Y&R Transcript Tuesday 7/24/07

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 7/24/07 -- Canada; Wednesday 7/25/07 -- U.S.A.


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Kevin: Jana is an adrenaline junkie. I mean, she loves taking risks.

Michael: Like the time she talked you into climbing that water tower.

Kevin: Exactly. Do you know how high up that thing is? One wrong step-- it all would've been over. Its like-- it's like she was tempting fate.

Paul: Maybe she was just trying to kill you.

Michael: And what was your excuse--stupidity?

Kevin: (Scoffs) yeah, I guess. I never even picked up on her stupid little hobby. The girl has read every single page ever written on serial killers.

Paul: That is kind of strange.

Kevin: No, no. That's not even the strange part. She kept a scrapbook-- a scrapbook with articles and photographs of John Wayne Gacy and Son of Sam, Ted Bundy.

Paul: You've written all this down?

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

Michael: Oh, no, he's keeping a log of everything he remembers about Jana, down to her favorite breakfast food.

Kevin: Yeah. Small animals and children. This is a detailed list of everything she has said and done since she came back to town.

Michael: And I don't think it's healthy you're getting this obsessed.

Kevin: Why? Because I wanna see her rot in prison and not get off on a technicality?

Michael: I wouldn't call a brain tumor a technicality, and I wouldn't call being locked in the psych ward sliding.

Kevin: Fine. Well, that's where we differ.

Paul: Hold on a second. Did you say brain tumor?

Kevin: Yes.

Michael: Yeah, brain tumor.

Kevin: Yeah, and she's gonna use it to excuse every horrible thing she's ever done.

Paul: Okay. Um, what do you need me to do?

Kevin: Okay, I would like for you to find out everything you can about Jana's last few months before she came back-- where she lived, how she acted, where she worked, what she ate, what she said, everything.

Michael: All right, Kevin, what good is that gonna do?

Kevin: I prove she was rational before. I prove she's putting on an act now.

[Jana looking in a mirror at the psych hospital saying out louding]

Jana: I've never been afraid of anything in my life.

Jana: It’s the tumor. You have to believe me.

Jana: You have to believe me. You have to.

Logan: Uh, you went over the 20 minute limit on that machine. I think, uh, you're lucky I didn't report you.

Brad: Report me, huh? What are you, the exercise police?

Logan: Yeah, well, you know, I'll let you off with a warning this time.

Brad: Oh, thank you, Officer.

Logan: Well, I figured I owe you for talking me down yesterday.

Brad: It looks like you might need me to do it again.

Logan: Uh...

Brad: You've really been going at it.

Logan: Yes. Working off some nervous energy.

Brad: Nervous energy? You don't strike me as the nervous type... outside of elevators, of course.

Logan: I'm not.

Brad: You still wound up from yesterday?

Logan: No, just, uh, I applied for a job at Memorial. My interview's this morning.

Brad: Really?

Logan: Yeah.

Brad: Well, you saved Nick without anything. I'm sure you'll do great.

Logan: Hope so.

Brad: So why didn't you mention this yesterday?

Logan: Uh... I just got the call last night.

Brad: Oh. Glad to hear you're planning to stick around. Maybe I could rescue you from another elevator debacle in the future.

Logan: Um... I'll be taking the stairs from now on.

Brad: (Chuckles) I'm surprised.

Logan: About?

Brad: Well, you seem to be more the "Bear whisperer" type.

Logan: Yeah, my people skills are a little rusty. But I can't hide out in the wilderness forever. I miss being a doctor.

Brad: Well, I think your people skills are doing just fine.

Logan: Well, then it's done. It's time for a new start.

Brad: Yeah, big day for both of us.

Logan: How so?

Brad: Well, let's just say we're both making a fresh start.

J.T.: I know that look.

Victoria: What look?

J.T.: That "I'm upset, but I'm trying to hide it" look.

Victoria: You're crazy.

J.T.: Hey, signing divorce papers can be a pretty big deal.

Victoria: Yeah. Yeah, but it doesn't have to be. I mean, it's gonna be me and Brad. No lawyers. We're gonna meet at the office. We're gonna sign a couple of papers. That's it.

J.T.: Just like that?

Victoria: Yep.

J.T.: I'd like to come with you.

Victoria: Why?

J.T.: Well... I want some of that, uh, fierce, independent, running a multimillion-dollar company stuff to rub off on me, and I just figure the more I'm around you, the better my chances.

Victoria: (Laughs) listen... I'm gonna be fine.

J.T.: Hey. Hey.

Victoria: You don't have to--

J.T.: Hold your hand? That's a good idea, you know? The closer I am, the more it might rub off.

Victoria: I'm telling you-- I'm telling you right now, I will be fine.

J.T.: There's nothing wrong with a little moral support, right?

Victoria: Yeah, I guess not.

Amber: Ugh, I slept, like, maybe an hour last night total.

Daniel: It's more than I got.

Amber: The nightmares I had... you don't even wanna know.

Daniel: You know, I was thinking, maybe there's a way that I can get my wife out of town--

Amber: Oh, what, and leave me and Kevin with you-know--

Daniel: Chill.

Carson: Hey, you two.

Daniel: Hey. What's up?

Carson: I thought I'd hit the gym, thanks to your husband. He scored me a free pass.

Amber: Oh, how fun.

Daniel: Cool.

Carson: Oh, and tell him I'll, uh, take him up on that offer to play hoops.

Amber: Sure. Will do.

Carson: Later.

Amber: Hmm. Hmm. This is bad. Real bad. He and my husband-- they lift weights once... (Whispers) and now they're best friends?!

Daniel: Oh, I'm sure that's not the case. Carson's probably just playing it up to get a rise out of you.

Amber: (Normal voice) yes, then why didn't Cane mention it?

Daniel: Probably because he didn't think it was a big deal.

Amber: (Scoffs) yeah, right. You know, this is how it starts. First, he's gonna get invited over to dinner, then to stay and watch sports, and next thing you know, Cane--he's gonna make him the Godfather of our firstborn.

Daniel: I think you need to relax. You're making this out to be more than it is.

Amber: Do you know what?! This guy--he knows about my web site. If Cane finds out--

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it. Your marriage is gonna be over. You know, can you relax with the web site thing for a minute? If he wanted to tell Cane, he could've done it last night.

Cane: G'day, Mate. Um, have you got a moment? Uh, sorry to bother you. Um, I was in your liquor store last February-- uh, let me tell you, it's a really great selection of beverages you have. And I was wondering, do you have surveillance cameras in your store? You do. Is there any way I can maybe see the tapes from February-- around February 22nd, 10:00 P.M. To 1:00 A.M.? No, no, I understand it's an inconvenience, I do. And--and I'm more that happy to, um, pay you for your time and your--your trouble.

Brad: I thought we would do this alone.

J.T.: I'll be out here if you need me.

Victoria: Okay.

Daniel: You know, I was fine until I found out that he's got those files on us. I mean, what's he doing with that? What's he trying to get at with that stuff?

Amber: I don't know. Why don't you go ask him?!

Daniel: Doesn't it creep you out?

Amber: Of course it creeps me out. This guy probably knows what we eat for breakfast, where we shop, how many sugars we even put in our coffee.

Daniel: It's gotta be about the money.

Amber: Yeah. He wants it back. He's gonna use his bullets to do so. So you know what we do? We don't say a word. We play dumb.

Daniel: And--and what? Just wait for him to make the first move?

Amber: Oh, like you have a better suggestion!

Daniel: No, I-I don't know. I don't know what he wants. If he thinks that we have the money, why hasn't he confronted us?

Amber: Maybe he gets a kick out of watching us sweat.

Daniel: Oh, we need to talk to Kevin. He's better at dealing with this kind of stuff.

Lily: Hey.

Devon: Hey, hey.

Lily: I thought you had to work.

Devon: Actually, I got my schedule switched, and I get the rest of the afternoon off.

Lily: Cool.

Devon: Well, would you like to, uh, catch a movie or something?

Lily: Uh, no. Actually, I'd just rather stay home and read, so...

Devon: What are you reading? One of those high fashion, cutthroat business novels, like that, uh, "Devil wears" something movie?

Lily: (Chuckles) uh, no. Not quite. Um, actually, they're books on sex addiction.

Devon: Sex addiction? Oh, wow. Wonder who got you into these.

Lily: Listen, I'm just trying to understand what Daniel is going through.

Devon: What's the point of doing that? He's not gonna change.

Lily: Hey. Before you get all worked up on me, he and I had a very nice talk yesterday.

Devon: And I suppose you believed everything he told you?

Lily: No, I did not. But he admitted that he had a problem, and he confessed about lying and going to the strip club. And he told me that none of this was about me. I mean, he honestly wants to get his problem under control.

Devon: Are you sure that wasn't just a way to get an invite to move back in the house?

Lily: No. I'm not ready for that yet. But I'm not ready to give up on our marriage, either. And if there's a chance that we can get past this, then you know what, Devon? I'm gonna try.

Devon: All right. Lily, close the book for a second. Let me tell you something.

Lily: (Scoffs)

Devon: Please?

Lily: Okay.

Devon: You're the best person that I know. Honestly. You're smart. You're caring. You're pretty. You're everything that a guy would want. And anyone else would be lucky as hell to have you.

Lily: (Sighs)

Devon: You deserve to have someone who's on your level. You're too good of a person to be tied to a guy like Daniel.

Paul: As much as you don't trust Jana, she can't fake a brain tumor.

Michael: Not so well that it would show up on tests.

Kevin: Yeah, but she can fake symptoms.

Paul: Well, depending on how long she's had it, her personality could very definitely be affected, causing her to act--

Kevin: Crazy? Look, I don't doubt for a second that she's a lunatic. But I can guarantee that it has nothing to do with any brain tumor.

Paul: How do you know?

Kevin: Because when I spoke to her on the webcam, she was sharp as ever. It wasn't till after she got back, got caught, that suddenly she went all "Girl, interrupted."

Michael: All right, I agree with Kevin on one thing. She is fully capable of something like this.

Kevin: We need to track her behavior, prove that the symptoms didn't start until after the handcuffs were on.

Paul: Yeah. She did do too good a job covering her tracks.

Michael: There must be some way.

Paul: Maybe if we talk to her, we'll be able to get some answers.

Kevin: Yeah, but, you know, you'll be in mid-conversation when she'll go right back to delusion mode, claim that she spent the last few months visiting Hogwarts or never-never land.

Paul: It's worth a try.

Kevin: All right, I guess so.

Michael: Well, I'm coming, too.

Kevin: Oh, well, if it's a party, then I'm coming, too.

Michael: No. No, you're not.

Kevin: Why is that?

Michael: Because we will get a lot more accomplished if we're not sidetracked by the Jana/Kevin freak show.

Kevin: Fine.

Michael: Fine.

Kevin: Oh, hey. Send her my love, will ya?

Brad: ...You need to sign. Pen?

Victoria: No. Um, no, I have my own. I have a pen. (Sighs) funny. It's funny, isn't it?

Brad: What?

Victoria: Well, that--that it's ending like this. And who would've thought you and me would be sitting across the table from each other, being so polite and so courteous.


Brad: Yeah, rumor has it there's an office pool. 70% thought I'd walk out of here with a black eye.

Victoria: Really?

Brad: Mm-hmm.

Victoria: What about the other 30%?

Brad: Oh, they didn't think I'd walk out at all.

Victoria: (Laughs) oh.

Brad: Well, you can't say our marriage hasn't been full of surprises, right?

Victoria: (Exhales deeply) that's the understatement of the year.

Brad: Mm-hmm. You know, we can handle everything that goes with the divorce-- all the, uh, emotions. It's Abby I'm worried about.

Victoria: You know, I wanna spend as much time with her as I can. I'd like to make it as normal as possible for her.

Brad: Well, maybe we could get together soon. I don't know, take her for a banana split.

Victoria: Yeah. Yeah, that's a good idea. I never could understand how someone so small could eat one of those things.

Brad: (Laughs)

Victoria: (Laughs)

Brad: Yeah, me either. I mean, if I ate like that, I'd lose my girlish figure.

Victoria: Yeah, well, I might as well go ahead and have one. With the baby coming, I'm already losing my girlish figure. I might as well enjoy it while I can.

Brad: How you feeling?

Victoria: I feel good. Thanks for asking.

Brad: Sure. You know, if there's anything I can do--

Victoria: I'll let you know. Your turn.

Devon: Listen to this-- "One lie usually follows another." Thank you. There's a case here where this guy-- he convinced his wife they should be wine experts. And then he'd get her drunk every night so he could spend the evening searching the internet for porn. Talk about going to the extreme.

Lily: Yeah, Daniel would never do something like that.

Devon: To be honest with you, Lily, some of the stuff he's already done is just as bad.

Lily: Okay, so should I just give up on our marriage after the first problem that we have?

Devon: It's not the first problem you've had. He's lied to you over and over again. Have you ever considered maybe that your marriage... it's not worth saving?

Lily: (Scoffs) wow. Listen... I appreciate that you think the world of me and that you think I deserve better. But I love Daniel, and I wanna help him. I can't just walk out after everything that we've been through.

Devon: You stay with someone for your future, not 'cause of your past.

Lily: Devon, why are you being like this?

Devon: 'Cause you need to hear this. People stay tied to their spouses because the history they've shared, and just completely... overlook the miserable future that's ahead of 'em, and I don't want you to do that.

Lily: How would you know? You've never even had a serious girlfriend.

Devon: All right, answer me this-- are just gonna forgive Daniel every single time he messes up?

Lily: No. My husband deserves another chance.

Devon: How do I-- how do I get you to--to see this?

Lily: (Scoffs)

Devon: I gave my mother lots of chances, and it didn't turn out so well for me.

Lily: What does this have to do with your mother?

Devon: It has a little bit to do. The issues were different, but it was one broken promise after another from someone I loved.

Lily: Listen, Daniel and your mom are two completely different people.

Devon: I know that. That's... you know what? Forget it. Forget me saying about my mom. I just care about you, Lily. I care about you a lot. You're my sister. And I am--in my gut, it tells me that this thing with Daniel isn't gonna get any better, and I don't want to see you get hurt.

Lily: Listen, I can't just get a divorce. It's not that easy. And Daniel-- he wants to make this work. He wants to change.

Devon: Until he screws up again. And it's a lot easier for him to just keep stuff to himself than tell you the truth again and again.

Carson: Daniel Romalotti. Looks like you got a few secrets.

Daniel: You gotta start answering your phone, man. I've been calling you all day. It's important.

Kevin: I was busy.

Daniel: You know what? If you want us to be a part of this, you better chill out and start helping us out.

Kevin: What do you need?

Amber: More info on Carson, and since you're the genius hacker--

Kevin: No, not now. It's gonna have to wait.

Amber: But no, it can't wait! Okay, you need to get on your laptop and start digging now.

Kevin: Look, I have too much on my mind right now to concentrate on this or to be taking orders from you.

Daniel: You--you got a real problem. First, you tell me that I have to be a part of this, and now you don't even have time for it? Aren't you even worried?

Kevin: Who said I wasn't? All I'm saying is right now, Jana's more important.

Amber: Jana is locked up. This guy is trailing us big-time. Okay, I believe the inherent danger lies with us, not with her.

Kevin: All right, what do you need?

Daniel: Here's his full name, the last four digits of his credit card. I found it on this receipt in his room.

Kevin: All right. This will makes things easier.

Amber: Good. I can't handle this guy having more info on us than we have on him.

[Cane is at his lap top and see the photo of Amber and Ally dressed as him on his wedding day]

Cane: I can't believe you'd lie to my face like that.

(Punches computer key)

[Fax comes over with the picture of his fake wedding pic]

Jill: Hi, Honey. Sorry to barge in. I just needed to... Cane?

Cane: Hmm?

Jill: Is something the matter?

Cane: No, Mum, I'm okay.

Jill: Hey. (Chuckles) you're good. You're not that good. Now come on, what is it? I can see something is wrong.

Cane: It's nothing. It's just, um...

Jill: What's in your hand?

Cane: Project figures. They, um... (Chuckles) didn't turn out as good as I expected. It's nothing. Don't worry about it.

Jill: Cane, is this something I can help you with?

Cane: No. No, I'm okay. I'm okay, Mum.

Cane: Its okay, Mom. It's too late to do anything now. I'll, um, I'll call the manager in the morning, and I'll renegotiate the deal. It's okay.

Jill: Are you sure you don't want me to take a look at it?

Cane: Honestly, that's sweet, but I started this project for my grandmother, and... I need to finish it on my own.

Jill: You're so independent. God, you remind me of your father sometimes. Okay. Where is Amber?

Cane: Who knows?

Daniel: Whoo, you're good, Kevin. I bet you could hack into the pentagon if you wanted to.

Kevin: Well, our friend's not that important, but he's been a busy boy since he got back from Iraq.

Amber: What does it say?

Kevin: Mm, you promise you're not gonna freak?

Amber: What?! Fine! Fine, fine! Just say it.

Kevin: Well, he has quite a rap sheet.

Amber: Oh, great. Just what we needed.

Daniel: It figures.

Kevin: Mm-hmm. Drug possession, battery, assault with a deadly weapon...

Daniel: Oh, let me guess-- with a gun?

Kevin: This guy's a serious badass.

Daniel: Okay, so why is he playing around us, and why is he acting all buddy-buddy?

Amber: Maybe he only suspects that we have the money, and he doesn't wanna risk going after the wrong person and getting tossed into jail.

Kevin: That's the least of his worries. With charges like these, he probably knows he's headed there anyway.

Daniel: That's why he wants the cash--to disappear.

Amber: Maybe if we play it cool, he'll think he's wrong about us and just move on, hmm?

Kevin: There's a lot of money at stake here. This guy's gonna do whatever it takes to get what he wants. I know I would.

Jana: Is your brother with you?

Michael: My brother wants nothing to do with you.

Jana: He hates me, doesn't he? I don't want him to hate me.

Michael: Well, it's not your choice.

Paul: How are you feeling?

Jana: Headaches. I get dizzy sometimes.

Paul: Would you mind answering a few questions?

Jana: About what?

Paul: Where were you before you came back here?

Jana: I'd only tell Kevin that.

Michael: Well, it's not gonna happen.

Paul: Look, Jana, you're sick. There's no reason to hide anything anymore. You've been apprehended. Why not just tell us where you were? It doesn't matter if it was a secret.

Jana: Well, then why do you want to know? I'll only tell your brother. Nobody else. I know you can get him here if you try. I know you can.

Paul: There's no option here.

Jana: Well, then I'm not talking.

Michael: We're done. Come on.

Jana: Yes, we are. I have to go for another M.R.I. please try and get him here.

Michael: No. No. Absolutely not!

Paul: She's not gonna talk to us.

Michael: She's manipulating us! Can't you see that?

Paul: Of course I can see that. But I thought the final result was what mattered.

Michael: No, no, what matters is my brother. They--she has screwed with his head enough.

Paul: Right. She's doing that now, even if he doesn't see her.

Michael: No, get your information some other way.

Paul: There is no other way!

Michael: Use your contacts!

Paul: I've done that, Michael... when I tracked her down the first time. It's like she ceased to exist.

Michael: All right, we will try again later. My brother has been through enough.

Paul: You wanna put her away for good?

Michael: Of course I do.

Paul: Then he has to be involved.

J.T.: Hey. Hey.

Victoria: Hi.

J.T.: Where's your big smile? How'd it go?

Victoria: It went.

J.T.: Well, you were in there longer than I expected.

Victoria: Yeah. Yeah, I was.

J.T.: Why, he give you a hard time? Oh, he had to get one more in before he--

Victoria: No, no, no, no, no. Actually, he was completely civil... sickeningly so. After we signed the papers, we talked about getting ice cream with Abby, and he asked me about the pregnancy. No hostility. In fact, it was the most normal conversation I've had with him in a long time.

J.T.: Well, that's relieving. Or not.

Victoria: It should be. But it's dead. It's just, you know, it's kind of depressing. And we worked so hard for this. I did. I-I put all of myself into it, and I failed.

J.T.: No. No, no, come on. You can't blame yourself. If anything, this was on him. He's the one... hey, um... let's go get some fresh air. What do you say? And grab a bite to eat.

Victoria: You mind if we don't? I'm really... just really not in the mood right now.

J.T.: Yeah, no problem.

Logan: Hello?

Brad: Hey, it's Brad... Carlton.

Logan: Oh, right. Hi, Brad Carlton.

Brad: What, did you forget me already?

Logan: (Laughs) after a foot rub like that, how could I forget? What's up? I just got out of my job interview.

Brad: Well, that's funny. I, uh... just got out of my marriage. How'd you like to meet me for a drink?

Amber: (Laughs) hi, Sweetie! Hi, Jill.

Jill: Hi.

Amber: Boy, I'm so happy to see you. Mmm, mwah.

Cane: What are you doing here?

Amber: I had a free hour and decided I wanted to spend it with my handsome husband. (Laughs)

Jill: So, Amber, I was just talking, uh, business with Cane, but I really wanted to discuss the wedding with you.

Amber: Who's getting married?

Jill: I am.

Amber: To whom?!

Jill: To Ji Min.

Amber: No way!

Jill: (Laughs) yes.

Amber: Oh, my God. I knew you guys were dating, but I--oh, I'm so happy for you.

Jill: I'm surprised you didn't tell her.

Cane: I thought you'd rather tell her yourself.

Jill: Right. Right. Well, as of right now, you're the only two people that know about it, so...

Cane: So can we keep it a secret? Yeah, yeah, I'm good at keeping secrets. What about you, uh, Babe? Are you good at keeping secrets?

Amber: Oh, yeah, yeah! Yeah, until the invites come out, right?

Jill: Well, there aren't gonna be any. See, that's the thing. Um, we're gonna elope just like you two did.

Amber: Oh! I'm so excited for you! You are gonna be so glad you did. It was the best decision we ever made.

Daniel: So does this mean you're giving me another chance?

Lily: Um, yes. I wanna help. You know, I've been reading books about people who are going through the same thing as you.

Daniel: You mean, people who look at...

Lily: Yeah. And they lie about it, and they wanna stop, but they can't. You know, it might help you to read some of 'em.

Daniel: Sure. You know, I'll try anything. I hate how I've been making you feel.

Lily: I get that now. And that's why, you know, I wanna help. Then we can just try and figure it out, and, I don't know, go from there or something.

Daniel: You know, I had an idea, too.

Lily: Oh, yeah? What?

Daniel: Therapy.

Lily: Um, well, we tried that.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, Lily, a couples retreat. You know, we'd go away and hang out together, and we could talk to some experts about our problems. It's a little more relaxed, social environment than "You've got 30 minutes to spill your guts, and then your time's up," you know?

Lily: Yeah.

Daniel: We could work on our problems together, and who knows, you know? It might be exactly what we need, is a couple days away from here.

Lily: Okay. I mean, do you have a place picked out?

Daniel: I've been looking at some seminars that are happening at a lodge at Green Lake, and their doctors are supposed to be really good.

Lily: All right. Well, when do you want to go?

Daniel: Sooner the better.

Jana: I knew you'd come. I missed you.

Kevin: I didn't miss you. I'm here for information. That's it. I don't care about you.

Jana: You won't admit it now, but you do, deep down.

Kevin: No. Not even if I dug to China.

Jana: Ah, you always knew how to make me laugh.

Kevin: Start talking or I'm out of here.

Jana: Talk about what?

Kevin: Well, let's see, why don't we start with... where you went when you left Genoa City.

Jana: I was at the apartment.

Kevin: What apartment?

Jana: Ours.

Kevin: What are you talking about?

Jana: You know what I've decided?

Kevin: (Sighs) I'm afraid to ask.

Jana: I don't need to go chasing thrills about anymore. I think I'm finished with all that.

Kevin: Well, you know, there's gonna be plenty of thrills in prison.

Jana: Oh, you know, Kevin, I want to settle down. Oh, I'd love a little cottage, someplace where we can live the simple life, just you and I and the kids. You know, I've been thinking... I was thinking maybe we could even adopt a baby. You know, from a third world country.

Kevin: You... a mother?

Jana: Oh, wouldn't that be wonderful? (Gasps) God, you and I together, we have so much love to give. I mean, not that I don't love being with just you. I do. I just-- maybe we could take some time off for ourselves. You know, travel. We could see the world. And then we'll have kids, lots of them. (Gasps) oh, I could just imagine how lovely our little place would be.

Kevin: You know what would be lovely? If you tell me about that time you set the fire. Where did you go when you took off?

Jana: Oh, I know its summer, but, you know, I was thinking, I thought maybe tonight we could have a little fire of our own in the fireplace, rent a movie, perhaps? Cuddle. Hmm?

Kevin: I would rather cuddle with a rattlesnake. Now if you don't start talking, I'm gonna leave.

Jana: I don't like it here.

Kevin: (Sighs)

Jana: I want to go home. Kevin, can you take me home, please?

Michael: We've gotta put a stop to this. It isn't going anywhere.

Paul: No, let's see how it plays out. She may come around.

Kevin: I would love to take you home. I need one thing from you first.

Jana: Anything.

Kevin: Tell me about that time you were on the run. Everything you can remember-- names, places, dates.

J.T.: (Laughs)

Victoria: What are you doing?

J.T.: Well, I hope you like bubbles with your food.

Victoria: Yeah, I...

J.T.: Have a seat.

Victoria: I love bubbles. I loved bubbles when I was, um, when I was in the fifth grade.

J.T.: Well, it's, uh, symbolic. See, you're starting your life over with childlike enthusiasm.

Victoria: (Laughs) you're crazy.

J.T.: Yeah, I guess I am, 'cause that's the second time you've said that today. Have a drink. I just wanna... I'm not trying to make you forget about what happened today, okay? And if you wanna talk about it, we can... while we blow bubbles.

Victoria: You know what? You're probably the one person in this whole world who understands why I stayed with him for so long.

J.T.: Yeah, I know you loved the guy.

Victoria: Yeah. I did. I loved him. People probably wondered why we were together, but we had something until... until all the problems came in.

J.T.: Well, that'll get you every time.

Victoria: You know why I like you so much?

J.T.: No, come on. If you answered that question, we'd be here all day.

Victoria: Because you know how to have fun. I can't remember the last time I saw a smile on Brad's face.

Brad: What's the good word, Doc? How'd the interview go?

Logan: Great.

Brad: Did you get the job?

Logan: I'm not sure yet. But forget about me. What--how are you?

Brad: I'm, uh--

Logan: It's a stupid question. You're finalizing a divorce. It's gotta be upsetting.

Brad: Well, you would think so, wouldn't you? But, uh... well, actually, I-I feel like the weight of the world's been lifted off my shoulders.

Daniel: Thank you. Thank you. Yes, there is a couples retreat starting tomorrow morning, but we would have to leave tonight.

Lily: Daniel, I... I-I-I can't. I have work tomorrow.

Daniel: Amber could cover for you. Come on, this could be exactly what we need.

Lily: Okay. Let's--let's do it.

Daniel: Yes, yes, yes! Yes, yes! You are not gonna regret this. This is gonna be great.

Lily: Wow, you are very, very, excited about this.

Daniel: Yes, I absolutely am. Come on, we go home, we start packing now, we could be on the road in an hour.

Lily: Okay.

Kevin: Yes, well, Jana said you were a neighbor of hers? I am Dr. Fisher, her neurosurgeon. No, unfortunately, she has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Yes, what I'm trying to figure out at this, uh, point in time is when her symptoms may have first started. So did you ever notice any specific episodes where she was acting delusional or abnormal personality-wise? No? How about any time where maybe she forgot who she was or where she was? Anything like that?

Amber: But what about the dress? What about the rings?

Jill: Oh, none of that. This just happened. My head is still spinning. Anyway, remember, not a word to anyone, okay?

Amber: Mm.

Jill: Now I got a meeting. I gotta go.

Amber: Okay. Ooh, I'm so happy for you.

Jill: Thanks. Bye, Honey.

Cane: Bye, mum.

Jill: Mwah.

Cane: See you.

Amber: (Exhales deeply) your mom and Ji Min eloping. How exciting is that? And romantic and fun! They are gonna remember this day for the rest of their lives.

Cane: You know what I hate? I hate that I can't remember our wedding.

Amber: (Laughs) that's what you get for drinking too many coldies.

Cane: (Chuckles) you know, I think maybe we should go to Vegas, renew our vows. You know, maybe the same chapel, the same minister. Maybe do it right this time, take some pictures.

Amber: Mmm.

Cane: Hmm?

Amber: We don't have to go to Vegas, Baby. We can do that wherever we want.

Cane: I bet you'd like a big party in the mansion, huh?

Amber: Could we? Oh, my God, what a great idea. We could--we could invite all our friends. We could-- we could have it catered. We could set up a dance floor--

Cane: I know everything.

Amber: What are you talking about?

Amber: (Gasps) is that--

Cane: Us? No, that's not us 'cause we weren't there. And now I know why I don't remember, 'cause it never happened.

Amber: No. No, no, no, no. I can--I can, um, I can explain everything. Do you know--?

Cane: You knew I was a Chancellor...

Amber: No.

Cane: Before you tricked me into marrying you. I feel like...

Amber: No, I didn't! Just listen to me, please! No.

Cane: Such a chump.

Amber: God, Cane, no!

Cane: I really believed that you loved me.

Amber: I do love you!

Cane: Yeah?

Amber: I do. I did. I do. I'm sorry. No.


Cane: The only thing that you love is being a Chancellor. That's all you love.

Amber: (Crying) no, you gotta listen to me, please.

Cane: I've heard enough.

Amber: It's not true! It's not true, okay?

Cane: Right, so you didn't marry me for my name?

Amber: No! No, no, no, no, no, no.

Cane: Or--or that you didn't trick me into marrying you? Or is it that you didn't go to the séance?

Amber: What the hell does that have to do with anything?!

Cane: Everything! See, that's where it started, and then you found me on the web site looking for my biological mother. There's just one thing I really, really wanna know. How did you figure out that I was Jill's son?

Amber: Okay. I admit it. It was about you being a Chancellor. But then the second I saw you...

Cane: Don't lie to me.

Amber: I swear-- no, God, I swear!

Cane: Don't lie to me. Don't lie to me.

Amber: I fell in love with you.

Cane: You're lying to me. Now stop lying to me.

Amber: I am not lying to you! Just listen to me, okay? Just listen to me. I love you. I don't care about the money, nothing. It doesn't matter. Please--please believe me. God.

Cane: I used to track down criminals for a living, you know, and I thought I'd seen every con in the book. But you really got me good. I fell for a girl that doesn't exist.

Kevin: I completely struck out with her neighbors.

Michael: What happened?

Kevin: They claim they barely knew her, said "Hi" in passing a couple times.

Paul: Well, I had better luck with her landlord and her boss.

Michael: Yeah? What did you find out?

Paul: Well, he said, uh, she was living in Davenport, Iowa, under the name of, um... Elizabeth Borden.

Kevin: Lizzie Borden. (Chuckles) that's cute.

Paul: She was a waitress in a diner for a while.

Kevin: Did they say-- did they say, like, if she seemed normal?

Paul: Well, yeah, kind of. The landlord said that he would be talking to her, and in the middle of the sentence, she would stop and she'd stare into space. Then after a second or two... she'd snap back.

Kevin: Hmm. What about the manager at the diner?

Paul: Well, sorry, Kevin, but he, too, said he had to let her go. She would be taking an order, she'd start laughing hysterically, she wouldn't stop. She was scaring the customers.

Kevin: That bitch. She's been planning this the whole time.

Paul: Not necessarily. I mean, her behavior could be explained by the brain tumor.

Michael: Well, either way, these are the kind of gems that defense attorneys-- they live for.

Paul: Yeah, well, Jana's attorney already knows. Both the landlord and the boss have already been contacted by him.

Kevin: You can bet she put 'em up to it.

Lily: Oh, my God. Oh, my God! Devon! Devon!

Daniel: Devon, you okay?

Lily: Devon! Daniel, call the police! Devon! Devon, wake up! Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Devon, please! Devon!

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Sharon: You're in a good mood.

Brad: I just signed my divorce papers. I am officially a free man.

Lily: No matter how bad it is, you can tell me.

Daniel: It's--it's-- it's too late.

Phyllis: Nicholas is going out of town with Sharon.

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