Y&R Transcript Tuesday 9/25/07

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 9/25/07 -- Canada; Wednesday 9/26/07 -- U.S.A.


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Jill: So you think I'm responsible for the product contamination?

Kay: Don't be silly.

Jill: And yet, you went out and had a secret surveillance system installed without letting me know?

Kay: Oh, Jill, stop with the drama. It's only a surveillance system. You found out when you needed to find out.

Jill: That is not the point! You're supposed to trust me, Mother!

Kay: I do. Now what if this information had leaked out to, uh, your fiancé?

Jill: No. You leave him out of that. This is one in a long list of secrets you've kept from me.

Kay: Can we survey the list of my failings as a mother at a later date? We need to know who did this. We also need to know what other information they got from us.

Jill: Yeah, what private conversations we can expect to see on the internet.

Kay: Ah!

Jill: What copyrighted work was stolen?

Kay: And what are we going to do about it?

Jill: Step one-- we examine the hard drive of every in-house computer.

Kay: Oh, well, now we're, uh, we're in total agreement.

Jill: You've already started this without consulting me, haven't you?

Kay: I only started it an hour ago knowing you would do the very same thing when you got here! For God's sake, are we going to argue about this?

Jill: Have you shut down the in-house network?

Kay: Yes.

Jill: Well, good! With everything shut down for the next few days, I'll enjoy not having my mother spy on me.

Kay: I shut down the in-house network. I did not shut down the security system.

[Jack rehearsing a speech]

Jack: You can look at my latest press release or watch my latest news conference and see that I have admitted to owning that corporation at one point in time. The larger issue right now is invasion of privacy. Not just mine, but that of hundreds of Americans, hard-working citizens. And it's also intellectual property and copyrighted materials that may have been stolen. In my mind, that's what the press should be focusing on right now. You're welcome. Hard to sound self-righteous when the crime against you--

Sharon: When the crime against you revealed your crime. Just keep remembering how proud I am that you stood up and took responsibility for everything you did. And... if your sister weren't here right now, I might even say that that was sexy. But I'm just gonna say that... it's a really big deal.

Jack: I do keep remembering. What you've done, what you've said, the way you've supported me-- I got a few prepositions of my own. If I get through this, it will be for you, and because of you.

Kevin: Hey, Jana, it's me, just, uh, at work, thinking about you. Um, give me a call whenever the evil prison guards let you, okay?

Gloria: I need to talk to you now.

Kevin: Seriously, I, uh... I wanted to say good night before you go to bed. I love you. You look tense. What's up?

Gloria: They are confiscating all the company computers.

Kevin: Yeah, that's standard procedure when somebody breaches security.

Gloria: Did you erase everything on yours they shouldn't see?

Kevin: Assuming it were that easy, which it's not, there is nothing incriminating on my office computer. I do all of my "Personal" work from my laptop.

Gloria: Which you happened to leave in the car. You're welcome.

Kevin: Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?! Why?!

Gloria: What?

Kevin: I didn't forget it in the car, Mom! I was taking it to get it fixed because Michael spilled water all over it. I left it there because I knew they were taking computers and remember what I just said about where I do my personal work?

Gloria: Oh, God!

Kevin: Michael wrecked it before I could finish scrubbing the drive. Um, we have to hide this. If they try to look at what's on here... um...

Kevin: All right, here's what we're gonna do.

Gloria: What, Kevin? What? Oh...

Kevin: Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah, there we go. That looks good. Okay, jacket. All right. How do I look?

Gloria: (Laughs) like you have a laptop in your pants.

Kevin: (Whistling)

Kevin: I'm just gonna wait until the traffic gets a little heavier.

Jack: Paul? It's Jack Abbott. Give me a call as soon as you can, tonight if possible.

Sharon: You think he can help you?

Jack: (Sighs) I think Paul can do things for me that the police can't.

Sharon: If Kay finds any theft of copyrighted material or company secrets, she will get the police involved.

Jack: What if she doesn't, though? I mean, what if the hacked into her computer just to get at me? Legal authorities aren't gonna give a damn.

Sharon: Not enough of a damn to make it a priority. And I have gotta try to keep myself from getting too creeped out or paranoid. This whole hidden camera thing has just got me really self-conscious, you know? And I'm not even a lawbreaker.

(Rustling sound)

Sharon: What was that?!

Jack: Sweetheart, I think that was just the wind.

Sharon: My gosh, my imagination is just off the charts. Who do you think did this to you?

Jack: Well, that is the question that's eliminated my need for caffeine in the last hour.

Sharon: Yeah, and it's made me fear and hate someone I don't even know.

Jack: Well, unfortunately, this may be someone we know. Kay claims it's not her, I tend to believe her.

Sharon: Yeah, me, too. She'd have known a long time ago that you owned Jabot.

Jack: Yeah, Jill-- the same thing. My relationship with Ji Min is what almost killed their affair. If she had that tape, we'd know about it before now.

Sharon: You think Victor released the first one.

Jack: I know he did. But why would he feel the need to release a second tape? It doesn't track that he'd wanna hack into Katherine's company. Even he has limits. What am I saying? He doesn't have any limits. But I just think he has far too much respect for her to do that.

Sharon: Well, it gets weirder as we eliminate people.

Jack: Why... why wouldn't they... looking into my corporate headquarters?

Sharon: You know, I thought the same thing. It just seems easier that someone like Nikki or Brad would bug offices in the same building.

Jack: And why was Gloria at that press conference?

Sharon: I don't know. Maybe she was there to gloat.

Jack: No, she works for Jabot. So does Kevin, and he's a computer whiz. God, I wish to hell I had gotten Ji Min to fire those two while I still could.

Jill: Jack deserves what he has coming to him, in spite of his last minute confessionals to the press. But Ji Min-- unlike Jack, was coming clean on his own. I mean, he was trying to redeem himself when he died. He was a good man, Katherine. He was a better man than Jack.

Kay: I know how much you loved him, but he colluded with Jack. Now the police found $750,000 taken from our property connecting your fiancé's hotel room.

Jill: By a filament and an air duct. It's pretty flimsy evidence.

Kay: I'm not gonna argue about this! I had them pull a tape of Ji Min's conversation with Jack.

Jill: I'd like to hear his voice again.

Kay: Well, there's no sound on my system. And there's no sound on--on the hard drive.

Jill: Wait, wait, wait, the hacker recorded sound and we didn't? Who would go to that trouble?

Kay: Well, perhaps Ji Min wanted insurance to-- well, just in case Jack was gonna hang it on him.

Jill: Who else has it in for Jack?

Kay: Who doesn't?

Jill: All right, well, who hates him more than anybody else does?

Gloria: Katherine, Jill, you have my sympathy and my support. I mean, I know how violated I feel by this hacking into the security cameras. It must be ten times worse for you two. I'm just so sorry.

Jill: You don't think...

Kay: I wouldn't put it past her.

J.T.: So, you know, um, I'm going to Clear Springs pretty soon and I may not be back for a while. So I...

Victoria: Yeah, thanks-- thanks for reminding me.

J.T.: Yeah, well... I thought this might help.

Victoria: Oh! Oh, it's... it's, um...

J.T.: It's a mix tape. I, uh, I wrote a song for the baby. So I thought, you know, if you're lonely or whatever, you could put it next to your stomach and... It’s--it's really not that big a deal. It's just...

Victoria: I love it.

(Knock on door)

Sharon: Oh, my gosh! I-I'm spooked. I'm sorry!

Jack: Hey, I've doubled the security on the property. Anybody who's at the front door belongs there. Hey!

Daniel: Hi. It's not too late?

Jack: No.

Sharon: No, it's never too late to see a friendly face.

Daniel: Hi, Sharon. Um, I finished my research and I found out enough scary factoids to know that somebody has a record of me scratching my armpit or blowing my nose caught on tape. 'Cause even if all you do is go out and buy groceries, you know, they've got you. And if you're in a major city, uh, you can be under surveillance up to 100 times a day. You just caught me on camera coming up to the house, right?

Jack: Yeah, more than once. It's a sign of the times.

Sharon: I'm starting to hate the world my son will inherit.

Daniel: Well, here are those other files and the late deliveries.

Jack: Perfect.

Daniel: Is there anything else?

Jack: No, that's it. Uh, yeah, actually, there is. You can do me one personal favor? Uh, your opinion-- do you think your roommate is capable of hacking into a sophisticated security system?

Daniel: Kevin's pretty good.

Sharon: Well... Jack and his mother have had a few disagreements.

Jack: It's perhaps easier to say she hates my guts.

Daniel: Well, you don't think that he would hack into the system as a favor for his mom?

Sharon: We don't know.

Jack: Norman Bates sure helped his mom at Bates' motel in "Psycho."

Sharon: Okay, okay, this is serious.

Daniel: You know, Kevin has always had a solution to any computer problem that I've brought him. More than anyone, I'd brought him for that mattered. He is a resident expert over at Jabot. But I haven't heard or seen anything that would, you know, lead me to believe that he did that.

Jack: Okay, if you have any reason to think otherwise, you let us know?

Sharon: This is important.

Daniel: Y-yeah. Sure.

Kevin: Oh, no! They found out it was me. I knew this day would come.

Gloria: I told you to be more careful.

Kevin: Well, you know, ever since I was a little kid, I've been obsessed with two things-- spying and Jabot.

Gloria: Oh, don't listen to him. He's just joking.

Kevin: I would never joke about Jabot. I'm obsessed. So at night I go home and I watch videos of the empty rooms. It's fun.

Kay: Feel free to work elsewhere. You, uh, own a coffee shop, do you not? Maybe you would like to work there full time?

Kevin: Uh, no, Mrs. Chancellor, I-I-I enjoy my work here and I'm very grateful for the opportunity.

Gloria: Katherine, humor is just Kevin's way of dealing with stress.

Kevin: You know, I was thinking that since I know computers in and out, that maybe I could take a crack at the company servers to see what I could find.

Kay: I'll consider it. Good night.

Kevin: Good night.

Gloria: Good night.

Gloria: She can't really suspect you of anything.

Kevin: (Sighs)

Gloria: Did you see the way she looked at me? I mean, why not just accuse me outright?

Kevin: You're overreacting. Mom, just stay cool and nothing is gonna happen.

Gloria: Do you think they're gonna find something?

Kevin: Would you stop saying things out loud as if you don't yet realize that anything, anywhere could be recorded?

Gloria: I'm gonna go ask them if they need my help.

Kevin: Why?

Gloria: To show my concern. To show my innocence.

Kevin: Because that's not an amazingly suspicious thing to do?

Gloria: Because I have been through enough! Because I was willing to let William take me to jail, but not Katherine, not anybody else.

Kevin: Shut up! Shut up! Mom, shut up!

Gloria: All right, I will politely offer my help.

Kevin: Okay, look, look, look, I'm sorry that all of this stuff has you thinking about William, but--but the best thing for you to do right now is to go home and go to sleep, okay?

Gloria: I'll be right back.

Kevin: I'm taking you home, Mm.

Gloria: I just wanna...

Kevin: We're going home.

Jack: Sure you can't spend the night?

Traci: Oh, I would love to, Jack. But I got a message, they moved my meeting up to first thing tomorrow morning and I have to go.

Jack: Whatever happens to me, I will not forget that you came to my press conference.

Traci: Oh... what is family for, Jack?

Jack: Hey... next time you get caught on tape doing something you're not supposed to be doing, I'm gonna be so there for you.

Traci: (Laughs) I hope so. Sharon, could you try a little harder to keep him out of trouble?

Sharon: I'll do my best.

Traci: Good-bye, you two. I love you, Jack.

Jack: Bye, Sis!

Sharon: Well, so far... no other videotapes other than the one that you are one has surfaced.

Jack: And?

Sharon: Well, think about it, thousands of hours of videotape, and the only one that has been released was that one.

Jack: So if I'm the only target... where else are they watching me?

Sharon: Right. Or us. Jack, if this is an enemy in the legislature, that means that every move I make can be used against you. I mean, I'm afraid to leave the house. And what about Noah? I mean, maybe I should pull him out of school.

Jack: No, no, no, no, no, we are not gonna become hermits. We're not gonna let them win. We're not gonna let them paralyze us.

Daniel: Uh, yes, please hold for Senator Abbott. I've got the security firm that specializes in bug sweeps.

Jack: Hi, this is Senator Abbott. Thanks for taking our call this late. No, I-I want you to scan my office in the morning. I'd like you to check on my residence now. No, tonight. Yeah, my assistant will give you directions. Thanks. (Exhales)

Sharon: I wish we could live lives without secrets. That's the only way to beat this world we live in where every single word you say or write or every move you make can be monitored-- and it happens all the time! Why do we accept this? I mean, what has happened to us?

Daniel: They'll be here in a few hours to sweep the house.

Sharon: And all of a sudden the future is now.

Victoria: It actually is a cassette tape.

J.T.: Hey, hey, tapes are classic, all right? They're cool. They're sturdy. And besides, uh, CDs aren't romantic at all.

Victoria: Um, I don't know if I have a tape player.

J.T.: Well, it'll be a fun adventure trying to find one.

Victoria: No, no, I wanna listen to this right now.

J.T.: I left my, uh, tape player at home. Sorry about that.

Victoria: Yeah, so did I, in the '90s. I'm sorry. It's very sweet.

J.T.: Wow.

Victoria: It's sweet. But it's not gonna make up for your warm body in bed next to me.

J.T.: Hm. Well, I thought it might be kinda cool if... the baby gets used to my voice while he's in there. Even if he turns out to be an evil little Brad-ling.

Victoria: Excuse me?

J.T.: I was just joking.

Victoria: No. Don't lie to me.

(Door opens)

Jill: What's, uh... your read on Gloria?

Kay: Well, she acted as surprised as anyone that we even have a surveillance system.

Jill: Yeah, which is exactly what you'd expect from someone hiding in plain sight.

Kay: That and to openly express her outrage like she did earlier.

Kevin: No, Mom!

Gloria: I am so upset by this whole thing and I just want you to know that Kevin is more than happy to help in any way he can.

Kevin: They know I'm happy to help. We have to run. We have an appointment.

Jill: No problem, good night.

Kay: Kevin, I want to pick your brains.

Gloria: Absolutely! Absolutely! I actually have an idea. You know, so many people love Perfume on the Glo--

Jill: We have an appointment, too.

Gloria: I think they wanna steal my ideas, Katherine.

Kevin: Good night!

Jill: Good night!

Gloria: Good night! We'll talk more!

Jill: The one I told you about!

Kay: What appointment?!

Jill: No one can see the surveillance tapes.

Kay: They have to.

Jill: No one. You stop that viewing, or I'll throw the damn tapes out!

Jill: I need to see the surveillance tapes from March 5th, March 15th, April 30th...

Kay: Every one?

Jill: No, no, no, just the ones in this office and in the boardroom.

Kay: And you need these because?

Jill: I just have my reasons.

Kay: Which I will know?

Jill: Trust me, you have no need to know.

Kay: Well, trust me, I do.

Jill: I just remembered that Ji Min and I, um... (Clears throat) made love in here.

Kay: Oh, dear God.

Jill: And in the boardroom.

Kay: Ahem. Uh, all these times?

Jill: Well, that's all I remember so far.

Kay: Dear God in heaven.

Jill: Oh, could we please just put the value judgments on hold?

Kay: Well, perhaps it was just my admiration.

Jill: Oh, Mother, God!

Kay: Maybe I should get all the tapes from the moment he set foot in this building.

Jill: That isn't funny!

Kay: Well, give me a start date, and I will hold everything from that point on.

Jill: Oh, this is not happening.

J.T.: Look, I was joking, okay? And I... it was in bad taste and I'm sorry. I take it back.

Victoria: You can take it back all you want, but I still need to know what you mean when you say, "Evil little Brad-ling."

J.T.: I-I didn't mean anything by it. I was just—

(cell phone ringing)

Paul: Yeah, Paul Williams.

Jack: Paul, Jack Abbott. Listen, I'm gonna get right to the point. Sharon and I are a little frightened by everything that's going on right now, and I'd love to hire you to look into this taping.

Paul: The taping? Oh, you mean, the tape that proves you committed fraud?

Jack: I've already admitted to that. That's old news and beside the point--

Paul: For me, it's not beside the point. Tell Sharon I'm sorry she's going through all this. I know it's scary to be spied on, but, uh, your being thrown by this doesn't change the fact that your actions caused it.

Jack: I don't defend what I did, but surely you have had clients that are guilty of a whole lot worse.

Paul: Now that's beside the point. You see, I choose my clients and you're not one of them. Good luck with the fallout.

Sharon: He turned you down?

Jack: Yeah, and managed to insult me at the same time.

Sharon: Well, there are a lot of other investigators we can hire for this.

Jack: Yeah, I'll just get out the phone book and look under detectives in the column that says, "Not so self-righteous."

Jill: Oh! There he is again. Oh, Ji Min, I love you so much and I always will. But I can't even enjoy looking at your face because of this nightmare. Oh, my God! Recording people in their most private moments to be watched by strangers! It's so wrong!

Kay: Well, they haven't leaked so far. For heaven's sakes, now perhaps they never will, Jill.

Jill: Yeah, and maybe I'll live the rest of my life being afraid that it's gonna show up on some sicko's web site. I just... I feel like throwing up.

Kay: All right, well, let's just pray the hacker didn't see them or saw them and had no interest in them.

Jill: Would you just not talk to me right now? Please, just... just not talk to me.

Gloria: Would you please put that thing down and enjoy your dinner?

Kevin: I am enjoying my dinner. I just need to check my e-mail.

Gloria: E-mail, voice mail-- don't young people worry that real life is passing them by?

Kevin: Mom, e-mail is part of real life.

Gloria: Mm. Karma is part of real life, too.

Kevin: Can you download it?

Gloria: Put that thing away and listen to me! I mean it. Karma is real and we are living proof.

Kevin: So what are you saying, you and I are going to jail?

Gloria: No, I'm saying that you and I are good people and what we're doing is helping to bring down Jack Abbott who is not a good person and his karma is finally catching up with him.

Kevin: I don't believe it.

Gloria: Mm. Believe it. It's happening.

Kevin: Yes, it is. Mom...

Gloria: I mean, all the terrible things that man did to us are finally coming back to bite him in the butt!

[Kevin sees Jeff coming in the door of the restaurant]

Kevin: Uh, speaking of evil deeds catching up... ahem.

Jeff: Hello, Gloria.

Gloria: Jeffrey. What a nice surprise.

Kay: All right, now you've got to take a break. The reporters are here.

Jill: Holy hell, what reporters?

Kay: The ones I told you about.

Jill: You didn't tell me about any!

Kay: Well, if I didn't, it's because you were so involved in your sex tapes.

Jill: Don't go there.

Kay: Well, whatever. Now the reporters are here and I need you with me for this interview.

Jill: Be a lot faster and a lot clearer if you want my cooperation here.

Kay: We are going to tell them the truth.

Jill: Isn't that refreshing?

Kay: And that we installed the security system for the welfare of our employees after the-- don't say contamination, say, um... product recall. Just follow my lead.

Jill: Yeah, yeah, following your lead got me in this mess in the first place! Why do we have to do this now?

Kay: Because I would like us to make tomorrow's news instead of the story spinning against us. Is that okay?

Jill: Yeah.

Kay: Are you ready?

Jill: I'm ready.

Kay: Well.

Woman: Keep the questions brief, 'cause of Mrs. Abbott's and Mrs. Chancellor's schedules.

Woman: Did you know Senator Abbott owned Jabot when you bought it?

Kay: No.

Man: Do you spy on all your employees?

Kay: We do not spy.

Woman: If you don't record everything said in the building, does that mean you specifically recorded Senator Abbott?

Kay: We only record, um, answering machines and, uh, voice mail.

Jill: And whoever hacked into our system added the audio component.

Man: You spy on employees but don't record their words?

Jill: We have internal security cameras for the same reason every corporation does. Every corporation including the news organizations where of you work. One of the reasons we have it is for the safety and security of our employees. That is a top priority with us. It's not just a slogan.

Man: Did you increase security because of your product contamination?

Kay: After the recall, we acted immediately.

Woman: Are you worried it could happen again?

Jill: Our product safety record is the best in the industry.

Man: But another accident could happen?

Kay: We do have safeguards.

Jill: And safeguards on top of safeguards.

Kay: And we always have. So that's why it's very difficult for me to believe that what just happened is an accident.

Woman: Was it industrial sabotage?

Man: Or one of your own employees?

Kay: We are here to discuss the breach of our security system. Someone hacked into it. Now I guess the hacker will never be found without the help of the public, which you newsworthy people don't seem to be at all interested in.

Gloria: And we thought you, uh, left town after the Memorial party.

Jeff: Oh, I did. Um, see, my brother sent me a box of his personal items, but, um, they didn't get delivered till after he died.

Gloria: Personal items?

Jeff: Yeah, and he used an old address of mine, so it took forever before the package landed at my apartment in Bangkok.

Gloria: Bangkok?

Jeff: Mm-hmm.

Gloria: You must've been happy to get them. Did you have them sent here then?

Jeff: No, no, that's why I left town so quickly. I'm sorry. It must've seemed very rude-- my disappearing like that.

Gloria: Well, you are a world traveler.

Kevin: What happened to the package?

Jeff: Oh, yeah, right. Um, well, I didn't wanna take the chance of having it forwarded to another address, so I flew to Bangkok to pick it up in person.

Gloria: I hope it was all there safe and sound.

Jeff: Yep, and well worth the trip.

Kevin: Uh, what my mom meant to say is, she's dying to know what William sent you.

Gloria: Kevin! Yes, Jeffrey, it would mean so much to me.

Gloria: I hope you're not offended that I asked what William sent you.

Jeff: Oh, no, no. It makes sense you'd be curious.

Gloria: Why would he send you his things?

Jeff: Well, I don't think he sent me all his things, just--just a few of them.

Gloria: Well, maybe if you tell me what he sent you... I might understand why he sent them.

Jeff: Well, I know why-- he had a premonition about his death.

Gloria: Premonition? He never said anything like that to me.

Jeff: Well, he couldn't, could he? I mean, not after the stroke.

Gloria: He could write.

Jeff: (Laughs) well, maybe he didn't wanna worry you, but I'm convinced he knew he was dying.

Gloria: You're giving me the chills.

Jeff: I'm sorry. I thought you'd wanna know. I didn't mean to upset you.

Victoria: Every joke is--is like a half-truth. You refer to the baby as an "Evil little Brad-ling." You must have a problem.

J.T.: No. That's--it's not true.

Victoria: What's not?

J.T.: That--that every joke is a half-truth. All right, just... let me get this out, okay? It's not that I'm... it's not that I'm jealous. Okay, I'm not jealous. It's just that every once in awhile, I think about... about you and Brad together and it makes me mad and I can't help it.

Victoria: I'm with you.

J.T.: I know, but that still doesn't keep me from thinking about the images and... and I'm sorry if it comes out as a bad joke, but I-I can't help it.

Victoria: That's okay. You don't have to apologize. Actually, I'm kind of relieved.

J.T.: You are?

Victoria: You're so... you're so confident all the time. You're so certain. Like I'm perfect and like everything's perfect and like you wouldn't have a problem if you found out that it bothers me when I think about you and Colleen together.

J.T.: It does?

Victoria: (Laughs) you are so burned!

J.T.: Oh... no, no, come on, you said every joke's a half-truth.

Victoria: Like you could ever make me jealous!

J.T.: Oh, I take that as a personal challenge.

Victoria: (Giggles) seriously... (Sighs) there are always problems in relationships. There are always doubts. And when you walk around like everything's perfect, it makes wonder if that's really true. But now, when you're like this, when you tell me that something bothers you, that's when I love you. Because I know it's you.

(Cell phone ringing)

Kevin: Oh, I have to take this.

Jeff: Sure.

Kevin: Jana, hey! Hey, how's it going? They... okay, so, detained, but not a prisoner. Okay, I got that. Is it... right. No, well, that's--

Daniel: Dude?

Kevin: Dude?

Daniel: Dude.

Kevin: Okay, listen, uh, I'm gonna have to call you right back, okay? Yeah, no, I really--okay, bye. Dude, I hope I'm not gonna have to hurt you for this.

Daniel: Did you hack into the Jabot network?

Kevin: Hey, Man, how's it going? How's Jana? Maybe we can catch a movie sometime.

Daniel: So... yes?

Kevin: It's not like... it's not like I get my kicks by hacking into computers and seeing how good my skills are. Jeez, you made me hang up on Jana for that? Come on!

[Daniel calls Jack on his cell phone]

Jack: What do you got for me, Buddy?

Daniel: Uh, yeah, I don't think he did it, but, you know, you can never really be too sure with Kevin, so... I'll keep my eye on him.

Jack: Okay, thanks, appreciate the help.

(Knock on door)

Jack: Uh, I gotta run, okay? Yeah.

Maggie: Good evening. I-I hope you don't mind, your security people said you were still awake.

Jack: Yeah, they always cooperate with law enforcement.

Maggie: Great, can I come in?

Sharon: Yeah, come on in.

Maggie: Okay.

Victoria: (Laughs)

J.T.: Well... I should complain for often.

Victoria: Yeah, you should. 'Cause you really cute when your forehead gets all wrinkled up.

J.T.: You're just cute all the time.

Victoria: That was way too easy.

J.T.: I couldn't resist. It was right there.

Victoria: You know, sometimes... I get a little nervous about all of this.

J.T.: Wow, I've never been called "All this" before, but I kinda like it.

Victoria: No. I mean, everything-- you and me and the baby and... it's just all happened so fast. And it's like whirlwind. I haven't really had a chance to let it sink in, you know?

J.T.: Yeah, yeah, I know. I get a little worried, too. But the one thing I'm not worried about is the baby.

Victoria: Why not?

J.T.: 'Cause it's a baby. And I'm one of those guys-- and, believe me, we're out there-- who loves babies, all kinds, all... ugly babies. I love ugly babies.

Victoria: (Giggles)

J.T.: And I'm gonna be good to him. You watch me.

[Victoria kisses J.T.]

J.T.: Well, I like that, too.

Jeff: Thank you.

Gloria: Jeffrey, what was in the box that William sent you that gave you the impression that he thought he was going to die?

Jeff: We, um, we had a game when we were kids. If one of us was in trouble, we'd leave our special signal so the other brother would come help out. We used it with, um, babysitters, when we hit from my parents, sometimes at school. Nobody knew about it. I guess it was a twin thing.

Gloria: And what was the signal?

Jeff: Matches.

Gloria: Matches?

Jeff: Yeah, a book or a box of matches-- probably because we weren't allowed to play with matches. We'd leave it where the other one would be sure to find it.

Gloria: So there were matches in the box?

Jeff: Mm-hmm. And within a matter of days, he was dead.

Gloria: What else did he send you?

Jeff: Pictures of our parents.

Gloria: I'd like to see those sometime.

Jeff: Sure. Oh, a nice photo of you.

Gloria: You aren't gonna make me cry.

Jeff: Uh, let's see, um... William's I.D. as district attorney, some keys. I have no idea what those open. What else? Uh, oh, yeah, the weirdest item. Cream.

Gloria: Cream?

Jeff: Yeah, um--um, lotion, moisturizer, um... a little white jar about this big.

Gloria: Hmm. When I first met William, he said that I had a fragrance on that reminded him of his first wife. They don't make that at Jabot anymore. I'd love to have that cream as a remembrance of William.

Jeff: Well, I'll look for it. Hope I didn't leave it in Bangkok or throw it away.

Gloria: Wouldn't that be a shame?

Jeff: By the way, I didn't wanna tell you this before because I didn't wanna embarrass your son, but, um... I love the perfume you're wearing tonight.

Gloria: Thank you.

Maggie: Oh! Oh! (Laughs)

Jack: Detective, happy as we are to get the perspective of professional law enforcement, given your heavy workload, uh, it seems kinda strange that my buying and selling a company--

Sharon: Jack, wait. Have you read my husband's press release?

Maggie: Well, yes, I have. Um, but I'm not, uh--

Sharon: You know that he did not benefit financially from turning that company around.

Jack: I guess what we're saying here is, there's real crime out there.

Maggie: People that engage in white collar crime always refer to other crimes as "Real crimes." But, um... your business deal, fraud or no fraud, is really not my concern.

Sharon: It's not?

Maggie: It may be some time soon, but for now, all I'm here to do is ask for a simple favor.

Jack: Sure, anything.  

Maggie: (Sighs) it bothers me that with all the coverage given to the security hacker, the was very little mention of the person who caused the fraud to surface. One man decided to tell the truth. One man went to the press with the news that you scammed Kay Chancellor. And one man died before he had a chance to open his mouth. Now according to the coroner, Mr. Kim died of asphyxia from a crushed trachea. But when he died...

Sharon: The night before his interview.

Maggie: Right. Just happened to coincide with his preparing to go public. Maybe it's a coincidence. Maybe it's not. So just... do me this favor-- please contact me if you learn anything that would lead you to believe that the timing of his death was not a coincidence.

Maggie: Thank you.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Michael: Where did Victor get that DVD?

Sharon: I'm doing this because I want to.

Brad: You're doing it because Jack told you to.

Victor: When I met you you had nothing. That's exactly what I'll leave you with.

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