Y&R Transcript Monday 7/23/07

Y&R Transcript Monday 7/23/07 -- Canada; Tuesday 7/24/07 -- USA


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Nikki: So there's one for each of us, one for each of our lawyers. I've signed all four copies.

Victor: There you are. But, I can see that. Yes.

Nikki: When you're finished signing, could you give two of them to my secretary?

Victor: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I won't.

Nikki: What, you won't give them to my secretary?

Victor: I won't sign them.

Nikki: We have an agreement, Victor.

Victor: We had an agreement, all right? Newman is no longer funding your development project.

Nikki: Why not?

Victor: Because I don't like the risk. Sit, Zapato.

Nikki: There is no risk. Forget the dog right now. The land undeveloped is worth more than the loan. And you're going back on your word.

Victor: You are taking what is a business decision personally.

Nikki: It is absolutely personal! And it hurts me to say that you are apparently one of those men who can't deal with an independent woman.

Logan: Oh, um, hold the elevator, please!

Brad: Got it! Come on.

Logan: Ah, thank you!

Brad: What floor?

Logan: Uh, parking.

Brad: Oh, well, that's where I'm going. Brad Carlton.

Logan: Uh, Logan Armstrong.

Brad: Nice to meet-- Dr. Armstrong? The, uh, legendary savior of Nick Newman?

Logan: I like that-- "Legendary savior." It's, uh, got a ring to it.

Brad: You know, it's quite remarkable what you did for him.

Logan: Thanks.

Brad: Where do you practice?

Logan: I don't.

Brad: Why?

Logan: Um...

Brad: (Sighs) these damn elevators. Hey, we're stuck in here.

Man: We'll send maintenance right down.

Brad: Well, how long do you think it's gonna take to get 'em going?

Man: Not sure. Depends on the severity of the problem.

Brad: Oh, great.

Logan: Look, um, Brad?

Brad: Yeah?

Logan: Um... everything's okay. I mean, I'm--I'm fine.

Brad: Why are you saying that?

Logan: Um, because... well, I mean, I'm fine now, and I-I-I'm sure I will be fine, but in case, you know...

Brad: Yeah?

Logan: You need to know that I'm claustrophobic. But... right now I'm fine.

Carson: Hey. Are you sure I can't buy you a drink?

Amber: No, thanks.

Carson: A screwdriver, please. You know, I can't believe Carla, from "Carla and Carol's playground,"

Amber: Excuse me?

Carson: You had my favorite web site, you know? Such amazing videos. Why'd you ever take it down?

Amber: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Carson: Yes, you do. Hey, thanks.

Amber: Oh! Oh, you know, I-I know what you're talking about. I know. That was--it was so silly. It was--it was really nothing. It was an experiment for a psychology class.

Carson: The effects of nudity on the male sex drive, was it?

Amber: No. I wanted to see if men could be enticed into paying money without ever actually showing them sex. It was totally weird, but, you know, I got an "A," so whatever.

Carson: I'd certainly give you an "A."

Amber: I'm married.

Carson: Yes, you are.

Amber: Ah!

Cane: Hey, Babe, what's going on? You seem nervous.

Amber: Hi, Baby. I'm--I'm not nervous. Carson and I just, um...

Carson: Ran into each other.

Amber: Ran into each other.

Carson: And you came just in the nick of time. I think I was about to bore your wife to sleep with my old war stories.

Cane: I didn't think there was such a thing as a boring war story.

Amber: Well, maybe because I was too busy thinking about you, Babe.

Carson: See, that's what's missing in my stories.

Cane: Now you have my attention.

Carson: A round for the newlyweds!

Cane: Oh, no, I can't. I gotta go and lift. And I can't throw weights around if I'm smashed.

Carson: A big fellow like you? One drink won't touch you.

Cane: All right, I'll have an O.J.

Amber: Yeah, me, too. That sounds perfect.

Carson: Two glasses of your finest pulpy orange juice for the newlyweds here.

Amber: I missed you.

Cane: Yeah? Well, that's reassuring, seeing I found you at the bar with another man.

Amber: Oh, stop it!

Logan: God, is it hot in here?

Brad: Yeah, it is, extremely.

Logan: Thank God. I thought it was a symptom of... what we're not gonna mention.

Brad: You should, uh, make yourself comfortable. Seriously. This is no time for modesty.

Logan: Oh, God.

Victor: Did you think there was something wrong with Nikki's reaction? Hmm? It's exactly what I expected. She took it very personally. She's right that the equity is solid. She doesn't really need a loan from me. But she wants the money to come from me, or pretends that she wants to.

Victor: Call me when you get this. I don't care how late it is.

Nikki: It's so odd that Victor reversed himself on that loan. It's a no-brainer.

David: You really don't have to over think it. He's just upset because he stayed out of touch for months and when he came back, Jack had the state senate seat, Mrs. Chancellor owned Jabot and you wanted NVP. All to yourself.

Nikki: And I won't take marching orders from him. That's really what is irritating him the most.

David: That's why you can't accept his claim that his decision wasn't personal. Taking back that loan offer is his protest against everything that happened in his absence. But you don't really need his loan, do you?

Nikki: Actually, I do. I need the money. And if institutional lenders hear that Victor denied me a loan, they might do the same. Hi, please get me my loan officer at the bank? Yes, I know how late it is. Call the private numbers. Thank you.

David: While you're waiting for that call to come in, why don't you open this? Celebrate your sole ownership of NVP.

Nikki: What on earth is this? What have you done?

David: Open it.

Nikki: Oh! Oh, my God! A new personal planner! I cannot tell you-- your timing is perfect 'cause I just lost mine.

David: Great.

Nikki: Thank you. Thank you so much. Wow!

David: Uh, you should check today's date.

Nikki: Oh, I should, should I?

David: Yeah.

Nikki: Okay... "Dinner with David."

David: Mm-hmm.

Nikki: I'm sorry, I can't.

David: Why not? We could take a late dinner.

Nikki: No.

David: All right. Well, then how about a rain check?

Nikki: I'm sorry. Maybe I didn't make myself clear before. I've just spent so many years of my life being dominated by Victor--

David: Oh, wait a minute, wait a minute. I'm not Victor.

Nikki: Oh, believe me, I know that. I know that. It's just that, to be honest, I don't have the time or the energy or the inclination to get involved with another man. But if I did, believe me, you'd be at the top of the list.

David: Hmm.

(Telephone ringing)

Nikki: I have to take this call. Thanks again for the gift.

David: Sure.

Nikki: This is Nikki Newman.

Woman: Oh, hey, Mr. Newman, glad to see you're back.

Nick: Do I know you?

Phyllis: Uh, yeah, this is Lynsey. She's been babysitting Summer since she was four months.

Nick: Oh, I'm--I'm sorry, Lynsey. It's nice to meet you again.

Lynsey: It's cool. Glad you're back.

Nick: Thank you.

Phyllis: How is she?

Lynsey: She's been asleep since 7:00.

Phyllis: Oh, since 7:00? That's great. That means she'll wake up at 12:00 wanting to play all night. Terrific. Thanks a million.

Lynsey: Sure.

Phyllis: Well, um, I'm gonna check on her. Uh, go ahead and put your things away while I do that.

Nick: Okay.

Phyllis: She's sleeping like a baby, which is appropriate, since she's a baby. You didn't put your things away.

Nick: I don't... know where anything goes.

Phyllis: Okay. I understand that. Um, I'll help you. This, right here-- this was sort of your workspace. You would have your papers there and your laptop.

Nick: Okay.

Phyllis: It was your office. Was.

Nick: And where would you work?

Phyllis: Uh, I worked up in what we turned into Summer's room. I still kind of use it. You know, it works temporarily. But, um, we need to make a few changes I think.

Nick: Like adding on a room?

Phyllis: Sure, if you insist.

Nick: Well, I mean, were we talking about adding on a room?

Phyllis: Yeah, we were. We were talking about that. It was one of our many options, breaking down some walls and stuff. But, um... you know, its not-- what we have now works, so... it's fine.

Summer: (Cries)

Phyllis: Um, listen, I'm gonna go check on her. Can you make some coffee?

Nick: Sure. Sure.

Nick: Where the hell's the coffee?

Kevin: I have an idea. Lily hates you. I hate Jana. What do you say we find us some new women?

Daniel: I don't want a new woman.

Kevin: You know, sometimes I wish I would never, ever again see another beautiful woman.

Daniel: Don't talk stupid.

Kevin: True. Oh, they are marvelous. I'm glad Lily's not here. This would be a weird conversation with her around.

Daniel: I miss her.

Kevin: I know you do.

(Knock on door)

Kevin: This could be awkward. Ah, the slightly lesser of two evils.

Amber: Ha ha.

Daniel: What are you doing here?

Amber: I just... I know, Lily will kill me, it's just...

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, with something sharp.

Amber: Will you just shut up? I'm not in the mood.

Daniel: What's wrong?

Amber: I just... I just ran into Carson and he... I...

Daniel: He, I-I, he, what?

Amber: I just-- I've made a mistake and now Carson knows about it.

Kevin: How many lives did you endanger this time?

Daniel: Kevin, please!

Amber: You know, this isn't something that's easy for me, okay? It's not something I ever wanted to think about again, you know? I mean, I just-- I didn't have a choice. I was in L.A. and I had a webcam and I made this site and now Carson knows about it.

Kevin: Wait, so instead of getting a job you made porn?

Amber: It wasn't porn, okay? It was a video. I didn't have sex with anybody on camera or anything. I told him it was a psychology experiment for class. I-I couldn't-- I couldn't come up with anything better.

Kevin: Nudie vids 101? Sign me up.

Amber: What if Cane finds out?

Kevin: You might get voted out of the mansion.

Amber: Just shut up, okay?! This is not a joke! I could lose my husband!

Kevin: All right, fine! So what are we supposed to do, huh? Kidnap the guy? I don't think so. I don't wanna end up as somebody's Katie Jane in jail.

Amber: We find out who he is.

Kevin: Oh really? And how are we supposed to do that?

Amber: I found his room key.

Logan: I hope I don't regret drinking that.

Brad: Why would you regret drinking-- oh, yeah. Dr. Armstrong--

Logan: Call me Logan.

Brad: Dr. Logan, you know, normally, uh, it should be the fourth or fifth date before I suggest what I'm about to suggest, but because this is an emergency, uh, situation. We're dealing with your claustro-- that word we're not going to mention--

Logan: What is it?

Brad: A foot rub.

Logan: No, thanks.

Brad: I'm serious. I mean, it would be a distraction for you and I really believe that it will help relieve a lot of the tension that you're building up.

Logan: No, that's really kind of you to offer, but I'm just gonna focus on my breathing.

Brad: I'm not hitting on you.

Logan: I didn't think you were.

Brad: Well, I mean, I certainly would hit on you in the interest of helping you with this situation. You know, it would be a distraction. I am--I am willing to hit on you, uh, because we are in this emergency and not because you are very accomplished and, uh, very intelligent and extremely attractive.

Logan: Okay, if it will get you to shut up, then by all means, rub my feet, but only because this is an emergency.

Brad: No, of course. I mean, this is only because it's an emergency situation. That's really, uh... all I'm thinking about. Emergency, emergency, emergency.

Phyllis: And, uh, we-- we would put the mail right here. It would go right there. But I mean, you could put it wherever you want.

Nick: No, this seems like a perfect spot for it.

Phyllis: Yeah. Ah, and this-- this is... the very important stuff drawer for everything that doesn't have another place.

Nick: Okay.

Phyllis: So, um... we have keys to, you know, God knows what. Oh, yes, yes, and very, very--

Nick: Pictures.

Phyllis: Nice pictures of us.

Nick: Each other. Good.

Phyllis: And, uh, a garage door opener that opens a garage that we don't have, so... and, um, here on top, you know, recordable DVDs to record your-- your favorite show or some download or something. Anyway, um... what else? Shoelaces. Two dressy, one for tennis shoes. Very important.

Nick: This is all very useful information. I feel a lot more secure knowing where this stuff goes.

Phyllis: Yeah, good, good. And... you know, it--it-- before your accident, uh, we were going to get another sofa and I'm glad we didn't. Because this one was here when Victoria lived here and so, you know, this is something familiar, right?

Nick: Yeah. No, a lot of this stuff is from when Victoria lived here.

Phyllis: Right. I'm sorry our home... feels so strange to you.

Nick: It's okay. And in the grand scheme of things, I mean, I'm sharing a home with a beautiful woman. That can't really be considered a terrible burden.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Nick: I think you're... blushing.

Phyllis: No, I'm not.

Carson: Nice.

Cane: So while you were in Iraq, sittin' in the mess tent, did you and Plum ever talk about my wife?

Carson: All the time. Only instead of nice food, we always had the inedible MREs, you know? No, we'd be in some ditch or some bombed-out house, just pissed off, and he'd pull this picture out of--out of his helmet. You know, say how much he missed her.

Cane: Explains why he came here then.

Carson: If you'd seen that picture-- it made us all wanna come here, man. No offense, though.

Cane: No offense taken. Look, I'm not a jealous guy, I'm just trying to find out more about my wife. Especially when she was in L.A. and she won't talk about it. And you know, I would've asked Plum, but...

Carson: Right. He's not too keen on questions anymore. You know, I had a lot of things I needed to ask him, too. He didn't deserve to go that way-- broken neck. Some vicious bastard. I wonder how it happened, huh?

Kevin: No, no, no, no frickin' way!

Amber: Well, how else are we gonna find out anything about this guy?

Kevin: I am not breaking into this guy's room. That is possibly the dumbest idea I've ever heard in my life. As a matter of fact, it's like-- it's like unbelievable!

Daniel: Yeah, it would definitely be one of the stupidest things I've ever done on a very long list of stupid things.

Amber: You guys, we are in absolutely no danger. He is working out at the gym with my husband right now. You know what? If you guys aren't gonna help me, I'm just gonna go by myself. Okay, I can't let this web site thing mess up my marriage.

Daniel: Wait, wait, hold on! Okay, fine, I will go with you. I'm not gonna let you go lurking around some sketchy guy's room by yourself. Man, this is gonna suck.

Kevin: Oh, hell no. No.

Amber: Fine.

Kevin: Yeah, how could you even be sure that the guy is still at the gym?

Amber: Hmm.

(Cell phone ringing)

Cane: Hey, Beautiful.

Amber: Hey, Baby! I just wanted to see how you boys were doing.

Cane: Sweaty. Do you mind if I call you back when we're done?

Amber: Have fun. That's how we know Carson's still at the gym.

Daniel: If he shows up, we're still screwed.

Kevin: Fine, I'll take care of it.

Amber: My hero.

Logan: What happened to your marriage?

Brad: That's too personal.

Logan: How can it be too personal? You're rubbing my foot. You don't seem like a bad guy. What happened?

Brad: I, um... didn't show enough restraint.

Logan: Is that the long way of saying that you were unfaithful?

Brad: Once.

Logan: Once. It must've been serious.

Brad: I thought you were an internist, not a shrink.

Logan: Well, it doesn't take a medical degree to know that if you made sure it never happened again that you respected both women. Maybe you married the wrong one?

Brad: You know, I'm starting to feel a little claustrophobic myself.

Logan: Stop! Don't say that!

Brad: Oh, it's going up.

Logan: Oh, thank God! Up, down, who cares? Just get me out of here.

Man: It's working now, Sir.

Victor: Thank you!

Logan: Oh.

Brad: I think I'll just take the stairs, thanks. The stairs are to your right.

Logan: Good night, Mr. Newman.

Brad: Good night, Victor.

Nick: She's asleep.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Nick: You know, you don't have to keep thanking me for doing the dad stuff. I kinda like it-- holding her, rocking her to sleep.

Phyllis: That's nice. There were so many weeks that I was doing it myself, so I do thank you. And I thank you for spending the night.

Nick: Sure.

Phyllis: Well, it's still early, but I guess I'll go up to bed.

Nick: I'm kind of wide awake. So...

Phyllis: Okay. I'll keep a spot warm for you.

Nick: Well... would you mind if I, uh, just... crashed on the couch?

Phyllis: No. I don't snore, if that's the problem.

Nick: No, it's just, you know, do you mind?

Phyllis: Uh... well, for selfish reasons, yeah, I mind. But I understand.

Nick: Thank you.

Phyllis: You're welcome.

Cane: All right, Mate.

Victor: That's very impressive.

Karen: Mr. Newman. Well... you sound surprised.

Victor: It's not often that you see talent like that. Especially amongst my colleagues.

Karen: Helps me forget about the work.

Victor: Same for me.

Karen: So you're here to forget about loans and real estate developments, right?

Victor: News travels fast.

Karen: When you and the missus don't see eye to eye on business, yes, that news travels fast.

Victor: I see.

Karen: You box?

Victor: A little.

Karen: Well, it's all yours.

Victor: So what, um, martial art do you prefer? I mean, do you...

Karen: I just... like martial arts in general, you know?

Victor: Really?

Karen: Yeah. Boxing is in my blood. I mean, my grandfather actually had the golden gloves in the navy.

Victor: I'll be damned.

Karen: Yep.

Victor: You wanna spar?

Karen: With you?

Victor: Why not?

Karen: Uh... okay, but... only if you pull your punches.

Victor: Maybe I have to be careful tonight.

Karen: Put 'em up!

Daniel: Kevin was right. This is ridiculous!

Amber: It's fine! Be quiet!

Daniel: He's gonna show up here. He's gonna stab us and then he's gonna throw us in the dumpster!

Amber: Come on!

Carson: Hey, thanks.

Cane: Well, I'll be sore tomorrow, thank you.

Carson: No doubt.

Cane: Right.

Kevin: Gentlemen, we have an appointment at the bar.

Cane: And why is that?

Kevin: Oh, celebrating a glorious day at the coffeehouse. I started the day off with a $20 tip and I've been riding the gravy train ever since. Drinks are on me.

Cane: Let's go, high roller.

Carson: Hey, ordinarily I'd drink you both under the table, but I think I'm about to pass out, Guys. Thanks for the offer. Maybe next time, huh? Thanks again.

Cane: You got it.

Kevin: Well, I'm sorry, Sir, but I never leave a man behind.

Cane: He's got you there.

Carson: I'm not a casualty.

Kevin: Well, uh, well, then we drink to Plum, my former roommate, because... because nobody deserves to go out that way.

Carson: What way?

Kevin: The broken neck way.

Carson: How'd you know he broke his neck? I didn't report it.

Kevin: Amber told me. She was freaked out. Thought I should know because he used to live with me.

Carson: You know what? Let's have that drink.

Daniel: Can we just please hurry up? I don't need any more shady run-ins. Can we find whatever we're looking for-- and what are we looking for?

Amber: Anything that tells us about him-- what he's doing.

Daniel: I don't think he'll miss his burrito queen receipt. Hey, you think Kevin can maybe do something with the last four numbers of his credit card?

Amber: It's us.

Daniel: What's us?

Amber: Me, you and Kevin-- these are files on us! There's pictures of us! Oh, my gosh, there's pictures of Plum and I in L.A. How did he get these?

Daniel: What is he doing with these?

Nikki: I really appreciate you working here. I just had to get out of the office. I didn't wanna run into Victor.

David: It was my pleasure.

(Knock on door)

Nikki: Who's that?

Man: Room service.

Nikki: Oh, I didn't order room service.

David: No, I did. Right over there.

David: Thank you.

Man: Thank you.

David: Okay. It's been a long day, with Victor pulling your loan, you on the phone with bankers after hours on private lines. So did you get the loan?

Nikki: I've had another loan in place for a while.

David: Really?

Nikki: Well, I was afraid Victor might undercut me. I had to make sure he wouldn't do that.

David: Well, if you already had a loan in place, why didn't you just tell Victor to shove it when he pulled yours?

Nikki: Well, I don't deal that way with people I do business with.

David: To the loan.

Nikki: Thank you. Mmm! I keep telling you, I'm enjoying the new me. I enjoy not having to answer to anyone.

David: Well, you don't answer to Victor anymore, but you are willing to deal with him.

Nikki: Oh, that's very different.

David: Right. So you didn't need Victor's loan, you just wanted it. And now I think I get the picture, Nikki. As much as you complain and protest, you enjoy taking Victor on.

Nikki: You sure read an awful lot into a business deal gone wrong. It was nothing personal.

David: Oh, it's very personal. Tell me you don't love doing battle with Victor.

Nikki: Good night, David.

Victor: Hello? Yes. Um, well, thank you. Well, I need you to do that favor for me. Let's not discuss this over the phone. Uh, I'll call you first thing in the morning, all right? Thank you.

Karen: I assume you've played a lot of chess with Mrs. Newman?

Victor: I haven't really.

Karen: You know, you could easily deny her that money, but you don't want to.

Victor: What, are you a psychic now, too, or what?

Karen: Just observant.

Victor: A loan is a loan is a loan. It's a business transaction. It shouldn't be personalized.

Karen: But you can't deny that you... enjoy engaging in a battle of wits with her. You actually like having her as an adversary. Am I wrong?

Logan: So are you worried about testifying against Phyllis?

Brad: Where did that come from?

Logan: It's all over the news. I mean, if it's too painful to talk about--

Brad: I'm not, uh, worried. I'm mad as hell. Phyllis' blackmail wrecked my marriage.

Logan: You blame Phyllis for your affair?

Brad: That's not what I said. Are you choosing sides?

Logan: Doctors are trained to be non-judgmental.

Brad: Mmm. But you don't practice anymore.

Logan: I apologize for bringing up a sore subject. It's just that... everybody in Genoa City seems involved somehow with someone else. And I'm worried... I'll never be able to put the pieces together.

Brad: Listen, I have lived here a long time and I, uh, still lose my place in the program sometimes. As far as Phyllis is concerned, you'll never hear a good word about her come out of my mouth. Now if you're taking up a collection to hire a hit man, I'm in. If not, let's change the subject. To elevators that never fail.

Logan: To legendary men.

Brad: Here's to doctors.

Logan: Here's to foot rubs.

Carson: I need your help with something.

Woman: Yeah?

Carson: I lost your number. I can't find it anywhere.

Woman: I never gave you my number.

Carson: That's what it is. Well, it's easy enough to fix. How about you give it to me now?

Carson: Thanks.

Cane: Very slick.

Kevin: That was like out of a movie. You need to teach me that.

Carson: Anytime, young padawan, Plum showed me that one. Didn't he teach you any tricks?

Kevin: He did. He did. The stuff between him and me, though, strictly confidential. Roommate-to-roommate type stuff.

Carson: Just the two of you, huh?

Kevin: Bingo. You know what he did teach me? He, um... he taught me how to order another drink.

Cane: Not for me. I'm going home to the wife.

Kevin: Oh, hey now, I didn't know that married meant whipped.

Cane: Actually, married means every night and most afternoons.

Kevin: Hey, that's pretty nice. All right, you know, I should get a t-shirt for you that says "Amber's boytoy." What color looks best on you? Baby blue?

Carson: The man wants to go home to his wife.

Kevin: Hey.

Carson: Hey, I mean, if she could do that to Plum...

Cane: Do what to Plum?

Carson: Get him to move all the way out here. There must be something really special about her.

Cane: Yeah, there is something special about her. All right, let's have another drink. What are we gonna toast to?

Carson: Let's end the night where it started.

Kevin: To Plum.

Carson: To Plum.

Daniel: Forget about Plum, there's stuff in here that I don't even know about myself. What's Carson need this stuff for?

Amber: Well, where did he get it? I mean, what's going on?

Daniel: Okay, you know what? We need to leave. We know that he's here for something more than Plum, so we need to leave. Put these back and let's go.

Amber: No, no, we-- we should take them.

Daniel: Oh, yeah, that's a great idea-- missing card key, missing files. He won't suspect a thing, huh?

Amber: What if he tells Cane stuff that he shouldn't, huh?

Daniel: It's too late for that because we're gone!

Amber: Okay.

(Knock on door)

Nikki: David, I'm so glad you--

Victor: You look good.

Nikki: Um... I was wearing this earlier.

Victor: Right. Forget what I said.

Nikki: Okay.

Victor: You didn't mention you had another loan in place.

Nikki: Oh, I didn't?

Victor: No, you didn't.

Nikki: It must've slipped my mind.

Victor: Right. Sorry you went to all that trouble to find another loan. I decided that Newman Enterprises will fund the loan.

Nikki: Well, Victor, I don't need your loan.

Victor: It's already in place.

Nikki: I have another lender.

Victor: What are you gonna use for collateral?

Nikki: The same things I offered you before.

Victor: That's what I thought. You can't do that.

Nikki: What do you mean?

Victor: You cannot use the same collateral for another loan. You can't do that. You already signed onto the papers. So did I. In other words, it's legally binding. Good doing business with you.

Nick: Hey.

Phyllis: Hey. Do you mind if I join you?

Nick: Okay.

Nick: You are an incredibly beautiful woman.

Phyllis: Right back atcha.

Nick: This is kinda like a fantasy.

Phyllis: Yeah, it is.

Nick: I'm beginning to see why I married you on... on this level.

Phyllis: I'm okay with that level.

Nick: And at an earlier time in my life... I would've said, "It's gonna all work out." And I would've taken advantage of this situation.

Phyllis: Maybe this situation wants to be taken advantage of.

Nick: Beautiful, smart, sexy and a sense of humor? I have great taste in women.

Phyllis: But?

Nick: I can't say it's gonna work out, because I don't know if it will. And that would be dishonest and totally unfair to you.

Phyllis: Nick... you don't have to be fair to me. Smart, sexy and very honorable.

Nick: Don't push it.

Phyllis: Okay. I won't. Do you mind if I sleep here?

[Phyllis takes off her robe]

Nick: Are you trying to test my will power?

Phyllis: No. Mnh-mnh. I'm trying to test mine.

Nick: I don't think it's a good idea.

Phyllis: That's too bad. Because I'm already asleep.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Logan: You're finalizing a divorce. That's gotta be upsetting.

Brad: I feel like the weight of the world's been lifted off my shoulders.

Devon: Have you ever considered maybe that your marriage is not worth saving?

Cane: I know everything.

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