Y&R Transcript Friday 9/21/07

Y&R Transcript Friday 9/21/07 -- Canada; Monday 9/24/07 -- U.S.A.


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Jack: It is our most valuable possession. His entire adult life building Jabot into a formidable company that consumers both respected and admired. When scandal hit that company and brought to question both the safety of Jabot's products and the moral fiber of its executives, my father was horrified. And I promised there and then I would do everything in my power to return my father's dream to its former glory and to save it from bankruptcy. When he died, it meant all the more to me to protect his legacy and make him proud.

Sharon: And this was never about personal gain.

Jack: I did not gain financially from any of this. In fact, the reverse is true. I do regret that I did so much of this in secret. And for that, I truly apologize. I hope you can understand it was the efforts of one man to honor... perhaps the most decent an honorable man he's ever known. Pop, if you're listening, I hope you can forgive me. As I hope the people of the state of Wisconsin can forgive me. Thank you.

Sharon: It needs a little tweaking. I liked it.

Jack: Did--did I sound sincere?

Sharon: Well, I hope you are sincere.

Jack: I am. Thanks to you.

Sharon: You're doing the right thing, Jack. Now we just have to hope the people will understand.

J.T.: You work too hard.

Victoria: Yeah. Tell me something I don't know.

J.T.: I was in the neighborhood and I had a thought.

Victoria: Uh-oh, I'm afraid to ask.

J.T.: Let's play hooky.

Victoria: "A"-- that's for 10 year olds, and "B"--even if I wanted to, I haven't made a dent in this pile.

J.T.: The pile can wait. Come on! We'll spend the day in bed doing crossword puzzles.

Victoria: Crossword puzzles?

J.T.: I'm just making sure you're paying attention.

Victoria: I've got meetings and I've got conference calls and I'm--

(Telephone ringing)

Victoria: Victoria Newman. Uh, no, we haven't made a decision on that yet. Mm-hmm. I understand. Well, I'll see if there's something that I can do about it by the end of next week. Will do. Thanks.

J.T.: Hey, all I'm saying--

(Telephone ringing)

Victoria: Victoria Newman. Uh, yes, we did receive your proposal and we're looking it over and we'll get back to you. Soon. All right, thank you for your patience. Bye-bye. You see what I'm saying?

J.T.: Is your brother working or, uh, Neil?

Victoria: Yes. Why?

J.T.: Well, that's the advantage of having multiple C.E.O.s. They can cover for you.

Victoria: I know I'm irresistible.

J.T.: Uh-huh.

Victoria: But you can wait until tonight.

J.T.: I'm gonna be starting the job in Clear Springs soon. This may be our last chance to be alone together.

Victoria: That's so tempting.

J.T.: Mm-hmm.

Victoria: I'm just swamped.

Karen: Hey, have you got a minute?

Neil: Hi, we have a few questions that only you can answer. It's a case of be careful what you wish for.

Victor: I will not reconsider. Let him go. Thank you.

Nick: You know, I bet you wish you could dismiss your family as easily as you do your employees.

Victor: I'll forget you said that, all right? You're taking this all way too personally, Son.

Nick: You are playing mind games with my wife. How else am I supposed to take it?

Victor: I'm not playing mind games with your wife. I'm trying to help her.

Nick: By getting her into a prisoner release program?

Victor: And what is wrong with that? She would have to remain overnight at a prison-based institution, but during the day she could leave for work.

Nick: And you can do this by using your connections?

Victor: Perhaps.

Nick: But only if she does what you want? Do you know how sick that sounds?

Victor: What do you mean, how sick that sounds? I'm trying to help your wife.

Nick: Why do you even need Phyllis?

Victor: Jack Abbott told her flat out that he owned Jabot. I want her to relay that information to the ethics committee. What's wrong with that?

Nick: Well, then you don't know my wife very well, because she is loyal and trusting.

Victor: Right. She also misses her children, Son.

Nick: Desperately. But that doesn't mean she's gonna roll one of her closest friends under the bus just 'cause you pressured her.

Victor: Did she tell you that I pressured her?

Nick: Are you denying it?

Victor: I'm trying to help your wife! I'm not denying a damn thing. I want her to tell the truth about a man--a senator-- who's blatantly lying to his constituents. That's all.

Nick: Dad, you don't give a damn about the people of Wisconsin. This is about you and him.

Victor: Son, I also think I can help your wife. One does not depend on the other. I never said that.

Nick: Whether you said it or not, it was implied.

Victor: I'm sorry your wife misunderstood.

Nick: Dad, give me a break. She told me exactly what happened.

Victor: This is the same woman who swore she didn't blackmail Brad Carlton. Now... you still think you can trust her?

Karen: Okay, here are the bids for the two helicopter companies.

Neil: With references on the pilots and the aerial photographers they work with.

Karen: Yeah, both companies come very highly recommended.

Victoria: So these photographs will go into our ad brochure for the springs?

Karen: Yes, an overview of the entire project-- the home sites, the lake, the surrounding woods.

Neil: Yeah, personally, I think airfilm is edgier.

J.T.'S voice: It's hot in here.

Karen: Well, I agree, but sky's the limit has been doing quality work for much longer.

J.T.'S voice: Maybe you should take off some of your clothing.

Neil: Yeah, they have, but it's, uh, it's a toss-up, right?

(Cell phone buzzing)

Karen: Yeah, yeah, I think so.

Neil: Yep. Victoria, something important?

Victoria: Uh, no, nothing. No, it can wait, actually.

Neil: Okay, so the two companies-- I think they're so similar that, um...

J.T.'S voice: You're making me wait over helicopter photos? Mayday, I'm about to crash and burn.

(Cell phone buzzing)

Victoria: (Giggles)

Karen: What's so funny?

Victoria: Uh, I'm sorry, nothing. I'm sorry. Um, you know, I, um, I'm gonna look this stuff over tonight and I'd actually like my mother to look at it as well.

Neil: Fair enough.

Karen: All right, whatever you and Nikki decide is fine, but we do have to get moving on this.

Victoria: Oh, absolutely.

Neil: Yeah. Thanks for your time.

Victoria: All right.

Karen: See ya.

Neil: Take care, J.T.

J.T.: All right. (Laughs)

Victoria: Bad boyfriend!

J.T.: Oh, I'm bad? You think I'm bad? Wait till I get you home. I'll show you bad.

Victoria: I can't right now. I can't, there's-- there's just too much going on.

J.T.: All right. Your loss. Your loss.

Victoria: Hey, come on... don't be mad at me.

J.T.: Oh, come on, not a chance. This is me sucking it up.

(Door closes)

Woman: That's him. That's the guy Ms. Newman's dating. Can you believe it?

(Telephone ringing)

Sharon: Hello? Yes, Mrs. Peterson. Is Noah okay? I'll be right there.

Jack: Mrs. Peterson-- Noah's principal?

Sharon: Noah got into a fight. Some boys at school were giving him a hard time.

Jack: About what?

Sharon: You, apparently. Look, you know how kids are. I doubt they even knew what they were talking about. Just probably repeating something they heard their parents say or something they heard on the news.

Jack: Is Noah all right?

Sharon: He's been suspended for two days. Well, I'm gonna go and pick up Noah.

Jack: Let--let me go. Please.

Sharon: You can't, Jack. You have a press conference.

Jack: I can delay it another hour.

Sharon: They're already setting up.

Jack: They can't get this thing started without me.

Sharon: Jack, I can handle this, okay?

Jack: Please let me do this. My problems have become Noah's problems. It's time for me to step up and do something about it.

Victor: Kindly hold all calls. I don't want any interruptions, all right? Thank you.

[Victor plays Gloriaís DVD]

Jack's voice: I'm telling you very soon Jabot and N.V.P. will announce to the world that for the benefit of both endeavors--

Ji min's voice: And the good of the Abbott for Senate campaign--

Jack's voice: The alliance between the two companies will be reestablished and stronger than ever. I own House of Kim! I own Jabot! For all intents and purposes, I own you! Now you get us out of this, or you will be finding yourself in an unemployment line!

Jack: Where did you get that?

Victor: You thought you were playing me, huh? You think you're smart? I'm smarter.

Jack: Victor...

Victor: I've known about this for months. I thought you and I were friends for awhile.

Jack: We are friends.

Victor: You don't know the meaning of that word! You took advantage of me when I was sick and most vulnerable!

Jack: I will admit that my motives were self-serving--

Victor: You betrayed me! You betrayed me. You've known me long enough to know damn well you can't get away with that. Now... from here on out, you better cooperate with me fully.

Nick: (Chuckles)

Victoria: I know! I'm a--I'm pathetic. I'm a clichť.

Nick: You know, you forgot the ice cream.

Victoria: Whatever it is, can it wait?

Nick: Yes, Sidney, can you make sure that my sister and I aren't disturbed for, like, five minutes? Thank you.

Victoria: Aye-yi-yi. You know, you can be such a pain.

Nick: Hey, this is important.

Victoria: I've been hearing that a lot today.

Nick: Do you ever wish that the hospital made a mistake and switched you when you were a baby?

Victoria: What did Dad do this time?

Nick: He went to the prison. He tried to bribe my wife.

Victoria: What?

Nick: Yeah, he wants her to testify in front of some ethics committee 'cause apparently Jack confided in her that he owned Jabot. She turned him down.

Victoria: What was he offering?

Nick: Possibly a work release program, maybe a sentence reduction.

Victoria: Whew! I'll tell you, never underestimate Dad's clout.

Nick: Okay, but what I don't get is if Dad can help her, why hasn't he already done it? Instead he's letting her rot in that jail cell while the rest of us are suffering-- me, Summer, Noah.

Victoria: That's terrible.

Nick: You know, the minute Dad needs a favor he swoops in so he can be the big hero. Let me ask you this, what if Dad didn't need Phyllis? Would he let the rest of us be miserable for six years? Isn't a father supposed to do everything he can to make his children happy?

Victoria: Yeah. You would think.

Nick: Instead he's putting his own selfish wants in front of his son, his grandchildren. Is Jack really worth it?

Nick: Yes?

Woman: I hate to disturb you--

Nick: Then donít.

Victoria: Hi. Listen, don't let my brother scare you, all right? He's all bark. What do you need? Her question is for you.

Nick: Yes? Um, I don't know. I will have to check on that. Yes, Iíll get back to you and I'm sorry. Thank you for putting up with me.

Victoria: Where's my thanks? I've been doing it since you were in diapers.

Nick: You don't get one. You know, I used to think that family was the most important thing to our parents when I was a kid.

Victoria: Despite the fact that Dad spent 3/4ths of our childhood at the office?

Nick: Yeah, but even when he shipped us off to boarding school, I always knew that me and you and Mom were the most important people in the world to him.

Victoria: We always will be, all right? Right now... his hatred of Jack is all he can focus on.

Nick: And how about all this big talk about family values and loyalty.

Victoria: Hey... our parents are who they are. We can learn from their mistakes.

Nick: I will never treat one of my children this badly.

Victoria: Here, here. When this baby is born, I am gonna be 100% committed to him and J.T. Newman will always come in second.

Nick: You mean, third, right? After me--the man.

Victoria: Of course.

Nick: And did you just use J.T. and commitment in the same sentence?

Victoria: Yep. Are you surprised?

Nick: I knew you guys were living together.

Victoria: Well, did you think it was just because I couldn't afford my own place?

Nick: I kinda thought it was a rebound thing. No offense.

Victoria: What? I don't know where you would get that idea from!

Nick: Then it's the real deal?

Victoria: Yeah.

Nick: Wow. Hey, thanks for telling me.

Victoria: Well, you didn't ask. And besides, it... it--it kinda snuck up on me.

Nick: Mm. Well, okay, that's cool.

Victoria: You know, I always noticed how you and Phyllis-- how you two were so easy together. It was nice. Brad and I-- we never had that.

Nick: I know.

Victoria: I am aware.

Nick: No, I meant-- I meant Phyllis. You know, things have... changed for us.

Victoria: You remember?

Nick: No, but... whatever it was that made me fall for her the first time... it's happened again.

Victoria: That's great. I'm happy for you.

Nick: You know, I saw her today after some major sucking up.

Victoria: Well, you've always been very good at that.

Nick: I'm very good at everything.

Victoria: How was she?

Nick: Uh... she's good. Except for the prison and everything that goes with it.

Victoria: Yeah. Well, I bet she was surprised to see you.

Nick: It's just hard, you know, thinking about... what it's gonna be like for the next six years? I mean, that is a long time.

Victoria: Your future could start tomorrow if Dad steps up to the plate.

Nick: And how about yours? Your future with J.T.?

Victoria: The future? You know, we... we've just been taking it one day at a time. We don't talk that much about the future.

(Knock on door)

J.T.: Hey.

Paul: Hey, how's it going?

J.T.: Good. Anybody say anything about our, uh, little argument at indigo?

Paul: No, I think everybody seemed to buy it.

J.T.: That's good. I had fun going off on you in front of all those people.

Paul: Did you get out all of your aggression?

J.T.: Yeah, and you can't even fire me for it.

Paul: Well, once you go undercover in Clear Springs, you're gonna see how--how good and easy you've got it.

J.T.: Well, I'll keep my head down and my eyes open.

Paul: So if you find anybody suspicious, be sure and let me know. And I'll run a check on 'em.

J.T.: Great.

Paul: I can't get over how different the place looks now that Vickiís living here. I mean, there's no beer cans, no dirty clothes on the floor--

J.T.: Hey, it's bad enough she has to live here. The least I can do is keep it clean.

Paul: She doesn't have to live here. She wants to live here.

J.T.: Wonder how long that's gonna last.

Paul: Why, are you guys having problems since the last time we talked?

J.T.: No, no, she's just, uh, she's been busy. I've just had a lot of time to think.

Paul: About?

J.T.: About what she sees in me.

Paul: What happened to that healthy ego of yours?

J.T.: Victoria could have any guy she wants.

Paul: Oh. I see. No accounting for taste.

J.T.: No, I'm serious. Life's good right now, right? We're happy together. We got our own little place. It's a big change from how she normally lives, with her parents and everybody always on her back, but... I'm serious. At some point, it's gonna get old. She's a Newman. She could do better.

Karen: You know, someday we'll actually find time to take a lunch hour.

Neil: I welcome your optimism.

Karen: I did some editing on the copy for the brochure.

Neil: Oh, nice. Okay. You know, we might wanna downplay the casino, considering all the negative publicity that Jack's been generating.

Karen: Yeah. You know, is it always this hectic around here? I thought when I left politics that part of my live was over.

Neil: It's pretty intense.

Karen: How do you handle it?

Neil: How do I handle--

Karen: Yeah.

Neil: I bought a club. It helps to keep me sane.

Karen: Sane? That's a matter of opinion.

Neil: Karen, trust me on this. You can't let Newman become your whole life. If you do, you'll go crazy.

Sharon: Does it hurt?

Noah: Mom, stop it. I'm fine.

Sharon: Okay, well... at least let me put a little antiseptic on it.

Noah: The school nurse already did that.

Jack: I am so sorry this happened to you, Buddy.

Noah: You should see the other guy. He's gonna have a fat lip.

Sharon: Oh, well, that's nothing to brag about. You know that fighting never solved anything.

Noah: Mom, he was calling Jack a liar.

Jack: I'm touched that you came to my defense, but--

Noah: He was saying all these things that you did, but you didn't do it. You told me so.

Sharon: Jack...

Jack: I know. I know.

Noah: Know what?

Jack: Noah, we have to have a little talk.

Noah: Why are you guys so serious?

Jack: The thing that kid said to you about me? It's true.

Victor: The point is, you don't know where the DVD came from. Just tell them that it was sent to you anonymously. My name must not be linked to that, is that clear?

 (Knock on door)

Victor: Uh, and I will-- I will call you. You don't contact me. Who is it? Who is it?

Victoria: Dad, its Victoria.

(Knock on door)

Victoria: Dad? It's me.

Victor: Sweetheart, I'm opening it. Come in.

Victoria: Why is your door locked?

Victor: Well, because I'm sick and tired of people coming in here, you know, as if this was community property.

Victoria: Yeah, I guess it sort of was a-a habit while you were away.

Victor: It has got to stop. So what brings you by?

Victoria: It's about Nicholas.

Victor: I think I explained my visit to Phyllis.

Victoria: Well, not well enough, Dad. Because right now, he's questioning whether your desire to out Jack means more to you than he does.

Victor: Oh, Sweetheart, that's ridiculous.

Victoria: Well, ridiculous or not, that's how he feels. And after what he told me? I'm--I can't blame him, Dad.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Victoria: You know, we're hardly a family anymore. You and Mom aren't even living together, and now this thing with Nicholas...

Victor: I don't like this fighting anymore than you do.

Victoria: You know, sometimes I wish I'd never even heard of Clear Springs. That's where all of this tension came from in the first place.

Victor: Oh, Sweetheart. Don't just blame it on that. Your mother had a lot to do with this. I know things need to change.

Victoria: Not things, Dad. You.

Victor: Wait a minute, don't you just blame me for this, all right?

Paul: Has Victoria seemed unhappy lately?

J.T.: No.

Paul: Something set you off?

J.T.: Well, I was at Newman earlier and I overheard a couple employees talking.

Paul: About what?

J.T.: About how they can't believe Victoria was with a guy like me.

Paul: Let me guess, a couple of 20-somethings? Since when do you listen to office gossip?

J.T.: Well, normally, I donít.

Paul: So who cares what they had to say? They're probably jealous because they're interested in you.

J.T.: Yeah, why wouldn't they be? I got the personality, the looks. I got the great loft. I mean, what woman wouldn't wanna date me, even if she can buy or sell me a thousand times over.

Paul: I just told you to slow down.

J.T.: You also reminded me she came from money.

Paul: Look, if Victoria wanted money and status, she'd be with her ex. I'm just trying to give you some perspective, that's all.

J.T.: Yeah, well, job well done.

Paul: Okay, well, you're gonna have to put it all behind you anyway when you go undercover in Clear Springs, you know? I'm gonna need all your focus to get the job done.

J.T.: Have I ever let you down?

Paul: No, but this is different. You, very possibly, could be working with felons. People that have other crimes on their slate, possibly violent. And if you're concerned and preoccupied with your personal life, you could get yourself into trouble. I'm not gonna be there to bail you out.

Sharon: Hey, you feel better?

Noah: I don't get it. Why did you say you didn't do all those things if you did?

Jack: Sometimes, Noah, people do the wrong things, but for the right reasons.

Sharon: What Jack is saying is...

Noah: I don't believe you. You--you wouldn't!

Jack: I made a mistake, Noah. A big one.

Noah: Are you telling me this now because I got into a fight?

Jack: I'm telling everyone. But I'm telling you first. Because I love you.

Sharon: And he's scheduled a press conference.

Jack: I'm admitting to the entire state of Wisconsin the mistakes I made. I'm telling them I'm sorry, and I'm telling them why I did what I did.

Sharon: And we're hoping they'll understand.

Jack: And that they'll forgive me. Like your mom has.

Noah: I'm never gonna forgive you. Never!

Victoria: Tomorrow. No, I want them on my desk by 9:00 A.M.

Neil: Oh, I can come back.

Victoria: Please tell me-- please tell me you're here with good news.

Neil: Okay... rough day?

Victoria: Too much to do, too few hours.

Neil: Call me crazy, but aren't pregnant women supposed to be relaxing?

Victoria: Well, you see, pregnant women, but pregnant CEOs don't have that luxury.

(Telephone ringing)

Victoria: Victoria Newman. Uh, you'll have to talk to legal. We don't handle contract disputes. All right. I'm sorry, where were we?

Neil: You wanted some good news from me.

Victoria: Right. Do you have any?

Neil: Despite the delays, it looks as if we'll finish phase two of the condo development only a week behind schedule.

Victoria: Hallelujah!

Neil: Right. Do you want me to green light phase three, or wait and see what the fallout will be with Jack's field day in the press?

Victoria: Well, sales are progressing nicely despite all the negative publicity.

Neil: So we move ahead?

Victoria: I don't see why not.

(Cell phone ringing)

Victoria: Now what? Yes, yes, we want them delivered by the end of this month. The middle of October? Listen, you deliver on schedule if you wanna see your check by 2009.

Neil: So like I was saying...

Victoria: Pregnant women-- we need to take it easy.

Neil: You keep up this pace you're gonna end up having your baby on this conference room table.

Victoria: Hopefully not in the middle of a board meeting. Oh, you know what? Uh, I just remembered, I have an appointment. Is there anything else you need me for?

Neil: Yeah, no, no, no, wait, wait, wait, I have something very important to discuss with you, okay?

Victoria: Oh. All right.

Neil: I need you to do me a favor and slow down, breathe and relax, all right?

Victoria: Slow down, right. Will do. I will. I'll see you.

Neil: See ya.

(Door closes)

Victor: I spoke with your sister. I know you're upset with me.

Nick: You didn't get that when I walked out?

Victor: Let's just say I made some calls on Phyllis' behalf. I don't know if anything will come of it, but... I certainly hope so.

Nick: Dad, I just don't get why you didn't make those calls sooner.

Victor: Because I had my reasons, Son. And I don't wanna argue, okay?

Nick: Neither do I.

Victor: Well, I'm glad to hear that.

Nick: So now what?

Victor: Now what? Now we wait.

Sharon: Hey, whatcha working on?

Noah: Just some English homework.

Sharon: Oh, homework?

Noah: Ms. Peterson said I had to, so I don't get behind. She said my two days off were punishment, not a vacation.

Sharon: Makes sense to me.

Noah: She was mad at me.

Sharon: Oh... she'll forgive you. Just like I hope you will with Jack.

Noah: Why did you forgive him, Mom?

Sharon: Well, what he did was wrong, just like fighting with those other boys.

Noah: But, Mom--

Sharon: Everybody messes up, Noah. Everybody makes mistakes, but it takes enormous courage-- particularly when you're in the public eye the way that Jack is-- to stand up and confess to the whole world that you messed up and ask for forgiveness. And I'm really proud of Jack for stepping up like that.

Jack: Hey, Sport. Look, I just wanted to say... you have every right to be really angry with me.

Sharon: I'll leave you two alone.

Jack: Hey, can we just talk?

Noah: Mom says she's proud of you. 'Cause you're gonna tell the truth.

Jack: Your mom's a pretty terrific lady.

Noah: Aren't you gonna be embarrassed? Telling everybody you lied?

Jack: Nothing could feel any worse than hurting you.

Noah: It's cool. I still love you.

J.T.: You know, I'm kinda looking forward to doing a manual labor. Breaking a sweat for once.

Paul: Yeah, well, better you than me.

Victoria: Oh, hi, Paul.

Paul: Hi. How's the mom to be?

Victoria: Good, now that I'm out of the office.

J.T.: Hey.

Victoria: So what are you guys doing, just hanging out?

Paul: Well, actually, we are talking about J.T.'s new gig.

Victoria: Oh. Well, I'll go lay down for awhile.

Paul: Well, unless you wanna hear about the finer details of our undercover operation.

Victoria: Really, the only thing that interests me about all of that are the perks.

J.T.: Mmm.

Victoria: All the muscles that he's gonna get from swinging that hammer.

J.T.: Back rubs when I'm too sore to move.

Victoria: Yeah.

Paul: Okay, this sounds like a private conversation. I'll take off.

J.T.: (Laughs) See you later, Paul.

Paul: Yeah. You guys take care.

Victoria: Bye, Paul. Hi. (Giggles) oh, look at that. That's a nice look for my dad.

J.T.: Oh, yeah.

Victoria: Just needs a couple of horns and he'll be good to go.

J.T.: What are you doing home?

Victoria: I'm here for my appointment.

J.T.: What appointment?

Victoria: The one that I scheduled for myself to insure that I have a life, which means spending time with my handsome boyfriend.

J.T.: Oh, yeah, that appointment. How could I forget about that one?

Victoria: Yeah, how could you?

Neil: What's this?

Karen: The ad campaign with your notes incorporated.

Neil: Oh, good! Fantastic! You know, we have to get going on this. Victoria just approved phase three of the condo development.

Karen: Oh, good. And by the way, I took your advice.

Neil: Yeah? What advice was that?

Karen: Not to make Newman Enterprises my entire life. I signed up for some classes.

Neil: In?

Karen: Cooking.

Neil: Cooking?

Karen: Mm-hmm. You know, when I was in politics, it was always fast food and room service and that sort of thing, so my skills in the kitchen got a little rusty.

Neil: Well, come on, it's like riding a bike.

Karen: Care to test that theory?

Neil: What did you have in mind?

Karen: I used to make a killer pot roast. Do you wanna be my guinea pig? See if I've still got what it takes?

Neil: I never could pass up a dare.

Karen: We're on then.

(Cell phone ringing)

J.T.: So much for basking in the afterglow.

Victoria: Let's just ignore them.

J.T.: No, go ahead, its fine.

J.T.: Hey, what are you doing?

Victoria: I thought I'd make my specialty for dinner tonight.

J.T.: Baked cell phone?

Victoria: With blackberry sauce. (Giggles)

J.T.: Come on, this is your life. This is what you do.

Victoria: It's what I do, but it's not my life.

J.T.: I'm crazy about you the way you are. You understand that?

Victoria: And I love my job, I do. Just not as much as you.

J.T.: Is this you feeling bad about not playing hooky?

Victoria: No. This is about me not wanting to turn into my father.

J.T.: Well, that's good. You'd look horrible with a mustache.

Victoria: I mean it. I am not gonna put my work ahead of my family the way he does.

J.T.: Did he do something to you to make you mad earlier?

Victoria: No. He's been doing it since we were in diapers. And he says he's gonna change, but it's such a bad habit, I doubt that's even possible.

(Knock on door)

Victor: Come in.

Neil: Victor, I thought you might want an update on the Clear Springs condominium expenses. Here you go.

Victor: This looks more like the national debt.

Neil: Yeah. Victoria seems pleased with its progress so far.

Victor: She's living in a dream world, Neil. I was hoping that you could rein her in.

Neil: Hold on a minute. Have you ever tried to dictate to your daughter?

Victor: (Chuckles) she's strong-willed, isn't she?

Neil: Yeah, much like her father, if you don't mind me saying so.

Victor: No, I don't mind at all. My concern is that once all hell breaks loose around Jack Abbott, the sales of condos will plummet.

Neil: Well, Victoria's already gave her go-ahead on phase three.

Victor: Are you serious?

Neil: Yeah.

Victor: It'll be her and Nikkiís loss. If they insist on investing in a losing venture, so be it. I will no longer wait. I want my private company to start drilling.

Jack: That's one terrific kid you got there.

Sharon: I know. Hey, it's getting late. You better call them and let them know what time you're gonna be there.

Jack: I've got time. Fixing things with your son is the most important thing right now.

Noah: Turn the television on! Quick!

Woman: This breaking news just in. We've received an exclusive DVD of Senator Jack Abbott and the late Ji Min Kim in a conversation that will supposedly discredit the senator's prior statements and corroborate allegations that Mr. Abbott secretly owned Jabot Cosmetics at time when he was forbidden to have any connection to the company. Until now, the senator has denied this charge which could damage his reputationó

(Volume lowers)

Sharon: Wait, don't you wanna hear it?

Jack: I know what it's gonna say.

Noah: Is it bad?

Jack: It's worse. I confess now, everyone's going to believe it's only because of the new evidence.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

David: I'm trying to protect you, if you let me.

Kevin: You're leaving, even if I have to break you out.

Neil: Jack is cooked.

Victor: More like roasted.

Jack: I'm going ahead with the press conference.

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