Y&R Transcript Wednesday 9/12/07

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 9/12/07 -- Canada; Thursday 9/13/07 -- U.S.A.


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Michael: I'm going to see the Assistant District Attorney tomorrow.

Gloria: About Kevinís case?

Michael: And Danielís and Amberís.

Gloria: Yeah, well, you just look out for your brother.

Michael: I am trying to get them all a plea bargain.

Gloria: You know, how can she offer one a deal and not the other, and why on earth Amber?

Michael: Amber was the easiest target. Ms. Stevens, bless her devious little soul, thought that she would sell out the others.

Gloria: Well, it's a good thing Amber turned her down, otherwise I'd be so--

Michael: All right, let's try to keep someone in this family out of court.

Gloria: All right, what are their chances of a plea?

Michael: I don't know, since we wouldn't play ball with Amber, Ms. Stevens may not be so cooperative.

Gloria: Well, Kevin and Daniel are okay. They've got the money to pay off the government. Who cares about the blonde bimbo?

Michael: It doesn't work that way. All three of them are responsible for the money. Partial restitution will not impress the judge.

Gloria: What are you saying, Michael?

Michael: In legalese, they are jointly and severally responsible for the missing money.

Gloria: Okay, and in "Gloria-ese," please?

Michael: They all go to jail.

Daniel: And that's why my dad's a legend around here.

Carson: Never heard of him.

Daniel: Come on, huge concerts, sang with, like, all the local artists.

Carson: Yeah, Amber sings. You seen her around?

Daniel: Once he blew up in the biz, we got to go over to Europe. He used to tell me the craziest stories, like, I guess there was this one time that when he was in Germany this German girl got into his hotel room when he wasn't there and she was just wearing, like--

Carson: You know, I hate to miss that story, but, uh, I gotta jet. Catch you later.

Amber: I should do the right thing. I should just turn the money in. Hold up. Why would you do that? Thou shalt not steal a good enough reason? Rules were made to be broken. You should know that. You know... if I turn the money in, it would get me out of a big legal mess. Is that a guarantee? I don't know! Why risk it? Go splurge! Go buy yourself something in fashion. The feds will never know how much Ji Min might've spent. Yeah, but what if they still trace the serial numbers? What if they don't? And I don't think I could look at myself in the mirror. If it was a full-length mirror with a new designer gown? I think you could. There is so much money here. How much do you need to make that demo? $2,000. Maybe more. The government wouldn't even know that was missing. Yeah! And then... I could make a demo and people would finally take me seriously! I could finally catch a break! I would be more than just that-- that girl from that show, the one that sent a picture of her-- no, no, you know what? This is crazy talk, okay? Taking that money is what got me into trouble in the first place. Trouble translates into a hit single and red carpet events. I could also mean losing the chance to-- to have people see me as a good person. I mean, what if this is the chance to win my husband back? What if it isn't? Hm? Then you are out a boatload of cash and a man. Let me ask you a question, who stepped up to the plate for you, huh? No one, that's who. Stop it, okay! I can't think!

(Knock on door)

Daniel: Hey, it's me. Let me in.

Nikki: I should know better than to look at those message boards.

David: Gossip about your favorite celeb?

Nikki: How about my least favorite senator?

David: Ah, the infamous tape.

Nikki: Fraud, deceit, Clear Springs, all in the same damn sentence. I'd expect that from Jack, not from Victor.

David: Today's mood is brought to you by the initials "V" and "N."

Nikki: After everything I've been through with him, I honestly didn't think that he would intentionally hurt me. How stupid am I?

David: You know, I can intentionally hurt him back with my left hook. Just throwing it out there-- no pun intended.

Nikki: Yeah, well, I might take you up on that.

David: So you really think Victor lied to your face when he told you that he didn't release the tape?

Nikki: Listen, after being with him for so many years, I am very well versed in Victorspeak. His denial translates to, "I did it."

Victor: However, I cannot help but be disappointed to find out that recently-elected Senator Jack Abbott was involved in fraudulent multimillion dollar deals before the election. I'm sure the ethics committee will thoroughly investigate that. Come to a fair judgment. That's right.

Jack: Then we'll have to poll both sides again. No! I'm telling you, we need his okay.

Noah: Why does he have to talk on the phone so much?

Jack: Right.

Sharon: He'll be done soon, Sweetie.

Noah: I wanna talk to him now.

Jack: Okay, call me back.

Sharon: Noah has a few questions.

Noah: Yeah, I asked Mom and Dad about it, but I still don't get it.

Jack: Don't get what, Champ?

Noah: Well, why would somebody lie about your old company and fake your voice?

Jack: Uh... that's kinda complicated.

Noah: I hate when you guys say that.

Jack: Sometimes... some people lie to get what they want. When they do, usually it hurts other people. That's what happened with this tape.

Noah: But why do people wanna hurt you?

Jack: Well, in my job as senator, I'm in a position to make changes, to help people's lives, make it better. Some people don't agree with me, some people are threatened just by change itself.

Noah: But why fake a conversation?

Jack: There are times when people will only believe what they can see or hear. Like when your friends told you about that hot new video game that was about to come out.

Noah: Yeah, Racetek.

Jack: That's the one. You didn't believe them because it sounded too good to be true, right?

Noah: Yeah, and then we looked it up online together.

Jack: Well, the people that faked this tape were hoping that people would hear it and not look to see if it was true or not. Does that make sense?

Noah: Yeah. People shouldn't believe everything they hear.

Jack: Exactly right.

Sharon: Well, it's unfortunate that people think they have to lie. I really hate that.

John: I agree. I couldn't have said it better.

Amber: Hey, how'd you get rid of Carson?

Daniel: Well, you'd take off, too, if you had to listen to every detail about my dad's music tours. Did you, uh, find the money?

Amber: I searched the whole room from top to bottom.

Daniel: How about side to side? Look, I just--I know how much we could use that money. You know, that you could use that money.

Amber: Yeah, we could all use the money.

Daniel: My mom's bank account would definitely personally thank you.

Amber: I'm sorry. I should've asked about her.

Daniel: Nah, it's cool. No news yet.

Amber: Hey, guess what? When your mom and I are sharing a cell, you could save postage by just sending one big package.

Daniel: Yeah, okay. We'll figure something out.

Amber: Is this guy for real? Just get rid of him so we can figure out what to do with the money. Daniel, there's-- there's something I wanna tell you. Um... (Cell phone ringing)

Daniel: Hey!

Kevin: Michael has called a meeting of Genoa City's favorite felons.

Daniel: When and where?

Kevin: Just read the e-vite.

Daniel: Well, why don't you stop wasting my minutes with your lame stand-up?

Amber: That was a sign. You shouldn't tell him.

Daniel: Kevin wants us to go by his place. I think that our lawyer needs some billable hours recorded. So... I don't know, I guess, you know, my aunt would probably refund us for the room.

Amber: You know, I was actually thinking about spending the night.

Daniel: In a dead guy's room? That's creepy.

Amber: Okay, no offense, but I'm a little bit tired of sharing a bathroom with two guys who spend more time on their hair than I do.

Daniel: Oh, okay, you know, one guy who spends more time on his hair than you do.

Amber: (Laughs) okay, fine, well, one night in a luxury suite would do wonders for my condition.

Daniel: Okay, I get it. Roommate-itis.

Amber: Let's get this meeting over with.

Nikki: What is this?

David: Open it and see.

Nikki: A present for no reason?

David: Well, who said there wasn't a reason? I know you had a miserable anniversary with your husband, so... I thought I'd give you this as an extra incentive to make sure you don't have another one next year.

David: It's a holder for my hotel room key.

Nikki: Oh, really?

David: That's right.

Nikki: Wow! Look at that. Perfect fit.

David: Yes, it is. Just like us.

Jack: Ben, I'm sure I don't have to tell you getting this bill passed will give me some much needed publicity. Yeah, the good kind. Should I call the governor myself? Okay. Call me with the facts.

Sharon: Bad news?

Jack: A bill that may not get approved.

Sharon: Well, you could always tell them some elaborate story, like you did Noah.

John: You know, Jackie, she has a good point.

Sharon: He's growing up fast. He knows a lot more than we think, and your long-winded explanations are not gonna pacify him much longer.

John: Oh, your wife's on a roll.

Jack: Maybe if I'd seen this coming, I would've handled it a bit differently.

Sharon: Oh, really? Okay, well, I'll remember that next time you're in the news for fraud.

John: Ouch.

Jack: Would you stop... worrying.

Sharon: Why? Have you reformed? Jack, I thought that all of this was behind you.

John: I thought so, too.

Sharon: You know, when I married you, I never thought that I would have to deal with anything like this. Noah just adores you, and you're so good with him.

Jack: I feel the same way about him.

Sharon: And I never thought twice about you raising him. Of all the things I thought you could teach him, teaching him to lie is not one of them.

John: Well, at least he's learned from the best.

Jack: You're not being fair.

Sharon: Me? Jack, you're lying to everyone. Everyone, including Noah. But it's just another day at the office for you, isn't it?

John: And you're bringing your work home.

Sharon: Doesn't that bother you?

Jack: Of course!

Sharon and John: That's not what it seems to me.

Jack: You can go now, Dad. Your work is done. I couldn't feel any worse than I do right now.

John: Son, I don't enjoy this, you know? I do have an after life.

Jack: Well, don't let me keep you.

John: You know, I thought you matured into a moral man, but here I am again.

Jack: Hey, nobody forced you to come back.

John: Oh, somebody has to knock some sense into you.

Jack: Okay, Dad, I get it, okay?

John: (Sighs)

Jack: I tried playing by the rules. It didn't work.

John: Oh, poor Jack. Is that what you really want me to say?

Jack: You know what? Maybe a little empathy would be a nice thing for some of these visits.

John: Jack, I don't enjoy coming here and putting your plums in a vice. But besides which, you never seem to learn your lesson.

Jack: Dad, I hate having to lie to Noah.

John: Oh, Jackie, that's why I'm here. You shouldn't say you hated having to lie, because you didn't have to. You could've told the truth!

Nikki: Well, I'm surprised to see you working out. I thought you'd get enough of an adrenaline rush destroying people's lives.

Victor: Are you telling me that your extracurricular activities with that excuse for a man did not fulfill your cardio needs? Is that what you're saying?

Nikki: Knowing that my husband is doing everything he can to ruin my company is enough to keep my blood pumping.

Victor: I had nothing to do with that tape and you know it.

Nikki: Yeah, the tape, the tape, I know, save it.

Victor: As long as you align yourself with a liar, you suffer the consequences.

Nikki: Oh, I've been there, done that.

Victor: You better stop right now.

Victoria: Did you know that babies can actually hear in the womb? Is this what you want your grandson and everyone else in the gym to be listening to? If there's anymore show here, someone's gonna break out the popcorn.

Victor: My Darling, I'm leaving. Good-bye.

Nikki: Have you been working out? I hope not too strenuously. Is that safe?

Victoria: Yes and yes. Prenatal exercises by the book. Although I do wish the doctor had told me I could sit around and eat cupcakes all day. Nice change of subject by the way.

Nikki: Oh, thanks. I can do that all day. How's J.T.?

Victoria: Great. How's Dad?

Nikki: (Sighs) well, he ain't no J.T., let's put it that way.

Victoria: Mom, he'll come around.

Nikki: Well, I'm not gonna wait around for that. I already have somebody who treats me with respect-- David.

Victoria: Really?

Nikki: Really. I am his equal, and he's very attentive.

Victoria: Attentive? In what way?

Nikki: He gave me a lovely gift earlier. You know what your father gave me for our anniversary? Nothing.

Michael: Right now we have two things to be concerned about-- federal charges and state charges. If we make restitution to the feds, the state might-- might be more lenient.

Daniel: Amber told the cops that Ji Min stole the money. Shouldn't that count for something?

Michael: Not if it hasn't been found. You all pay, or you'll all go to jail.

Kevin: No, no, I'm not going back to jail. I'll run first.

Michael: All right, not a good thing to tell your lawyer.

Amber: So no luck with the payment plan, huh?

Michael: The feds want their money in one big lump sum.

(Knock on door)

Gloria: Knock, knock. Hello, everybody.

Michael: Hello.

Gloria: Thought I'd stop by and see how the meeting was going.

Kevin: Oh, peachy.

Gloria: Well, don't worry, Kevin. Michael explained everything to me earlier.

Amber: What's with the bags?

Gloria: Oh, these are just a few things I decided I couldn't live without and some designer t-shirts I saw in one of those style shows that I thought Kevin might like.

Amber: Are they the vintage ones?

Gloria: I didn't pay a vintage price. You know, there's just something about shopping that really helps clear my head.

Amber: I miss those days.

Michael: You are never gonna see those days again if we don't all focus.

Daniel: Can't we, like, have some kind of fundraiser or something?

Kevin: What? "Keep the felons out of jail" fund? Get real. We're screwed.

Gloria: No, you're not. I've decided to cover Amber's share of the stolen money.

Amber: Um... I don't know what to say.

Kevin: Mom, if I ever said anything bad about you in my life, I take it back.

Daniel: Thank you, God.

Michael: Thank you, Gloria. Are you sure about this?

Gloria: Of course I am, Michael. All Amber has to do is sign on the dotted line and the loan is official.

Amber: The loan?

Gloria: You don't honestly think I'm gonna just give you that much money, do you?

Michael: When did you have time to do this?

Gloria: Honey, when you got that much money in the bank, they make time.

Amber: I'm not signing.

Daniel: What do you mean? You have to. It's either jail or paying off a loan. And who doesn't have loans to pay off these days?

Amber: No, she's only doing it to keep his butt out of jail!

Kevin: So?

Michael: As your lawyer, I suggest you give this some serious consideration.

Amber: As my lawyer, will you read the fine print? I bet she's got some kind of little clause in there about me leaving town!

Gloria: Why, thank you, Amber, I didn't even think of that! Why don't you give me ten minutes and I'll take care--

Michael: All right, that's it! You are not helping. Come, let's have a little chat.

Gloria: See you.

Amber: Oh, you know what? You forgot these!

(Door closes)

(Knock on door)

Victor: Come in.

Victoria: Are you busy?

Victor: Not for you.

Victoria: So... do you wanna talk about what happened at the gym?

Victor: No, I do not.

Victoria: You know... I remember when I was young you and Mom-- you were--you were divorcing and I was very upset, so you bought me a toy unicorn and you told me that he was magical and he could have the power to change anything.

Victor: Right.

Victoria: And you know what? It did.

Victor: Uh-huh.

Victoria: It did. For one night, it seemed like everything was okay with our family.

Victor: I remember, yeah.

Victoria: Mm-hmm. You do? Well, maybe you oughta go up in the attic and see if you can find that unicorn.

Victor: Now why would I do that, Sweetheart?

Victoria: Because, Dad, your marriage is falling apart.

Victor: My marriage is none of your concern, my darling. When you will have been married as long as I have been, then you and I can talk, okay?

Victoria: Well, I am catching up to you in the marriage department. I think that should count for something.

Victor: Sweetheart, I really am busy now.

Victoria: Dad, would you please listen to me for a second?

Victor: Uh-huh.

Victoria: You are going to lose your wife.

Victor: You listen to me. My wife is gonna lose me. You remember that.

Nikki: Well, what do you know? It does work.

Amber: You know what? Both of your moms covered your portions because they care. No matter what you do, they're always gonna be there for you. They're gonna get your back. You know, since my marriage ended, I don't have anyone like that. I don't have anyone watching my back except for me.

Daniel: We've been through a lot together. I don't think we're bailing on you anytime soon.

Amber: Oh, you will. People always tend to just take off out of my life.

Kevin: You have our word. What more do you want?

Amber: Look, I'm gonna figure out how to get the money on my own. It sucks owing people money. And your mom-- she's just gonna hold it over my head.

Daniel: It's better his mom than the government. Look, you're just not thinking clearly about this.

Amber: Okay, my senior year of high school we had career day. And instead of getting to go from booth to booth to booth to figure out what my future was gonna be, my guidance counselor made me sit there with her and help put together lunches for the volunteers. Yeah, she said that I was never gonna leave Furnace Creek because my kind just didnít. Well, I did. But I am no better off.

Victor: The contracts will be on your desk in the morning. Yep, thank you.

Victoria: Well, I can see where Mom learned her diversion tactics.

Victor: Right. I had to make that call.

Victoria: Dad, we were discussing your marriage. Don't you think that's a little more important?

Victor: What, are you my therapist now or what?

Victoria: The damage to your marriage and Clear Springs is connected.

Victor: That project is in jeopardy because of Jack Abbott. He committed fraud, all right?

Victoria: Yes, but you made it public.

Victor: Our recently elected senator Jack Abbott committed fraud before he was elected. I think the public ought to know that, don't you?

Sharon: I think they gave you my smoothie by mistake. Here, let me taste yours.

Noah: You always say that after you finish yours.

Sharon: Well, I had to drink the whole thing so I would know for sure.

Noah: All right, then I'm gonna drink all of mine and if it's wrong, I'll let you know.

Sharon: Hm. Hey, did you read any of those comics I got you?

Noah: Yeah, they were awesome.

Carter: Mrs. Abbott? Carter Campbell. I wish to interview--

Sharon: Yeah, I know exactly who you are. You know what? I'm--I'm here with my son if you don't mind.

Carter: I wanted to ask you, uh, when was it that you knew about your husband's fraud?

Noah: Shut up!

Sharon: Noah!

Noah: Jack didn't lie. He told me what happened.

Carter: Is that what he told you?

Sharon: I support my husband.

Carter: Classic non-answer.

Noah: You need to leave my mom alone.

Carter: Have a nice day.

David: The first time I met you, you were drinking lemon tea and eating a muffin.

Nikki: What kind?

David: Poppy seed.

Nikki: Very good. How do you remember that?

David: All right, let's see. It was February 2nd, I was Newman for one of my first meetings. I wandered into the break room and there you were. Wearing that blue outfit, you know, the one that always makes me catch my breath.

Nikki: That is amazing.

David: The outfit? Yeah, I agree. One of these days it's gonna get me into trouble.

Nikki: No, the fact that you can remember those details.

David: Well, I guess you made an impression.

Nikki: Apparently.

David: Probably because you had a poppy seed stuck between your teeth.

Nikki: Oh, my God, I didn't! Please tell me that's not true. I didn't?

David: No, it's not true. It's not true.

Nikki: (Laughs)

David: It's just that when I walked into the room, you smiled at me. And it really stayed with me. So after every meeting, I would go back into the break room in the hopes that I would see you there. I would check the muffin basket, and if your favorite was gone, then I knew that you had been there already and I'd missed seeing you. And I would hope to come back earlier the next day.

Nikki: Oh.

David: I'm really happy I've gotten see that smile a lot more since then.

[Nikki and David kiss and make love]

Victor: I wanted to let you know that I've heard from the rep from Rothby's. It seems that the store executives have decided to end their association with Clear Springs. And I'm very concerned this may be the first of many.

(Cell phone beeps)

Gloria: I don't regret what I said for one minute.

Kevin: Mom, Mom, just--just give Amber the money, okay? No strings, no loan papers. You can think of it as-- as your charitable act of the year, huh?

Gloria: Funding a felon, no strings attached is not charity. It is insanity.

Kevin: It would be for me! Okay? My freedom! Michael--Michael, help me out here. Wouldn't it be better if we got that money turned in in the next couple of days?

Michael: It would be nice to go the Assistant District Attorney with that news.

Gloria: Oh, and you know something? I've done my charitable deed for the year. By helping your other less than desirable girlfriend when I paid for her brain surgery!

Kevin: Amber is not my girlfriend.

Gloria: Michael, Michael, please, you didn't want me to help Jana, why is this different?

Michael: One of them didn't try to kill my brother, the other did.

Kevin: It was the tumor!

Michael: The tumor. All right, no recaps, please.

Kevin: You know what I think, Mom? I think that--I think that you see a lot of yourself in Amber and that's why she gets on your nerves.

Gloria: Shut up.

Kevin: Think about it. Think about it. You both had rough lives. You both come up with all these crazy schemes.

Michael: Uh, usually concerning him.

Kevin: You know, you may as well just adopt her because she's practically the daughter you never had.

Gloria: All right, stop it! Which is exactly why I know that she is scamming us.

Kevin: What?

Gloria: She knows exactly where that money is, and once she gets my money to get herself off, her lifestyle is going to improve about 700,000%.

Kevin: You know, Mom, you should--you should think back to Detroit. What if somebody had helped you out, huh? Things might've been different.

Nikki: Whoever thought this would happen?

David: Well, I certainly hoped it would. I mean, it's not like you haven't had my room key long enough.

Nikki: (Chuckles) no, I mean, that we would even talk. I mean, we were on opposite sides of an election. Well, I guess it's true what they say. Opposites attract.

David: Mm. I'm happy the way things worked out.

Nikki: Me, too.

Amber: (Sighs)

Carson: Of all the hotels and all the rooms in this city, you decided to stay in this one.

Amber: That magazine wants me to write an article, remember?

Carson: And get pics?

Amber: You do listen.

Carson: Where's the camera?

Amber: Daniel actually just took it back to the apartment. He is downloading the pictures as we speak just to see if it worked.

Carson: Right. And you decided to come here, overnight bag in tow, just in case you needed extra pics?

Amber: Yes. I live with two guys. Do you have any idea what the bathroom looks like? Hm? A woman can only endure so many belching contests. So, I thought, you know what? This might be a nice little treat after the past couple weeks, so when Danielís aunt offered us a discount, I accepted. You know, I think I could use a little me time.

Carson: Ever heard of the expression, "Make a long story short?"

Amber: You can leave now.

Carson: You know, the water pressure in my room is a little low. I thought maybe we could shower together. You know, do our bit for the environment.

Amber: I am all about saving the environment, but, you know, even that isn't enough to get me naked in a small room with you.

Carson: Well, I'm totally open to the naked in a big space plan.

Amber: Okay.

Carson: Okay? Naked big space okay?

Amber: No, I am tired of your games, okay? I am ready to go to sleep-- on my own. Now you can leave or I'm gonna call up Benny. You know, he's head of security. He and I--we're tight.

Carson: Wow. The beds here are firm. You like firm?

Amber: I'll tell you what I do like...

Carson: What's that?

Amber: Privacy! Out, or I call.

Carson: You know, you're gonna miss me when I'm gone.

Amber: You know what? I say that we just test your little theory, huh?

Carson: You will miss me. Trust me.

Amber: Yeah.

Carson: She's upset 'cause I ate both the chocolate mints on the pillows.

Jeff: Ah. Well, I'm pretty sure the punishment for gluttony is having a door slammed in your face.

Carson: Yeah. Well, at least I'll have fresh breath for the next lucky lady. Her loss.

Sharon: When the reporter asked that question, Noah defended you. I had to make sure not to say anything that contradicted what he believed.

Jack: And what would you have said if Noah hadn't been there?

Sharon: I would've said the same thing-- that I support my husband.

Jack: I really appreciate that.

Sharon: I don't wanna have to cover for your lies anymore.

Jack: No, no, I am in a position to do some real good, to have a real impact in this state. This is more important than any business deal I was ever involved in. And, yes, I thought the time for my lying to get what I wanted was over. Sharon, if I tell the truth about this tape, my political career is history.

Sharon: Okay, well, I, um... I hear a lot of "I" in your statement. What about-- what about the people of Wisconsin?

Jack: My success benefits them. Ben just called. The governor signed my bill into law today. Low-income children will get greater health coverage because of my bill. That would never have happened if I was up front about that tape.

Sharon: I understand why you believe that, but I'm not sure I do.

(Shower running)

[Nikki remembering]

Victor: You're every man's fantasy of what a woman should be in bed... and more.

Nikki: Oh... well, you're not so bad yourself.

Victor: Now you have an occasion to laugh at my expense, though.

Nikki: And why would I ever wanna laugh at you?

Victor: Well, I remember telling you that I would be strong enough for the both of us. I mean, that no matter how inviting you'd be, that I'd always resist the temptation of making love to you.

Nikki: Mm. Well, I'd have been miserable if you hadnít...

Victor: Taken advantage of that moment. It would've been a great waste.

Nikki: And it's only the beginning. We have the rest of our lives.

Victor: I never... ever want to hurt you again.

Nikki: Oh, God, how I wanna believe that.

Victor: Then believe it.

Nikki: I don't know how you're gonna feel about this.

Victor: Would you please just get on with it?

Nikki: I guess there's no easy way to tell you.

Victor: Tell me what?

Nikki: I'm pregnant.

Victor: You and I have been here before and we have failed. But this time... I promise you... we'll make it work.

Victor: I warned you not to go against me. You come into my office and accuse me of betrayal?! You challenge my authority in front of the entire company! You try to humiliate me?! Take power away from me?! I run this damn company! Remember that! You are my wife! You're supposed to support me! Don't you ever forget where you came from and who you were before I married you!

Nikki: I have something for you.

Victor: What's that?

Nikki: A contract... for me to buy N.V.P. and I had lawyer draw up the agreement so you couldn't possibly say no.

Victor: I'm saying no.

Nikki: Victor, you have given me a wonderful life. And I gave you the same in a different way. But you cannot dictate to me what I do and what I think.

Victor: Sweetheart, I have always wanted the best for you. That's all I ever wanted.

Nikki: Your best. Your way.

Victor: I sold you the damn company.

Nikki: And you still try to dictate the staff and my decisions.

Victor: Because, Sweetheart, you're making ridiculous decisions, like hiring that David Chow for heaven's sake.

Nikki: Oh, and it begins!

Victor: What do you want? You have everything! You have the company, you have your family, you have my fortune at your disposal.

Nikki: Your fortune? I am your wife.

Victor: My fortune! And don't you ever forget it! And you're acting like a petulant child right now!

[Nikki calls Victor]

Victor: Yes, hello? Hello?

[Nikki hangs up]

Amber: That felt good. Just think... if you keep the money, we can enjoy this kind of treatment more often. I'll just--I'll figure it out tomorrow. I'm wrecked. It's draining when the only person you can count on is yourself. I mean, Gloriaís not about to put the money up for you. And your husband-- he won't give you a second look. And you even said yourself, you can't really trust, uh, Kevin or Daniel. Nobody is willing to help you. But fate has dumped a giant pile of cash in your lap. You can help yourself.

(Knock on door)

Amber: Go away. I don't need anything!

Gloria: Are you sure about that?

Amber: Mrs. Bardwell.

Gloria: Yeah, I'm surprised I'm here, too. I've been thinking, Amber, and I've decided to give you the money. No strings attached.

Amber: You're kidding?

Gloria: Just say yes before I change my mind.

Amber: Oh, my God! You--you are a life saver! Oh, my God!

Gloria: All right, Amber, Amber... I'll call you when all the arrangements have been made.

Amber: No strings attached?! Can you believe this! You can pay back the feds and keep the missing-but-found-under-the-bed money! You've got it all! Oh, wow!

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Colleen: Cane is totally checking you out.

Victoria: For the first time in my life, I'm more worried about Dad than I am Mom.

Jill: Hello?! Can anybody hear me?!

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