Y&R Transcript Tuesday 9/18/07

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 9/18/07 -- Canada; Wednesday 9/19/07 -- U.S.A.


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Daniel: The stolen money was in the air vent? Seriously?

Michael: The salvaged pieces had matching serial numbers.

Kevin: This is crazy.

Nick: Do they know who stole it?

Michael: Well, our, uh, little Wonder Woman here was right. Apparently Ji Min helped himself to the cash.

Amber: Hero? Yes. Superhero? Well, you know, I'm just not gonna argue.

Gloria: The only superhero is my son.

Kevin: Oh, thank you, Mom, but I like to keep my skills on the D.L., you know?

Gloria: I was talking about your brother.

Daniel: Wait a minute. So now that they found the money, I mean, we're off the hook, right?

Michael: Correct. You three won't be accountable.

Kevin: (Exhales) so why can't you just get the charges dropped?

Michael: Well, that would take a real superhero. You're facing multiple felony charges. Just because one has been absolved doesn't make the rest go away. Just be glad that you're not paying back anything.

Gloria: Ain't that the truth? Honey, I'd pay every last dime to keep you out of prison.

Kevin: Thanks. How about spending some to send me to Kauai? I could use a break.

Michael: You could use a reality check. You three stole that money from a dead man.

Nick: So they're facing prison time?

Michael: It's a possibility.

Amber: Hello! I pulled a woman out of a burning building.

Kevin: Uh, you opened a door.

Daniel: Yeah, but it still counts.

Amber: It was jammed. She would've died.

Michael: Ms. Stevens is not looking for a reason to help any of you.

Gloria: But you got a plan, right?

Michael: Don't I always?

Jill: "The large pile of ashes and currency leaves little doubt that the former CEO of Jabot Cosmetics, Ji Min Kim, was in possession of the stolen government money." This is outright slander! How can they print lies like this about somebody who isn't around to defend himself?

Cane: Mum...

Jill: They're making him sound like nothing but a common thief.

Kay: Scandal sells papers. A Chancellor scandal sells even more. Jill, please try to rise above it.

Jill: The press already has him convicted.

Cane: Mum, you don't wanna obsess about a headline. Honor Ji Min for the man that you knew.

Jill: He was a good man.

Kay: Jill, I know--

Jill: Don't! Save me your fake sympathy. You hated Ji Min! I'm sure it's taking every ounce of your restraint to keep from ordering multiple copies of that front page.

Kay: I didn't want him to make public Jack's involvement with Jabot. Because he would've had a negatively impact on me. But the fact that he still was going to do it-- my God, Jill-- I mean, it was admirable. Darling, he... do you understand it took guts? And it really showed how much he loved you.

Sharon: What's the latest?

Jack: Well, the latest internet poll is asking the public whether they think the tape is real or fabricated. Numbers are coming in at 50/50. Boy, I don't like those.

Sharon: Well, given the inflammatory nature of the tape, I'd say it's pretty good that you have that many supporters on your side.

Jack: Yeah, 50/50 is fine for Vegas. I got the senate ethics committee breathing down my neck. I gotta do better than that. I somehow have to make people understand there is a difference between being accused and being found guilty.

Sharon: Jack... I understand why you bought your father's company. You wanted to make him proud. But now that the truth is out, I just... I think you're gonna make things worse if you deny these charges.

Daniel: You go over her head, you're gonna piss her off.

Michael: I go over her head, I get you off-- all three of you. And since it is the assistant district attorney who has aggravated me, she is the one who needs to worry. Not you.

Kevin: Don't get him mad. You wouldn't like him when he's mad. (Cell phone ringing)

Michael: Right. All right!

Nick: Hello? Yes! Phyllis? Is that you?

Phyllis: Hey, sexy. Just hearing your voice is the best. Tell me everything I missed.

Nick: Well, Summer is great.

Phyllis: No more fever?

Nick: Long gone, and she is babbling like crazy. That girl is definitely your daughter.

Phyllis: Oh, thank you. If you were in front of me right now, I'd smack you.

Nick: Really? What else would you do to me?

Phyllis: Oh, I would do a lot of things. But, um, I can't get into that, because I only have a few more minutes on this call. I have limited calling time, you know?

Nick: Right. And, uh, what about visitors?

Phyllis: I can have visitors now, just...

Nick: Just not me.

Phyllis: Right. Not you. You know, frankly, I think the warden is intimidated by your 6-pack. And you should see my stomach right now. All I'm doing is sit-ups.

Nick: (Chuckles) well, you show me yours, I'll show you mine.

Phyllis: The minute I get out of here. Actually, that's not true. The first thing I wanna do when I get out of here is sit on the couch with you and the kids and eat pizza and play video games.

Nick: Which you'll lose. I mean, just 'cause it's your first night out doesn't mean I'll take it easy on you.

Phyllis: You know, I keep on thinking about Daniel and him getting stuck in a place like this.

Nick: That's the last thing you need to worry about, okay?

Phyllis: Yeah, I know. But I really mean watch out for him.

Nick: He's, uh, he's grown up a lot. And he's facing up to things. He's actually here now. We're, uh, strategizing with Michael.

Phyllis: How's that going?

Nick: It's going great.

Phyllis: Good. Um, listen, I-I have to-- I have to go. Uh, tell--tell the kids...

Nick: I will.

Phyllis: And you, too.

Nick: I know.

Phyllis: A lot.

Nick: Me, too.

Daniel: How is she?

Nick: She's good. She's a little lonely. But she can have visitors now, so you go see her.

Daniel: Consider it done.

Michael: Look, Nicholas, if I could get you through those gates, I would, but the, uh, warden and I aren't exactly seeing eye-to-eye after our little charade.

Nick: Yeah. Well, don't worry about that right now. Let's just focus on them, okay?

Michael: Uh, more importantly, we can focus on their leverage. The leverage that, uh, these three seem to have, especially since, uh, since they were lucky enough to be threatened by a federal agent.

Daniel: Lucky?

Amber: Are you crazy?

Michael: And now that we know that the feds are trying to build a case against one of their own rogue agents, our friend, Mr. Bonacheck.

Nick: So you think they'll cut a deal if these three agree to testify?

Michael: Four, actually. Amber's estranged ex is also wanted on the stand. If we can make him a part of the package, it would go a long way to, uh, helping our cause.

Kevin: You need to call Cane.

Daniel: A.S.A.P.

Amber: Okay, well, when I call him, he lets it go straight to voice mail.

Michael: Amber, you can always use my phone.

Amber: And say what? Huh? I need you to save my butt again? He hates me. You know, if one of you can tell me how to convince him, I'm so listening.

Michael: I would say, hire a good lawyer to do it for you.

Jill: This just doesn't make any sense. Ji Min was a very successful businessman. Why would he take this money? And lie to me?

Cane: Mum, Mum, Mum, you're running around in circles with questions no one can answer. Why don't we go outside, take a walk and get you some fresh air, huh?

Kay: That's a good idea. You'll clear your mind, Darling.

Jill: Yeah, maybe you're right.

Cane: I'm sure we are. Come on.

Jill: You know what, Darling? I would rather be alone.

Cane: Are you sure?

Jill: Yeah, I'm sure.

Cane: I wish there was something we could do.

Kay: So do I.

Cane: I could kill Ji Min if he was alive for putting her through this. That man did nothing but take advantage of her.

Kay: I tried to tell her. So what good would it do now to say, "I told you so?" Other than make me feel better.

(Cell phone ringing)

Cane: Hello?

Michael: Mr. Ashby? Michael Baldwin. I need your help on a legal matter.

Cane: Let me guess. It's got something to do with Amber, your brother and Daniel?

Michael: Yes. Not your favorite people, I realize that. But look at it as more of a way to help nail that rather aggravating federal agent who kidnapped you and held a gun to your head.

Jack: This tape is obviously part of a smear campaign by my opponents to try to thwart my efforts in the future. And I am not going to be bullied by this moribund political system. I'm going to do what the people of Wisconsin elected me to do. Yeah, I like the sound of that, too. Make sure it makes it onto this evening's news cycle? Bye. I'm sorry you had to hear that.

Sharon: Your statement was, um, it was concise and it was well-worded.

Jack: I've already stated publicly that this tape is a fake. I can't turn back now.

Sharon: No, I understand. I just wish you didn't make lying look so easy. Jack, if you explain to people why you bought Jabot, and you use the same intensity you're using to denigrate this tape, I think that people would understand. And they would respect you for being honest!

Jack: It's a gamble I'm not willing to take. Come here. Listen to me. There is no hard proof that I owned that company. I could survive this.

Sharon: I hope so.

Jack: Sweetheart, when I think of what other elected officials are being accused of, this isn't even in the same league.

Sharon: That's your gauge? Jack, it was still a crime.

Jack: I believe in what I'm doing as a senator. I don't wanna do it without your support.

Sharon: I love you. And you will always have my support, but... I can't be the public face on this one.

Jack: Okay, I can respect that. But this morning I'm meeting with a member of the state board of education to discuss strategies for appropriating funds for a program for teenage mothers, to keep them in school until they get their degrees. I don't wanna pressure you, but it would mean the world to me if you could be part of that. Really, just your presence could be instrumental in moving this whole program forward.

Sharon: Well, how can I say no to such a worthy cause?

Jill: Were you right all along? Was Ji Min lying to me about everything? I know he lied about Jabot and the stolen money. Was he lying about loving me? Was he marrying me to get close to the Chancellor fortune? Could I have been that stupid?

Kay: Jill... no one is more sorry than me that my suspicions turned out to be true. God, I would give anything-- anything had I been wrong.

Jill: Yeah, but were you wrong? Could I have been so wrong about that man?

Kay: You made a mistake.

Jill: Every time I close my eyes... all I can see is... his--his poor dead body lying on that floor, Katherine. He's gone. And I don't even know who he was.

Kay: Oh, Sweetheart.

Michael: Here's the problem, they didn't actually catch Mr. Bonacheck with the money. Whether or not they make the charges stick is not our problem. What is our problem is making sure the man's put away for kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder. I plan on offering them a package deal. Your four testimonies in exchange for immunity for Amber, Kevin and Daniel.

Cane: (Laughs) you see, you had me until the bit where these three get off scot-free.

Amber: Come on, Cane, please don't make Kevin and Daniel pay because you hate me.

Cane: No, I'm making them pay because they almost got me killed.

Nick: They made a mistake. If you hold a grudge, then this guy's gonna walk.

Cane: That's doubtful.

Michael: But possible. Why take the chance?

Daniel: Cane? You want me to man up, I will. Okay, I'm sorry you got dragged into this.

Kevin: Me, too.

Cane: You're only sorry 'cause you know you're facing jail time.

Amber: They are being sincere, I promise.

Cane: Yeah, and we all know what your promises are worth.

Nick: Well, mine are golden. And I'll promise to give you one. I'll give you ten if you step up and testify.

Michael: Cane, you're the ace. You're the only one in this group whose past can't be impugned. What do you say? Do I offer the feds the deal? What's gonna convince you?

Cane: I need some time.

Daniel: That's the one thing we don't have.

Nick: Look, this guy may never come around, Baldwin. You need to work out a deal with the feds for these three to testify.

Michael: I could try, but it won't make the same impression.

Amber: Look, I know you don't believe me, but I really am sorry for hurting you.

Cane: Well, that doesn't mean much coming from a liar, does it?

Kevin: This is getting us nowhere. Is there a plan "B"?

Michael: We could sue.

Daniel: Sue? Who are we gonna sue?

Michael: The federal government. One of their own made things very disagreeable for you guys. We can try to make things equally as disagreeable for them file a claim for assault, battery, false imprisonment.

Nick: I like it. It's worth a shot.

Amber: Will it work?

Michael: It's a risk. It's a risk I'd rather not take, Mr. Ashby.

Nick: All right, you need to just drop the damaged ego routine. Step up. Be a man.

Daniel: Bonacheck was gonna take me out and then he was gonna put a bullet in your head. So resent us all you want, but help us put that jerk away.

Michael: What they're so colorfully trying to say is that we'd like you to put your personal feelings aside, not as a favor to any of us. But to put a man behind bars who truly deserves to be there. And if you need some time...

Cane: I've already made up my mind.

Cane: I'll testify.

Michael: All right, I am on it.

Gloria: Well, well, well, if it isn't the man of the hour. It seems I can't turn on the television or open a newspaper without seeing your face.

Jack: Gloria.

Gloria: That's me. And you know something, Jack? I just came from a meeting at Jabot about expanding my Perfume on the Glo line. Ironic, isn't it? Your involvement with that company has caused you nothing but misery.

Jack: A fleeting problem, nothing more.

Gloria: Really? You know, I think every word the media is saying about you is true.

Jack: Well, fortunately, no one really cares what you think.

Gloria: Think again, Jack. A lot of people are very interested in what I have to say.

Jack: Gloria, you can shout from the rooftops. No one is really interested in the rantings of a social climbing, black widow.

Nick: Here you go. Drink up.

Daniel: Thanks.

Nick: Strawberry smoothie with wheatgrass. Hey, I told your mom I'd take care of you.

Daniel: Take care of me, huh? Thanks. Nothing like a mouthful of lawn to take the edge off.

Nick: It's good for you, you know? Assistant District Attorney Stevens, hello.

Heather: Mr. Newman.

Nick: You know, there's something I could use your help on.

Heather: Oh. What is it?

Nick: The warden up at Jackson won't let me see my wife. I was hoping you could put a call in for me, use your powers of persuasion?

Heather: And why would I do that? I'm sure you've done something to get your privileges revoked.

Nick: I just didn't know everyone was as strict as you, Ms. Stevens.

Heather: Are you trying to impress me?

Nick: No, I'm just trying to get you to see that people make mistakes in life. That doesn't mean they don't deserve another chance.

Heather: Oh, okay. Well, you know what? I've heard that speech before.

Nick: Okay. Look, I know you're new in town. My family happens to be very close with the new D.A., so, you know, I could put a call in for you. Give you some credit where it's due.

Heather: Now you're bribing me?

Nick: I'd like to look at it as more of a gesture of good faith.

Heather: Okay, well, it doesn't work that way when you receive something in return. It was a nice try, but it's not gonna happen.

Daniel: Is that, uh, blood or coffee?

Heather: Is that wit or desperation?

Daniel: I wish you had a heart. It'd be really nice to see someone break it.

Nick: Hey, hey, hey, take it easy.

Daniel: What? Why should I take it easy? She didn't even consider trying--you know what? How does a servant of the people have no compassion?

Heather: I'll see you in court.

Daniel: What a...

Nick: Uh, just-- just let it go, all right? Hey, why don't you go up and see your mom? That'll take your mind off your case.

Daniel: We should be able to go see her together.

Nick: Yeah, well, you tell her next time I'll be with you.

Daniel: How?

Nick: Don't worry about the how, just go make your mom smile. Get outta here.

Nick: Kenosha City. Yeah, I need the number for the mayor's office.

Jill: You know, the best tea I ever had was this special ginseng tea that Ji Min had shipped in from Korea. He was so thoughtful. Now I'll never know if anything he did was sincere.

Kay: Shh, shh, shh, shh. Here we go. Here we go.

Jill: I am so angry. I just want to yell at him. I wanna--I wanna force him to tell me the truth. Why did he lie? Why did he do this to us?

Kay: Darling, listen to me. I doubt you would have the answers even if he was here.

Jill: Yeah, but I just want him to be here.

Kay: Oh, Sweetie.

Jill: I just wanna see him one more time.

Kay: Oh, don't go there. Donít.

Woman: Excuse me, Senator Abbott? I'm with "The Chronicle."

Jack: My office will be releasing a formal statement later today. I really have no comment other than that.

Woman: Actually, I was interested in your wife's take on the allegations.

Sharon: Well, I support my husband 100%. He's an excellent stepfather, he's very loving and he's a dedicated civil servant and I'm very proud to be his wife.

Jack: Thank you.

Woman: Thank you.

Michael: Oh, Jack. Sharon.

Michael: Mind if I sit?

Heather: Apparently I donít.

Michael: I've heard that sarcasm helps to keep you from telling people what you really think of them. And I prefer the direct approach. I don't like you--

Heather: And we're done.

Michael: You didn't let me finish. I don't like you working so hard to get my clients into court. So I'm gonna make it easy for you. Let's make a deal.

Heather: A deal? Okay, uh, Monty Hall, what do you have in mind?

Michael: Mmm. Immunity for all three.

Heather: And now we're really done, thank you.

Michael: Well, perhaps you would like to check in with Dianne Messina of the U.S. Attorney's office. She seems very eager to have my clients testify against Agent Bonacheck. Um... here's her card. Oh, you are more than welcome to use my phone. She's, uh, um... six on speed dial.

Heather: I don't respond to strong arm tactics.

Michael: One more thing. Did I mention, uh, that their testimony is for the U.S. Attorney's office? Oh, I'm--I'm... I'll tell you what, I'll--I'll dial for you.

Kevin: It's 300! 300, you idiot! Who doesn't know that 300 is a perfect bowling score?

Gloria: I rolled a 200 once.

Kevin: You've bowled?

Gloria: Why is that so hard to believe?

Kevin: Because, Mom, you have to wear rented shoes.

Gloria: You know, this really isn't helping your, uh, stress levels, so...

Kevin: Yeah, well, I tried meditating and I fell asleep.

Gloria: You listen to me. Your brother is a brilliant attorney. And I really believe that he is going to work something out.

Kevin: You sure about that? 'Cause Phyllis got six years!

Gloria: All right. Shh. Honey? You got any news? Michael?

Michael: What news would that be? The fact that poor Ms. Stevens no longer knows which way is up? Or the fact that I got these guys one hell of a deal?

Kevin: Which is?

Michael: Two years probation and 90 hours of community service.

Gloria: Yes!

Kevin: No jail?

Michael: No jail.

Gloria: Thank God!

Kevin: Thanks Michael!

Phyllis: Oh! Hey! How are you?! Oh! How are you? And you tell me the truth!

Daniel: I...

Phyllis: Tell me the truth.

Daniel: Yes, I am great. Really. Michael cut us a deal, so, I mean, we're on probation and we've got some community service, but other than that, it's pretty much done.

Phyllis: Oh! You're not going to jail?

Daniel: I'm not going to jail. Except to see you.

Phyllis: Oh! Did I tell you how much I've missed you?

Daniel: Yeah. Well, now you can take those thousands of dollars that you were gonna give me for my legal expenses, and you can put 'em to better use.

Phyllis: Oh, I don't care about the money. It doesn't matter. I am just so relieved that you're not gonna end up in a place like this.

Amber: Hey!

Cane: When are you gonna stop following me around?

Amber: Well, you left Kevinís so fast, we didn't even get a chance to talk.

Cane: That's 'cause I don't wanna talk to you.

(Cell phone ringing)

Amber: Hold on.

Amber: Hello? What? Are you--you kidding me? That is so awesome! No, no, okay! Okay, bye! That was Michael! He did it! He got the deal! Sorry. I got a little carried away, I guess.

Cane: Congrats on your freedom. Try not to abuse it.

Amber: Yeah. Hey, you know what? Um... I just wanna say thank you. You risked your life for me when I got kidnapped, and...

Cane: Amber, it wasn't about you. It was about putting the bigger criminal away. It's that simple, okay?

Amber: Well, I'm free and I'm single and I'm a hero. I mean, what more could you want?

Cane: You saved my mum, I helped you out, okay? We'll call it even.

Daniel: She's pulling herself up now. So she'll probably be trying to take her first steps soon.

Phyllis: Wow. Wow. You have to remember to put those baby bumpers on--on the tables.

Daniel: And let the falling begin. Yes, I will take care of it.

Phyllis: Good. Good.

Daniel: So what have you been up to?

Phyllis: Uh, oh, my gosh. Well, let me--let me think. I-I get up and I have a gourmet breakfast, then I get a massage, then I take a dip in the spa.

Daniel: Hm. Michael said something about a carpentry class. You and a saw? I got one word for you, yikes.

Phyllis: Yikes, I know, right? Yeah, we made birdhouses and, um... yeah, I thought I was doing pretty good until the instructor pointed out that-- that I didn't leave a hole for the bird to actually get into the house.

Daniel: That's pretty pathetic.

Phyllis: I know, right? What am I gonna say? If Nick heard that, I mean, he would never let me forget it. How is he doing?

Daniel: He's, uh... he's great. You know, he's been right there by my side for this whole legal mess and, uh... well, he's doing great with Noah and Summer.

Phyllis: And? There's something you're not telling me?

Daniel: He's miserable without you. You know, he hates that he can't come here and visit.

Nick: Nicholas Newman. Yeah, when will the secretary be back? No, I need to speak with him directly. Okay, now he has authority over all the state prisons, correct? Okay, I'll be waiting for his call.

Gloria: Here's to... life outside of prison walls.

Michael: Here, here.

Kevin: I wasn't worried for a second, but hand me that phone. I have a flight to cancel.

Gloria: Oh, and were you going on the run before or after I reimbursed the government for $700,000 in stolen money?

Kevin: Uh, maybe I will taste the caviar.

Gloria: Oh, no, no, no, you ain't getting out of this, my sweet, handsome, funny one.

Michael: I feel so left out.

Gloria: And you are my brilliant one.

Michael: Mm.

Gloria: Actually, you're both brilliant. My legal eagle and my technical wizard. Actually, I've been giving a lot of thought to how clever Kevin is with that computer.

Kevin: You have?

Gloria: Mm-hmm. You were able to record Jack Abbott practically admitting to owning Jabot.

Michael: All right, hold it right there. What your technical wizard did was to hack into the Jabot security system illegally, and that is a felony.

Gloria: I just bring it up, because of all the bad press that Jack Abbott is getting right now. I'm enjoying seeing him try to weasel his way out of it, but the thing is, I'm afraid he just might.

Michael: Not your concern.

Gloria: Au contraire, Michael. We're members of this community. It's our duty to release that video so his constituents can know the truth.

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, but Jack didn't actually admit to owning Jabot on the footage.

Gloria: Close enough. I mean, it's pretty obvious that he's the puppet master pulling Ji Min's strings. The question is, how do we release the video without it being traced--

Michael: Enough! Enough! We have just averted one legal disaster. I would just like to have one entire day as your son and your brother without also being your legal counsel! Now... I'm gonna eat this caviar and we're gonna drink this champagne, and we're gonna celebrate!

Jill: It was nice of you to testify. Not everybody would stick his neck out for that motley crew.

Cane: Yeah. Well, bad as they are, Bonacheck is worse.

Kay: Oh, please, all this madness.

Jill: Amber was so desperate for that money. I saw her standing over Ji Min's body. I thought she'd killed him, but it didn't make any sense.

Cane: Amber may be no saint, but I really don't think she's capable of cold-blooded murder, Mum.

Jill: Ji Min should be here. He was too young to die. I have to know how it happened. You know, no matter how bad it is.

Cane: It won't take the pain away.

Jill: Yeah, it will. I need to know what he went through-- exactly what he went through, how much he suffered and how long it took him to die.

Maggie: Amber?

Amber: Hey.

Maggie: You enjoying your freedom?

Amber: Guess you heard about our deal, huh?

Maggie: Yeah. And that you rented Ji Min's room right after he died. You were so traumatized, being in there with his dead body, why would you go back and rent the very same room?

Amber: Well, I was just, um, I was trying to find the money, so I could hand it over to the court.

Maggie: Yeah? The police had searched the room.

Amber: Yeah, but Ji Min was a smart guy.

Maggie: And that makes you smart by default. You were right. Amber, is there anything else you'd like to tell me about the day Mr. Kim died?

Amber: Nothing I haven't said already. I mean, Ji Min was dead when I got to the room.

Maggie: That's everything?

Amber: Yeah.

Maggie: Great.

Phyllis: This is the fastest time's flown since I've been here.

Daniel: I'll be back soon.

Phyllis: Promise?

Daniel: Of course.

Phyllis: Okay.

Daniel: And I'll bring Summer next time. And, uh, Nick wanted me to tell you that he's gonna be here, too.

Phyllis: How?

Daniel: He's gonna figure it out.

Phyllis: Shh. Listen, um... I wrote a letter. I wanted to give it to you to give to him, but, uh, they wouldn't let me bring it in. I guess they figured I would whittle people down with paper cuts and then make a mad dash for the exit.

Daniel: Oh, yeah, I think I saw that in a Scorsese film once.

Phyllis: Yeah. Hey, listen, if I give you the gist, will you--

Daniel: Um, yeah. You know what? It would be like an e-mail. I got a great memory.

Phyllis: Okay. Um, all right, just-- just tell him that I keep on thinking about those last few hours before-- before I came here. I-I was freaking out about... never seeing Nick and you and Summer. And, um... and he made me forget about everything and he put my mind at ease.

Daniel: How?

Phyllis: Well, it started with a foot rub. And then...

Daniel: Uh, um... yeah, you can stop. I came in, he had no shirt, there was a bottle of champagne.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, you did see that. That's right. (Giggles)

Daniel: Yeah. It's ruining my image of him and I really don't wanna reiterate any of that.

Phyllis: No, no, no, don't worry about it. Listen, you--you don't have to, okay? Just tell him that... that every time I think about it, it makes me smile. And tell him that I'm so happy that a person as caring as he is looking after you and Summer. And then, tell him that it's helping me get through this. And... tell him I'm okay.

Daniel: You know, you don't have to put up a front.

Phyllis: No. I'm not. Just tell him I'm okay.

Daniel: Okay.

Phyllis: Okay.

Daniel: Okay.

Phyllis: Good. I love you. Thank you.

Nick: So I have a call into the secretary of the department of corrections.

Michael: Oh, the warden's boss? Nice. Smooth.

Heather: Counselor, I would like a word.

Michael: Uh, there's more to say after a plea bargain?

Heather: That agreement wasn't mutual.

Michael: They hardly ever are.

Heather: You blind-sided me.

Michael: If I had thought for one moment that you'd have been reasonable, I might've tried--

Heather: You--you what? You wouldn't have gone over my head?

Michael: All right, don't think of it as a footprint on your scalp. Think of it as my serving the best interests of my clients.

Heather: Where justice wasn't served.

Nick: Now you know my wife's in prison for six years, right? And my stepson's on probation. What more do you want?

Heather: Daniel should be doing time, as should your brother and his girl friend.

Nick: Well, they arenít. And your opinion isn't gonna change that, so why don't you just let it go? Move on.

Michael: No, wait, wait, uh, first let me win Phyllis' appeal, then move on.

Heather: I'll see you in court.

Michael: We'll be there.

Jack: Thanks. That reporter already posted your statement online.

Jack: Hey... thank you for what you did. I know that couldn't have been easy for you, but I want you to know that it meant the world to me.

Sharon: I, um... I wish I could've said more. I just said whatever I could say without lying, because I could never face Noah again if I did that.

Jack: I know. And I understand.

Sharon: I know how you... rationalize your decision to lie. I understand that, but I... I don't think that I will understand how you ever live with it. It just must eat at your soul.

Jack: As long as I have you, I'll be fine.

[Gloria and Kevin watching the tape of Jack and Ji Min]

Jack's voice: I'm telling you very soon Jabot and NVP will announce to the world that for the benefit of both endeavors...

Ji Min: And the good of the Abbott for senate campaign--

Jack: The alliance between the two companies will be reestablished and stronger than ever.

Kevin: Well, that would put Jack, like, 12 feet under.

Gloria: How about 20 and no room to breathe.

Kevin: Well, too bad we're the only ones who are ever gonna see it.

Gloria: But we don't have to be, Angel.

Kevin: Don't let Michael hear you say that.

Gloria: Honey, Michael just wants to protect us. But if we can figure out a way to release that video anonymously, then he's got nothing to worry about.

Kevin: Michael always worries.

Gloria: I know, and that's good. But we can do this. Let the public see what they've been missing. They deserve to know who the real Jack Abbott is.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Jack: You think I ought to admit to owning Jabot when owning it was against the law?

Brad: You and I are the real couple-- not you and Nick. Not you and Jack.

Victor: Jack Abbott will be found guilty.

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