Y&R Transcript Monday 8/13/07

Y&R Transcript Monday 8/13/07 -- Canada; Tuesday 8/14/07 -- USA


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Kevin: If I get one more low ball offer for the coffeehouse, I'm gonna flip out.

Daniel: Yeah, well, if you could refrain from flipping out. We don't need you to be roommates with your psycho ex.

Kevin: Got enough paperwork?

Daniel: Oh, yeah. Jack's plan for the new casino. It's gonna be ginormous.

Kevin: If I don't sell, I'm not gonna be able to pay for the surgery.

Daniel: So maybe it's a sign that you're not supposed to.

Kevin: I already told Jana that I would help.

Daniel: Okay, who cares? Seriously, you remember what you said to me? Look, I am focused on the multiple felonies and possible murder charge right now.

Kevin: Uh, that's in the future. Jana is suffering right now. When I go to the hospital, I wanna be able to say that I've written the check, and I want it to be the truth.

Daniel: Okay, so you don't sell the coffeehouse, what then?

Kevin: I need someone rich and benevolent, and I need 'em fast.

Gloria: Mmm, for my brilliant lawyer son, triple-ply alashan cashmere. The finest in the world.

Lauren: Mmm. I think Michael will love it.

Gloria: Good. And for my up and coming executive, the latest in titanium and stainless steel.

Lauren: Lovely.

Gloria: And I haven't forgotten you.

Lauren: Oh, I don't need a present.

Gloria: Of course you do. You take care of everybody.

Lauren: But now that you have.

Gloria: Uh-huh! Diamond earrings set in platinum.

Lauren: (Gasps) Gloria, they're beautiful!

Gloria: Thank you. Well, I was thinking, I don't have any heirlooms to pass onto my daughter, so I bought some to give to my beautiful daughter-in-law.

Lauren: You're so sweet. I will take very good care of them.

Gloria: Mm-hmm.

Lauren: What do you think?

Gloria: Oh, they're gorgeous!

Lauren: Now no more buying presents, you hear me?

Gloria: Oh, don't be silly. What's the good of having money if you can't spend some of it? Oh, angel! A little present for you.

Kevin: What is this? A brain surgery gift certificate? Oh, wow, a watch. Nice. Now I can watch time slip away while not paying for Jana's operation.

Gloria: Oh, Jana again.

Lauren: And hello to you, too. It's not your responsibility. And it's not your mother's responsibility.

Kevin: You know, you, my mom, Michael-- he's the worst-- you're all so sure that she's-- what's this? Oh, nice, primo vino. What did this run you? $200, $300? Nice. Who's this for?

Gloria: Him.

Kay: Oh.

Nikki: Katherine, if you stop work at the development, do you understand the kind of predicament I will be in?

Kay: Well, not just you. My company is looking at a big loss.

Nikki: But you can change that. You give the orders.

Kay: Nikki, I don't have a choice with underground methane. Now it's very dangerous for construction, and it's very costly. Now somebody has to got pay for it.

Nikki: Well, I can't. I've already leveraged everything.

Kay: Well, who can pay? My company?

Nikki: I think that Jack Abbott should --

Kay: Agreed. There I agree.

Nikki: All right, well, I think that Jack should be forced to pay his share of the expense.

Kay: Oh, great. I mean, you file a lawsuit. And you should get a decision by the end of the century. Uh... I think you'd be very happy if you just cut and run.

Nikki: Well, let's not make him happy.

Kay: Well, what do you expect me to do instead?

Nikki: Reverse your grandson's decision.

Jack: Well, I hope this decision's irreversible.

Victor: Well, now that we know about the methane, I don't think it is prudent to excavate, do you?

Jack: I imagine Nikki is kicking herself for ever wanting to play Donald Trump.

Victor: Do not underestimate my wife.

Jack: Or what? She'll spray me to death with Chanel Number 5?

(Knock on door)

Sharon: Hey, have you guys heard the news?

Victor: What news?

Sharon: There's a verdict in Phyllis' case. It's being announced today at 3:00.

Michael: No, no, judges hate defendants who are late. Give yourself extra time. Leave early in case you run into traffic.

Phyllis: Or if I decide to, uh, have the condemned woman's last meal.

Michael: No, see, defeatist thinking. A pox on defeatist thinking.

Phyllis: Hey, listen, be honest with me. What are my chances?

Michael: I don't speculate about juries.

Phyllis: Yes, you do. It's part of your job.

Michael: We put up a strong case. And the good thing is, they deliberated for a long time.

Phyllis: Or they decided to send me to prison, right? It doesn't matter that they're separating a mother from her daughter, does it?

Michael: All right, you don't know that.

Phyllis: I do. I do know that. Listen, this is a chance I can't take. I'm not coming back.

Michael: It was the fear talking. It's perfectly understandable.

Phyllis: Of course it's the fear talking, because I'm done. It's over.

Michael: No, I have every confidence that you will be acquitted.

Phyllis: Really? Can you say that for sure? I want you to say that for sure. See, you can't say it. That's why I'm making this decision. I'm thinking of my future-- mine and summer's.

Michael: Don't do this.

Phyllis: See, there are two possibilities here. Okay, the first one is, I-I come back and, um... and I'm standing there when-- when the jurors file in, right? And the foreman is, uh, grinning at me when the judge asks if they reached a verdict.

Michael: Maybe he's smiling at you because he knows they're acquitting you.

Phyllis: No, they convict me. They convict me. And--and I go away for five years and I can't raise my daughter and Nick won't let me see her.

Michael: You don't know that.

Phyllis: And then, the other possibility is a future with me and my daughter on a beach somewhere, smiling and laughing and I'm free.

Michael: Which is just another word for "Nothing left to lose." Let me tell you what's gonna happen if you don't show here in three hours. Willful failure to appear by a defendant free on bond is a violation of Wisconsin statute 946.49, to wit, a felony. They will issue a warrant and they will come after you.

Phyllis: Michael-- Michael, I have to go.

Michael: No, don't. Don't hang up on me. Don't!

Phyllis: And don't bother-- don't bother tracing this call.

Sharon: So... should we go to court for the verdict?

Jack: Your call.

Sharon: Well, it depends. I mean, if she's just gonna get off, I'd probably rather watch it on TV, but if she's gonna get what she deserves... I'm sorry, I know that sounds vindictive.

Jack: No, no, no, I... I understand. You think about it and you let me know.

Sharon: Yeah, I'm-- I'm spent.

Jack: These photo sessions are taking too much energy these days.

Sharon: Well, maybe we can make it work, and we'll just call the ads, "The woman who had really bad luck."

Jack: At least you had Nick with you.

Sharon: Yes, sort of. I mean, he spent most of the time just trying to figure out how to get us out of there.

Jack: How'd you two pass the time?

Sharon: Um... we talked about our son.

Jack: Good. Next time you're trapped in a vault and can't get out, I hope it's with me.

Sharon: Well, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Gloria: If you hadn't stormed out of William's wake, you would've met his brother, Jeffrey.

Jeff: Your mother loves to brag about you.

Kevin: You're a dead ringer. Well, actually, I should say, live ringer.

Jeff: Ah, yeah, we got that a lot when we were kids. But William was so serious. I'm not.

Kevin: He didn't change much.

Gloria: There was a lot more to William than that.

Lauren: Just before the wake, Gloria was telling me that it was so sad that none of William's family was there.

Gloria: It's a great comfort having you here, Jeffrey.

Jeff: Well, thank you, Gloria. I feel the same way about you. William was a lucky man.

Gloria: That's very sweet, thank you.

Jeff: Do you think it would be all right if I used one of those computers?

Gloria: Ask him. He owns the place.

Kevin: It's for sale, if you're interested.

Jeff: No, but thanks. Excuse me.

Lauren: Hmm. He seems like a nice enough guy.

Gloria: Yeah, sure, he shows up after the wake, admits he barely knew his brother, and he just keeps hanging around.

Lauren: It's only been a day.

Kevin: I did notice a certain suck-up factor. "William was a very lucky man, Gloria."

Lauren: Well, maybe he was just being nice to his brother's widow.

Gloria: His brother's very rich widow.

Kevin: You think he's after your money?

Lauren: That's what she's trying to find out.

Gloria: That's what I'm gonna prove.

Kay: I just heard on the radio your daughter-in-law's verdict will be read at 3:00. Here's some muffins.

Nikki: Good, I hope she gets sent to prison.

Kay: Are you going to court?

Nikki: Oh, I'm sure Victor will be there cheering her on just to spite me.

Kay: Nikki, if Victor really wanted to hurt you, he could simply call in your loan.

Nikki: And he might. He has the right to do that, now that construction has stopped. Oh, Katherine, I feel like such a failure.

Kay: Stop that. You just pretend that you're still a candidate. Put a spin on it.

Nikki: Yeah, but I'd know it was just bravado and so would Victor. Now look, I really need you to loan my company the money to keep building.

Kay: (Chuckles) well, that is an ideal way to destroy a longtime friendship, my dear.

Nikki: Are you saying no?

Kay: Well, your very dear friend Katherine Chancellor advises you to seek financing elsewhere.

Nikki: My God, I have! I was on the phone with five different banks before I came here. The minute they hear why construction is stopped, they cannot get off the phone fast enough.

Kay: Try harder.

Victor: Well, with the price of gasoline rising, obviously people are interested in a green alternative. I want you to give me an estimate of the value in your report, all right? And by the way, this is for my eyes only. You must not leak this information. All right, we'll talk soon.

Nick: What information shouldn't leak?

Victor: I'm gonna switch auditors for the next fiscal year. I obviously don't want people to know about that. I don't wanna upset the present firm. So, son, um... today is the day of the verdict.

Nick: Yeah, 3:00. You gonna come to court?

Victor: I'm sure your mother will wanna be there, hoping of Phyllis' conviction. I don't wanna be any part of that.

Michael: Uh, sorry.

Victor: We were just talking about your client, by the way.

Nick: Is Phyllis back yet?

Michael: On her way. Uh, Nicholas, may I speak to you for a moment, in private?

Victor: You certainly may. Son, come to my office later.

Nick: Okay, Dad.

Michael: Okay, we have major wife and baby problems.

Nick: She's bailing, isn't she?

Michael: Literally.

Nick: Damn it! I knew I shouldn't have let her take Summer. We need to stop her.

Michael: Talk to her.

Nick: How about if I call the police?

Michael: Bad idea.

Nick: Says you. She's my kid.

Michael: Wait! Listen to me, Nicholas! Phyllis still has time to get back here. You talk to her, she might listen. You call the cops and she finds out-- and she will find out-- she'll disappear. You will never, ever see your daughter again.

 (Cell phone ringing)

Phyllis: Michael?

Nick: No, it's Nick.

Michael: Be charming!

Nick: Shut up.

Phyllis: Hey. Michael told you, right?

Nick: He said you were concerned about the verdict.

Phyllis: Yeah, I am concerned about the verdict.

Nick: Look, no matter what happens--

Phyllis: Okay, listen, listen, listen, I know what you're trying to do.

Nick: No, I'm trying to do what's best for this family, all right? For our two kids. You have one son who's facing--

Phyllis: You're trying to do what's best for you, is what you're trying to do. Because if I go to jail, you get to raise Summer and create your new life.

Nick: Look, I asked you if you were gonna take off. You said--

Michael: Temper! Temper!

Nick: You said, "God, no."

Michael: Do not lose your temper. Please do not have a fight.

Nick: You even dared me to send security guards with you. Look, if you cared about anyone but yourself right now--

Phyllis: No, if you cared about anyone but yourself, you would be here with your wife and your daughter instead of doing whatever you were doing.

Nick: And what? Hide out for the rest of our lives? See my daughter's face on a milk carton?

Phyllis: That will never happen, 'cause she'll always be with her mother.

Nick: Look, she isn't some possession that you own. She has a father and two brothers and grandparents.

Phyllis: Okay, listen, listen, I don't wanna-- I don't wanna talk to you. I don't wanna talk to you. And don't call me back.

Nick: Phyllis! Phyllis!

Phyllis: All right, Sweetie. Oh, Sweetie. I have these boy clothes for you. You're gonna wear these boy clothes. And we're gonna go away. We're gonna go away, Sweetie. We're gonna call you "Sammy" just for a little bit. We're gonna call you Sammy. We're gonna be okay. We're gonna have fun. We're gonna have fun.

Jeff: Man, what a great place. It reminds me of my college days. I used to go to a coffeehouse with, um, oh, what's her name-- Michelle. Michelle from philosophy class. Magnificent, tragic eyes. Um, sorry. Anyway, we'd, um, we'd debate the state of rock'n'roll over endless espressos.

Gloria: Was that in Europe?

Jeff: Uh, no, Berkeley. By that time, I had visited 42 of the 50 states. I told you, my dad had wanderlust. Where he went, I went. I like to think I'm a better man for all the roaming I did as a boy.

Gloria: Yeah. Well, I look forward to hearing about all of your adventures.

Jeff: (Chuckles) don't get me started, I might not stop. Um, I was hoping to get to know your son better. Where'd he go?

Gloria: Um, he'll be back. He's off visiting a sick friend. But in the meantime, why don't you tell me more about your life, Jeffrey?

Kevin: I think the meds are working. You seem a lot better.

Jana: I feel better. Maybe I won't need the surgery. I feel terrible that you're spending all this money on me. It's not right.

Kevin: Well, "Right" is in the eye of the beholder. And right now, I be holdin' some seriously sexy feet. Seriously sexy. I'm picturing them in black stilettos right now.

Jana: When did you develop this fixation?

Kevin: Fixation? No, no, no, don't get the wrong idea. I'm capable of fantasizing about all of your body parts.

Jana: God, it means so much that you believe in me. More than I can possibly tell you. That you--you know I'm not sick. You--you know I'm not-- you know I'm sick--I'm sick, not evil.

Kevin: Okay. Maybe this is a little too much for you right now.

Jana: What's happening to me, Kevin?

Kevin: Hey, hey, I'm right here.

Jana: What's happening?

Kevin: I'm right here. I'm right here.

Jana: Everything is-- it's blurry. My head--my head--

Kevin: Okay, okay, I'm gonna call a nurse, okay? Nurse?!

Jana: Wait! Don't hurt me, please!

Kevin: Nurse!

Michael: All right, well, ask Judge Chong to call me. Yeah, I know he's in a conference. Of course, he doesn't wanna be disturbed, but I have a client in debilitating discomfort and I must talk to him! Thank you. Yeah.

Nick: We can still call the police.

Michael: No, you know what? I'm asking you nicely not to.

Nick: And claiming Phyllis has a virus is a better idea?

Michael: It could buy us some time.

Nick: There's not much to buy.

Michael: Well, then we've gotta get moving. We're--we're telling people on a need-to-know basis. If anybody asks, you heard she has a stomach flu, but she is on her way to court. And remember, only people who can help us.

Jack: So what did you think of the business plan for the casinos?

Daniel: Amazing. Thanks again for hiring America's top felon.

Jack: Felony suspect-- there's a big difference.

Daniel: Yeah, well, I'm trying to outdo my mom. Did you hear they might charge us with murder?

Jack: Gotta be pretty hard to focus right now.

Daniel: This job helps keep my mind off of it.

Jack: Hey, listen, about the job-- it is little more than a glorified gopher right now.

Daniel: So I can work my way up to busboy. It's good for people to have dreams, right?

Nick: Good, you're both here.

Daniel: Oh, no.

Jack: Hey. What's up?

Michael: Phyllis.

Nick: She's about to take a big fat pass on going to court this afternoon.

Daniel: Well, I can pretend like I'm shocked, but I'm not.

Jack: Wait, she ran? We know this for sure?

Michael: I prefer, she's thinking of running. We could still intervene.

Jack: Will she talk to me?

Michael: Be my guest. Number two.

Jack: When was the last time anyone spoke to her?

Michael: 15 minutes, give or take.

Jack: Okay, there's still a chance.

Nick: There's also a chance she may already be gone-- with my daughter.

Kay: Oh, I'm glad you're still here. I, um, thought about it and I've reconsidered.

Nikki: You have?

Kay: Yes, Chancellor Industries will loan N.V.P. the money to cover increased costs for a period of seven days. Now that should give you time to find alternative financing.

Nikki: Oh! I will find a way to make this work. I promise. Thank you so much.

Kay: Well, once in a while I have the need to follow my heart instead of my head. You have one week, Nikki. No more.

Nikki: Okay. Thank you.

Victor: Hey, Son.

Nick: Oh, hey, Dad.

Victor: You never did stop by my office.

Nick: Yeah, it's kind of a busy day.

Victor: You nervous about the verdict?

Nick: Yeah. And then Phyllis has this stomach thing going on.

Victor: Oh. Is that what Michael Baldwin was concerned about?

Nick: Yeah.

Victor: So where's Phyllis right now? Is she with the doctor or what?

Nick: You know what, Dad? I really gotta go.

Victor: Son, I want you to know something. You can talk to me about anything, all right?

Nick: Of course.

Victor: I'm saying that because I don't want you to come to me one day and tell me that you wish you had asked me for help. I'm here if you need me, you got that?

Nick: I got it. I'll see you.

Victor: All right.

Nick: Thanks, Dad.

Jana: Kevin!

Kevin: What the hell is happening?

Woman: I asked you to wait outside.

Jana: Help me!

Kevin: Get off me! Can I at least hold her hand, please?

Woman: We're gonna have to sedate her. Are you her immediate family?

Jana: Help me! Please, Kevin, help me! What's happening?

Kevin: Yes, of course I am.

Jana: Get off of me! No!

Kevin: Jana!

Lauren: Hey, uh... there you are. Please tell me you were able to talk Phyllis into coming back to court.

Michael: If I had, I don't think this vein would be throbbing in my head.

Lauren: Do you think she planned this?

Michael: Possibly. Probably.

Lauren: And what happens when the judge finds out that you knew that she took off?

Michael: And I didn't inform them? Bad.

Lauren: How bad?

Michael: Uh, contempt of court at the very least. Felony conspiracy, at the most.

Lauren: Great.

Michael: It probably won't come to that. I'm trying to get the verdict postponed.

Lauren: And what if that doesn't work? I mean, has she already left town? Is she just thinking about it? Do we know?

Michael: Jack called, Nicholas called. No answer. They left messages. Who knows.

Lauren: I'm actually torn about this. I mean, 'cause the wife part of me-- you know I'm really upset at her for putting you in this position. But the mother part of me? I don't know what I would do if I had to put my fate into the hands of 12 strangers to decide whether I get to raise my child.

Michael: She has two children. Daniel's in trouble. He's in big trouble.

Lauren: And he's not a kid. He's got you representing him. But I don't know, Michael. If it were me, I think I would wrap my arms around our baby and run, too.

(Cell phone ringing)

Jack: Hello?

Phyllis: Hey, Jack.

Jack: Hey, hey, I'm glad you called me back. Who did that old song, "Runaway"?

Phyllis: Yeah. I know that the Red Hot Chili Peppers covered it when I dragged you to that, um, concert in Milwaukee.

Jack: I don't remember the concert so much. I remember the pfister afterwards. 24 hours of room service.

Phyllis: Yeah, we never left the room.

Jack: Great times.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, those were great times.

Jack: Hey, I'm worried about you.

Phyllis: Oh, don't worry about me. I'm fine. Summer's fine.

Jack: Phyllis, if you don't come home now, it's that Thomas Wolfe thing-- you can't go home again.

Phyllis: I know. Believe me, that's all I can think about.

Jack: Even if you're acquitted--

Phyllis: Oh, you know what? I can't bet on that.

Jack: You bet on going to trial, right?

Phyllis: Do you know how old Daniel was when the court took him away from me? He was 5. Do you know how old Summer will be when I get out of prison? 5. There's something very poetic about that, isn't there?

Jack: You're gonna leave Daniel again?

Phyllis: Believe me, if there was another way to do this, I would.

Jack: You know, I just gave him a job. His life's a real nightmare.

Phyllis: Okay, please, don't tell me that. If you tell me that, I can't do this.

Jack: The thought of you gone-- you and Summer-- I... in a strange way, I've come to think of her as my own--my child.

Phyllis: I know. You were the first one to see her. You were the first one to hold her.

Jack: Look, I know I'm a selfish SOB. The thought of living my life without you two--I... just come home, okay? Look, I'll contact the governor myself. I'll try to... get you a pardon. I'll twist some arms. I'll twist some necks if I have to. Just come home, okay?

Phyllis: I can't.

Jack: You can't or you won't?

Phyllis: No, I can't. I can't come home. Listen, wherever Summer and I are, you'll be with us, okay? You'll be with us in our heart. I gotta--I have to go. I have to go, Jack.

Jack: Phyllis, don't! Phyllis?!

Sharon: Phyllis is running? She's not coming back. You're not stopping her.

Jack: We need to keep this quiet.

Sharon: How long have you known?

Jack: Michael Baldwin just told me a little while ago. I was gonna tell you as soon as you got here.

Sharon: No, you weren't. Because you knew that I would wanna call the police.

Jack: Well, that would be premature. She hasn't decided anything definitely.

Sharon: You were just begging her on the phone and pleading with her.

Jack: I know. And it worked. She was scared. She was talking from fear. When push comes to shove--

Sharon: Phyllis shoves.

Jack: You don't know that. Michael wants us all at the courtroom at 3:00 as if nothing's amiss. And let's hope nothing is.

Sharon: Does Nick know about this?

Jack: Yes.

Sharon: And he didn't wanna call the police?

Jack: He thinks she's coming back, too.

Sharon: Well, he's not a mother. And he's wrong.

Daniel: Well, I feel that the trial went very well, and you can quote me on that.

Nick: I'm confident my wife is gonna be acquitted today. You can quote me on that.

Daniel: It's a flu thing and she's really weak from it.

Nick: She's unable to keep anything down. Uh, I don't know if she's gonna make it to court.

Daniel: Well, the doctor might not let her out of bed. She's severely dehydrated.

Michael: She's not answering.

Lauren: Just let it ring.

(Cell phone ringing)

Phyllis: Hey, Summer. Hey, Sweetie. Where do you wanna cross the border? You wanna cross, uh... into Duluth, then to, uh, Thunder Bay? Or -- or maybe, um... maybe, uh... Minnesota to Fargo into Winnipeg? They keep on calling us. But we're not gonna listen to them.

Michael: Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on. Nothing.

Nick: She's gone.

Daniel: No, maybe, you know, she's--

Nick: No, that's it. She's gone! I'm calling the police.

 (Cell phone ringing)

Phyllis: Michael. Is this Michael?

Michael: Oh, oh, oh, oh, Phyllis, I'm so glad you picked up!

Lauren: She's there?!

Michael: Yes.

Phyllis: Is that Lauren?

Michael: Yes, and your husband's here and your son, too. They just want one last chance to speak to you.

Phyllis: I don't wanna speak with them. Please don't put them on the phone. I don't wanna speak with them, Michael. I'm all alone. Please tell my son that I love him. Tell my son I love him. And tell my husband that his wife loves him very much, even though he doesn't remember me and love me, but I still love him. And you and Lauren-- you and Lauren are the best friends that--

Michael: Phyllis, friends don't walk out on friends.

Phyllis: Listen, if I have to choose between my daughter and you, which I do--

Michael: You don't! You don't!

Phyllis: Yes, I do. I hope you can forgive me for this.

Daniel: That's it. It's over.

Michael: No. No, it's not over. I want you to show up in court as if you expect Phyllis to come waltzing in off of her sick bed to be acquitted. Just call me crazy, but in my heart of hearts, I believe she's coming home.

Kevin: Hey.

Gloria: Good, you're back. Tell me, does he have an "I'm doing research to find a loophole in my dead brother's will" look about him?

Kevin: Just forget him for one minute, Mom. At the hospital--

Gloria: I can't forget him until I find out what he's up to. Go hack into his computer.

Kevin: I'm trying to tell you something important.

Gloria: This is important. I am trying to hang onto what will one day be your inheritance. Now how tough can it be to take a quick look at the hard drive? Come on, do this one little thing.

Kevin: One little thing? One little thing? I do everything for you, Mom! I ask you for one thing, to pay for Jana's surgery, and you won't help me.

Gloria: I'm not gonna argue with you about this.

Kevin: Just now, at the hospital, Mom, one minute, Jana was fine, and the next minute she's slurring her words. She's yelling and screaming.

Gloria: Well, I am very sorry that you had to see that.

Kevin: Yeah, I'm sorry, too. I am watching someone I love suffer in the worst way and I can't do anything about it! If you love me, you will help me.

Gloria: You know I do love you.

Kevin: No, here's what I know, Mom. I know that we talk and nothing happens. Well, I'm gonna change that.

Gloria: Calm down, Sweetie.

Kevin: Listen to me. You will pay for Jana's surgery. Or I will go right to the cops and tell them that you were responsible for the product tampering at Jabot. If you do nothing and let Jana suffer, you're going on trial for murder.

Gloria: I think I'm worried about you, Honey.

Kevin: You should worry about yourself.

Gloria: No, no, no, no, no, I know you've been under a lot of pressure and I understand--

Kevin: Nothing. You understand nothing. You just don't get it. You know, parents do this thing where they--they take a snapshot of their kids and they think that's it. Forever. Like nothing ever changes.

Gloria: But you have changed. Look what you've accomplished, how much you've overcome--

Kevin: Oh, please, save the patronizing.

Gloria: All right, Kevin, you couldn't live with yourself if you put me in prison.

Kevin: Yeah, I could. I will not let Jana suffer anymore.

Jeff: Uh, Kevin?

Kevin: Hey, Jeff. What's up? We were just talking about you.

Jeff: Oh, nice things, I hope?

Gloria: Of course.

Jeff: Your mother tells me you're something of a computer whiz?

Kevin: Well, I like to think so.

Jeff: Well, I'm having trouble with my internet connection, if you've got a minute.

Kevin: I do. You know, actually, I've got, uh, 30 minutes. After that, my mom and I have an important business meeting.

Jeff: Oh, um, if I'm interrupting--

Kevin: Oh, no, no, I'll be right there.

Jeff: Okay. Thanks.

Kevin: 30 minutes, Mom. Is that enough time? After that, I either go to the hospital for Jana, or I go to the cops for you. You decide.

Victor: I didn't think you had decided to resume work.

Nikki: Katherine is loaning my company enough money to cover the cost increase.

Kay: Yes.

Victor: You'll be partners, will you?

Kay: Well, we're funding her for an additional week.

Nikki: Just to give me enough time to find an additional investor.

Kay: I wanted to tell you myself, victor, out of sheer respect, and as a courtesy.

Victor: I appreciate it, Katherine.

Kay: So if you will excuse me, I do have phone calls to make to set this in motion.

Victor: Always nice to see you.

Kay: Oh, always. You know that.

Victor: Let me open the door for you.

Kay: Okay.

Victor: There you are.

Kay: Take care.

Victor: Yep. So you called in a favor?

Nikki: It's a sound business decision.

Victor: What the hell do you know about a sound business decision? She's feeling sorry for you. There's no way in hell that you will find a legitimate investor.

Nikki: Oh, but I already have. Semi-legitimate, anyway. You.

Victor: (Chuckles)

Michael: Your honor, my request is simple-- an overnight postponement to allow my client to recover from her debilitating intestinal distress.

Heather: She'll feel worse when the jury pronounces her guilty, Counselor.

Judge Chong: There's no need for sniping.

Michael: My client would like nothing more than to be in court for her vindication. But I'm sure your honor wouldn't want her to be sick all over your court.

Judge Chong: She never heard of Pepto-Bismol?

Michael: Allergic.

Heather: To what, prison?

Michael: In addition, the extra time will allow the city to prepare an area for post-trial press conferences.

Heather: Already done, your honor.

Judge Chong: Enough. Verdict to be delivered as scheduled. Mr. Baldwin, produce your client or a doctor, or produce a lawyer of your own. You'll need one when I hold you in contempt.

Michael: Of course, your honor. We'll be here.

Kevin: Time's up.

Gloria: Do you see that camera pointing directly at the monitor Jeffrey's working on?

Kevin: So?

Gloria: I bet that between that camera and your computer skills, you could find out a whole lot about that man. In which case, a wealthy benefactor might pay for Jana's surgery.

Kevin: You're good.

Gloria: So are you, my angel. Deal?

Kevin: Yeah, deal.

Victor: Have you spoken to Phyllis?

Nick: Yeah, I have. She's still sick.

Victor: Phyllis is still sick?

Nikki: Does Nicholas have the baby?

Victor: Uh, your mother asked do you have the baby?

Nick: Uh, she's with a sitter, Dad. Look, I gotta get back to court. If I find out anything, I'll give you a call, okay?

Victor: All right, Son. Call as soon as you do. He will call us.

Nikki: All right, in the meantime, let's discuss my proposal.

Victor: Why would I loan you money?

Nikki: Rock solid collateral.

Victor: You can't be serious. You're using most of your cash flow right now to cover debt service.

Nikki: Well, I have other assets, you know?

Victor: Such as?

Nikki: Such as, marital assets, for example.

Victor: You feel confident enough to secure a loan for your business by tapping into our family wealth?

Nikki: A portion of it, yes.

Victor: Why don't you go to Las Vegas and drop your wedding ring on red?

Nikki: I am not dropping it on red. I'm betting on myself.

Victor: Don't you ever say I didn't warn you. I'm advising against it.

Nikki: And I appreciate that, but I don't need your advice anymore, Victor.

Victor: You draw up the papers.

Bailiff: All rise. This court is now in session, the Honorable Robert Chong presiding.

Judge Chong: Be seated. In the matter of the people of the state of Wisconsin V. Phyllis Newman. We're here for our verdict. But, Mr. Baldwin, the defendant doesn't appear to be in my courtroom.

Michael: Your honor, as we discussed earlier, my client is suffering from an unexpected health crisis.

Judge Chong: Did I not tell you to produce your client or a doctor, counsel?

Heather: You could issue a bench warrant, your honor.

Judge Chong: I'll handle this! Did I not tell you?

Michael: Yes, you did, your honor.

Judge Chong: Well?

Michael: As you can see, there is no physician present, your honor. And there is no defendant.

Phyllis: All right, Baby. Okay, Summer, I mean, Sammy. We're gonna go. We're gonna go. We were born to run.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Sharon: I kissed Nick.

Amber: I am still here. Doesn't that tell you something?

Cane: It tells me you love my family's money more than you love yourself.

Amber: No, I love you!

Michael: I wanna make a deal.

Heather: Any deal will include jail time.

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