Y&R Transcript Friday 9/28/07

Y&R Transcript Friday 9/28/07 -- Canada; Monday 10/1/07 -- U.S.A.


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Nick: He knows?

Sharon: It was an accident. I was talking to Brad and the intercom was open.

Nick: No, wait--wait, you were talking to Brad about us kissing in the bank?

Sharon: Well, I needed someone to talk to. I was upset. Okay, we shouldn't have kissed. I shouldn't have talked to Brad about it--

Nick: Okay, it's--it's over. Uh, how did Jack react?

Sharon: How do you think? I hurt him. And he wanted details.

Nick: It was one kiss and it happened at a time when I wasn't thinking clearly.

Sharon: Well, that's you. What's my excuse? And on top of that, I didn't tell him about it. He found out by accident six weeks later.

Nick: Well, Jack isn't exactly a paragon of glasnost.

Sharon: Well, his mistakes don't excuse mine. What about Phyllis?

Nick: Don't worry about Phyllis. I'll--I'll handle that. You just focus on Jack.

Sharon: Thanks. I feel like slapping myself.

Brad: You know, it's not like you did something truly horrible, like, say, I don't know, committing a felony. Jack's overreacting.

Sharon: Okay, so... if I was married to you and this happened--

Brad: If you were married to me, this would never have happened.

Sharon: Well, I need to talk to my husband. Make him understand.

Brad: Sharon, you have stood by the man. You continue to stand by the man who committed fraud. What you did is nothing compared to that. You're worried about Jack forgiving you? He should be worried about you forgiving him.

(Door opens)

Jack: Hey. How was computer lab?

Noah: Good.

Jack: You and Connor still plotting to take over the world?

Noah: Yeah.

(Telephone ringing)

Noah: Do you want me to get that?

Jack: Uh, no, no, let's just let voice mail pick it up, huh?

Noah: More reporters?

Jack: I like to think of 'em as my fan club.

Noah: So there's this thing that I thought might make you feel better.

Jack: As long as it's not a puppy. I don't think I can afford any more shoes.

Noah: It's a present. I made it.

Jack: Wow. Well, that's the best kind.

Karen: Just leave it on the desk.

Neil: Oh. You are fierce at work, Lady.

Karen: Only way to live.

Neil: Yeah, something else we have in common. If you're not gonna do it well, don't do it at all, right?

Karen: Mm-hmm.

Neil: Let me guess, this is, uh, the development?

Karen: Is there anything else going on in this state? Okay, and... send.

Neil: Ooh.

Karen: All right.

Neil: That was kinda hard. I'm glad I'm not on-- on the receiving end of that e-mail.

Karen: You would not be speaking to me if you were. You know what? I have decided that I am gonna ask Jack Abbott for a raise.

Neil: Are you now?

Karen: Yes, I am.

Neil: Mm. Even though you're not on his payroll?

Karen: No, I'm not, but I absolutely should be, considering all the grief he's causing me.

Neil: Sure. Holding hands and reassuring everyone that, um, the project is sound.

Karen: Yes, yes, yes, absolutely. Despite Senator Abbottís lapse in judgment.

Neil: Gotcha.

(Cell phone ringing)

Karen: Oh! Karen Taylor.

Victoria: Hi, it's Victoria. I just got your message.

Karen: Hey! Congratulations! You know, the TV spots that you and Nikki did were just incredibly successful. I've actually already received four phone calls from potential commercial tenants.

Victoria: No big box retailers.

Karen: No, no, no, no, no, I would never think of that. They're all privately owned. And I want you and Nikki to meet them as soon as possible.

Victoria: Uh, great.

Karen: Okay, so I will call Nikkiís office and I'll coordinate that and I'll call you back.

Victoria: Thanks.

J.T.: Good news?

Victoria: Yeah, possible new tenants for the mall.

J.T.: Oh, smart owners. Well, they're gonna be kicking themselves when it turns into a money machine.

Victoria: Well, I like your positive thinking.

J.T.: (Laughs)

Victoria: So when do you head up there?

J.T.: Um, the foreman's supposed to call me. Next week, the week after. Come on, you can do it.

Victoria: All right.

J.T.: I got an idea, though. Why don't you join me?

Victoria: Well, in case you didn't know, pregnant women aren't very good at manual labor.

J.T.: (Laughs) I meant more like... be joined to me.

Victoria: Be joined to you?

J.T.: Mm-hmm.

Victoria: That conjures up all sorts of images I-I don't even have time to contemplate.

J.T.: I bet you'd love to.

Victoria: Yes, but I canít. I'm swamped. You should see my desk.

J.T.: Wouldn't it be good for the commander-in-chief to, um... I don't know, show the flag every once in awhile? Admit it, you would love to go to Clear Springs with me. Turn of the century architecture, fresh air, me.

Victoria: You.

J.T.: Mm-hmm. You're the boss. Make it happen.

Phyllis: Uh, I know that-- that you feel bad about the killing-- I mean, Carmenís death. Um, but... to wish yourself dead instead?

Jana: It's all right. You can say killed. I killed Carmen. There's no running from that. God, I am such an awful person.

Phyllis: Oh, no, no, no, you're--you're-- you're a great gal. Yeah. You--you have, um, a real, you know... off-beat personality.

Jana: That's very kind of you. Most people have to worry about an outside threat, like--like molesters or burglars or sociopaths that don't even have a reason to kill. But I have to worry about a threat coming from the inside. I mean, how do I protect myself or anyone else from that?

Phyllis: Right. Exactly. Uh, I understand. But--but, you see, the things that you did before, you--you didn't know that they were bad or evil, right?

Jana: Well, at the time they all made perfect sense.

Phyllis: Okay, okay, see? There--that's what I'm talking about. But--but you see, now... now, you--you know that they were bad. Right?

Jana: (Sighs)

Phyllis: Right? I mean, you have self-awareness, right? You know... that that was wrong. You--you--you know it. The in control you. Not--not the--the sick you, right?

Jana: You know... the thing that worries me most is... I killed Carmen long before I knew I had a brain tumor. I seemed normal. I thought I was normal. And... I think I'm normal now.

Phyllis: Uh-huh. Right. Yeah. Well, you're just gonna have to keep the people who care about you most close to you.

Jana: Yeah. Like you. Now that we are becoming... better friends, right?

Phyllis: You bet.

J.T.: Find a nice place to stay, nine stars, maybe ten.

Victoria: Um, aren't you supposed to be, um, working undercover up there, you know, to find out who's stealing supplies?

J.T.: I plan on working under the covers.

Victoria: That doesn't really sound like the most effective place for a stakeout.

J.T.: Construction worker by day, whatever you want by night.

Victoria: Well, then sign me up for the night shift.

J.T.: So it's a yes?

Victoria: No, seriously. You can't be working undercover and hanging out with the boss. Nobody's gonna tell you anything.

J.T.: You'll be my secret lover that nobody'll know about. Come on. I can see it in your eyes, you're tempted.

Victoria: Okay. Yes, all right, all right, I'll go with you. You've convinced me.

J.T.: I'm good. If I was a woman, I'd... I'd date me.

Victoria: You need to get over yourself.

Noah: What does that mean?

Jack: It's--it's complicated. Itís... bad news.

Noah: For you?

Jack: For me and a lot of other people.

Noah: Well, whenever I get a present it cheers me up, so I thought...

Jack: You got me something for my computer?

Noah: Yep.

Jack: Well, let's put it in right now.

Noah: Okay.

Jack: Look at that. Fantastic!

Noah: You can use it as your new screensaver. You could put it on your desktop, too, if you want.

Jack: Wow! How'd you do this?

Noah: Easy. A computer program from lab.

Jack: Noah, I love it. I absolutely love it.

Sharon: Love what?

Noah: Look at it.

Jack: Noah made us something to cheer us up.

Sharon: (Gasps) Oh, look at that! I love it!

Noah: It's our family. Like when we're happy.

Phyllis: Hey!

Nick: Hey.

Phyllis: Were you just here or is my mind going?

Nick: Yeah, I was just here.

Phyllis: Yeah? That's great! This is great, right?

Nick: Uh, yeah. I needed to come.

Phyllis: Yeah, because you needed to talk to the warden about moving my new B.F.F. to another cell, I hope?

Nick: Yeah, I-I tried, but no luck. You're stuck with her.

Phyllis: Are you kidding me? Oh, my God. I-I guess I could just start a riot and be moved to-- to solitary, right?

Nick: Well, there's no visitors in solitary.

Phyllis: So why'd you come back? What's going on? Are the kids okay?

Nick: Yeah, the kids are fine.

Phyllis: Are you okay?

Nick: Uh... do you, uh... remember the location scout I went on with Sharon over the summer?

Phyllis: Yeah. When you got locked in the vault.

Nick: Yeah, we were-- we were locked in there a long time.

Phyllis: Yeah?

(Door slams)

Nick: I kissed her.

Neil: Thanks so much. How, uh, how bad's the water damage?

Karen: Inventory is completely trashed.

Neil: Any machinery damage?

Karen: We're still waiting a report from engineering.

Neil: Well, merry Christmas to us.

Karen: You know, we're gonna lose the entire season if we don't put Nashville on overtime.

Neil: Yeah, why don't we look at that report before we give that order? Here you go.

Karen: All right. (

Cell phone ringing)

Karen: Karen Taylor. Exactly. Senator Abbott has absolutely nothing to do with the development. He's strictly the casino. No, strictly the casino, no commercial space, no housing, none of it. Yes, it is beautiful. That's wonderful. No, no, I'm sure. He's--he's not involved in any way. Okay, great, I look forward to meeting you. Thanks. Bye. How ironic that I'm doing more political spinning now than I ever did when I was in politics.

Neil: Jack Abbott-- the gift that just keeps on giving.

Karen: I've really gotta hand it to Victor, though. He's keeping his cool.

Neil: Yeah. Hey, um, have you taken a break today?

Karen: A break? What's a break?

Neil: Why don't we leave here for an hour, recharge our batteries and then come back and start fresh?

Karen: Recharge our batteries, start fresh? I know, Neil, all you're trying to do I just squeeze out a little bit more work out of your poor employees. Do you see what I'm doing here?

Neil: Work hard, yes. Play hard, too. You know, I had to take a long look at my life when I lost my wife. All the things I couldn't do with my family because I was dedicated to paperwork. Here's what I don't want it to say on my headstone, "This guy never missed an office deadline."

(Cell phone ringing)

Karen: Excuse me!

Neil: Can I see that?

Karen: Oh, hey, hey, hey!

Neil: Voice mail. You can, uh, get the message later. Come on, let's get out of here.

Karen: Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa, where are we going?

Neil: Where we going? Rematch.

Karen: A rematch?

Neil: Mm-hmm.

Karen: Oh, come on now, I dropped you pretty hard the last time.

Neil: Well, that's only because I let you.

Karen: Oh, you let me?

Neil: Right, right.

Karen: Oh.

Neil: Just trying to boost your--your confidence.

Karen: Oh, thanks. Oh, hey, wait a minute. You know what? I almost forgot.

Neil: Hm?

Karen: Excuse me. This is for you.

Neil: Oh, what's that?

Karen: Haw rang do. How to achieve your maximum human potential.

Neil: Maximum human potential?

Karen: Yes.

Neil: I kinda like the sound of that, I think.

Karen: Good. I'm glad you do. Now, let's head off to that rematch, 'cause, oh, how the mighty shall fall.

Brad: I hope those exercises are doctor approved.

J.T.: I got it handled, Brad.

Victoria: I'm fine. Isn't there a meeting on the Brazilian ethanol project today?

Brad: I'm not working on that anymore. Actually, I wanted to talk to you about some Newman security issues.

J.T.: I quit working for Paul.

Brad: Going out on your own?

J.T.: Yeah, I need a little bit of a career change. Construction up at Clear Springs.

Brad: More like a change of scenery. Management?

J.T.: Labor.

Brad: (Chuckles) well, you in a hard hat? Voluntarily?

J.T.: Why not?

Brad: Well, you'll have to move. What a shame.

Victoria: It's not far.

J.T.: No, I wouldn't go that far from Victoria, especially with the baby on the way. Hell, it won't even feel like I'm gone.

Noah: So I have all these cool pictures of fun stuff that we've done. Okay, here's the first one.

Sharon: Oh, I remember that!

Noah: Jack pushed you in the pool.

Sharon: Well, I put a bucket of ice down his shirt.

Noah: Not very mature, Mom.

Jack: Yeah, Mom.

Noah: And... oh, the zoo! Man, that was so fun!

Jack: I'm telling you, that was the hottest day of the year. Remember we drank, like, a gallon of lemonade?

Sharon: Yeah, my feet felt like they were falling off, we walked so far that day.

Noah: That's 'cause you had high heels on your shoes.

Jack: Well, form over fashion has never been your mother's strong suit.

Noah: Tell me about it.

Sharon: Whoo! Look! It's a homerun for Noah Newman, the first baseman. That ball was outta there!

Jack: Wait, hold on. Look--look at that. That is a great picture. Look at your face.

Noah: So you can use any one you want for your screensaver.

Jack: Boy, that's gonna be a tough choice.

Sharon: Well, I want them for my laptop, too.

Noah: Oh, cool, I'll show you how.

Jack: So do you have a favorite picture?

Noah: Uh, this one. The one with all of us and Fisher in the back yard.

Jack: I love that one, too.

Phyllis: Okay...

Phyllis: Well. You were stuck in a bank vault with your ex-wife and you kissed her. Well, that's very romantic. I would've done the same, I'm sure.

Nick: Look, I just want you to understand.

Phyllis: Oh, I understand perfectly.

Nick: It was before I fell back in love with you.

Phyllis: I'm sorry, what does that mean? You... were married to me, but you were in love with Sharon? I mean, that's-- that's quite convenient, isn't it?

Nick: It wasn't something we planned.

Phyllis: Okay, that makes me feel better. So, um... this is the same time that you were pointing fingers at me for breaking up your marriage. One kiss, right?

Nick: One kiss.

Phyllis: Okay. So how'd it happen?

Nick: No, don't-- don't do this. Don't do this.

Phyllis: I wanna know. I want to know everything.

Nick: It's just gonna make you feel worse.

Phyllis: Really? It's gonna make me feel worse? I'm in prison. I don't think I'm gonna feel much worse than I already do. Okay? I have a lot of free time to think about this. Just like you and Sharon have a lot of free time to go over the entire "Kama Sutra."

Nick: Okay, okay. We were on our location shoot. We needed a shot of the door, my assistant closed it, accidentally locked us in.

Phyllis: And you just couldn't resist?

Nick: No, we were just-- we were just talking... about life, about Cassie, about you.

Phyllis: You were talking about me?

Nick: Yes, we talked about you.

Phyllis: Great. I can imagine what you said about me. Because you didn't love me then, right? I'm sure you said, "Too bad I'm tied to that woman, I'd much rather be with you."

Nick: No, no, it was nothing like that.

Phyllis: Did you keep your clothes on? Did you keep your shirt on?

Nick: I took my shirt off, that's it.

Phyllis: You took your shirt off?

Nick: That's it.

Phyllis: All right, did you take anything else off?

Nick: No.

Phyllis: Did she take her shirt off?

Nick: No.

Phyllis: Did you take her shirt off?

Nick: No. No. And me taking my shirt off had nothing to do with her. It was hot in there.

Phyllis: Oh, I'll bet.

Nick: I'm serious. There was no air.

Phyllis: Did either one of you happen to remember that you were married to other people?

Nick: At the time, honestly, no. And I'm very sorry that it happened, but please... please don't make any more out of this than it is.

Phyllis: Oh, Nick, are you kidding me? Don't make any more out of this? I mean, you--you were begging Sharon to go away on a photo shoot with you. Imagine if that had happened, a lot more would've happened than one kiss. So, please, don't tell me to make more out of this!

Nick: Phyllis--Phyllis, listen to me...

Phyllis: The hypocrisy kills me.

Nick: All right, just... look, that was then... and this is now. I love you. You know I love you.

Phyllis: See, but it's not about that. Because if I was out there, we would be together, I'd be happy, you'd be happy, but I am in here for six years. And Sharon is out there. And there is nothing-- there is nothing I can do about that.

J.T.: J.T. Hellstrom. (Whispering) it's my new boss.

Victoria: Oh, yeah, okay.

J.T.: (Normal voice) yes.

Brad: So how you feeling?

Victoria: I feel great.

Brad: Eating?

Victoria: Everything I can.

Brad: Excellent. And the baby?

Victoria: The baby is kicking. David Beckham, Jr. I think he was playing Manchester United in there last night.

Brad: Listen, uh... when J.T.'d out of town, if you need anything...

Victoria: Thanks. That's sweet. Thanks.

Brad: Victoria, I'm not just saying it for effect. I mean it. If you need anything, please call.

Phyllis: So if this happened a while ago, I mean, why are you telling me now?

Nick: Well, uh, Jack overheard Brad and Sharon talking about it.

Phyllis: Really? Okay... well, Jack overheard it. Now Jack knows. So you had to come tell me, otherwise you would've never told me, right?

Nick: It's--its not-- it's just... you knowing would only hurt you and that is the last thing I wanna do. Look, if I could change what I did, I would, but I canít. All right, look, do you remember when you... were trying to convince me that we had this incredible connection?

Phyllis: Uh-huh. And you just sat there and stared at me blankly like this...

Nick: It's because I didn't feel it. Then. Kissing Sharon was then.

Phyllis: What is it now?

Nick: It's you. It's only you. You're all I think about, you're all I talk about, you're all I dream about.

Phyllis: Okay, all right, all right, all right. Good. Who do you dream about? First answer.

Nick: You. And that is never gonna change. Ever.

Noah: And there you go.

Sharon: Oh, wow! Now I can see my family every time I open my computer. I love it.

Jack: Hey, Buddy, you got all your stuff ready to go to Samís house?

Noah: In my room. I have to lug all this stuff for our project about technologies and inventions for ancient China.

Sharon: Sounds interesting.

Noah: Yeah, did you know the Chinese invented gun powder?

Sharon: I did not know that.

Noah: Yeah, and rockets.

Sharon: I really love his screensaver.

Jack: That's what he wants. For us all to be happy.

Sharon: That's what I want, too, Jack.

Jack: Really? Seems to me if that's what you wanted, you--you wouldn't--

Sharon: I'm... I'm so sorry I hurt you.

Jack: You know, it just seems like we've been here before. I put all my trust in you, you break that trust, you promised me we'd be open and honest with each other. No more secrets.

Sharon: Yeah, I meant that.

Jack: Noah? You ready?

Noah: Almost.

Sharon: Listen, after you drop him off, why don't you come back home and we can talk. Please?

Jack: Talk's pretty cheap right now. Actions speak volumes. I'm hearing you loud and clear, Sharon.

Sharon: No. No, you're not.

Noah: You ready?

Jack: Yeah, Buddy. Ready to go?

Noah: Yeah. Bye, Mom.

Sharon: Bye, Sweetie.

J.T.: Sorry that took so long. The foreman was giving me the lowdown.

Victoria: Oh. So when do you start?

J.T.: He's not sure, but, uh, he'll give me two days notice.

Victoria: Did he say what you'll be doing?

J.T.: How does hauling concrete debris sound to you?

Victoria: It sounds dirty.

J.T.: Yeah.

Victoria: Um, anyway, I gotta-- I gotta get back to the office.

J.T.: What?

Victoria: I really shouldn't be here right now.

J.T.: Well, you're neglecting your boyfriend before he starts his hot and sweaty new gig?

Victoria: Oh, yeah. You are so neglected. Listen, um, wherever we stay up there, it's gotta be sort of--

J.T.: High end and discreet. Yeah, I know. I'm working on it.

Victoria: Oh, you know what? I just thought of this place. It's a guest house by the water. It's this Queen Anne. It's beautiful. You'll love it. And the couple that owns it-- the Edmunsons, the just celebrated their 40th anniversary.

J.T.: Oh, sounds perfect. Out of the way of the construction sites and no one will see me.

Brad: Well, it'll have to wait. Yeah, I'm coming back to the office today. Sharon's there? Well, ask her, she'll have the answer. Okay. Karen! Neil, how are you?

Neil: Hey, Bradley.

Karen: Oh, hey, did you get my message?

Brad: About tomorrow?

Karen: Right, have you got any time? I'd like to go over the proposal for Lutnik.

Brad: Well, I'm against it.

Karen: I know. I'd like to know why.

Brad: Sure. We'll talk about it in the morning. Good for you?

Karen: Yeah, that's great. Yeah.

Brad: See you then. Neil.

Neil: Brad.

Karen: He's in a good mood.

Neil: You know, Karen, you haven't been here all that long. Take it from me, when Brad Carlton is upbeat, that's your cue to grab your shoulder pads and helmet.

Nick: Hey, what are you doing here?

Sharon: Hey. Um, well, marketing just bumped up a deadline, and I'm-- I'm just trying to keep busy, 'cause Jack is really hurt.

Nick: Yeah, Phyllis, too.

Sharon: Oh, you told her?

Nick: Yeah, I did. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Every word I said, I could see the pain on her face. It just--it was awful.

(Cell phone ringing)

Sharon: Um, excuse me. Hello?

Phyllis: Hey, Sharon, it's Phyllis. Listen, can you do me a favor? Prison rules don't allow close contact with people we love, so can you remind me, how does my husband kiss?

Sharon: He told me that he already explained this to you.

Phyllis: Oh, you've already spoken to each other? Comparing notes, that sort of thing?

Sharon: No.

Phyllis: Save it. Visiting hours are almost over, but I expect to see you here tomorrow. Whatever you have to say, say it to my face.

Sharon: Um, that was your wife. And she's demanded a-a command performance tomorrow. I'm supposed to tell her how you kiss.

Nick: She really said that?

Sharon: Yeah, she did.

Nick: Well, she will of, uh, had a chance to calm down by tomorrow.

Sharon: Or get even angrier.

Jana: I can't believe Sharon kissed your husband!

Phyllis: You heard that?

Jana: Tomorrow, when Sharon comes, I'll be your silent back-up. I've got your back!

Phyllis: That's-- that's great, thank you.

Jana: If we have to, we'll take her down together.

Neil: Oh! Wait--wait a minute, what was that called? What was that?

Karen: That was called a scorpion kick. Keep your hands up!

Neil: Do you always hit like that?

Karen: No, that's just a sissy hit.

Neil: I didn't even have my guard up. You ready?

Karen: (Laughs)

Neil: Oh!

Victoria: What's up with you?

Nick: Uh, well... let's see, my wife is in prison, my daughter's being raised without her mother. With any luck, my son's stepfather could also get some prison time, and I got busted for kissing Sharon.

Victoria: You kissed? When?

Nick: Well, the kiss happened weeks ago, but I just got busted today.

Victoria: Weeks ago, huh? Well, um, that makes it a... "I still feel like I'm married to Sharon" type of kiss. What's the big deal?

Nick: Well, I guess when you're in prison and you hear something like that, it doesn't really fill a wife with confidence. Plus, I didn't tell her until I had to. Jack found out, so...

Victoria: So then you had to tell Phyllis. Well, um... she loves you and you love her, which makes even less sense to me, but still...

Nick: This from the woman who married Brad Carlton?

Victoria: Oh, so now we're gonna play, uh, who has worst taste in mates?

Nick: Why would we? You'd win--by a mile. I love my wife.

Brad: Hey.

Sharon: Hey. Your office said that you had gone home already.

Brad: Yeah, I had to come back for something. I thought you were home.

Sharon: Um, yeah, I had to catch up on some work.

Brad: Everything all right at home?

Sharon: Jack is, um... he's taking it pretty hard. Yeah, he--he wouldn't even talk to me, and I don't know how to fix it if, um, he won't talk.

Brad: Of course.

Sharon: I can't tie him up and make him talk to me. You know, I've tried so hard to be a really good wife to him.

Brad: Above and beyond.

Sharon: The least he could do is just... hear what I have to say.

Phyllis: I was wondering how long before you showed up.

Jack: How'd I do?

Phyllis: Well, actually, I didn't expect you till morning.

Jack: Nick told you about Sharon.

Phyllis: Yes, the kiss heard 'round the world. He had to. It hasn't really sunk in yet.

Jack: Yeah, I've had a little more time with it.

Phyllis: That bad?

Jack: Worse. I'm sick to my stomach about this.

Phyllis: Nick told me that he's not in love with Sharon.

Jack: You believe him?

Phyllis: Of course. My husband loves me. Does Sharon love you?

Jack: Well... she claims she's not in love with Nick. She claims she loves me.

Phyllis: But you don't sound convinced.

Jack: I don't know what I think.

Phyllis: What now?

Jack: I can't lose Sharon. After all I've been through these last few days, trying to salvage my image over this Jabot thing. We say we're separating, the press is gonna say she doesn't support me and all the rumors will go--

Phyllis: Wait, wait, wait, Jack? Sharon kisses somebody else and bam! You cut off your feelings for her? I mean, you're not gonna feel something for her, but you're gonna keep her around to save your career?

Jack: It'd sure be easier that way.

Phyllis: Well, too bad it doesn't work that way. Do you love Sharon?

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, but that's not the question.

Phyllis: Well, what is the question?

Jack: Can I forgive her?

Phyllis: Can you? Listen, you know, we have every right to be self-righteous about this. They kissed each other, they did something wrong. Okay. But I don't wanna start pushing them into each other's arms.

Jack: Thank God one of us is thinking straight. Yeah, you're right.

Phyllis: I-I can't--I can't be in here for six years without my husband. I can't do it. Solidarity, okay? Solidarity.

Karen: Come on.

Neil: You gonna do some real sparring with me?

Karen: You wanna do some real sparring?

Neil: Yeah, none of that fake stuff with the bag, okay?

Karen: Just--no?

Neil: How about some real, like, kicks--like that! Whoa!

Karen: Hi!

Neil: Ooh! Ah!

Karen: Wait a minute! (Giggles)

Neil: Wow. Nice legs.

J.T.: Now can you guys have flowers in the room or do I need to call a florist? Perfect. Perfect. And candles? Scented ones? Yeah, that--that would be great. And anything else you can think of would be much appreciated. She doesn't know it yet, but I'm planning to propose.

Nick: Hey, you know, maybe there's some, like, weird sibling rule that we both can't be happy in a relationship at the same time.

Victoria: Mm. You'll be happy in six years when Phyllis gets out.

Nick: That's comforting. Seriously, do you ever stop eating?

Victoria: Shh. What's that?

Nick: I don't know, what is it?

Victoria: The baby. Listen... (High-pitched voice) feed me! Feed me!

Nick: Hm. Interesting.

Victoria: (Giggles)

Nick: He's got a weird voice. Can't wait to see you, little dude. It's your uncle Nick! You know, I'm really happy for you.

Victoria: (Normal voice) really?

Nick: Yeah.

Victoria: In the midst of all your angst?

Nick: I know how bad you want this baby.

Victoria: Yeah, more than anything. If I talk about it any more, I'm gonna get all sappy on you, so let's just change the subject, all right?

Nick: Okay.

Victoria: So you never did tell me how Jack found out about you and Sharon kissing.

Nick: Sharon told Brad and then Jack heard 'em talking over the intercom.

Victoria: That's very weird. The same thing happened when Brad was talking to me about his oh-so-complicated past. The intercom was on. We thought that Carmen overheard us.

Nick: You'd think he'd be more careful after that.

Victoria: Yeah.

Brad: I had no idea the intercom was on.

Sharon: Well, how would you? You know, it's just my bad luck.

Brad: I feel terrible. And I brought up the topic.

Sharon: It's not your fault. You know, I should've told him about this a long time ago.

Brad: Well, maybe it's a good thing. You know, now it's out in the open. Jack'll get over it, and you'll never have to deal with it again.

Sharon: Well, I don't know if Jack will get over it. That's the problem.

Brad: Oh?

Sharon: I don't know if he can forgive me for this.

Brad: That would be his loss.

Sharon: There's gotta be a way. I love him. And Noah loves him. It's gotta get better, right? I'm not breaking up my family.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Brad: Does your admiration for felons carry into all aspects of your life?

Neil: If your marriage was solid, do you really think you'd have kissed Nick?

Jack: Don't you dare analyze my marriage based on your tawdry little rendezvous.

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