Y&R Transcript Tuesday 8/28/07

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 8/28/07 -- Canada; Wednesday 8/29/07 -- U.S.A.


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Jana: Dog! A bloody--bloody dog.

Kevin: What's happening, Doctor?

Doctor: That's why we map.

Jana: A bloody dog.

Doctor: That's an area we don't wanna touch.

Kevin: Look, everything's-- Jana, Jana, I'm right here, okay? Just look at me and relax. Look at me and relax.

Jana: (Speaking incoherently)

Kevin: Look at me and relax. Good. Just breathe.

Doctor: Syringe, please.

Jana: A bloody dog.

Kevin: I'm right here. Everything's gonna be fine.

Jana: A bloody dog.

Kevin: Please... please let everything be okay.

Gloria: Poor Kevin. He must be going crazy in there.

Michael: I think Jana has that covered. Besides, he has a lot of bigger, legal problems to worry about.

Gloria: You're gonna make that go away, right?

Michael: I can't just magically make his crimes vanish.

Gloria: Sure you can, Michael. You'll make this go away.

Michael: I'll try. Just once I would like to represent someone who's innocent. It would make my job so much easier.

Ji Min: You work here now?

Amber: Um, yeah, I'm just helping Kevin out. How's your fiancée?

Ji Min: She's busy. I haven't seen her in a few days.

Amber: Me either.

Ji Min: Can I get a cup of coffee when you get a chance? I'll be over here.

Amber: Okay.

Heather: Excuse me?

Amber: Um, hello.

Heather: Hi.

Amber: What can I get for you?

Heather: Well, I think the question is what can I get for you.

Amber: Okay. Um, what are you offering?

Heather: A deal you can't refuse.

Jack: I'm working to secure funding for school programs not covered by "No child left behind." Music, drama, art-- all enrichments that greatly enhance the lives of our children.

Man: One more question, Senator.

Jack: Sure.

Man: How do you feel about the verdict in the Phyllis Newman case?

Jack: I don't think anyone is pleased or relieved with that outcome.

Man: Do you regret being so outspoken with support of Ms. Newman?

Jack: I regret that so many of our state's prisons are overcrowded with non-violent offenders.

Man: Are you saying you disagree with the jury's verdict?

Jack: I am saying, as I have always said, that the punishment should fit the crime.

Man: And it did not in this case?

Jack: No, it didn't.

Man: You think the judge was headline grabbing?

Jack: You'll have to decide that. I do think six years in prison is excessive.

Nick: No, my wife does not have a comment. Although, I have one. My 10-year-old son begged the judge not to send my wife to jail. After hearing that, he then sentenced her to six years. Judge Chong would've fit in very nicely during the Spanish inquisition. Don't call here again.

Phyllis: If I hear my phone ring one more time...

(Telephone ringing)

Phyllis: I won't.

Nick: Anybody who needs to get a hold of me knows my cell.

Phyllis: Okay. Hey, it's my last day of freedom. I get to spend it two very handsome men.

Daniel: Well, one very handsome man.

Nick: Hey, it's, uh, it's your day. We'll do whatever you want.

Phyllis: Okay. How about we... build a time machine, and I can do everything over.

Nick: I'll gas up the DeLorean. You check the flux capacitor.

Daniel: The de-what?

Nick: DeLorean. Pop culture, my friend. Who's sexy now?

Daniel: In the words of your son, you are a total dork.

Nick: Yes, I am.

Phyllis: (Giggles) hey, I know who's missing. Oh, this is good. Hey, Noah, it's Phyllis. Do you wanna spend the day with us?

Man: I'll be in touch with any follow-ups.

Jack: Thank you so much.

Man: Thank you.

Jill: Tell me something, Jack. Are there training camps on how to manipulate reporters, or is this just a God-given gift with you?

Jack: A pleasure as always, Jill.

Jill: No, I'm really impressed, honestly. Only a few months as a senator, and you're spinning and dodging and equivocating with the best of them.

Jack: What can I say? I... I have a gift for politics.

Jill: You have a gift for being a lying, cheating jackass.

Jack: I'm not sure I can take this much flattery in one sitting.

Jill: I just wish that reporter had known that you owned Jabot. And I'd like to see you squirm your way out of that.

Jack: Okay, okay, don't take your frustration with your fiancé out on me.

Jill: My ex-fiancé.

Jack: Oh. Well, my condolences. Or should I say congratulations?

Jill: You arrogant, pompous son of a bitch.

Jack: Ji Min lied to you. I told you the truth. I would think that you would be thanking me.

Jill: Oh, would you? Tell me, did you enjoy talking about me behind my back, laughing about me? Talking about how naive I was?

Jack: No. Never. This was business, Jill.

Jill: Well, your business has ruined my personal life. I hate Ji Min, and I hate you for bringing him into my life.

Kay: Is there some reason you're tearing Ji Min apart with your eyes?

Cane: Because he's a self-centered mongrel.

Kay: Is there a problem with him and your mother?

Cane: You'll have to ask her.

Kay: I take it that's a yes.

Cane: I don't wanna talk about it.

Kay: Call me if you do. I have an appointment.

Cane: All right.

Kay: Bye-bye.

Cane: I love you.

Cane: I called you a taxi. It'll take you to the airport in ten minutes.

Ji Min: I'm sorry, am I going somewhere?

Cane: Yeah. You should go to jail. But I'll settle for you leaving town.

Ji Min: Well, I'm sorry, Cane. You're gonna have to learn to live with disappointment.

Cane: You're not wanted here.

Ji Min: Cane, whether I stay or go is none of your concern.

Cane: If you go near my mum again, I'll break your legs.

Amber: Thanks for waiting.

Heather: Of course.

Cane: Excuse me. But if there is anything I can do or anything I can say that will help you put this woman away... please give me a call.

Heather: Thank you.

Cane: Thank you.

Heather: So, uh... doesn't seem like you're too popular around here.

Amber: With an ex? Is that even possible?

Heather: Well, it seems like you could use a friend.

Amber: And a deal.

Heather: Fortunately, I'm powerful enough to give you both.

Phyllis: Oh!

Nick: So we are gonna have fun today.

Phyllis: That's right.

Noah: Cool.

Daniel: What do you wanna do?

Phyllis: Uh, let me see. I thought that maybe the four of us could play a basketball game.

Noah: But you never wanna play with us.

Phyllis: Well, you know why that is, right? It's because I'm really good and I don't wanna embarrass you guys.

Daniel: Oh, you could beat us all in your high heels with one arm tied behind your back, right?

Nick: Hey, that's not gonna happen. She doesn't know how to play.

Noah: You don't?

Phyllis: I don't. But I was thinking that maybe you could teach me.

Daniel: Noah's a great teacher, right behind me.

Noah: Uh, oh, whoa, whoa, whoa. Who taught you how to shoot backwards?

Daniel: Okay, you got me there.

Nick: You have to teach me that, too.

Noah: Do they have basketball in jail?

Phyllis: I-I don't know.

Noah: Well, 'cause I don't want you to forget everything you learn today.

Daniel: Oh, she won't.

Noah: Why do you have to go to jail for so long?

Nick: She's not gonna be there for very long.

Phyllis: Yeah, six years is gonna fly by.

Noah: That's forever. I'll be in high school by then.

Doctor: And... done. Kevin, thank you for your assistance, and for not fainting. Nurses, get this patient to recovery.

Kevin: Was it a success?

Doctor: Well, I resected as much of the tumor as I could without affecting her speech pathways.

Kevin: How much was that?

Doctor: Not here, Kevin.

Kevin: Well, are you sure there wasn't any damage?

Doctor: Thank you, everyone.

Kevin: Doctor? Doctor, you didn't answer my question!

Colleen: Any word?

Gloria: Not yet.

Colleen: I hope Kevin's okay.

Amber: Hey!

Michael: Hey.

Amber: I thought you guys could use some fresh caffeine.

Michael: Mm.

Gloria: Not good for my nerves.

Colleen: Thank you.

Michael: I know Kevin appreciates your helping out at the coffeehouse.

Amber: Well, it's the least I can do, you know? And I'm a little low on cash, you see. What, with being, like, $250,000 in debt. So how's Jana?

Colleen: They haven't got out of surgery yet.

Gloria: They're gonna have to operate on me if Kevin doesn't get out of there soon.

Amber: They've sure been in there a long time.

Michael: Hopefully, that's a good sign.

Amber: Yeah, I mean, something good has to happen today. I've had such a crappy day. I just found out the prosecutor from Phyllis' case-- she is now assigned to mine.

Colleen: Have fun with that.

Amber: Yeah, right.

Colleen: I'm gonna go check in with the nurse.

Gloria: Don't worry about it, Amber. Michael's on it.

Amber: Good. Because I really don't wanna hear her talking about any more deals.

Michael: What deal? How dare she talk to you without me around. Tell me exactly what she said.

Amber: Well, she said that if I would testify against Kevin and Daniel that she could cut me a deal. She wants to be my all-powerful friend.

Gloria: Well, please tell me you didn't agree with her.

Amber: No, no, I didn't say anything. I knew I had to talk to you.

Michael: Can-- if the police or the prosecutor ever try to talk to you again, if they come within 30 feet of your presence, you--you walk away. You come to me. You understand me?

Amber: Yeah, yeah.

Michael: Do you?

Amber: As long as you're looking out for me, I'm gonna do whatever you say.

Michael: Ms. Stevens? Heather? Uh, dare I ask, how did you do on the bar?

Heather: Mm, which one? New York-- I passed the first time. Illinois--the same. And, uh, Wisconsin waved me in.

Michael: Ah. But you seem to have forgotten a great deal about the code of professional responsibility. To wit, if a defendant is represented by counsel, you just can't talk to him-- or her, in this case. Especially when said counsel is away visiting somebody in the hospital.

Heather: Amber Moore. She talked to you.

Michael: She's my client. Stay away from her. Or I will be happy to go have a chat with the state bar ethics committee.

Heather: Well, I wouldn't rush to Madison, Michael. I'm interested in a plea arrangement for her. Possibly, even an immunity deal. The only problem is, the two other defendants are your clients, as well. One of them is your brother. Can you say conflict of interest?

Michael: Are you questioning my integrity? Is that what you're doing?

Heather: No.

Michael: Because if you--

Heather: No. Simply your knowledge of the ethics rules. I wouldn't wanna put you in a difficult situation.

Michael: Look, if you have an offer for one of the defendants, make it. Otherwise, any questions, comments or funny stories for my clients go through me.

Heather: Good luck, Counselor. I have a very good defense attorney referral list if you need it. Correction. If your brother needs it.

Colleen: I read that people forget to hydrate when they're stressed.

Amber: No stress here. I feel very fortunate having Michael representing me.

Gloria: Well, you should. After everything you put his brother through.

Colleen: Well, if anyone can get you off, it's him.

Amber: He's a great lawyer, but...

Colleen: He can't work miracles.

Gloria: Maybe you should start praying, Amber.

Amber: Yeah, I thought-- I thought for sure that Phyllis would just walk away if she got convicted.

Colleen: Amber, you can't think like that.

Gloria: If you'll excuse me, I think I'll go talk to the doctors.

Colleen: Have you ever heard of the quote by Samuel Johnson? "The hangman's noose marvelously concentrates the mind."

Amber: If that means all I can do is think about my mistakes, then Sammy sure knew what he was talking about.

Colleen: Yeah, he did.

Amber: We are all doubly screwed if we can't find the money to pay back the government.

Colleen: I thought you knew.

Amber: What?

Colleen: The guys have the money to pay back.

Amber: What? How?

Colleen: Well, Daniel has his mother.

Amber: What about Kevin?

Colleen: Gloria.

Kevin: We could get a bunch of dry erase boards, you know? Keep 'em everywhere and we could just write messages to each other all the time. Or we could learn sign language. I could sign to you. We could come up with our own signs. It'll be fun. Kinda like-- kinda like our own secret language.

Jana: Fun.

Kevin: You can talk?

Jana: Oh, God! I can talk!

Kevin: I am so-- you have no--

Kevin: You remember what happened in there?

Jana: A little. God, you were so calm. I kept talking that... I kept talking all that nonsense and I couldn't stop myself.

Kevin: You're okay now. Say my name.

Jana: Kevin.

Kevin: Say it again.

Jana: Kevin.

Kevin: I've never been happier to hear your voice.

Jill: Hi, Stranger. You got a minute?

Cane: Hey. You okay? I've got a meeting with Jack soon.

Jill: Just don't let him try to fool you into thinking that his business isn't personal.

Cane: I, um... I ran into Ji Min. I almost took his head off for you.

Jill: I don't know who I hate more. Ji Min for lying to me, or Jack for orchestrating the whole thing.

Cane: I don't understand. Why hasn't this gotten out yet? Jack is a senator. He broke the law. This should break him.

Jill: Yeah. And your grandmother's company.

Cane: Oh... mm. Good point.

Jill: You know, Jack just gets away with everything. Nobody should have that kind of luck.

Cane: Don't worry, Mum. It'll run out eventually.

Jack: No, I don't condone Phyllis' actions. Now I believe, though, we were talking about my education bill.

Woman: Did you know she was planning to blackmail?

Jack: No. And if I did, I would've done everything in my power to talk her out of it. Now, you will notice that my education bill provides extra funding for music classes.

Woman: You spoke on Phyllis' behalf at her sentencing hearing. Do you believe she deserved special treatment?

Jack: No. I do believe the punishment should fit the crime. And I've spoken with several people in the legal profession who agree that the sentencing is excessive, given her actions.

Woman: How does your wife feel about your support of Ms. Newman?

Jack: No comment.

Woman: Is she angry? Upset?

Jack: No comment.

Phyllis: Whoa!

Nick: Yeah!

Phyllis: Lebron James, watch out!

Noah: Whoa!

Daniel: Lebron James? Whoa, whoa, you know who that is?

Noah: Well, duh.

Phyllis: Of course. We watch sports all the time. All the time.

Nick: Well, I gotta force her, but….

Phyllis: So not true.

Nick: That's true. She actually really likes sports.

Phyllis: I actually do.

Noah: All right.

Nick: Your turn.

Daniel: All right, all right. Watch out. You ready? Oh, come on! Come on!

Phyllis: Aw! Good try.

Noah: That's an "S" for "You stink."

Daniel: Oh, well, you know, we can't all be superstars like you.

Nick: I got you.

Daniel: What you got?

Nick: Here we go.

Phyllis: I'm having fun, aren't you?

Noah: Yeah.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Noah: And you're not bad at basketball, just not as good as us.

Phyllis: Oh, thanks. Of course not. Of course not. I need some more practice, I guess.

Noah: I won't get to practice much, though.

Phyllis: How come?

Noah: Well, while you're in jail, I'll have to baby-sit, so... okay, you guys, it's my turn!

Daniel: All right, your shot. Your shot.

Jill: Please go away.

Ji Min: Do you want me to get down on my hands and knees? Because I'll do it.

Jill: What do you want?

Ji Min: I got you something.

Jill: I don't want that.

Ji Min: Just open it.

Jill: Okay, fine.

Jill: How did-- how did you know that I wanted this?

Ji Min: I saw you already had an extensive Annan's guide collection and I noticed that your copy of India was missing.

Jill: These are really difficult to find.

Ji Min: Well, I always hoped that we would go there together.

Jill: I can't take that. Look... you can't just make some expensive gesture and expect me to come running back to you.

Ji Min: That was not my intention, Jill. I saw it, I knew you would love it.

Jill: Well, from anyone else, I would've treasured it. I can't accept it. I want nothing to do with you. If you don't leave, I will.

Colleen: How did it go? Did they get the tumor?

Kevin: Um, well, they-- they took out what they could without affecting the speech pathways. But I'm not really sure what that means. I have to talk to the doctor.

Colleen: How is she?

Kevin: She's fine. She's awake, but she's tired. I should, uh, probably go back in there.

Gloria: We'll be here, Sweetie.

Kevin: Okay.

Colleen: You know, I'm a little creeped out by all this. I hope it was the tumor that made her all psycho murderer on us.

Gloria: Yeah. Well, unfortunately, we'll never know, will we?

Colleen: Excuse me. I'm gonna make a call.

Amber: I heard you were gonna help Kevin pay back the government.

Gloria: Hmm. Yeah, he's my son.

Amber: He's lucky to have a mom like you. You know, if my mom had that kind of money, there's no way she'd give me any of it. Even if it meant keeping me out of prison.

Gloria: That's too bad, Amber.

Amber: Yeah. That's--that's why I'm so determined to be successful, you know? I-I try my hardest, but I keep having these setbacks. And I keep thinking that... maybe if somebody would just give me a break, then I could do something good with my life, you know?

Gloria: Mm. Now that I can understand.

Amber: That's why I’m hoping maybe you would lend me the money. I-I would totally pay you back as soon as I could. You know, my singing career is totally just about to take off, you know? Um, I was just talking to a friend of mine the other day who has this friend who's a producer and they totally loved my demo tape. They really-- they think I have something. I just--I just need to get out of this legal bind. Then I'm gonna be making tons of money. Like, millions and millions of dollars. And--and I could totally pay you back, you know? That, plus interest, of course.

Gloria: Oh, yeah? And if that's true, why did you steal the money in the first place and drag my son into it, huh?

Amber: No, no, no, I didn't drag--

Gloria: It was your ex-boyfriend's money, but you decided to keep it and not call the police, right?

Amber: No, no, no, we all agreed to that.

Gloria: No, no, no, you stop it. You stop it. You have connived your way into a free attorney. And believe me, Michael isn't doing it out of the goodness of his heart.

Amber: I am grateful to have him for whatever the reason.

Gloria: He is doing it to keep you in line. Because if you are out there on your own, Amber, you might do something really, really stupid and completely self-serving like testify against my son.

Amber: I would never testify against Kevin.

Gloria: That's right, Amber. You won't drag my son into any more of your little schemes. Because you are going to stay very far away from him. You got it?

Phyllis: Thank you.

Daniel: For?

Phyllis: Acting like you're not miserable inside.

Daniel: Well, acting's in the cards for me.

Phyllis: You're so good with Noah. Promise me you'll watch out for him while I'm gone, okay?

Daniel: I promise. As long as I don't wind up right next to you.

Phyllis: Oh, you can't. That'll devastate him.

Daniel: He's having a tough time with this whole six year thought.

Phyllis: You know, a lot... thank you. A lot of things-- thanks a lot. A lot of things will change. You know, he's gonna start... school, going to dances, dating girls, having problems with his math homework.

Daniel: Yeah, I remember how slow time passed when I was his age. You know, when Dad-- he'd go away for-- for his tours and he'd leave me with a nanny for a week and it just seemed like an eternity.

Phyllis: I know.

Daniel: Now time goes by too fast.

Phyllis: Yeah. It's so weird. All I ever wanted my entire life is a real family. That's all I wanted. Now I have one and I'm losing it.

Noah: Phyllis is going to jail because she broke the law, right?

Nick: Yeah.

Noah: Is Daniel going to jail?

Nick: Well, his trial's gonna decide that.

Noah: But if he broke the law, he's going to jail, right?

Nick: I'm not sure he broke the law.

Noah: But he is in trouble.

Nick: Yes.

Noah: Were Phyllis' parents criminals, too?

Nick: No.

Noah: But I mean, how do you know? That--maybe that's the reason Daniel's in trouble.

Nick: It doesn't work like that, Son.

Noah: Well, when Summer grows up, will she be a criminal?

Nick: No.

Noah: How do you know?

Nick: Because her big brother will kick her butt.

Kevin: So remember, I was telling you about that guy at the talent agency, right?

Jana: Mm.

Kevin: So a guy walks in--

Gloria: So... how's our patient?

Jana: Feeling a bit woozy. But I'm good.

Kevin: She's getting better every second.

Jana: I'm glad you came by.

Gloria: Well, it looks like you're going to make a full recovery.

Jana: I don't know how I'll ever repay you.

Michael: Let me repeat-- no more talking about this case with anyone... unless I'm present.

Amber: Got it.

Michael: All right. Oh, so, uh, how'd the surgery go?

Colleen: Really well. Kevin said she's recovering.

Michael: Well, one hurdle down, several more to go.

Amber: Look, I-I know that your brother and Daniel-- they have a way to pay back the government, but... um... there's no way that I can come up with that kind of money. I mean, is that really bad for me? Is there, like, something I can do to--

Michael: Listen, just-- I'll check it out. Maybe there's some kind of payment schedule we can work out. I'm gonna go talk with the doctor now, all right? So excuse me.

Colleen: You are so ridiculous.

Amber: Excuse me?

Colleen: I bet you could convince a bunch of suckers to give you their spare change if you stand out front.

Amber: You know what? It is not an act, okay? I am totally screwed if I don't come up with that money.

Colleen: I think you know where it is, Amber. And the more you protest, the more I believe it.

Amber: Yeah, yeah, you know what? You got me. Yeah, yeah. I love to torture myself and to get in trouble with the government. Yeah. Are you kidding me?! I have been looking for weeks!

Colleen: Right. That's why you're considering testifying against Kevin and Daniel. Why, Amber, why?

Amber: I didn't know what to do.

Colleen: You're not stupid. If you can get a lighter sentence, you can dig up the money and keep it for yourself.

Amber: Okay, one--I would never do that, and two--for the last time, I don't know where it is!

Colleen: Who else would've taken it?

Amber: You know what? I don't know. That's what I keep trying to figure out, because Katherine and Jill-- they don't need the money. Esther--she wasn't even in the house that night. Cane was totally asleep.

Colleen: You're making my case, Amber.

Amber: No! Okay, the only logical person is Ji Min.

Colleen: Why would he take it?

Amber: Because he saw me rebury it, I swear he did. I-I would bet anything.

Kay: A peace offering.

Jill: What do you want?

Kay: Well... I see you're not your usual... tizzy of happiness. What happened?

Jill: You know, as much as I would love to share girlish confidences with you, I don't really feel like talking.

Kay: I saw your fiancé earlier.

Jill: He's not my fiancé anymore. And please spare me your lack of sympathy or your I told you so.

Kay: I'm truly very sorry.

Jill: No, you're not. You're truly very happy.

Kay: Jill, I did not want him to hurt you.

Jill: Maybe it was my fault. I was so blind.

Kay: No! It was not-- it was not your fault.

Jill: Mother, this is the first man in so many years that I really cared about. And he turns out to be a total liar. And it was right there in front of my face.

Kay: Well, when you love someone, you tend to look around the negative, even though subconsciously you know it's there.

Jill: I could've lived with Ji Min for the rest of my life. I wish I had never found out what he did.

Kay: I wish you hadn't either.

Jill: Stop it. Stop trying to pretend that you're the consoling mother. You wanted me to be unhappy? Well, congratulations, Mom, I'm unhappy.

Phyllis: That was good food. Gina outdid herself, right?

Nick: Yeah, she did.

Phyllis: Maybe you can sneak some into prison for me.

Nick: Yeah, I could put a file in some lasagna and turn on that old Newman charm and get it past the prison guards.

Phyllis: Ooh, yeah, we're in trouble.

Nick: What? It's never failed me before.

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah. Well, um... I hate to break it to you, but that's what you think.

Nick: Wow. So why'd you fall in love with me?

Phyllis: Honestly? Because you're really good in bed.

Nick: Another one of my many talents.

Phyllis: Yeah. And it's a good thing you were, uh, because that charm thing? That was kind of a deal-breaker.

Nick: Mm.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Nick: Interesting.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Nick: Well, it's no mystery to me why I fell for you.

Phyllis: Why?

Nick: Because you're beautiful, sexy, smart.

Phyllis: That's it?

Nick: You're also really great in bed.

Phyllis: Is it enough to last for six years?

Nick: Six years is nothing in comparison to the rest of our lives.

Phyllis: Will it feel like forever?

Nick: You know, in the grand scheme of things, when we're 90 and sneaking down to the stables and still messing around... this is gonna seem like a... just a blip.

Cane: As soon as we deal with the methane problem, we'll get the contractors back up and running on the casino.

Jack: Well, that's great. I look forward to it.

Cane: What about screwing my mother over? Did you look forward to that?

Jack: I don't know what's so hard to understand here. Ji Min lied to your mother. That is not my fault.

Cane: And you got no pleasure from sharing that little bit of information with her, did you?

Jack: That's what friends are for. They help each other.

Cane: You know, Jack, uh, the more I learn about you, the less I like you. You brought that man into her life.

Jack: I never insisted he go out with her.

Cane: It doesn't matter.

Jack: I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. Your mother is and has always been a master of self-deception. As for deceiving Katherine, you ask your grandmother the next time you're with her how much she paid for Jabot when I had to sell it back to her. She laughed all the way to the bank.

Cane: (Chuckles) good for her.

Jack: You wanna do business with your grandmother, you would be wise to learn the difference between what is personal and what is business.

Ji Min: Jill, I never meant to hurt you.

Jill: Too late.

Ji Min: I love you. I'll do anything to fix this.

Jill: Leave me alone.

[Amber remembering]

Ji Min: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. I was just looking for Jill's purse. She said she left it here.

Amber: Oh. Um, I was just getting something out of my car.

Ji Min: I'm sorry, what did you say?

Amber: Hey.

Ji Min: Hey.

Amber: I noticed you were arguing. Is everything...

Ji Min: It's fine.

Amber: Yeah. You look like you're having as bad of a day as I am. Why don't I go get you a cup of coffee, hm? On the house.

Gloria: Oh, excuse me. Excuse me, Doctor, um, how did the surgery go?

Doctor: As well as we could've hoped.

Gloria: Oh, good. You think you got the whole tumor?

Doctor: Well, we have to run a series of tests and an MRI, but it looks as though Jana should make a full recovery.

Gloria: Really? You know, I'm just fascinated. Do you think that tumor is what caused her-- what do they call it? That psychotic behavior? Or might've been the reason she wanted to kill?

Doctor: Well, brain tumors can affect personality. But in this case, there's no way to be sure. Excuse me.

Amber: Now we're divorced and Cane hates me.

Ji Min: I know the feeling.

Amber: Mmm. Yeah. Wait, wait, is today the 29th?

Ji Min: Yeah.

Amber: Oh! It's my friend Laura's birthday. I wanted to give her a hundred dollar bill as a joke. It's a long story. But I am never gonna make it to the bank on time to cash in my 20s.

Ji Min: You know what? I-I think I have a $100.

Amber: Really? Uh, would you be willing to trade me? I mean, you'd be doing me a huge favor.

Ji Min: Sure, don't worry. We'll call it even for the coffee.

Amber: Okay! Cool. Well, my purse is right in the office. I'll be right back.

Jack: Well, if it isn't Genoa City's newest bachelor. So was it bum luck or plain old karma?

Ji Min: You know, I just don't have anything to say to you.

Jack: What a surprise. It seems to me you can't keep your mouth shut. Isn't that how you got into trouble in the first place?

Ji Min: You know, it started way before then. About the time when I made a deal with the devil. Go away.

Jack: With pleasure.

(Cell phone ringing)

Ji Min: Ji Min here.

Jill: I need to see you at the Athletic Club.

Ji Min: Of course. I'll be there.

Amber: It's all here.

Ji Min: Oh, great. I have to go. So thank you.

Amber: Thank you again. Really, thank you.

[Ji Min leaves and Amber looks at the bill0

Michael: Hey.

Gloria: You look exhausted, Honey.

Kevin: I just wanna go home and get this operating room stench off of me.

Gloria: Why don't you all go get the car and bring it around? I think I wanna go say good-bye to Jana.

Jana: You came to say good-bye?

Gloria: Well, it seems that no one will ever know if that brain tumor was the cause of all your crazy behavior.

Jana: It was. I swear. I would never hurt Kevin.

Gloria: That's good, Jana. That's good. You survived the surgery. But if you ever come after my son again, you will not survive me.

Phyllis: That was so much fun! That was so much fun. I love spending time with you guys.

Nick: Well, get a grip, 'cause it's not over yet. How about some ice cream sundaes?

Phyllis: Yeah! Yeah!

Daniel: Oh, and Noah can make us his famous gummy bear, marshmallow and caramel sundae? Is that it? Caramel?

Nick: Oh, yeah.

Phyllis: Ooh!

Nick: What do you think?

Noah: I guess.

Phyllis: Hey, you know, uh, Noah, I have a schedule of the prison visiting hours. So we can look at it and see, you know, when you would like to come and visit me.

Daniel: That's a great idea. We can all go together.

Phyllis: Yeah, I'd love you guys to come, as--as often you want.

Nick: And we will.

Noah: I won't. I'm not gonna visit you.

Ji Min: I got here as soon as I could.

Jill: You said you would do anything to get me back. Did you mean it?

Ji Min: Of course. You mean everything to me.

Jill: I want you to go public with everything that happened at Jabot. All of the lies. Everything.

Ji Min: Are you sure? Your mother could get hurt from this. And Jack, too.

Jill: I don't care. They have always known that there was a possibility this could get out.

Ji Min: (Exhales) Jill, I could go to jail for this. Okay, I'll do it.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Amber: You are crazy to take on the Assistant DA.

Daniel: Somebody's gotta. She's got it in for my family.

Jack: You do not wanna take me on.

Ji Min: And you have a lot more to lose than I do.

Phyllis: I don't wanna leave you with a mess.

Nick: I don't want you to leave me at all.

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