Y&R Transcript Monday 7/30/07

Y&R Transcript Monday 7/30/07 -- Canada; Tuesday 7/31/07 -- USA


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Sharon: It's not working.

Jack: Not working?

Sharon: I could distract myself with this work, but all I can think about is Phyllis' trial. How weird is it that, even though I didn't commit a crime, I'm required to talk about my life to prove that she did. I didn't sleep last night thinking about this.

Jack: I know.

Sharon: I'm sorry. I-I kept you up. I should've slept on the sofa or something.

Jack: No, no, no, I would have missed your warm body next to me.

Sharon: Maybe I should've just lied to the grand jury like Brad did. At least then I wouldn't be telling the whole world I had an affair with a married man. I could always contradict my earlier testimony and deny it.

Jack: You're gonna tell the truth. Listen, Phyllis forced this on everyone. Unlike her, at least you can say you never lied about it, much less extorted any-- uh, could you excuse me for just a second?

Sharon: Yeah.

Jack: I'll be right back.

Sharon: Okay.

Jack: I'm sorry you heard that.

Phyllis: Listen, its okay. If you'd never said it out loud, I would've heard it anyway. You just think like everybody else does-- that I'm a horrible, manipulative person who deserves to go to jail.

Jack: I don't wanna see you go to jail. I don't happen to know anyone who does.

Phyllis: Really? I'll make you a list.

Jack: Phyllis, you've got an excellent attorney and a he said/she said case. I'm very confident you're gonna be walking out of the front door of that courthouse.

Phyllis: You think so?

Maggie: This is a G.P.S. tracking system. Think of it as a "Don't do that" machine. If you try to do something that I don't like, I'll find out. If you try to take it off, I'll find out.

Kevin: You're like an angry, angry Santa.

Maggie: You're nervous? I think that's good. Because the two of you are in jail. It doesn't look like it, but that's exactly where you are. And if I think for a second that either of you is up to something, you'll be behind bars.

Daniel: You know, all we want to do is find Amber and whoever kidnapped her.

Kevin: We know who did it. It was Carson.

Cane: Carson's just another one of her boyfriends in a hotel room with her right now.

Daniel: You know what? You are sick. I'm really glad that she's not here to hear you say that.

Cane: Yeah, or to see you wearing that.

Daniel: Seriously, what is your problem? I mean, she loves you!

Cane: Right, right, right, and you two are just scum, okay?

Kevin: And what are you? Some sort of hero? You're standing right here whining while your wife is in trouble. What does that say?

Maggie: Okay, okay, you know what, boys? We're nowhere near a playground. So why don't you grow up? Mr. Fisher, Mr. Romalotti, we still have the matter of disposing of a dead body.

Bonacheck: Yeah, and spending, uh, stolen money. The only reason you two aren't behind bars right now is because a young woman's life is threatened.

Maggie: Go to work. Get on with your normal routine. And if you hear anything, call me.

Daniel: If?

Kevin: If? When.

Maggie: I'm tapping your phones. Don't do anything stupid.

Kevin: What about Carson McDonald? He's the guy who's behind all this crap.

Maggie: Carson McDonald is a person of interest. We'll do our work, you do yours.

Kevin: Mmm, right.

Daniel: Let's just hope you find him before I do.

Carson: Coffee, black. To go, please.

Neil: Okay, I don't have a lot of patience right now. I'd like to know what the hell happened.

Lily: Dad, I told you.

Neil: No, you told me that he had a bump on his head. And from the looks of it, your head's still hurting a day later? Devon, you could have a more serious injury. Did you go to the hospital? I don't think you did, right? This isn't the kind of thing that you hide from me.

Devon: Neil, I'm not trying to hide anything from you, all right? I couldn't tell you. I was out of town and I just got back.

Neil: You were out of town, you just got back. You should be too proud to give me these lame excuses. And you know what? Both of you, you should be ashamed of yourselves for hiding this from me.

Lily: Dad, it's not Devon's fault my house got broken into. It's Daniel's.

Neil: Daniel is not my child. You two are.

Brad: Hey. Are you looking forward to making your contribution to our judicial process?

Sharon: No, I am not looking forward to testifying.

Brad: Well, I can't wait.

Sharon: We're not supposed to talk about it, Brad.

Brad: I'm only saying that if were testifying against the person who blackmailed me, I would be happy if my testimony sent that theoretical person to jail.

Sharon: But Phyllis could face years in prison and she has a baby.

Brad: And that would go a long way to ensuring that that little girl doesn't grow up to be just like her mother.

Sharon: Come on.

Brad: Listen, I hate that you're having to go through this, that our affair has been made public and that we're having to talk about it in open court. And keep in mind, this is only happening for one reason and her initials are Phyllis. She deserves to go to jail.

Phyllis: And I have some breast milk in the fridge in the nursery.

Nick: In the fridge, I know.

Phyllis: If she's, uh, cranky when she wakes up from her nap, um, the thing that I do--

Nick: Phyllis, don't worry. I can handle it.

Phyllis: Yeah, I guess you can. Here you go.

Nick: Come here, baby girl.

Phyllis: Okay, so, um, a trial like this follows regular business hours. So I guess we'll be done around 5:00.

Nick: Yeah. Fine.

Phyllis: Hey, Sweetie. Hey, Summer. Hi, baby girl. You have a good time with your daddy, okay? What are you looking at? You have a good daddy day. Um, all right, thanks.

Nick: No problem. Hey. Good luck.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Paul: Sorry to interrupt.

Michael: Sorry to, but willing to?

Paul: My source at the police department tells me--

Michael: Detective Sullivan tells you. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm in the courtroom. What?

Paul: Your brother is being wired with a G.P.S. unit as we speak.

Michael: Well, I can't baby-sit him 24/7 and you know what? This might keep him out of trouble.

Paul: Yeah, well, sorry to interrupt again, but have you told Phyllis that her son is an accomplice?

Michael: I figure it's up to Daniel to do that.

Paul: And if he hasn't yet? And he feels so inclined to say, call around midday? Phyllis could go crazy in here.

Michael: All right, yeah, yeah, yeah, better to have Phyllis go crazy outside of the judge's presence, is that your point?

Paul: You think?

Michael: Mm-hmm. Yes, Kevin, have Daniel call his mother.

Bonacheck: Were you aware that so much cash was buried on your property?

Jill: No!

Kay: No.

Cane: No one knew about it except for Amber.

Bonacheck: Did you have any prior knowledge of her disappearance?

Kay: Certainly not.

Jill: No.

Bonacheck: Or any reason to want her gone from the family?

Kay: We are not the type of people who respond to these kind of questions.

Jill: Without our attorney present, so if you wouldn't mind, we'd like to talk to my son in private.

Phyllis: All right. You ready?

Paul: So, has, um... Daniel called yet?

Phyllis: No, I told him not to come to the trial.

Michael: Well, he's got a problem.

Phyllis: What? What's the problem?

Paul: He and his friends could be looking at felony charges for, uh, grand theft, illegally disposing a body.

Phyllis: What? What?

Paul: It's all very complicated.

Michael: There is no time for details.

Phyllis: What? We have to stop this trial.

Michael: I moved for a continuance, but it doesn't look good.

Paul: He'd be in jail right now if, uh, the police weren't monitoring him. He's somehow involved in a kidnapping.

Michael: Not as a suspect.

Phyllis: Okay...

Paul: At least as far as anybody knows.

Phyllis: Is my son in danger? Is my son in danger?

Paul: It doesn't look like anyone would kidnap him as long as he's wearing a tracking device.

Michael: A monitor.

Phyllis: A monitor? We have to stop the trial. We have to stop the trial.

Michael: Look, I moved for a continuance. I'm gonna go back in and see if there has been a decision. Meantime, I want you to sit tight. Paul, please.

Phyllis: Paul, you have to protect my son, please.

Paul: Look, I'm an investigator, not a babysitter.

Phyllis: I know, I know, I know, I know, but as a friend, please just-- whatever your retainer is just-- wait a second, that one's maxed. Not that one. This credit card-- look, please just take this credit card.

Paul: Look, look, I will get right on it.

Phyllis: Put whatever you can on this, please.

Paul: Don't expect miracles.

Phyllis: Thank you, thank you.

Daniel: I swear to God, if anything happens to Amber, I am gonna personally take out the G.C.P.D.

Kevin: Oh, you mean, the police department that's helpful and kind and keeping our streets safe?

Daniel: What are you-- you know, I don't care if they can hear me. Our friend's trapped and they won't let me do anything about it.

Kevin: All right, just-- just be quiet. We have to wait till the kidnapper contacts us again anyway. We wouldn't know what to do even if we weren't toddlers on tethers.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, we would. We'd go straight to Carson's room. You hear that? Carson--Carson McDonald. Okay, find him, you'll find Amber.

Neil: You're an independent woman, Lily. You can run your own life. I get that. But see, you gotta understand something. You two--you two are my life, all right? I'm a single father, not by choice. And you are my first priority. I will lay down my life for you. You got that? I love you two that much. Don't you see, when one of you is hurt or in trouble, that's when I need to know, all right? That's what I'm here for.

Devon: Everything else that's happened with our family, I just didn't think you needed to deal with it.

Neil: No, no, Man, see, now I never have to deal with--with this, with you. I deal with, um, I deal with a flat tire. You know, I deal with a hard day at work. I deal with Daniel.

Lily: I hate you.

Neil: Yeah, I hate you, too. And that's why you should tell me when your brother gets worked, so I can get in a few licks of my own.

Lily: Oh, my gosh!

Devon: You wouldn't know what hit you.

Neil: Hey... seriously... from now on, okay, you guys? You gotta let me know.

Devon: I-I promise that I'll let you know the next time some guy, you know, hits me over the back of the head or anything like that. And I'll get myself checked out if it makes you feel better.

Neil: Yes, it would make me feel a lot better. I want you to go to the hospital, all right? I love you guys. Very much.

Lily: We love you, too.

Devon: We love you, too. And I could still take you.

Neil: Try it.

Phyllis: Please, Daniel, call me when you get this. And don't talk to the police. I love you.

Brad: What touching advice for a mother to give her son, and it resonates with the voice of experience. Do you like this tie? It's one of my personal favorites.

Phyllis: A conviction for me means a baby is taken away from its mother.

Brad: Yes, well, you should've thought of that before you blackmailed me.

Phyllis: All right, so? What?

Michael: The motion was denied. Look at me. The motion is denied. The judge wants to start the trial right away. All right? We're going in. Come on.

Bailiff: All rise.

Judge: All right, let's all do each other a favor and turn off every cell phone and pager. I don't wanna hear it in the courtroom, and you don't wanna face my anger if I do. Now, in the matter of the state of Wisconsin vs. Phyllis Newman, is the prosecution ready to proceed?

Heather: Yes, your honor.

Judge: Thank you. Counsel for the defense?

Michael: Uh, yes, your honor.

Judge: All right, let's proceed with opening statements, please.

Neil: Paul, why am I not strangling the guy who hurt my son?

Paul: Hey, come on, Neil. I need more time than say, 47 minutes to figure something like this out.

Neil: Paul, I don't care what you have to do. I don't care about the police. I don't care about that guy from the treasury. I want you to find the guy who broke into my kids' house.

Paul: Okay, listen, this is just preliminary. I'll show you what I'm working on. There is a chance the same guy is behind this kidnapping.

Neil: Really? How do you know that?

Paul: Look, he's got a file on Amber and your son-in-law in his room. His name is Carson McDonald. I think he may be the guy who broke into your house.

Devon: What's going on, Daniel? You look beat, Man.

Daniel: Hey, Devon, listen, I'm--I'm sorry about--

Devon: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, hey, Man, don't worry about it. Whatever. It's cool. I don't even mind really that your stupid little secrets got me knocked out, you know? 'Cause maybe now my sister will finally dump you.

Jill: Do you still love her?

Cane: I don't know, Mum, I don't know. I just know that I... I just can't abandon her.

Jill: All right. But has it occurred to you that this ransom demand may be another trick of hers?

Cane: Yes.

Kay: And do you think it is?

Cane: No. And that's why I'm more embarrassed that now I have to ask you if you will put up the money the kidnapper is requesting.

Heather: And in order to promote her own financial interests, Ms. Newman broke the law. She broke the law. In simple terms, she wanted money so badly that she was willing to destroy something much more valuable than money-- a family. A marriage.

Judge: Defense counsel, your opening statement.

Michael: Conversation is a funny thing. At a birthday party when I was 10, one of my classmates got a bicycle. It was so cool-- 10-speed, red frame, black detailing. I told my buddies, "When he falls asleep I'm gonna take it." And then at my first job out of college, we had the worst boss in the world, who chewed out a co-worker for doing exactly what the boss had just told us to do. And my co-worker was very steamed and she said, "If the boss does that again, I'm gonna have to kill her in her sleep" and my wife, my wife, when she's had a bad hair day, she's told, more than once, "I'm just gonna cut it all off and wear scarves!" And you know what? I never stole that red bike. My co-worker never murdered our boss. My wife never cut off all her hair. And what's more, no reasonable person would ever expect any of those things to happen. And my wife-- my wife's hair, even on a bad hair day, is, for the record, quite beautiful.

Judge: Counselor, stay on point.

Michael: And the point that I am so wisely being admonished to stay on is... words taken out of context lose their meaning. And what's more, words can have two completely different meanings. Now, say, that, uh, you didn't get a bicycle, your boss chewed you out and you have bad hair all in the same day, if you're like me, a martini smoothes things out. Soothes the nerves. So I ordered a dry martini, straight up. And my bartender asked me, "Would you prefer an olive or a twist?" And I said, "As far as I'm concerned, you can't put too many olives in a martini." But when I got my martini, there was only one olive in it. Did my bartender make a mistake? No. No. Because when I said, "As far as I'm concerned, you can never have too many olives in a martini," what he heard was, "Don't put too many olives in a martini." What I meant was, "I love olives so much it would be virtually impossible to put too many in my drink." Same words, opposite interpretations. Both correct. Now, um... when my mother-in-law came to visit--

Judge: Counselor?

Michael: Uh, final example, your honor, and--and very relevant, when my mother-in-law came to visit, my wife asked me, "How long could she stay?" And I said, "As far as I'm concerned, she can never stay too long." Three weeks go by and I am sick of my mother-in-law. I ask my wife, "Why is she still her?" And she says, "You said she could never stay too long." But what I meant-- I had said that-- but what I meant was, "She can't stay too long in my house." But what my wife heard was, "No matter how long she stays, it doesn't matter because she's always welcome." Same words, different meanings, both correct. And that's what's got you here, ladies and gentlemen, doing your civic duty and we thank you for it.

Judge: Counselor.

Michael: A misunderstanding, a misinterpretation of words, but the prosecutor's office is so eager to put somebody with the last name of Newman behind bars, that they are willing to spend taxpayer's money on that-- on that! Rather than putting serious criminals away. Thank you.

Maggie: We'll contact you if we have any more questions, okay?

Carson: Sure.

Paul: Neil...

Neil: Hey, excuse me, I need to talk to you.

Carson: Yeah, looks like it.

Neil: Why do you keep a file on my son-in-law?

Carson: Why do you think I need to answer to you?

Maggie: Okay, okay, okay! Look it, Mr. Winters, I know you're dealing with a lot right now, okay? But it is not your job to go around interrogating anybody.

Neil: My job is to look out for my kids.

Maggie: Yes, but Mr. McDonald isn't convicted of a crime and you can't treat him as if he is.

Neil: If he's not a criminal, then what's he doing with the files on those kids?

Paul: Look, why don't we just calm down. Let's talk about this.

Carson: As I explained to Detective Sullivan, I have a file on the woman I believe stole my savings and her friends who helped hide it. Or did somebody recently make it illegal to look into other people's lives?

Neil: You son of a--

Maggie: Okay! And that is the end of that.

Neil: I'm warning you.

Maggie: That--that.

Neil: What?

Maggie: I sympathize with you, okay? I really do. But you can't go around like a vigilante accusing people.

Neil: Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay.

Maggie: Okay?

Neil: Right.

Maggie: This is a police investigation. We know what we're doing. Why don't you give us a shot?

Neil: Okay.

Maggie: I'll call you if we need anything from you. Okay?

Carson: Why do you even care about Mrs. Ashby?

Neil: I don't. I care about the fact that my kids' house was trashed and my son was hurt.

Carson: That's news to me. Maybe I was sleepwalking, huh? Because I don't remember doing that. Hey, be sure to let me know what else I do that I don't know about.

Neil: I'm gonna kill that guy.

Paul: I didn't hear that.

Jill: Should we give him the cash?

Kay: Well, I think your daughter-in-law is perfectly capable of kidnapping herself. And I am perfectly capable of admiring anyone who has the guts to try and pull that off. However... I intensely dislike being taken advantage of.

Jill: Well, so do I, but it's not his fault that he's in this mess.

Kay: Well, as far as we know, it's not his fault. As far as we know, it's not a hoax.

Jill: He's my son and he asked for my help, Mother.

Ji Min: A bagel and a dark roast, to go, please.

Kevin: You got it.

Ji Min: You look busy.

Kevin: Uh, yeah, you look, um, minty fresh in comparison.

Ji Min: Well, I would say it's been a long day for you, but it hasn't even started yet.

Kevin: Long day, long night, long everything. I need a nap.

Ji Min: I'm sorry about your friend.

Kevin: Huh?

Ji Min: Amber.

Kevin: Yeah?

Ji Min: She was kidnapped for ransom?

Kevin: Who told you that?

Ji Min: I overheard some guy I didn't recognize. I was hoping it wasn't true. When I take a look at your reaction, I can see that it is. I'm sorry. Some people... it's none of my business. But, um... I hope it works out.

Kevin: Thanks.

Heather: Mr. Carlton, can you identify the woman at the defense table?

Brad: I certainly can. Phyllis Newman, the woman who tried to extort me.

Michael: Objection!

Judge: Sustained. Whether a crime of extortion was committed is for the jury to decide. Please confine your answers to the questions asked.

Brad: Yes, your honor. The woman seated there is Phyllis Newman.

Carson: Tea, please.

Kevin: Black, green, herbal?

Carson: Black.

Kevin: On the house.

Carson: Not my cup of tea.

Kevin: Get the hell outta here.

Carson: I'm not sure I get what you're saying.

Kevin: I'm saying get the hell out of here before I do something I'm gonna regret. Strike that, I have a phone call to make.

Carson: To the police? I already had a nice little sit-down with Detective Sullivan. I can't say she wasn't bad to look at. No, they won't be coming to pick me up. They're actually more interested in you.

Kevin: Of course they are. Why chase the kidnapper when there's a coffee shop owner to harass.

Carson: No, no, no, see, you're not thinking straight. They're not interested in me because I didn't do anything. They want you because you and your friends stole my savings.

Kevin: Dude, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Carson: Your blonde buddy ripped me off and you're helping her hide it.

Kevin: Mmm, I see. You can fantasize all you want, but if you hurt Amber, I swear--

Carson: I'm not interested in hurting her, only in getting my money back.

Kevin: So you do have her?

Carson: Your detective skills are as good as your tea-making skills. In case that's a little bit too subtle for you, they're not good at all.

Judge: Recess.

Phyllis: Who's babysitting Summer?

Nick: It's all good. I got a babysitter.

Phyllis: You didn't have to come. It's very sweet that you showed up. You can go. I mean, the jury's already seen you, so you can go. I mean, I would hate for you to hear some of the things that are--are gonna be said.

Michael: No, no, no, I don't care what you hate for him to hear. You should stay. Look, I'm glad that Phyllis appreciates your moral support, but to put it bluntly, your presence is necessary public relations, no more no less. I need you here. The jurors need to see you registering a vote of support in your wife. It could be the difference between a conviction and an acquittal.

Nick: Cool. Wanna go outside?

Sharon: Nick, don't.

Nick: Hey, what's in this for you?

Brad: Walk away, Nick.

Nick: There's a baby involved and that baby didn't do anything to you.

Brad: Tell that to your wife. There was a baby involved when she blackmailed me.

Nick: All right, I'm telling you right now--

Phyllis: Okay, wait a second.

Nick: If anything bad goes down, I'm holding you responsible!

Jack: Guys, Guys--

Brad: Phyllis is responsible for everything that goes down. And you'd know that if you had any memory left. Ask her, Nick. Ask Phyllis. And hope she tells you the truth.

Bailiff: Ladies and gentlemen, please return to the courtroom.

Kevin: It continues.

Bonacheck: Oh, pardon me?

Kevin: What, are you here to polish my tracking device? Ask me how much money I've earned today, or no, no, let me guess, you came in because you're in the mood for a steaming pile of...

Bonacheck: Decaf cappuccino.

Kevin: Okay, a decaf cappuccino for this guy.

Bonacheck: So have you found the money yet?

Kevin: Sorry, can't hear you over the machine. It's loud.

Bonacheck: We know you spent some of it. Where's the rest?

Kevin: Let me ask you a question. Uh, what is the serial number on this?

Bonacheck: I don't know.

Kevin: Well, but-- but you just spent it. This could be one of the ones you're looking for. You didn't check? No? Well, this could be a very, very important clue right here. Oh, whoa! Oh! I'm so sorry. It just--it slipped.

Bonacheck: You know, I... I appreciate the point you're trying to make. Now you appreciate this-- I'm a federal agent. Once this young woman is found, you, she and Mr. Romalotti will be detained and questioned by me in a private room. So please, Mr. Fisher, decaf cappuccino, no sugar. No money.

Neil: Do you know who I saw today?

Daniel: Listen, I really don't have time for this.

Neil: My son.

Daniel: Well, I'm glad that after all these years it's still a big event.

Neil: Are you really making jokes?

Daniel: Are you really gonna stand here and lecture me for what, the millionth time? Like you always do? Come and threaten me? You know what? I got something to do that is way more important than anything you could possibly have to say to me, so just save it.

Neil: You're a punk.

Daniel: I'm a punk? Who's the punk? The guy who's trying to go help a friend right now? Or the guy who's standing in his way? What are you, trying to protect your daughter by intimidating me? Just get the hell out of my way.

Neil: Where you going? You're leaving? Let's see what Detective Sullivan has to say about that, shall we?

Jill: I've talked to our banker. The cash will be delivered here. Listen, Darling, this doesn't mean we don't have misgivings, 'cause we do. We don't know what's true and what's not. We're gonna let the police sort that out.

Kay: What she is saying, we are doing this for you. No other reason. Do you really understand that, Cane?

Cane: Yes, Ma'am.

Jack: Hey, you all right?

Sharon: Mmm.

Jack: You'll be fine. Mind if I go in there and listen to that jerk?

Sharon: Which one? No. Go ahead.

Heather: In your mind is there any chance that you misunderstood Ms. Newman when she said, and I quote from the transcript of your testimony, "Vote my way and your wife won't find out about your affair"?

Brad: No.

Heather: Or that Ms. Newman meant anything other than that she wanted you to vote in favor of Neil winters for the open seat on the board of directors?

Brad: No.

Heather: No further questions.

Judge: Counsel for defense?

Michael: You never liked Phyllis Newman, did you?

Heather: Objection!

Brad: I really--

Judge: Sustained.

Michael: I would like to get some history straight. You filed the claim accusing my client of pressuring you.

Brad: Yes.

Michael: And then you contradicted that claim in a sworn statement.

Brad: Yes, but at the time--

Michael: And then you changed your mind again?

Brad: Because I made a mistake.

Michael: The first time or the second time?

Brad: The first complaint was true. I was wrong to contradict it.

Michael: But you contradicted your contradiction only after receiving immunity.

Heather: Objection, asked and answered.

Judge: Sustained. Move on, Counselor.

Michael: Tell the jurors who got your vote to sit on the board of directors.

Brad: Neil Winters.

Michael: Neil Winters. And who would my client have preferred you vote for?

Brad: Neil Winters.

Michael: Neil Winters. And you would not have voted for Mr. Winters otherwise?

Brad: In retrospect, Mr. Winters was the best candidate for the job.

Michael: I see. No, you know, no, I don't, I don't. Uh, please, help me understand. You claim that my client threatened you?

Brad: Yes.

Michael: And you felt that threat was serious enough to let the police know about?

Brad: Yes.

Michael: Huh. And yet, you did what you claim my client asked you to do because it was the right thing to do?

Brad: I voted my conscience.

Michael: Wait, you're not kidding?

Heather: Your honor?

Judge: Counselor?

Brad: No, I wasn't kidding. I really did vote my conscience.

Michael: No further questions for now.

Neil: You wanna remind me how that came off?

Daniel: Rabid squirrels-- they attacked me, gnawed right through it. I was terrified.

Neil: Yeah. You did look worried. Good thing I ran into you.

Daniel: I know, you're a lifesaver, right?

Maggie: Daniel, you even look at that bracelet, that one right there, I'll happily arrest you.

Neil: This is ridiculous. He should be in jail already.

Maggie: Well, I appreciate your opinion, Neil. Um, and I think you're done here for now.

Neil: No, I work here.

Maggie: In your office.

Neil: I'll be seeing you around.

Daniel: Oh, good, I can't wait.

Maggie: So this is your last chance. Anything else, I'm really not gonna have a choice. You got that? You can go anywhere you wanna go, but I'll be watching you. Because I really do wanna find Amber as badly as you do.

Daniel: Then just get this over with and get me outta here.

Bailiff: They'll be ready for you soon.

Kevin: Carson was here.

Daniel: What happened? Where is he?

Kevin: He was acting all suave and annoying and he accused Amber of stealing his money.

Daniel: What was he talking about?

Kevin: Who knows? I mean, the buried money can't be his. That money is being traced.

Daniel: Did you call the cops?

Kevin: Yeah, they already spoke to him. They have nothing on him.

Daniel: I can't believe you didn't stop him, Kevin.

Kevin: What the hell was I supposed to do? Issue a citizen's arrest, deliver him to the cops so they could let him go and then arrest me for violating the boundaries set by this stupid piece of foot jewelry.

Daniel: I just wanna find Amber, okay?

Kevin: Yeah, fine, I'll be done with work soon. What do you want to drink?

Daniel: I don't have any money.

Kevin: Not funny. You're not taking money from the tip jar. What's that?

Daniel: I don't know. "Kevin and Daniel, get rid of the fed and the cops. Get a G.C.U. sports bag, put the money in it, take the bag to the Athletic Club. You'll see bags to drop it next to. Anyone follows you, Amber dies." It's from the kidnappers.

Kevin: How do they know about the treasury agent?

Daniel: Did you see who put this in here? Who gave you tips today?

Kevin: Like I would know. I don't check it until we close. One of us always takes a few dollars from the register, puts it in here to get the day started. And I got here late because of this stupid tracking device.

Daniel: So you don't see who tipped you?

Kevin: It could've been anybody.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Michael: This should never have come to trial. There is not a single piece of evidence against you.

Nick: I had everything with you and I threw it all away.

David: I found a way to make sure that Phyllis goes to jail for a very long time.

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