Y&R Transcript Wednesday 10/3/07

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 10/3/07 -- Canada; Thursday 10/4/07 -- U.S.A.


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Colleen: Cane is checking you out.

Lily: He is not.

Colleen: I'm not making it up.

Lily: Listen, I don't care if he is. And shut up about it!

Colleen: No, no, no-- okay, you missed it.

Lily: Okay.

Colleen: God, he's so cute when he does that, um...

Lily: Listen, did you not hear me when I told you he said I was too young for him?

Colleen: I'm talking aesthetically. I'm just asking you to admire one example of human anatomy.

Lily: No, I am not interested, okay? What's the point of even making more of a fool of myself? It's not my thing.

Colleen: Okay, I agree. I mean, I'm just lucky that Adrian didn't have any hang-ups about the differences in our ages.

Lily: Yeah, you know what? You are lucky. And Adrian, yes, he is the exception. And you know what? If cane thinks that age and maturity are the same thing, then that's his problem, not mine, okay? I mean, why want someone that doesn't want me?

Colleen: Because there are too many fish in the sea, right?

Lily: Exactly.

Colleen: He's totally checking you out right now.

Lily: Oh, my gosh! Okay, I'm ready. Are you finished?

Colleen: Yeah, let's go.

Lily: Hey.

Cane: Hey.

Colleen: Hi.

Cane: Hi.

Jack: Hey, what happened to the lights?

Sharon: Voila!

Jack: Look, this is-- this is all very nice. I-I'm just not in the mood.

Sharon: It's okay. I'll get you in the mood.

Jack: You know what? I-I just have too much on my mind.

Gloria: Pour me some of that scotch, too.

Kevin: Mom, you don't drink scotch.

Gloria: I know, but I need to calm down and this wine is not working.

Kevin: What's the problem?

Gloria: Everybody's talking about Jack Abbott’s difficulties.

Kevin: Yeah. And that's a bad thing because?

Gloria: Because it's reminding everybody of a little something that happened at the company he's not supposed to own.

Kevin: Right, and a certain product contamination scare that had nothing to do with anyone in this house, especially not you.

Gloria: Don't be mean, Kevin. Before William died, he sent his brother a jar of face cream.

Kevin: Tell me it was not from Jabot Cosmetics.

Gloria: I don't know. I haven't seen it.

Kevin: Why would he do that?

Gloria: Maybe his sense of justice wanted the crime solved even if he wasn't gonna be around to see it.

Kevin: But--but William solved the crime.

Gloria: Yeah. He knew I was guilty. But I never paid for my crime. I never paid my debt to society. I was never convicted. I hate scotch.

Kevin: No, no, no, Mom, William loved you. He wouldn't want you to suffer. Mnh-mnh.

Gloria: Not the William who loved me. But what about the William who loved the law and justice? And that's what's been keeping me awake at night. But you know something? I've been thinking too much, Kevin. I mean, Jeffrey doesn't know why William sent him that cream.

Kevin: That's good.

Gloria: And when you get right down to it, neither do I.

Kevin: That's true.

Gloria: I have been letting paranoia get the best of me.

Kevin: I like your new way of thinking, mom. Sleep well.

Gloria: So I'm going to stop worrying about the cream and figure out a way to get it away from Jeffrey.

Kevin: Wait, what?

Gloria: We have to get that jar of face cream away from Jeffrey.

Kevin: Okay, wait, if you're gonna put this stuff out of your mind, then there's no need to get it away from Jeffrey. And why are you suddenly using the word "We" when we're talking about you, not "We" as in you and me, but just you alone. No, no, no, Mom.

Gloria: Honey... yes, we. 'Cause I need you to steal the cream for me.

Kevin: Oh, holy hell, no! No! Mnh-mnh.

Gloria: You have to do it... for my sake.

Lily: Okay, so I'm having second thoughts about giving this to him.

Colleen: Okay, I get it, but if you do, you should do it now, on our way out, because then you don't need an excuse to talk to him, you can just be like, hi and then bye.

Lily: Well, what if he makes too big a deal of it? Or he thinks that I'm trying too hard or something lame like that?

Colleen: I don't think he will. Go. Go.

Lily: Don't push me. Hey.

Cane: Hey.

Lily: Hi, um, I know at the party we were talking about our favorite CDs and stuff.

Cane: We were? I'm--I'm just messing-- I'm just messing with you. Of course, I remember.

Lily: Oh. Okay. Um, anyway, this is the one that I was, uh, telling you about. So, um... let me know what you think.

Cane: Will do.

Lily: Okay.

Colleen: What did he say?

Lily: He said, "I will do."

Colleen: That's it?

Lily: No, he said let's get married and have babies.

Colleen: You are so immature.

Lily: Okay, you're immature. See, me--I'm actually capable of acting like an adult, unlike a childish teenager I know.

Colleen: Okay, you're so immature.

Neil: Hey, hey, don't forget. You're responsible for dinner tonight!

Lily: Okay, does the whole world feel like they have to tell me what to do every minute of every day?

Colleen: It's because she's immature.

Neil: And two...

Cane: Hundred.

Neil: Three...

Cane: Hundred.

Neil: Four...

Cane: Hundred.

Neil: Liar. You know, you never challenge your superior, Son, because our experience and craftiness will destroy your youth every time.

Cane: Yes, sir, Mr. Winters, Sir, yes, Sir. Understood, Sir.

Neil: That's right. You better say that.

Cane: Hey, murwillumbah. How you doing?

Karen: Murwillumbah, yes! I still can't say it!

Neil: What are you talking about?

Karen: You know what? You should maybe join us tonight.

Cane: I'd love to. What for?

Karen: Oh! I guess I should've run that by you first.

Neil: No, no, no, it's cool. It's a great idea. Yeah.

Karen: Okay, yeah. We're actually going over some, um, Clear Springs stuff.

Neil: Yeah, it'll save me time tomorrow.

Cane: Okay, when and where?

Neil: My apartment. How about 45 minutes?

Cane: Okay. I'll bring takeout.

Neil: No, no, no, don't bring anything. Just bring yourself. We'll see you there, all right?

Cane: All right, got it.

Karen: See ya.

Cane: Bye.

Kevin: You know, Mom, when a son hears his mother say, "I need you to steal something for me," he has what they call in the psychiatric field, "Issues." Okay? Now... you don't want me to have issues, do you?

Gloria: Don't be so sarcastic, okay? It's one little favor. I have a drink with Jeffrey at the bar, you go to his room, you find the cream.

Kevin: You see, now you say, "You go to his room and find the cream," but what I hear is, "Breaking and entering." And "Stealing something that doesn't belong to you." You know what you need? You need a thief. That's what you need. You should hire one.

Gloria: Mm. I'll look in the phone book.

Kevin: Hey, I'm cool with that.

Gloria: No third parties.

Kevin: I'm a third party.

Gloria: You... are family.

Kevin: I'm not stealing anything for you, okay? I'm not gonna even consider stealing anything for you.

Gloria: You want me to go to jail?

Kevin: You want me to go to jail?

Gloria: Of course not.

Kevin: These guys, Mom, they were strangers all their lives, okay? And Jeff has no idea why William sent him that cream.

Gloria: Okay, but all the reports about Jack Abbott mention the contaminated cream. I gotta get it away from Jeffrey before he puts it together, if he hasn't already.

Kevin: Well, then best of luck to you in all of your endeavors. I'm outta here.

Jeff: Ah, Ms. Abbott?

Jill: Yes? Oh! God, you startled me, Jeff.

Jeff: I'm sorry.

Jill: No, no, that's all right. It's not you. It's just, you know, your face, your whole appearance.

Jeff: Yeah, I get that from everybody who knew my brother.

Jill: You know, I had a lot of respect for your brother. You have my sympathy.

Jeff: Thank you. You have mine, as well. I read about your fiancé.

Jill: Thanks.

Jeff: Um, my brother was investigating your company when he died, wasn't he?

Jill: No, not the company, a crime against the company. It was product contamination incident we had.

Jeff: Ah, well, I'm just trying to connect the dots on that and whatever else he was working on.

Jill: Why?

Jeff: He was family, unfinished business-- you want a cup of coffee?

Jill: If you stop calling me "Ms. Abbott" and you start calling me Jill, yes, I'd love a cup of coffee.

Jeff: You got it, Jill.

Jack: Sorry about that.

Sharon: It's okay. I understand.

Jack: No, it's not okay. After all that work, for me to walk out was rude. And I'm sorry. I'm just so disillusioned.

Sharon: Like I said, I understand.

Jack: Hey...

Jack: My disillusionment has nothing to do with you. Nothing. I think I just let the rest of the world get to me.

Sharon: Well, I wanted to take your mind off the rest of the world and show you there's more to life than just being attacked in the media.

Jack: I know--I know that. And you did a wonderful job. And I'm sorry and I thank you.

Sharon: Were you surprised?

Jack: Very.

Sharon: Well, at least I accomplished that much of it.

Jack: So, um... where's Noah?

Sharon: He is spending the night at Sam’s. It was all part of my plan.

Jack: Then we could still light the candles.

Sharon: Oh, well, we don't have to do that.

Jack: No, no, we do. And let's turn the music back on. We can still eat, right?

Sharon: Well, I-I got all this fancy stuff. You know, I got... manchego cheese and imported olives. I bought this fancy smoked wild salmon. And I just-- I wanted it to be romantic.

Jack: It can still be romantic.

Sharon: When... really, I was kind of in the mood for pizza.

Jack: Did you say pizza?

Sharon: Do you mind?

Jack: Do I mind? Do you know anyone that likes pizza more than I do?

Sharon: Okay, I'll put away the good china.

Jack: No, no, no, no, no, no, pizza tastes best on good china. Yes, I'd like a delivery, please. That's right.

Devon: Takeout?

Lily: Yes, takeout is allowed.

Devon: You know, last time, when I was in charge of the food, we had homemade things. It was fresh.

Lily: Oh, my God, nobody forced you, okay?

Devon: Stop that.

Neil: Hey, Guys! We're home.

Karen: Hi.

Neil: Come on in, Karen.

Lily: Hey!

Devon: Hey.

Neil: Hi.

Devon: Dad, Lily got takeout.

Lily: Oh, my gosh! I've been busy and you said takeout was allowed, because the important thing is that we're together.

Neil: The important thing is we get together each week, not what we eat.

Lily: Thank you. Are you satisfied?

Devon: I'm just saying, it's the last time I'm cooking, okay?

Lily: Well, then don't cook anymore.

Karen: All right, so what are we having?

Lily: We're having Thai.

Devon: It's takeout Thai.

Cane: Hello?

Neil: Yeah, the door's open. Come on in.

Cane: Hey, hey.

Neil: Hey, Buddy.

Cane: Thanks for having me over, Man.

Neil: Absolutely.

Lily: Oh, um, I didn't know that you were gonna be here.

Cane: Everybody's here.

Neil: Yeah, I asked Cane to join us.

Devon: How you doing, Cane?

Cane: Hey. Are you sure you have enough food? I don't think Lily was expecting me.

Lily: Uh, I wasn't, but...

Neil: It's fine. It's fine.

Lily: Yeah.

Neil: We have plenty of food.

Karen: Yeah, there's-- there's actually a ton of food. Yeah, we're good.

Neil: All right, listen, I'm starving. Why don't we all sit down at the table, take our places. Cane, why don't you sit there? Um, Karen, how about here?

Karen: Good.

Neil: Here, let me get that seat for you.

Karen: Thank you. Oh, it smells great.

Neil: Now if you don't mind, a family tradition. We all join hands and say grace. Lily, would you like to lead us in prayer?

Lily: Uh, sure. Um... God bless this food and bless our guests, amen.

Karen: Amen.

Devon: That's it? That was right up there with, "Good food, good meat, good Lord, let's eat."

Karen: (Giggles)

Neil: Okay, very funny, wise guy. Why don't we take a moment and pray for those who are no longer with us.

Michael: Don't trust your brother-in-law.

Gloria: Don't worry, I don’t.

Michael: No, I mean, don't trust him more than you already don't trust him.

Gloria: All right, I won’t. Why?

Michael: He hired an expert in estate law to see if he can find grounds to challenge your inheritance.

Gloria: Damn that bastard! I knew it! You just tell me he has no way to get at my money.

Michael: I make it a policy never to say never, but in my opinion, I think his position legally is hopeless.

Gloria: Good, there's justice in the world.

Michael: I only mentioned this so that you can be extra careful when you deal with him.

Gloria: I'm glad you told me, Honey. I thought I was being paranoid about him, but now I know I've gotta keep an eye on him.

Michael: No, no, no, no, I don't like the sound of that. You stay away from him.

Gloria: That is not the way you keep an eye on someone.

Michael: Great, great, now I have to be paranoid.

Gloria: You're the one who told me not to trust him.

Michael: I mean I have to be paranoid about what you might do despite my filial and legal suggestion to stay away from him!

Gloria: You worry too much, Michael.

Michael: Right. You think?

Gloria: I know. Jeffrey Bardwell, please.

Michael: Hm. I wonder where I got that from?

Gloria: Shh! Well, would you please just tell him that Gloria called? No, that's okay. He has the number. Thank you.

Jill: A customer used one of our skincare products and died. We settled with the family, but the personal liability lawyer and the public wanted a scapegoat. So Jack Abbott was forced to resign.

Jeff: That's the state senator I've been hearing so much about?

Jill: Yeah.

Jeff: He signed an agreement not to have anything to do with the company, right?

Jill: Yes, but Jabot Cosmetics nearly went under because of the incident.

Jeff: Ah. Was it a quality control problem?

Jill: It was a deliberate contamination.

Jeff: Sabotage?

Jill: Yes.

Jeff: By a competitor?

Jill: We never found that out. We think it was in-house. The lab recovered the DNA of whoever did it, but your brother never found that person.

Jeff: What was the product?

Jill: It was face cream. We scrapped it after the scandal.

Jeff: That explains a lot.

Jill: What?

Jeff: I mean, that explains why it had to be discontinued.

Jill: I think your brother came very close to finding out whoever it was before his stroke.

Jeff: Why do you think that?

Jill: Just hearsay from the D.A.'s office and the police.

Jack: What is it about eating salty, greasy food that changes your outlook on the world?

Sharon: And all of a sudden, there's a brighter tomorrow.

Jack: And peace on earth.

Sharon: Mm-hmm.

(Cell phone ringing)

Sharon: Mm. I better get that in case it's Noah.

Jack: Okay. Wait.

Sharon: Hello?

Brad: Hey, it's me. Have you seen the Chicago papers?

Sharon: Uh, we're right in the middle of dinner.

Brad: Don't bother reading them. It's more of the same. How are you feeling?

Sharon: I really can't talk right now. Okay, bye.

Colleen: I can't come over right now. I have a study session in a few minutes.

Lily: You can't bail just this one time?

Colleen: No, I can’t.

Lily: Listen, I have a major emergency. My dad invited cane over.

Colleen: What? Really?

Lily: Yes, really. Can you focus?

Colleen: I can't come over right now, okay? I mean, you have other people there, right? Your dad and Devon?

Lily: Listen, I can't talk to them like I talk to you.

Colleen: Lily, you know I would if I could. I mean, I'll try and get through this as fast as I can. But until then, just relax and be irresistible.

Lily: Oh, shut up.

Colleen: Yeah, just like that.

Lily: Listen, just call me if you finish early.

Colleen: Okay, I will. You'll be fine.

Lily: No, I won't, 'cause I'm already not.

Karen: You know, I think it's great that you guys actually take the time to eat together every week.

Neil: Yeah, we used to do it when my wife was alive. If we hadn't, I never would've seen these two.

Devon: Come on now, Dad.

Lily: Yeah, can you spell exaggeration?

Neil: No, Sweetheart, it's not an exaggeration. It's true-- always at the office.

(Cell phone ringing)

Devon: I guess it is an exaggeration. Excuse me, I have a phone call.

Neil: Always on the cell phone. Hey, new rule-- no cell phones at the dinner table. Seriously, no cell phones. Hey, um, you know, I wanted to show you some photographs. Wanna come see 'em real quick?

Karen: Oh, sure, yeah. Excuse me.

Neil: Cane, stay right there. Enjoy yourself. We'll be right back.

Cane: Thank you.

Lily: Um, there's more food, if you want some.

Cane: No, I'm good. Thank you. I like your family.

Lily: Thanks. Did you like the CD?

Cane: Oh, I haven't listened to it yet.

Lily: Oh, you don't have to.

Cane: No, I'm gonna listen to it. I was gonna listen on the way over, but I... I'll listen to it when I'm-- I'm going to the coffee shop later tonight.

Lily: Oh. Well, if you need caffeine this late, I could just make you some.

Cane: No, thanks. Uh, I'm meeting Heather there.

Lily: Oh. Like, Heather, Assistant D.A. Heather?

Cane: Yeah, that's her.

Lily: Oh, she's nice. I like her.

Cane: No, she's nice, she's nice. Um, I don't really know her that well, but she seems nice.

Lily: Yeah, she is.

Cane: Yeah.

Cane: It's good food.

Lily: Yeah.

Cane: Where's you get it?

Lily: Um, that place on 7th, near the used bookstore.

Cane: Yeah, I know it. I thought I recognized the satay sauce.

Lily: Yeah. Listen, I--

Cane: Listen, I--

Lily: Sorry, just go ahead.

Cane: No, no, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. No, you go ahead.

Lily: No, please, go first.

Cane: Please, please--

Lily: Please...

Cane: I was... I was gonna say that I... I find you really attractive and if I was younger...

Lily: I know, I know. And if I were older, I... you told me. It’s...

Cane: But we shouldn't feel self-conscious about this when we see each other. You know what I mean?

Lily: Well, I don't feel self-conscious.

Cane: I'm not saying-- I'm not saying-- no, I'm not saying you're self-conscious, I'm just saying we shouldn’t... be self-conscious.

Lily: Are you self-conscious?

Cane: Am I self-conscious? No, no. Me? No.

Jeff: I hope we have a chance to spend time on topics more pleasant than homicide one of these days.

Jill: Well, I hope so, too. And I hope you learn what you need to know.

Jeff: Well, it's all just idle curiosity.

Jill: You're asking questions about a crime that your brother came close to solving and you're calling it idle curiosity?

Jeff: (Laughs) well, maybe I don't care about that at all. Maybe I just wanted the excuse to spend time with a beautiful woman.

Jill: Two lies in one night, Jeff. Shame on you.

(Cell phone ringing)

Gloria: Hello, Jeffrey. How nice of you to call. How are you?

Jeff: Fine. You?

Gloria: Fine. Jeffrey, listen, I have a little something that I'd like to give you, if you're not too busy.

Jeff: Well, uh--

Gloria: It's--it's just a memento from your brother. And I'd like you to have it. So, um... could you tell me what room you're in?

Jeff: Um, let's meet at the bar instead. I'll see you in a bit.

Gloria: Uh, Jeffrey, before you go, um, do you remember me telling you about that scent that William loved so much?

Jeff: Oh, yeah, what was the perfume?

Gloria: Well, it's not exactly a perfume. It's that, um... it's that little jar of cream he sent you.

Jeff: Really?

Gloria: And I was wondering if I could have it as a memento. It would mean so much to me.

Jeff: You know, I may have thrown it away.

Gloria: Well, if you don't have it anymore, uh...

Jeff: You don't wanna come over?

Gloria: Of course I do, Jeffrey.

Jeff: All right, I'll see if I can find it before you get here.

Gloria: Thank you. I'll see you in a bit.

Michael: Exactly what memento did you want Jeffrey to have?

Gloria: I don't know, but I gotta think of something before I go over there.

Michael: You lied.

Gloria: Yeah! I need an excuse to see him, so I gotta think of something to take him. Now come on, give me a suggestion.

Michael: My suggestion... is stay away from him.

Sharon: Oh, that's great. Oh, wait a minute! I'm supposed to be making you feel better.

Jack: Oh, this does make me feel better.

Sharon: Mm-hmm. Mm. But I'm the one getting all the pleasure.

Jack: Oh, not all the pleasure. Hearing you moan has its own rewards.

Sharon: Oh! Well, if that's all it takes to make you happy... mm. Ooh!

Brad: Sharon, I know your phone's off, but I wanted to leave you this message. I know this is a rough time for you. Jack's created an untenable situation. And it's forced you to have to compromise yourself. Anyway, I just want you to know that if you need anything at all, I'm here for you.

Neil: You want some more tea?

Karen: Yeah, please.

Neil: Okay, cool, I'll be right back. Hey, sweetie.

Lily: Yeah?

Neil: Maybe when we finish up here, we'll play some cards or something.

Lily: Uh, I have stuff to do.

Neil: Okay.

Devon: Why are you in such a bad mood?

Lily: I'm not.

Devon: Yes, you are.

Lily: Well, it's supposed to be our family, not our family and strangers.

Devon: Cane and Karen aren't strangers.

Lily: Whatever.

Devon: Whatever, as in, I'm right?

Lily: Just leave me alone. Please.

Devon: It's 'cause Cane's here?

Lily: No, it's because anybody's here.

Devon: But it's because of Cane, though, right?

Lily: Oh, that's right, I forgot. You know everything, so...

Devon: Did he hit on you?

Lily: No. He would-- he doesn't see me that way.

Devon: He said that?

Lily: I didn't say he did.

Devon: But he obviously did. Why?

Lily: Listen, you don't know everything.

Devon: Really? Why?

Lily: I don't know. Because Colleen had this stupid idea that we should go out.

Devon: You and Colleen?

Lily: No, me and Cane. And however the subject came up, he said that he was too old for me.

Devon: Uh-huh. 'Cause he is.

Lily: No, he's not. It doesn't matter anyway, 'cause I wouldn't wanna go out with him. Listen, stop staring at me and just finish cleaning!

Devon: Okay.

Woman: Is that some kind of shell game?

Jeff: These look alike to you?

Woman: Identical.

Jeff: Good.

Gloria: And no, thank you, I see him right over there. Thank you! Hello, there.

Jeff: Hi.

Woman: What can I get you?

Gloria: Uh... dry white wine, please. (Cell phone ringing)

Jeff: Um, I have to take this. I'm sorry.

Gloria: Okay, go, go ahead.

Jeff: Hello? Mm, no, no, if it's bad news, let me hear it now. Whoa, wait a minute-- you mean I have no legal standing at all even though I'm his brother? So that-- so Gloria gets every dime? Yeah, I'm sorry, too.

Gloria: Bad news?

Jeff: What?

Gloria: You look like you just got bad news.

Jeff: Mm.

Gloria: Well, I know something that might cheer us both up. A toast to your brother. To my beloved William, a good man with a kind heart and a generous spirit.

Jeff: Yeah, maybe too generous. To my brother William.

Jeff: Shakespeare.

Gloria: Mm. "So are you to my thoughts as food to life, or as sweet-seasoned showers are to the ground." William loved the sonnets.

Jeff: Mm. Yet another thing I didn't know about my brother.

Gloria: But one thing you did know was how much he loved a certain scent.

Jeff: Sorry? Oh, right.

Gloria: And how much it would mean to me to have that jar of cream he sent you.

[Gloria remembering]

Will: Tell the truth, Gloria. Admit it. You tainted that cream.

Gloria: Yes, I did. I never meant for anyone to use that contaminated cream. Just me.

Gloria: William... because... I just wanted to get back at Jack and Ashley. Because they never gave me any respect. Oh, God! That cream was never supposed to be distributed.

Will: But it was.

Gloria: You're sure you don't mind giving it up?

Jeff: I'm very sure.

Gloria: Thank you, I shall cherish this.

Jack: I so needed this. Thank you.

Sharon: Mm. You're welcome.

Jack: You just lose perspective sometimes. Thanks to you, I got my perspective back. We can talk about something else, like... like vacationing with you, like beating Noah at just one of his video games.

Sharon: (Laughs) forget about Noah.

Jack: What?

Sharon: Forget about Noah.

Jack: Not forever.

Sharon: Mm. No.

Jack: For a while. Like for tonight?

Sharon: Now you're catching on.

Karen: You know what?

Neil: What?

Karen: I think I like seeing you in this setting.

Neil: At home?

Karen: Yeah, at home with the kids, clearing dishes, making sure they mind their manners. You know, it’s... it kinda humanizes you a little. I like it.

Neil: Whoa, wait a minute, it scares me to think what that means. I'm--I'm not--I'm not human at the office?

Karen: No, no, no, no, you're--you're human at the office, but you're kind of this business guy. You know, this "Mr. Business" "Mr. I need that report yesterday" kind of--you know. And here, you're another kind of guy. And I'm just saying, I-I like this guy.

Neil: Another kind of guy? But--but not "Mr. Business."

Karen: You know what? You're hopeless. I pay you a compliment and what do you do? You dig around for more.

Neil: No, no, no, no, no, hold on, no, wait a minute. Um, it's very easy to see that you--you think that dads are hot. And I'm down with that.

Karen: I didn't say hot.

Neil: You didn't say hot?

Karen: No.

Neil: Oh.

Karen: See if I ever pay you another compliment.

Neil: I was kidding. I was just kidding.

Karen: Mm-hmm.

Devon: Hey.

Neil: Hey.

Devon: Sorry to interrupt, but I need to take off. So it was good to see you, Karen.

Karen: Yeah, I'll see you at the office.

Neil: Hey, wait a minute, let me ask you a question, Son.

Devon: Yeah?

Neil: Am I-- am I a different person at the office?

Karen: Oh, come on! Your dad is showing me a side of himself-- a needy side-- that I have never seen before.

Neil: No, no, no, no, no, I'm being serious. I'm serious now. Do you think that-- that I am nicer or-- you used the word human-- human--more human at home?

Karen: Needy, needy, needy.

Devon: You know what?

Neil: I'm not needy.

Devon: You are awesome all the time, Dad, okay?

Neil: Thank you.

Karen: Good answer.

Neil: That was right.

Devon: Okay? See you guys.

Neil: Okay, son, be good.

Lily: (Clears throat)

Devon: All right, Guys, I'm out.

Lily: Okay.

Cane: Night.

Devon: "Okay," "Night," buh, hm, syllables? You guys get any more articulate, I'm gonna need a dictionary to understand you.

Lily: That's not funny.

Devon: Tell me about it. See ya.

Cane: So thanks for having me over.

Lily: It wasn't me, I...

Cane: Oh. I-I know, I mean, um... thank you for your hospitality.

Lily: Right.

Cane: Mm.

Lily: Yeah, I-I didn't mean that...

Cane: No, I know, I know, I know, I know what you mean. I enjoyed it.

Lily: Good.

Cane: The food was good.

Lily: Yeah, it was great.

Cane: It was great.

Michael: Have you seen my book of sonnets anywhere?

Gloria: Your sonnets?

Michael: Well, Shakespeare’s sonnets, my book. Where is it?

Gloria: Honey, I didn't know you liked poetry.

Michael: Where is it?

Gloria: I loaned it to a friend.

Michael: Don't lend my books out without my permission.

Gloria: Oh, be quiet. I'll buy you a new one. Now just look at this! And congratulate me. Mummy got the poisoned cream from Jeffrey.

Michael: He just up and gave it to you?

Gloria: I guess I can be very persuasive.

Michael: How do you know it's the same cream?

Gloria: 'Cause I'd recognize this jar anyplace. And I know the smell of this stuff. I'm gonna sleep well tonight, Michael. No tossing, no turning, no nightmares.

Michael: You better destroy the jar, too.

Gloria: I knew I kept you around for a reason.


Woman: Where's the other one?

Jeff: I gave it away.

Woman: So that's the end of your shell game?

Jeff: No, it's the beginning.

Brad: Your paper's run a series of articles on the scandal surrounding senator Abbott. I think you should know there's more fallout from the senator's lying. Nick Newman has been pursuing Senator Abbott’s wife during this very difficult time. Yes, you should put me through to your editor.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Daniel: Cane?

Amber: He has a date with Heather.

J.T.: I really wanna-- I wanna be the best person I can be for you.

Victoria: You already are.

Victor: Don't you ever flaunt that man in front of me! Not in my house!

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