Y&R Transcript Monday 9/3/07

Y&R Transcript Monday 9/3/07 -- Canada; Tuesday 9/4/07 -- USA


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Michael: Well, she wouldn't listen to me.

Lauren: You want me to try?

Michael: Go.

Nick: She's not gonna come out.

Daniel: You know, I'm a pro at getting on her nerves. Maybe I can annoy her out of there.

Michael: Well...

Lauren: Phyllis...

Daniel: Oh, I am glad to see that the preview of solitary confinement is over.

Phyllis: I came here to get Summer's medicine.

Michael: Phyllis, you have to report to prison.

Phyllis: No.

Michael: You will only make the situation worse.

Phyllis: No, I-I need you to get off my back, okay? I'm not going anywhere. Can you, um... check her temperature, please?

Nick: Okay.

Lauren: Honey, look, I know you're upset, but Logan said that Summer was gonna be okay when she examined her.

Phyllis: Well, I'll wait until she is okay. Until then, I'm staying.

Michael: No, you need to go! You have no choice!

Phyllis: I'm staying, Michael!

Daniel: Mom, you know, this isn't the Alamo.

Phyllis: What?

Daniel: Barricading themselves didn't work for those guys, it's not gonna work for you.

Phyllis: I-I--okay, I understand how you feel, but it's not gonna change what I'm doing. I'm staying.

Daniel: Okay, you remember the Alamo? You know what? Those guys made a stand, and they got wiped out. And then years later, people wrote corny songs about 'em. And now--now there's, like, stupid references made to them. I mean, do you want people making stupid references about you and writing corny songs about you?

Nick: Summer's fever is still high.

Amber: It is so lame that you spent time writing down serial numbers from stolen money, but you did prove that Ji Min is a thief, so...

Carson: What, so now you think I'm an irresistible genius?

Amber: Replace irresistible with repulsive and genius with pain in the butt.

Carson: See, even that sounds sexy when you say it.

Amber: Just focus. Focus. I bet he has the money stashed in his room.

Carson: Wonder if he has some socks that resemble the color of money.

Amber: He's not gonna leave it somewhere the maid can find it.

Carson: Now you got me imagining a maid with a sock fetish.

Amber: Please, like you wouldn't go through someone's drawers if you had the chance, and spare me the lame joke about getting into my drawers because it's never gonna happen. He wouldn't make a deposit that big. It'd raise too many red flags.

Carson: Safe deposit box?

Amber: There are a ton of banks.

Carson: Bet we'd find a statement in his room.

Amber: And we get that how?

Carson: Didn't I drop trespassing charges against you?

Amber: Well, that just proves I'm not an expert. I got caught. Not an option today.

Carson: I can get us access.

Amber: And I'll do the searching.

Carson: I don't think so. You find the money and take off, and I'm left with nada?

Amber: No, I am under indictment! If I ran with the money, I would have an entire police force on my tail.

Carson: And a nice place to be.

Amber: Don't. Don't. Okay, if you took the money and ran, no one would even notice.

Carson: I'd like to think that I've made some sort of impact on the people in this town. What if you took the money and went to the cops?

Amber: Do you really think I'm that stupid?

Carson: Well, there is a dumb blonde joke in there somewhere, Sweetheart, but I'm too much of a gentleman.

Amber: You're the one who's dumb if you think I'm a real blond.

Carson: So we're at a stalemate.

Amber: If I prove that Ji Min stole the money, Kay Chancellor has the honor of discrediting him, while crediting me. It's a win-win.

Carson: She talks you up to the hubby and you all live happily ever after, huh?

Amber: Yep.

Carson: Better hope Ji Min has that money.

Jill: Well, they're meeting us at 4:00 in the founder's room. Unless you're having second thoughts?

Ji Min: I'll be ready. Jill, this story's gonna make life miserable for your mother and Jack. Are you sure you want this?

Jill: It's exactly what I want.

Jack: No, that is exactly what I don't wanna have happen. If Ji Min goes public with it-- yes! I'll handle logistics on this and you find out what you can about this reporter and what they know. No, the man would have to have lost his mind to do something this outrageous! Yes, I'm worried. Uh, I gotta--I gotta go.

Sharon: How is she?

Jack: Who?

Sharon: Phyllis. Isn't that who you were talking to?

Jack: Uh...

Sharon: Hey, it's-- its okay. I knew that Phyllis is going to jail today, and, um... that that would make you upset. But... you know, I'm sure she won't be there that long. She'll--she'll get time off for good behavior.

Jack: Don't be so sure.

Nick: How does she seem to you? Phyllis?

Michael: Where are you going?

Lauren: Phyllis?

Phyllis: I'm taking her to the hospital.

Michael: Phyllis.

Phyllis: Daniel, can you get the diaper bag? And, Lauren, get the medication? We can bring it with us.

Nick: Yeah, go, do it.

Michael: Phyllis, Nick can take her. You come with me.

Phyllis: Listen, I don't care if they add more time to my sentence. My daughter needs me.

Michael: The judge could perceive this as a flight attempt. You know that.

Phyllis: Then he can meet us at the hospital.

Lauren: All right, Daniel and I will go with Nick to the hospital.

Michael: My delay request was denied. If you don't report to prison, they will issue a bench warrant.

Nick: All right, what can he do to her if she shows up late?

Michael: Add more time to her sentence. The warden's expecting her. And it won't look good to the other inmates if it's perceived that you are receiving preferential treatment.

Phyllis: That doesn't matter to me. Don't you understand that? I don't care what happens to me.

Summer: (Cries)

Phyllis: My daughter-- she gets nervous when the pediatrician walks into the room. Imagine how she'll react in the ER.

Nick: It's okay.

Phyllis: Me on. I need to be there and tell her its okay. I need to rub her back. She likes that.

Summer: (Cries)

Phyllis: Okay, Baby.

Summer: (Cries)

Phyllis: All right, Sweetie.

Nick: Let's go.

Phyllis: If it were your son, and someone told you to walk away, what would you do?

Ji Min: I might as well wear a big target on my chest.

Jill: (Chuckles) it wouldn't match your eyes. (Telephone ringing)

Ji Min: Hello?

Carson: (Australian accent) Mr. Kim?

Ji Min: Yeah?

Carson: Peter Joshua here, producer for the show you're guesting on today.

Ji Min: Yeah?

Carson: We need to do a preliminary interview. I understand you've spoken with our reporter, but as segment producer, I do have to screen all the interviewees. Liability issues, you see? Uh, could you meet me at Crimson Lights on Hyde Park in, um, say, 20 minutes?

Ji Min: All right, I'll be there.

Carson: (Normal voice) he bought it. Hook, line and sinker.

Amber: I thought you said you could get us in the room.

Carson: Give me ten minutes with Becky. I'll be in the lobby. The minute he walks in, I'll call your cell.

Amber: Becky?

Carson: She works in housekeeping.

Amber: Oh. (Giggles) I get it. Ten minutes, huh? Poor girl.

Carson: It gets me close enough to swipe the key card.

Amber: Is that what you call it?

Carson: Hey, when we've got all night, I'll show her my idea of room service.

Amber: Good thing the girl has disinfectant. She's gonna need it after you.

David: This statement should preempt any damage Ji Min's interview could cause.

Nikki: Oh... "I was disheartened to learn of Jack Abbott's fraud. Mr. Abbott and I have put our differences aside. We want only what's best for the people of the state of Wisconsin. I realize now he took over Jabot out of love and respect for his late father, whose company had been under a cloud--" you want me to support Jack? I don't know if I can do that.

David: You need to make that statement, Nikki.

Nikki: I'll make a statement. He is a pompous, arrogant, self-serving jackass. Remind me again why I'm doing this?

David: You know why. Ji Min's interview is gonna set off a firestorm of controversy all around the senator and Katherine, two key figures in your project. Now the right words from you will exonerate them. It will also set them up as candidates for sainthood. Now I agree, it's an imperfect solution, but it is the solution to prevent a potential disaster.

Jack: Katherine? Hey, what a lovely outfit.

Kay: Save your compliments. I'm looking for Cane.

Jack: I haven't seen him. What's got you so riled up?

Kay: Oh, by the way, fair warning, now if that story breaks about your ownership of Jabot, I swear, I'm gonna hold an interview of my own. "I never, for one moment, knew he owned the company, your honor! I'm a victim of deceit!"

Jack: Katherine, Katherine, just calm down. That was just business.

Kay: The facts are going to speak for me, Jack! Now I bought that company from Ji Min! And he--maybe he handed the money over to you, but that becomes your collusion, certainly not mine.

Jack: Can we just step into my office so we don't tell the whole building about this?

Kay: I don't care! I really don't care who hears me anymore.

Jack: Katherine--

Kay: I'm sick and tired of dancing around the facts!

Jack: None of this would be an issue if you hadn't forced me to sign off on any involvement in my family's company.

Kay: I saved that company!

Jack: Don't play all holier than thou with me. I'm the guy you robbed when I had to sell Jabot back to you, remember? Now you're not really gonna try to play the "I don't know' card. There's any number of people, your daughter included, who would call you out on that.

Kay: Don't-- leave her out of this. Just leave her out of this.

Jack: If you think you can get away with telling them you don't know, you're more senile than I thought.

Kay: Don't you ever, ever, ever refer to me in that manner again!

Cane: Hey, hey, hey, hey, what is going on here?

Kay: Nothing! Nothing is going on, because there's nothing else to discuss!

Cane: You're not harassing my grandmother, are you, Jack?

Jack: You know, this Boy Scout thing is getting a little old. No, your grandmother can take fine care of herself.

Kay: Well, you better believe it. Now you fix it, young man. Or I swear, I'm gonna sue you right down to your bankruptcy.

Sharon: What was all that about? Jack... hey, come here. You can tell me anything.

Jack: You know, when all the campaigning was over, I thought all the bad publicity would be over, too. I was naive enough to think that I would be part of some water cooler talk. You know, I backed the wrong bill, I said the wrong name, I wore the wrong color tie. All the stuff they make jokes about on late night television. But it would be my choices, my big mouth, my bad fashion sense. What I've done is gonna hurt an awful lot of people.

Sharon: Okay, will you please tell me what's going on?

Jack: Ji Min is going public with the fact that I owned Jabot. He's doing an exclusive interview later today.

Sharon: Oh. Um, I see.

Jack: Disgrace, thy name is Jack Abbott. Unfortunately, that also affects the other Abbotts, you included.

Sharon: Um, well, hey, don't flatter yourself, okay? I-I was crowned a-a disgrace a long time ago. I even have the tiara and the sash at home to prove it.

Jack: Ji Min is under this deluded idea that he can prove his love to Jill by coming clean.

Sharon: All right, how bad is this gonna be?

Jack: Possible lawsuits. Bad publicity for Clear Springs. And I could be censured and asked to resign from the senate.

Sharon: Well... you know, um, I understand why you did what you did. And I am going to support you no matter what.

Jack: You mean that, don't you? You're amazing. I don't deserve you.

Sharon: Yeah, you did. Everything you did out of love for your father, you know, you had good intentions.

Jack: I'm afraid when you're in the public eye good intentions don't matt-- don't mean a whole lot.

Sharon: All right, um, okay, let's think about this logistically. Um, what if you came forward first?

Jack: It would still come out the same way. The press would twist the story and I'd still be the deceitful, lying senator.

Sharon: Well, you'll just twist it right back. I mean, you'll--you'll tell them that with Ji Min's help you turned that company around. You made it profitable again. And then you sold it at far less than it was worth, which proves that you were not deceitful for financial reasons. You--you had a goal and--and you reached it.

Jack: I should just hire you right now as my PR person. You almost make me sound noble.

Sharon: Jack, you are noble. Okay? We're just gonna make everybody else see that now.

Kay: So when it's found out that Jack defied court orders--

Cane: It'll ruin him.

Kay: Well, not only that, it opens me up to lawsuits. Prosecution if they can prove that I knew about it before I purchased the company.

Cane: There's no way to stop Ji Min's interview?

Kay: (Chuckles) oh, short of wrestling the cameraman to the floor?

Cane: Bet you got a good right hook.

Kay: (Chuckles) you know, your ex-wife had a very interesting theory.

Cane: Yeah, what's that?

Kay: She suggested Ji Min stole the money that was buried on the estate.

Cane: Well, if we can prove that, then we can put him behind bars, can't we?

Kay: Well, we'd have to have him booked by this afternoon.

Cane: I'm good, but I'm not that good. What about Mum? What, she can't talk him out of it?

Kay: Oh, I highly doubt that. Confessing his sins to the world was your mother's idea.

Carson: J-bird just flew the coop. Proceed to nest.

(Elevator opens)

Cane: Hey.

Jill: Hello.

Cane: Can I come in?

Jill: Is this a friendly visit?

Cane: Mum, we need to talk.

Amber: Son of a...

Amber: We're screwed! Jill's in the room!

Jill: I don't keep tabs on Ji Min's spending habits. What are you talking about?

Cane: Amber thinks Ji Min stole the cash and if he's buying expensive gifts with that cash, then it proves the point.

Jill: Amber? You're listening to that lying, not even really ex ex-wife of yours?

Cane: Grandma believes her, too.

Jill: Well, that's not helping your case. That harpy would do anything to make Ji Min out to be wrong.

Cane: Will you look at what this bloke has done? He's almost tearing you and Grandma apart.

Jill: Katherine is responsible for our estrangement, not Ji Min.

Cane: And I'm getting stuck in the middle of it. I'm getting sick of it! I can't believe there hasn't been a homicide already.

Jill: Well, we've come close.

Cane: You hurt her, so she hurts you, so you hurt her some more, and she hurts you some more. When is it going to end?

Jill: It's not gonna end, because she won't stay out of my life!

Cane: And you punish her by putting a whopper of a secret on telly?

Jill: Cane, she's part of that whopper. She deserves what she gets!

Cane: Mom--Mom, I didn't think you trusted Ji Min anymore.

Jill: Well, I was wrong. I believe he really loves me.

Cane: He proves his love by going after Grandma? The man is a lying scoundrel and I can smell him a mile away!

Jill: No, I asked-- I asked him to go public! I thought you were an advocate of the truth!

Cane: I am, but I'm telling you, you are wrong in this case.

Phyllis: Hey. Hey, excuse me. Um, my baby needs to see a doctor right away, please.

Woman: Have you signed in?

Phyllis: I don't have time to sign in.

Daniel: Mom, its okay. Calm down.

Phyllis: It's not okay.

Woman: A triage nurse will be with you shortly.

Lauren: Daniel and I will take care of the paperwork

Michael: The doctor will take care of it. We have to get back to the courthouse. We have to --

Phyllis: I get it. I get it. I get it, Michael.

Michael: All right, I'm gonna make some phone calls, all right? Okay.

Nick: Stall. Do what you can.

Michael: I got it! I got it!

Phyllis: Excuse me, my baby is very sick. She's very sick. She saw the doctor. The doctor gave her some medicine, but the fever hasn't broken. She--she--she had a fever and now she's starting to have the sniffles and she has a little cough, too.

Woman: We have several critical patients. All of our physicians are with them. I'll call you as soon as possible.

Phyllis: Please! My baby is very sick.

Lauren: Okay. The paperwork is done.

Nick: I'll take it.

Phyllis: What's taking them so long?

Daniel: I'm sure they're gonna be out as soon as they can.

Lauren: All right, why don't we just sit down? The calmer you are--

Phyllis: I don't wanna sit down. I don't wanna sit down. I'm calm. I'm fine.

Nick: Logan, I'm so glad you're still here.

Logan: Is the little one still not feeling well?

Phyllis: Yeah, she got worse since you examined her.

Logan: Okay, well, what's changed?

Nick: Well, she's, uh, breathing heavier and coughing now.

Logan: I need to get this baby in a cubicle!

Phyllis: Thank you.

Logan: Has she been feeding all right?

Phyllis: She's not eating at all.

Logan: All right. Nurse, administer a shot of ceftriaxone and get me a CBC Stat. I'll make sure she's comfortable. Just follow the nurse, she'll take care of Summer.

Phyllis: Oh, thank you! Thank you so much!

Logan: I've got one more patient, and then I'll be right in, okay?

Phyllis: Okay. Thank you.

Michael: She get into see the doctor?

Lauren: Yeah, Logan was here.

Daniel: Yeah, she took one look at my little sister and started to bark out orders.

Nick: Hey, any luck?

Michael: Not yet. At this point, I don't think we can--

Nick: Just keep doing everything you can to get an extension.

Nikki: I've wasted too much time today writing a new statement defending Jack. And I'm gonna waste more time memorizing it.

David: I'd be happy to make it worth your while.

Nikki: Oh! Well, suddenly it doesn't seem like such a chore.

David: I'm also gonna try and track down the reporter who's doing Ji Min's interview.

Nikki: Why?

David: I suspect he's gonna wanna hear your take on the story. He might even wanna do an on-air interview.

Nikki: Really? Well, then I must powder my nose.

David: Your nose is perfect even when it's shiny.

Nikki: Mm. No matter what's going on, you always make me smile. Well... I guess I have to go to the office.

David: You're not moving.

Nikki: No. Maybe I'll order something to eat first.

David: I'll take, tactics for avoiding a husband for $1,000, Alex.

Nikki: (Chuckles) no, Victor's supposed to be having a lunch meeting, so if I stall long enough, maybe he'll be out of the building and we won't have to go ten rounds.

David: Do you think it might be time that you... make your separation with Victor permanent?

Nikki: Oh. Oh, where did that come from?

David: You said yourself, Nikki. He only brings you down. He goes out of his way to make you suffer.

Nikki: Believe me, it's not anything that I haven't already thought about.

David: Oh, I don't doubt that. But thinking about and actually doing something-- two very different things.

Nikki: You know, when I left him this time, I thought we would get back together like we always do. Now it just feels so different this time. I'm not dependent on him.

David: Well, I'd like to think that I'm at least partially responsible for your new show of confidence.

Nikki: Believe me, you are. You are a friend, a partner and life coach all rolled up into one.

David: That's all well and good. I'd like to be a lot more.

Nikki: So you have made that clear.

David: Why don't you take a chance? See if that thing actually works? No comment? Great.

Nikki: Let's just say you've given me a lot to think about.

Victor: When it comes to contract negotiations, you might be the last to know where I stand, all right? Thank you.

Neil: Well, it's not much to go on. Well, I didn't give you much either. Yeah, yeah, same here. You'll be the first to know. Thanks. (Knock on door)

Karen: Hi, may I interrupt for a moment?

Victor: Please come in.

Karen: I was speaking with a political associate of mine. And it appears the state is pulling its multi-million dollar contract with Granville Global.

Neil: Really?

Karen: Yeah.

Neil: Do you know why?

Karen: No, no, I'm still working on that one.

Neil: The government doesn't make move like that on a whim.

Victor: I need to know why that is happening right now. Please find out.

Ji Min: Do me a favor, park my car.

Carson: Amber? Yeah, he's back. Get out as quick as you can. Come the back way, okay?

Cane: So here's the miserable bloke that's making life difficult for everybody, huh?

Ji Min: I'm doing this for your mother.

Cane: I'm not finished talking to you.

Ji Min: You're her son, so I'll forget that.

Cane: This ain't over! I'll be seeing you!

Carson: Your husband just left. I thought he was gonna yank Ji Min's arm out of the socket.

Amber: Maybe it would've kept him from going back to his room.

Carson: So, it's onto plan "B."

Amber: Do we have a plan "B?"

Carson: No, it's brainstorming time. You wanna go hit the coffee shop? Maybe a little caffeine will jolt the mind?

Amber: Wait, Ji Min has an interview in one of the conference rooms at 4:00. And where he goes...

Carson: Jill goes. Cheering on from the sidelines.

Amber: Meet you upstairs at 4:00?

Carson: Yeah. Well, hey, since we don't need a lookout, we can go search the room together.

Amber: How cozy.

Lauren: Did you get to the judge yet?

Michael: I'm trying to track down another judge who's helped me in the past.

Daniel: It sounds like it could come in handy. Where can I find one?

Michael: Let's work on your mother first.

Lauren: Is there anything else that you can do?

Michael: A miracle would be nice.

Lauren: Oh, no.

Phyllis: Hey.

Daniel: Where's Summer? Why aren't you with her?

Phyllis: They-- they wouldn't let us stay in there. They--they--they kicked us out. Just, she--she's so-- she looked so scared just looking up at us.

Lauren: Hey, Sweetie. Come sit down. Right here, all right? This is one of the best hospitals in the country.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Lauren: Okay?

Phyllis: Okay.

Lauren: Okay.

Michael: Do they have any specifics yet?

Phyllis: No, it's--it's bad. I know it. See, I knew. The doctor came, she examined her, and my baby didn't get better. And--and, you know, all the while, we're sitting here and they're letting all these people who are very healthy go in the front of the line. My--my daughter is suffering. She's getting worse. And I knew it. And no one would listen to me. No one listened to me!

Phyllis: How--how is she? Can we see her?

Logan: Soon. We've got her on an I.V. she's a little dehydrated. We also gave her something for the fever.

Lauren: It could still be the flu, right?

Logan: Uh, it could be. Um, if you excuse me, I have to get back.

Lauren: What can I do for you?

Phyllis: I... nothing--nothing is gonna make me feel better right now.

Daniel: I could steal you a piece of chocolate cake from someone's tray.

Phyllis: Michael? Michael, I have to stay. I have to stay here. I can't leave. You have to do something, okay? You--you have to do something.

Michael: I've been on the phone non-stop. You're gonna have to turn yourself in.

Phyllis: No! No! No! I can't! I won't! Do you understand me? There is no way!

Lauren: Can't she just stay until after the test results?

Nick: She can't leave here without knowing anything.

Michael: It's my obligation to contact the sheriff's department and to arrange for transportation.

Daniel: Wait a minute, so what, they're just gonna show up here and drag her off?

Nick: Wait a little longer.

Michael: I can't.

Nick: You won't?

Daniel: Michael, come on, please.

Michael: Oh. I'll call the deputy. I'll tell him the situation. Maybe I can buy us some time.

Victor: Have the governor give me a call as soon as possible. Thank you.

Neil: Nothing like going straight to the top, right?

Victor: Yeah. He owes me a favor. What did you find out?

Neil: Lewis heard rumors about the state canceling the contract, but nothing definitive, though. (Knock on door)

Karen: Excuse me?

Victor: Yes?

Karen: All right, here's the scoop, given to me completely off the record of course. Apparently, although his name is not directly tied to the action itself, Senator Jack Abbott is definitely the prime mover behind the proposed withdrawal of the Granville Global contract.

Sharon: Anything I can do to make you feel better?

Jack: You can make Ji Min disappear. (Cell phone ringing)

Jack: Oh! There it is. Jack Abbott. You're sure? That is great news! You've just made my day!

Sharon: Who was that?

Jack: That was my fairy Godmother.

Sharon: Did she grant your wish?

Jack: I don't think Ji Min is going to be granting any interviews today.

Sharon: That's great! Why, what happened?

Jack: I've been negotiating to buy his family's ancestral land. The deal just went through. If he doesn't back off, they're gonna get an eviction notice.

Sharon: That's horrible. Jack, don't you think you're going too far?

Jack: If he wants me to back off, all he has to do is kill the interview. They can stay as long as they like.

Sharon: Well, there has to be a better way.

Jack: Not that quickly. Ji Min, this is Jack Abbott. I am on my way over to the athletic club. I wanna meet you in your room. Oh, and it would be in your best interests to hear what I have to say before you start with the, uh, confession is good for the soul routine.

(Cell phone ringing)

Nikki: Nikki Newman.

David: Hey, where are you?

Nikki: I'm at the office, trying to avoid my hostile husband.

David: All right, look, I need you to meet me at the athletic club right away.

Nikki: I just left there.

David: Yeah, I've arranged for a meeting with you and the reporter that's gonna be speaking with Ji Min. You'll be talking to him right after he does.

Nikki: What does she know?

David: Well, look, I had to give 'em the gist of the story, so that I can at least slant it in a way that was favorable to you.

Nikki: You think you should've done that?

David: Relax, okay? I made it very clear that everything I said to him was off the record, and he couldn't use any of it unless he got independent confirmation.

Nikki: I just wish this whole thing would go away. I worry that no matter what I say, or how we spin it, the damage to Clear Springs is--is gonna cost me everything. --------------------------------------------------------

Victor: Where's Jack?

Sharon: He went to the athletic club to meet with Ji Min. Why? What's wrong?

Victor: It doesn't concern you. Manipulate any state contracts today?

Jack: Can't say as I know what you're talking about.

Victor: Can't or won't?

Jack: I do remember being surprised that the senator that preceded me awarded so many no-bid contracts to Granville Global.

Victor: When Ji Min goes public with your misconduct, your senate seat will be a distant memory.

Jack: I've managed to persuade the agreeable fellow not to give that interview.

Victor: We'll see about that.

Jack: I thought you might like to know I have contained the Ji Min problem. You can tell your boss not to release the, uh, preemptive strike she planned to give to the press.

David: That's great news, Jack. Problem solved.

Michael: Think of what the press will do with this-- a sick baby ripped from the arms of its mother. Believe me, I will be the first one in line to describe how your office wouldn't budge an inch. Yes.

Daniel: I think I was maybe 3 or 4 years old and I had a really bad cold. Mom knew how sick and how miserable I was. So she brought me homemade soup and crackers. Forget how contagious I was, crawled right into bed with me, watched cartoons, fed me that soup spoonful by spoonful. Didn't leave until I went to sleep.

Nick: Homemade?

Phyllis: Yeah. I was at home, I opened the can and I made it. I can't believe you remembered that.

Daniel: It kinda made being sick fun.

Phyllis: I hope Summer has memories like that.

Nick: She will.

Lauren: Well, hopefully, Michael will figure out a way to get you a few extra days.

Phyllis: Oh, if he does, believe me, I will be so grateful. Summer gets better and--

Michael: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Excuse me. I am Mrs. Newman's attorney.

Officer: Sir, we have a warrant for Phyllis Newman.

Michael: All right, as I said to your superiors, the situation is an emergency. I've been on the phone with Judge Chong, with O'Neil, with all the people. The situation has got to--

Officer: I'm afraid we have to take her in.

Nick: No, no, no.

Phyllis: I-I-I'm not going.

Nick: Our little girl is sick. Please.

Officer: Phyllis Newman, you're under arrest.

Phyllis: No!

Michael: All right, listen--

Phyllis: No. No, I'm not gonna go. Nick!

Nick: This isn't--

Phyllis: Nick!

Nick: It's okay. It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.

Phyllis: My baby is sick.

Nick: It's okay.

Phyllis: My baby is sick!

Michael: Phyllis--

Lauren: Phyllis--

Phyllis: No!

Lauren: Phyllis, I promise you we will take great care of Summer.

Phyllis: No!

Nick: Take it easy!

Phyllis: I can't go!

Michael: Phyllis!

Phyllis: Michael! No! Please!

Nikki: Hey!

David: Hey. Hi, you haven't seen that reporter yet, have you?

Nikki: No. And where were you? I was here 15 minutes ago and you weren't here, so I went up to your room.

David: All right, listen to me. The senator from hell somehow convinced Ji Min not to do the interview. I don't know how he did it, but he seemed very confident.

Nikki: But you gave the details of the story to the reporter.

David: I know. I know. I know, but listen, it was very clear that he didn't have a story unless he got confirmation.

Nikki: Well, you can bet he's gonna try to get confirmation. Maybe I should give my statement?

David: No! No, absolutely not! No. We wait to see what Ji Min does. In the meantime, we're in stealth mode, okay? Come on, let's go.

Nikki: All right.

Jill: Hello, I'm Jill Abbott.

Man: Oh.

Jill: I'm sorry I'm late. I hope you haven't been waiting long?

Man: We've just arrived. Carter Campbell.

Jill: Well, nice to meet you. Is Mr. Kim here yet?

Carter: I haven't seen him.

Jill: You haven't? That's very odd. We're both usually very punctual. Oh, voice mail.

Carter: I'm sure he's on his way.

Jill: I'm sure he is. Why don't I show you the founder's room, you can get set up, and then I'll see if I can find Mr. Kim. After you.

Carter: Thank you.

[Amber remembering]

Ji Min: Ahem. Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. I was just looking for Jill's purse. She said she left it here.

Amber: Oh, um, I was just getting something out of my car.

Ji Min: I'm sorry, what did you say?

Amber: It's nothing important.

Ji Min: I don't see it.

Amber: See what?

Ji Min: Jill's purse.

Amber: Right, um, I don't -- I don't see it either.

Ji Min: She must've left it somewhere else.

Amber: Well, uh... good night.

Ji Min: Night.

Amber: Carson, I am outside the room. It's after 4:00. Where the hell are you? I'm not gonna wait here any longer. You know what? I'm going in.

Phyllis: Please, I just wanna make one phone call to the hospital. My baby is sick.

Officer: All prisoners go through intake before phone privileges are instated.

Phyllis: Listen, um... she's just a little baby and she's sick.

Officer: Look, this is a prison, not a luxury hotel. You will follow the rules, or you won't have a pleasant stay. Do as you're told, speak when spoken to.

Phyllis: Are you a mother? Can you please just bend the rules this one time?

Officer: You'll have to remove your clothing. I'm gonna have to search you for contraband.

Nick: All right, how's Summer?

Logan: Preliminary tests indicate Summer has RSV.

Michael: What's that?

Logan: Respiratory syncytial virus.

Daniel: Whoa, whoa, English, please.

Logan: It's an infection of the lower respiratory tract.

Lauren: All right, so how serious is it?

Logan: Unfortunately, in Summer's case, it's severely infected.

Jill: I'm worried about you. We're all waiting downstairs for you. The media crew is all set up for your interview. Listen, if you don't wanna go through with this, that's fine. I just need to know that you're okay. Please, please, call me.

[Jill goes into Ji Minís room and finds Amber standing over Ji Minís body on the floor]

Jill: What are you doing here?

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Nick: Make this happen. I need to talk to Phyllis.

Michael: I can't. She's not allowed phone calls.

Phyllis: The privilege that I'm asking for is to just have five seconds to see if my baby's okay.

Man: The answer is no.

Jill: My God, what happened?

Amber: I found him.

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