Y&R Transcript Monday 9/17/07

Y&R Transcript Monday 9/17/07 -- Canada; Tuesday 9/18/07 -- USA


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Lily: Wow.

Cane: Is that, like... good "Wow?"

Lily: I don't know, wow.

Daniel: Well, that was certainly impressive.

Amber: More like depressive. Ugh. I think I'm gonna throw up. What if that was just the coming attraction?

Daniel: Well, I say after the trailer, we bag the movie and head on home.

Amber: Oh, God.

Devon: I need to speak to Mr. Cardoso regarding the ethanol project. Excuse me? Okay. Okay. Hang on. Hang--you wouldn't happen to speak Portuguese, would you? 'Cause the guy in Paolo doesn't speak any English.

Roxanne: Six years of French.

Devon: French? Okay, that's not gonna work. Um... (Sighs) let me see. (Speaking Spanish) hello? Hi. Um... (Speaking Spanish)

Devon: Gracias. Brazil is next to Argentina, so I figured I'd use Spanish.

Roxanne: Such a resourceful, young executive.

Devon: Oh, yeah, that's me. What are you doing? Make sure you get my good side.

Roxanne: Oh, your dad won't care.

Devon: It's for my dad?

Roxanne: Yeah. You're following in his footsteps.

Devon: I thought you were gonna blow it up and put it on your, uh, table next to your bed. (Chuckles) no? Hang on. Hi, Mr. Cardoso? Hi, this is Devon Hamilton at Newman. Yes, hi, listen, anytime there is a problem at the ethanol production facility, you let me know. Okay, day or night.

Neil: Ah. You know, I wonder if there's a business in this.

Karen: This being?

Neil: Divorce parties.

Karen: Divorce parties?

Neil: I mean, think about it. More than half of all marriages fail, right? This could be an untapped niche market.

Karen: (Scoffs) okay.

Neil: No, no, no, I'm serious. Really. I could manufacture all the props and advertise on the dating sites.

Karen: Mm.

Neil: Uh-huh. Custom-made piñatas with your ex's face. Let the bashing begin!

Karen: Oh! Oh! Nice.

Neil: You like that?

Karen: That's a-- that's a cute slogan.

Neil: Yeah, I thought so.

Karen: Kind of business-y, though, so why don't-- how about... no more business.

Neil: Ah, fine. Crush my marketing genius, Babe. Did I tell you how, uh, beautiful you look tonight?

Karen: Thanks.

Colleen: Mmm. Late night munchies?

Adrian: Uh, vending machine cheese and cracker sandwiches with no nutritional content. I can brush some onto your side of the bed.

Colleen: Or not. Skim or whole milk?

Adrian: Champagne.

Colleen: Champagne? Oh, my God. I'll be right back. What are you doing here? You know what? I don't even care what you're gonna say. Leave. Now.

Daniel: What's got your thong in a wad?

Colleen: Stupidity isn't gonna buy you time, okay? You know what this is.

Amber: Yeah, yeah. It's a club!

Colleen: It's Lily and Cane's divorce party from you and you. So why don't you make this easy and leave?

Amber: Last time I checked, this was a public place. I don't really think you have a say.

Colleen: Right, so maybe I should go ask Neil what he thinks? But you know what? I wouldn't wanna make a scene. So why don't you try and find the decency and leave?

Amber: Why don't you try to find the decency to stay away from me, too?

Daniel: Hey, why don't we just bounce? I know this great taco stand.

Amber: No tacos. I can't eat when I'm upset.

Daniel: You always eat when you're upset.

Amber: Well, yeah, but that was before I saw your wife smacking on my husband.

Daniel: Ex. Ex.

Amber: Exactly why I have to stay here and keep an eye on them.

Daniel: For what? So you can feel bad about this?

Amber: I feel worse. You think they're hooking up?

Daniel: Ah--I'm not letting my mind go there.

Amber: Well, mine has already been there and back.

Lily: It's hot in here. Don't you think it's hot in here?

Cane: It's a little warm, yeah.

Lily: Yeah, um... well, I'm--I'm just, uh... I'm gonna go mingle.

Cane: I'll come with you.

Lily: Uh, well, then that would be... co-mingling. Bye.

Devon: (Speaking Portuguese) that's my Portuguese for the day. There's some sort of problem with an electronic fund transfer to his company. And it's gonna take me a while to sort it out. You're gonna be bored out of your mind if you stay here.

Roxanne: I mean, it's all good. I'll stay and study.

Devon: Study? No, no, no, no, no. And turn this no-fun thing into an epidemic? I don't think so. You should get back to the party and have fun. And I'll get there as soon as I can.

Roxanne: It doesn't seem fair while you're here working.

Devon: Hey, now. You are all the incentive I need to get this done.

Colleen: What is with you? Why are you freaking out?

Lily: I kissed Cane.

Colleen: Wait, you, like... kissed him kissed him?

Lily: Yeah.

Colleen: I didn't even know you were--

Lily: I-I-I'm not. I'm not, that is what is so insane.

Colleen: Was it good?

Lily: It was like I forgot my name, good.

Colleen: Oh, my goodness!

Lily: Which makes no sense! It doesn't even make any--any sense! He's not even my type!

Colleen: Well, what is your type?

Lily: Uh, someone who never married Amber?

Colleen: Good start.

Lily: You know what? I'm sure it didn't even mean anything to him, you know?

Colleen: Well, did you ask him?

Lily: No, Coll, this was a one-time thing. One-time thing!

Colleen: Okay, just checking.

Lily: It's fine. No biggie, no harm, no foul.

Colleen: Mm-hmm.

Colleen: So, um, I mean, kissing someone new is this... exciting thing, right?

Lily: Yeah.

Colleen: Yeah.

Lily: Yeah, that's all it was. Yeah. I feel better. Don't mention this to anybody. I don't think anybody saw, but don't.

Colleen: Oops.

Lily: What? Who?

Colleen: Well, your ex and his ex crashed.

Lily: Wait, they're here? Please tell me they didn't see us! Please tell me that!

Colleen: I don't know, I'm just saying they're here.

Kevin: Hey, Coll. Adrian told me you were in here. Lily, happy "D" day.

Lily: Yeah. Bombs away!

Colleen: I'm glad you came back.

Kevin: To Miss Lily kicking my best friend to the curb? I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Lily: Yeah, apparently your best friend wouldn't either.

Colleen: To make things worse, um, he brought... you know who.

Kevin: Hey, more power to 'em. Boo-yah.

Lily: I think—

(Glass breaking)

Lily: That didn't sound good. I have to go.

Colleen: Boo-yah? Passive-aggressive much?

Kevin: Colleen, it is official. I am completely off the guest list. Jana refuses to see me.

Colleen: Did you have a fight?

Kevin: No, not even close.

Colleen: Well, maybe she doesn't wanna hurt you.

Kevin: Oh, 'cause that's logical. Cutting me out like-- like that growth in her brain is gonna make me feel so much better.

Colleen: I'm really sorry, Kevin.

Kevin: I'm not. A divorce party? That goes perfectly with my train wreck of a relationship. Boo-yah.

Neil: What a night, huh? Endless stars.

Karen: It's beautiful. You know, I have a favorite.

Neil: Do you?

Karen: Mm-hmm.

Neil: Is that like having a favorite pair of shoes or a favorite lip gloss?

Karen: Okay, I'm gonna kick your butt.

Neil: Oh, no, I remember those dancing feet of yours.

Karen: Yeah, exactly. It's Betelgeuse.

Neil: Betelgeuse?

Karen: Mm-hmm.

Neil: Betelgeuse? That sounds like Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice, like the movie?

Karen: No!

Neil: No?

Karen: Betelgeuse, like the star.

Neil: Ah.

Karen: It's in Orion.

Neil: Right.

Karen: Mm-hmm.

Neil: Well, I'm a Polaris man myself. And that is... let me see your hand. See, right up there?

Karen: Yeah.

Neil: You see the big dipper?

Karen: Mm-hmm.

Neil: Okay, now just below... right there.

Karen: Okay.

Neil: Yeah. That's a beautiful star in the sky that never moves. Life changes, but it doesn't.

Karen: I like that.

Neil: Hey... would you like to dance?

Karen: Sure.

Karen: (Exhales) maybe we should go back inside.

Neil: Yeah, you know what? I didn't tell you this, but I actually have to go back to Newman and do some work.

Karen: Oh, really?

Neil: Yeah.

Karen: Oh, okay, that's--

Neil: But I can stay here if you want me--

Karen: No, no, no, no, it's--it's fine. You can--you can go back and I'll just stay--

Neil: But I'm not the kind of guy who leaves his date--

Karen: Uh, it's not-- it's not really a date, so it's okay.

Neil: It's not? It's not a date?

Karen: No. No.

Neil: You're sure you're not mad?

Karen: No! No, I'm not mad. I'm fine.

Neil: You're sure?

Karen: No, I'm not mad. Really. Neil, just stop and... I'll go back inside and-- and you get back to work and, um, I'll see you tomorrow. Okay?

Neil: Okay.

Karen: Bye.

Neil: Yeah. Good night.

Cane: There you are.

Lily: Hey.

Cane: You know you're not supposed to be working at your own party.

Lily: Yeah, well, you know.

Cane: Are you all right?

Lily: Yeah, totally.

Cane: You sure? You're not putting me on?

Lily: You mean 'cause of... the thing? It was--it was nothing.

Cane: So you're not upset?

Lily: Me? Upset? Please. I'm not upset.

(Cell phone buzzing)

Cane: Can I get you something? Maybe some cake?

Lily: Um, you don't have to be so nice to me.

Cane: Really? Whew! That's such a relief, isn't it?

Lily: No, I just meant that, you know, one little whatever-- it doesn't obligate you.

Cane: I don't feel obligated.

Colleen: Hey, Guys! Having fun? Oh, Cane, um, that new prosecutor, Heather-something-or-other, she was looking for you.

Cane: Okay. Okay. I'll see you later.

Lily: Okay.

Cane: Ladies.

Lily: What took you so long?!

Colleen: I couldn't get away from Heather. What is the problem?

Lily: Life? Cane. Daniel. I don't know. And I don't-- I don't feel good.

Colleen: What, do you have a stomach bug?

Lily: Yeah, something like that, or else I drank something I shouldn't have.

Colleen: Like a drink drink?

Lily: Well, yeah, they all look the same at the bar and I thought my cranberry juice tasted funny. Hey, was that Heather chick-- was she really looking for Cane?

Colleen: I'm sure there are always women looking for Cane. Do we care?

Lily: No. We don't. Ugh. Oh, God, I don't care about anything except for... my stomach ache.

Neil: Hey, Sweetheart. Listen, I have to run back to the office for a little while. The night manager's gonna lock up for me, close up, so are you good?

Lily: Yeah, I'm great. Um, is Karen going with you?

Neil: No, she decided to stay.

Lily: Oh, so you guys are, like, uh, a hang out thing rather than a thing-thing?

Neil: College has done wonderful things for your vocabulary. Come here. Hey...

Lily: What?

Neil: You been drinking?

Colleen: Um, I'll definitely take her home, Mr. Winters.

Neil: No, Colleen, Lily is underage and I am legally responsible for you.

Lily: No, Dad, it was an accident. I grabbed the wrong drink.

Neil: Yeah. I made a lot of excuses when I was caught drinking, too.

Lily: Dad, I wouldn't lie to you about that. You were in A.A. I get that.

Neil: All right, can I explain something to you? All right, when you're hurting, the part of your brain that just wants the pain to go away doesn't care that your father is in A.A.

Colleen: She told me it was an accident, too. I mean, Lily doesn't drink. I'll be back in a sec.

Lily: Dad, you trust me, right?

Neil: Yeah, Baby, of course I trust you.

Lily: Okay, then you know I'm telling you the truth.

Neil: Okay. I want you to promise me that if you ever, ever need to, that--

Lily: I won't, I won't. I won't.

Neil: I want you to come to me. Just promise me that, all right?

Lily: Okay, yes, I promise you.

Daniel: So one minute she loves you and your mom pays for her operation.

Kevin: And the next minute, I'm persona non grata.

Daniel: And you get nada. What, do you think she was playing you before? Just to get the chip for her surgery and successfully, I might add.

Kevin: How should I know?

Daniel: Damn, she's good.

Kevin: I tell ya, that girl is my kryptonite.

Daniel: Well, I wouldn't look to me for any advice. I mean, here I am at Lily's "kick Daniel to the curb" party. And tomorrow I'm gonna be trying to plea bargain my way out of spending my 20s in prison.

Kevin: No, no, no, make that "We."

Daniel: We are the human equivalent of the "Titanic."

Kevin: I prefer to think of us as... armed cruise missiles. I say, we look 'em in the eye and we laugh. Ha.

Daniel: Ha.

Kevin: Ha.

Daniel: Well, I am so with you, Braw.

Kevin: Braw. I need to find the prosecutor.

Daniel: Wait, Heather the prosecutor? You mean, our prosecutor-- she's here?

Kevin: She's everywhere. And the situation calls for a pointless and futile gesture.

Daniel: Yeah, well, uh... one from you gets one from me, my man.

Heather: Mr. Ashby--

Cane: Ms. Stevens.

Heather: Actually, call me Heather.

Cane: Actually, call me happy.

Heather: Okay, um, happy. So I'm a busy girl in a new town.

Cane: Mm-hmm.

Heather: And... making friends takes time, something I don't have much of, so I was just gonna come straight out and, um... ask you if, um...

Cane: Ask me what?

Heather: If you'd like to catch a movie sometime? You can invite your friends, your girlfriend, even. If you have one, I don't--

Cane: Which girlfriend?

Heather: Any of 'em. All of 'em. It doesn't matter. I-I just really would like to meet people that don't have anything to do with criminal justice.

Cane: Speaking of which...

Kevin: Ms. Stevens, sorry to interrupt. Would you like to come back inside and dance with me?

Cane: (Chuckles)

Heather: You know, the D.A.'s office, uh, frowns upon us dancing with people we're trying to put away.

Kevin: Well, come on. Be a rebel just this once.

Heather: Thanks, but no.

Kevin: You're gonna be kicking yourself tomorrow.

Heather: Or not.

Kevin: All right. Well, don't say I didn't give you a shot.

Heather: (Laughs)

Daniel: Come here often?

Lily: At least you didn't say what sign are you?

Daniel: Yeah, well, I'm not that lame. You knew I was here?

Lily: Yeah, well, it's not that big a place.

Daniel: Fun night?

Lily: Not really.

Daniel: You ever wish we could call a "Do-over?"

Lily: All the time. But we can't.

Daniel: You know, I've been thinking a lot about our senior prom.

Lily: The one we didn't go to?

Daniel: The one we couldn't afford. But Gina made us that amazing dinner at the club, instead. I've also been thinking about our wedding.

Lily: Yeah, we stayed at that rank motel in Vegas and you brought me flowers and that vintage wedding dress.

Daniel: Yeah, well, the price was right.

Lily: It sure was.

Daniel: It was perfect. I was definitely happy.

Lily: Well, that was then. And this is now.

Daniel: You okay?

Lily: No, I-I have... I have to go. I think--

Daniel: Are you okay?

Lily: No, I don't want your help, okay? I don't wanna talk to you.

Karen: Here we go. Hey.

Cane: Hello, Ladies, you enjoying yourselves?

Karen: Oh, yeah. Just getting ready to lair it up. That means "Cause trouble."

Cane: Oh, so you parley Aussie, huh?

Karen: Yes, I do. I actually backpacked all through there after college. Mostly Tasmania, but I saw everything from Perth to murwillumbah?

Cane: That's right.

Karen: Okay.

Cane: Murwillumbah.

Karen: Murwill-- murwillumbah?

Cane: Murwillumbah.

Karen: Now where did you go to college?

Cane: Uh, university of the outback. If you go there, you can pretty much do anything except, uh, find Lily. Have you seen where she's gone?

Roxanne: Uh, I haven't seen her at all.

Karen: No, not lately, mnh-mnh.

Cane: Maybe she's with, uh, Devon.

Roxanne: No, no, he's back at Newman.

Cane: No! And he left a dazzler like you here all alone?

Karen: I think that's Aussie for, "I flirt with all the girls, and I just can't help myself."

Roxanne: (Laughs) busted!

Cane: All I'm saying is, is that I was with you or with you, the last thing I would do right now is go to the office.

Devon: How long you been standing there?

Neil: Oh, about two minutes or so. Sometimes parents just like to look at their kids. You know what I mean?

Devon: Ah.

Neil: Last time I saw you, you were at a party with a beautiful girl. What dragged you out?

Devon: Oh, a problem happened with the Brazilian ethanol deal. It needed my professional attention.

Neil: Gotcha. So you jusasdt left Roxanne at the party?

Devon: No, well, she came with me. She was here for a minute, and then she, uh, went back to the party. But, uh, look who's talking? Where's your date?

Neil: My-- no, no, no, it wasn't-- it wasn't a date.

Devon: Okay.

Neil: Yeah, don't okay me, Young man. No, we're just, you know, we're--we're... friends.

Devon: Mm-hmm. Friends? Friends? Well, you know, you should get back to the party. You shouldn't be here.

Neil: That's my line.

Devon: All right, but the difference is, unlike you, I'm not avoiding anyone.

Neil: (Chuckles) avoiding?

Devon: Yeah.

Neil: Now where'd you get that idea?

Devon: Dad, I-I think that it's cool if you like Karen. You know, she obviously likes you.

Neil: So?

Devon: So you should do, you know, what you always tell me to do and go after what you want.

Neil: You, my friend, you have a long ways to go.

Devon: What do you mean by that?

Neil: What I mean is, the ability to obfuscate-- to deliberately hide what you really think. See, it's a very useful tool in business. But with your father? Young man, that's not gonna work. Not now, not ever.

(Telephone ringing)

Devon: Wait a second. Hello? Hi, Mr. Cardoso. Yes, Sir.

Neil: Hey--

Devon: Hang on.

Neil: When you finish your call, we're gonna talk. We're not finished.

Devon: Yeah.

Lily: Hey, Daniel didn't follow me, did he?

Colleen: Uh, no, just me.

Lily: Oh, good. Why did I talk to him? Why did I do that? Why did I talk to him?

Colleen: Habit, maybe? You wanna sit? Okay.

Lily: (Sighs) oh, it's like, when I saw him, I just... it just hit me how wrong all of this was. I mean, having a party-- like there's something to celebrate? And kissing Cane? But I don't--I don't do that. I don't do that. That's... that's not me. That's not who I am. (Sighs) I thought Daniel was... the love of my life.

Colleen: I know.

Lily: Ugh. Okay. Pity party ended.

Colleen: You're entitled, okay? You've been through a lot.

Lily: Please, I'm starting to bore myself. Oh, okay. Lessons learned-- be careful who you marry.

Colleen: Mm-hmm.

Lily: Mm-hmm. Don't talk to your ex. Don't go kissing anybody else's. (Exhales) and hang out with the people that you can really count on. Which is you, my dad and Devon.

Neil: Hey. Things okay in Brazil?

Devon: Yeah, they seem to be now.

Neil: Why are you still here?

Devon: Back atcha, Dad.

Neil: Yeah. I-I know it's hard for you.

Devon: What's hard for me? What do you mean?

Neil: Son, um, do you-- do you think guys have... you know, types?

Devon: I'm not following you.

Neil: I'm not talking about blondes, brunettes, short, tall, um... it's really-- let me explain it like this. Dru--for all her... "I'm going camping, but I'm gonna do it and make sure that I get room service at a 5-star hotel," she was an athlete. You know that. See, one time we were in France, and we were hiking in the mountains of Grenoble. That's high altitude up there. And I was sucking wind, just trying somehow to catch my breath, and there was Dru--dancing, literally running circles around me, laughing.

Devon: Yeah, that sounds like Dru.

Neil: And then there's Karen. Very athletic. The other day in the gym, she showed me some of her kick-boxing moves. I'm telling you, son, she's fierce.

Devon: Like I said, you know, that's... cool. Karen--she's cool.

Neil: Yeah, she is cool. But, come on, Man, its okay to say it.

Devon: Um, what else you want me to say? She's, uh, she's smart. She's very attractive.

Neil: She's not Dru.

Devon: Okay. No, she's not Dru.

Neil: Thank you. That's what I've been thinking, too.

Devon: You think I don't know why you're at work right now? Can't fool your son.

Neil: Man, its crazy. I mean... Devon, I know it's crazy. Dru's gone. And no amount of wishing is gonna bring her back, right? And then, here comes this incredible, beautiful, talented, athletic woman. She walks right into my life, and I can't seem to let myself-- it just--it feels like cheating.

Devon: Maybe you're not ready.

Neil: Yeah, yeah, that's the one I'm hiding behind.

Devon: I thought you never hide behind anything, though.

Neil: How'd you get so smart?

Devon: You know, I learned from the best.

Neil: Yes, you did. Come on, let's go to the party.

Devon: I really should wait for, uh, Mr. Cardoso--

Neil: I'm talking to you now as your boss, not your father. See these walls around us? Look at 'em. Don't hide behind 'em. It's not healthy. Come on.

Lily: Hey, can you get that pink stuff that my dad keeps behind the bar?

Colleen: Yeah, sure.

Cane: You mean this?

Lily: Please. Please don't look at me. I look awful.

Cane: All right, everybody, stand back. Do not worry. I am a trained professional. I hear you got a little boggled.

Lily: What?

Cane: Oh, it's, um, sick after drinking.

Colleen: Uh, yeah, she did.

Cane: And as--

Lily: I'm fine. I'm fine.

Cane: As a former bartender, I know all the tricks. You start with a little bit of the, uh, pink, then a swing of the fizzy-- it's better than h2o, and finally, for that minty-fresh feeling.

Lily: Cane, this is... this is really, really nice of you, but I'm--I'm okay now. I swear.

Cane: Are you sure? Keep me updated. Because I also make house calls.

Kevin: I'm choosing a tasteful medley of music as befits my current mood. "Highway to Hell," gotta love that.

Amber: Where's Cane?

Daniel: Don't torture yourself.

Kevin: "Born to Run." Interesting option.

Amber: I just need to talk to him.

Daniel: Yeah, well, I wouldn't do that. I just played "Remember When?" With Lily, and it made her throw up. Literally.

Kevin: "Folsom Prison Blues." How apt.

Amber: I-I just-- I have to find him.

Daniel: Why don't we go dance or something instead?

Amber: No, I have to.

Daniel: Okay, um, how about we pretend to be all over each other, you make him jealous. Come on, you're smacking on the hottest guy at the party.

Amber: Later.

Daniel: Hey, you got any J. Geils in here?

Kevin: Yeah, I just saw it.

Daniel: Why don't you put on "Love Stinks."

Heather: You know, seeing you the other day got me thinking about Macey again. She was a great girl. She loved your class.

Adrian: Yes, she was... a terrific student.

Heather: She'd come home from lectures and just go on and on and on about art.

Adrian: I'm flattered. Yeah, that was intro to art history. Most students slept through that.

Heather: Somehow I doubt that.

Adrian: Seriously. 8:15 on a Monday morning is a very cruel thing. I had to lecture over snoring.

Heather: Oh. Well, I don't know, I guess I didn't hear about that part.

Colleen: Hey!

Heather: Hi.

Colleen: Strange night. What do you call a divorce party where both exes show up?

Adrian: Reality TV.

Colleen: Yeah. Like you'd ever watch.

Adrian: No, I'm serious. Wasn't there a show on cable a few years ago? (Cell phone ringing)

Colleen: Mm-hmm.

Heather: Oh, it's work. Excuse me. Heather Stevens.

Colleen: Is she nice?

Adrian: In general or compared to you?

Colleen: The plea bargain thing is tomorrow. I was thinking about Kevin.

Adrian: He has Jana.

Colleen: You know what I mean. Don't be fooled by the blonde in attractive packaging, okay? That woman can put Kevin in prison for a long time. (Playing nondescript tune)

Amber: Did you hear about what happened with your mom?

Cane: So... when there's a fire at the club, Amber to the rescue, huh? I suppose I should say thank you.

Amber: You're welcome. She must've been so scared, huh?

Cane: I'm just glad it ended well. Is there anything else?

Amber: You know, I didn't know about your stupid divorce party, if that's what you think. I'm just-- I'm just hanging out with Daniel.

Cane: Your fellow felon.

Amber: He's feeling a little lousy right now, especially after seeing you and Lily, uh...

Cane: What, kiss? It's no biggie. I kiss a lot of girls.

Amber: "Georgie, porgie, pudding, pie. Kissed the girls and made 'em cry." Or maybe that's just me, Georgie.

Cane: And I don't kiss you anymore, so where's your self-respect?

Amber: When you did me and dumped me, you kinda took it with you.

Cane: What do you want?

Amber: Another chance.

Cane: What is it gonna take for you to understand that we're over, huh? We're finished. I don't want you. I don't even like you.

Devon: Roxanne? Hey.

Roxanne: Hey, you! Uh, you had enough of junior achievement?

Devon: Hey, that's Mr. Junior achievement to you, okay?

Roxanne: You know, you are really lucky that I'm having a good time.

Devon: Oh, yeah?

Roxanne: Yeah, 'cause you've been gone for--

Devon: I know. I know. I know. I'm sorry. I will make it up to you. I promise that.

Roxanne: I'm just teasing.

Devon: Are you tired?

Roxanne: Not at all. Mnh-mnh.

Devon: Well, let me tell you the advantage of having a dad who owns this club-- we can stay as late as we want.

Roxanne: Except I have a 9:00 class.

Devon: You do? Well, yeah, I have a 9:00 office tomorrow, too, so... what I'm gonna do... is take a picture of you and send this to your folks to show them what a good girl they raised.

Roxanne: (Giggles)

Devon: All right? Now let's go look through the CDs and find something we can dance to.

Karen: Oh. I... I didn't expect to see you back here.

Neil: Neither did I.

Karen: What made you change your mind?

Neil: This.

Amber: (Sighs) you know... I thought because I'm a hero and I'm on the news, people would treat me differently.

Kevin: By people, she means Cane.

Daniel: Cane is a loser. The guy doesn't even appreciate you.

Kevin: Would you just look at Ms. Prosecutor over there? Heather. Heather. (Valley girl accent) like, oh, my God! You know what would be, like, so bitching?

Amber: Our prosecutor doesn't sound like a valley girl.

Kevin: (Normal voice) you know what? If I found that money, I would throw it at her like confetti.

Daniel: Yeah, you'd be like, "Plea bargain this, Babe."

Kevin: And then...

Amber: Oh, and then, she would just throw us right in for the maximum sentence anyway.

Kevin: Let's go talk to her.

Amber: Are you on drugs?

Kevin: What? I'm not afraid of her. You shouldn't be either.

Amber: You know, what if our money is found, hm? What if it's found before our meeting with her tomorrow? It's a possibility.

Kevin: Nah.

Daniel: Yeah, no.

Kevin: No fear, Braw.

Daniel: No weakness, Braw!

Heather: Thank you very much.

Daniel: Oh, great. Look, she's coming over.

Kevin: Oh, so now you wanna dance?

Heather: I'm glad I caught all of you guys. We need to talk.

Kevin: Damn straight we do.

Heather: So you're up to speed then, I take it? Your lawyer called?

Kevin: All caught up.

Amber: Wait, we are?

Heather: So it's pretty amazing the fire department found those ashes.

Amber: What ashes?

Heather: I thought you said your lawyer called.

Kevin: He did.

Daniel: Amber was indisposed.

Kevin: We were just about to fill her in.

Daniel: But since you've already started, why don't you go ahead and finish.

Heather: So the, uh, the stolen money? Evidently, it burnt up in a fire this afternoon.

Amber: Shut up!

Heather: So you guys really didn't have it.

Amber: Of course we didn't!

Kevin: Free the G.C. Three, Braw!

Heather: You, uh, are still up on multiple felony charges.

Amber: You have your money. Why don't we just call it even?

Daniel: Yeah, and you've already put my mom away. I mean, what, do you wanna put the whole family behind bars?

Heather: I will see you in my office at 10:00.

Kevin: I'll bring the coffee and donuts.

Amber: (Laughs) talk about a night turning around, huh? We are lucky!

Lily: Hey. Um... I wanted to thank you.

Cane: Oh, I hand out kisses quite freely.

Lily: No, uh, I meant when I was sick.

Cane: But I'd rather remember the kiss.

Lily: Yeah. Um... can we just pretend that never happened?

Cane: What happened?

Lily: Quite a party.

Cane: Yep. Let's not do this again, huh?

Lily: Deal.

Cane: Friends?

Lily: Let's start with... friendly. Moving toward friends. Maybe.

Cane: This is just so sudden.

Lily: Okay, well, I'll give you some time to think about it.

Cane: Let the thinking begin.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Jack: No one is really interested in the rantings of a social climbing black widow.

Maggie: You rented Ji Min's room right after he died.

Heather: Daniel should be doing time, as should your brother and his girlfriend.

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