Y&R Transcript Monday 8/6/07

Y&R Transcript Monday 8/6/07 -- Canada; Tuesday 8/7/07 -- USA


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Lauren: So which one do you want? Oh, Summer's pink bunny?

Michael: The longer the jury deliberates, the better it is for us.

Lauren: You are more nervous than your client.

Michael: Aha. Who may or may not have skipped town by the way.

Lauren: She's coming back. She just needed time with the baby. I don't know what I would do if Fen was taken away from me.

Kevin: Hey. How's it going?

Jana: Marvelous.

Kevin: I'm that irresistible, huh?

Jana: Hospital policy. Don't jump any visitors or else you get these things slapped on you.

Kevin: I'll tell them to let you out of-- of the restraints. Baby steps.

Jana: Canít. They're so I don't hurt anybody or myself the next time... the next time the brain tumor causes another seizure.

Kevin: Well, you could be grateful there were no baseball bats lying around.

Jana: You know, I don't remember any of it. The worst part is, they won't even let me wear makeup to cover up this... bruise I've got on my face. It's bloody barbaric if you ask me.

Kevin: Well... you know, you could always... taunt them with your foundation after you have the operation.

Jana: Maybe someday. I had a little meeting with the hospital administrator and there isn't going to be any procedure.

Kevin: You have a tumor. You're in a hospital. I thought the point was to get rid of both.

Jana: The tumor's stabilized. The hospital's done their job.

Kevin: What? Back up, 'cause I'm confused here. See, I thought the hospital's motto is to care for those who have borne battle, right? Not keep patients involved in said battle.

Jana: Yeah, well, they said my life's not in danger. I'm so scared. I mean, what if something bad happens to me?

Kevin: Well, they... they can't do this.

Jana: They won't perform a $130,000 operation on someone who doesn't even have medical insurance.

Kevin: What? $130,000? That's insane. I'm... I'm not gonna let them treat you like this.

Devon: Yeah, I took the Kline files home last night with me so I could work on 'em. Yeah, its right... and they're around here somewhere. I have them... right here! I got 'em right here. All right, thanks, Man.

Neil: Hey, Buddy.

Devon: Hey, how you doing? I really need to get to work right now.

Neil: Uh, rumor is you've been kicking butt everywhere they send you.

Devon: Oh, really?

Neil: Yeah. That's right. You've exceeded everyone's expectations, son. Except mine. See, I-I already knew that you were a pro.

Devon: That's cool. No pressure there, right? I really need to get to work.

Neil: All right, cool.

Devon: Oh, damn it!

Neil: Hey... come here, let me help you with that.

Devon: Thank you.

Neil: As a matter of fact, I got something for you. Lily helped me pick it out. Go on, open it up. See what it is.

Devon: What is this? Oh, for my files!

Neil: Yep!

Devon: This is great. This is perfect. Thank you, Dad.

Neil: Here. You're very welcome. Put all your files in that bag because a future C.E.O. can't be running around town all disorganized.

Devon: Not if he wants to make a good impression on his dad.

Neil: Devon, you've already done that. No go blow everyone else away, all right?

Brad: Whoa, whoa, whoa, watch where you're going with that thing.

Daniel: I'm sorry, I'm kind of in a rush. I don't want Peter to start the Richmond project without me.

Brad: Daniel... Peter asked me to assign that job to someone else.

Daniel: You're kidding me, right?

Brad: I am not kidding you. Corey's going to replace you.

Daniel: Is this 'cause of the charges against me?

Brad: Yeah. That's complicated things.

Daniel: Well, it's not fair.

Brad: It's for the best. Maybe next time.

Lily: Hey. I didn't see you there. How long have you been here?

Colleen: Are you training for a marathon?

Lily: Nope. I'm just letting it out.

Colleen: "It" being anger?

Lily: No, "It" being energy.

Colleen: Right.

Lily: It's a divorce. I'm fine with it. Seriously.

Colleen: And seriously, I'm your best friend. You can be honest with me.

Lily: Okay, you want honest? I'll give you honest. I am glad that I am starting over, okay? I feel lighter. I do, I feel lighter. And do I miss him? Yes, I do. But is this better for me? Definitely.

Colleen: Wow. I thought I'd find you huddled on a bench somewhere.

Lily: Nope. He has had more than enough chances. And I have had more than enough crying and fighting and being lied to.

(Cell phone ringing)

Cane: Cane here.

Amber: Cane, um... I'm so glad you picked up.

Cane: I don't wanna talk to you.

Amber: I was really upset about the way things ended last night, and I wanted to see if maybe you would meet me at the athletic club and maybe we could have lunch.

Cane: No. You've been cut off from all the family accounts. Don't even bother going there.

Amber: Please.

Cane: I don't wanna talk to you. Don't call me again, all right? I don't wanna see you.

Jill: Okay. If everyone agrees, I'll let the ad agency know that we've all signed off on the winter campaign.

Kay: Uh, what about, uh, the shipment of inventory to the retailers?

Jill: Oh, I, uh, I had Ji Min handle that when I was so preoccupied with my son.

Kay: Oh, how thoughtful of you.

Ji Min: Don't mention it. It was the least I could do. There were some minor problems with the distributors overseas, but I straightened them out. The line should be in the stores by the end of the fall.

Jill: I know. I really owe you one for that. You came through for me. I don't know how I would've done it without you.

Kay: Oh, nonsense. Don't be silly. You could handle those things just fine before he started.

Jill: Yeah, well, this is now, katherine, and I think he deserves some appreciation.

Kay: I apologize for my misgivings.

Ji Min: Duly noted.

Kay: Which doesn't mean that I have to trust you.

Jill: Just ignore her. The woman is not capable of giving a compliment.

Kay: Of course I am. When they're deserved. And I'm sure you will find out one day.

Jill: Well, how about now? Because I think my fiancť deserves some heartfelt congratulations.

Kay: Your fiancť?

Jill: Yes, I thought you'd be happy for me.

Kay: I thought we discussed this.

Jill: Oh, we didn't discuss this. You dictated what you thought I should do.

Kay: I was simply trying to protect you, Jill.

Jill: Mother, I trust him implicitly.

Kay: The man is a liar and a cheat!

Ji Min: Katherine!

Kay: You already know what I think of you. I think my daughter should also know.

Ji Min: Our private life is really none of your business.

Kay: Oh, if it impacts my company, and it will, it is absolutely my business.

Jill: How does my being happy hurt Jabot?

Ji Min: The impact on your company is beneficial.

Cane: What is going on? It sounds like a pay-per-view fight in here.

Jill: I just told your grandmother about our engagement.

Cane: Oh, that.

Kay: You knew about this? How long have you been keeping it from me?

Jill: It doesn't matter. I was just trying to avoid your insanity.

Kay: My insanity? The man is marrying you because he's in love with your bank account!

Ji Min: (Chuckles)

Jill: How dare you?!

Cane: Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom--

Kay: How dare he?

Cane: She has a point. You understand what I'm saying. I don't mean to offend you.

Ji Min: The important thing is that Jill and I know why we're getting married.

Kay: Really? Fine. Well, you just sail off into the sunset and live out this twisted fairy tale, whatever it may be, but don't think for one second that includes you living at Chancellor estate.

Jill: I don't intend to go on living there with you, Mother. But don't you forget, I own half of it.

Colleen: Don't look now, blonde she-devil approaching at 3:00.

Lily: Thanks for the warning.

Amber: Hi, Guys.

Colleen: Amber.

Lily: Hi. Can we help you with something?

Amber: No. Um... yeah. I mean, I-I just, um... I just wanted to say that I was sorry about how Daniel got sucked into--

Lily: Listen, you don't have to apologize for him. He is an adult capable of making his own decisions. None of which are particularly adult.

Colleen: Well, unless you count entertainment. Sorry, I, uh, couldnít resist that. I think we should go. See ya later.

Lily: Bye.

Man: Excuse me, Ms. Ashby?

Amber: Yeah?

Man: There's a problem with your membership.

Amber: There--there must be some kind of mistake. My husband--

Man: Called to let us know you've been removed from the account. Effective immediately.

Amber: Oh, I see. Would you happen to have any job openings? You know, I'm available part-time. I have references.

Man: Please don't make me call security. This way.

[He grabs her arm and takes her to the exit. Colleen and Lily sees this and smile]

Gloria: This is Gloria Bardwell, William Bardwellís widow, yes.

Michael: Listen, you need to call me back A.S.A.P. Gloria's party starts within a few hours and you're gonna be there. Jana will be fine without you. You got--

Gloria: Thank you. If you can get back to me as quickly as possible. I have gotten R.S.V.P.s from all of the guests except the governor.

Lauren: You invited the governor?

Michael: He may be busy.

Gloria: Too busy to pay respects to the state's finest D.A.? I don't think so, Michael. I just gotta figure out how to get him on the phone. Michael... maybe you could use some of your connections.

Michael: (Chuckles) you're overestimating my influence here.

Lauren: You know, I think the party's gonna be beautiful, no matter what.

Gloria: You never know unless you try, Michael. Oh, come on, don't look at me like this. It has to be perfect! For William.

Michael: We'll do everything we can to help.

Kevin: And so she's stuck in this horrible situation. And there's nothing I can do about it.

Colleen: Why would you, Kevin? She's still the same person who tried to murder us.

Kevin: Is she? Two coffees. She looked so horrible you wouldn't even believe it.

Colleen: On purpose. She's good at playing that up.

Kevin: It's your father.

Brad: Hey, Honey.

Colleen: Hey.

Brad: Everything okay?

Colleen: Uh, yeah. We were just discussing a mutual acquaintance.

Brad: Um... Logan, this is my daughter, Colleen.

Logan: Hi.

Colleen: Hi, how are you?

Logan: It's nice to meet you.

Brad: And her friend, Kevin.

Kevin: Hello.

Logan: Kevin.

Brad: The famous Dr. Logan Armstrong.

Kevin: You're an M.D.?

Logan: Yes, I am.

Kevin: Maybe you can answer a couple questions for me then?

Colleen: I'm sure you just wanna finish your latte in peace, right?

Logan: No, it's okay. I don't mind.

Kevin: Okay, if a hospital decides that a brain tumor patient has stabilized and doesn't need surgery, what does that say for their quality of life?

Logan: Well, it usually involves drug therapy. Depending of course on how the patient responds to the medication.

Kevin: So... so they pump her up full of drugs that may not get rid of the headaches and the seizures and may make the situation worse? Is that what you're saying?

Logan: Surgery isn't always the best option for brain tumors. Sometimes a more conservative approach is more effective.

Kevin: To maximize profits. The number one priority at any hospital.

Brad: This isn't Loganís problem, Kevin.

Kevin: Of course not. It's nobody's problem. Patient comes in without health insurance so they get treated with the compassion and resources that a-- that a stray dog would get at the pound. Well, I gotta tell you, I think that sucks. I'm not gonna let Jana get treated this way.

Neil: Yes, the market research does look very promising. I will have those reports first thing tomorrow. All right, thank you, you take care.

(Knock on door)

Neil: Come in.

Daniel: Hey, uh... this just came for you. I know you've been waiting for it.

Neil: Appreciate it.

Daniel: Listen, Neil, I just wanted to apologize for everything. You know, I've realized quite a bit about myself recently and... I really wanna turn my life around.

Neil: Good for you.

Daniel: You know, Neil, um... I'm an addict. Now that I can say that, I know that things are gonna be different for me.

Neil: Do you? Well, I appreciate what you're going through, but that doesn't change how you hurt my daughter.

Daniel: I really need her support right now.

Neil: There are programs that will help you with this. You know that.

Daniel: Okay.

Neil: Hey, Daniel, as an addict, I understand what you're going through, I really do. I empathize. But as a father, I don't want you anywhere near my family. Now we have to work with each other here at Newman Enterprises, but that's it.

Daniel: If I could just get one more chance with Lily, I know that I wouldn't mess it up this time.

Neil: There are no more chances. It doesn't matter anymore because she's cut you out of her life.

Kevin: Look, Colleen, I'm just trying to do the right thing.

Colleen: I get that. I just don't want you getting too involved, okay?

Kevin: I'm not gonna forget about what she did to us. But maybe... right, maybe she didn't know what she was doing that night. That would change everything.

Colleen: Including the way you feel about her? Just promise me you'll be careful. I just don't wanna see her hurt you again.

Kevin: I promise. Come here.

Lily: Surprise!

Devon: Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Neil: Hey, Baby Girl.

Lily: I brought you chocolate chip cookies for good luck.

Devon: You did?

Lily: Yes.

Devon: Thank you so much.

Lily: You're welcome.

Devon: A sugar rush is definitely what I need to help me get my next promotion.

Neil: That shouldn't be long now.

Lily: I'll see you at home?

Devon: Yeah, yeah, definitely. We're gonna have a Mario rematch, right?

Lily: Oh, you're on.

Devon: Yeah.

Neil: Come on, I'll walk you to the elevator.

Lily: Okay.

Devon: All right.

Lily: Good luck.

Devon: Thanks.

Neil: Hey, you know, Lily, I was thinking about taking my two kids to, uh, the movies tonight. What do you think?

Lily: Yeah, sounds great.

Neil: Yeah? Okay, it's gonna have to be later because I have to actually go to work now. I'll talk to you later, okay?

Lily: Okay, bye.

[The elevator opens up and Daniel is in it. He steps out and Lily steps in]

Daniel: Lily.

Lily: Hey.

Daniel: Hey, uh, listen, I really need to talk to you.

Lily: There's nothing left to talk about.

Cane: Knock, knock. Safe to enter?

Jill: As long as the harpy isn't with you.

Cane: I am 100% harpy-free.

Jill: I just can't believe the nerve of that woman.

Cane: Well, I don't think Katherine meant what she said.

Jill: Oh, she meant every word of it.

Cane: Have you thought that maybe she's just worried about you? That she doesn't know what Ji Min's intentions are?

Jill: That's because she doesn't know him the way I do.

Cane: That's a good thing, right?

Jill: She's so determined to think the worst of him. Oh, Cane... I love him.

Cane: Good.

Jill: And he loves me.

Cane: Good.

Jill: And he's a decent man.

Cane: Good, good. Because you know how easy it is to be fooled by someone when you fall in love.

Amber: Hey, Gina.

Gina: Hi, Amber. How you doing, Sweetie?

Amber: Oh, I'm stressed. I've just been looking for a part-time job. You wouldn't happen to have any openings, would you?

Gina: Oh, Sweetie, no, I'm sorry. Between the high school kids and the college students coming home for summer, I have nothing open.

Amber: Thanks anyway.

Gina: You just check back with me as soon as school starts again, all right?

Amber: I could be living in your dumpster by then.

Gina: You crack me up.

Brad: Hey, Honey.

Colleen: Hey, Dad. You and Logan make a cute couple.

Brad: Well, I don't know that we have, uh, attained that status quite yet.

Colleen: But you're interested, right?

Brad: You could say that.

Colleen: Go ahead and say it.

Brad: Say what?

Colleen: Let's talk about Kevin.

Brad: If the psychiatric restraints fit... you two have become close.

Colleen: Yeah, we're friends. That's it.

Brad: So what are Kevin and Jana?

Colleen: I don't know. I'm trying to figure that out.

Brad: Call it what you want-- friendly reminder, some advice, common sense-- stay away from that woman. Please.

Colleen: You're right.

Brad: I'm right?

Colleen: Mm-hmm.

Brad: We agree? You'll steer clear of that whole situation?

Colleen: Yes. But if he's gonna be sucked into her psycho orbit again, I need to pull him back out. I'm sorry, Dad, I'm not gonna abandon him. I canít.

Gloria: I'm so glad to see you. I was wondering where you were.

Michael: So was I.

Kevin: I, uh, I went to go see Jana.

Gloria: Jana?

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

Lauren: You know, your mother has a very long list of stuff for us to do, Kevin.

Gloria: You couldn't stay away from her? Not even on a day like today?

Lauren: Lots of prepping.

Kevin: She's really sick. She needs brain surgery. And the hospital won't pay for it because she doesn't have health insurance. Is there anything you can do?

Michael: Is her life in danger?

Kevin: Well, no.

Gloria: Too bad.

Michael: Well, the hospital's only legal obligation is to stabilize her. Unless her life is in danger, they don't have to pay for the surgery.

Kevin: Fine. Fine. Then we pay for it.

Michael: If you think I'm paying for Jana's surgery, you better book a room next to her in that psych ward. Oh...

Lauren: Oh, no. I mean, what would it cost, like $100,000? Absolutely not. No.

Kevin: Are you putting a price on her well-being?

Lauren: It's not that.

Kevin: What about you, Mom? You could afford it now.

Gloria: Canít.

Kevin: You mean, you wonít.

Gloria: Kevin...

Kevin: Mom, you're throwing a party tonight to announce that you just inherited millions of dollars, and you can't help a woman who's suffering unnecessarily?

Michael: Enough! Drop it!

Lauren: Okay, okay, why don't you just come help me set up? Come on.

Gloria: This party is about Williamís memory. It is not about money.

Kevin: Oh, well, something tells me you'll manage to throw that in.

Gloria: I don't care how much money I've got, I'm not spending one dime on that psycho who tried to kill my son!

Jana: Hello, Colleen.

Colleen: Hi.

Jana: I didn't expect you to come visit me. I'm happy you did.

Colleen: I wanted to see how you were doing.

Jana: Well... the good news is I haven't had a seizure in almost two days.

Colleen: And that's because of the medication?

Jana: Could be. We have to wait and see if I have another one. Until then I'm stuck with the nausea. This is just too weird.

Colleen: Look, I'm sorry. I'll go. I-I don't wanna upset you.

Jana: No, I mean... for you. I did a terrible thing to you. And Kevin. I regret it every day, and I don't expect either one of you to forgive me.

Colleen: About Kevin... he's been a really good friend to me, and I know he means a lot to you.

Jana: Everything.

Colleen: Well, that's why I need your help.

Jana: What can I do?

Colleen: Tell him to stay away from you. At least until the trial or the plea bargain or whatever's gonna happen, okay?

Jana: But he wants to see me.

Colleen: I know. But it's hard on him. So if you really care about him, you will do this.

Jana: That's exactly why I can't do it. He's all I have in the world. I can't give him up.

Ji Min: So how'd you like the house?

Jill: Mmm. It was perfect. That master bathroom? That enormous tub looking out over the trees? I'd never leave that room.

Ji Min: See, I knew you'd love it. I'm glad you're feeling better.

Jill: You have a way of making me very happy.

Ji Min: I just wish that our happiness didn't have to cause so much conflict with your mother.

Jill: Oh, don't even worry about Katherine.

Ji Min: Maybe we should just wait a little while to get married.

Jill: Because of her? Forget it.

Ji Min: It just might make things so much easier.

Jill: No. She has done this before. I will not let her ruin my happiness this time.

Cane: I, uh... I spoke to Mom. She, uh, seems a little down.

Kay: Well, she's upset with me.

Cane: I know.

Kay: Well, would you like to hear my side of things, or are you content to assume that she's right and I'm wrong?

Cane: I always wanna hear your side of things, Katherine. But you'll have to understand I will be prejudiced because she's my mother and she loves this man.

Kay: This man is my problem.

Cane: She loves this man and this man loves her.

Kay: I love her more, and I owe her more.

Cane: Katherine, you can't always run Jill's life.

Kay: Well, I'm going to do all I can to try and protect her. No, I-I have that right. You might say I've earned that right.

Cane: I understand you're a mother.

Kay: Yes, and I'm a mother who hurt her so deeply in her past I need to make up for it. I need to do whatever I can for as long as I can to make sure that she is never hurt again. And surely as I'm standing right here, know this man will hurt her.

Cane: All right, all right, all right, all right. Listen, just listen. Maybe Ji Min's a dog. I'm not saying he is, but just for the sake of argument, I'll concede that. I'll give that to you. It does not change the fact that you can't keep running Jill's life.

Kay: Well, I can try and protect her and I'm going to try. I might fail. I have failed before, but I'm going to try. Cane, what you fail to understand is that this man has already lied to her the first several months of their relationship-- wait a minute-- the first several months of their relationship was a fraud. He admitted it.

Cane: That was business. This is personal and there is a difference.

Kay: No, no, there is no difference at all. He lied and he lied and he lied again! And would you believe someone who lies as a matter of course in business to get what he wants would be honest in his personal life with people he loves or says he loves? In a news flash, no, he would not!

Cane: Okay. Okay. Okay.

Kay: I know I'm the bad guy. I know that. But it's what I owe my daughter. I owe her... that. And I have to make it up to her.

Cane: Okay.

Kay: For what I did. Listen to me! For what I did to her in her past. My past. Way back when.

Cane: I understand.

Amber: Thanks for lunch, Kev. I'll pay you back as soon as I get a dime to my name.

Kevin: Don't worry about it.

Amber: What's up with you today?

Daniel: Today sucks.

Kevin: Why? Why? Because we may be convicted of murder? Or because we owe hundreds of thousands of dollars and we may go to jail for it?

Daniel: You know, it doesn't matter how qualified I am or how good I do over at Newman. I'm damaged goods. The entire company is against me.

Kevin: That's what he's worried about?

Amber: But if we could find that missing cash, then we can make a real plan. We can move on with our lives. We wouldn't have to be dependent on anyone else.

Daniel: Speak for yourself. I'd actually like to depend on Lily. You know, I just wish that she'd realize how much that I do wanna change.

Kevin: Uh, hello? We stole a wad of cash from a shady dead guy. A dead guy that people think we killed.

Amber: You know what? We are the victims here, okay? We did not kill that guy and we earned that money.

Daniel: Oh, oh, that's fantastic. Why don't we just tell the cops that, huh? Well, maybe Michael can use that as our defense, huh? "My clients are innocent and they deserve that stolen money." Yeah, that's gonna get us off.

Kevin: Guys, we have a bigger problem. We need to figure out a way to keep our collective butts out of a murder rap.

Daniel: So what do you wanna do?

Amber: Find the money and go into hiding. Fine, you want me to say it? We are screwed.

Gloria: I cannot believe that Kevin is so blind to everything that woman has done to him!

Lauren: Oh, he knows.

Michael: I guess its true love. Truly twisted love.

Gloria: Uh, yeah, and now he's trying to make us feel guilty? I mean, why should I pay for her surgery? So she can go after Kevin again? Huh?

Lauren: He's not angry at you. He's just-- he's angry at the situation.

Gloria: (Sighs)

Michael: It's right.

Gloria: I mean, how did things get so messed up? I had a wonderful husband. I was happy. Kevin was happy. And now this?

Lauren: Hey, you still got us.

Gloria: (Chuckles)

Lauren: All right, look, I know Kevin can be impossible to understand sometimes, but we still have to be there for him. We've been through this before and we handled it, remember?

Gloria: You're right.

Michael: She's right. Enough talk, we've got a party to plan for.

Gloria: Yes! Yes!

Lauren: Come on!

(Cell phone ringing)

Gloria: Oh, shh! Shh! Shh. It's the governor's office. Hello? Yes, this is Gloria Bardwell. Will the governor be attending the party tonight? I see. Yes, yes, of course I understand. The lieutenant governor is available? I look forward to meeting her. Thank you.

Daniel: Hey, Devon. Congratulations on that Brazilian account. A lot of people are buzzing about what a great job you're doing.

Devon: You know, Man, you don't have to suck up to me just 'cause I'm Lily's brother. It's not gonna score you any points with me or her, really.

Daniel: Okay, it's cool. I was just saying that you deserve the props.

Devon: Daniel, can we-- can we just be real for one minute? Can you do that?

Daniel: You don't think I can be real?

Devon: Well, if you can, you're keeping it a big secret from me. But I mean, you know, that makes sense, 'cause that's what you do.

Daniel: Okay. You wanna know what I think?

Devon: I do.

Daniel: I think that as a brother-in-law, you're a major pain in the you know what. But I also think that you absolutely, 100% deserved that promotion.

Devon: Well, thank you. And what do you deserve? You really should think about that, you know? Because eventually, you're gonna get exactly that.

Neil: My ideal marketing team is committed to establishing an online presence for the brand, which means we wanna change the way how the consumer feels and reacts-- Mr. Carlton, you can tell this is a closed meeting.

Brad: This is an emergency. I can't take action without your approval.

Neil: All right, I'm sorry, we're gonna have to reconvene later, thank you.

Neil: Okay, Carlton, this better be good. What's up?

Brad: There's been a major security breach in the Newman computer system. The damage is being done as we speak.

Kevin: Hi.

Jana: You came back.

Kevin: I, uh... I, uh, I have some good news for you.

Jana: What it is, Darling?

Kevin: You don't have to live like this any longer. You're gonna have that operation.

Jana: I'd love that so much, but it's just not possible.

Kevin: No, it is. I'm--I'm gonna pay for it.

Colleen: There goes our workout. What?

Lily: Okay, I'm sure you asked Kevin this earlier, but, um... why do you care what happens to Jana?

Colleen: It's complicated.

Lily: Uh, not really. The girl tried to kill you, and she'd probably do it again. Listen, her mind is twisted, okay? I'm not surprised they found a tumor in there.

Colleen: Uh, Lily, whatever she has is serious. Enough to understand why Kevinís conflicted.

Lily: Are you for real? This girl tried to roast you alive, right?

Colleen: Well, Kevin doesn't think so. And you know what? After what I saw today, I don't know what I think.

Lily: Okay, Sweetie, Kevin has an excuse. He's her ex. And even when you have a really great reason for leaving somebody, it's hard to walk away from all that history.

Colleen: We're still not talking about Kevin and Jana now, are we?

Man: Excuse me for intruding, but what is on those fries?

Lily: Um, uh... sour cream, Monterey jack, cheddar and jalapenos. They're "Nacho mama's fries."

Man: Nice. Well, if you want some personal training lessons to work those off, let me know. Not that you need it, but it might be fun. Bye, Ladies.

Lily: Bye.

Colleen: "Ladies?" Oh, so he did see me.

Lily: Oh, my gosh, I don't know what you're talking about.

Colleen: He so wanted you.

Lily: No! Listen, I am not ready to date anybody, okay? But, um, I will admit he did look pretty cute kicking Amber to the curb.

Colleen: Mm-hmm!

Amber: Hey.

Daniel: Hey. How's the hunt for the second job going?

Amber: Oh, I filled out applications at every retail or food service place in this entire city.

Daniel: Not here, though, right?

Amber: Well, this isn't retail.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Uh, when I get done with this stuff, how about I take you down to Newman personnel and I'll put in a good word for you.

Amber: Thank you.

Daniel: Hey, Neil.

Neil: Someone watched a pornographic DVD on a company computer, then clicked on a weblink to preview the studio's other products. Does that sound familiar?

Daniel: Um, do you think maybe it would be a little more professional if we took this into your office?

Neil: What do you know about professionalism?

Daniel: I know that it doesn't entail yelling at me in front of a guest here in the break room.

Neil: Do you really think you deserve better than that?

Daniel: So now you're gonna give me unfair treatment at work? Aren't you supposed to separate your business and your personal lives, or it can be considered harassment?

Neil: You listen to me. If you have a problem with me, you take it up with H.R. or Victor Newman himself. Let me explain something to you. Harassment and reprimands are two very different things. Now while you were getting your cheap thrills on our company computer, a spy ware package infiltrated the system and took over our network, spamming half the universe in the name of-- of Newman Enterprises.

Daniel: But you caught it, right?

Neil: That's because our internet provider threatened to shut us down due to the high spike in traffic. See, one more day of this and I.T. says our e-mail server plus most of our web operations would've crashed.

Daniel: But it didn't, right?

Neil: That's not the point! There was a breach. And that breach allowed hackers to access company files and employees' personal information-- bank accounts, social security numbers, everything, Daniel.

Daniel: Okay, um, what do I need to do to fix this?

Neil: My boy, it is way too late. At this very moment every single company password is being reset. Except yours of course. Because you're fired!

Gloria: It looks wonderful, Gina. Thank you so very much.

Lauren: Yes, it's beautiful.

Gina: Now the food will be over here, and the table you'll be seated at is over there.

Gloria: And the tablecloths are green.

Michael: Yeah. That's what you wanted, right?

Gloria: No, I wanted blue. They have to be blue.

Gina: I'm sorry, Gloria. There must be some sort of misunderstanding.

Lauren: You know what? They're fine. They're actually quite lovely.

Michael: Yeah, green, blue-- what difference does it make?

Gloria: Don't you get it? Please? I wanted blue. I specifically asked for blue. William's favorite color is blue.

Michael: Gloria, its okay.

Gina: Don't worry. I am going to find blue table linens for you right now.

Lauren: Its okay, Gloria. She's gonna do her best.

Gloria: Well, she has to. Because I want everything to be perfect for him because he deserves that. He deserves the best.

Kay: Where have you been all day?

Jill: I was out with Ji Min looking at houses. I, um, needed something to cheer me up.

Kay: Oh. Looking forward to that dream house, are you?

Jill: Oh, I am. As a matter of fact, I think I'll decorate in red, white and blue just to celebrate my independence.

Kay: Oh, it must be thrilling to feel so independent.

Jill: It's long overdue.

Kay: Well, I have to wonder just how long that thrill is going to last when Ji Min finds out that you'll never touch a cent of my money.

Jill: What are you saying, Mother?

Kay: Oh. You're out of my will.

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Jack: Sharon and I are in this for the long haul. I'm glad Nick finally sees that.

Kevin: I'm paying for her surgery.

Michael: And how are you gonna do that, my hero?

Amber: I was hoping that maybe you would let me come and sing at your club.

Neil: No.

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