Y&R Transcript Thursday 8/2/07

Y&R Transcript Thursday 8/2/07 -- Canada; Friday 8/3/07 -- U.S.A.


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Kevin: Coffee?

Amber: Anything to keep me going. Hey, did you talk to your wife?

Daniel: Mmm, I would've, if she hadn't shut her phone off.

Kevin: That sucks.

Amber: Cane won't answer me, either. Think he'll ever forgive me?

Kevin: I'd say keep your options open.

Amber: Everything is just so wrong. Do you ever feel like you're just living someone else's life?

Kevin: More than you would ever know.

Amber: I woke up this morning and I was just hoping this was all a dream.

Daniel: It's more like a nightmare.

Kevin: Yeah, where somebody ripped us off. Where the hell is our money?

Daniel: Don't look at me.

Amber: What, you think I'd be here if I had it?

Kevin: Well, then someone must've seen us bury it, because I guess that's the only explanation.

Daniel: Well, what about, like, a groundskeeper or security guard?

Amber: Why is this happening?

Kevin: Greed. Torture. Shall I go on?

Daniel: Sounds a lot like your girlfriend. Maybe she did it.

Kevin: Ex-girlfriend. And if she weren't locked up, that might be a good point.

Amber: So what? We're supposed to just pay all this money back to the government?

Kevin: No, I think they'll probably just forget about it.

Daniel: Yeah. 700 Gs divided by 3.

Kevin: $233,333.33.

Daniel: That's like 25 years of working at Newman.

Kevin: Yeah, well, you should get a new job then.

Amber: I have about as much of a chance of coming up with that money as I have to get Cane to forgive me.

Cane: Can I forgive her? No, not a chance. How about you and Daniel?

Lily: (Chuckles) Daniel has had plenty of chances. I never wanna speak to him again.

Cane: You know, I owe you an apology.

Lily: For what?

Cane: For letting Amber talk me into covering for your husband. I shouldn't have done it.

Lily: It's okay. Amber's good at that.

Cane: I should've followed my instincts.

Lily: Yeah, me, too.

Phyllis: Hey.

Michael: Well, I spoke with my friend in the D.A.'s office. They have a tape.

Phyllis: What-- what kind of tape?

Michael: A video conference made with Granville Global?

Phyllis: Okay, well, this is insane. They're just blowing smoke because I would never incriminate myself in a meeting.

Michael: It was after the conference. The equipment was still recording. They found a conversation between you and Brad.

Phyllis: Oh. Well, I'm sure I can explain it.

Nick: Is it legal? Can they use that as evidence?

Michael: They may try and offer it in rebuttal. I've already filed a motion to prevent that.

Nick: What are the chances they'll allow it?

Michael: It's hard to say.

Lauren: So how did the D.A.'s get that tape anyway?

Michael: David Chow.

Phyllis: David Chow? Really? David Chow is your mom's friend. Yeah. She is continuing her vendetta against me obviously.

Nick: I'll give my mom a call. See what I can find out.

Phyllis: Okay.

Michael: Thank you.

Lauren: All right, I'm gonna call and make sure Fen's okay, Sweetie.

Michael: All right.

Lauren: Good luck.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Lauren: All right, I'll be right back.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Michael: All right, it's just you and me. What am I gonna hear on that tape? How bad is it?

Phyllis: I had more than one conversation with Brad.

Michael: Worst case scenario?

Phyllis: Worst case scenario is that I told him that, um, I had a conversation with a room service waiter in New York.

Michael: Go on.

Phyllis: And if he didn't vote my way, I would tell his wife about the affair. It's bad, right?

Michael: Let's just hope that tape is inadmissible.

Cane: And if you have any more questions, Mr. Newman, you know where to contact me.

Victor: All right. Thank you for getting me these revised figures so quickly. Are we paying your crew to sit around or what?

Cane: No, Sir, they're moving ahead with the restoration.

Victor: Oh, yeah? Very optimistic on the part of my wife.

Cane: Well, we'd both hate to see the buildings blasted.

Victor: We may not have much of I will take a look at these more thoroughly and I'll get back to you.

Cane: Hey.

Lily: Hey.

Cane: So you, uh, waiting around for Daniel?

Lily: Um, that's funny. No, actually, my brother. My car is in the shop, so he's giving me a ride home on his break.

(Cell phone ringing)

[Cane ignores his cell phone after seeing how it is]

Lily: Wow, you can't hide your feelings very well.

Cane: Yeah, I should get another phone for business so I can turn that one off.

Lily: Tell me this, do you think that they slept together?

Cane: I don't know. I wouldn't put it past Amber.

Lily: You know, I just realized that whenever Daniel wasn't with me, he was with her.

Cane: Mm-hmm.

Lily: And he always defended Amber no matter what.

Devon: Lily, I just got called into a meeting. Can you, uh, stick around here for a little bit?

Lily: Yeah, no problem. It's fine.

Devon: Okay.

Cane: If you--if you want, I'll give you a lift.

Lily: Really?

Cane: Yeah.

Lily: Um, okay. I'll just--I'll go with him.

Devon: All right, cool. Thank you, I owe you one.

Cane: Sure.

Devon: Are you gonna be back at the house later?

Lily: At Dad's?

Devon: Yeah.

Lily: Yes, I will be there.

Devon: All right.

Cane: See ya.

Lily: Bye.

(Cell phone ringing)

Lily: It's Daniel. You'd think he'd get the hint.

Lily's voice: Hey, it's Lily. I can't get to my phone right now, but leave a message and I'll call you back.

Amber: Cane Ashby, please.

Daniel: Hey, Lily, it's me. Listen, I'm on my way out of the house and on my way over to the courthouse, so I have to shut my phone off. If you get this, it would be great if you could call me back. I'd really like to talk to you.

Amber: Cane, it's Amber. Um, I tried leaving you a message on your cell phone, but your voice mailbox is full. I guess you haven't checked your messages. Look, you can't avoid me. Can you call me back, please?

Kevin: Please isn't gonna cut it.

Amber: Excuse me?

Kevin: No, no, I'm just saying that he's not calling you back because he doesn't wanna talk to you.

Amber: Well, you should write a book.

Kevin: I prefer memoir. "The reasons I'm never gonna get married" by Kevin Fisher. Because for better or for worse, turns into for better or I'm outta here.

Daniel: All right, Guys, I gotta bail.

Kevin: See ya.

(Telephone ringing)

Amber: Are you answering that?

Kevin: No.

Amber: What if it's important?

Kevin: If it's important, they'll leave a message. What?

Amber: Hello? Is anyone there? I can hear you breathing.

Jana: Is Kevin there?

Amber: It's the mother of your children.

Victor: Apparently there's a reporter who wants to do an in depth story on the Newman board of directors.

Neil: Well, once this trial is over, it'll die down.

Victor: We have to make certain that the business community does not lose confidence in us.

Neil: No, I understand. Has this ever happened before?

Victor: You bet it can happen. There's always a first time, all right?

Neil: Victor, trust me. I'll get the P.R. department on it.

Victor: I'm gonna call an emergency board meeting.

Neil: All right.

Victor: In fact, I'm calling a meeting to clean up the mess that you made.

[Brad leaves the room and sees Nikki in the hallway]

Nikki: Mmm. Sounds like you may not be on the board much longer. Is there a morals clause in your contract?

Heather: An I.T. technician discovered a conversation between Phyllis Newman and Brad Carlton at the end of a video conference recording.

Michael: Your honor, the prosecution has already rested.

Heather: From our point of view as the prosecution, this constitutes relevant rebuttal evidence.

Michael: Rebutting what exactly? I never asked a witness to testify about the precise words of my client.

Heather: Your entire case, Counselor, is based on what those words mean. Now there is a way for the jury to hear them for themselves.

Michael: There's no assurance this tape is authentic. Your honor, please, we were just advised of its existence. And there is no assurance it's authentic.

Judge: Your chain of custody better be air tight, Ms. Stevens.

Heather: It is. I have affidavits and witnesses to establish chain of custody.

Michael: Of a copy. Of a copy, your honor, of something that could be highly prejudicial.

Judge: Why was the defense not made aware of the tape earlier?

Heather: It came off a hard drive that was just recently examined. Believe me, Counselor, I would've preferred to have it in my possession much sooner, as well. It could've saved me a lot of work.

Michael: We are talking about a potentially shaky chain of custody, your honor, of a piece of documentary evidence whose probative value is outweighed by its prejudicial impact.

Judge: I'll take that into consideration, Mr. Baldwin, but let's see what we're working with here. Play the tape.

Michael: Your honor, I ask that the evidence be excluded.

Judge: On what grounds?

Michael: Its probative value is substantially outweighed. If the jury sees my client with Brad Carlton, they will be unduly influenced regardless of content.

Judge: I will take that under consideration, Mr. Baldwin. Now play the tape.

Brad: Are you threatening me?

Phyllis: Oh, such an ugly word. I don't like to think of it like that. Think of this as a business deal.

Brad: (Chuckles) you can't be serious.

Phyllis: I wouldn't advise testing me on that theory.

Brad: You weren't in New York.

Phyllis: No, I--

Brad: You don't know what happened.

Phyllis: I wasnít. But Carlos was.

Brad: Carlos? You're gonna take the word of a room service waiter over mine?

Phyllis: I happened to overhear you and Sharon talking about it at the club. And Carlos has no reason to lie, but you do. I wonder how Victoria will react when I tell her that you and Sharon were found together in your robes.

Judge: Counsel can make his objections as he sees fit. My ruling is that if the chain of custody can be established to my satisfaction, the tape constitutes sound rebuttal evidence and should be admitted.

Michael: Your honor, I strenuously--

Judge: Enough, Mr. Baldwin, enough! We'll take a ten minute recess and then we'll resume testimony.

Phyllis: If the jury sees that, it's over. Can you stop it?

Michael: My superman suit is at the cleaners.

Phyllis: Then please tell me there's some way you can make sure that my husband never sees it.

Kevin: Yeah, my name is Kevin Fisher. I'd like to speak to the nurse in charge. It's regarding Jana Hawkes.

(Cell phone ringing)

Amber: Hello?

Jana: It's Jana. Don't hang up.

Kevin: Kevin Fisher, I'm an acquaintance of Jana Hawkes.

Amber: How did you get this number?

Jana: You have to help me, okay?

Kevin: I've asked her repeatedly to stop calling me--

Amber: Why should I?

Jana: Because you need to talk to Kevin and have him come here.

Kevin: Well, you're supposed to be monitoring her calls, aren't you?

Jana: Not just for me, but for our children.

Amber: Hey, uh, it's the ex again. She's even more insane this time.

Kevin: Hang up. Hang up. Hang up. Look, now she's calling my friends. If you don't tell her to stop harassing me, I'm gonna get a restraining order.

Jana: Tell Kevin I love him!

[Kevin grabs Amberís cell phone and throws it]

Amber: Hey, what are you doing?!

Victor: How can there be damage control when you're talking to the press?

Brad: A reporter wanted to hear my side of the story.

Victor: Has it occurred to you that Newman Enterprises is your side?

Neil: Brad, we all received phone calls. You're the only one who talked.

Victor: Why do we have a P.R. department when employees decide to take matters in their own hands?

Brad: I don't see what the big deal is. This isn't exactly breaking news.

Victor: Let me tell you what the big deal is. The big deal is damage to the reputation of this company. And to Neil Winters' good name. People should know that he deserves the seat on the board of directors.

Brad: Well, the fact is, I really can't take all the credit. Going public was your wife's idea.

Judge: Call your next witness.

Heather: The prosecution would like to call David Chow.

Bailiff: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

David: I do.

Judge: Have a seat.

Heather: Please state your name for the court.

David: David Chow.

Heather: Mr. Chow, we just heard the I.T. technician testify as to the authenticity of a video conference recording discovered on the secure system at Granville Global. Now when was the first time that you were made aware of this tape?

David: Two days ago.

Heather: And how did you find out about it?

David: Henry called me.

Heather: Did you see a copy of this tape?

David: Yes, I did.

Heather: Mm-hmm. Where?

David: On my computer. He sent me an e-mail with an attachment.

Heather: Is this the same copy that you delivered to the court?

David: No. No, I suggested he make a copy directly from the hard drive and send it to me through a bonded courier service.

Heather: Was the package sealed when you received it?

David: Yes, it was.

Heather: Furthermore, did it remain sealed while it was in your possession at all times?

David: Absolutely.

Heather: And lastly, did it remain sealed and in your sight at all times before the district attorney's office took possession?

David: Yes, it was.

Heather: Thank you. Your witness.

Michael: Uh, Mr. Chow, why did the I.T. technician at Granville Global contact you?

David: I used to work there?

Michael: Oh, well, uh, why did he contact you and not the D.A.'s office?

David: I can only suppose, Counselor, it's because I know all the players involved.

Heather: Objection! Calls for speculation.

Judge: Sustained.

Michael: Who do you work for?

David: N.V.P. Retreats.

Michael: Who do you report to?

David: Nikki Newman.

Michael: Is she related to the defendant?

David: She's her mother-in-law.

Michael: So the tape was given to an employee of the mother-in-law of the defendant?

Heather: Your honor, please?

Judge: Get to the point, Mr. Baldwin.

Michael: Is it fair to say that Nikki Newman has a vested interest in the outcome of this trial?

Heather: Objection!

Michael: Withdrawn.

Judge: You may step down.

Heather: Your honor, I would like to submit the video conference tape into evidence as exhibit "D."

Michael: Your honor, I reaffirm my objection.

Judge: I'm satisfied as to the chain of custody, and I've already ruled on the relevance of the tape. It's admissible, Mr. Baldwin. Feel free to appeal.

[They show the tape]

Brad: Carlos? You're gonna take the word of a room service waiter over mine?

Phyllis: I happened to overhear you and Sharon talking about it at the club. And Carlos has no reason to lie, but you do. I wonder how Victoria will react when I tell her that you and Sharon were found together in your robes.

Brad: Why are you doing this?

Phyllis: I have a lot of reasons for wanting to do this, Brad. But I need your support to lend money to N.V.P. for Clear Springs.

Brad: Victoria can't find out about any of this.

Phyllis: Vote my way and she won't.

Michael: Your honor, I would like a moment to confer with my client.

Judge: All right, we'll take a 15 minute recess.

Nick: All of it was true?

Phyllis: No, wait a second, I know what it looks like.

Nick: What it looks like? Phyllis, I heard everything.

Phyllis: I would've never told your sister about that affair.

Nick: You could've fooled me.

Phyllis: Wait a second, you know that. I swear to you.

Nick: Look, I'm trying real hard to find the good things in the reason why I fell so in love with you.

Daniel: That was rough, huh?

Phyllis: I'm sorry you had to see that.

Daniel: Yeah, well, what's one more felon in the family, right?

Michael: I wanna put you on the stand.

Phyllis: Michael, you canít. You said it was too risky.

Michael: It is our one shot at damage control. I want you to tell the jury that you didn't mean what you said on the tape.

Nick: They will never believe her after seeing that. It's gonna make things worse. Don't do it.

Michael: We don't have any other options.

Daniel: If your lawyer says to do this, I'd do it.

(Telephone ringing)

Kevin: Unbelievable! It's Jana again! If you don't stop calling me--

Woman: Mr. Fisher?

Kevin: Who is this?

Woman: I'm calling from Genoa City Memorial Hospital.

Kevin: Is this about Jana?

Woman: She's had a severe convulsion and injured herself. She may have a skull fracture.

Kevin: So why are you calling me?

Woman: You're listed as next of kin. We're legally obligated to contact you in case of serious injury.

Kevin: Well, I'm not her next of kin. Call somebody who cares.

Lily: Hey, thanks for stopping by my place. I only had enough clothes for a few days.

Cane: Now you have clothes and shoes for every occasion.

Lily: Hey, I need those. Not that you would understand.

Cane: Oh, you would be surprised. Uh, living with Amber-- I wonder if she's with, um...

Lily: Daniel?

Cane: Yeah.

Lily: Probably not. He's in court right now supporting his blackmailing mother.

Cane: Just another day.

Lily: Well... is it bad that I'm getting used to this stuff?

Cane: That's quite a family you married into, huh?

Lily: You know, my mom would be alive if Phyllis had kept her mouth shut.

Cane: Yeah, I saw the pictures on the internet.

Lily: There wouldn't have been a fight. And my mom would still be here.

Cane: Come here.

Neil: So did you make a counter offer?

Brad: They haven't responded.

Neil: Up the original offer.

Victor: You're off the project.

Brad: What? I've been working on this for six months.

Victor: The people we do business with don't trust you. I don't trust you.

Brad: What are you talking about?

(Knock on door)

Devon: You ready for my report?

Neil: Devon, come in.

Victor: At this time, I have far more confidence in Neilís son, than I do in you. Now, Devon... I hear that you have done an excellent job with the Kline project. How was your trip?

Devon: The trip was, uh, very good. I learned a lot.

Neil: I spoke to Paxton Kline. You made some inspired choices.

Devon: Well, he was great to me. The first assignment turned out real nice.

Victor: So I'm handing over the Brazil project to you.

Brad: Are you serious?

Victor: I am very serious.

Devon: I don't know what to say.

Brad: You're giving Devon my project to spite me? He's a kid.

Neil: He's a kid who's more than capable. If he wasn't my son, we would've recognized his talents and promoted him six months ago.

Devon: Just let me say, I've read everything about sugar cane ethanol and I'm very confident that I can handle this.

Victor: You hand all the files pertaining to the project to him. Make copies, all right?

Brad: Switching project managers in the middle of an offer is the worst decision you could make.

Victor: The worst decision I made was to start you on the project.

Brad: This is so transparent. This is simply retribution because I took Phyllis to court.

Michael: Your honor, I would like to call Phyllis Newman to the stand.

Bailiff: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Phyllis: I do.

Michael: How are you feeling today, Ms. Newman?

Phyllis: Um... I'm fine. I'm a little worried because my baby is home with a sitter. She has a cold.

Michael: I hope your baby feels better.

Heather: Your honor?

Judge: Mr. Baldwin?

Michael: Ms. Newman, we just saw a taped conversation between yourself and Brad Carlton. Do you remember that day?

Phyllis: Uh, yes, I do.

Michael: Why?

Phyllis: Because a position on the Newman board just opened up and that doesn't happen very often. We were all wondering who would fill it.

Michael: And who were the candidates?

Phyllis: Um, Nikki Newman and Neil Winters.

Michael: And who did you wish to see elected?

Phyllis: Well, Neil Winters. He was definitely more qualified.

Heather: Objection!

Judge: I'll allow it.

Michael: Did Brad Carlton tell you who he planned to vote for?

Phyllis: Um, no, he didn't, but there was definitely a lot of politicking going on.

Michael: So you weren't the only one trying to garner votes for Neil Winters, correct?

Heather: Objection! Leading the witness.

Judge: Sustained.

Michael: To your knowledge, was anyone else planning to vote for Neil Winters?

Phyllis: My husband was.

Michael: He wasn't gonna vote for his mother?

Phyllis: Uh, no, he was going to vote for Neil.

Michael: Why wasn't he gonna vote for Nikki Newman?

Phyllis: Well, Nikki was against a project that he and I were developing, and, um, Neil was for it.

Michael: Hmm. Do you remember the conversation you had that day with Brad Carlton?

Phyllis: Yes, I do.

Michael: Do you recall your state of mind?

Phyllis: Um, yes, I was a little nervous, worried. I was excited.

Michael: Would you explain what you meant when you said, "I wonder how Victoria will react when I tell her that you and Sharon were in bathrobes"?

Phyllis: I didn't mean that I was going to tell Victoria. I definitely didn't mean that. I was just trying to get a rise out of Brad and... I-I-I just said that. I would never, ever tell my sister-in-law something like that, ever.

Michael: You were not threatening Mr. Carlton?

Phyllis: No. It... I wasn't threatening him at all. It was just a lot of hot air. It--it was like when I was younger and my mom said, um, "If you do that again, you'll be grounded forever."

Michael: Did Mr. Carlton's wife, your sister-in-law, eventually find out about his affair?

Phyllis: Yes, eventually,

Michael: Did you tell her?

Phyllis: Absolutely not. I never said a word to her. See, this is what this whole thing is about. Brad's marriage fell apart and instead of taking responsibility for it, he's trying to put the blame on somebody else.

Brad: I'm available if you need anything, Devon. You have my cell.

Devon: Thank you.

Victor: Well, Gentlemen, we are finished here.

Neil: All right.

Victor: Neil, would you kindly stay a minute?

Neil: Yeah, sure. Hey, see you later, future exec.

Devon: All right. And, Mr. Newman?

Victor: Devon, you did an excellent job.

Devon: Thank you for everything.

Neil: He's a great kid. I'll make sure to keep a watchful eye on him and I appreciate the generosity and the support you've given both of us.

Victor: I want you to know I didn't do any of this to help you. It was a preemptive move on my part. He did such an excellent job with Kline that they may make him an offer.

Neil: He's very smart, you know that?

Victor: Yes. And more than ever, I need people like that around me.

Nikki: Had Phyllis seen the tape?

David: Mm-hmm. With the judge and the lawyers. Michael tried to make a big deal out of my working with you.

Nikki: Well, as long as he didn't stop it from being introduced as evidence.

David: Oh, he tried... and failed.

(Cell phone ringing)

Nikki: Hello? Um, I'll be at the office soon. Yep, see you then. I have been summoned.

Kevin: Have you seen my keys?

Amber: They're where you left them.

Kevin: No, my car keys.

Amber: You're going to see Jana, aren't you?

Kevin: What do you care?

Amber: I was about to ask you the same thing.

Kevin: I donít. I just wanna make sure she's not faking it.

Amber: You know, I'm not a doctor, but I'm pretty sure you can't fake a brain tumor.

Kevin: But you can fake symptoms. And that's what she's doing to get my attention. She's trying to keep herself out of jail. See ya.

Amber: I'm coming with you.

Heather: Ms. Newman, you saw the tape in the courtroom with us today, correct?

Phyllis: Yes, I did.

Heather: Was that you with Mr. Brad Carlton?

Phyllis: Yes.

Heather: Was that your voice?

Phyllis: Yes.

Heather: Was there anyone else in the room except the two of you?

Phyllis: No.

Heather: No. When you said the words, "Vote my way and your wife won't find out about your affair," were you joking?

Phyllis: No.

Heather: Were you laughing?

Phyllis: No.

Heather: Was he laughing?

Michael: We get it, your honor, we get it.

Judge: Move on, Ms. Stevens.

Heather: You described yourself earlier today as, um, "Worried, excited and nervous." Do you ever threaten people?

Phyllis: No. I mean, sometimes I say things that I don't really mean, but I think everyone does that.

Heather: Like when your mother threatened to ground you forever and obviously she didn't do that because you're here in the courtroom with us today. But did she ever ground you for a day?

Phyllis: Um, yes.

Heather: A few days?

Phyllis: Yes.

Heather: So when your mother threatened to ground you forever, you knew that she didn't mean forever, but rather that you would be grounded for some period of time, correct?

Phyllis: Um... I suppose so.

Heather: And when you threatened Mr. Carlton that you would tell his wife about his affair, you say that he knew that you wouldn't do that.

Phyllis: Right.

Heather: But wasn't there cause for concern that you might hint at it? That you would tell her something?

Phyllis: I would never, ever do that.

Heather: Isn't it true, Mrs. Newman, that you have a reputation for crossing the line? Did you once disguise yourself as a man and get arrested drunk driving in order to obtain information from someone being held by the police?

Michael: Your honor, objection! Objection, your honor! Objection!

Heather: This attests to the defendant's credibility, your honor.

Judge: I'll allow it.

Heather: Did you or did you not disguise yourself as a man?

Phyllis: Yes, I did.

Heather: And isn't it also true that you were charged with conspiracy murder?

Phyllis: The charges were dropped.

Michael: Objection, your honor! Objection!

Nikki: You had David investigated?

Victor: We do a background check on all of our employees.

Nikki: Oh, come on, this is a lot more than a background check.

Victor: The man has had three wives. The first two passed away and left him a fortune. The third was very wealthy and he got a large settlement during the divorce. Now don't you think it's odd that he's only attracted to wealthy women?

Nikki: Are you insinuating that there is nothing attractive about me except my money?

Victor: Wake up! That, to Mr. Chow, may be your most attractive asset.

Nikki: Oh, my God! This is despicable! Even for you! You make me sick.

Victor: The feeling is entirely mutual.

Amber: She looks out of it.

Kevin: She's a freak. This is the same girl who saved her blood to make it look like she was murdered.

Jana: You came! Who are you?

Amber: I'm Amber. You know me.

Jana: Is that the woman who answered the phone when I called? What was she doing in our flat?

Kevin: Amber moved in with me.

Amber: Don't say that to her.

Jana: You left me for another woman?

Kevin: Nice try. Are you the nurse that I spoke with?

Woman: Mr. Fisher?

Kevin: Yeah. Why is she acting so deluded? I thought the medication was supposed to be helping this.

Woman: Symptomatic of the tumor. She's getting worse.

Kevin: So why don't they just operate then?

Woman: The state hasn't approved funds for her surgery.

Kevin: Why not?

Woman: It takes time.

Amber: It's the system.

Kevin: Screw the system.

Phyllis: Oh... I'm sick. I didn't know they were gonna start bringing up stuff from my past.

Nick: You looked composed.

Phyllis: Yeah? Thank you. I-I don't think that was a good idea, taking the stand. You were right. It made things worse.

Nick: Your lawyer advised you to, and there's no telling what's going through the jurors' minds.

Phyllis: You know, the most difficult part about this was telling you everything. But I did. I told you everything. And you forgave me. Do you remember that?

Nick: I donít.

Cane: Delete. Delete. And... delete. That's everything.

Lily: Yeah, you win by two.

Cane: Am I supposed to get a prize or something for winning?

Lily: You did-- a desperate spouse.

Cane: Just what I've always wanted.

Lily: Yep.

Cane: Look, I should get going.

Lily: Oh, um, okay. Well, I guess call me anytime that you wanna talk.

Cane: Same for you.

Lily: Yeah, we can start our own, um, 12-step program.

Cane: Spouses anonymous.

Lily: Um, oh, hey... um, why did you save Amber after everything that she had done?

Cane: I couldn't let her get killed. What was I supposed to do?

Lily: You still love her. Yeah, it would be so much easier if I could hate Daniel.

Cane: Yeah, but hate takes too much energy. I'm kinda working for indifference, but... until I get there, I'm doing disconnect.

Lily: A divorce?

Cane: No, divorce is for people who were actually married.

Kevin: Why not just get the surgery over with now? That way she has no excuse to fake anything.

Amber: What if she's not over exaggerating?

Kevin: Well, then all the more reason to get it done.

Amber: Sounds like you care what happens to her.

Kevin: No, I could care less.

Amber: That was convincing.

Kevin: Look, the bottom line is, the girl is still a psycho. I never wanna feel anything for her ever again.

Heather: The defense wants you to believe this is a case about a misunderstanding. A woman who uttered a few careless words and a man who misinterpreted them. You might've bought that. You might have if you didn't see the tape for yourselves today. But you heard the facts from two witnesses who corroborated each other's testimony. Phyllis Newman blackmailed Brad Carlton into voting the way that she wanted him to. The way that she needed him to for a business transaction. She was willing to destroy her sister-in-law's marriage for what? For money. A family member's marriage for money. "Victoria can't find out about any of this," to which Ms. Newman replied, "Vote my way and she wonít." Vote my way and she wonít. We all heard her say those words on the video. No one was smiling. It wasn't a joke. It wasn't an empty threat. And it wasn't taken out of context. There was no mistaking Ms. Newman's tone of voice when she said those words. She was very clearly serious. Now I am not asking you to convict the defendant because she's rich, or because I'm eager to see a Newman behind bars, as the defense counsel would like you to believe. It is very simply a case about extortion and a case about justice. Ms. Newman broke the law and there are repercussions. There is only one way to deliver a verdict in good conscience today, and that is that Ms. Newman is guilty. Phyllis Newman is guilty.

Nikki: Oh, hi.

David: Where's Victor?

Nikki: Um, in the conference room. Why?

David: Somebody just tried to run me off the side of the road-- intentionally. You did this to me. You tried to have me killed.

Victor: If I want you dead, you will be dead. Now get the hell out of here!

Michael: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, our judicial system is based on one important legal principle. The presumption of innocence is guaranteed by the fifth amendment of the United States constitution. is presumed innocent unless the burden of proof is satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt. That burden of proof has not been met in this courtroom and not by this prosecution. We have heard Brad Carltonís testimony. Was Mr. Carlton telling the truth when he accused Phyllis Newman of extortion? Or was he telling the truth when he recanted his testimony? Were you as confused as I was? And if he was telling the truth, why did it take the threat of a grand jury investigation and an immunity deal to force him to testify? And then there is Sharon Abbott, who believes that my client is responsible for the destruction of her previous marriage. Can she be called a credible witness? Oh, then... there's the tape-- the so-called proof. Is there one person in this courtroom who can tell me that they have never said anything they didn't mean? You would have to have superhuman powers. Now Phyllis Newman has admitted to being an emotional person. She spoke carelessly. But she did not commit extortion. The burden of proof has not been sufficiently carried by the prosecution. And if you cannot decide with absolute certainty that she committed the crime of extortion, you must decide that she is not guilty. Thank you.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Phyllis: My own husband thinks I'm guilty.

Nick: Aren't you?

Daniel: I should call the marriage counselor.

Lily: You know what? Save the call, Daniel. There's nothing left to figure out.

Amber: Is there any chance that maybe you have that money that we buried on your property?

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