Y&R Transcript Thursday 8/23/07

Y&R Transcript Thursday 8/23/07 -- Canada; Friday 8/24/07 -- U.S.A.


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Phyllis: I-I, um... signed these custody papers.

Nick: What custody papers?

Phyllis: I told you about the plan. You know.

Nick: I probably wasn't listening to you.

Phyllis: These are custody papers. If the judge gives me the maximum sentence, you're gonna divorce me and I want you to have full custody of Summer.

Nick: This is the, uh...

Phyllis: Yes.

Nick: This is the divorce agreement?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Nick: Yeah.

[Nick rips up the paper]

Phyllis: Don't do that. Nick, don't do that.

Nick: Look, I may divorce you for making terrible coffee, which you do on a daily basis, but, uh, not for doing time.

Phyllis: Nick...

Nick: Shut up. I'm not divorcing you based on the outcome. It's not gonna happen. So deal with it. You know what? I... I didn't really... let me try that again. [Nick kisses Phyllis] Why don't you take that to court with you?

Sharon: I'm not gonna go to the sentencing hearing.

Jack: You shouldn't go if you don't want to.

Sharon: I already got her convicted. That should satisfy her biggest detractors-- who will no doubt have a field day-- their day in court, as it were. Pun intended.

Jack: You didn't get her convicted, the prosecutor did. Don't go picking up that baggage. You told the truth. No one holds that against you, not even Phyllis.

Sharon: You gonna testify?

Jack: No. No way that's gonna happen. (Telephone ringing)

Jack: She blackmailed you. You are my wife. She is my ex-wife. Imagine what the bloggers would do with that. Hello?

Phyllis: Hey. Um, listen, can--can I ask you a favor? I-I know it might be a huge imposition, um... but, um... uh... could you come to court today? It--it would be really great to have a sympathetic face there. I know it's a lot to ask. I-I completely understand if you wanna say no.

Jack: Okay.

Phyllis: I'm sorry, what? What?

Jack: I said, okay.

Phyllis: Oh, you'll be there?

Jack: Yeah.

Phyllis: Oh! Oh, thank you! Oh, my gosh, Jack, thank you. Thank you.

Jack: That was Phyllis.

Sharon: I figured.

Jack: I think she just wants a sympathetic person in the crowd.

Sharon: Makes sense.

Jack: I'm just gonna be present there, that's all. Let the press make of it what they will. I'm not making any kind of a statement. If she needs the moral support, I'll be there. If she doesn't, I'll come right back home. You okay with that?

Sharon: Yes.

Phyllis: That, uh, cough medicine is on the top shelf to the left, right next to the olive oil.

Nick: Yeah, I know where the cough medicine is.

Phyllis: This--is for her rash.

Nick: It's always in the same place.

(Knock on door)

Nick: I got it. Old news.

Phyllis: And I have some things in the refrigerator for her, too.

Nick: I got it. She's okay. Look how happy she is.

Phyllis: Hey!

Michael: Ready to go?

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah, I'm ready and willing. I'm ready to go--ready to go. Hey!

Lauren: Hey!

Phyllis: And now, you, I don't want you to come. Because you're gonna hear about what a bad person I am.

Lauren: Oh, well, too late, I already know what a bad person you are.

Phyllis: Don't-- don't tease me.

Lauren: What?

Phyllis: Because I'm kind of, uh, barely holding it together here.

Lauren: Really?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Lauren: Even if I did that?

Phyllis: No!

Lauren: Baby!

Phyllis: Okay, okay, now I officially hate you.

Lauren: Oh, come on!

Michael: All right, this love fest is over. I have a few things I'd like to review with Phyllis before we leave, please?

Lauren: Ah. All right, so, Nick? Think the baby could use some air?

Nick: Mm. Yes, she clearly needs some air.

Michael: Feed her.

Nick: Yeah.

Michael: I've just witnessed the death of subtlety.

Phyllis: Yes.

Michael: How are you?

Phyllis: Good. Fine. Scared as hell.

Michael: Good. All right, you have two faces for the judge-- stoic and remorseful. Stoic when you hear anything said about you that you don't wanna hear, and remorseful when you speak.

Phyllis: Yeah. Um, I-I wrote out a speech. I thought it would be good. It would help things. I have it. It's--it's somewhat long. Here.

Michael: All right. Oh, another thing, don't let your face settle into that beautiful smile it relaxes into.

Phyllis: My face relaxes into a beautiful smile?

Michael: Yeah, that one. Don't--don't do that. The judge will see that as a lack of contrition, all right? Okay.

Lauren: So you're not going?

Nick: She asked me not to.

Lauren: She says that, but--

Nick: She was pretty adamant.

Lauren: She asked me not to go, too. I'm sure she said the same thing to Daniel.

Nick: Yeah, but we're still kinda self-conscious around each other. Other. She's genuinely embarrassed about all of this, so I'm gonna do what she asks.

Lauren: I'm sorry it came to this. I mean, I don't always agree with her in business, but in her heart, she's a really good person.

Nick: I know. Well, at least I think I know. I wish I had a better memory to be sure.

Lauren: Well, I'm telling you-- you can be sure of it.

Nick: I'm trying.

Neil: You wanna walk over to the courthouse together?

Sharon: Uh, no, thanks, I'll pass.

Neil: Pass on the walk?

Sharon: No. I'm not going.

Neil: You're not going? Come on, Sharon, how can you not go? This is a long time coming.

Sharon: Well, I, uh, I think that the judge will do the right thing.

Neil: Yeah, I do, too, but let's just make sure that happens.

Sharon: I'm over my blood lust.

Neil: Wait a minute. Isn't it time that Phyllis gets what she deserves?

Sharon: All right, hold on, Neil. Don't finish that sentence, okay? You are way more mature and thoughtful than that.

Neil: Sharon, don't do that. Don't reprimand me after everything I've been through, okay? I am okay with my level of maturity and thoughtfulness. When I say it's time that Phyllis pays for the damages that she's done to other people's lives.

Sharon: Okay, yeah, you're right. Yeah, um, I can't argue with that, but... that doesn't mean that I need to be there to watch. And you know what? You don't need me. I'm sure that you and Brad and half the town will be there to do the job.

Neil: What if Phyllis gets off with a slap on the wrist because you didn't testify? You don't wanna be responsible for that, Sharon. And I sure as hell don't want you to be responsible for that.

Daniel: Hey, Mom, you okay?

Woman: Mrs. Newman!

Michael: Back! Back! Please! Back! No comment, please.

Phyllis: "A"--peachy keen. "B"--we'll laugh about this one day.

Michael: No, they're all over the courthouse. I thought we had this taken care of.

Phyllis: "C"-- uh, we'll cry about this tomorrow.

Michael: Yeah, you know they're not supposed to be here here.

Phyllis: Um, uh, I'm sorry, and "D"--all of the above except "A."

Daniel: Well, the calvary is on the way.

Phyllis: And the calvary would be?

Daniel: Me.

Phyllis: Listen, I don't want you to come.

Daniel: You say that again and I'll--I'll do something embarrassing, okay? So there.

Phyllis: Okay. I love you.

Michael: Okay.

Phyllis: Oh, look at this. So many spectators. It's like an execution during the French revolution.

Brad: What spectators? We're all gathered here to tell the judge what a fine human being you are. Not to mention, an excellent role model for your daughter. You know, that sort of thing.

Phyllis: I love this. A psychopathic liar is judging my abilities as a mother. This is rich.

Brad: Yeah, that's good stuff. Tell it to the judge. See how that'll fly.

Michael: I'll talk to you later.

Daniel: Hold the elevator door, please! Thank you.

Brad: Phyllis Newman is a menace. A menace who's willing to damage anyone, any business, any marriage if it serves her purposes. In a matter of months, she was able to compromise me professionally and personally. You know, uh, if I'm to be completely honest, I am not entirely comfortable sitting up here. Lord knows, I haven't been a saint. But I have never gone out of my way to destroy someone's marriage the way that Phyllis destroyed mine. And she didn't do it for reasons of, uh... love or passion or hate or anger-- emotional motives that we have all felt at one time or another. Human emotions that we could all sympathize with. She threatened and wrecked my marriage to get ahead in business. And that's not just playing hard ball. That's evil.

Noah: The TV said that Phyllis is probably going to jail today.

Sharon: All right, turn the TV off.

Noah: The reporter said that more people asked if they could say negative things about her instead of good things.

Sharon: Turn the TV off now.

Noah: Mom?

Sharon: Is the TV off?

Noah: Yeah.

Sharon: Then what?

Noah: I'm sad.

Sharon: I'm sorry, but we don't know what the judge is going to do.

Noah: No, I mean, I'm really, really sad. Is Nikki going to say negative things, too?

Sharon: I don't know, Sweetie.

Nikki: Phyllis Newman is a curse on my family. Not only did she threaten to publicly expose an affair that should've remained private, but she did it. She accomplished it. She made it a reality. I don't minimize my former son-in-law's infidelity, but Phyllis made any attempt at reconciliation impossible. (Gallery murmuring) (Gavel pounding)

Judge Chong: Order! Quiet!

Judge Chong: Go ahead.

Nikki: I'm here today because I am a victim. I'm the target of her extortion. I lost a seat on the Newman board of directors because of her. But no one will publicly agree with me, because they're too afraid of a lawsuit. She insinuated herself in a personal situation that was none of her business for the sheer pleasure of discrediting me and my family's reputation. People cannot be allowed to hurt people that way. There have to be consequences, otherwise, there's no point to this trial. I could go on and on and on, but we really don't have time for that. Thank you, your honor.

Judge Chong: Thank you.

Heather: Neil Winters, your honor.

Judge Chong: Mr. Winters.

Neil: Thank you, your honor. One of the proudest moments of my life was to be named to the Newman board, where I've spent a greater part of my career. But because of Phyllis Newman's actions, because of her crime, my right to that seat and the fact that I earned it, will always be questioned. As hard as I've worked, as capable as I am, there will always be, because of Ms. Newman, people who question openly and behind my back, whether I deserve what I've got. Phyllis... do you understand the impact that this has had on my life? What it means... to have your worth, your talent, competence and merit, and ultimately your worthiness to hold a job called into question forever? And... she is responsible for my wife's death.

Michael: Objection! Objection, your honor!

Judge Chong: Mr. Winters, that accusation is inappropriate.

Neil: Thank you very much, your honor. I appreciate it.

Judge Chong: Thank you.

Heather: Ahem. Lily Winters, your honor.

Michael: Oh, that is quite the stretch, Counselor. I object to Ms. Winters' input as irrelevant.

Heather: Character witness, your honor. Ms. Winters has first-hand knowledge of how her father's professional reputation was impugned by the defendant and the impact it has had on her family.

Michael: Allegedly impugned! Alleged impact!

Judge Chong: I'll allow it.

Michael: I would like the record to show that defense considers this testimony grounds for appeal.

Judge Chong: Wait till she speaks first before you appeal, Mr. Baldwin. Ms. Winters.

Judge Chong: You understand, Ms. Winters, that there was no criminal intent, that there was no law broken when your mother had her accident.

Lily: I do believe, though, that there is a connection between my mother's death and Phyllis Newman.

Michael: Objection!

Judge Chong: I'll hear her logic, Counselor.

Michael: Defense would like Ms. Winters to be directed to confine her statements to events pertinent to the crime of extortion, not any other crimes, real or conjectured.

Judge Chong: Ms. Winters, do not accuse anyone of murder in this courtroom or I'll have to ask you to leave.

Lily: Yes, your honor.

Judge Chong: Thank you.

Lily: Um, I just-- I wrote something. "My mom's best friend was completely humiliated by Phyllis' blackmail. And my mom was defending her best friend from Phyllis when she died. And my mom would be alive if it weren't for you, Phyllis. That fight would never have happened. And you hurt my father in his profession, and you hurt my family." We had a vacation planned for next week. And now nobody wants to take that vacation without Mom.

Michael: Oh, your honor!

Judge Chong: Let her finish. Please.

Lily: There's a closet in our apartment that my dad won't open because he can't stand to look at her clothes. And we found a birthday present that my mom hid for Devon. And imagine how he's gonna feel when we have to sing "Happy Birthday" to him without her, and how he's gonna feel when he opens the present without her. I will never forgive you, Phyllis.

Noah: Why does she have to go to jail?

Sharon: All right, listen to me, a lot of people were hurt by what Phyllis did. There may not have been any broken bones or black eyes, but a lot of people were hurt-- people's reputations, their marriages, their relationships-- all of that-- and that can be a lot worse.

Noah: But if she's in jail, she can't try to make it up to anybody.

Sharon: Well, the judge will take that into consideration.

Noah: What else will the judge take into consideration?

Sharon: People's opinions of her.

Noah: Did you give them your opinion?

Sharon: No. They don't need my opinion. And I wanted to spend the day with you.

Noah: Will they let Summer sleep with her in jail?

Sharon: I don't think so, but then we don't know that she's going to jail.

Noah: You always say "We don't know for sure" when you're pretty sure but you don't want me to feel bad.

Daniel: I don't recognize the Phyllis Newman described here today. So for that reason, your honor, if I may, I would like to introduce you to the Phyllis Newman that I know--my mother. And, uh, since everyone else was so kind to bring their notes, I made a few notes of my own here. My mother is a passionate person. She is passionate about her job, about her family, about everything she does in--in this life, in this world. She can be impulsive at times, but she's creative and intelligent. She's mistake-prone. Sometimes very mistake-prone, but we all are. We all have our moments. She's quick on her feet, and she's fast and funny with a practical joke. She can be... a little too serious when I need her to lighten up sometimes. And she can be a little too jokey when, you know, I need you to be serious. She's a lousy cook. She's a lousy cook, but she's a great takeout. I could keep going, as well. She is all those things, and she is so much more. But what she is--is not-- as Mr. Carlton put it so eloquently-- she is not evil. She is a loving person. She is full of love.

Summer: (Cries)

Lauren: It's okay. I'll go get her. It's okay.

Michael: It's okay.

Lauren: Nick?

Nick: Oh. Uh, Phyllis asked me to stay home.

Lauren: Yeah, I know. Hi.

Nick: Well, I'm explaining that, uh--uh... I called and canceled the sitter and I couldn't get her back. I really kinda wanted to go in and say something, too.

Lauren: Okay. Here, let me have her.

Nick: Thanks.

Lauren: Hi, Sweetheart!

Nick: You think it's too late?

Lauren: No, no, no, no. Hurry up. Hurry up. Hey, Nick? Good luck.

Nick: Thanks.

Judge Chong: Do you have anything to say, Ms. Newman?

Phyllis: Uh, yes, your honor, I do. I've--

Judge Chong: You may come forward or stay where you are.

Michael: Uh, please, a moment, your honor? You're here to speak on her behalf, right?

Nick: What do you think?

Michael: Yes or no?

Nick: Of course.

Michael: Your honor, my client's husband was unavoidably detained and is very sorry for being late. But we would like to ask the court's permission to--

Judge Chong: Come forward, Mr. Newman.

Michael: To speak. Thank you, your honor.

Judge Chong: Have a seat.

Nick: Thank you, your honor. I, uh, I can't imagine what you've heard here today. Well, actually, I can. I'm sure it's difficult to get a clear picture of who my wife really is. I had a pretty bad accident. I suffered some memory loss, so I can't remember a lot of what's happened this last year, which is why I'd make a lousy witness for a lot of what's gone on. But I remembered something today when I was at home with our daughter. We were-- we were parking the car. We must've been going to dinner or something. And you had walked ahead of me, 'cause I had to run back to the car to get some change for the meter and we saw a group of kids picking on this-- this other kid. And they were all a lot bigger than my wife was. So by time I caught up to 'em, I knew this could only end badly with, like, an ambulance or something, but when I got there... all these kids were laughing. I know what this woman is made of. I know what she's capable of. She stands up for people, kinda looks out for the underdog. A lot of the things said today, good and bad, I knew that you wouldn't hear that from anyone except me, which is why I knew I had to come here today. Because I know if my memory were fine, I'd have a lot of incidents like that to tell you all. She's a good woman. I'm proud to call you my wife. Thank you, your honor.

Judge Chong: Mrs. Newman, are you ready?

Michael: With the court's permission...

Judge Chong: I grant a 15 minute recess.

Neil: Hey, Gang, how about an expensive lunch, my treat?

Devon: Sounds good.

Lily: Uh, I'll pass.

Neil: What are you talking about? We said what we came to say. Let's just go on with our lives.

Devon: I agree. The longer we stay here, the more depressed it's just gonna make us feel.

Neil: That's right.

Lily: No, I wanna hear the sentence.

Neil: Lily, you can read about it in the paper.

Devon: You can watch the local news or see it online.

Lily: No, I wanna be here for the sentencing.

Devon: Why?

Lily: I just do.

Devon: What if it doesn't even happen today?

Lily: Well, then I'll come back.

Neil: What you gonna do? How are you gonna feel if the judge doesn't rule how we think he should?

Lily: I don't know.

Neil: What do you think your mother would do in this situation?

Devon: I know she would say let's go have an expensive lunch.

Lily: No, Devon, you don't know and you never will, thanks to Phyllis. So I'm staying.

Neil: All right, Honey. It's cool. I'll--I'll stay with you.

Devon: Me, too.

Lily: Thank you.

Lauren: You know, I think just holding the baby out there is really settling Phyllis down.

Michael: Oh! I hope the judge doesn't think I staged that baby's arrival.

Lauren: How do you read him?

Michael: I can't. But I wouldn't bet on Phyllis walking out of here.

Phyllis: You can tell her when she's older this part of my history and make her realize that I'm not the wicked witch of the west?

Daniel: No problem.

Phyllis: Good.

Daniel: I'll tell her you're the wicked witch of Wisconsin.

Phyllis: I set myself up for that.

Daniel: Yes, you did, thank you very much.

Phyllis: Hello, Sweetie. I appreciate everything you've done. Thank you.

Daniel: Okay, don't get mushy.

Phyllis: I'm not getting mushy. I'm allowed to say thank you. Thank you to you, too.

Daniel: You're welcome.

Nick: You're welcome.

Victoria: So... what did you think of Nick's speech?

Nikki: I can only hope the judge saw it for what it was-- a gentlemanly act by a gentleman standing by his wife in her time of need.

Nick: (Chuckles) so my statement's getting rave reviews, I see.

Nikki: Honey, I'm sure you can do without my critique.

Victoria: Why did you do that?

Nick: Why'd I do what? Come over here and say hi?

Victoria: Why did you--no. Why did you give that speech?

Nick: Is that a rhetorical question? Or you want a real answer?

Victoria: Why don't you surprise me with some logic?

Nick: I meant what I said. Phyllis has some good qualities. They should be recognized. Period.

Victoria: Mm. Yes. Such good qualities that she should be given free rein to commit crimes and mess in other people's lives.

Nick: Sis, give me a break. Your marriage was on the rocks already.

Victoria: That's irrelevant.

Nick: No. Look, you said she was messing with people's lives. Be honest, would you have really stayed with Brad even if Phyllis hadn't blackmailed him with the affair? You should march in there and tell that judge you are grateful to Phyllis for making obvious what everybody else already knew-- you were married to a jerk.

Victoria: So, what should the judge take into consideration, not her crime?

Nick: I never said she didn't do anything wrong, but she's an amazing mother.

Victoria: Right. Right, that's why her son is facing felony charges. She's a great role model.

Nick: Okay, know-it-all, here's something you don't know. Phyllis came to me and offered me a clean divorce if she goes to prison so there aren't any custody issues.

Victoria: Really? Well, I hope you-- you took her up on it, right?

Nick: No, I didn't.

Victoria: What is wrong with you?

Brad: So, you gonna follow your little brother's lead and testify as to the goodness of Phyllis' soul?

Nick: Brad, why don't you just beat it?

Brad: Because the rest of us need a lot of help seeing that intrinsic goodness.

Nick: Back off, Dude.

Brad: Or maybe you've been witness to random acts of kindness that the rest of the world missed out on?

Nick: I'm warning you.

Brad: Because I can refresh your memory. Phyllis can't be trusted. And she will play you like a deck of cards the moment she needs something or someone else more than she needs you.

Nick: I need advice from you like I need a hole in the head.

Bailiff: This hearing will resume in five minutes. Five minutes, ladies and gentlemen.

Noah: Will you be sad if Phyllis goes to jail?

Sharon: Yes.

Noah: But you helped make it happen.

Sharon: Mm, not really.

Noah: Yes, really.

Sharon: Okay, well, that's one way of looking at it. But another way is... you know how when someone gets into a fight at school and then the principal calls in everyone who saw it?

Noah: Like after Justin put the goldfish in Jordan's backpack?

Sharon: Right. So the principal would never find out what really happened unless everybody told the truth. And that's what a judge needs to hear from people when somebody's been accused of committing a crime. Now I was just one person of many who were called in to tell the truth, and that's exactly what I did. And that's exactly what you will do one day if you are in the same situation. Otherwise our whole legal system would fall apart.

Noah: Do you think Phyllis is a bad person?

Sharon: I think that she made a mistake.

Noah: But does that make her a bad person?

Sharon: Well, it's not for me to say, good or bad. Um, I can just judge her actions.

Noah: But you have an opinion?

Sharon: I have an opinion about what she did, and what she did was bad.

Noah: But does that make her a bad person?

Phyllis: I don't think of myself as a bad person. I, um, did something very bad. It was wrong. It was wrong and I deeply regret it. I-I destroyed people's lives. I-I harmed a lot of people. And, um... and there are a lot of people that--that I have-- that I have-- that I need-- I need to apologize to these people. Daniel... I'm sorry you had to hear everybody say horrible things about your mom. I'm sorry. No--no son or daughter should have to go through that. And I'm sorry. Nikki... I am sorry, uh... for what I did to you. I'm sorry that my-- my, uh, my choice impacted the board vote and you didn't get a seat. I am very, very sorry about that. I know it put a strain on your marriage, and for those two things, I am sorry. Brad-- Brad and Victoria, um, I'm sorry I humiliated you in public. It was selfish and honestly, um... no real estate development or--or, uh... land--I don't-- I don't care if it's, uh, lower Manhattan or the Taj Mahal-- it's not worth an hour of a good marriage. Anyway... there is nothing good about this trial except for, uh, the opportunity I need to take right now to apologize to you, Neil and Devon and Lily. I am sorry about the death of your mother. I'm sorry. I could not regret Drucilla's death more. It haunts me. And I know that anything that I feel doesn't compare to the pain that you've suffered.

Judge Chong: Would you like a few minutes, Mrs. Newman?

Phyllis: No. I don't need a few minutes. I'm good. I'm finished almost. I just... it's over. I know I should go to jail. I'm guilty. I should go. I acknowledge that. But... if you punish me, you're gonna punish my daughter. Please, please, please, don't do that. Please, don't do that. Please take my daughter into account.

Judge Chong: Well, I thank you all for your participation.

Sharon: Excuse me, your honor?

Judge Chong: Yes?

Heather: With the court's indulgence, um, a statement by Sharon Abbott would be of particular relevance.

Sharon: I, um...

Michael: I object! Your honor, the state has had ample opportunity to call, uh, character witnesses before now.

Judge Chong: I'll allow it. Come forward, Ms. Abbott.

Sharon: Actually, it's my son who would like to speak.

Judge Chong: Come on, young man. Right here on the stand. And, uh, what is your name?

Noah: Noah.

Judge Chong: How do you know Phyllis Newman, Noah?

Noah: She's my stepmom.

Judge Chong: And what would you like to tell me about her?

Noah: Phyllis is really nice to me. When my mom and dad are mad at me, she isn't. And when I had trouble with my math homework, she stayed up a long time to help me. And my teacher said I made a lot of progress. And when we go to get ice cream, she always gives me $5 to give the homeless man there.

Judge Chong: Noah, we've had a long day today. You have much more on your list?

Noah: Yes.

Judge Chong: Well, would it be all right if you gave me the list so I could take it back to my office and read it? Is that okay?

Noah: Yes.

Judge Chong: Ah. Very good.

Noah: Thank you.

Judge Chong: Thank you. Uh, do you have anything to add, Ms. Abbott?

Sharon: No, your honor.

Judge Chong: Well, in that case--

Sharon: I mean, yes, your honor.

Judge Chong: Yes?

Sharon: May I?

Judge Chong: Keep it brief.

Sharon: Phyllis has hurt a lot of people. And I'm one of them. But I don't think that she does that on a daily basis, at least not that I know of. I wish that she hadn't... done what she did. But I don't think that it was done out of malice. It was bad judgment. Really bad judgment. Um, through my son and, um, because of my working relationship with Phyllis that I've had for years, I think that she has more to contribute to the planet than-- than bad judgment. She's--she's a good mother. And--and I can confirm what my son said, she--she has been a good stepmother to him. One could say that I have been hurt by Phyllis' crime just as much as anyone, but I have come to terms with it. And I accept it as a mistake which will never happen again. In prison Phyllis won't be any good to anyone, but, um, out of prison, she would have to chance to prove what I believe-- that nothing like this will ever happen again. And then, I guess you could always lock her up later if I'm wrong about that. Thank you, your honor.

Judge Chong: Thank you, Ms. Abbott.

Judge Chong: I thank you all for your participation in this judicial process. I'll take all your comments into consideration while I'm making my decision. This court is in recess.

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