Y&R Transcript Wednesday 7/25/07

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 7/25/07 -- Canada; Thursday 7/26/07 -- U.S.A.


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Lily: Oh, my God, Devon, are you okay? Are you bleeding anywhere?

Devon: No.

Lily: Help him. Help him.

Daniel: What happened?

Devon: It's okay.

Lily: Gentle. What happened? What happened?

Devon: Oh, my God, I came home and I unlocked the door and I--

Lily: Wait, are you sure it was locked? Maybe we forgot to lock it, Daniel?

Daniel: I locked it.

Devon: It was definitely locked. I came in, I went to turn on the light and someone just hit me over the head.

Lily: Oh, my God, you Guys! Somebody was in here.

Devon: Ow!

Lily: You Guys, look at this place!

Daniel: Did you see them?

Devon: No, I didn't see anybody. I just saw someone's back run out the door.

Lily: Oh, my God!

Devon: I feel like I got hit by a train.

Lily: I am so glad that we came home. You know, we should call an ambulance.

Devon: No, I'm fine. Just aside from this headache, it's just a lump.

Daniel: Looks like you caught whoever did this in the act.

Lily: You Guys, why would anybody rob us? We don't have anything!

Kevin: Just, uh, ask for the boss, okay? All right, bye. Hey, I'm sorry, what's up?

Carson: I didn't mean to bother you. Quick question-- have you ever been robbed?

Kevin: Uh, yeah, a couple years back. Somebody jacked my car stereo. Why?

Carson: Ah, someone busted into my hotel room last night.

Kevin: Seriously? They get anything?

Carson: What kind of security system you got here?

Kevin: Top of the line. Can't have any other coffeehouses trying to lift my top-secret blend, you know?

Carter: Yeah, maybe I should get myself one of those portable motion detectors, you know?

Kevin: Yeah. That sucks that that happened to you, Man.

Carson: Mmm.

Kevin: How about a, uh, cappuccino on the house? Hey, Pia? Can I get a cappuccino for my friend here?

Carson: Thanks. I appreciate that.

Kevin: Well, it's the least I could do.

Cane: You said to me, "From poor bartender to gazillionaire exec, which makes me Mrs. Gazillionaire exec" and I told you there was no money yet. There was no gazillions, that we'd have to live on love.

Amber: We could live on love!

Cane: Amber, our marriage is a ruse.

Amber: I was wrong, okay?

Cane: Wrong? Wrong? Wrong? That's all you have to say to me? It was wrong? The only thing you care about is the family name and their money.

Amber: No, no, no, I love you, okay?! I did care about the money, but that was before I knew you! I love you so much! I wanna spend the rest of my life with you! I made a mistake!

Cane: No mistake. You had no intention about telling me.

Amber: No. I will do anything, okay? I will sign anything. I will do pre-nup, post-nup, anything you want! I just wanna be with you!

Michael: We want everyone to love you. From the moment they're seated in that box, we want every juror to wish you were their wife or daughter.

Phyllis: Um, that's good. You know I can-- I can, uh, be loveable.

Nick: What else?

Michael: Uh, decorum. No outbursts. No meaningful glances to loved ones that could be misinterpreted. You need to communicate, you write me a note. You look great. But remember, no dangling earrings, no leopard prints, no miniskirts-- not that you would, but... think Katherine Chancellor, not my mother.

Phyllis: Right, I know. So, you know, doing a lap dance on the judge's bench-- that's out of the question? I'm kidding. I mean, I'm not gonna give the judge a lap dance.

Michael: Well, you will be a picture of modesty and restraint.

Nick: This, uh, this all makes sense. You good?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. I'm good. Um, listen, I know you're gonna do your best. I may not be a great mother, but I'm the only mother my daughter has, so...

Nick: Hey... don't worry about Summer, okay? I'll take care of her.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Michael: Our focus today is to find jurors who remember that the constitution calls for proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Of which we have a plethora.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. Um, jurors are human. They make mistakes.

Michael: Do your part. I'll do mine.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Brad: Nicholas Newman! How goes it? Hey, you know, fruit is so good this time of year. You should try these grapes.

Nick: What are you so happy about?

Brad: What do I have not to be happy about? I'm--I'm healthy. I'm, uh, alive. And most importantly, I have the Newman monkey troop off my back.

Nick: You have a short memory.

Brad: Well, you're having some trouble with yours or you might be on my side. So it's a big day for your wife, huh?

Nick: They're just picking the jury.

Brad: I never thought I'd look so forward to being on the witness stand.

Nick: You were right about my memory. I'm just not sure that Phyllis did it.

Brad: Oh, I was there and she did it.

Nick: Well, I'm kind of partial to the whole innocent until proven guilty notion.

Brad: I understand that. Things are kinda rough for you.

Nick: I'm not on trial, Brad.

Brad: No, no, but you can't shed the Newman monkey house the way I have. Your father-- a dictatorial bully. Your mother-- willing to sacrifice her daughter's marriage on the altar of her own political ambitions. It's quite Shakespearean, have a good day.

Nick: Such a jackass.

Daniel: Hey, Man, you don't look so good. Maybe we should get you to the emergency room.

Lily: You know what? He's right. You might have a concussion. You can't always tell right away.

Devon: Guys, I don't have a concussion, okay? I'm not seeing double and my headache's just about gone, all right? I'll be fine.

Daniel: Listen, I don't think anything's missing. I think they just threw it five feet from its original place.

Devon: Maybe it was one of those frat pranks? Those guys live a couple houses down.

Lily: God, those theta beta jerks! I am calling the police.

Daniel: Good idea.

Devon: Did anybody check my room?

Daniel: Uh, yeah, to make sure it was empty and it's a mess, too.

Devon: I gotta go to Madison for Newman business tonight and if my files aren't there, I'm toast.

Daniel: Look, I told Kevin that I was gonna stop by to pick some stuff up, so just give me a second. I'm gonna call him, okay?

Lily: Yeah.

(Cell phone ringing)

Cane: Answer it.

Amber: I don't care.

Cane: Answer it! It could be Plum calling you from the great beyond or some other guy who found your name on a restroom wall.

Amber: Oh, God, please don't do this.

Cane: Give me the phone. Give me the phone. It's Daniel. I'm so shocked.

Amber: He is my friend! You can't--

Cane: A friend with benefits!

Amber: No!

Cane: You two work well together, you know that?

Amber: What the hell is that supposed to mean, huh?

Cane: That means you helped him screw over his wife, he helps you screw over your husband. Maybe you're just screwing each other.

Amber: No, I swear!

Cane: Yeah. You swear? You promise me? It means nothing.

Amber: No, I love you. I love you! There's gotta be something I can do! Anything!

Cane: I never said I didn't love you.

Amber: I know you love me! I know! And I love you! I don't love the money. I love you!

Cane: The only problem is, as much as I love you, I despise you even more.

Carson: You know, I keep asking myself, why would someone break into my room?

Kevin: Bad part of town? Bad luck maybe?

Carson: Well, I can't help wondering if it had something to do with my buddy Plum.

Kevin: Why is that?

Carson: New guy in town, asking a lot of questions about a friend who winds up dead?

Kevin: Well, maybe I should be on the lookout, too. I mean, he did crash at my place for a while, you know?

Carson: Yeah. Well, whoever was after Plum might be after us.

Kevin: Great, now I'm all freaked out, too. Maybe we should both get those motion detectors, huh? Or you know, you could hire a private dick. I know someone great if you need a referral.

(Cell phone ringing)

Kevin: Excuse me. Yo.

Daniel: Hey, Dude, it's me. Listen, someone broke into my place.

Kevin: Seriously? 'Cause I'm here with that Carson guy. He's saying somebody broke into his hotel room. Someone got into Daniel's place, too.

Carson: Maybe it's the same people?

Kevin: Is, uh, everybody cool over there?

Daniel: Yeah, uh, just shaken up. Devon got hit in the head. The place was a total disaster, but I don't think anything's missing.

Kevin: All right, well, uh, keep an eye out? You don't know if they're gonna come back, you know?

Daniel: Yeah, okay, you, too, Man.

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

Carson: Your buddy's place, too?

Kevin: Yeah.

Carson: Everyone okay?

Kevin: Yeah, his, uh, brother-in-law got knocked in the head, but, uh, that's about it.

Carson: Now you know why people carry concealed weapons, huh? For protection.

Kevin: Right. And you never know who's got one.

Sharon: They say I won't have to testify for a few more days.

Nick: Are you relieved about that?

Sharon: Not really. Because it'll be a few more days of anxiety about it.

Nick: Don't even think about it.

Sharon: I'm surprised that you're here.

Nick: You thought I'd be at the trial? I considered it.

Sharon: But?

Nick: I just don't think I can do it. I can't sit there and pretend to be the loving husband. I'll feel like a hypocrite.

Sharon: Well, I hope you didn't tell Phyllis that.

Nick: Not in so many words. I didn't wanna hurt her. But I told her I had some... important things to do. I think she understood.

Sharon: I think that was a cover.

Nick: Why would she, uh--

Sharon: Well, she doesn't wanna hurt your feelings either.

Nick: Right. I should've thought about that.

Sharon: Anyway, I just can't wait for this entire thing to be over with. Every single day the newspaper comes up with some new titillating angle on my affair with Brad. Now how does one night turn into an affair?

Nick: I think they call that a one-night stand.

Sharon: Thank you! It's a-- not that that sounds any better.

Nick: Mmm, no, it really doesn't. But it'll be over before you know it.

Sharon: You know, I'm glad that Noah's out of town camping with his friends so that he doesn't hear any of this.

Nick: Perhaps it's time for a strategic withdrawal.

Sharon: Well, too bad I've been subpoenaed. I have to testify. I want to testify.

Nick: I'm not talking about bailing on the whole thing. Just, you know, get away for a while. "When last we saw the blonde avenger and phantom guy, they were en route to a small Wisconsin town far off the beaten path."

Sharon: Oh, Clear Springs? Yeah. Gosh, that seems like a long time ago.

Nick: You never did your photo shoot. Go do it now.

Sharon: Mmm, I don't know.

Nick: Do you really wanna cruise around the club with a bunch of prune-faced matrons who quiver with indignation as you walk by?

Sharon: Quiver with what?

Nick: Indignation. The self-righteous kind. The absolute worst. Get out while you can.

Sharon: Hmm. Yeah, I'd like that.

Nick: And I could go with you to make arrangements.

Sharon: I don't know.

Nick: Just-- just to arrange things. "Phantom guy recognizes and respects the current marital status of the blonde avenger."

Sharon: I love it that Noah calls me that.

Nick: And we could drive if...

Sharon: Yeah, um, definitely no private planes for a while, possibly ever.

Nick: You've got it. And if they happen to change the order of the witnesses, you can always make it back in time.

Sharon: Okay. I have one condition.

Nick: Name it.

Sharon: No newspapers, no TV, no internet and very limited use of cell phone.

Nick: Done.

Sharon: And I'm gonna tell Jack about this.

Nick: I'll tell Phyllis.

Phyllis: What was that? If our next set of jurors are anything like the first four, I'm in trouble.

Michael: I was not unhappy with them.

Phyllis: What? Michael? Juror number one goes to mass every day.

Michael: Exactly why I picked him.

Phyllis: He believes in original sin. He's going to think I'm the original sinner.

Michael: No, he will have an elevated sense of justice.

Phyllis: Okay, well, what about juror number two? He hasn't worked in a year. My last name is Newman. I have some money. I mean, he's gonna play "Let's stick it to the rich broad."

Michael: Nah, no, he won't. He's an aspiring screenwriter. And he hopes his spec will sell for a mint and make him a Newman mini-fortune. He will admire you.

Phyllis: Are you sure?

Michael: I'm very good at this.

Phyllis: Yeah, I know, but are you sure? How did I do?

Michael: No cleavage.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Michael: No lap dance. "B-plus."

Phyllis: A "B-plus?"

Michael: No entourage. Where are your husband and son? The happy family?

Phyllis: Um... I told Daniel not to come.

Michael: And, uh, why didn't you discuss that that kind of decision with me?

Phyllis: He's having a difficult time with Lily right now.

Michael: Well, he needs to be here with you to support you.

Phyllis: He will. During the trial. He will.

Michael: And Nicholas?

Phyllis: I can't make him feel something he doesn't want to.

Michael: I don't really care how Nicholas feels. He's been cast as the spouse. He needs to show up on opening night. So when that bailiff cries, "Hear ye, hear ye," Nicholas better be sitting behind you with Daniel by his side. You need them, Phyllis. Odds are, if your own family doesn't look like they love you, nobody else will, either.

Maggie: So you planned on being out of town for your mother's trial?

Lily: No, it was just for the start.

Daniel: Yeah, just jury selection, not that that's relevant.

Maggie: Well, we never know what's relevant. That's why we ask. I'm sorry, go ahead.

Devon: Uh, like I said, the guy came in, knocked me out and ran. I didn't get a good look at him. And these two came in and found me.

Maggie: Nothing's missing?

Daniel: Right.

Maggie: Okay, well, it doesn't sound like a burglary.

Daniel: We thought that it might be some kind of frat boy prank or something?

Devon: Yeah, those guys have two houses right down the block.

Lily: Yeah, um, back in the spring I reported the Omega Thetas for partying till 4:00 A.M. So this could be their stupid way of getting back at me.

Maggie: No, uh, probably not. Because first, it's mid-summer. And second of all, frat boys might T.P. your tree, but they're probably not gonna break your belongings or assault an occupant. And that leads me to my next question. Are there any extracurriculars going on here?

Lily: What do you mean?

Maggie: 420? E? Crank? Meth?

Devon: We don't have anything like that.

Maggie: Not that you'd tell me if you did. But the reason I ask is because I think somebody was here looking for something specific, like drug money or a stash. You carry a lot of cash on hand, Mr. Romalotti?

Daniel: Uh, no. I've got a debit card. It's the best invention.

Maggie: Okay.

Devon: I would if I could, but I only have around 80 bucks in my account.

Lily: Listen, there's no money and there's no drugs. We have nothing to hide. Right, guys?

Devon: Yeah, that's right.

Daniel: Absolutely.

Amber: (Sobbing)

Kevin: Amber?

Amber: Cane knows about everything.

Kevin: Everything?

Amber: Yes. That I tricked him into marrying me, about the money, all of it.

Kevin: Plum's money? How did he figure that out?

Amber: No, no, the Chancellor money! He knows that I married him because I knew he was rich. Even before he did.

Kevin: Okay, okay, um, uh, take a deep breath.

Amber: I just feel like there's this giant weight on my chest. And I'm sorry, I didn't know where to go.

Kevin: Oh, no, it's cool. It's cool. Wait, you're sure he doesn't know about Plum's money, though, right?

Amber: Unh-unh.

Kevin: Okay. Because somebody broke into Daniel and Lily's, trashed the place.

Amber: Are they okay?

Kevin: Yeah, they're good.

Amber: Carson?

Kevin: That's my guess. You sure Cane doesn't know anything?

Amber: I should... I should go. I shouldn't have come. I couldn't go to Daniel's, and I had nowhere to go.

Kevin: No, no, no, no, it's--it's cool. Don't go. You can stay. Stay, stay, stay, I have, um, I have this new roast for the coffeehouse that I wanna try, and, uh, I hate drinking alone. So why don't you come on in? We'll, uh, we'll get you cleaned up.

Amber: So cane hates me now.

Kevin: Well, at least he didn't try and serve you at a weenie roast.

Amber: Did you ever hear that saying, "It's better to have loved and lost" yadda yadda yadda?

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, it's total bull because the lost part makes it suck so much that it's not true.

Amber: I feel you. You know, one Christmas when I was a kid, I must've been, like, about 8. This church--they came by with a Christmas basket and... I got a brand-new Barbie. And she had a pink hoodie and she had a little silver heart right here. And, um, I played with her every single day. And I promised myself that I was gonna be just like her.

Kevin: Except you'd be anatomically correct, right?

Amber: Of course. And I'd be pretty and perfect, and one day I was gonna give my heart to Ken. And we'd live in a big mansion and have 2.4 kids and... I'd never have to look inside a single-wide again in my life.

Kevin: So did you ever meet Ken?

Amber: I met a lot of "Ken I get in your pants?" Until Cane.

Kevin: Aw. You know, despite my, uh, usual cynicism, I'm, uh, I'm touched.

Amber: Oh, my gosh! I just realized he doesn't even have to divorce me, because we were never legally married. I'm gonna move out of that Chancellor house and I'm gonna live in some teeny little apartment. But you know what?

Kevin: What's that?

Amber: I'd live in that apartment for the rest of my life if it meant I could be with Cane.

Michael: I just spoke with the judge's clerk. He has a, uh, pre-trial conference. We don't go back until 2:00 P.M.

Phyllis: Ooh! I'll call Summer's sitter.

Michael: And while you're at it, call your husband.

Phyllis: Mmm, I don't know about that.

Michael: Hmm. Do I hear you correctly? Does Phyllis "Bombshell" Newman doubt that her feminine wiles will be able to be worked on on her own husband?

Phyllis: Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a second. I'm not doubting my feminine wiles. Let's get that straight. He moved in. That's a first step.

Michael: Mm-hmm. Yeah, well, baby steps are fine. As long as they lead him into the courtroom.

Brad: Dressed to testify? Hope you're wearing a bulletproof vest under there.

Sharon: No, actually, I'm not being called on for a few more days.

Brad: Well, I'm free for the next few days. Why don't I take you around, keep you busy?

Sharon: Sorry, but I have plans. I'm going to Clear Springs. I'm gonna do that photo shoot that never was.

Brad: Ah. How you getting there?

Sharon: Driving. I don't think I'd even take a commercial jet at this point. By the way, Nick's going with me.

Brad: Oh. Well, you two kids have a good time. Put the top down, relax, enjoy yourselves. You deserve it.

Sharon: Wow. You're in a good mood.

Brad: I just signed my divorce papers. I am officially a free man. On top of that, Phyllis' trial is starting and I can't wait.

Sharon: You're not anxious about it?

Brad: Not a bit.

Sharon: Well, I wish some of that enthusiasm would wear off on me.

Brad: Why don't you let me take you to lunch before you go? We'll see if it's contagious.

Michael: Well, I'll file a motion to compel-- fine. Fine. Consider it done.

Phyllis: Not my case?

Michael: Well, something else I had to handle.

Phyllis: All right.

Michael: Are you okay?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. Yeah. Just a few stares and whispers. No big deal.

Michael: If it bothers you, I can handle this, all right?

Phyllis: No, no, no, no. I love being notorious. I love it. I'll sign some autographs. No problem. It's fun.

Michael: I'm glad it doesn't bother you. Just don't mingle with your fans. Unless one of them's name is Nicholas.

Phyllis: What am I supposed to tell Nick?

Michael: Come to court. Ask him.

Michael: Gently.

(Telephone ringing)

Nick: Hey, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Hey, Nick.

Nick: Uh, how'd it go this morning?

Phyllis: Great, great. Uh, half the jury has been picked. Michael's happy, so I'm happy.

Nick: Well, good, I'm glad to hear it.

Phyllis: So... we're--we're on a break right now. Um, it's sort of the court's version of half-time. Um... I'm at the G.C.A.C. you can join me.

Nick: Well, I, uh, I can't. Actually, I'm heading out of town.

Phyllis: I'm sorry. Uh, I had no idea you were going out of town.

Nick: Sharon's gonna head up to the development and finish that photo shoot and I'm gonna go with her to take care of the business side.

Phyllis: That's great. Have a good time.

Nick: Okay, thanks. And if anything comes up with Summer, just call me, okay?

Phyllis: Absolutely. Thanks. Bye.

Lily: Mom gave us these.

Devon: You know, I'd really like to get my hands on the people who did this.

Maggie: You know, Mr. Hamilton, the cops frown on home-style payback. Okay, well, I'm about done here.

Daniel: Aren't you gonna dust for fingerprints?

Maggie: I'm gonna send someone over soon and don't clean up until my guy gets here to dust 'cause you could mess with the evidence. And we'll see what we can find.

Daniel: Wait a minute, that's it? You're just done?

Maggie: Well, there's really not much else I can do right now. Of course, you can call me if you have any questions or concerns. And, um, I'd suggest getting a new lock on the door.

Lily: Gee, I feel so much safer.

Daniel: You know what? We should all just get outta here and forget about these fingerprints.

Lily: And let whoever did this get away with it?

Devon: I was supposed to be gone a half-hour ago. Today is the only day I can meet with the Kline exec and I really do not wanna cancel this late. But I don't wanna leave you.

Daniel: She's good. I'm here.

Devon: Like I said, I don't wanna leave you.

Lily: I'm okay. It's fine.

Daniel: Look, we're gonna hang out. We'll wait for them to come here. When those fingerprint guys get here, we're outta here, too.

Devon: Are you sure?

Lily: Yeah, I'm positive. Just go. Drive safely, okay? And hey, promise me that if your head hurts, you'll pull over.

Devon: I will. I promise. Call me when you leave.

Lily: Okay. God, it's so hard to see this mess and not clean it up. Daniel, they went through my drawers.

Daniel: Lily, I want you to get outta here. Go over to your dad's place and I'll wait for the fingerprint guy all alone, okay?

Lily: No, I am staying here with you.

Kevin: You could stay here as long as you want.

Amber: What I want is Cane, but thank you.

Kevin: You know, I have vegged out on this bad boy for hours and hours at a time. It's very comfy.

Amber: Did you ever see that movie "Love story"?

Kevin: Um, uh, tearjerker, chick flick, rich guy falls for poor girl? Yeah.

Amber: Mm-hmm, yeah. My mom had it and I watched it, like, 30,000 times. It was about this girl and she's dying and the love of her life is trying to apologize to her before she dies about something he did and-- and she says to him, "Love means never having to say you're sorry."

Kevin: Oh, blah. That one's right down there with, "It's better to have loved and lost."

Amber: You wouldn't happen to own the DVD?

Kevin: No, sorry. You can rifle through my collection, though. I, uh, I have a meeting at the coffeehouse. It shouldn't take too long. You'll be okay here on your own?

Amber: Yeah, yeah. You know, people do crazy things for money, but they do even crazier things for love.

Brad: So the first thing we'll do is make a toast. To your marriage and to the end of mine.

Sharon: Wow! I don't think I've seen you this happy in... maybe never?

Brad: And would you look who's here? Phyllis, we thought you'd be in court.

Phyllis: And I thought you'd get a life. No chance of that happening.

Brad: Dining solo? No attorney? No husband?

Phyllis: No wedding ring? I guess you can start seeing Sharon again. Oh, but I do see a wedding ring on your finger. I guess you two are gonna have to start sneaking around.

Sharon: Oh, good! At least you can keep yourself amused while you're in prison. Oh, you know what? I would order dessert if I were you. I don't think Gina delivers to the state pen.

Brad: Well, uh, you have a swell day. Oh, you know what? Have a drink on me. You'll need it.

Michael: I get the distinct impression that those two were not here to wish you well. Why were you speaking with them?

Phyllis: They came to me. I have no choice.

Michael: Oh, uh, I got a call. You can go home. Uh, the judge is unavailable until tomorrow.

Phyllis: They're planning their testimony.

Michael: Please. Brad's story is useless. He's used about every variation.

Phyllis: It's not Brad I'm worried about.

Michael: All right, leave Sharon to me.

Phyllis: I just...

Michael: Phyllis, Phyllis, did you reach Nicholas?

Phyllis: Oh, Michael, that's what I'm worried about. Nicholas is going out of town with Sharon.

Brad: My daughter is living with Jacko.

Sharon: And me.

Brad: And you. You're happily married. My marriage is over. And there's a very good possibility I'm going to be forced out of my job. Got 'em right where I want 'em.

Sharon: Well, I guess that positive thinking is really working, huh?

Brad: You know what? I did the hyper-vigilant, control freak thing forever and where did it get me? Right here.

Sharon: Good point.

Brad: My advice-- and this is coming from the new Brad-- relax about the trial.

Sharon: Right, all I can imagine is Michael tearing apart my testimony.

Brad: It'll be over before you know it. And I don't really think it's you he's after anyway.

Sharon: Well, you know what I'm worried about? What's Noah gonna hear about this? And what if Phyllis gets off?

Brad: Talk to your son. He listens to you. And as far as Phyllis getting off? That's not gonna happen. And you know what? If it does? Oh, well.

Sharon: Oh, well?

Brad: You'll still have everything. So you'll have to deal with, uh, some uncomfortable run-ins in the break room. As for me, I'll still be the unluckiest guy in the world. And that's a reference to the husband who adores you.

Cane: Beer, please, Mate. Whatever you got on tap.

Kevin: Hey.

Man: Hey.

Kevin: You got it?

Man: Yeah. Hawkes, Jana, in-patient file.

Kevin: Great. Now this is paid in full.

Man: Thank you.

Kevin: I want daily updates, ward reports, every single word spoken to her shrink, you got it?

Man: Oh, now that's not gonna be that easy.

Kevin: I can double your fee. Is that motivating enough?

Man: Look, that stuff's highly confidential. It's hard to get access.

Kevin: You'll find a way.

Daniel: Yeah, this is Daniel Romalotti again. Well, your fingerprint guy still isn't here.

Lily: Hey, ask him how much longer.

Daniel: You know what? I don't care if half the damn force is out with the plague, you get someone over here in the next five minutes or I'm gonna sue the whole damn city! My wife? Yeah, my wife is at the crime scene. Thanks. You know, if anything happens to her--

Lily: Daniel! Stop!

Daniel: Just get someone over here, okay? Thank you! I want you out of here.

Lily: Why?

Daniel: Because it isn't safe.

Lily: Listen, whoever did this turned our place inside out. Why would they come back?

Daniel: Lily, I don't know what this guy was thinking, okay?

Lily: Look, my laptop wasn't even taken.

Daniel: Okay, you know what? Fine. We can both go. Let's go.

Lily: And forget about the dusting?

Daniel: Devon's gone. We'll be gone, too. They can come back tomorrow. We're not hanging around here! I wanna get outta here!

Lily: Hey, something is up with you.

Daniel: Yeah, something is up with me. Look, our place is trashed and the damn dust guys aren't here!

Lily: No, something more than that.

Daniel: Lily, if the guy who did this comes back, he is not just gonna let us off with a warning.

Lily: What guy?

Daniel: Just please, let's go.

Lily: No, Daniel, what guy? Listen to me, whatever is making you look like that, no matter how bad it is, you can tell me.

Daniel: No. No, I can't. I can't. It's too late.

Lily: Too late for what?

Daniel: I can't-- I can't fix it.

Lily: Fix what? Daniel, you are not making any sense. Do you know who broke in here?

Daniel: You think it's true what they say, that your life flashes before your eyes before you die?

Lily: Daniel, you're scaring me. Are you sick?

Daniel: Sick? Yeah, I'm sick and I don't know how--how to--

Lily: Listen, we will find you a doctor, okay?

Daniel: What I have, it doesn't kill you, it just makes you wish that you were dead. I keep having these flashes. You know, like... I remember the day that my dad got custody of me. And I was only four years old but I can remember it vividly. I remember how my mom smelled and the perfume, you know, the smell of the perfume that she was wearing when she hugged me good-bye. And--and the look that was on her face when he took me away. And I wanted to make it better, but I couldn't. And I wonder if it started then? Or if maybe it was years later. You know, like maybe it was at that party when I got wasted and Cassie tried driving me home. You know, she's dead. The girl is dead and that's because of me and I wanted to fix that and I couldn't fix that, either.

Lily: Listen to me, listen to me, you cannot blame yourself for every bad thing that ever happened.

Daniel: Maybe if I could just figure out how this happened--

Lily: What? The break-in? What?

Daniel: How I got so sick!

Lily: Daniel. What kind of sickness?

Daniel: Hating myself! Hating myself and trying to-- trying to destroy everything that means something to me!

Lily: You mean, uh? Listen, I know about your problem. I know!

Daniel: You don't know enough, Lily. You know our bank account got cleaned out because of that porn site.

Lily: You mean, when you told me that the bank card got stolen?

Daniel: Yeah, I would've told you anything to keep you from finding out. You know, and I needed money. I needed money and I found money. I found a lot of money. I found hundreds of thousands of dollars and I took it, but it belonged to Plum.

Lily: Plum? Who's Plum?

Daniel: Plum--Plum--Plum-- A.K.A. Garrett-- the guy who's staying with Kevin. His real name is Plum. And he died and I took the money and that guy that did this to the house? He wants that money!

Lily: Daniel... did you kill Plum?

Daniel: No, no, no. No, but... you think the police will believe that? I mean, do you think anyone would believe any of it? But you know what the funny thing is? The funny thing is that this is all because I didn't want to tell you that I couldn't stop looking at porn. I couldn't--couldn't--couldn't-- like--like a drunk or like a junkie. You know, it's eating my dignity and I still couldn't do it. And the guy that came here and the guy that did this-- he's a bad guy, Lily. And you know what? He could've killed Devon. And you could be next. And I know that telling you this will probably kill any shred of anything that we have left between us, because even though that hasn't happened, I've seen flashes of that, too. I've seen a flash of you just turning your back and walking away from me.

Cane: Thanks, Man. It's Aussie orange juice.

Phyllis: Right. It's more reliable than most people.

Cane: Oh, you can say that again.

Phyllis: It's more reliable than most people.

Cane: I'm Cane Ashby.

Phyllis: Phyllis-- Phyllis--

Cane: Newman. Your rep proceeds you.

Phyllis: Oh. Well, I hope you don't mind drinking with a convict-in-training.

Cane: Oh, I think I can handle it. I'm Australian. It's in our blood.

Sharon: So Brad Carlton-- new and improved.

Brad: Improving.

Sharon: Listen, I know you don't like Jack, but--

Brad: You do.

Sharon: So maybe you should apply that new and improved you to my marriage. Because he makes me happy.

Brad: Then I'm happy for you. Shout it from the rooftops. Or at least across the front seat of a car. Say, tomorrow, when you're on a road trip with your ex.

Michael: Nicholas, you have no right to do what you're doing.

Nick: I didn't ask for a lecture. Excuse me.

Michael: No, I'm not done. I am talking common decency. You plan a trip with your ex during your wife's jury selection? Where are you gonna be during the trial? Vegas?

Nick: Are you through?

Michael: No. Look, I'm fighting for your wife. Your wife.

Nick: Who seems to be guilty.

Michael: Well, let's just forget about the trial. Her own husband has already convicted her.

Nick: She blackmailed Brad. We both know it.

Michael: I'm her attorney. I know no such thing. But if I did know something, I would say that she made a mistake. People have been known to do that. Oh. Oh, that's right, silly me. You don't remember.

Nick: What do you want me to do? Be a hypocrite? Participate in this charade?

Michael: I want you to sit in the front row, your face effused with adoration for Phyllis. Because when those jurors look at you--and they will-- I want them thinking, "Hey, that's the guy who came back from the dead! What a love story! I want a happy ending!"

Nick: Or they'll think, "What a schmuck! His wife blackmails someone and he still loves her." Let me ask you something, do you think that Phyllis thought for one second how this would affect my son? Or anyone else? My guess is no.

Michael: You do have another child. Think about Summer, growing up without a mother.

Nick: I have.

Michael: Oh. I'll believe that when you show up in the courtroom.

Kevin: Amber?! Amber? Amber, are you here?! Amber?! Amber?!

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Kevin: Amber faked their marriage, tricked him.

Daniel: What?

Lily: My life is just such a mess and I don't know what to do anymore.

Phyllis: You're not going away on a photo shoot with my husband.

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