Y&R Transcript Thursday 8/9/07

Y&R Transcript Thursday 8/9/07 -- Canada; Friday 8/10/07 -- U.S.A.


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Cane: What I've been saying cannot come as a shock.

Nikki: Will you let him finish a sentence?

Cane: Because ever since the methane gas deposits you've all received regular updates on this risks and the cost of general abatement. That being said, we have not received any commitment on how these costs will be met. Now the figures I gave you today are firm unless more surprises underground are discovered.

Lauren: Ah. Well, maybe if you dig deep enough, you'll find gold and they'll all be off the hook.

Nikki: They'll be off the hook? We're all in this together.

Neil: Yeah. Uh, speaking for Newman Enterprises, I certainly understand--

Victoria: Thank you.

Neil: We certainly understand the problems here. These extra costs-- overages in general, for that matter, they don't concern the lender.

Nikki: They concern everybody who has a stake in clear springs.

Neil: Yes, but if we're talking about paying for the cost of overruns, that's just not accurate.

Jack: This is your project, Nikki.

Victoria: Everyone here is at great risk.

Cane: I did not come here today to debate this.

Lauren: Okay, could we just find a solution, please?

Nikki: You know what? Your properties and your casinos will remain a figment of your sorry imagination if you don't pick up a big part of the tab.

Cane: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am not the one to tell you where the money has to come from, but it has to come from somewhere and it has to come now. Chancellor Industries, as a contractor, will not, and I say this again, will not absorb these additional costs.

Jack: Yes, you've made all that quite clear.

Cane: Well, judging from the lack of solutions forthcoming, I don't think I made it clear enough, Jack. So if we do not receive a commitment from you in a matter of hours, and, yes, we would like that commitment in writing, then I will stop construction.

Cane: Excuse me.

Brad: Thanks for keeping me in the loop.

Sharon: You know there's a really high-level meeting happening in there.

Nick: Yeah, I know. I just didn't have the stomach to face the crowd today. Besides, I know what's on the agenda. Item one--the cost of construction of Clear Springs is way up because of methane. Item two--who's going to pay that extra cost, and item three-- on the count of three, everyone says, "Not me."

Sharon: And meeting adjourned. I wish all meetings ran that efficiently.

Nick: Yeah. So let's talk about the next photo shoot.

Sharon: Oh, you and I are not going out of town together.

Nick: Oh, I know. I know. You made that very clear to me. But I have an idea. Check this out-- the idea behind Clear Springs is to reuse and conserve.

Sharon: Repurpose, to use proposal speak currently in vogue.

Nick: Right, so why don't we make the next photo shoot consistent with that premise. We find some cool old place that's local, and we shoot there.

Sharon: Oh, I like the idea. Especially the local part, you know, no overnights.

Nick: You know, I'm glad you picked up on that.

Sharon: (Giggles)

Nick: You made it very clear. Look, you value your marriage. I respect that. And I'm not gonna try and change it.

Sharon: Good.

Nick: I know I joke around a lot, probably too much, but I really do respect your decision and commitment.

Sharon: Wow. All you need now, Nick, is a horse and some shining armor.

Nick: You know, I thought about that, but, uh, shining armor's really not my thing.

Devon: Hey. I wondered what happened to you.

Lily: Take this before I drop it. Thanks.

Devon: How long have you been up?

Lily: Um, all night.

Devon: Why didn't you call me?

Lily: Well, there wasn't that much to do.

Devon: That's why it took all night?

Lily: Well, I didn't want anybody else around for my crying jags.

Devon: Why were you crying?

Lily: Um, because my marriage is over, in case you haven't noticed.

Devon: Obviously I know, but you want it to be over, right?

Lily: Yeah, objectively, yes. And between 11:00 last night and 1:00 this morning that was crystal clear. I was all into this fresh start thing, you know? And I couldn't wait to get this stuff out of the house 'cause I'm better off without that jerk and everything.

Devon: Yes, you are better off.

Lily: Yes, and then between 1:00 and 1:45 I starting having second thoughts and I just couldn't stop crying, so I made some hot chocolate, and then by 2:00 I found something funny to watch on TV. And then by 3:00 I got mad at him all over again and every bad thing he ever did just came flooding back. And I knew I was doing the right thing. And then by 5:00 I found the bracelet that he gave me on our first anniversary and I started crying again, wondering if I should give him another chance.

Devon: No.

Lily: Well, obviously, because I kept packing. But trust me, you did not wanna be here for the night that future generations will refer to as, "The night of a thousand mood swings."

Devon: Lily, you, uh... you really should've trusted me enough to ask me for help. You know, and you should trust me enough from now on to ask for help when you need help.

Lily: Hey, don't get all serious on me, okay? Can you just help me finish packing up the rest of this stuff before he gets here?

Devon: Yeah.

Michael: No request for a transcript or to review evidence or anything? Oh. All right, use this number to call me when the verdict's in. Thanks. Oh, the jury's still out. Phyllis must be going crazy.

Gloria: Michael, be quiet. This is important.

Michael: More important than a trial verdict?

Gloria: Jeffrey?

Michael: Jeffrey.

Gloria: Hi, it's Gloria. Me, too, thank you. Um, I was wondering if we were still on for coffee today? The athletic club. Perfect. (Chuckles) bye.

Michael: (Chuckles) is the same Jeffrey Bardwell who is, to quote you, "After my money"?

Gloria: That's right. That's why I wanna get closer to him.

Michael: Define "Closer."

Gloria: I wanna find out everything about him so he can't get anything past me. Honey, don't you know that men can't shut up when a woman looks into their eyes and just listens?

Michael: Doesn't work on me.

Gloria: Because you're not a regular man, Honey. You're a lawyer.

Nikki: Strictly on financial terms, Victor doesn't want me to default on the loan because there's no percentage in that for him.

Victoria: So... unless there's something going on that we don't know about... why wouldn't he be willing to give you another loan? Or roll this one into what you need?

Nikki: The other lenders I have talked to are afraid of the methane.

Victoria: Yes, but Daddy has already sank so much into this development. Wouldn't he want to protect his investment?

Nikki: Are you kidding? He loaned money to my company, we cannot underestimate the pleasure he would get in watching me fall.

Victoria: Well, surely, Mom, surely as a businessman he's above that.

Victor: Take care of the methane problem would cost them far more than they've spent on the entire project so far.

Neil: Yeah, um, cleaning it up could also increase the value of the land to more than everything they've spent.

Victor: Possible.

Neil: And not cleaning it up, sorry to belabor the obvious, will mean Nikki defaults on the loan.

Victor: N.V.P. defaults on the loan, not Nikki.

Neil: I stand corrected. N.V.P. will default on the loan, and that means we-- rather, Newman Enterprises will get stuck with the ugly write-off of a loan that you personally approved of.

Victor: We will take the write-off. But as the lender, we're also entitled to the real estate that my wife has used as collateral.

Neil: Okay, but that's real estate that could be worthless for development.

Victor: Oh... we'll wait and see. You know, when one door closes, another one opens.

Neil: Is there something you're not telling me?

Victor: Unh-unh.

Neil: Okay, I'm glad that you've made the healthy distinction between personal and professional in this matter. Because if I thought you were reluctant to increase the loan to N.V.P. based solely on your strained relationship with your wife, I, as a board member, would have to object.

Victor: And you would have a right to do so.

Neil: Is there information that you'd pass on that would make me feel as confident as you seem to be?

Devon: All right, this is the last of it. Now all we need is for someone to come in here and disinfect the place

Lily: You're bad.

Devon: Should I, uh... go upstairs and hang out? Or just leave when he comes here? Or what?

Lily: No, I-I don't know. I guess you could just stay.

Devon: Yeah?

Daniel: Hey.

Lily: Hey.

Daniel: Is this all my stuff?

Lily: Uh, yeah.

Daniel: Well, thanks, you saved me hours and hours of being the guy who's gotta get all his stuff out of the place before anyone can be comfortable again.

Lily: Well, he seems to be handling this well.

Devon: What, by pretending he's not a total jerk?

Lily: I'm just saying.

Devon: And I'm just saying that he is--

Lily: Hey, uh, do you want help with that?

Daniel: Uh, no, it's cool. You already did quite enough. Thank you. I'll be gone in two seconds.

Devon: He is a total jerk, totally responsible.

Lily: Listen, don't start anything.

Devon: Don't start anything with him?

Lily: No, with me.

Devon: What do you mean, with you? I helped you pack.

Lily: I'm just saying, okay?

Devon: Stop saying, "I'm just saying."

Lily: What-- what is up with you? Do you wanna start an argument with me or what?

Daniel: Um, okay. Well, you have my keys. You also have my cell phone if you need anything. I am sorry. Sorry for everything. I don't know how many times I can say that. Thanks for packing up all my stuff-- football. Um... this is me leaving with what little pride I have left, so... bye.

Lily: Bye.

Daniel: Yes, well...

Lily: That's what I call a graceful exit.

Devon: What about that was graceful?

Lily: Well, he took his stuff and left. He didn't cry, yell, scream or beg.

Devon: That's 'cause he's in the wrong and he knows it. Good for him.

Lily: I'm only saying.

Devon: You know, it sounds like you're defending him.

Lily: What is the matter with you?! You know, just forget it! Okay, talk to me when you're in a better mood, 'cause I have my own problems to deal with.

Sharon: After that, Nick understood that I won't be doing any more photo shoots that involve overnight trips.

Jack: Well, I thank you. Noah thanks you.

Sharon: He suggested, instead of building sets that we scout for a location, just in a 30-mile radius. An old building that's being put to new use.

Jack: Consistent with what's supposed to be happening at Clear Springs.

Sharon: Exactly.

Jack: Well, let's just hope there is an old restored town that these ads can be consistent with.

Sharon: Go on. They're not seriously talking about pulling the plug.

Jack: I don't know what kind of game Nikki’s playing, but she's acting like she thinks everyone involved should suffer equally.

Sharon: Oh, Nikki.

Nick: You ready to go? Oh, sorry.

Sharon: Um...

Jack: Then the scout is today?

Nick: Yeah.

Sharon: Yeah, we might as well.

Jack: Just you two?

Sharon: And whatever crew members need to go and see the locations. Hey, why don't you come with us?

Jack: No, I got some fires I gotta put out here.

Sharon: You sure?

Jack: Yeah, I'm sure. Good luck.

Sharon: Okay.

Jack: Hope you find what you're looking for.

Victoria: Why isn't it as clear to Dad as it is to anyone that if we don't take care of the methane, your project is over and he has to answer for a bad loan. You know what? We'll go in there presuming that it is clear to him and that it is just business and that no personal relationships will enter into it.

Woman: Excuse me, Mr. Newman's assistant said Mr. Newman will let you know when he has time available.

Victoria: You told them she only needs a couple of minutes?

Woman: Yes.

Nikki: Do you see this? And we're not supposed to read anything personal into that?

Lauren: This is what I need to understand. Fenmore's in the anchor tenant in the commercial development of Clear Springs and has a very long-term lease, all right? Now it is just that, though, right? It is a lease and not a deed of ownership. Therefore, we would not be responsible for the costs, am I right?

Michael: You don't need a lawyer.

Lauren: Yes, I do.

Michael: All right, I don't have to tell you this, but you know they may wanna recoup the abatement costs by raising the rents later on down the line, but I have protected you against that contractually.

Lauren: Thank you. But they are threatening to shut down construction if no one comes up with the money.

Michael: What? This is new.

Lauren: Well, Cane threatened to do it today.

Michael: I didn't know we were this far in.

Lauren: We?

Michael: Yeah, because the lender of record happens to be my...

Lauren: Oh, Victor, that's right.

Michael: My client.

Lauren: Right.

Michael: And I have to go over there right now and talk to him.

Lauren: Oh, wait a minute. Any word on the verdict?

Michael: See? It's been, what, 4 minutes and 27 seconds since I last thought about the trial. Thank you so much. And now you've brought it right back to my consciousness, front and center.

Lauren: Oh, Honey, you're so welcome.

Michael: You know... if you weren't so beautiful and sexy, I would... I would have very strong words for you.

Lauren: You would?

Michael: Mmm.

Neil: Hey, Lily? I thought Lily was here.

Devon: Oh, she's-- she's upstairs. Lily! Dad's here!

Neil: Hey, how is she?

Devon: She's grumpy.

Neil: Really? You look like the grumpy one to me.

Devon: Well, you know, spend some time with her and see what she does to your mood.

Neil: Thanks for the warning.

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Neil: Hey, daughter of mine, I confirmed that you don't need to file or even go through the whole divorce proceeding because all you really--

Lily: I know. The attorney told me that because we forged Malcolm's signature, we weren't technically, legally married, so all we have to do is just get a certificate of nullity or something.

Neil: No, no, it's called a declaration of nullity, and it's very simple, less expensive, a lot less time.

Lily: Dad, I know.

Neil: So... why isn't this a good thing? Why isn't it making you feel better?

Lily: It just doesn't, okay? I mean, call me weird, but I actually like to think that I was married to Daniel instead of just playing house with him after all this time. Look, I have things I have to do.

Neil: Okay...

Devon: Yeah. That's what I'm talking about-- grumpy.

Neil: Uh, I really have no time. In fact, I had no time to come over here in the first place, but I felt compelled. I have to get back to the office, but, Son, why don't you take the rest of the day off? And if you care about your sister, do whatever you can to help make that transition to the next phase of her life easier for her, okay? Until she gets--

Devon: Until what? She finds a new boyfriend?

Neil: I never said to take Daniel's place, okay? You know what I mean. Until she gains some perspective, okay?

Devon: Yeah.

Neil: Hey, I love you, Kid. I'll talk to you later, okay?

Devon: All right.

Cane: In case you lost my cell phone number, here's my card.

Jack: Thank you.

Cane: You know, Jack, I appreciate that you understand that the safety of my work is my highest priority.

Jack: Yes, I heard that the first time.

Cane: So it's clear to you that we have no intention of paying for additional costs that weren't on the project bid.

Jack: Why are you wasting my time with this?

Cane: Because I've had no response from you, and there's no sign I'll get one before I pull the plug.

Jack: Can I suggest you look at your files. I think you'll see there is a developer that signed the contract. Her name is Nikki Newman.

Cane: And can I suggest you look at your files. You'll learn that the man who owns the land under the casino is you.

Jack: Okay, let me tell you something, Sport. May I call you, Sport?

Cane: You can call me Santa Claus if you write me a check, Jack.

Jack: Okay, here's how it is, Sport. I don't give a damn about Mrs. Newman's dilapidated buildings. They can all go up in a cloud of burning methane for all I care. I don't care about her warped floorboards or her rotten siding or anything else she has deemed historically or architecturally significant.

Cane: Did I mention to you that people don't gamble in casinos where the methane alarms go off?

Jack: Have I mentioned to you I can find a contractor who isn't weak-kneed and overzealous?

Cane: If you find that contractor and he's willing to build on land with methane under it, then you'll get what you deserve. Have a nice day.

Gloria: I just still can't believe that William never told me he had a brother who's a successful professional high up in a multinational corporation.

Jeff: Whoa. When you say it. It sounds more glamorous than it is.

Gloria: Oh, come on, Jeffrey, a world traveler, a secret twin. It's all very mysterious.

Jeff: You know, I think this whole thing about twins being preternaturally close is an either/or proposition. It didn't apply to us.

Gloria: You did say your parents had a pretty nasty divorce.

Jeff: Mmm. Dad hated Mom so much she bad-mouthed my brother to me as well. In fact, I grew up thinking that I had, literally, an evil twin. I wonder if he thought the same of me.

Gloria: I never heard anything like that. Well, of course I didn't. I never heard anything at all. I just hope you realize that your brother William was a terrific human being.

Jeff: Well, he had to be, if he was like me.

Gloria: So, brother-in-law, tell me about your travels.

Jeff: Oh... I feasted on quail eggs, caviar, drank the rarest wines while exotic women danced only for me.

Gloria: Oh, stop it!

Jeff: Nah, it wasn't all... caviar and rare wines. In fact, very little of it was. I spent way too much time in third world jails.

Gloria: Jail? As in, behind bars jail?

Jeff: Yep.

Lily: Hey, why aren't you at work?

Devon: I couldn't tear myself away from you.

Lily: Oh, Wiseass.

Devon: Hey, how about we go get some coffee?

Lily: I don't feel like it.

Devon: That's why you should go.

Lily: Okay, will everybody stop telling me what I need to do?

Devon: Will you stop generalizing and being melodramatic?

Lily: You need to get a life.

Devon: Get a life? Wow. Thanks. Lash out at anyone trying to help you.

Lily: I don't do that.

Devon: Really? Dad tried to give you some good news and you're all, "I know already!" And, you know, ran off all in a pout.

Lily: Okay, first of all, I didn't run off. And second, who says "All in a pout?"

Devon: Look, you don't have to be defensive, just at least explain to me why it doesn't make you feel better that you don't have to go through divorce proceedings.

Lily: Because... I don't know. Because I don't wanna... say this marriage never happened. I mean, and I'm depressed that we screwed it up.

Devon: Well... correction, he screwed it up.

Lily: I just-- I don't wanna act like it never happened. It was something. It did exist. We were in love. We were... married. So I'd rather be divorced than nullified.

Devon: I understand.

Lily: You do?

Devon: Yeah, I do.

Lily: Okay. Well, thank you.

Daniel: Excuse me, Jack, I know you wanted to see me.

Jack: I do?

Daniel: Yes. I know that you were just sitting here thinking to yourself, "Boy, I have not had my daily dose of Daniel yet today." And you were hoping that I would drop by pretty soon, or you were gonna have to go and find me. And even though I was really, really busy, I said to myself, "Daniel, Jack wants to see you, so whatever you're doing, put it aside, no matter how important it is and make this time for him." So no problem, here I am.

Jack: And what did I wanna see you about?

Daniel: You wanted to talk to me about hiring me.

Jack: I wanted to hire you?

Daniel: I know! So what is this job offer you wanted to discuss?

Sharon: You know... I really love the look of this place, but since Neil redid it, it's just too sophisticated for what we're looking for.

Nick: Not a problem. It's one choice of many. Guys, she doesn't like this one, so, uh, we'll move onto the next one. You know what? While we're here, how about lunch and a couple of martinis? I was kidding. Didn't you know I was kidding?

Sharon: Yeah, I knew you were.

Nick: Okay. Damn. I'm gonna get some olives anyway. Cover me.

Sharon: Hey, get me one.

Nick: Hey, look at this. It's like a miniature version of one of Summer's little rattles. I love that little girl. I can't get enough of her. Dealing with Phyllis is still a little... weird. But the minute I laid my eyes on that little girl, I fell in love with her.

Sharon: How's she doing?

Nick: Which one?

Sharon: Either.

Nick: Well, the baby's doing well, as far as I know.

Sharon: Why as far as you know?

Nick: Phyllis and I got into a big fight the night before she went into hiding to wait out the verdict. We were all supposed to go to a hotel together and...

Sharon: And she took the baby?

Nick: Yeah. She kinda had to, I don't breast feed.

Sharon: Right. Of course, but, um...

Nick: But what?

Sharon: Well, aren't you afraid that... she might run off with the baby?

Nick: Uh, we, I, uh... yeah, I am. But I couldn't stop her short of sending security guards with her.

Sharon: Well... I'm sorry I brought it up.

Nick: I'm sorry it's even a possibility.

Jack: Daniel, your working for me is not something either of us can take lightly.

Daniel: I don't. I thought a lot about it and I realized that I am the perfect candidate for you. I mean, how many applicants do you have in the personnel files that actually can say that they have jail time on their records? I know, right? Not to mention, have just recently split up from a wife that he was never even really married to, or is facing trial for grand theft of money that he can't even find, not to mention, a possible murder charge and disposing of a dead body. I mean, these are qualities that are extremely hard to come by in today's job market.

Jack: Be serious, uh, for just a minute here.

Daniel: Serious? Okay, you want serious? One, I need a job. Any judge is gonna look at me better if I have a job, you know, instead of just being your average, ordinary, run-of-the-mill unemployed felon. Two, I need a job. Three, I need a job. And four, Jack, I need a job.

Jack: Why this job?

Daniel: To prove that I'm willing, prove that I can turn my life around, and to prove to all the skeptics in this building, because, I mean, let's face it, there aren't many believers here, especially the ones that fired me.

Jack: Who fired you?

Daniel: Neil.

Jack: Neil?

Daniel: Yeah.

Gloria: Jail?

Jeff: Mmm.

Gloria: Well, that doesn't sound very romantic at all.

Jeff: It wasn't.

Gloria: What did you do, if you don't mind me asking?

Jeff: I committed the crime of being an American. You know that guy Charles Taylor who's on trial in the world court at the Hague?

Gloria: Uh...

Jeff: President of Liberia.

Gloria: Ah.

Jeff: Anyway... he needed an American scapegoat. And I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Gloria: Wow. But couldn't the American embassy help you?

Jeff: (Chuckles) they were negotiating an oil lease and didn't wanna embarrass him.

Gloria: Oh. What were the charges?

Jeff: Well, let's see, fraud, money laundering, smuggling.

Gloria: Oh, come on, Jeffrey! Those aren't charges you can fake.

Jeff: You haven't spent much time in third world countries.

Gloria: All right, if it was just your run-of-the-mill corruption, why didn't your company just pay somebody and be done with it?

Jeff: I was between jobs at the time.

Gloria: Oh.

Jeff: Don't you believe me?

Gloria: Sure, of course I do.

Jeff: The look in your eyes isn't very reassuring.

Gloria: Really? Well, I'm used to men complimenting my eyes.

Jeff: Ah. Well, I'm used to complimenting women's eyes when they have more trust in me.

Nick: So there I am, do you wanna go with me? And I can't really tell if she does or she doesn't. And then Phyllis hit the roof when I suggested that it had occurred to her to take off with the baby.

Sharon: Which pretty much guarantees that she did consider it.

Nick: This was simply a conversation about possibilities and options. And then Phyllis yelled at me, why don't I send security guards with her? And you know what?

Sharon: What, you wish you had?

Nick: I really wish I had. But could I do that? I mean, realistically?

Sharon: No. If you do something like that, you will get hit with a restraining order like that.

Nick: And I can't follow her myself.

Sharon: Well, then you might be arrested for stalking.

Nick: So here I am pretending not to be tense, pretending that I'm worried about other things when all I'm really worried about is my daughter. So I'm trying to distract myself with other things.

Sharon: Well, you know what? Why don't we, um... we'll finish the scout. That'll be a little bit of a distraction for both of us.

Woman: Mr. Newman is running late.

Victoria: You just told us that he was available.

Woman: He was when I called, but now he's not. He said he's sorry for the inconvenience.

Nikki: Oh, my God!

Victoria: What's he working on?

Woman: All he said was that he has to finish a very important project. Sorry. I'll let you know as soon as he's free.

Nikki: Yeah, right.

Victoria: Wow.

Nikki: Unbelievable.

Lily: It's not like I want him back, because I-I don't. I don't want anything to do with him. I-I just... I feel like I wasted a huge chunk of my life.

Devon: It wasn't a waste.

Lily: Then what was it then? You see? It was wasted.

Devon: You know, just because I didn't answer you doesn't mean I don't have an answer.

Lily: Okay, so if my nonexistent marriage to Daniel wasn't a waste of time, then what was it?

Devon: I'll tell you what it was. It was... life experience.

Lily: Ugh! That is awful. I could get more encouragement from a stranger.

Devon: Lily... look, you--you loved Daniel, right?

Lily: Well, I married him, didn't I?

Devon: Yes, you did.

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Devon: And love is never wasted, okay? It's--it's... its learning. It's growth, experience, you know? It's--its maturity in the making.

Lily: Maturity in the making? You're really bad at this.

Devon: You know what? Shut up.

Lily: No, you are really bad.

Devon: Your marriage-- your marriage wasn't all bad. That's what I'm trying to say. You had happy stretches. You had good stretches. You had productive stretches.

Lily: Yeah, whatever that means.

Devon: You know, I'm trying to--

Lily: You know what? I've got it. Say something nice about Daniel.

Devon: What?

Lily: No, if you can tell me good things that happened, then I won't think it was a waste of time. Okay, go.

Jack: I gotta warn you, you are going to face some hostility if you come to work for me.

Daniel: I know. I'm--I'm ready for it.

Neil: Jack, we didn't get a chance to talk after the meeting--

Jack: I'm almost finished here. This is not to be taken lightly.

Daniel: I know.

Neil: I wanna make it clear--

Jack: I'm almost done.

Neil: That Newman Enterprises has no financial obligation to the methane problem. And we expect the parties developing Clear Springs to finance the abatement.

Jack: I don't need you to come and tell me what Newman's expectations are, Neil. You would do better to look after your own.

Neil: Okay, Jack, I attended that meeting as a courtesy. You need to find a remedy to the methane problem, that is yours and Nikki’s problem.

Jack: What needs to be done is clear, who needs to do it is an open question.

Neil: For you, maybe, not for us, Jack.

Sharon: This is perfect!

Nick: You've looked at it for, like, two seconds.

Sharon: Am I right?

Woman: I love it.

Sharon: Mm-hmm.

Nick: Oh, great, now the owner knows how much we love it. There goes our negotiating leverage.

Sharon: Oops, sorry!

Nick: No, you're not.

Sharon: No, I'm not.

Nick: All right, Boys, that's a wrap. She loves it. Let's cancel the rest of the scout.

Sharon: I say we fill it full of fake money and then I can pose on top of millions of dollars. Or we can just open up all the drawers of the safety deposit boxes and fill 'em full of gold and silver jewelry, dripping with sapphires. What do you think?

Nick: That's, uh, that's kinda hot. I may not even see you in that shot.

Sharon: Well, how guy of you to say that.

Nick: What can I say, I am a stereotype.

Woman: He needs a quick shot of the front of the door.

Nick: Okay.

Man: Wait, wait, don't shut that!

Nick: That did not just happen. Did that just happen?

Sharon: Well, it's almost like some scary movie that I saw that I don't wanna be in.

Nick: At least there's some light in here. Hey, get your shot of the door! All right, it's just a door!

Sharon: Aim, focus, shoot. Open up.

Nick: Hey, open up!

(Cell phone ringing)

Michael: Yeah, Michael.

Gloria: Michael, he's a criminal.

Michael: This is a wrong number.

Gloria: Stop it! Stop it!

Michael: Who's a criminal?

Gloria: Jeffrey! He just told me he spent time in jail.

Michael: All right, why would he tell you that after having known you for all of two minutes?

Gloria: So I wouldn't make a big deal out of it. Listen, I need you to check his background. Now apparently, the then-president of Liberia, Charles Taylor, needed to make an example of an American. Just check it out and get back to me.

Michael: Oh, yeah. I'll drop everything right now, which would be my law career, keeping your younger son out of jail and waiting to hear about the verdict in Phyllis' trial, all because, of course, your request takes top priority.

Gloria: Michael, you're so unattractive when you're sarcastic.

Neil: Hey, Michael?

Michael: Oh, Neil. What was Victor's reaction to that threat to stop construction?

Neil: That's what you and I need to go over. Excuse me for a minute, would you? Ahem. Daniel, why are you still hanging around?

Daniel: I'm not hanging around. I work here. If you'll excuse me, Sir.

Lily: Is it that hard to say something nice about Daniel?

Devon: Yes, it is. And I feel very awkward being in this position.

Lily: But?

Devon: But I'm going, you know, to go along with it, if it's what you need to hear.

Lily: Okay, then.

Devon: So... you know, he, uh... as far as I'm aware, he brushed his teeth every day. He came up with cool hairstyles to surprise us. And he, uh... I think he showered regularly.

Lily: You will never know the depth of my hatred for you.

Devon: Why do you hate me? I just said a bunch of nice things about Daniel. I did good, didn't I?

Lily: No, you didn't do good. Listen, you owe me a favor. I want you to hook me up.

Devon: Hook you up?

Lily: Yes, I wanna date. So set me up with somebody. You have tons of friends.

Devon: I don't know.

Lily: I know. Listen, I'm asking for this favor, so you have to do it for me.

Victoria: Okay, Mom, listen, I don't want you to worry. I don't want you to worry about this at all. Two years from now you and I will be having dinner in Clear Springs and we'll be laughing about all this tension.

Nikki: I wish.

Victoria: It'll happen.

Jack: Sorry to interrupt.

Nikki: No, you're not.

Victoria: Can't it wait, Jack?

Jack: Well, that depends. I suppose if you don't mind them stopping construction on your development, it can wait, yeah.

Nikki: You are a property owner, too.

Jack: My property isn't leveraged. I didn't use it as collateral for a loan because my projects aren't underfunded.

Nikki: Well, guess what? If I don't restore and rebuild that area, you will have no place to build your precious casinos.

Jack: It's time for you to do the right thing.

Nikki: Unless you wanna free ride?

Jack: You are online.

Nikki: You want me to buy the roulette tables, too?

Victoria: Jack! Save it for another time!

 (Knock on door)

Woman: Excuse me, Mrs. Newman? Mr. Newman says he can see you now.

Nikki: Oh, thank you. Isn't that nice?

Sharon: I think if they could hear you, they would probably pound back or yell or something.

Nick: I don't hear anything. Is it-- do you feel ventilation?

Sharon: Um... well, it's hot in here, but there has to be ventilation. They were gonna turn this bank into a restaurant and this was gonna be the private dining room.

Nick: Well, remind me never to make reservations to eat here, okay? One thing, though, uh, I don't really feel bad about not monitoring Phyllis because it's just not possible right now.

Sharon: You know, I'm sorry I brought that up. I'm sure that running off with the baby never even crossed her mind.

Nick: Let's talk about something else. Why don't you... explain my life to me again. Starting with why on earth I would ever divorce you to marry Phyllis. Wait, did I marry Phyllis because I got her pregnant?

Sharon: Well, if you don't think that's reason enough, Nick, then you might lose your shining armor.

Nick: Well, is it?

Sharon: You sure you wanna get into this?

Nick: What else are we gonna do in here? Suffocate?

Sharon: All right... well, once upon a time, when you-- well, when Phyllis got pregnant, you and I had already talked about having another child.

Nick: Wow. I, uh... I was such a jerk. I'm--I'm--I'm sorry. I know I can't remember it, but I-I am sorry.

Sharon: Jack was still in the running for the paternity sweepstakes. He really wanted Summer to be his child. It seems like a fantasy now, but after you found out that you were the father... you--you came to me and asked me if we could give another go at our marriage.

Nick: And you told me to, "Beat it, Cowboy"?

Sharon: That's basically the gist of it, yeah.

Nick: Mmm. Again, I apologize.

Sharon: The funny thing is-- and Jack doesn't know this yet-- but I'd really like to have another baby one day.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Neil: What's going on between you and Lily?

Devon: What do you mean?

Victoria: What you did just now wasn't right.

Victor: What your mother did wasn't right.

Nick: I love you.

Sharon: You're out of your mind, you know?

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