Y&R Transcript Monday 9/10/07

Y&R Transcript Monday 9/10/07 -- Canada; Tuesday 9/11/07 -- USA


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Sharon: It's a little early to be drinking. You knew about the tape.

Jack: Victor took great pleasure in playing it for me.

Sharon: When?

Jack: A while back. I don't know.

Sharon: But before you sold Jabot back to Katherine?

Jack: It's why I sold Jabot back to Katherine.

Sharon: Nice of you to tell me.

Jack: I didn't see the need. Victor got what he wanted. I had the chance to bring Jabot back to where my father had it.

Sharon: Because you got caught. I just wish you would've told me.

Jack: I know. And I wish I would've trusted my gut. I knew Ji Min was working for Victor. Hell, he's the one that sold him the tape.

Sharon: How do you know?

Jack: Well, think about it. Right after he dies, the tape shows up and I'm all over the news. Quite a coincidence, don't you think?

Nikki: I can't listen to anymore of this. I'm gonna kill him. I'm gonna kill him.

David: Yeah, but if you kill Jack, then I'm just gonna have to go to the press and explain why you did it and you're just gonna be creating a lot more work for me. You don't really wanna do that, do you?

Nikki: I guess not.

David: Good.

Nikki: But what are we gonna do? This is terrible for Clear Springs.

David: So now we perform damage control.

Nikki: When aren't we doing that?

David: Ha. Good point.

Victoria: Did you see the news about Jack?

Nikki: Yeah, we saw the train wreck.

David: We knew it was coming.

Victoria: You knew?

Nikki: Yeah, for a while.

Victoria: "A while?" What's "A while?"

Nikki: I don't know, several months, but I didn't know anything about the tape.

Victoria: How could you not tell me?

Nikki: Well, I didn't think it was relevant.

Victoria: Not relevant? Mom, how could you not tell me? This affects all of us! If I had known, I don't know, a couple of months ago--

Nikki: Honey, I didn't intentionally keep this from you.

Victoria: (Sighs)

David: All right, look, Victoria, I know you're upset with your mother, but what she knew and when she knew it really isn't important right now. We need to come together to put a positive spin on this.

Victoria: All right, all right, I will help. I'll--I'll help.

Nikki: Thank you.

Victoria: It's ironic, though, isn't it?

Nikki: What's that?

Victoria: Ji Min canceled the interview, but the truth came out anyway.

Jill: There is meaning to the old saying, "The truth will set you free."

Kay: I agree. And you look like you're about ready to fly right out of here.

Cane: Grandma--

Kay: Well, there's more to that saying. How does it go? Um... "First you have to be miserable."

Jill: Ji Min has been vindicated.

Kay: Do you have any idea what this means to us?

Jill: After listening you all morning ad nauseum, yes.

Cane: Did either of you know about the news report?

Kay: A better question would be, how did she engineer that?

Jill: As delighted as I would be to take credit for that, I can't.

Cane: Look, I'm all for telling the truth, but this could ruin Grandma's company.

Jill: Oh, don't listen to everything she tells you.

Cane: I'm not. I'm being practical.

Kay: Oh, practical? Practical is not in your mother's vocabulary.

Neil: Hey, thanks a lot, Buddy. You know, when I said a quick lunch, I didn't have a cardio workout in mind.

Karen: We've got a long night ahead of us.

Neil: Oh, yes, we do.

Karen: That tape is not good.

Neil: I agree with you 100%. I gotta tell you something. This is bad for my social life. So you know what we gotta do? We gotta put a spin on it so I can get back to what's really important.

Carter: Speculation continues that Senator Jack Abbott committed fraud in the purchase of Jabot cosmetics. This act follows last year's settlement agreement which forbade him from reacquiring the company. How will this revelation affect his senatorial position?

Sharon: So how was your visit?

Nick: It's a long story. Thanks a lot for watching Summer.

Sharon: Sure, it's no problem. She's upstairs with Noah right now.

Jack: Everything all right with Phyllis?

Nick: Yeah, she's good.

Sharon: Well, um, things are a little bit crazy around here.

Nick: I'm not surprised after what I heard on the radio.

Sharon: So, would you mind taking Noah for the night?

Jack: It would be a big favor to us.

Nick: Well, yeah, he's my son. He can stay with me whenever he wants. (Telephone ringing)

Sharon: Uh, well, it's starting. Um, maybe we should just unplug the phone.

Jack: Let's just let the machine pick it up.

Nick: You better buy some answering machine tapes in bulk.

Jack: Noah? Your dad's here.

Noah: Isn't it way cool that Summer can say my name now?

Nick: That's super cool. Why don't you go upstairs and grab your stuff?

Noah: Okay.

Sharon: You should've seen his face when Summer said his name.

Nick: Now was it "Favorite dinner" excited or "I got a new video game" excited?

Sharon: It was "I got a new horse" excited.

Nick: Wow.

Sharon: Mm-hmm. I'm sure you're gonna hear the story, like, three more times tonight.

Nick: It'll be a good distraction. Look, you know if you need anything, call me anytime.

Sharon: Thanks.

Jack: On second thought, maybe we oughta leave that phone unplugged.

Nick: Well, then you can call me on your cell.

Jack: Why don't you rescue your own wife? I can take care of Sharon.

Nick: You sure about that?

Sharon: Nick...

Jack: No, no, no, let's let the boy scout speak. Go ahead, take out your moral compass-- the one that hasn't seen the light of day in what, two years?

Nick: You wanna have the morals and ethics conversation right now? Yeah, we can do that. Hope you've got a lot of time on your hands.

Sharon: Um, Noah is upstairs.

Nick: You know, in the middle of your, uh, political scandal, or is it a personal scandal? Because this one-- and I'm sure there are more-- happened pre-senator Abbott days, right? So how were you planning to explain this to my son? Were you gonna lie to him, like you do everybody else and tell him this was just a big misunderstanding?

Jack: You don't know the first thing about what happened. This could have been just a big misunderstanding.

Nick: I'll get Noah out of here before you get reporters showing up on your front doorstep.

Jack: Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Cane: Mrs. Chancellor has no comment. If you'd like, you can call the media relations department at Chancellor Industries. This is a private number. Don't call again.

Jill: Thank you, Baby.

Kay: Well, at least someone around here has some common decency.

Jill: You're talking to me about decency?

(Telephone ringing)

Cane: Bloody vultures.

Jill: You're gonna have to face them sometime, Katherine.

Cane: Grandma, I won't let them tear you apart. Lay low, I'll take care of the phone calls.

Kay: No, no, no, it's all right, Darling. I mean, my silence would probably, um, uh, suggest a cover up.

Jill: Or senility.

Cane: Do you guys get tired of the bickering, or is it just the way you communicate? (Telephone ringing)

Kay: I made a very good business deal.

Jill: Or so you thought.

Kay: Until your fiancé deceived me.

Jill: You allowed Jack to deceive you.

Kay: The semantics do not erase Ji Min's complicity.

Jill: Nor do they erase yours, Katherine.

Michael: Nicholas was pretending to be my co-counsel. One of the guards recognized him from a picture, now he is forbidden from any future visits.

Lauren: What?!

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Lauren: No!

Michael: Yes.

Lauren: He must be beside himself.

Michael: Not as much as I am. I should never have allowed him to go in there under false pretenses.

Lauren: Honey, look, under the circumstances, no one would blame you.

Michael: I blame me. Nicholas and Phyllis should never have been separated. Now they're gonna be apart for God knows how long.

Noah: Was she in stripes, like on TV?

Nick: No. The prison authority's a little more fashion-conscious these days.

Noah: What about the food? Does she like the food?

Nick: About as much as you like your school cafeteria food.

Noah: Gross.

Nick: Yeah, that's what she said.

Noah: So maybe we can bring her some macaroni and cheese or spaghetti.

Nick: That's nice, Bud, and she'd like that, but unfortunately, we can't do that.

Noah: Why not?

Nick: Well, it's contraband. You know, the old, uh, nail file in cake bit? To pick the lock?

Noah: Did people really do that?

Nick: Yeah. Some of them actually could saw through the bars.

Noah: Yeah. Sure. Do you wanna play a video game?

Nick: Do you want a beating?

Noah: Huh. All right. Hey, Dad?

Nick: Yeah?

Noah: What's going on with Jack? Is it something bad?

Nick: Well, some people are saying that, but Jack's a politician-- and politicians get a bad rap all the time.

Noah: Why?

Nick: Why? Well... it's a tough job. I mean, you could do a world of good, but some people just aren't gonna like you.

Noah: Hmm.

Jack: It was your husband!

Nikki: No, it was you making an idiot out of yourself! You lied and you got caught on tape!

Jack: Who do you think was responsible for the damn thing? You know as well I do, it was Victor. Now you let that swirl around in your so-called independent mind.

David: So what did he say?

Victoria: Wait, let me guess. He blamed Dad?

Nikki: Victor told me he knew nothing about it.

Nikki: Hi. Look... I need to know, did you orchestrate this Jack/Ji Min tape?

Victor: Let me make something clear to you. If Jack Abbott's career as a senator is hurt, that'll damage our development.

Nikki: Victor, answer the question. Did you release the tape to the press?

Victor: I told you, I do not want to see this development fail, all right?

Nikki: You've already threatened to call in your loan, and if go under--

Victor: I would never intentionally damage anything that I'm funding. Why the hell would I do that? And why would I intentionally wanna hurt you?

Nikki: I don't know why I thought today would be any different. You don't even remember. Happy anniversary.

Victor: Oh, that.

Nikki: Yeah, that.

Lauren: Hi!

Nick: Hey.

Lauren: I brought cupcakes.

Noah: Vanilla with sprinkles?

Lauren: You know it. And carrot for your dad.

Noah: Carrot? Gross.

Nick: Hey!

Lauren: Gross?

Nick: Don't know it till you try it.

Lauren: That's right.

Noah: Hey, uh, Dad went to see Phyllis today.

Lauren: Yes, I heard.

Nick: Thank you.

Noah: Thank you.

Lauren: You're welcome.

Noah: Dad, uh, I wish we could bring some of these to Phyllis-- with a nail file in it, of course.

Lauren: (Laughs) that's a good idea.

Nick: Yeah, she'd like that.

Summer: (Coos)

Lauren: Hi, Summer! Hi! Hi, I'm so glad you're feeling better. I'm gonna pick you up. Oh! Hello, Sweet Girl.

Noah: Hey, Dad, stand next to Lauren so I could take your picture.

Nick: Okay.

Noah: I'm gonna send these to Phyllis.

Lauren: Oh, that's a good idea.

Noah: All right, say "Fuzzy pickles."

Lauren: Fuzzy pickles.

Nick: Fuzzy pickles.

Noah: All right! Perfect!

Nick: All right.

Noah: Can I go take some shots of the horses?

Nick: Yeah, go ahead.

Noah: Cool, thanks.

Lauren: (Sighs) hey... I know what happened at the prison. I can't even imagine what you must be going through.

Karen: All right, I've been to all the major news sites and every single one of them mentions Jack's involvement with Clear Springs.

Victor: Are you surprised?

Neil: We'll jump on this right away.

Victor: That won't be necessary.

Karen: Look, the fallout from this could be--

Victor: I want you to focus your attention on the Dobson pharmaceuticals contract. Are you familiar with it?

Karen: Yes. They're in breech.

Victor: Exactly. That's why I want you to deal with it right away.

Victoria: Here you are.

Kay: Thank you.

Nikki: David is drafting a statement as we speak.

Victoria: It's strong. I made sure that the intro touched on everything to protect our investment.

Kay: That's not going to do it.

Nikki: Well, what are you suggesting?

Kay: A press conference. Talk directly to a group of reporters, hand-picked by us.

Victoria: How do you feel about that?

Nikki: Are you kidding? I love standing in front of a group of reporters foaming at the mouth for an exclusive.

Victoria: All right, you have your answer.

Kay: I've always admired how supportive you have always been of your mother. I wish Jill could take a lesson or two from you, but, um... please hear me out. Please.

Michael: Hello.

Kay: Michael.

Michael: Hm?

Kay: Perhaps you can help me convince Nikki.

Michael: Well, that depends on what you want me to convince her to do.

Kay: That we have to take our case directly to the people.

Michael: When?

Kay: Today. I mean, I refuse to be held hostage by Jill's mission to make my life a living hell. And if the press want a story, then by God, I will give them one! I am absolutely shocked and appalled by the release of this tape, which I now believe to be a very cruel, cruel hoax. For someone to take the voice of my daughter's fiancé to further their own personal or political endeavors, whatever it may be, is an absolute outrage. My family has suffered a tragedy. And we regret that we have to acknowledge an act of this-- this desperation in a time of mourning.

Michael: Uh, as your lawyer, I have to tell you, I think it's a terrible idea.

Kay: Nikki?

Nikki: I agree. Terrible idea. That lie could come back to bite you.

Kay: More than Jill already has? Oh, come on. Oh, I highly doubt that.

Jill: I'm not hungry.

Cane: Did you eat breakfast?

Jill: No.

Cane: Mom, you have to take care of yourself.

Jill: Or else you will. The phone's not ringing.

Cane: Yeah, I unplugged it. I also turned off your cell. From now on, all your calls will come through me.

Jill: My gallant son.

Cane: So where's Grandma?

Jill: She left a little while ago. Probably trying to figure a way out of this mess she's in.

Cane: Will you do me a favor? Will you give her a break? She's under a lot of stress.

Jill: I know.

Cane: You're not really enjoying this, are you?

Jill: I'm just afraid that I've made a mistake. What if this is all people remember when they hear Ji Min's name?

Cane: So you didn't release the tape, did you?

Jill: No, but I wanted it released. Isn't that just as bad? Cane, I wanna kill Jack for what he did to Ji Min. I'm just afraid by stirring things up, though, I may have hurt him worse than Jack.

Jack: All right. Well, my attorney seems to think there should be no legal repercussions. There is no chain of evidence because the tape came from an anonymous source, without Ji Min around to authenticate it.

Sharon: Jack, you're talking to me like I'm an attorney. I'm your wife.

Jack: Yes, with whom I'd like to share some good news.

Sharon: What, that you can't be found guilty because of a technicality. That a dead man can't altercate your statement?

Jack: Okay, you're upset. Why don't you tell me why?

Sharon: Because you just keep... seeming to forget that there is a man who is dead--

Jack: I haven't forgotten anything.

Sharon: You did break the law when you bought your father's company.

Jack: Okay, I'm guilty... of doing the right thing the wrong way. That, I can live with.

Victor: And kindly get back to me once you have spoken to legal.

Karen: Will do. And whenever you want me to take a look at the Clear Springs situation--

Victor: I will let you know.

Karen: All right.

Victor: Thank you.

Neil: Thank you, Karen.

Victor: She's very competent, isn't she?

Neil: Yeah, she is. She doesn't understand why you're so calm in the middle of a potential public relations nightmare.

Victor: She doesn't, does she? She doesn't need to.

Neil: You're absolutely right.

Victor: You and I are the only ones aware of my drilling rights.

Michael: You brought me here for my legal opinion. Listen to it.

Kay: By all means.

Michael: You knew Jack owned Jabot when you bought it back from him. You can't lie about that in public, not on the record.

Kay: I don't see any other alternative, Michael.

Michael: There are always other alternatives. You wanna make a statement today? You tell nothing but the truth-- just not all of it.

Lauren: Oh, is Summer finally asleep?

Nick: Yeah. She's smart. She knows something's not right.

Lauren: But she has her daddy to comfort her. I see the way she lights up when she's in your arms.

Nick: I can't make up for her mother not being here.

Lauren: I know. But you'll adapt.

Nick: She misses her mother, Lauren. How can she?

Lauren: She's not the only one that misses her.

Nick: You know, seeing her in that place today was... it was awful. You wanna know what the worst part is? It's that I can't do anything about it. I mean, this... (Sighs) this is what it's gonna be like for the next six years.

Lauren: Well, Michael's working on the appeal. The sentence could be overturned.

Nick: Well, maybe the infamous Senator Abbott could put in a good word for her.

Lauren: And how is Sharon dealing with that whole situation?

Nick: She's sucked in by his lies, as usual. I honestly don't know why she stands by him.

Lauren: Do you think he'll get out of it?

Nick: Probably. He'll just keep manipulating all the people he loves, like my son.

Jack: Okay, just let me know when you have a statement ready. All right, we'll talk then. Thanks, Ben.

Sharon: What are you gonna say?

Jack: Well, we'll know when he faxes it to me.

Sharon: Just tell the truth. Be the bigger man. Like I did at Phyllis' sentencing hearing.

Jack: Yeah, look how that paid off. She got the maximum.

Sharon: You said you can't be prosecuted.

Jack: I'm a senator, Sharon. I have a reputation to uphold.

Sharon: You are a human being. Just explain your story. Tell people why you wanted to run your father's company again.

Jack: This is politics. Aren't you being a little naive?

Sharon: I think that people expects politicians to lie. And maybe if you didn't, you'd raise your numbers.

Jack: Or it might shoot a hole through them.

Sharon: Jack... if you lie and you get caught again, that's it. Your career and your reputation are over.

Jack: Why do you want me to do this? Really?

Sharon: Because I... I know that you're a good man. And I want Noah to be able to look up to you.

Jack: And the only way that can happen is if I atone for my sins?

Sharon: Don't do it for Noah, and don't do it for me. Do it for yourself.

Nick: You sure you don't mind staying with the kids?

Lauren: Not at all. I'll be here as long as you need me.

Nick: Thank you so much. I won't be long.

Lauren: Okay.

Nick: Hey, Sharon, it's me. Are you free? No, not here. Not in front of the kids. Oh, Jack's gone? Okay, good, I'll be there in ten.

Victor: What's this? A little lunch?

Victoria: No, just, uh, taking a break. I need one.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Victoria: Mm-hmm. It gets a little stressful around here sometimes.

Victor: Yes, it is. How's the baby, my sweetheart?

Victoria: The baby's fine, Dad.

Victor: Yeah?

Victoria: Yeah. Listen, um...

Victor: What?

Victoria: Regardless of what you told Mom, you and I both know where that tape came from.

Victor: Well, you certainly are entitled to your own beliefs.

Victoria: Well, that's a new one. Admitting that there are other opinions aside from the great Victor Newman.

Victor: So the baby's all right?

Victoria: The baby's fine.

Victor: Good. Well...

Victoria: Dad? Was it all about going after Jack? Or was it like a package deal? I mean, were you trying to put mom and me in our place? Or was the tape some sort of vengeful anniversary present? And don't tell me that it was just a coincidence, because I-I really-- I find that hard to believe.

Victor: My sweetheart, you are my daughter and I love you and I adore you, but there are certain things you don't discuss with your father, not even you. Jack Abbott dug his own grave, now let's see if he can get out of it. You have a nice time with your croissant, okay?

Victoria: Okay.

Jack: Thank you, both, for agreeing to meet with me.

Nikki: Okay, what do you want, Jack?

Jack: The same thing that you want-- for this whole mess to disappear.

Kay: Well, I left my magic wand at home.

Jack: Somehow I have a little problem conjuring up a mental image of that.

Kay: Well, think about my hands around your throat.

Jack: That's a little easier.

Nikki: All right, as much as I'm enjoying all this sparring--

Jack: Listen, we all need to be on the same page now in dealing with the media.

Nikki: Oh, that's very interesting coming from you. You created this situation!

Jack: I am doing this for the benefit of Clear Springs. What we say now is critical to the success of this project.

Nikki: Well, I don't know what I can say. Maybe I'll just pretend to be stupid. Everybody will believe that, right, Jack?

Kay: No, you are not going to be--

Jack: Don't let your hate for me get in the way of your making an intelligent, smart decision.

Kay: Well, what is to say we didn't bring our own smart decisions before you summoned us to your office?

Nikki: Now that's a good point.

Jack: Do what you're gonna do. Believe me, if we don't stick together, this project will fall apart faster than your credibility or your revenue.

Sharon: Um, where are the kids?

Nick: With Lauren.

Sharon: You sounded upset.

Nick: Yeah, it's Noah and this whole media situation.

Sharon: Oh. Well, um, I already talked to Jack about all of my concerns and he understood.

Nick: And?

Sharon: Um, well, we both want him to set a good example.

Nick: It's a little late for that, don't you think?

Sharon: Jack loves Noah like he's his own son. He would never hurt him.

Nick: Maybe not intentionally.

Sharon: This whole thing will blow over in no time.

Nick: Well, until it does, I don't want Noah living here.

Sharon: I live here. Noah stays with me.

Nick: I don't want him around Jack right now.

Sharon: Is it Jack, or is it the situation?

Nick: Same difference.

Sharon: No, it isn't.

Nick: Your husband's a criminal. He committed a crime.

Sharon: Oh, like your wife? Because you didn't mind when Noah was hanging around her.

Nick: You know, Sharon, I had to sneak in the back door because you have camera crews on your front porch. Do you want our son scrutinized like that?

Sharon: We have joint custody.

Nick: This isn't a custody issue.

Sharon: You're talking about changing Noah's living arrangements.

Nick: Temporarily.

Sharon: Because of the man that I'm married to? That's sounds kind of hypocritical.

Nick: I have a right to say who my son should be around.

Sharon: Jack isn't going anywhere. He's a part of my life and he's a part of Noah's. Just like Phyllis. Look... Noah needs both of us right now-- not just a single parent. The living arrangement stays.

Jack: Okay, we all stay on the same page and we live to tell about it.

Kay: Jack, don't you give me advice on handling a problem you created.

Jack: Katherine--

Kay: That annoys me.

Nikki: Can we please get this over with?

Jack: You just make sure-- Sharon? Hi. I'm glad you're here. Well, should we get started? Hello. Uh, thank you for being here. I am Jack Abbott. I'm gonna speak for a moment and then I'm gonna pass the microphone onto Katherine Chancellor and to Nikki Newman. We are all three here today to talk about an audio recording that was both podcast and broadcast earlier today. The recording purports to be of a conversation between me and the late Ji Min Kim, who was head of Jabot cosmetics. That conversation never took place. The entire recording is a fictionalization-- the product of electronic editing.

Jill: That liar! And Katherine is standing there letting him spew that garbage!

Cane: Shh. Let's wait to see what she says.

Jack: I did not use Mr. Kim's company, the house of Kim, as a front to buy Jabot or any other company. Any suggestion to the contrary is purely slander. And the people who made this recording slandered not only me, they slander Mr. Kim. My wife Sharon and I have already expressed to Mr. Kim's family our deep regret that the airing of this recording has shed innuendo and lies on their loved one during a time of mourning. Thank you. Uh, Nikki, I believe you have a few words to say?

Nikki: Ahem. Thank you. As you all know, Jack and I were on opposite sides during a recent campaign, but when it comes to Ji Min Kim, we are very much on the same page. I enjoyed working with Mr. Kim immensely over the last year. He was admired for his artistry, his knowledge of our field. He was a wonderful man-- a man of his word, a consummate professional. And I am appalled and angered at anyone or anything that suggests otherwise. It's utterly ridiculous, and I have voiced my opinions to his family. He will be sorely missed. Thank you.

Jack: Katherine?

Cane: Maybe we should turn this off.

Jill: Don't you dare!

Kay: Good afternoon. Um, as many of you know, I am head of Chancellor Industries. And I've acquired numerous other companies. All of my acquisitions are in public record. And I take great pride in being thorough. I approached Jabot cosmetics in the same manner that I approached all acquisitions-- with due diligence and with advice of counsel. And when I entered into the agreement with Mr. Kim, I did that in good faith. And according to advice of my counsel, Mr. Kim did the same.

Jack: Thank you, Katherine. Of course we all want to answer questions. We can't open this to questions, as we continue to pursue what legal recourse we have. Uh, any speculation as to the motive or the people behind this is just that--speculation. Disappointed as I am, I do want to say that I will continue to keep my focus on the real needs, desires, passions of the constituents of my district. Thank you very much.

Reporters: Senator Abbott!

Jack: Just a moment, please. Can we do pictures quickly? Thank you.

Victor: If one didn't know how much they hated each other, you would think they're bosom buddies.

Nick: Oh!

Noah: Gotcha!

Nick: Dude, you skunked me. Again.

Noah: Yeah, again, but only by 5,000 points.

Nick: I hate losing.

Noah: (Chuckles)

Summer: (Cries)

Nick: Oh! Sounds like somebody's up from her nap.

Noah: I'll go get her.

Nick: Yeah?

Noah: Yeah.

Nick: All right, video game champ and great big brother-- I like it.

Michael: Hey.

Lauren: Hi.

Michael: How's Nick?

Lauren: Miserable.

Michael: Not as miserable as I am. I'm exhausted.

Lauren: Which is why I have booked an afternoon of pleasure for you.

Michael: Mm?

Lauren: Yes, it starts with a massage, and then with me, upstairs. I booked a room.

Michael: Oh, I have appointments all afternoon.

Lauren: You don't! They have all be rescheduled. No excuses. We need some time together.

Michael: (Chuckles) all right, I have no objection to that.

Lauren: I'm glad to hear that.

Michael: Come on.

Lauren: Wait a minute. Babe, your massage?

Michael: You can give that to me.

Lauren: Oh, really?

Michael: Yeah.

(Cell phone ringing)

Michael: Come on.

Lauren: Oh, my God, it's my mother.

Michael: All right, answer it.

Lauren: It's my mother.

Michael: I've got mine, you have yours. Do it.

Lauren: Hello, Mother. Wait--wait--okay, slow down. What?! Surgery? Yeah, I'll take the next flight. I'll call you when I get in. Okay. Bye.

Michael: Surgery?

Lauren: Yeah, she broke her hip.

Michael: Um, I don't suppose Joanna can wait an afternoon?

Lauren: Maybe 30 minutes?

Michael: Yeah?

Lauren: Come on. Help me book my flight! Come on!

Michael: Okay, okay.

Nikki: (Sighs)

David: So what did you think?

Victoria: I think... that you did a great job.

Nikki: Oh, thanks, Sweetheart. I was pleased. And I really appreciate that you were standing up there representing Newman.

Victoria: You're welcome. You think anyone noticed Dad wasn't there?

David: A minor point against us.

Victoria: Seriously?

David: Believe me, I've done more press conferences than I care to count. And this one was a success.

Jill: Well, hello, Jack's new best friend.

Kay: I did what I thought was best, Jill.

Cane: It would be nice if you gave us a little warning, Grandma.

Kay: Darling, it was impromptu.

Jill: Really? Seemed very planned to me.

Kay: I told nothing but the truth.

Jill: Well, you told half the truth. Just don't be surprised when the press comes around looking for the rest of the story.

Jack: I did what I had to do. Don't be upset with me.

Sharon: I'm disappointed.

Jack: If I told the truth, it would've been the end of my political career, not to mention what it would've done to me financially.

Sharon: You had a lot to lose. I understand that.

Jack: But?

Sharon: You could've discussed what you were going to say with me. We're supposed to be a team.

Jack: We are. We are. And I'm not saying this as an excuse, but this all happened very quickly.

Victor: Well, now congratulations on your stellar performance, Jack.

Jack: I don't really care about your opinion, Victor. My constituency has moved on, so have I. I suggest you do the same.

Victor: (Chuckles) you're a fool if you think this is done and over with.

Jack: You know, the news business is a very fickle game. Today's headlines wrap tomorrow's fish. Tomorrow's headlines will be at someone else's expense.

Victor: You think again, my friend. I just heard the news that the senate ethics committee plans to begin a thorough investigation of your questionable conduct.

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Daniel: Just 'cause I put my name on that piece of paper, it doesn't mean that I don't love you.

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Cane: Get it done.

Brad: You need love and you need support and that's all you're going to get from me.

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