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Y&R Transcript Thursday 9/27/07 -- Canada; Friday 9/28/07 -- U.S.A.


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Sharon: Jack, what is it?

Brad: Earth to Jack.

Jack: Uh, I was just... reading another political blog. I... I think the way the press is vilifying you for standing by my side is starting to get to me.

Sharon: Well, you've gotta stop reading that stuff.

Jack: The problem is, they don't know you like I know you. For them to take shots at your integrity, for them to imply that you're dishonest... I mean, that's just wrong.

Brad: What's wrong is that she was drawn into this mess in the first place.

[Jack remembering]

Brad's voice: Well, I just hope they don't find out about Nick. No one else knows, do they?

Sharon's voice: What, about the kiss? No, no, I-I only told you.

Jack: I have a phone call I have to make.

Noah: You're so dead.

Daniel: Oh... you've got a pretty big mouth for a little man.

Noah: A bigger mouth than you. On your mark, get set. Go!

Nick: I got ten bucks says Daniel pukes.

Noah: Hey, Dad!

Nick: What's up, Dude? Did you take in a lot of air before you started drinking?

Noah: Just like you taught me. I was totally kickin' butt.

Nick: What's up?

Daniel: Mm, yeah, sure you were. Welcome back. Thanks. How was Clear Springs?

Nick: Oh, you know, big daddy, uh, kicked the tires and put out the fires.

Noah: That's not how it goes.

Nick: You're right, it's not. I was just making sure you were paying attention.

Noah: Heh. Nothing gets by me. (Lowers voice) even if I wish it did.

Nick: I'm guessing we're not talking about movie quotes anymore?

Daniel: I'm gonna go with "Jack quotes."

Noah: (Normal voice) he lied and got busted.

Nick: Yeah, I read about it online.

Noah: Dad? There's something you should know. I got into a fight at school... about Jack. I'm out of class for two days.

Nick: I know about that, too. Your principal called me. I appreciate you owning up to it. We're gonna talk about that later. Not in public.

Noah: It wouldn't have happened if Jack had told the truth right away.

Nick: I believe you.

Noah: It stinks that it's everywhere.

Nick: Look, Dude, Jack, uh, owned up to what he did and that was cool. It's hard to do the right thing when you know you can take the easy way out and not get in trouble.

Noah: It said online that lying made him a bad person.

Nick: Well, that's not really true. I mean, you've lied before, right? I'm sure Daniel has. Even your old man's told one or two.

Noah: 200 maybe.

Daniel: Ooh!

Nick: What, are you looking for leverage for the next time you get into trouble? Look... people make mistakes, but being a man is owning up to them when you do make 'em.

Jana: You seem a little bit nervous.

Phyllis: No.

Jana: I can't lie, but I am over the moon about us being bunk mates!

Phyllis: Yeah. Uh, listen, uh, Jana, uh... it's not like I have buried treasure or anything. You're not gonna gain anything by going after me.

Jana: Oh, gosh! Like Carmen, I get it. Your sense of humor is so great! Oh, God! We're gonna be such great cell mates!

Cane: Let me try to install the drivers manually.

Jill: If that doesn't work, we can hit it with my shoe.

Cane: (Laughs)

Kay: Well, have either of you read Randy McDermottís blog this morning? No, I can see that you havenít. He has put Jabot "Minutes away from another financial thaw." Thank you, Jack Abbott, and your--your hidden camera escapades!

Jill: I would like to have read it. But my hard drive keeps crashing ever since you checked it for security breaches.

Kay: Well, you try hitting it with your shoe?

Cane: How did you know she wanted to hit it with shoe?

Kay: She has a history.

Jill: You know what? I'm doing you a favor by jumping in here. Unless you'd rather deal with the fallout on your own?

Kay: My dear, your being here is a help. Your being a martyr is not.

Jill: I'm not being a martyr. Just knowing that our every move was taped has me a little spooked, that's all.

Kay: Well, then breathe easy. Every camera has been removed. Every room has been swept clean of surveillance devices, Jill.

Jill: Well, could you sweep the rest of the city, please? Because everywhere I go, I'm afraid I'm being watched or listened to.

Cane: Mom, Mom, you have to relax.

Jill: And I will relax, Dear, when they figure out who bugged our offices. Now do we know anything more?

Cane: Well, we're still analyzing the hard drives, but there's no guarantee we'll ever know.

Kay: Yeah, well, uh, we do know that Jack's fraud just may send Jabot into another tailspin.

Jill: Great. Meaning all the endless hours Ji Min and I spent putting Jabot back on top were for nothing! And Jack's stupidity may have ruined his father's company oh, I loathe that man!

(Knock on door)

Maggie: I'm sorry to interrupt. Uh, the coroner's autopsy report on Ji Min has been completed... and it raised some questions.

Kay: Really? What kind of questions?

Maggie: Although it's possible that his death was the result of an accidental fall, it now seems more likely that we're dealing with a crime.

Jill: I knew it! I knew it!

Maggie: The coroner found contusions on various parts of Ji Min's body, including abrasions on the knuckles of his right hand. These injuries are consistent with a physical altercation.

Cane: You think he was in a fight?

Maggie: The coroner's conclusion is that Ji Min died due to a blow to his throat, which crushed his larynx and the upper portion of his trachea, causing acute asphyxiation. Now while it's possible that this could've happened in a fight, it's also possible that he accidentally fell.

Kay: Oh, Lord, what a horrible way to die.

Jill: No, what's horrible is investigated as murder.

Kay: Do we know who he was in a fight with?

Maggie: Although a physical altercation is a possibility, that's not the only scenario. We're gonna be, as part of our investigation, re-interviewing everybody that Ji Min spoke to the day that he died. Someone was targeting him. We'll find out.

Jill: Oh, please! We all know who wanted Ji Min dead.

Jack: Dad? Dad, if ever I needed you... it's now. I put all my faith in one person and I think she's betrayed me. Got any sage advice? I'm all ears.

Sharon: That was way too close.

Brad: I'm sure he didn't hear anything.

Sharon: How do you know? What if he did? But he probably would've said something, right?

Brad: I would've.

Sharon: Yeah, but you're not Jack.

Brad: Which allows me to sleep well at night.

Sharon: That's not helping. What was I doing even talking about this kiss in the middle of the office?

Brad: I'll assume that's a rhetorical question.

Sharon: Jack knows that Nick was still in love with me after the crash. If he finds out about this kiss... this is going to be bad. And with everything that Jack has going on right now, this is the last thing that he needs.

Brad: I won't tell if you don't tell.

Sharon: Well, thanks. Your support means a lot to me.

Brad: You'll always have my shoulder to cry on, Sharon.

Sharon: I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have you in my life.

Brad: Oh. You'd find somebody else's shoulder to cry on.

Sharon: No, I mean it. I mean it. I know that you love me.

Brad: Of course I will. You'll never have to worry about me abandoning you.

Sharon: Thanks.

Kevin: How are ya?

Jana: I'm all right, considering. It's not easy for a killer to make new friends.

Kevin: Even in prison? I wouldn't have thunk it.

Jana: Seeing you makes everything better, though.

Kevin: Well, it's nice to know I have that effect on somebody.

Jana: Oh, good news-- Phyllis is my cell mate. It's nice to see a familiar face, although... I can tell she's not too thrilled about it.

Kevin: Well, she has nothing to be thrilled about. She's stuck in her for six years. But for you, this-- this is a temporary pit stop. Because as soon as the jury hears about your tumor, you're gonna be home free.

Jana: And then I can spend the rest of my life making amends for my actions. People can be redeemed, can't they?

Kevin: Yeah, of course they can. I'm living proof.

Jana: You know, I'm writing a letter to Carmenís family. I want them to know how truly sorry I am.

Kevin: That's a really nice gesture. It's gonna look great in court, too.

Jana: I'm not doing it to improve my case. When I think about what I did, it's horrifying. I mean... it all seemed so normal then, but now, it... it was you who got me through everything.

Kevin: That's funny. I always say the same exact thing about you.

Jana: That's because it's true, Kev. Our love is strong enough to survive anything we get thrown at us.

Phyllis: Sir, Jana Hawkes is unstable. I don't feel safe around her. Can I please have another cell mate?

McQueen: I'm through taking your requests, Ms. Newman.

Phyllis: Are you aware of what she did?

McQueen: If Ms. Hawkes was mentally unbalanced, she would not have been cleared to stand trial. Forgive me if I go with the opinions of licensed psychiatrists instead of your amateur assessment.

Phyllis: Just move me away from her. Anywhere.

McQueen: Ms. Newman--

Phyllis: Listen, I know it sounds like I'm asking for special treatment, but I'm not. She scares me.

McQueen: I am aware that Victor Newman has been placing calls to people high up in our state's government.

Phyllis I-I didnít know about that.

McQueen: Yeah, lucky for me I'm already vested in my pension plan. And I'm far too cranky to be influenced by billionaires.

Phyllis: Well, can I please call my husband and make him aware of what's going on?

McQueen: Your calling card is empty. As soon as you do enough work to gain more minutes, you can call anyone you'd like. Now if you'll excuse me.

Maggie: Mr. Ashby, can you tell me what kind of relationship you had with Ji Min?

Jill: You're not seriously gonna question my son again?

Maggie: Maybe we should do this in private?

Kay: Maybe you shouldn't talk at all without a lawyer, Cane.

Cane: Grandma, I'd rather save $300 an hour and answer the lady's questions. I didn't have a relationship with Ji Min, 'cause the man was trying to tear my family apart.

Jill: This might not be the best time.

Cane: To what, tell her the truth? I'm pretty certain she knows by talking to people that I had a run-in with him the day he died.

Maggie: Did you say to him-- well, did you grab him by his arm and say to him, "This ain't over. I'll be seeing you"?

Cane: Yes, something like that, yeah.

Maggie: And what did you mean by that?

Cane: Exactly what I said.

Kay: Um, Detective, uh, that's enough. I think you're done now.

Cane: No, it's okay. It's okay.

Maggie: With all due respect, Mrs. Chancellor, I think that's up to Mr. Ashby.

Cane: I meant I would've knocked him out if I had the opportunity. Unfortunately, I didn't. He walked out of the G.C.A.C., up the stairs, and that is the last time I saw him.

Sharon: Hey. You wanna get together for lunch?

Jack: I'm kinda swamped today.

Sharon: Oh. That's too bad.

Jack: When I saw you earlier, uh, you seemed... kind of upset with Brad. I mean, everything all right?

Sharon: Everything's fine. I mean, except everything's not, um, fine, of course. Look, um... you've been going through a lot, and--and Brad was just letting me vent. But he knows how proud I am of you for standing up for everything and how you managed to put Noah first through it all.

Jack: You do know, busy or not, I'm... I always have time to sit and listen to you vent or talk to me about anything.

Sharon: I know. That's why I love you.

Jack: I gotta get back to work, okay?

Sharon: Okay. I'll talk to you later then.

Jack: Yeah, get me a number for Jackson penitentiary, please.

Jana: Seeing Kevin today was like sweet torture. I've tried to cut him out of my life, but I just can't. He keeps coming back. And having him so close, not being able to touch him the way that I'd like...

Phyllis: Yeah, um... hey, you know, you haven't gone to trial yet. How did you end up here?

Jana: Well, all the pre-trial detention facilities were full, so it was either one far away or this one. And, um, I chose here 'cause I wanted to be closer to Kevin.

Phyllis: Oh, that's sweet. That's sweet. Hey, you'd have a much easier time over there.

Jana: Oh, well, no, I mean, it's not that bad. And they've made special concessions for me since I haven't been convicted yet. So I don't need to take a prison job like the rest of the inmates.

Phyllis: Really? So I'll be doing your laundry?

Jana: Well, I could do things for you, too, you know? You could use my calling card to phone Nick!

Phyllis: No, I can't. I already got in trouble for using somebody else's card.

Jana: Yeah, but I can phone anybody I like.

Daniel: Hey, uh, let me know if you see him coming, I'm gonna put some salt in his smoothie.

Nick: What are you, 10?

Daniel: Maybe! Besides, he did it to me last week.

Nick: Nerd. So, uh... you've been spending a lot of time with him lately. How does he really seem?

Daniel: Well... he's taking it all pretty hard. You know, Jack was the one person in his life... who didn't mind if you put salt in his smoothie.

Nick: Wow, that save totally sucked. I mean, that was embarrassing. What were you gonna say? Come on, spit it out. I can take it.

Daniel: Jack's the one person who hasn't let him down in one way or another.

(Cell phone ringing)

Nick: It's the prison. Phyllis?

Jana: Um, no, it's Jana.

Nick: Jana?

Daniel: Jana, Jana?

Jana: Jana Hawkes. I'm your wife's new roommate.

Nick: You're her what?

Jana: Um... Phyllis, uh, ran out of minutes on her card, so I'm actually phoning for her. She's right here with me right now.

Nick: Uh, can you put her on?

Phyllis: Tell-- tell him I miss him.

Jana: Well, I can't put her on, but she says that she misses you.

Nick: Uh, yeah, yeah, uh, I miss her, too. Does she need me to put money on her phone card?

Phyllis: Ask how Summer is? Okay, heís coming, I gotta go. Tell him I love him, kiss the kids.

Jana: Okay, well, she had to walk away, but she says she loves you and she wants you to give a kiss to the kids.

Nick: Okay.

Jana: No love back?

Nick: Uh, yeah, yeah, I love her. Tell her I love her very much.

Jana: That's sweet. Bye now.

Daniel: What was that all about?

Nick: Jana Hawkes is your mom's new cell mate.

Jack: I understand that she can't talk right now. All I'm asking is, can you give her the message that I called and ask that she call me back, please? Well, thanks a lot for nothing. You've been no help at all.

Sharon: Bad time?

Jack: Theme of the day.

Sharon: Well, I decided that I'm going to order out and avoid all the stares, so I can order you something--

Jack: No. Thanks.

Sharon: Okay. What's wrong?

Jack: When I gave my last press conference, I put all my secrets, all my lies behind me. At your urging.

Sharon: Things have been really rough. Are you regretting you did that?

Jack: No. I'm just not sure I wanna go down that path again... with you. I overheard your conversation earlier with Brad. The intercom was somehow on. I know about Nick. I know about the kiss.

Sharon: I don't know what to say. I, uh... I feel horrible.

Jack: That's a pretty good start. So how did this happen?

Sharon: It was...

Jack: When did this happen?

Sharon: When we were on that location scout.

Jack: And... who kissed whom?

Sharon: It wasn't like that.

Jack: It's a simple question, Sharon. Did Nick come on to you or was this your idea?

Sharon: We were, uh... we were locked in a bank vault. And it just happened and it wasn't planned.

Jack: Wow, that's a comfort. So you just spontaneously kissed another man.

Sharon: Jack... I want you to understand--

Jack: I don't understand! I don't understand any of this! How many times recently have you told me the importance of telling the truth? And there's another thing I don't understand-- when this happened, when this kiss suddenly happened, why did you run to Brad? Of all people?!

[Sharon remembering]

Sharon: When I look in your eyes, I can see how much you adore me, and I see that you would do anything for me.

Brad: I would.

Sharon: You'd probably even break Nick's neck if I asked you, believe me, I'm tempted.

Brad: Well, so am I sometimes. And I'm not even married to the man.

Sharon: Thank you for being there. Thank you so much for being my friend.

Jack: So what else did you and Nick do besides kiss?

Sharon: Nothing else happened.

Jack: And I'm supposed to just believe that? How do I know the two of you haven't been sleeping together ever since he came home and forgot he was married to Phyllis?

Sharon: How could you think I would do something like that to you?

Jack: I never thought you'd sleep with another man and lie about it, that's how.

Sharon: Jack... please...

Jack: Just because you told Brad about this one doesn't mean other kisses.

Sharon: You know what? You were going through a horrible time in your public life. And I didn't think that you needed the extra stress. And the kiss meant nothing!

Jack: I didn't care about my senate seat. I always put you and Noah first. You know that!

Sharon: I only wanted to help you through a horrible time. It was one kiss, Jack. I swear, it was one kiss.

Jack: Just like you slept with Brad only once. What is it with you? One time and it doesn't count?

Nick: Jana Hawkes is Phyllis' new cell mate. Call me as soon as you get this. I'm gonna try Michaelís assistant. Maybe she can track him down.

Daniel: Hey, uh...

Kevin: Hey.

Daniel: We need to talk about Jana.

Kevin: What about her?

Daniel: Well, as of right now, how crazy is she?

Kevin: Easy.

Daniel: Easy, what? She's shacked up with my mom.

Kevin: So what?

Daniel: So I'd like to be reassured that my mom doesn't get her skull bashed in.

Kevin: Jana's cool, all right? It was the tumor that was the problem. But now you got me all worried.

Daniel: But you just said she was cool.

Kevin: Oh, Jana's fine. It's Phyllis who's no saint, and she never shuts up. You know, I'm worried that Jana's ears are gonna start bleeding profusely.

Daniel: Whoa, wait, this is a legitimate concern.

Kevin: So what the hell do you want me to do about it? It's not like I had anything to do with the room assignments.

Daniel: No, but you made sure that she got that operation and she got out of the psych ward and now she's in a room with my mom!

Kevin: Listen to yourself. At these degrees of insanity.

Daniel: What's insanity is my mom is living with a killer.

Noah: What are you talking about?

Daniel: Uh, nothing. Don't worry about it.

Nick: What's going on?

Noah: They said that Phyllis is living with a killer. We have to go help her.

Nick: Uh... no, no, Phyllis is fine. I'm sure you just misunderstood them.

Daniel: Yeah. Uh, I didn't get to finish what I was saying is that she's got a killer new roommate. Killer, as in, good, you know, awesome.

Noah: I'm not stupid.

Kevin: No, seriously, Noah, Phyllis' new roommate is, like, the best.

Noah: Then why were you guys fighting?

Daniel: We weren't fighting, we were just messing around.

Noah: You were yelling.

Kevin: Yeah, you know, about, uh... how lucky Phyllis is that she's got such a cool new roommate.

Noah: I wanna go see her to make sure she's okay.

Nick: Uh, yeah, I know, Buddy, but you can't today. You got computer lab.

Noah: Come on, I can bail. Just this once?

Nick: No, you missed last week. And I really don't want you to miss any more. But I'll tell you I'll go up there and make sure things are okay. All right?

Daniel: And I'll go with him, too.

Noah: Promise me you'll tell me everything?

Nick: Son, I will tell you everything you need to know.

Jill: So... now that my son's been grilled, Detective, who's next?

Cane: Mom, Mom, I'm fine. I'm fine.

Maggie: There's a method here, Ms. Abbott. Eliminating suspects-- that's part of our process.

(Cell phone ringing)

Kay: Well...

Cane: Excuse me, Ladies, I have to take this call. I'll be back in a jiffy, okay? Hang on a second. Hello?

Kay: Well, does that, uh, eliminate my grandson from your suspect list?

Maggie: How about I ask the questions?

Jill: Great, if you'd just start asking questions about the right person.

Maggie: Meaning who?

Jill: Meaning Jack Abbott. He had a lot to lose by Ji Min giving that interview.

Maggie: Well, the same things that he's losing now that the recordings have gone public? He seems to be handling everything quite well.

Kay: He's a politician.

Jill: I would not put anything past Jack.

Jack: Brad, I'm not gonna tell you again. My wife doesn't need a confidant.

Brad: Sharon and I have been friends for a long time, Jack. Your marriage doesn't change that.

Jack: You've already ruined your marriage. I'll be damned if you're gonna ruin mine.

Brad: Oh, you'll do that all by yourself.

Jack: Listen, you son of a--

Brad: If Sharon comes to me for advice, it doesn't concern you.

Jack: The last thing my wife needs is your advice.

Brad: Everyone needs a friend to talk to.

Jack: Not friends like you. Okay?

Brad: You try to isolate me from Sharon, she'll only end up resenting you.

Jack: Stay away from my wife.

Having a bladder control

Maggie: Did you happen to come across any other security footage that would show Senator Abbott and Mr. Kim talking? Anything that would show hostility?

Kay: If we had, you would already have had it.

Jill: And don't let Jack's public demeanor fool you. I have seen his temper.

Maggie: What about threats? Did you see or hear Senator Abbott, or anyone else, threaten Mr. Kim?

Cane: No, not that I can remember.

Jill: No.

Kay: Jack is your best suspect, Detective. He is manipulative. He is deceitful.

Maggie: I've said the same things about my mother, and yet, she's never killed anyone.

Cane: Yeah, but the strongest guy can snap.

Maggie: Actually, the strongest men rein it back in. Whoever fought with Mr. Kim didn't stop. Or couldnít.

Jill: Oh, my God, the thought of... of him suffering that way, in that kind of pain?

Cane: Mum, don't do this to yourself,

Kay: It's really not worth it, Jill.

Jill: I wanna ask you, what did the coroner say? Was there anything that could've been done to save him?

Kay: Jill, please, stop it!

Cane: Mom! Don't hurt yourself like this.

Jill: I want to know this. Detective, please. Did he die right away?

Maggie: He estimates death took between four to six minutes.

Jill: And he just lay there on the floor that whole time? He must've been so scared. You find out who killed him.

Phyllis: It's--it's good to see friendly faces.

Nick: These are concerned faces.

Phyllis: Oh, no, I'm fine. You don't need to be concerned. I-I just need a reality check.

Daniel: Jana weirding you out?

Phyllis: Um... uh-huh. Sure. I-I don't know how much longer I can take her being in the same cell as I am. You know, it's sort of freaking me out. Can you talk to the warden? I already talked to him, but clearly he has a problem with me.

Nick: Well, it's not like he and I are gonna be catching any Brewers games anytime soon.

Phyllis: Can you? I mean, your charm worked on him once.

Nick: I'm not saying I'm not gonna try, it's just I don't know what I'm gonna be able to tell him that he hasn't already read in her file. Has she threatened you or anything?

Phyllis: Um, no. No. I mean, she's just... eager. And it's creeping me out. It's really unnerving. You know what I mean? I mean, she's-- she's like a Stepford wife.

Daniel: You know, those doctors--the surgeons-- they messed around with her brain. Are you sure she's not being real?

Phyllis: I'm sure she appears to be sweet, caring and helpful. Everything she seemed to be when she killed Carmen.

Brad: Hey.

Sharon: Hi.

Brad: I just got, uh, read the riot act by your husband. It looks like he had a go at you, too, huh?

Sharon: Everything is a mess because of me.

Brad: Mind if I get in?

Sharon: I'll get out. I need some air anyway.

Brad: Listen, I'm really... sorry that Jack overheard our conversation.

Sharon: I love him. And he's so good with Noah. And I just never meant to hurt him.

Brad: Well, Jack has to understand that, uh, nobody's perfect. People make mistakes.

Sharon: It's just that, uh... he's been through this before. And it kills me to know that I've hurt him like this. How could I do this?

Cane: Can I get you something? Some tea? A fermented potato?

Jill: Only if you put the potato in the tea.

Cane: That would make it the long island variety, which I can get you if you really want that.

Jill: Nah, wouldn't help.

Cane: Mom... I hate seeing you do this to yourself.

Jill: Cane... I love that you wanna protect me, okay? But I need to know the truth.

Cane: What truth?

Jill: Did you go to Ji Min's room and get into a real fight with him?

Cane: Are you serious? Are you really asking me this?

Jill: Yes, I am.

Cane: I told you I wanted to hit the guy. That's--that's it.

Jill: I wanted him to give that interview. I asked him to do it.

Cane: I know. And that's why we just had words. Look, Mom, I was in the G.C.A.C. I grabbed him by the arm. It was in public. And that is the truth.

Phyllis: Make sure that you tell Noah that I'm doing okay.

Daniel: Will I be lying?

Phyllis: I'm gonna kick your butt.

Daniel: Bye.

Phyllis: Bye.

Nick: Jana is dangerous. Do you not have a special section reserved for violent offenders?

McQueen: Unlike your wife, Ms. Hawkes has not been convicted of a crime. She's a temporary resident here, and, so sheís not a prisoner. Mrs. Newman could learn a thing or two from her.

Nick: Or she could get hurt by her. Look, convicted or not, this woman is dangerous.

McQueen: This isn't a 5-star resort, Mr. Newman, it's a pay your debt to society prison. Everyone in here poses a danger. Who's to say your wife's next cell mate wouldn't be an even worse threat than Ms. Hawkes?

Nick: You could, Sir. Look, I'm telling you, if you move Jana, then my wife will be a model prisoner for you. She'll be better than a model prisoner. Hell, she'll be your poster child. And then you won't have to deal with us again.

McQueen: Oh, so if I don't change your wife's cell mate, your tag team appeals will continue?

Nick: That's not what I'm saying.

McQueen: Here's what I'm saying-- any more pressure from the outside world trying to make things easier for a convicted felon inside the walls of my prison is only gonna make that felon's time unbearably harder than it needs to be. Are we clear?

Nick: Very clear.

Jana: Ahem. How was your visit?

Phyllis: It was-- it was good. Thank you for asking. Dare I ask? Um, what happened to you?

Jana: Oh, um... the book I ordered has just arrived.

Phyllis: Oh. And--and that's a bad thing?

Jana: No. It's just that I'm--I'm in it.

Phyllis: May I?

Jana: Yeah.

Phyllis: Uh, "The Mindset of a Killer." That's--thatís... well... that's some light, you know, afternoon reading.

Jana: You know, I used to read these all the time. I was fascinated by them. I used to look at everybody's photos and try to get into their heads. But now, all I see are the victims. I read about what I did to Carmen, and it was so horrible. God, I wish I could go back in time and erase everything that I did. (Sighs) you know... when I close my eyes, I can still hear the crunch that her skull made when I... when I hit her with that flashlight. God, it was just dreadful. I still get the chills when I think about it.

Jana: You know, my hand was bruised after the impact it took two weeks to heal. Sometimes, I wish... that I were the one who was dead and Carmen was the killer.

Sharon: Well, I should go.

Brad: You sure you're gonna be all right?

Sharon: I can't stay here and talk to you forever.

Brad: Well, if you need anything, someone to talk to...

Sharon: I... I need to talk to my husband.

Brad: Well, I'm here for you 24/7.

Sharon: Oh, God!

Brad: What?

Sharon: Nick! I have to call him before Jack does.

(Cell phone ringing)

Nick: Nick Newman.

Sharon: Hi, it's me.

Nick: Hey, me. What's up? Is, uh, everything okay with Noah?

Sharon: It's Jack. He knows about the kiss.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Nick: Remember the location scout I went on with Sharon?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Nick: I kissed her.

Neil: When Brad Carlton is upbeat, that's your cue to grab a helmet and worry.

Jack: Actions speak volumes. I'm hearing you loud and clear.

Sharon: No.

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