Y&R Transcript Monday 10/1/07

Y&R Transcript Monday 10/1/07 -- Canada; Tuesday 10/2/07 -- USA


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Jack: How’s the project?

Sharon: Just okay?

Noah: I don't think I'm doing it right.

Jack: Well, I mean, I could always take a look at it if you like.

Noah: Cool. I wanna show Dad, too.

Jack: Great.

Sharon: More carrots?

Jack: Oh, no, thanks.

Sharon: Noah? Help your eyesight.

Noah: You always say that.

Sharon: Well, I might be right. You know, you don't wear glasses. So... the travel agent called today. She wondered if we might want to rebook our honeymoon.

Jack: I'll think about it.

Noah: Why are you guys acting so weird?

Sharon: Aren't we always?

Noah: When Sam and I got into the fight, we didn't talk for three days.

Sharon: Nobody's fighting.

Jack: Your mom's right. Noah, everything's fine.


Karen: When are you gonna learn? I totally had you.

Neil: (Chuckles) you knocked me down once.

Karen: Once? How's the math? Try twice.

Neil: Okay.

Nick: Neil, sounds like the ladies are taking you down, Man.

Neil: Uh, I-I let her. Hey, come on, let's, uh, dig in. What you got for me?

Nick: The, uh, Volt-Tech proposal-- I told you about it yesterday. It comes with a promised delivery of March 1st.

Neil: Yeah? So does Harris, at a considerably lower bid.

Karen: You know, I plowed through everything the other day and I like Volt-Tech.

Neil: These production figures are inflated. Let's go to page... 36.

(Cell phone ringing)

Nick: Excuse me. This is Nick.

Neil: We will be digging ourselves into further debt with these figures.

Karen: I think we should just wait and see what Nick thinks.

Nick: Okay, I'm on my way. I got some stuff I gotta wrap up. Let's finish this later.

Neil: All right.

Karen: All right.

Neil: I'll e-mail you all the information that we get through.

Nick: Okay, cool, see you in the morning.

Karen: Bye.

Neil: Yeah, bye. So... we're on our own.

Karen: We're two very capable-minded people. We can handle it. Let's order some food.

Neil: Your capable mind goes straight to food?

Karen: Like you said, priorities.

Neil: How 'bout we wait?

Karen: You're kidding, right? I'm starving.

Neil: No, why don't we grab a snack now, after we finish, we'll go somewhere nice. Dinner. My treat.

Karen: The snack's on you, too?

Neil: If that's a yes to dinner.

Karen: I think that's a yes to dinner.

Colleen: And can I get that to-go? Thanks, Ryan.

Brad: Girl who's not afraid to order dessert. I like that.

Colleen: Uh-huh.

Brad: How would you like to join me for dinner?

Colleen: I would. Um, it's just Adrian is cooking me dinner tonight.

Brad: Ah. Well, in that case, I'll, uh... order something to-go.

Colleen: Why don't you come have dinner with us?

Brad: With you and Adrian?

Colleen: No, with Jake Gyllenhaal and me, because I dumped him for someone younger. That was a joke.

Brad: That, uh, still doesn't make him age appropriate for you.

Colleen: Dad.

Brad: But if you're happy, I'm happy.

Colleen: Come on. I really want you to. Just let me call Adrian and tell him to make enough for all of us.

Lily: Hey.

Cane: Hey.

Lily: Hi, um, what's up?

Cane: Not much. I'm just gonna hit the weights.

Lily: Oh, cool. Well, don't hit 'em too hard.

Cane: Okay.

Brad: Hang on a second. I know what you're doing. You just don't wanna see me eating alone. I really don't mind the peace and quiet.

Colleen: Dad, I wouldn't have invited you if I didn't really want you there, okay? Now let me make the call.

Brad: All right, but if it's not a good night...

Colleen: Dad, it'll be fine. I promise. Adrian, he was going to eat alone.

[Colleen calls Adrian]

Adrian: Well, tell him I said bon appetit.

Colleen: Don't kill me, but, um, I already invited him.

Adrian: I've got a phone conference with my editor in the morning. I still have hours of prep to do.

Colleen: Come on, you'll be ready. You always are.

Adrian: Look, I know you're doing better with your father, but think of this rapprochement as a fine wine, all right? Let it age before you bring him to the place you live with the boyfriend that he can't stand.

Colleen: Look, this would really help me, okay?

Adrian: When you do reschedule, I promise to be civil.

Colleen: Oh, really?

Adrian: Charming, even.

Colleen: Baby, you're always charming. You know what? It's fine. Um, we'll just reschedule.

Adrian: Are you-- are you now trying reverse psychology on me? Is that it?

Colleen: No, you're too smart for that.

Adrian: All right, how important is this to you?

Colleen: Enough that you already know the answer.

Adrian: Well, since you put it that way, come on over.

Colleen: Are you sure?

Adrian: If it makes you happy, yes.

Colleen: Thank you so much. This means so much to me. Thank you. I love you, okay? Bye.

Colleen: Adrian said it's a great idea.

Brad: You're a poor liar. But it's an admirable quality.

Colleen: It'll be fine. 8:00?

Brad: 8:00. I'll see you then.

Colleen: Okay.

Brad: Love you.

Jack: My office will handle all the calls. Right. Thanks.

Jack: You going out?

Sharon: Yeah, I'm--I'm going to the bookstore. Noah wants Phyllis to be able to read the same books he's reading in class.

Jack: She'll be thrilled.

Noah: You're going to see Phyllis?

Sharon: Yeah. Tomorrow morning.

Noah: Can I come?

Sharon: No, not this time.

Noah: Why not?

Jack: Yeah, why not?

Sharon: Because... you are suspended from school and you have a lot of homework to catch up on.

Noah: Come on, Mom, I can do it whenever.

Sharon: No, you can't. I don't want you falling behind.

Jack: Noah, your mom's right. You're not on vacation.

Noah: Oh, fine. Tell her that "Bud, not Buddy" is first on the list.

Sharon: "Bud, not Buddy." I will tell her.

Sharon: You need anything while I'm out?

Jack: Can't think of a thing.

Sharon: Okay, I won't be long.

Jack: Homework time.

Noah: Well, I can't. Because if I don't wait an hour for my food to digest, I'll get a cramp.

Jack: And how do you suggest we deal with that?

Noah: Video games?

Jack: Nice try. After everything. Homework time.

Noah: Okay.

(Doorbell rings)

Noah: Hey, Dad! This is a cool surprise.

Nick: What's up, Dude?

Noah: Well, Mom's not here right now.

Nick: Well, that's okay. I'm actually here to see Jack.

Jack: Oh, that's too bad. I was just about to help Noah with his homework.

Noah: Dad can help, too. Come on, take a look at it.

Nick: I'll be up in a minute, Bud. I need to speak with Jack alone.

Noah: Okay.

Colleen: Oh, thanks. Oh, can you add another one of these to my order? Actually, make that two more? Thank you.

Lily: Hungry?

Colleen: My dad's coming to dinner at our place. I had to invite him. He was here ordering for one. And the invitation sort of just, like, flew out of my mouth.

Lily: Well, make sure you wear your bulletproof vest.

Colleen: I think it'll be okay this time. And, you know, I know that things haven't gone well between them--

Lily: Well, that's an understatement.

Colleen: But, I mean, you know, like, how are things gonna change unless they get to know each other? I really want this to work out.

Lily: Oh, speaking of working out, did you see Cane going to the gym?

Colleen: No, did you talk to him?

Lily: Well, I don't know if I'd go that far. Our conversation consisted of, like, two sentences.

Colleen: Right.

Lily: One where he asked me, "What’s up?"

Colleen: And the other?

Lily: And me telling him not to hit the weights too hard. I know.

Colleen: But that's good, though, because, it's, like, if he wasn't interested, then he wouldn't be thinking about you at all, so... I'm thinking friends.

Lily: What?

Colleen: You and Cane. Look, I know you--you can't do anything more than that, so, I mean, hang out. See how it goes.

Lily: Yeah. I can deal with that. But what if he's still freaked out about my age?

Colleen: Okay, Adrian is older than me and we started out as friends.

Lily: You mean, he was your teacher.

Colleen: You're missing the point. Thank you.

Lily: Okay. So maybe I have a little-- a little, tiny crush on Cane. Sort of. But I'm so not ready to move on yet. And whatever I feel about him, it doesn't mean anything.

Colleen: Be his friend. Go from there. Gotta go. Mwah!

Lily: Bye.


Nick: I won't be long.

Jack: Get out of my face, Nick.

Nick: I wanna apologize to you.

Jack: For what? Kissing my wife? Apology not accepted. What do you want from me?

Nick: I want you to understand what happened.

Jack: Oh, I understand exactly what happened. You planned this whole thing. You set up this location scout so you could be closer to my wife, and then the two of you lied about it.

Nick: It wasn't anything like that.

Jack: You'd do anything in the world to get closer to my wife.

Nick: Are you telling me that you think I locked us in that vault on purpose?

Jack: You sure took advantage of the situation.

Nick: Jack, it was one kiss.

Jack: Well, at least the two of you got your stories straight.

Nick: No, there's no story. That kiss meant nothing. All right, what do you want from me? You wanna know why it happened?

Jack: I know why you kissed her. Hell, everybody knows why you kissed her. What I don't get is why she kissed you back. Your son's waiting for you.

Sharon: Hi, it's Sharon. Can you meet me? I know its short notice, so I'll understand if you can't, but I really need to see you.

Sharon: Are you sure you can meet me?

Neil: Definitely. Uh, where are you?

Sharon: I'm at the Athletic Club. But how about I come to you?

Neil: I'm at Newman.

Sharon: Great. I'll be there in 15 minutes. Thanks.

Neil: No problem, Sharon. See you soon.

Neil: Hi, Karen, it's me. Um, listen, uh, something very important just came up and I need to postpone our dinner for a little while. I'm really, really sorry. I hope you understand, and I'll give you a call as soon as I can, okay? Thanks. Bye-bye.

Cane: Thanks.

Cane: You, um... you should do this a little slower. Here, don't jerk your arms so much. Let me show you.

Lily: Oh, um...

Cane: It's okay.

Lily: Yeah, it's-- it's funny because my--my family-- they're very, you know, athletic, and my dad--he's in great shape and my mom--she was a dancer, but me--I'm more cerebral, so, you know, I thought I should get more physical. Um, is this better?

Cane: That is great form.

Lily: Thanks. Um, so did you go hear that Robert Cray guy the other night?

Cane: Yeah, yeah, I just went with a friend.

Lily: Oh. Did she like it?

Cane: Uh, the girl next to me liked it. The bloke I went with from Accounting-- it wasn't really his cup of tea.

Lily: Oh, yeah, you can't take those math geeks anywhere.

Cane: Tell me about it. Um, next time I'd like to take you, maybe.

Colleen: Where do you keep the good napkins?

Adrian: Bottom drawer.

Colleen: Okay.

(Cell phone ringing)

Adrian: Hello. Korbel. Well, what do you mean your internet crashed? Well, go somewhere and upload the files. I need that PDF tonight.

Colleen: What's going on?

Adrian: My editor wants backups on everything. Original and translation. That was about an original. In Italian.

Colleen: Baby, when my dad comes, maybe we shouldn't mention your book.

Adrian: I wouldn't think of it.

Colleen: Yes, you would.

Adrian: Okay, you've got me, but tonight, I won't. Promise.

Colleen: So we have glasses, napkins and your famous pasta spectacular. Anything else?

Adrian: Uh, just the guest of dishonor.

Colleen: Baby!

Adrian: I will be the model of decorum.

(Doorbell rings)

Colleen: Dad!

Brad: Hey, Sweetheart.

Colleen: Come on in.

Nick: All right, Noah's good to go. He just needed a little help getting started. I don't know how that kid concentrates with the TV and music--

Jack: If you've finished, you can leave now.

Nick: Look, I've made a lot of bad choices in my life. Do I regret hurting Phyllis? Hell yeah, I do. The same with you and Sharon. I mean, I had to go to my wife and look her in the eye and tell her I kissed another woman.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, what's your point here? You hurt your wife? I know that. She deserves better.

Nick: My love for Sharon is platonic. I made Phyllis understand that.

Jack: Or so you think.

Nick: All right, look, all this is on me. Sharon didn't have anything to do with it. I was in control, I made the move. So if you need to take your frustrations out on someone, then you do it with me. I let it go too far. In fact, if I've learned anything from this whole experience, it's that your wife loves you. Very much.

Jack: Well, I love the chivalry. It did kick in a little late.

Nick: I'm just telling you how it was.

Jack: What was the phrase you used? It was all you? No interest on her part?

Nick: None.

Jack: None? It was all you. The plan to go on the overnight to Clear Springs?

Nick: Sharon told me that trip wasn't gonna happen and it didn't.

Jack: But she thought about it. And she knew exactly what your intentions were.

Nick: I accept full responsibility for that. Sharon was simply being nice to me at a time I was very confused.

Jack: It was all you? And what about her reciprocating that kiss? Was that your responsibility, too? Hey, you could own up to global warming and world hunger at the same time.

Nick: Jack, I'm being straight with you.

Jack: Give me a little credit. I know you're protecting Sharon.

Nick: She is devoted to you.

Jack: And don't you dare analyze my marriage based on your tawdry little rendezvous.

Nick: We were married. We talked about our life, our children. There is always going to be a part of me that loves her.

Jack: I'll just bet.

Nick: That is a past we can't go back to. You two have a future.

Jack: Wow. You practice that one on the way in? That's a pretty good finish.

Nick: All right, I guess this is a waste of my time. You've already made up your mind, so I'll tell you what. Why don't you go tear into Sharon for this? See how far it gets you.

Jack: You listen to me, you self-righteous, sanctimonious--

Noah: Hey, Jack! Can you help me with my homework, please?

Jack: Yeah, I'll be right there, Buddy. When I come back downstairs, I want you gone.

Neil: You and Nick? When?

Sharon: About a month ago. When we were on that scout for the shoot.

Neil: I told him to back off.

Sharon: He spoke to you?

Neil: I spoke. He obviously didn't listen. You know, it really doesn't matter. Um, so, did you guys...

Sharon: No. We only kissed.

Neil: How did Jack find out?

Sharon: He overheard me talking to Brad.

Neil: Oh, ouch.

Sharon: I hate myself for letting this happen. I mean, Jack... he was devastated. What kind of a wife does this to her husband?

Neil: Sharon, Sharon, stop, don't beat yourself up. Okay, you made a mistake. Like we all have. You admitted that you might be falling back in love with Nick.

Sharon: And you told me not to let that ruin what I have. What's wrong with me?

Neil: Nothing is wrong with you. You were confused. Nick was acting like the man you--you were married to.

Sharon: He was acting like the man that I needed him to be when our marriage was falling apart.

Neil: Yeah, I'm sure. The question now is, how do you feel about him?

Sharon: Well, when we were locked in that vault, I felt something. I mean, I was overwhelmed by memories, but I couldn't imagine a life with anyone but Nick. And then when the door opened, it was back to reality. Nick and I... we have a past and... that's where that's going to remain. I... I'll always love him, but I guess that's... all there is to it. And now, I've--I've moved on. I'm with Jack. And Jack's my whole life now. And with Nick, I was reaching for something-- for something that... just could never be-- for a marriage... to repair our marriage that... it just never could, because our little...

Neil: Cassie?

Sharon: You know, when you lose someone you really love, you'll do almost anything to get them back.

Neil: Yeah.

Colleen: So, it's small, but, um, it's cozy.

Brad: You like to read.

Adrian: The curse of an academic.

Brad: Orwell, Ovid, Amos Oz. Alphabetical.

Adrian: Well, thank Colleen. She's the organized one.

Brad: What's this?

Adrian: Uh, it's just... material for my book. Excuse me, I need a better filing system here.

Brad: Mind if take a look?

Colleen: Dad.

(Cell phone ringing)

Adrian: Oh, um, yeah, here. This is work. Excuse me. Bonsoir, Cecile.

Colleen: Do you really need to, uh, take a look at those now?

Brad: A brief overview of the history of Kutna Hora.

Adrian: Sorry about that. A really tight deadline.

Colleen: Yeah, so, um, dinner's ready and Adrian just cooked his famous pasta, so let's eat.

Jack: I thought I was pretty clear with you.

Nick: I'm not finished.

Jack: I am.

Nick: You know, Sharon stood by you when you committed a felony, and you're worried about some little kiss?

Jack: Some little kiss? You make it sound pretty damn insignificant.

Nick: Your priority should be Noah. Because your criminal actions are affecting my son. And all you seem to be worried about is yourself and your career.

Jack: Nothing is more important to me than my family.

Nick: Yeah, well, your judgments and so-called ethics have only proven that you don't deserve Sharon or my son.

Jack: Get out of my house. Now. If you're not outta here in five seconds, I'm gonna put you through--

Noah: Stop it! Stop fighting!

Nick: No more fighting, Dude. I promise.

Jack: Nothing for you to worry about, Buddy. We just had a little disagreement. Sometimes it gets a little louder than-- than it really is.

Noah: Were you guys fighting about me?

Jack: No, what?

Nick: No. No.

Noah: 'Cause I got suspended?

Jack: No, no.

Nick: No, we weren't arguing about your suspension.

Noah: Then what were you yelling about?

Jack: Clear Springs. Sometimes it's a little hard to tell who's the boss.

Noah: Why can't you both be the boss?

Nick: Well, we are, kind of.

Noah: Then why do you guys have to fight?

Nick: We don't. And I'm sorry you had to hear it. That's not gonna happen again.

Noah: Aren't you guys supposed to know better?

Cane: You're gonna wanna use the light weights. And, uh, try and do as many reps as you can.

Lily: Oh, um, how come?

Cane: 'Cause that way your arms will build tone. If you lift heavier and do fewer reps, they'll just get bigger.

Lily: How--how do you know all this stuff?

Cane: I had a mate in Australia who was a trainer. Um, we didn't have clubs like this, though. But for me--I know I like to, uh, hike, climb, ski, you know, that sort of stuff. Then you got the concrete jungle like this. It's a--it's a whole different animal, I'll tell you that.

Lily: Yeah, see, me-- I'm more of a city girl, like facials and shopping and that kind of stuff.

Cane: I would like to take you hiking. I think it'll change you.

Lily: You know what? So far, you owe me a concert and a hike, so I better be a changed woman.

Cane: Guaranteed or your money back.

Lily: So, um, you're not really used to living in the city, are you?

Cane: When I was 19, I worked on an oil rig. And then I went to Indonesia-- went on walkabout--- that's like hiking, where I learned the portable skill of bartending. From there I went to Sydney, and I had, um... other adventures.

Lily: Oh. Um, well, you'll have to... tell me about 'em sometime.

Cane: I'd like that. It would be my pleasure.

Brad: This is, um... really great. What else do you cook?

Adrian: I'm partial to French cuisine. Rais aux capres.

Brad: Which is?

Adrian: Skate wing with capers.

Colleen: It tastes much better than it sounds.

Adrian: And soup. L'oignon gratinée a la mode lyonnaise. Onion soup as they make it in Lyon.

Brad: Why don't you just call it French onion soup?

Adrian: I prefer to call things by their proper name.

Colleen: Who wants some more iced tea?

Adrian: Oh, uh, did you happen to catch Colleen's uncle's press conference the other night? I thought senator Abbott was quite convincing.

Brad: Jack Abbott's moral elasticity appeal to you?

Adrian: Politicians are by definition morally elastic, Brad. You want purity, rent "Mr. Smith goes to Washington." It's a fairy tale.

Colleen: Um, Frank Capra. I love that film. Don't you love that film, dad?

Brad: Does your admiration for felons carry into all aspects of your life?

Adrian: I've studied history long enough to know that simple judgments are usually the work of simple minds.

Colleen: I'll get dessert.

Neil: Here you go, Sweetie.

Sharon: Thanks.

Neil: Sharon, uh... I think... maybe part of you wanted Jack to find out about the kiss.

Sharon: I don't think so.

Neil: Come on. On some level?

Sharon: Never. I knew how much that would hurt him. You're supposed to be being the supportive friend.

Neil: Yeah, supportive and honest. Dru would've said the exact same thing.

Sharon: I can just hear her now.

Neil: It's strange. I can't help thinking about my flirtation with Carmen. Yeah, there was definitely an attraction there, but... I was very angry with my wife. You know, she was so jealous and in my face about it all. And I had--I had had it with her. And instead of dealing with the problem, I turned to someone else.

Sharon: Jack and I weren't having problems, though. Not until recently.

Neil: Sharon... if your marriage was solid before that, do you really think you'd have kissed Nick? Sharon, every marriage goes through their share of problems. What doesn't break you apart makes you stronger.

Sharon: Did you read that in a book somewhere?

Neil: Possibly. But listen, you forgave Jack for everything he's done, now he has to forgive you.

Sharon: He doesn't necessarily have to forgive me.

Neil: Well, he does if he doesn't wanna lose an amazing woman. And before that happens, Sharon, you have to forgive yourself. That was in the book, too.

Sharon: I knew it.

Neil: No marriage is perfect. Look at Dru and me. You know, a lot of people said that we didn't fit well together. Like hell. We fit like a glove. And, yeah, we may have fought a lot, but we never went to bed mad at each other. The point is, we loved each other very much. And I miss her every day.

Sharon: I can see why she loved you so much. Thank you.

Neil: Oh, Sharon.

Cane: And here is to your physical side.

Lily: (Laughs)

Cane: Cheers.

Lily: I'll drink to that.

Cane: Oh, and tonight, have some milk. The, uh, protein will help your muscles recover.

Lily: Okay, so hot shower and milk. Got it.

Cane: But not at the same time.

Woman: You ready?

Cane: Hey, um... Lily--this is my friend Lily. Stacey, this is Lily. Stacey is my workout buddy.

Stacey: More like workout follower. He's been showing me the ropes. I didn't know how to use anything in here.

Cane: Didn't I pick the wrong profession?

Lily: Um, I didn't know that you had, like, clients and stuff.

Cane: Oh, I don't.

Stacey: He's just helping me so that I don't embarrass myself. Ready?

Cane: Lead the way.

(Cell phone ringing)

Lily: Hello?

Colleen: You were right. My dad and Adrian aren't even speaking at this point.

Lily: Um, I'm sorry.

Colleen: Why did I think it was a good idea? Are you home?

Lily: No, I'm at the gym.

Colleen: With Cane?

Lily: Uh, yeah, definitely not with. More in his general vicinity. He's training another girl.

Colleen: I thought he was gonna do that with you.

Lily: Yeah, well, guess not.

Colleen: Is he flirting with her?

Lily: No. She's flirting. I mean, where he goes, women follow. I mean, I don't care. It's not that I care.

Colleen: Well, maybe he doesn't want a girl that flirts. You know, it's more refreshing.

Lily: I'll be, like, his first girl friend friend, as in the no strings attached kind, you know?

Colleen: I love it.

Lily: Hey, shouldn't you go make sure that your dad and Adrian are both still alive?

Colleen: Good point. I'll see you later.

Lily: Bye.

Lily: Uh, where's she going?

Cane: Oh, she got a call from work, had to reschedule.

Lily: Oh. Well, she seemed nice.

Cane: Lily... she has nothing on you.

Nick: All right, Dude, I'll see you later.

Noah: Yeah. Bye, Dad.

Nick: Don't stay up too late playing video games.

Noah: I won't!

Jack: Get out.

Nick: You so worried about this kiss. Don't forget all the things you've done to put Sharon through the wringer. That's what you need to worry about.

Jack: Unless you're here to pick up Noah, you are no longer welcome in this house.

Colleen: So this wasn't exactly how I wanted it to play out, but thanks for coming.

Brad: This has certainly proved to you that I would do anything for my baby.

Adrian: D'accord. Au Revoir. Sorry about that. So this was fun. Thanks for coming, Brad.

Brad: Adrian.

Adrian: Take care.

Colleen: Thanks, Dad. I'll see you later.

Brad: Good night, Sweetheart.

Colleen: Good night. So... feel free to say, "I told you so."

Adrian: No, I need time to think of a suitable punishment. Two hours proofreading, because nobody does it better than you.

Colleen: Done.

Adrian: Followed by... a massage. One hour.

Colleen: A massage isn't punishment.

Adrian: I'm giving you a massage. And that's not punishment, either.

Lily: So... this was fun.

Cane: Just don't forget to stretch.

Lily: Oh, I-I won't.

Cane: And if you keep up, you know, the soreness will be gone in about a week. There are some books, you know, you can get.

Lily: Um, yeah, I'm kind of, uh, inundated with school books, so, uh, I don't need another one right now.

Cane: Well, why don't you get someone to workout with?

Lily: Like a trainer?

Cane: Yeah.

Lily: Um, I-I can't afford that.

Cane: Well, I work out a lot. I mean, you could maybe work out with--with me.

Lily: Oh, um, yeah, that'd be--that'd be great.

Cane: Then it's a date? I don't mean like a date-date.

Lily: No, no, no, no, it's just a hang out, training... thingy.

Cane: Thingy. Exactly.

Neil: Better late than--

Karen: Better late than never, yeah. That's gonna cause some serious sparring, you know?

Neil: Yeah, I'm sorry about that. I was giving a friend of mine some advice.

Karen: Anyone I know?

Neil: Sharon Abbott. She was my wife's best friend. I-I was so used to hearing Dru give her advice, I wasn't sure that I had the right thing to say.

Karen: She's a lucky lady. Good friends are hard to come by.

Neil: My wife was the greatest friend anyone could ask for. I've never met anyone so loyal.

Karen: I have. You.

[Nick sits with Summer and makes a video for Phyllis]

Nick: Hi, Mom. Say, "Hi, Mommy." Summer and I are both here and, uh... well, we miss you and wish you were here with us. Sharon's gonna come up there and see you tomorrow and tell you exactly what I did. It's that I'm in love with two women. One is named Phyllis, and the other Summer. And that's the way it's gonna be forever. There's no one else.

Sharon: I'm back.

Jack: Did you get the books?

Sharon: Yeah, all seven of 'em. France? Oh, well--well, that's funny, because, you know, I was just... at the bookstore and I-I picked up a few things. Um, just some stuff that I thought might help us get in the mood. Um, I got a bottle of French wine, and, um, I got a "Learn French fast" CD. I thought maybe we could-- we could just have a drink and--and listen to it. Were you booking new dates for the trip?

Jack: No, actually, I was, uh... thinking about the night of the, uh, honeymoon treasure hunt.

Sharon: It was perfect.

Jack: You came home in such a funk that evening. It was so clear you had something on your mind. I looked at you and I thought, "God, I love her." What can I do to put a smile on that beautiful face? Something wonderful, something... clever and a little silly and... little did I know, you had just kissed your ex-husband. I guess you did have a lot on your mind. Everything about that evening-- the airplane tickets, the--the champagne, the talk of France... the way you closed your eyes when you kissed me... it made me think you truly loved me. But maybe you closed your eyes so you could pretend I was him. Wow.

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Lily: Are you always this nice?

Cane: Well, maybe you bring it out in me.

Victor: You could always sell your casino to me in case you need to cover legal fees.

Phyllis: So you're hurting Jack to get back at me?

Sharon: You take care of your marriage, I'll take care of mine.

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