Y&R Transcript Wednesday 9/5/07

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 9/5/07 -- Canada; Thursday 9/6/07 -- U.S.A.


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Cane: Mum... mum? You okay?

Jill: He's dead.

Cane: I know.

Jill: Ji Min is dead. They took his body away. You know, I went upstairs to his room and I watched them wheel him out on a gurney.

Cane: And I'm so sorry you had to see that.

Jill: No, I wanted to see that. I thought maybe... it would make me believe that this was all happening.

Nikki: Gina?

David: What happened?

Gina: Oh, it's terrible. Ji Min Kim was found dead in his room.

Nikki: (Gasps)

Jack: Hello?

Sharon: Hey.

Jack: Hey.

Sharon: How is Summer?

Jack: Mm. Summer is doing much better, thank God. As for Phyllis...

Sharon: Yeah, she must be going out of her mind, not knowing what's going on.

Jack: Oh, boy.

(Telephone ringing)

Jack: Let me get that. Jack Abbott. He what? How do you know that? Dear God. Uh--uh, thank you for calling me.

Sharon: What?

Jack: That was the reporter who was supposed to interview Ji Min.

Sharon: "Was?"

Jack: Ji Min's dead. They found his body in his hotel room.

Sharon: What?! When?

Jack: I don't know.

Sharon: Well, I just saw him. How did this happen?

Jack: I-I-I don't know that, either. Dear Lord.

Sharon: He's so young. Did he have a heart attack, you think?

Jack: A heart attack, an aneurysm, a stroke-- or maybe just an accident.

Sharon: Jack... do you think this is just some kind of a weird prank?

Jack: Why would anybody do something like that?

Sharon: I don't know! I don't know, this is just all so out of the blue and bizarre. Do you think-- and I know this sounds ridiculous, too, but, I mean, if he had a heart condition in the first place, do you think that maybe this interview and the stress--

Jack: No, I don't think one had anything to do with the other. I think... I think this is just one of those horrible things.

Jana: Oh, stop pacing. I'm gonna have to tie you to the bed!

Kevin: Um, okay, so, look, uh... no matter what dr. Ryan says, we deal. Right?

Jana: Well, I mean, I feel all right. I haven't been acting peculiarly, have I?

Kevin: Uh, well, in the "You are peculiar" sense, yes, which is a good thing, but in the "You're out of your gourd and we live like Heathcliffe and Catherine in the Yorkshire moors"? No.

Jana: Right. Also a good thing, then.

Kevin: Yeah, exactly.

Jana: Hello, Doctor.

Kevin: So do you have the results?

Doctor: I do.

Jana: All right, then.

Kevin: Okay. We're ready for the good news.

Kevin: Jana's ready. Right?

Doctor: Well, according to your most recent MRI, we excised 99% of your craniopharyngioma.

Jana: Oh. That's good.

Doctor: It is.

Kevin: Yeah. And what about the part that's left?

Doctor: Uh, let's see... say this is your brain. Your tumor was here, near the frontal lobe. Now it's very difficult to remove tumor tissue from this area without damaging the brain itself. But you're a fortunate young woman. I'm pleased with the result.

Kevin: Does this mean that she's back to normal?

Doctor: Well, the observational data-- motor skills, speech, interactional skills-- are all normal.

Kevin: You hear that? Normal!

Jana: Um, (clears throat) so, um, what about that part that's left? I mean, could it grow back?

Doctor: Well, there's a slim chance, yes. But we know what to watch for, and benign tumors like yours are far less likely to recur than malignancies. I think you're good for the foreseeable future.

Jana: How about forever?

Doctor: I'll order a follow-up MRI. when you're completely healed. That's it for now.

Jana: Thank you so much.

Kevin: Thank you.

Jana: What? You're not gonna get all mushy on me now, are you?

Kevin: Please. I was just thinking that I never got to finish telling you that dirty joke.

Jana: Right. So a bloke walks into a talent agency, and?

Kevin: This guy walks into the talent agency and, uh... wait, I forget the rest.

Jana: No, you did not!

Kevin: Okay, I got it, I got it. A guy walks into a talent agency and he says-- no, wait, I forgot it again. You know, I think this brain thing is contagious.

Jana: Kevin!

Kevin: Hey, I don't know, maybe it's something in the water.

Jana: Oh, well, I'll just have to torture it out of you, won't I?

Kevin: I'll just torture you back!

Jana: No! I know your ticklish spots.

Kevin: Come here.

Jana: You can't get away.

Jill: I shouldn't have left him. I shouldn't have. I should've stayed with him. And when was the last time he had a physical? I don't even know that. I don't know if heart trouble ran in his family.

Kay: Well, did they say he had a heart attack?

Cane: No, the C.S.I. team is still up there, but they haven't told us anything.

Jill: Yeah, but what else could it be? He was perfectly healthy.

Kay: Well, why the big investigation then?

Cane: Detective Sullivan said that it's standard operating procedure, that when someone as young as Ji-- when someone dies under these circumstances, they have to do a full police investigation.

Jill: Well, I'm not going anywhere until I know something.

Cane: Mom, it could take hours.

Jill: Well, then I'll wait for hours.

Kay: We will wait with you, Jill.

Jill: Why are you so supportive all of a sudden, Mother? You hate Ji Min!

Kay: Not fond of him, no. No. It's utterly irrelevant.

David: Wow. This is certainly one of those think-about-your-own-mortality moments.

Nikki: Mm. "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may." Nobody ever knows the rest of that. What is that from?

David: "Old time is still-a-flying. And this same flower that smiles today, tomorrow will be dying."

Nikki: Wow. The hardened politico knows poetry.

David: Robert Herrick. 17th century. Does it make me more intriguing?

Nikki: Well, yes, actually, it does.

David: Good.

Nikki: I hate to change the subject, but... I'm worried that you talked to that reporter.

David: Obviously, it's not a problem now.

Nikki: No? Ji Min's death is like a huge spotlight on the interview he didn't give.

David: Relax. There's nothing to worry about. Politics is all about off the record information. And reporting is all about protecting your sources. You don't get to do important interviews by having a big mouth.

Nikki: Because nobody will trust you again.

David: Exactly. He has as much to lose as we do.

Nikki: Not really.

David: Hyperbole. To rosebuds.

Nikki: To rosebuds.

Kay: Can I get you something? Water?

Jill: Why would I want water?

Kay: Gin?

Jill: Why would I send an alcoholic to get me gin?

Cane: Mom, she's just trying to help.

Kay: Jill, rail against the Gods or damn the universe, damn me if you want. Whatever you need. But it is so difficult to watch someone you love and just stand by, do nothing, not able to help.

Jill: Water would be good, thank you.

Kay: I'll be right back.

Jill: There are things I should be doing, you know? But what? His parents? I've gotta tell his parents.

Cane: I'll do it.

Jill: They're in Korea. All right, what-- what time is it in Korea? What is the time difference there? I can't think.

Cane: Mom--Mom, I said I'll do this for you. I'll do it.

Jill: I don't even know if they speak English.

Cane: I'll get a translator, okay? I'll take care of it.

Jill: Oh, my God! Can you imagine getting this kind of news from a translator? Ji Min didn't get along with his father. Did I ever tell you that?

Cane: No.

Jill: That man-- that man always made him feel like he wasn't good enough at anything. Oh, and then I was so hard on him, making him prove that he loved me.

Cane: He loved you. You know he loved you.

Jill: Yeah, but for me to do that, with his father-- I wanna tell him that his son was good enough.

Cane: Mom, Mom, don't beat yourself up.

Jill: He was more than good enough!

Cane: Don't beat yourself up.

Jill: Except that the number's at my office and I don't wanna leave.

Cane: Mom, I said I'll do this, okay? Let me do this for you, all right?

Jill: Thank you.

Cane: Okay?

Jill: Yeah. Thank you.

Cane: I'll do this for you. All right.

Jill: Thanks.

Nikki: Jill? I'm so sorry.

David: We both are.

Jill: Thank you, thank you. I'm a grieving widow. But I never married him. I wish I'd married him.

David: We're both sorry for your loss.

Jill: You're just saying that because you don't know what else to say.

Nikki: No, Jill, he means it. So do I.

Jill: Oh, Nikki, you don't even like Ji Min.

Nikki: That is not true!

Jill: And, you-- you tried to get him to back off from this TV interview earlier, didn't you?

David: Yes, I did, but that was strictly business. It certainly wasn't personal.

Jill: Funny. It feels really personal now.

Jack: Thanks, I appreciate it. That was a buddy I have at the precinct house. Apparently, the C.S.I. team is still in Ji Min's room.

Sharon: C.S.I.?

Jack: Well, apparently, it's normal procedure. They found a young man's body in a hotel.

Sharon: Do they know if he was alone?

Jack: My guess is he was. Imagine that, dying alone in a hotel room.

Colleen: Who?

Jack: Oh, hi, kiddo. Um, Ji Min Kim.

Colleen: The guy that Kevin worked with? That's terrible! What happened?

Sharon: No one really knows yet.

Colleen: Well, that sucks.

Jack: Yeah, yeah, well said.

Colleen: I'll tell Kevin.

Jack: Yeah, good idea.

Colleen: I was gonna move some of my stuff out today. But I can stay over tonight if you want.

Jack: Um...

Sharon: Whichever you want. Just let us know.

Colleen: Okay.

Sharon: Jack? When you came in you said something about the interview Ji Min was going to do? Did he cancel?

Jack: I, uh, I actually saw him before I went to the hospital. He had come to the truth on his own that this was gonna hurt him more than it hurt anyone else. Apparently, there's nothing worse for a Korean businessman than public disgrace.

Sharon: And now-- it doesn't really matter. It's so weird how one minute something can seem like life and death.

Jack: And that's just what this is--life and death. And everything else pales.

Sharon: Like you buying his family's land. You weren't really... gonna do that, were you, Jack? Strong-arm into canceling the interview?

Jack: No. No, never.

Sharon: Good.

Jack: Yeah, and let's cancel that meet-and-greet at the museum. Right. Okay, we'll talk soon.

Colleen: Uncle Jack, I feel awful. I mean, I know how hard it was for you to give up Jabot, but I heard he was doing a really good job.

Sharon: Yeah, he was an excellent businessman.

Colleen: Okay, well, um, I'm heading out, so I'll see you soon.

Sharon: We'll see you.

Jack: Take care, Colleen.

Sharon: I remember when I was her age. Death didn't seem to apply to me then.

Jack: I know. I know. Listen, I, uh... have managed to clear my schedule. I think it would be good for us to pay our condolences to Jill in person.

Sharon: Do you think that's a good idea?

Jack: What, you think she hates me?

Sharon: At the moment, yes.

Jack: I still think it's important that I'm there.

Sharon: Is that Senator Abbott speaking?

Jack: Senator or no, I think it's the decent thing to do.

Kevin: Would you check out this ride? Look, "This gem offers a high-revving-liquid-cooled v-twin of diamond-like precision." Oh, no way! Look, you get 'em custom made! I get the black one. You can get the pink one, huh?

Jana: Excuse me? But if we're going cross country on one of those, mine would definitely be black. Thank you very much. Pink? You think I'd want a pink bike?

Kevin: Whoa, back up. What's with this "If?" What do you mean, "If?"

Jana: Well, I mean, we don't know what's going to happen.

Kevin: So? Nobody ever knows anything. Doesn't mean you don't make plans, right?

Jana: You're right.

Kevin: Exactly. So, we're gonna take this ride cross-country. I am picturing you in these tight, black leather chaps. What do you say?

Jana: How about in the nude?

Kevin: Ooh, that's even better. But, yikes, the windburn.

Jana: It's nice to dream.

Kevin: And cue the violins! Come on! You just spanked a brain tumor!

Jana: Yeah, I did, didn't I?

Kevin: Yeah. So what is it then? The legal system? I mean, compared to your... craino-pharo-whatchamacallit, big frickin' deal.

Jana: You're right.

Kevin: Of course I'm right. I'm always right. So what do you say? We're gonna plan our trip across country, we're gonna buy these hogs, and we are gonna get the hell out of dodge.

Kay: Where's Cane?

Jill: Thank you. He went to tell Ji Min's parents.

Kay: Oh, those poor people.

Jill: I liked it better when you were honest.

Kay: Oh, please. I am honest. I feel sorry for them. But I'm more sorry for you.

Jill: Detective? Have you heard anything?

Maggie: I just spoke to the county coroner's office. We should have a preliminary cause of death soon.

Kay: How soon, because this is very difficult for her.

Maggie: I do understand that, Mrs. Chancellor. As soon as I know anything, you'll know something. Excuse me.

David: I'd like to have a moment of your time. Would you excuse us, please?

Carter: By all means, Mr. Chow. I was hoping to talk to you, too.

David: Right. I just wanna remind you that everything I said to you about Ji Min Kim and Mrs. Newman is strictly off the record.

Carter: So you said.

David: Yes, I did. And now I'm re-emphasizing it.

Carter: Got it. It's a shame. It's such an intriguing story.

David: It may have been an intriguing story, which we both know you won't be telling.

Victor: What's going on?

Nikki: Oh, you haven't heard?

Victor: Haven't heard what?

Nikki: Ji Min Kim is dead.

Victor: What do you mean he's dead? A heart attack or what?

Nikki: I don't know. But we're all waiting to hear.

Victor: I'll be damned.

Nikki: The coroner's office was taking him out when I got here. There's an investigation underway.

Victor: And no sign of a struggle?

Nikki: Not that I've heard.

Victor: Huh. Well, then things turned out rather advantageously for you, didn't they? Ji Min doesn't give the interview, and your company doesn't go under.

Nikki: Have you always been so heartless? It's hard for me to remember.

Victor: Don't you feel a certain kinship with me now that you've become this tough, independent new woman that doesn't need anyone?

Nikki: If by "anyone," you mean "you," no.

Victor: Well, I'm glad to hear that. And if you'll excuse me, I'll offer my condolences to Jill.

Kevin: "The wind biting into your flesh, the pungent smell of pine one moment and the perfume of flowers the next."

Colleen: Sex in the great outdoors?

Kevin: After all day on our hogs. Jana and I are taking a 2-wheeled, open-road, cross-country trek.

Colleen: So you talked to the surgeon?

Kevin: Uh-huh. Yeah. My girl kicked butt.

Colleen: No more tumor?

Kevin: Well, just as good as.

Colleen: Well, I'm so happy for you!

Kevin: Thank you!

Colleen: I mean, but... there is her whole legal thing.

Kevin: Yeah, I didn't forget about that.

Colleen: And yours.

Kevin: Didn't forget about that either.

Colleen: I'm not raining on the whole road trip, I swear. But I-I do have some news for you.

Kevin: Yeah, you're moving in with your boyfriend. You already told me.

Colleen: No, not about me. Um, some bad news.

Kevin: What? What happened?

Colleen: Your boss died.

Kevin: Mrs. Chancellor?

Colleen: No, your ex-boss. Mr. Kim.

Kevin: No way! What happened?

Colleen: I don't know. I just heard. I think it happened really suddenly.

Kevin: Oh. Well, I should go into Jabot. They probably want me to put something on the web site. Dead? Jeez!

Jana: Who's dead?

Colleen: Um, Mr. Kim.

Kevin: It happened really suddenly, evidently.

Jana: I knew him. I mean, not well or anything, but he used to come 'round the coffeehouse. And now he's just dead? Just like that? God, that's just... that's just bloody horrid.

Nikki: I'd ask how Jill is doing, but I already know.

Kay: I never said I wished Ji Min was dead. I said I wanted him out of her life, not out of life.

Nikki: She knows that.

Kay: Well, I suppose the two of us should be glad he never had a chance to give that interview.

Nikki: Well, I-I wouldn't say "Glad."

Kay: Fine. Relieved. Unburdened.

Nikki: (Gasps) I cannot believe that man! Jack has the audacity to come here? He couldn't stand Ji Min!

Kay: Neither could you, my dear.

Jack: Jill?

Jill: What are you doing here?

Sharon: We want to tell you how sorry we are.

Jill: Thank you, Sharon.

Jack: Ji Min was a wonderful human being and an amazing businessman.

Jill: Let me ask you a question. You and Jack got married not very long ago, yes? Ji Min and I were engaged. So, when you wake up in the morning and you look at yourself in the mirror, and you remember that you are married to such a truly loathsome man, how do you deal with it?

Jack: I know you're upset, Jill. It's perfectly understandable. But I would appreciate it if you didn't take it out on my wife.

Sharon: Jill, we are--

Jill: I know that you are here for the photo ops, Senator. I would appreciate it if you would just not speak.

Jack: Listen...

Sharon: You misunderstand. Okay, we--we really are very sorry.

Jill: He has you so fooled, Darlin'.

Jack: We did not come here to argue.

Jill: Is that so, Jack?

Jack: If there's anything-- anything at all we can do to help...

Cane: Yeah. You can get out.

Colleen: You and Kevin on an open road. Very "Easy Rider."

Jana: We rented that movie.

Colleen: Don't tell me. Kevin said it was...

Both: "An American classic."

Jana: Yeah.

Colleen: He loves that movie.

Jana: Yeah, with what's-his-name Fonda. Don't tell him, but I much preferred "Thelma and Louise."

Colleen: Yes! So do I. So, big road trip, huh?

Jana: Well, after the trial, you mean?

Colleen: Yeah, I'm not minimizing it. I'm just looking past it. So you see that there is a "Past it."

Jana: Right.

Colleen: And you're psyched?

Jana: Right.

Colleen: Because you don't sound psyched. I mean, Jana, you had a terrible tumor and now you don't. I mean, I don't know, I would be psyched.

Jana: All right, stop saying that.

Colleen: What? Why?

Jana: Colleen, I've been sick for what feels like forever. And I'm stuck in this bloody nuthouse. You know they won't even let me wash my hair? I can't get the incision wet. Ugh. I feel so disgusting.

Colleen: Jana, Kevin understands.

Jana: I don't want him to understand. I want to see that look in his eyes that says I'm pretty and that he wants me. And I know it's all about inner beauty, and I know he thinks I'm beautiful on the inside, and I know it's so shallow and stupid to even be thinking about all this. I don't even know why I'm thinking about this. I should be thinking about all the dreadful things I did when I was sick.

Colleen: Okay, okay, time out. Take a breath.

Jana: You're going to say I'm pathetic, aren't you?

Colleen: Actually, I was going to say you've come to the right place. Mm-hmm. And... since we're on American classics, how about... "Pretty in Pink" meets "Clueless"?

Jana: Kevin and I didn't rent those movies.

Colleen: I know. But you're gonna live 'em with me.

Cane: I reached the family.

Jill: Good. How were they?

Cane: Devastated. I was, um, on the phone with a translation service, but it turns out they spoke English.

Jill: I should've been the one who told them.

Cane: You know they knew about you?

Jill: Did they?

Cane: Yeah. They want you to have their condolences.

Jill: It should've been me.

Cane: Oh, Mum, it's all right.

Jill: No. It's really not.

Carter: Mrs. Chancellor? Pardon me, uh, have you gotten any word on the cause of death?

Kay: No, I haven't heard anything yet.

Carter: Do you know why the investigation upstairs is taking so long?

Kay: What are you doing here?

Carter: I'm a reporter. It's my job.

Kay: Well, I'm a mother. That trumps your job. Now please go away.

Carter: If I could just tell you--

Kay: I would love to tell you what you may do with this notebook.

Maggie: Actually, if you don't mind, I have a few questions for our friend from the fourth estate.

Kay: He's all yours.

Carter: Mrs. Chancellor, there's no need to leave.

Maggie: Um... now you were scheduled to do an interview with Mr. Kim, is that correct?

Carter: Yes.

Maggie: Now I'm sure that you and Mr. Kim spoke beforehand about the interview? What did he say?

Carter: I'm terribly sorry, Detective. I mean, I'd love to be able to help you, but all the information I've used to prepare comes from confidential sources. And I'm sure-- in your profession-- you understand.

Maggie: I'm sure.

Nikki: Are you sure he knows that everything you told him is off the record?

David: The only way I could've made it clearer would've been to tattoo it to his forearm.

Nikki: You know that statement you prepared for me?

David: Yep.

Nikki: Do you still have copies?

David: Of course not. I shredded them.

Nikki: What about your hard drive? Oh, my God, you still have it on your hard drive?

David: Not as of five minutes from now.

Nikki: Make it two.

Colleen: I am so good.

Jana: All right, so, hot or not? Be brutal.

Colleen: Okay. Well, on the hot scale, from one to ten? You're smokin'.

Jana: What, in a dirty hair, zipper across my skull, kind of way?

Colleen: Well, you could start a trend.

Jana: Ooh! Now I love that.

Colleen: Yeah? So what do you have that's cute to wear?

Jana: Oh, nothing.

Colleen: Oh, come on. You have the body. Go for it.

Jana: No, nothing, as in, nothing cute.

Colleen: As in-- a makeover's not a makeover if it's only from the neck up.

Jana: You're so right. How about we just tell the guards we're going 'round the clothing shops then?

Colleen: Well, if you don't kill anyone on the way over.

Jana: Or the way back.

Colleen: It could work.

Victor: I'm surprised to see you here.

Jack: Then you're easily surprised.

Victor: What are you working on your image, or what?

Jack: I won a political office, not a beauty pageant. If we could give that a rest?

Victor: Uh-huh. I know you better than that, my friend.

Jack: Yeah, the "my friend" thing is getting pretty old, too.

Victor: Is it?

Carter: Uh, Mr. Newman? Can I have word?

Victor: Yes, of course.

Carter: Uh, how well did you know Mr. Kim?

Victor: I did not know Mr. Kim at all. Thank you.

Carter: Um, Senator Abbott, how did you feel about Mr. Kim's death?

Jack: This is not the appropriate place for an interview. People are mourning.

Carter: Uh, what was your reaction when you heard--?

Jack: I just gave you my reaction.

Carter: But you had business dealings together--

Jack: I'll say it again. People are mourning.

Maggie: Got it, thank you.

Cane: What did they say?

Maggie: Ms. Abbott? Are you ready for this?

Jill: Yeah, I'm ready.

Maggie: Preliminary reports indicate that Mr. Kim's larynx and, um, part of his trachea-- his windpipe-- was crushed.

Jill: So he couldn't scream?

Maggie: We don't believe so, no.

Jill: Or breathe?

Maggie: No.

Jill: He suffocated?

Colleen: Okay. Over here.

Kevin: I'm having a pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey flashback here. Can I just see now?

Colleen: Okay. Fine. Ready?

Kevin: Yes. Wow! I mean, wow!

Jana: Is that a good wow?

Kevin: It's a wow-wow. I'm speechless.

Colleen: How rare.

Kevin: Hey!

Jana: Colleen's handiwork.

Colleen: Well, my paint, her beauty.

Jana: Her shirt.

Kevin: You're spectacular.

Jana: It's how you remember me?

Kevin: It's like this dream that I have. Except in the dream you're not wearing her shirt. In fact, you're not wearing any shirt in the dream.

Colleen: Okay, too much information.

Kevin: It's like you're back, you know? The old you.

Jana: So you're happy?

Kevin: I am beyond happy.

Jana: I wanted that so much for you.

Colleen: Jana, the boy is blessed.

Kevin: Yeah, and this is about as high as you can get without chemical interference.

Jana: That's exactly what I wanted. Because I don't know how else I can give it to you.

Kevin: You're joking, right? Pretty badly. I mean, do you know all the stuff that we're gonna do? I mean, the motorcycle trip-- that's--that's just the beginning. We're going to Europe. We're gonna go to Asia. I mean, Asia would be hot, right?

Jana: Kevin...

Kevin: Look, I can get somebody to cover at--at the coffeehouse. That'd be easy.

Jana: No, I need you to listen.

Kevin: And I will take a leave of absence at Jabot.

Jana: Look, I-I need to tell you--

Kevin: Whatever you want, okay? We'll go wherever you want. Just--just don't say anything.

Jana: I don't want to. But I need to tell you the truth. And... the truth is... that I'm never, ever gettin' out of here.

Colleen: What do you mean you're not getting out?

Kevin: Of course you are.

Jana: You know, while I've been in here, I've been, um, researching the kind of tumor I had. When you're in the looney bin you have a lot of extra time on your hands. It could grow back.

Kevin: They got 99% of it.

Jana: Yeah, that's not 100%.

Colleen: I didn't know that.

Kevin: The surgeon said that she would be fine. You're sane now, but what you're saying in crazy.

Jana: No, you just don't want to hear it. When you told me about Mr. Kim dying, the last time someone I knew died, I killed her.

Colleen: But that wasn't your fault. It was the tumor, right?

Jana: Yeah, well, someday it could be the tumor again. I could do it again. Kill someone. I mean, I-I tried to kill you two. Do you know how that makes me feel? I mean, can you imagine that?

Colleen: No.

Jana: It's like... it's like there's this monster inside of me and there's still... a tiny speck of it left. And I will never know if that monster will grow again. I mean... no, it's just not a chance I can take.

Kevin: Um, look, Jana, I know that this must be really hard.

Jana: You can come visit me if you like. But I won't blame you if you don't. (Sighs) I can't... I can't be the love of your life. Ever. Because... because I live in this world and you live in that one. I wish there was something I could do about it. But I can't. I'm sorry. I have to go. I can't be here any longer. Nurse!

Kevin: No, no, Jana, Jana, listen to me.

Jana: No.

Kevin: Listen, no--

Jana: No, I'm sorry.

Kevin: Your surgery was a success. You're just freaked out! This is--

Colleen: What just happened?

Kevin: Um, she's, uh, she's scared. She's gonna get over it. It's just-- it's just all really fast, you know, the surgery and everything. She just needs time to adjust.

Colleen: You can't hate me for saying this, okay? You can't get mad.

Kevin: Fine. What? Then just say it.

Colleen: Kevin, what if it's all an act? Okay, what if she's still playing us? Again? Still?

Kevin: No, no, she isn't.

Colleen: How can you be sure?

Kevin: Because, Colleen, what would her game plan be? Huh? To live happily ever after here in--in--in lockdown wacky world?

Colleen: Maybe! If it meant not living unhappily ever after, doing life without parole.

Jill: How long does it take a person to suffocate?

Kay: Jill, do you really want to know?

Jill: Yeah, I do.

Maggie: My understanding is five to ten minutes. Less if he was panicking.

Jill: So he suffered?

Kay: Jill, do not put yourself through this.

Jill: I'm not the one who went through it. He did.

Cane: Can a windpipe be crushed accidentally?

Maggie: It's not common, but it could've-- he could've fallen.

Kay: I've never heard of such a thing.

Jill: Could a small person do this to a larger person?

Kay: What are you talking about?

Jill: There was someone else in Ji Min's room when I found him. Someone who had accused him of taking a great deal of money. Amber. So, please answer my question. I need to know. Could a small woman have broken the windpipe of a large man?

Maggie: Theoretically.

Cane: Amber? Mum--mum--mum, Amber is a lot of things, but she's no murderer.

Kay: In all likelihood, for heaven's sakes, it was just an accident.

Jill: Have you ever heard of anyone breaking their own windpipe, Katherine?

Kay: That is neither here nor there.

Jill: All right, maybe she didn't do it, maybe she did. Do you remember I told you that Ji Min was gonna do a TV interview today?

Maggie: I do remember.

Jill: Just so you know, a lot of people in this room right now wanted that interview stopped.

Nikki: What if they continue with this investigation?

David: For all we know, it was a heart attack.

Nikki: Yeah, but if they do, everything that Ji Min was gonna say in that interview will come out. Too many people know.

David: And if it does, we'll deal with it.

Nikki: How? It doesn't take a bloodhound to follow the money.

Victor: I saw you talking to the reporter earlier.

Sharon: Yeah, what an inconvenient time for an interview.

Jack: I think what you saw was me telling a reporter to take a hike.

Victor: Is that what you did?

Jack: Yes, it is.

Victor: Aha. Did you also tell the reporter about your visit with Ji Min shortly before his death?

Jack: I didn't tell him anything.

Victor: Well, then you conveyed that information to Detective Sullivan, I gather?

Sharon: Um, this isn't news. Jack told me he spoke to Ji Min, and Mr. Kim canceled on his own.

Victor: Did he?

Jack: Yes, that's what he told me. He said it was a better option than facing disgrace.

Victor: Yeah. I know a couple of people for whom Ji Min's death was a better option than his interview. In fact, I'm sure they found it downright convenient.

Sharon: I wouldn't call it convenient. I would call it, uh, I would call it tragic.

Victor: Yes, very tragic indeed. Indeed, indeed. Did you, uh... not tell the authorities about your visit with Ji Min before his death?

Jack: What do you say we let the man lie in peace?

Victor: What a warm sentiment coming from you. But you know, since you didn't talk to the authorities about your visit with Ji Min before his death, maybe I should.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Nikki: I know what you're doing.

Jack: I am protecting us.

Nikki: You are protecting yourself.

Jill: I want you to release the tape of Jack admitting he owned Jabot.

McQueen: He is banned from this institution indefinitely.

Phyllis: You can't do that. He's bringing my baby.

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