I am prosecuted for fraud, Jabot will be in the news every day of the trial.

Kay: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Bad press, yes, I understand.

Jack: You'll be asked to testify, your contract lawyers will have to be deposed.

Kay: Jack, I have been through trials, and this conversation is rapidly becoming a trial in its own if you don't hurry up and make your point.

Jack: I don't think any of that is necessary. In fact, I don't think this needs to go into a courtroom. All I ask of you is that you play the innocent victim.

Kay: I am the innocent victim in your fraud.

Jack: Could you allude to that in a conversation with the assistant district attorney? That's all I ask. You don't even have to talk that much. Just your presence will be persuasive.

Kay: When?

Jack: As soon as I can arrange it--tonight, perhaps. Thank you.

Colleen: He bought you a book?

Lily: He knew I was researching Australia.

Colleen: Well, you're not researching Australia anymore, are you?

Lily: Uh, I never was. It was your idea.

Colleen: He signed it!

Lily: What?

Colleen: Look!

Lily: "I'd love to show you my country someday. Until then, have a great read. Cane." He autographed it!

Colleen: Well, you don't say autographed.

Lily: Not an autograph.

Colleen: He inscribed it.

Lily: He inscribed it.

Colleen: You know, "I'd love to show you my country someday" could mean--

Lily: Oh, please, you are reading way too much into this.

Colleen: Like you weren't thinking the same thing.

Lily: Actually, I wasnít. I was thinking this was really nice of him.

Colleen: Well, you know this means he thinks about you.

Lily: No, it doesnít. You think so?

Colleen: Yeah.

Lily: Really?

Colleen: Yeah. And you know it does, you just want me to keep saying it.

Lily: Okay, keep saying it.

Colleen: He thinks about you.

Lily: I know! I know! He thinks about me!

Colleen: Oh, my goodness!

Maggie: I don't recall anything in your fiancť's suite indicating that he owned a pet.

Jill: He didnít.

Maggie: Do you?

Jill: No.

Maggie: Birds, cats, dogs?

Jill: No. No, nothing.

Maggie: Maybe your-- your neighbor's dogs run around your estate?

Jill: I don't own a pet and Ji Min didnít.

Maggie: Did he ever own a dog?

Jill: He was very allergic to dogs. Why are you asking me about this?

Maggie: These are just routine questions.

Jill: No, Detective, they are not routine. Look, Ji Min was highly allergic to dogs and yet, this is what you're pressing me on? Did the coroner find that he had an allergic reaction?

Maggie: I can't say.

Jill: Then why are you asking me about dogs? There was no mention of any allergic reaction in the autopsy I saw. Has something changed?

Maggie: I'll update you as soon as I can.

Kay: So what did, um, our lady detective want?

Jill: She wanted to know if I had any pets.

Kay: Pets?

Jill: Dogs, in particular.

Kay: Turning into a very weird evening.

Jack: I'm sure I deserve some of the criticism that I'm getting.

Kay: Some?


Sharon: Not the amount you are getting and certainly not the wild accusations. Heather, you know that I'm right about this. What's been going on lately? It's hideous.

Heather: Well, there certainly is a feeding frenzy, that's for sure.

Sharon: But it's not fair.

Jack: I have already admitted that I owned Jabot when I shouldn't have. I have made the most public apology imaginable. Forget the fact that I bought the company to save it. Forget that I transferred it back to Katherine once it was solvent, or that I made not a penny for my part in this.

Sharon: No, not a penny.

Heather: Can you prove that?

Kay: Uh, the books are open. You can see 'em anytime you want. Of course, uh, I can only tell you of what he sold it to me for, not what he paid for it originally. But that information-- that should be easy enough to come by.

Jack: If you wanna prosecute me for fraud-- and you have every right-- it's only gonna make my defense lawyers more wealthy and tap you of resources and time. It is a waste of time. The worst that's going to happen to me is I'm going to get a legal slap on the wrist. The person who's going to pay the largest economic price is the current owner of Jabot.

Sharon: And Katherine Chancellor is an innocent party.

Kay: Amen to that.

Jack: Completely innocent.

Heather: I think I'm done here. I wouldn't have come today if I thought all I would hear is that you don't think I should prosecute you.

Sharon: Jack would like to help the police find out what happened to Mr. Kim.

Kay: I am so sorry that it took so long for Jack to spit out our proposal, but please just... hear us out.

Jack: Detective Sullivan has asked me to give her information regarding Ji Min Kim. I am of two minds there. I wanna help in any way I can, but I also need to protect myself.

Heather: From what?

Jack: I know you have to ask that question because it's your job, but you're not going to trap me because I have nothing to hide. I am trying to protect myself from the vicious lies and accusations that are out there. Plus, for me to be effective, I can't pull punches. Look, I'm an elected official. I don't wanna open myself up to any more abuse. So... if you can assure me you won't file charges against me related to Jabot Cosmetics, I will speak about Ji Min Kim with you, Detective Sullivan, and anyone else you ask me to without condition.

Heather: Okay, I'll give her a call.

Jack: Timing is of the essence here, Counselor. I have an ethics committee that is talking about meeting as early as tomorrow morning. I will wait all night if I have to.

Heather: You mean, tonight?

Jack: Yes. You have my cell number. We will be at home. We'll expect your call.

Kay: Thank you for your time.

Heather: Thank you for your time, Mrs. Chancellor.

Jack: Thank you, Katherine. I owe you.

Kay: I beg your pardon?

Jack: I owe you.

Kay: Oh, you certainly do. Um, let me know what happens.

Sharon: Good night, Katherine.

Kay: Good night.

Sharon: I hate that D.A. and the whole legal system.

Jack: You know what? Maybe the legal system will actually work for us this time.

Neil: Hey.

Devon: Hey. You, Guys, the ice cream is here.

Lily: Ooh! Me first!

Devon: No, no, no.

Neil: No, wait, wait, wait, wait, no, no, not yet. Karen's coming. We have to wait.

Lily: What?

Devon: Karen?

Neil: What, you're so hungry you can't wait?

Lily: Well, we don't ever invite anyone to ice cream night.

Devon: Yeah, she's right.

Neil: Well, maybe we should. We're always talking about needing a fourth player.

Devon: No, we're not.

Neil: Yes, we are. What are you talking about? How many games do we play-- card games, board games-- where we need a minimum of four players?

Devon: How many games do we have we can play with just three people?

Neil: I don't get it. I mean, ice cream night is supposed to be, you know, a-a-a fun night. When canít we invite someone else?

Lily: Well, maybe it's fun because we don't include anyone else.

Devon: Yeah, now we gotta be on our best behavior. Lily can't stuff her face. You know, we got company.

Lily: Okay.

Devon: You have to watch your language. I gotta keep my shoes on. It's not comfortable.

Neil: I have to watch my language? And what--what does that have to do with anything? Why is that a bad thing?

Lily: Yeah, you should keep your shoes on even when people aren't here, because your feet stink.

Devon: My feet-- my feet do not smell.

Lily: Yes, they do.

Devon: That's your breath.

Neil: Oh, yes, they do, my brother. Your feet stink. Okay, I'll tell you what, let's squash this. Um, from now on, I promise, that if ever I invite someone over for ice cream night, I will check with the executive ice cream committee first.

Lily: Okay, so do we still have to wait till she gets here before we can have any?

Neil: I'm sorry, Sweetheart, I'm gonna veto the executive ice cream committee right now. You have to wait.

Devon: Oh! Come on now!

Lily: I mean, that's just not fair.

Devon: Well...

Neil: Life's not fair.

Jack: I cannot work with everything that's going on.

Sharon: Well, you know how I accomplish anything? Vengeance. It's my vengeance against all the jerks who are trying to bring you down.

Jack: I like the concept, I'm not sure I get the technique.

Sharon: Well... a reporter exaggerates? I get back at them by finishing a report that's overdue. Some commentator suggests that you should resign? I come up with new marketing strategies for N.V.P. police are after you? I spend an extra half an hour in the gym or suggest a vacation with Noah. Take that! Take that! See? I know that it's only a private revenge, but it works for me.

Jack: Only? It's only the best idea I've heard in months.

(Cell phone ringing)

Jack: Hello? Yes. Absolutely. Thank you. The D.A.'s office just called the attorney and agreed to a deal. I give the police anything I have on Ji Min, they will not file fraud charges.

Sharon: Yes!

Jack: Yes!

Neil: Look at you, always working.

(Knock on door)

Devon: I know.

Neil: Hey, Lily? Karen's here!

Neil: Hi, Karen. Good to see you.

Karen: Hey.

Neil: Glad you could make it.

Karen: Are you kidding? I wouldn't miss ice cream night. Hey, Guys.

Devon: Hi, Karen.

Lily: Um, excuse me, please.

Neil: Lil--Lily? Hey, uh, Devon, why don't--

Devon: Yeah, I'll be--

Neil: Go talk to your sister.

Karen: What just happened?

Neil: Your--your hat is...

Karen: My hat? Well, it's--it's--its wild, I know. I thought it would be fun.

Neil: No, it--it is fun.

Karen: Okay. So what am I not getting?

Neil: Their mother-- my wife was a hat collector.

Karen: No.

Neil: Yeah. Yeah, and she happen to have a hat that looked identical to that hat.

Karen: Neil, I'm sorry. You know, I'm--I'm sorry. I just--I picked it up in a thrift store. I just thought it would be--

Neil: Really? You know what's strange is I just donated a hat like that to a thrift store.

Karen: You did not.

Neil: No, I did. Along--along with a ton of my wife's stuff. Where'd you buy it?

Karen: I got it at the thrift store that supports the children's hospital.

Neil: Children's hospital on Sixth Street? Orange and blue--

Karen: Yeah, with the orange and blue--

Neil: Wow. It's probably hers. Can--can I see it?

Karen: Yeah.

Neil: Thanks. Yeah... yeah, it is hers. It is.

Karen: Neil, I'm sorry. You know what? I'll just--I apologize. Would you just-- would you apologize to the children for me?

Neil: Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no.

Karen: No, I gotta-- I gotta take off.

Neil: No, no, no.

Karen: I gotta go.

Neil: No, please, I, um, no. The, uh-- Karen, think about it it's kinda funny. I mean--

Karen: Funny?

Neil: It is, in a way. I mean, the fates conspired against us. And one day, those two kids-- they'll see the humor in it.

Karen: Yeah, well, that's--

Neil: Check this out. Maybe, right this moment, Drucilla is probably up there laughing her-- her hat off right now.

Karen: That's-- you know what? I gotta--I gotta go.

Neil: No, no, please don't go. I predict that if you stay, just give the ice cream a chance, I promise you, it will work its magic. What do you say? Please?

Karen: Maybe next time?

Neil: How about-- how about tonight? Please?

Jack: Would either of you care for some coffee?

Heather: No. No, thanks.

Maggie: No, I'm fine.

Jack: Okay.

Heather: So when was the last time that you saw Ji Min alive?

Jack: Uh, approximately 3:15, September 4th.

Heather: And can you walk us through that day?

Jack: Do I really have to? I mean, I've spoken with the detective. She took note-- yes, fine. Um, I met with Nikki Newman that morning to discuss the possible fallout should Ji Min go through with this interview. She suggested I preempt him by making a statement of my own, when I refused, I went back to my office, I went through some paperwork, Victor Newman dropped by.

Maggie: I'm--I'm sorry. He dropped by? Without an appointment?

Jack: Apparently he felt he didn't need an appointment to gloat over what was about to happen to me.

Maggie: The head of a major corporation took time out of his day to gloat?

Jack: Obviously you don't know Victor Newman. You know what? I can tell you what I did that day, I'm not about to psychoanalyze that megalomaniac. Katherine Chancellor also stopped by to express her extreme displeasure with what was about to happen. That was a very public display of anger.

Maggie: And she wanted you to stop the interview?

Jack: I believe her-- her phrase was something along the lines of, "Fix this or I will sue you into bankruptcy."

Sharon: And I was there for that.

Maggie: Okay. You said earlier that you, uh, you had a conference call with your office in Madison?

Jack: See, now I didn't have to go through all that. You did take notes. Um, yes, yes, I had a phone conference with my chief of staff and asked him to look into the possibility that this story had already been leaked to the capitol press corps.

Heather: Now why would that have mattered to you?

Jack: Well, I was hoping that Ji Min wouldn't go through with the interview, but I wanted to be prepared in case it got leaked without him.

Maggie: You were hoping, your wife was hoping, Katherine Chancellor and Nikki Newman all were hoping that Mr. Kim would not give the interview. So how'd you talk him out of it?

Jack: I'm sorry, what?

Maggie: How did you persuade Mr. Kim not to give the interview?

Jack: I didn't say that I did.

Maggie: My understanding is that you did convince Mr. Kim to change his mind. How'd you accomplish that? We're not asking for industrial secrets. We just wanna know how you persuaded Mr. Kim to cancel the interview.

Lily: (Clears throat) you know it's your turn, right?

Neil: Lily... she knows.

Karen: You know, I do, I do. I know, I just... I can't quite decide yet, so...

Devon: Yeah, we can tell.

Karen: I just need another second. Just...

Lily: Um, will you call me when it's my turn again, please?

Neil: Lily, sit down.

Karen: Okay. There.

Devon: Karen, you can't play that card.

Neil: Yeah, no, you gotta follow suit.

Karen: But he didnít.

Neil: That's 'cause he canít.

Karen: Okay, but how did you know that I can? I mean, you're right, I can, but I-I mean, at first I didn't see the heart that I had here, but how-- how do you know that I can?

Neil: From the cards that you've already played and from what you're holding.

Devon: Duh.

Karen: This is a complicated game for a beginner.

Devon: Didn't you say you could play cards?

Karen: Well, I can. I mean, I do, and I... just... you know, can I-- can I just get some more of that ice cream maybe?

Neil: Sure you can.

Karen: Thanks.

Neil: Lily, would you mind passing her that ice cream?

Lily: It's all ice cream.

Karen: Thanks. Oh! Oh, wow!

[Karen spills ice cream on her playing cards]

Neil: No, no, no, it's okay.

Karen: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Neil: It's okay.

Lily: Oh, my gosh!

Karen: You know what? I'm sorry. It's just cards. It's--I'll get it.

Devon: Just cards? Yeah, you know our mom bought those cards for us.

Neil: Karen, don't-- it's not--

Karen: No, no, I'll get it. I'll get it. It's fine.

Jack: I did meet with Ji Min that day.

Maggie: What day?

Jack: The day he died.

Maggie: And you met with him the day he died in order to...

Jack: Convince him not to go through with this network interview.

Maggie: And how did you accomplish that?

Jack: I was incredibly eloquent and he saw the light. I'm not sure what words I used.

Maggie: Well, to expose you, the man was prepared to confess that he had committed fraud. That's pretty heavy stuff to go public with. Someone committed to doing that doesn't back off because of pretty words. So how did you convince someone who put a network expose in motion to do a 180?

Jack: By telling him I had purchased his family's home and land in Korea. And that I was willing to use it as leverage.

[Jack looks at Sharon]

Jack: I know you didn't approve of that. I know I said I wouldn't do that. I was desperate. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Karen: Yeah, I'm gonna try to find a deck that matches this.

Neil: No, don't bother. We got lots of decks.

Karen: No, Neil, it was special and I feel terrible, okay?

Neil: Karen, Karen, forget it, all right? It's--its okay. You didn't ruin it.

Karen: No, I'll feel better if I could just replace it.

Neil: Well, you can't really replace it. I mean, that pattern-- it's over 20 years old.

Karen: My night just keeps getting better.

Neil: Forget-- forget I said that. Listen, um... if it makes any difference, I had a really fantastic night with you. I appreciate you coming over. I hope you had a good time. You made my night.

Lily: Oh, I can play lots of card games! Like go fish, 52 card pickup.

Devon: (Laughs) Yeah, I know it's my turn, I just don't know what to play! How about a card?

Karen: Lily?

Lily: Yeah?

Karen: I think you should have this. You know, your, um, your dad told me that it belonged to your mother. And... being as I didn't know that, but somehow brought it back into this house, I... I would like to think that she meant for it to be here. And meant for you to have it. Okay? So... just take it as a gift from both of us, okay?

Lily: Um... thank you.

Karen: You're welcome.

Neil: Okay.

Karen: I gotta go. And, um, maybe next time we can play monopoly or something, so I don't make such a fool of myself.

Neil: Oh, stop.

Karen: All right, Guys, I'll see ya.

Devon: Have a good night.

Lily: Good night, Karen.

Neil: Here, let me get that. Thanks so much for coming over. I'll see you at the office. Good night!

Karen: Good night.

Devon: I should get going.

Lily: Yeah, I have to go, too.

Neil: Hey, you two aren't going anywhere. Sit down.

Heather: One's ancestral home means a great deal in Korean culture. Perhaps even more than it means in ours. Mr. Kim must've been upset that you used this as a weapon against him.

Jack: I would say upset was an apt description of his reaction.

Maggie: Must've been mad as hell.

Jack: He was angry, yes.

Maggie: Was he furious? Was he outraged? Was he enraged?

Jack: He was angry! What do you want me to say? Was it my greatest moment? No, probably not. Would I do it again? I don't know. Would I be angry as hell if he did something like that to me? You're damn straight I would.

Maggie: Angry enough to take a swing at him?

Jack: What?

Maggie: Would you have been angry enough to get physically abusive?

Jack: Isn't a question like this in a courtroom called conjecture?

Heather: We're not in court.

Maggie: Did Mr. Kim get physical with you?

Jack: No!

Heather: Did Mr. Kim have to defend himself?

Jack: What?

Maggie: Did you get physical with him?

Sharon: What's going on?

Jack: Wait, wait, did I fight with him? Absolutely not!

Sharon: What is going on? I asked you a question.

Maggie: Oh, look at you, you cutie! Oh!

Sharon: Why would you ask if Jack got physical with Ji Min?

Heather: Mr. Kim was most likely the victim of a homicide. He has contusions on his body and abrasions on his right knuckles. His injuries are consistent with someone who had been in a fight.

Maggie: He had a fight with someone. He fought to his death.

Neil: Your mother-- God rest her soul-- she would be completely embarrassed of your rude behavior tonight. 'Cause see, I'm embarrassed. Right, I'm ashamed to call you two my kids tonight. Do you understand that when there is a guest in this house--in my house-- in our house-- that guest is going to be treated with kindness, love and respect? No questions asked. Even if--if they're a surprise.

Devon: We... like Karen. Its not--

Lily: Yeah, I-I like her.

Neil: Oh, really? You like Karen? Well, you couldn't tell by the way you treated her. Come on, you Guys, what was that-- what was that dumb comedy act that you did during the card game? What was that? You two acted like two 6-year-olds tonight. And then what about that-- that making fun of her right before she left? You didn't think I noticed that, did you? Well, surprise. I heard every word. See, I just hope Karen didn't overhear you. I'm embarrassed. I am so shocked right now. I love you Guys. I love you to pieces, but I am so embarrassed. I don't know what to say to you, except if you ever act that way in my house again, you're outta here. Do you understand? You can beat it. Hit the streets. 'Cause, see, if I'm ever in your home and I see you treating a guest like you treated Karen tonight, you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna walk out your door and I'm never coming back. That's all I got to say to you. Hit the streets. Now.

Lily: Uh, I'm-- I'm sorry, Dad.

Devon: I'm really sorry, too.

Jack: Why do I get the feeling it was a mistake to talk to the police without my attorney present?

Sharon: You proved you have nothing to hide, Jack.

Jack: They knew I talked to Ji Min that day. They knew I'd convinced him not to give the interview, and they sprung on me the fact that... he died in a fight.

Sharon: Because they were looking for a reaction.

Jack: What, shock? Awe? Horror?

Sharon: No, guilt. But you're not guilty.

Jack: You know that, and I know that. But they sprung that information on me to trap me.

Sharon: Okay, well, let's not over think this. They were trying to get you to admit that, um, you not only spoke with Ji Min that day, but that you also fought with him physically. And you didn't fight with him, so there's nothing to confess to.

Jack: This thing is never gonna end. At least one other person saw him after I did. Someone caused his death. If this thing goes to trial, I'm gonna have to tell my story again and again and again. Why do I feel paranoid about a homicide I had no part in?

Heather: Because it's now a homicide and not natural causes, we should probably get the lab to put a rush on it.

Maggie: Hey, uh, what's your take on Jack's reaction?

Heather: He was hard to read. Definitely tense and wanted to deal with us on his home turf.

Maggie: Yeah.

Heather: Shocked that you know that he had seen Ji Min on the day of his death and even more shocked to find out that there had been a fight.

Maggie: And do you think that was because he was hearing it for the first time? Or because he was surprised I caught up to him?

Heather: I'm not sure. It's too close to call. I'm going to get some sleep, though, and I will call you in the morning.

Maggie: Okay.

Heather: Okay.

Paul: So how'd it go with Jack?

Maggie: Oh, well, let's see. There was a lot of posturing, a lot of self-righteousness, a lot anger, but not a lot of new information.

Paul: Right. Did you get what you needed?

Maggie: I did. I'm dropping off a sample at the lab to test it against the sample we found on Ji Min's clothing.

Paul: Sample of...

Maggie: Dog hair.

Paul: You have a sample of dog hair?

Maggie: Uh-huh. And Jack doesn't even know we have it.

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