Y&R Transcript Wednesday 9/19/07

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 9/19/07 -- Canada; Thursday 9/20/07 -- U.S.A.


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Jack: I'm gonna go see Phyllis.

Sharon: That's a good idea.

Jack: She could use some cheering up, huh?

Sharon: That makes three of us.

Jack: You're all right with my going there, huh?

Sharon: Yeah, absolutely.

Jack: No, I-I had a feeling it was okay, but I wanted to ask.

Sharon: I'm sure she could use a visitor, and--and it's a kind thing to do.

Jack: Not sure I'm doing it out of kindness. I think I probably just need to talk things out, and you and I have--

Sharon: You and I have...

Jack: Already talked things out.

Sharon: Already talked things out, right.

Jack: Been there, done that, right?

Sharon: Well, we've already said all we have to say about your legal and P.R. problems.

Jack: Leaving you in a blue funk and me in a blue funk. I'm gonna wash up before I go. (Cell phone ringing)

Brad: Hey.

Sharon: Hey. Am I interrupting anything?

Brad: No.

Sharon: What are you doing?

Brad: I'm talking to you.

Sharon: No, seriously, am I-- am I interrupting anything?

Brad: No, not at all. What's up?

Sharon: Oh, I just... I don't know. I just would like to go out and get a cup of coffee or something. I need to get out of the house and talk to somebody, break this lousy mood I'm in.

Brad: "Somebody"? What, all your true friends are busy, so you're stuck with "Somebody"?

Sharon: Hey, you're breaking the friend-in-need code of conduct.

Brad: Well, I'll, uh, atone for that tomorrow night in synagogue.

Sharon: So is that a yes or a no?

Brad: That's a yes. When?

Sharon: Now.

Jack: Have you seen my keys? Oh, thank you.

Brad: All right, well, I'm, uh, just heading to the gym for a quick workout. I should be done by the time you get here. We can have an early dinner.

Sharon: Not dinner.

Jack: What?

Sharon: Oh, I wasn't talking to you.

Brad: It's gotta be dinner. That's my condition.

Sharon: Hang on. I love you.

Jack: I love you, too.

Gloria: I'm going to sleep so well tonight knowing that my little Kevin ain't going to prison.

Kevin: Feel free to enter without knocking, Mom, and I'll feel free to run around my apartment naked.

Gloria: You got a plea bargain. Your crazy ex-girlfriend's locked up. It's a load off my mind, and I've had an epiphany.

Kevin: How biblical of you.

Gloria: Karma is real, Kevin. Jack Abbott is finally getting everything he deserves.

Kevin: Not everything he deserves.

Gloria: Well, Honey, I'm not that greedy. I'll settle for disgrace, the end of his political career and lots and lots and lots of financial loss.

Kevin: And let me guess-- we're gonna put the final nail in the coffin?

Gloria: Mnh-mnh. That's part of the epiphany. You don't have to get involved anymore. Listen to this. "Criminal allegations cloud senator Abbott's future, and recordings suggest that he committed fraud." (Kevin typing on keyboard)

Kevin: And listen to the blogs. "Senator Abbott preaches one thing yet practices another." "Abbott should be jailed for hypocrisy." "Abbott should resign." "Abbott should be impeached." Mom, these are the polite ones.

Gloria: Yeah, so it's mum's the word about your DVD.

Kevin: That's the one in which Jack practically admits to owning the company?

Gloria: The very one.

Kevin: Right, and now it's my DVD.

Gloria: Honey, it's against the law to record people the way you recorded Jack and Ji Min, and I cannot condone that.

Kevin: Requested, demanded, benefit from it but not condone it, gotcha.

Gloria: But happily, the way things are going, the investigators won't need it, so you won't expose yourself to criminal charges or a lawsuit.

Kevin: Fine, then I'll just destroy it.

Gloria: Don't you dare.

Kevin: Mom, you just reminded me I could get in trouble for having it.

Gloria: Honey, it's a risk that's worth taking for insurance down the road, just in case-- just in case we need it.

Kevin: It is amazing how quickly you turn your pronouns around. I'm at risk. I may pay the price for the DVD that I made, yet we could benefit from it?

Gloria: You're a good son, Kevin, and I know how lucky I am.

Victor: Jack Abbott is trying to spin this fraud case into martyrdom... claiming that the tape recording was doctored. What a load of crap.

Neil: Maybe it is fake.

Victor: No, it ain't. My gut instinct tells me.

Neil: And your gut can be objective when it comes to Jack?

Victor: Oh, yeah. Besides, I don't think it's a good idea when someone accused of fraud serves a public office, do you?

Neil: Well, to be honest, he's not a felon yet. See, Mr. Kim is dead.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Neil: Jack may get the final word unless someone owns up to making that tape.

Victor: That would be a crime, wouldn't it?

Neil: So it won't happen. And Jack must realize it won't happen, which could explain... the confidence in that interview. Or maybe he's just confident because he's telling the truth.

Victor: He isn't.

Neil: Victor, the prosecutor's gonna need more than your gut instinct to convict him.

Victor: You mark my words. Jack Abbott will be found guilty.

(Sets glass down)

Jack: You look great.

Phyllis: (Laughs) liar.

Jack: No, no, no, no. I-I mean it. You--I don't know what I expected, but you look your normal gorgeous self. I always liked you with very little makeup on.

Phyllis: Oh, thank you very much. You know, you're supposed to cheer me up here, not--

Jack: I actually bought you a box of your favorite macaroons. They took 'em from me.

Phyllis: Oh, of course they did. I'm sure that they thought you were trying to play the "Hide the weapon in the macaroon" trick.

Jack: Don't--don't-- don't you get in trouble making jokes like that?

Phyllis: Yeah, I guess I do.

Jack: How you doing, really?

Phyllis: I'm miserable. How about you?

Jack: I'm okay.

Phyllis: Liar.

Jack: I'm miserable. Yeah, I guess "Miserable" would say it.

Phyllis: I figured.

Jack: Yeah... how'd you figure?

Phyllis: Jack, they don't let us fly to Rome or Istanbul, but we get to watch the news.

Jack: Jabot was not an investment for me.

Phyllis: I understand. It was your father's company. It was personal.

Jack: That's right, it was. Yes.

Phyllis: Listen, you don't have to explain yourself to me. I understand this. You were trying to save a troubled company. You saved jobs. You did something good.

Jack: Thank you.

Phyllis: Of course. I just think it affects you because all these ugly words are connected to the Abbott name like "Fraudulent" and "Betrayal of public trust."

Jack: Yeah, yeah, and all the other garbage. Actually, I'm amazed how much it does hurt. I always thought of myself as pretty thick-skinned.

Phyllis: I'm sure this is affecting Sharon in a bad way too, right?

Jack: Yeah. Yeah. It makes it worse.

Phyllis: Because unlike us mere mortals, Sharon doesn't lie.

Brad: Hi.

Sharon: Hey.

Brad: You got here quickly.

Sharon: Um, no, no, regular time.

Brad: How long have you been waiting?

Sharon: Not long. So... you're really going to temple tomorrow?

Brad: Uh, tomorrow night, actually. Yom Kippur starts at sundown. So I saw you on the news last night.

Sharon: Oh. How'd I do?

Brad: You did a terrific job for Jack, terrible one for yourself.

Sharon: Okay. Can we order?

Brad: You asked how you did. I'm just telling you the truth. I know it kills you to play the part of the loyal wife, while Jack--

Sharon: I am not playing a part of a loyal wife. I am Jack's loyal wife. I love him.

Brad: That's not my point. My point is that I know you, and I know it kills you to be part of his lie, and I feel sorry for you.

Sharon: Well, don't.

Brad: I hate that Jack pulled you into his mess.

Sharon: You know what? If Jack owned that company, and I'm not saying that he does, he did it for all the best reasons. His father founded it. It was tanking, and Jack turned that around. I would think that someone who has done as much as you have over the years-- your whole life-- to protect your mother would understand what motivated Jack. It was his father's legacy, period. You know what? It would really help me, and it would help our relationship, if you would acknowledge that.

Brad: I accept, uh, your interpretation of his motive.

Sharon: Thank you. Can we order?

Gloria: "Do you believe Senator Abbott should resign from the legislature?" Yes, I do. Ha! I like this internet polling. Come on, ask me again. "Do you believe Senator Abbott..." yes, I do. What do you mean, I can only vote once?

Kevin: Ha. Democracy sucks.

Gloria: Have you voted yet?

Kevin: No, but if you like, I will participate in this bogus, unscientific, easily manipulated, fraudulent exercise known as an online poll. (Typing on keyboard) happy?

Gloria: Thank you. Now make me another screen name so I can vote again.

Kevin: Oh, sure, why not be antidemocratic and increase the scientific invalidity of an online poll at the same time?

Gloria: (Chuckles) you know why I can't 100% enjoy Jack's problems, though?

Kevin: I bet you're gonna tell me.

Gloria: His wife Sharon. I always thought she was the nicest person.

Kevin: Vote.

Gloria: Yeah, thanks. Oh, and next time, could I get an adult name, not "Butter biscuits"?

Kevin: Do you know how hard it is to clear names that aren't already in use?

Gloria: Do you know how smart you are? I mean, there she was...

Kevin: Who?

Gloria: Sharon, standin' by her man while he lied through his teeth, and then at her press conference had the audacity to say how he always puts family first.

Kevin: Vote again.

Gloria: Family first, my foot. He took advantage of Jack. He threw me out of my home--

Kevin: Okay, Mom, you're losing your mellow.

Gloria: The man has no concept of what family is!

(Pounds key)

Kevin: All right, your mellow is lost.

Gloria: Well, blame Jack. And give me another screen name so I can vote again. My name is Gloria Abbott, and I used to be Senator Abbott's stepmother. Of course that's why I'm calling, because I want to go on the record... and why do you need documentation if I am willing to give you a firsthand account of what the man is really like?

Gloria: Listen, you, if I had something like that in my possession, I would take it straight to the police, not some lowlife scandal rag.

Kevin: Who was that?

Gloria: (Sighs) just one of those stupid tabloids.

Kevin: Did they call you, or did you call them?

Gloria: What do you think?

Kevin: I think that you're not gonna give them an interview.

Gloria: And why should I? They don't have any standards. Just be a "He said, she said" article anyway. Now come over here and make me another screen name so I can vote against Jack one more time before we go to dinner.

Kevin: Ugh, Mother, come on.

Gloria: Come on, Honey, it'll help my digestion. Please.

Kevin: You're obsessed.

Gloria: Mm-hmm.

Jack: Sharon thinks I ought to be making a public statement like the one you made.

Phyllis: And which one of my brilliant statements was that?

Jack: And I bought my father's company to save it, family pride and all that. I turned it around and passed it on to Katherine Chancellor.

Phyllis: Always good to invoke her name.

Jack: Yeah. Did it all without making a profit.

Phyllis: So wait. Sharon thinks that you should go public with this?

Jack: She thinks I can turn things around, maybe save my senate seat. Oh! Did you see that, uh, the bill I sponsored extending health care coverage for low-income kids was signed into law?

Phyllis: I did. I did. Congratulations.

Jack: Yeah, first bill I ever introduced.

Phyllis: I know.

Jack: I'm telling you, it's the kind of legislation you want to run for office to be part of.

Phyllis: But listen, listen, um, let me ask--just-- Sharon thinks that fessing up will help you stay in the legislature?

Jack: Yeah.

Phyllis: You know, I never, ever agree with her. In fact, the thought of that gives me hives. (Chuckles) just... thank you. Oh, my goodness, I have hives.

Jack: Oh, you agree with her?

Phyllis: I-I did not say that. I just said I have hives.

Jack: You think I ought to admit to owning Jabot, when owning it was against the law?

Phyllis: I think that it would shut up some of your critics, yes.

Jack: Or it could send me off to jail.

Phyllis: What kind of prosecutor wants to jail a man who comes clean and passes legislation to help kids?

Victor: Well, the issue is bigger than Jack Abbott. I mean, I have no personal animosity toward the man. Well, I guess further investigation will find out whether he's telling the truth or not. Right, and Mr. Kim is dead, meaning there were no witnesses to speak of. I'm just concerned about the reputation of your institution, Senator. Well, I mean, what are people gonna think if members of your legislature are involved in... possible fraud. I don't think it speaks too well of your institution, does it now?

Brad: I've come to realize that you're afraid to be with me.

Sharon: I'm here now.

Brad: You're here now because we're in a public place, and you feel safe.

Sharon: You know what? I'm not gonna finish mine, because I want to order something for dessert. You want to split something?

Brad: The reason you're afraid to be with me is because the connection we have is stronger than anything you've ever had with any other man.

Sharon: (Lowered voice) you're making me uncomfortable.

Brad: And I don't expect you to admit it, not yet. I understand that you feel an obligation to Jack. He's been good to your son. But I also know I'm right. I scare you.

Sharon: If you don't stop this, then I'm going to leave.

Brad: And that will always be a possibility because of the intensity of our connection. It is scary. It scares me.

Sharon: Please. Please.

Brad: When you and I are together--and eventually, we will be together-- it will still be scary, because we won't just be playing house. And when you're talking about love, the real thing is always scarier than pretend.

Sharon: Okay, you know what? I'm leaving. I'm leaving.

Brad: Have you ever noticed how whenever something's bothering you, whenever you need to talk something out, or if you need advice, if you need counsel, if you just need hand-holding, you come to me? And it proves my point. We're the couple. I don't care who you're with, and I don't care how long you've been with them. You and I are the real couple-- not you and Nick, not you and Jack.

Sharon: Brad, do you want to make me cry? Is that what you want? Because this is really cruel.

Brad: Sharon, after you kissed Nick, after you let things go further than they should have, you didn't talk to your husband about it. You talked to me. And do you know why?

Sharon: I'm sure you think you do.

Brad: Because what you did was wrong.

Sharon: Well, that wasn't rocket science.

Brad: Not wrong because you were kissing a man other than your husband... wrong because you weren't kissing the man you love.

Sharon: Why are you coming at me like this? Why are you coming at me like this right now? You know what? I-I asked you for help, Brad, and this is a bit of a rough time for me. It's just a rough time for me. You and I have an agreement.

Brad: You mean the agreement to be friends?

Sharon: Yeah, just friends.

Brad: Yeah, well, I have tried to stick to that agreement, but you know what? It just doesn't work for me.

Sharon: Okay, well, now you're not being fair.

Brad: Not being fair? What Jack is doing to you-- that's not fair, Sharon. You think it hurts that I'm telling you the truth? Do you have any idea how much it hurts me to watch what's happening to you, to watch what you're doing to your life? It doesn't seem that long ago I thought of Victor as a friend. (Scoffs) as naive as that all sounds right now, he was a friend. He was. And I actually-- I'm embarrassed to say this-- I actually grew fond of him during what we must now call his "Nice period," when epilepsy or medication or space aliens took over his brain. That's the only thing that would explain his behavior back then. He hasn't changed. He's never gonna change. Witness the release of this tape. The real truth is, that's why I don't want to do a mea culpa. "I did it. I had good reason, but I'm guilty." It's 'cause Victor Newman is behind all this. He's the one that's gonna enjoy it. He's the one that's gonna get his way.

Phyllis: Maybe not.

Jack: Maybe not how? And please, don't blow smoke.

Phyllis: Voters love sinners who come clean.

Jack: Yeah, not all the time.

Phyllis: Listen, sinners who have reasons for their sins, sinners who feel bad about what they did...

Jack: Sinners who were sorry they ever did it and wish they never had. That would fit me.

Phyllis: Well, that's obvious, Jack. I mean, it's obvious to me. It's gonna be obvious to them. You're struggling with this. You're struggling more because your wife stood beside you. So when you own up to your mistakes and people realize you didn't make a penny from this, you're gonna be home free. Honestly. And if you go public with what Victor wants you to confess, I think it's gonna have the exact opposite effect than what he wants. And it will all fade away, and you will get the better of him.

Jack: Thank you.

Phyllis: Check on the baby for me, okay?

Jack: Don't worry. The last time I saw her, she was fat and happy.

Phyllis: Check on her anyway.

Jack: Promise.

Phyllis: Give Daniel a hug for me.

Jack: I'll give him this one.

Victor: Where there's smoke, there's fire. There's a hell of a lot of smoke around Jack Abbott. Well, we both know that. My point exactly. We do not want to hurt Jack Abbott's reputation unnecessarily. You bet. Well, as a matter of fact, he would welcome an investigation. He told me that. To clear his name, right. To use his exact words, he welcomes "A fair and balanced investigation."

Gloria: Sharon's here.

Kevin: You wanna go get Mexican?

Gloria: No, I don't.

Kevin: Well, then you should sit so that you're not looking at her, so you don't think about her while we're here.

Sharon: You know he's already done great things in the state senate.

Brad: Yeah, his insurance bill for poor kids-- that was a fine piece of legislation.

Sharon: Okay, so he's not the personification of evil.

Brad: That's not what I said, Sharon.

Sharon: It's what you think.

Brad: I think about you, that's it.

Sharon: All right, don't go there again, please.

Brad: What I mean is that my concern is not about Jack. My concern is about you. He is who he is.

Sharon: Well, you know, you're not perfect.

Brad: No. No, I am not, definitely not perfect, and believe me, I see the irony in me criticizing him. It's the pot calling the kettle dented and scorched.

Brad: I'm sure that he was able to rationalize that what he did for his dad's company, at the time, was the right thing to do. And I'm sure he would be, uh, critical of many of the things that I have done in my past. Hell, I'm critical of them.

Brad: Sharon, let Jack do whatever Jack needs to do. You don't have to compromise yourself. Somehow, in the murky morality of this town, you have managed to maintain your integrity, and that's what makes you different, and that's what makes you special. That's what makes you who you are.

Jack: Sharon? Sharon?

Jack: You home? I'm back.

(Keys clatter) (Clinking)

Kevin: Can you kindly kill the percussion? Sharon left a long time ago.

Gloria: You said her name. Now I'm thinking about her again.

Kevin: Ugh! I'll give you a name. Michelangelo. Bono. Governor Pawlenty. Uh, uh, the late Emperor Hirohito. Think about them. Igor Stravinsky.

Gloria: Too late.

Kevin: You're getting worked up, and you're going to ruin my dinner.

Gloria: Nothing could ruin your dinner. You could eat sour cabbage and rusty nails and still have room for French fries.

Kevin: And why is that not a compliment? (Sighs) what? What? What did I say?

Gloria: I don't want to talk about it.

Sharon: Hey.

Jack: Hey.

Sharon: How was Phyllis?

Jack: Well, I don't know if she was putting on a show for me, but she seemed like her old self.

Sharon: Oh, her old self, but in prison clothes.

Jack: With guards watching. Did you just get back from the office?

Sharon: Uh, no. I-I went, uh, I had dinner. I just needed to-- I needed to get out of the house for a minute and to clear my head. You know, just blah, blah, blah.

Jack: But did it work?

Sharon: Uh, no, not as well as I hoped it would, but it was still-- it was good to get out. How's Noah?

Jack: Uh, he did his homework. He brushed his teeth or said he did. He's reading in bed now.

Sharon: I'm gonna say good night.

Jack: Hey, hey, you-- you okay? I mean, aside from the obvious.

Sharon: No, but then that's why you went to see Phyllis, and I had to get out of the house.

Jack: Sharon... I love you.

Sharon: I know, Jack. I love you, too.

Phyllis: Victor.

Victor: Hello, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Oh, it's Zapato!

Victor: Yeah. (Chuckles)

Phyllis: (Laughs) how'd you get a dog in here?

Victor: Well, it helps to know people in high places.

Phyllis: I'm sure it does.

Victor: How are you doing?

Phyllis: Uh, well, I'm in prison.

Victor: I gathered as much.

Phyllis: Exactly.

Victor: So, um... how are they treating you? Do you need anything or...?

Phyllis: No, I'm fine. I mean, of course, I-I could use a bubble bath and an early release.

Victor: Ah. Could be arranged.

Phyllis: Hmm. Bubble bath, nice.

Victor: I mean the early release. My attorneys told me that Wisconsin has a work release program that allows prisoners to sort of treat their prison like, uh, an apartment building.

Phyllis: Yeah, they--they pay rent, and they commute to and from work.

Victor: Right, it's very civilized.

Phyllis: Yeah, I've applied for it.

Victor: I know.

Phyllis: And I was turned down.

Victor: Ah. I know that, too. We might change that, you know.

Phyllis: How?

Victor: The governor and the president of the state senate are sort of upset about Jack's fraud investigation. They think that it may reflect badly on the institution or the legislature, you know. So they have ordered a thorough investigation, the Ethics Committee and, uh, there would be a prosecutor.

Phyllis: Are you sure about the prosecutor?

Victor: Well, I'm confident there's a prosecutor. And of course, in the case of the investigation, they will ask the good citizens of the community to come forward and tell them what they know about Jack's illegal ownership of Jabot Cosmetics.

Phyllis: Hmm. As a matter of civic duty, right?

Victor: Uh, that's well-put. Yeah. You tell them what you know, and, um, you might get an early work release program and, um, or the governor might even consider commuting your sentence.

Phyllis: Wow, if I were you, this would be a no-brainer, wouldn't it? Screw over your friends to get ahead?

Victor: You damn well know that you've screwed over a lot of people to get ahead in life.

Phyllis: What I did was wrong, and I'm aware of that, but it's not like betraying a friend. And need I remind you that I supported you...

Victor: Mm.

Phyllis: When you and Jack were feuding, and I tried to mediate. And I told Jack to let go of his hatred for you.

Victor: Let go of his hatred for me? You mean when he knew that I was very sick and heavily medicated, and he manipulated me into selling N.V.P. to him? Is that what you mean by letting go of his hatred? You mean when he turned nice towards me once he knew he had screwed me over?

Phyllis: I can't. I can't. I can't.

Victor: I'm sure either way, you'll figure it out.

(Sets glass down)

Jack: (Sighs and groans)

(Door opens)

Sharon: You okay?

Jack: Uh... yeah, I'm gonna crash a little bit early tonight.

Sharon: Yeah, it's the best idea I've heard in years.

Jack: You, too?

Sharon: You don't mind?

Jack: Are you kidding?

Kevin: What brought this on?

Gloria: Seeing Sharon, watching Sharon, reading Sharon's statement.

Kevin: Mom, you said yourself, she's a good person.

Gloria: She's a good person married to Jack. I'm a good person, and look how he treated me.

[Gloria remembering]

Jack: Don't ever tell me how my father would feel again! I knew him my whole life. You knew him for what, two years?

Gloria: And he told me day after day that I made his life worth living, that I made him smile and that I made him feel young again.

Jack: Maybe for a few months, until all of your lies started surfacing. We have put up with you for a long time, Gloria. We did so out of obligation. Those days are over, Sweetheart. Dad is dead. You are no longer his wife. You are no longer any part of this family.

Gloria: Jack! Oh, God. Maybe sitting on that DVD isn't such a good idea.

Jack: You still awake?

Sharon: Mm-hmm. Please don't move. I love this. Thank you.

Jack: What I did-- buying my father's company-- it wasn't an evil deed.

Sharon: I know that.

Jack: The way people are attacking me, you'd think I killed somebody. Whoever poisoned Jabot's products-- there's your evil act. All I did was bring the company back from the edge of bankruptcy. All I did was make it a company my father could be proud of.

Jack: That's what I'll tell 'em tomorrow.

Sharon: Tell whom?

Jack: Anyone who will listen. Reporters, interviewers, the damn ethics committee. I own Jabot. I bought it. I fixed it. I sold it. I'm gonna tell 'em everything.

Sharon: What changed your mind, Jack?

Jack: Well, I married a good role model.

Sharon: I love you. I love you now more than I have ever loved you.

Jack: I once told you I wasn't worthy of you. I know I had a lot to drink that night, and... you probably thought it was the scotch talking. It wasn't. I meant what I said. I still do. I love you.

Gloria: Honey, why don't you bring the car around? I'll meet you out front.

Kevin: Sure thing.

(Telephone ringing)

Victor: Yes?

Gloria: Hello, Victor. It's Gloria. I hope it's not too late to call.

Victor: No, Gloria. What can I do for you?

Gloria: I'm upset that our state senator might be guilty of fraud.

Victor: Yes, I'm upset about that as well.

Gloria: And I think it would be unfair if he didn't answer for his crime.

Victor: It would be unfair, indeed.

Gloria: If proof of his guilt exists, the right authorities should get it, huh?

Victor: Yes, of course they should get it, and if I find out about it, if I can help in any way, I will.

Gloria: Could we meet tomorrow, Victor, and talk about facilitating what... might need facilitating?

Victor: Yes, why don't we do that?

Gloria: I'll call you. Good night.

Victor: Good night.

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Victor: You be careful, Jack. Be very careful.

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