Y&R Transcript Thursday 7/19/07

Y&R Transcript Thursday 7/19/07 -- Canada; Friday 7/20/07 -- U.S.A.


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J.T.: Nice day, huh?

Victoria: Why, it's a little too nice to be spending it in the office.

Victoria: Uh-huh.

J.T.: You smell nice.

Victoria: Nice?

J.T.: Mm-hmm. Sexy. I must put my hands all over you.

Victoria: Public, uh... maybe save it for later?

J.T.: No, private--private. This elevator is our safe haven for the next 15 seconds. I can do a lot... in 15 seconds.

Nick: Hey.

Victor: First you humiliate me with that man, and then you hire him to run N.V.P.?

Nikki: I run N.V.P. he works for me.

Victor: Do you pay him by the hour or by the minute? I'm sure he knows everything you like.

Nikki: You are so insulting, which I know you enjoy. It makes you feel better. Go ahead. Go ahead.

Victor: Are you sleeping with that excuse of a man?

Nikki: No, I am not! We shared one kiss. Once. My hiring him was strictly a business decision.

Victor: And sharing one kiss is all right with you? How dare you?

Daniel: You better get your butt back to work.

Kevin: Chill, I own the place, remember?

Daniel: I'm talking about Jabot. I bet you've got a mess of I.T. requests piling up on your desk.

Kevin: Yeah, well, I've been a little distracted by a certain psycho killer.

Daniel: Mmm.

(Cell phone ringing)

Kevin: Hold on. Kevin here.

Jana: A to-go order, please. Something spicy? Have it delivered to--

Kevin: "The place where there is no darkness?" We were just talking about you. Well, psycho killer, qu'est-ce que c'est?

Jana: Talking heads? See? We both still love the same music.

Kevin: Sorry, this cellular service does not accept phone calls from the sixth rung of hell.

Daniel: Let me guess, Jana?

Kevin: I am such an idiot. I had the chance to kill her and I didn't. I just let you guys talk me out of it. It was the dumbest thing I ever did.

Carson: Hey, Daniel, good to see you again.

Daniel: Hey, yeah, you, too.

Carson: How are you?

Daniel: Good.

Carson: Oh, you're Kevin Fisher?

Kevin: Who wants to know?

Daniel: He's new in town.

Carson: Yeah, and a fabulous burg it is. Great people, good clubs. Indigo, quite a little hot spot.

Kevin: Yeah, it sure is. Well, enjoy your stay.

Carson: Hey, I was wondering if you could help a fellow out? Daniel here says he doesn't know this guy, but the owner of Indigo says you might. Have you seen him? It's important.

Kevin: Well, I am all about helping people out. As long as I know what the favor is for.

Carson: Oh, my bad. I'm Carson. Nice to meet you.

Kevin: Likewise.

Carson: Well, I'm trying to find an old army buddy of mine. We served together in Iraq. Heck of a soldier. Always went on point.

Daniel: Impressive.

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

Carson: Well, that kind of experience-- it changes somebody, you know? He got an honorable discharge-- Plum. But I'm a little worried about him. His family said he headed out this way.

Kevin: Well, you know, it does look a little like Plum, the guy I took in.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, I guess I can see it.

Carson: Really? You didn't see it yesterday.

Daniel: There's a reason for that.

Kevin: Okay, here's the deal. I wake up one morning, the guy is gone. He owed me a month's rent.

Daniel: I figured he owes you money, too.

Carson: So you wanted your buddy here to get first crack at him? Got it. So how'd he come to stay at your place?

Kevin: I was doing a favor for a friend. He was her cousin.

Carson: She got a name?

Daniel: Amber.

Carson: We met the other day. They're cousins?

Amber: You left this on the nightstand.

Cane: I hope you didn't read it.

Amber: Top secret?

Cane: No, spreadsheets. If you had, you would've fallen asleep. And you wouldn't have been here to give 'em to me.

Amber: From poor bartender to gazillionaire exec.

Cane: Is this a great country, or what?

Amber: I don't know, you're asking Mrs. Gazillionaire exec. And I just love it when that happens.

Cane: I'm sorry, Love, there's no gazillions yet.

Amber: They're coming. Besides, I married you for the view. Coming and going.

Cane: I feel so used and cheap. Speaking of which, what's the name of your friend, uh, the girl who we met in Vegas?

Amber: Ali.

Cane: Ali.

Amber: She's not cheap.

Cane: What, she, uh, fancies herself a high-priced spread, does she?

Amber: You are terrible! She's a very nice girl. She goes to church. She's very pious.

Cane: Maybe she should pray for me.

Amber: You need more than that.

Cane: Anyway, I've got a friend coming from Australia. I thought the two of them should get together.

Amber: Oh. I heard she's visiting her sister in Illinois. That's too bad.

Cane: Oh. When's she coming back?

Amber: Um, not till the end of the month. Her sister is sick or something. Oh, my gosh! Mrs. Exec is gonna be late for work. I've got a whole bunch of window displays to do. Do you know we are doing fall clothes already?

Cane: Oh, yeah, I've got a meeting, too, so, uh... how about I get dinner tonight? What do you want? Uh, fish and chips?

Amber: I'll bring dessert-- me.

Cane: Don't forget the whipped cream.

Amber: If you're lucky. I love you.

Cane: Back atcha.

Nikki: He wants me to fire you.

David: We both knew that before you even put me on the payroll.

Nikki: He makes me so angry! He is the most arrogant, controlling, self-centered--

David: Husband who witnessed the kiss watched around the world. That would be with his wife and her campaign advisor.

Nikki: What are you doing? Defending him?

David: Why'd you hire me to hurt him?

Nikki: I hired you because you're the best person for the job, plain and simple.

David: Okay, look, I'm good at what I do, make that very good, but so are a lot of other people. Now you need to face the truth, Nikki. Because I guarantee you your husband will. By hiring me, you're telling Victor that your marriage is over.

Victor: Your mother has made a mockery of our relationship by hiring David Chow.

Victoria: Honestly, Dad? I don't think you get to play the wounded husband here.

Victor: Sweetheart, I'm not the one who's playing games, all right?

Victoria: You left her and you left me during the worst possible time. We thought Nick was dead. And you know, she had a really hard time with the election.

Victor: I am sick and tired of hearing about that damn election. I certainly was not on a pleasure trip.

Victoria: I know that, Dad. I know, but couldn't it have waited a week or two? Mom couldn't even contact you.

Victor: I and everyone else thought that Nicholas had died. I was devastated. So I flew off looking for Victor Jr., All right?

Victoria: But you left her. You left her when she was insane with grief.

Victor: But I didn't want to add my grief to hers.

Victoria: I know, Dad, it's just upsetting. You got Nick back, you know? And now you and Mom-- you're not connecting.

Victor: We're not connecting because she made that choice.

Victoria: Well, she changed a lot while you were gone.

Victor: Are you kidding me? She may have changed, but certainly not for the better. She has proven that again and again.

Jana: Three phone calls in the gulag--I know. This is call number two.

Michael: Michael Baldwin.

Jana: Don't hang up. It's Jana. I'm phoning you from the psychiatric ward.

Michael: And how are they treating you?

Jana: Horribly.

Michael: Oh, excellent. That makes my day. Good talking to you. Bye-bye.

Jana: No, no, no, wait! Um, I phoned you for a reason.

Michael: Which is?

Jana: Kevin.

Michael: Listen, since I care about my brother, I hope they have you trussed up like a thanksgiving turkey, never to wander into his life again.

Jana: He asked me to phone you.

Michael: Don't you dare drag him into this.

Jana: No, you don't understand. We still care about each other.

Michael: Oh, really? That's convenient. I'm at the coffeehouse. Let me check that out with him. Okay?

Jana: Of course.

Michael: Daniel? Is my brother around?

Daniel: Uh, no, he stepped out for a minute. Something about an insurance adjuster on his car.

Jana: What did he say?

Michael: He's not here.

Jana: Come to the hospital. Please. Michael, please, and I'll tell you why he needed you to see me.

Michael: Negative. Tell me now.

Jana: Um, what do you mean I have to end this call? Um, I'm a patient, not a prisoner!

Michael: Jana?! Jana?

Nick: I can't decide who looks worse.

Nikki: Oh, Honey, I'm sorry, I didn't see you.

Nick: Yeah, I dropped by Dad's office earlier and he didn't see me either.

Nikki: Look, I never wanna put you or your sister in the middle of our problems.

Nick: Good luck with that.

Nikki: When parents do that to their children, it... it just messes them up.

Nick: Mom, Mom, your children are parents now. Well, at least I am, and Vicki will be soon. I think we can handle it.

Nikki: Yeah. I guess, um, in all marriages there are compromises, huh?

Nick: Yeah. What's going on?

Nikki: When I first met your father, everything was so different. He really treated me with respect. He loved me for who I was. Nobody had ever done that before. And I certainly did not have a high opinion of myself.

Nick: Mom, you don't have to justify anything.

Nikki: No, Honey, I want you to understand. It wasn't until years later, when I went into business, that I realized my potential. I had never had that opportunity before.

Nick: I've always known how smart you are.

Nikki: Well, there was a time when I didn't. And your father gave me a chance to prove myself, but...

Nick: But he... sees you for who you were, not who you are.

Nikki: Boy, I have a smart son.

Nick: You want my two-bit analysis, for whatever that's worth?

Nikki: Yeah.

Nick: Dad loves you. And he needs you. More than he will ever admit. And I know if you can hang in there, he'll come around.

Nikki: The question is... when?

Michael: In 25 words or less, tell me why did my brother want me to talk to you?

Jana: Two words-- the trial.

Michael: He wants me to represent you?

Jana: Exactly.

Michael: Doveryay, no proveryay. You speak Russian?

Jana: Are you phoning Moscow?

Michael: Loosely translated, it means "Trust, but verify." Let's call Kevin, shall we? Nyet call-ski?

Jana: Look... I'm--I'm sorry for tricking you. But you saw my seizure. I'm not evil. I'm sick.

Michael: Oh... to-may-to, to-mah-to.

Jana: They have given me a public defender. I mean, can you imagine? Michael, you have to help me.

Michael: Let me consider your proposition. Okay, no.

Jana: Michael, please!

Michael: Listen, my brother was one of your victims. Fortunately, you did not succeed in his case in killing him. But that is a great, big, fat conflict of interest.

Jana: At least get him to come and see me. I need him to understand that it wasn't me--

Michael: I believe your 25 words are up.

Jana: But, Michael--

Michael: What part of nyet don't you understand?

Cane: Minister Parish? Cane Ashby here. Thank you so much for sending that wedding certificate so quickly. I appreciate it. Blissfully happy, thank you for asking. Uh, between you me, my, uh, wife and I were pretty wasted the night we tied the knot. And I wanna throw a six-month anniversary party for her. And I was hoping that maybe you could refresh my memory? What time were we married? 11:45? Fantastic. Thank you, I appreciate that. Uh, best to you and your lovely wife. Take care.

Amber: You guys told him I was Plum's cousin? Are you guys insane?

Daniel: He did the right thing.

Amber: No, no, you're both crazy. Okay, I already told him I had never seen Plum before in my life.

Kevin: Think it through. Carson is going all procedural on this. Talking to everybody and your ex told half of Genoa City that he was your cousin.

Amber: That doesn't mean you have to agree with him.

Daniel: Well, it's better to hear it from one of us.

Kevin: Uh-huh. Otherwise it looks like you're hiding something.

Amber: Oh, I am. A dead body and several hundred thousand dollars.

Kevin: All the more reason.

Amber: Fine. Then why'd I lie to him?

Daniel: Same as us. Same as me, anyway. You know, to help him get his money back.

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

Amber: You mean he bought it?

Daniel: Well, he seemed to. He seemed a little over friendly, though.

Kevin: Yeah, I think so, too. Track him down, tell him the truth.

Amber: What?

Kevin: Look, the guy is hanging around like a cold sore before a hot date. The more we share, the less suspicious we look.

Amber: Okay, fine. You share.

Kevin: No, no, because lying with aplomb is one of your great talents.

Daniel: Yeah, just tell him that his old war buddy came to town looking to get hot and heavy.

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, he found out you were married, decided to make up this lame story about being your cousin so he could stick around, try and win you back.

Daniel: Eventually, he gave up and split.

Kevin: Yeah, to Peru.

Daniel: Peru? Peru's good! I like Peru.

Kevin: Thank you.

Amber: You guys should be a comedy team.

Daniel: Thank you.

Kevin: While you're at it, find out why he is so Plum crazy--ha ha ha-- to find you know who.

Cane: Can you put me through to security, please? Mr. Bridges? Uh, my name's Cane Ashby. I have a problem. I was hoping you could maybe help me with? There's a charge on my credit card from your hotel for a 2-bedroom suite, champagne, caviar, all the works. And, uh, well, the problem is my wife and I didn't stay at your hotel. Uh, dare I say we stayed at a hotel with fewer stars, and I'm gonna contest the charge, so I was wondering if I give you the date and the time, you might be able to look at your security footage from the lobby to, uh, help me prove my point?

Cane: None? What, you people don't have security-- well, if they're broken, what's the point of having the bloody things in the first place?

Amber: I have a confession to make.

Carson: Isn't that the sort of thing you do with a priest?

Amber: Yeah, um... the truth is... Plum-- I dated him.

Carson: Like kissing cousins?

Amber: No kind of cousins. No, um, he made that up. My friends--they told me he was this big war hero. He never said a word to me.

Carson: Sounds like him, not to talk about it. There's no one else I'd want watching my back.

Amber: Yeah. The thing is, I'm married. And the cousin story-- that was his excuse to stick around.

Carson: To try to win you back? Sounds like a fellow I know. Persistent.

Amber: Try obsessive. You know, he knew I wasn't gonna leave my husband, but he stayed in town anyway.

Carson: So he's still in town?

Amber: No, no, I think he finally got the message that it wasn't gonna happen and he took off. Just... to tell you... the first day that I didn't see him hanging around? It was total relief.

Carson: Well, I appreciate all the info. Do you have any idea where he might be?

Amber: None.

Kevin: Hey, Michael? Michael, did you see this? They gave Jana a public defender.

Michael: Well, if you can't afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you.

Kevin: She does not deserve one. She's a monster.

Michael: Look, every attorney is obligated to provide the best possible defense.

Kevin: So, okay, fine, they assign a public defender, I hear they're good, that's bad, right?

Michael: No. Because when Jana's convicted, it will be less likely to be overturned on appeal.

Kevin: And is this person as good as you are?

Michael: Modesty forbids a response.

Kevin: Nice. Okay, look, if she were your client, right? How would you defend her?

Michael: Well, that's a long technical conversation, hopefully involving an open bottle of scotch and Jana already behind bars. Meanwhile, I hear the sound of angry servers and mainframes over at Jabot calling your name.

Kevin: Tonight. You, me, a pint of single malt-- my treat, huh?

Michael: All right, Kevin, this is my concerned brother face. Have you even checked in at Jabot?

(Cell phone ringing)

Kevin: Hold on. They even allow phones at sicko central?

Michael: It's not called sicko central really.

Kevin: Okay, if she were to contact you to try and get hold of me, what would you say to her?

Michael: Nothing. I'd tell her nothing.

Nick: Why did mom hire this guy?

Victoria: Well, David is smart.

Nick: He kissed her in the middle of her campaign. That is not smart. Does Mom love him?

Victoria: I don't know. Ask her.

Nick: All right, I'm still kinda filling in the blanks here. So David worked with Mom?

Victoria: And Dad was missing in action. And before that, when Mom was running for state senate, Dad was ugly to her. He threw the whole stripper thing in her face and he--he didn't support her. And he made sure to display his support for Jack in public whenever possible.

Nick: Damn, that's rough.

Victoria: Yeah. I wonder if I made it worse. I mean, I was completely and totally on her side, of course.

Nick: You know, we shouldn't have to worry about this or figure it out for them. They both need to grow up.

Victoria: Yeah. Here, Dad's on speed dial, number three. Call him, tell him.

Nick: Nobody can tell him anything. I will not be like this with my kids.

Victoria: Do you think that's why our marriages didn't work? Because we learned how to do it from them?

Nick: Or how not to. So, is there any hope?

Victoria: I hope.

Nick: Yeah, I do, too.

Victor: "Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul, and sings the tune-- without the words, and never stops at all." Emily Dickinson. I kept that poem. I loved it. So did you. You used to read it to Victoria when she was about to go to sleep.

Nikki: Yes, I know, I remember.

Victor: I talked to Victoria earlier and I'm sorry that I was a little harsh with you.

Nikki: Well, I appreciate that. Victor, you have given me a wonderful life. And I gave you the same in a different way. But you cannot dictate to me what I do and what I think.

Victor: Sweetheart, I've always wanted the best for you. That's all I ever wanted.

Nikki: Your best. Your way.

Victor: I sold you the damn company.

Nikki: And you still try to dictate the staff and my decisions.

Victor: Because, Sweetheart, you're making ridiculous decisions, like hiring that David Chow, for heaven's sake!

Nikki: Oh, and it begins!

Victor: What do you want? You have everything! You have the company. You have your family. You have my fortune at your disposal.

Nikki: Your fortune? I am your wife!

Victor: My fortune! And don't you ever forget it! And you're acting like a petulant child right now!

Nikki: Stop! Okay, stop! I have had enough! You will never speak to me that way again.

Victor: Just listen to yourself. Dictating what I can and cannot say? What I can and cannot do?

Nikki: Which you find absurd, right?

Victor: Totally absurd!

Nikki: Imagine what it's like to be me! You don't get your way on something, you completely shut down!

Victor: All these years, I've given you everything.

Nikki: Victor, I don't want everything. I just want you. I want your respect! I want you to treat me--

Victor: Listen to me, you have certainly enjoyed everything, haven't you? All I ever wanted in return is loyalty from you.

Nikki: And I have given you that.

Victor: Oh, really? You have given me that? By running for office when I asked you not to? The moment I leave town--

Nikki: You didn't leave town. You left me. When I needed you the most!

Victor: And that's your excuse for doing what you did with David Chow?

Nikki: All right, I admit it. That was a mistake. I should not have done that and I am truly sorry.

Victor: Oh, really? And you prove that by turning around and hiring that man? It's a desperate act of a woman who feels that her allure is slipping.

Nikki: Unfortunately, I am not shallow enough to be upset by that remark, but your intention to hurt me-- that upsets me. I know you want loyalty. I know you want fidelity.

Victor: Will you fire him?

Nikki: I want to be treated as a grown woman, but you are not capable of that, because somewhere in the back of your mind, I will always be that poor little lost soul on stage at the Bayou!

Victor: If you act like a child, I will treat you like a child! This is ridiculous!

Nikki: Yes, it is ridiculous! For once we agree! But you just don't seem to be able to help yourself. David, on the other hand, is able to treat me as the woman I have fought so hard to become!

Victor: Don't make me sick, all right? Will you fire that S.O.B?

Nikki: Or? Or what? What are you saying, Victor? I don't fire him, you leave me? That's not happening. Because I'm leaving you!

Kevin: Ms. Stevens? Hi, do you have a second? It's important.

Heather: Oh, please. Call me Heather. Good to see you. And how is your mother doing, by the way? I know it must be difficult with Mr. Bardwell gone. Everyone here at the office sends their love.

Kevin: Thanks. Thanks. She, um... she's up and down. What you'd expect. What else can you say, you know?

Heather: Yeah. Well, Mr. Bardwell was a brilliant man, a brilliant prosecutor. I wish he were here to help me with Jana's case.

Kevin: Wait, time out. You're trying the case?

Heather: Yes.

Kevin: Well, uh, you can't have much experience.

Heather: You work in the Chicago D.A.'s office and you get experience--fast. Um, I've done four murder trials, two in the first three months I was there.

Kevin: And?

Heather: And four life sentences.

Kevin: Okay, you're gonna have to listen to me on this one. See, Jana can snap your winning streak. She's--she's brilliantly twisted. There are things about this girl you need to know.

Heather: Okay. All right, well, great. Uh, you and I should set up a meeting, and then you can tell me everything.

Kevin: Excellent. We're gonna need a solid plan, because I know she's gonna have one.

Heather: Um, well, I'm sure she'll have a lawyer.

Kevin: No, no, I'm talking about a plan to escape, flee the country, live under assumed names and taunt me from afar.

Heather: Well, she can't exactly make a run for it. I mean, the girl is in the hospital with a brain tumor. She wouldn't get very far.

Kevin: See, now that's where you're wrong. She's faking.

Heather: She's faking? Look, I understand how much you wanna see justice done, trust me, I do. And I will do my absolute best to ensure that that happens. But the girl is sick.

Kevin: Mentally.

Heather: Physically. I've seen the C.T. scan results. Her brain tumor is growing against both frontal lobes of her brain.

Kevin: Right, but the doctors don't know what kind of brain tumor it is.

Heather: Well, what does that have to do with the fact that it is--

Kevin: She's faking her symptoms, okay? I know this girl better than anyone. I can see right through this game of hers. She's using this to her advantage and no one can see that except me.

Heather: I've met a lot of crime victims. A lot, okay? And the experience is horrible. It can change you. Change the way you think, the way you react in certain situations. And sometimes, it can take over your life. If you let it. I could refer you to a victim’s assistance unit. I think you might benefit from psychological counseling.

Kevin: I'll tell you what I'll benefit from. You taking me a little more seriously about this.

Heather: Believe me, I am. As seriously as I take all of my cases. And I'm also being serious when I suggest counseling. Okay, I'm not saying your theories are wrong. I'm simply suggesting that you talk to someone about your thoughts. It could help. And for now, you'll have to excuse me. I have, um, I have a hearing to prepare.

Kevin: Is it about Jana?

Heather: Yes.

Kevin: Well, why didn't I know about it?

Heather: Um, you know now.

Kevin: Well, what is it? Are they setting a trial date?

Heather: Not quite. Because of the brain tumor, her lawyer is claiming that Jana is not fit to stand trial.

Daniel: Check this out. It's about him coming back from the war.

Amber: Wow. Carson was telling the truth.

Daniel: Yeah, your ex is kind of a hero.

Amber: What was he doing with the money then, hmm?

Daniel: Beats me. At least we know Carson's legit.

Amber: Yeah. I guess talking to him was the right thing to do. And my husband doesn't know about it. Maybe there's nothing to worry about.

Cane: The impact statements have to be filed today. Listen, I don't care if you've got to rent a chopper and fly it there yourself, I need you to file them. Do you understand? Can I help you, Mate?

Carson: Oh, you don't remember me? I asked you about this guy a couple days ago.

Cane: Yeah, right, I'd seen him about, but didn't have a name. Okay.

Carson: And now?

Cane: No different, Mate.

Carson: Well, I'm a little surprised you wouldn't recognize your wife's cousin.

Cane: Bad photo. It doesn't favor him.

Carson: He is your wife's cousin, right?

Cane: So?

Carson: Oh, wait, did I say cousin? I meant to say boyfriend. Well, ex-boyfriend.

Cane: Yeah, well, that's no shocker, Mate. They probably had a thing before we got together.

Carson: No idea where he is then?

Cane: Sorry, Mate, can't help you.

Carson: Guess it was worth a shot.

Kevin: So then the prosecutor tells me that Jana's attorney is gonna argue that she's mentally incompetent and can't stand trial because of her brain tumor.

Daniel: Well, she can't win with that motion, can she?

Kevin: Heather Stevens doesn't think so. But that is exactly what Jana wants her to think. I'm afraid she doesn't get her enough to win this thing. Gimme a sec! Michael! Michael!

Michael: You're still not at work?

Kevin: Mainframe or justice? Mainframes, justice.

Michael: Justice is blind. Your boss is not. You're gonna lose your job--

Kevin: I just saw the prosecutor.

Michael: She suggest you go to work, too?

Kevin: No, she suggested I go to counseling.

Michael: Now that you mention it, that's not a bad idea.

Kevin: Look, I get that the outcome of this case is in the hands of the new assistant D.A.

Michael: No, Kevin, it is in the hands of the jury.

Kevin: Okay, fine, I'm not doubting her capabilities, but she does not understand Jana the way I do. I know the way her mind works. And trust me, she is gonna try something to get out of this, and if that happens, I swear to you, I will kill her this time.

Nick: So Mom walked out? Just like that?

Victor: She said I don't know her anymore. And she's right. She certainly is not the woman I once knew and loved.

Nick: You guys always fight.

Victor: If she thinks I'm gonna run after her...

Nick: Dad, you know she's gonna come back.

Victor: And better be on her hands and knees begging.

Nick: Don't you find that image a little demeaning?

Victor: I don't give a damn, Son! No one walks out on me without paying a price. She made her bed. Let her crawl out of it.

David: Hey. What's wrong?

Nikki: I did it. I've left him.

Amber: How about... you pack it up early, we go home, and have dessert before dinner?

Cane: Normally, I would beat you out the door.

Amber: What's wrong? Hmm?

Cane: I spoke with you friend Carson today.

Amber: You were the one that said that we needed to stay away from him.

Cane: And he's the one that said Garrett was your boyfriend and his name is Plum.

Amber: I should have told you.

Cane: Why didn't you?

Amber: I don't know. I was embarrassed. Plum and pretty much every boyfriend I ever had were always... they were like, "Me man. You woman. Where 6-pack?"

Cane: What, you didn't think you could trust me with the truth?

Amber: It's not that. I just wanted you to think the best of me. I'm sorry.

Cane: Do you know where Garrett-- Plum went?

Amber: No. I'm just glad he's gone. Can you forgive me?

Cane: I already have. Come here.

Carson: Do you recognize this guy?

Woman: Sure do. And I wouldn't mind getting to know you a little better, too.

Carson: So you know this man?

Woman: Definitely. I never forget a face or a body. You work out? Nice guns.

Carson: This is really important that I find this guy, so any information that you have would be much appreciated.

Woman: Right. I'm pretty sure he's at my office right now if you wanna come and see him.

Carson: Fantastic. Is it close by?

Woman: Uh-huh. Dark, dingy little building around the corner, but I like it.

Carson: Now where do you work?

Woman: The city morgue.

Michael: I'm worried about Kevin.

Heather: Well, I offered to refer him to a victims assistance unit, suggested some psychological counseling. I've seen a lot of these cases and it can certainly eat away at a person.

Michael: I'm guessing he didn't take too kindly to that idea?

Heather: No. No, not so much, but maybe... maybe if it came from you.

Michael: I can try.

Heather: Well, what else can I help you with today, Mr. Baldwin?

Michael: Actually, I wanna help you.

Heather: Oh.

Michael: Uh, Jana asked me to represent her.

Heather: Oh, I can't imagine your brother was too pleased.

Michael: Oh, we're not gonna tell him. I turned her down, of course.

Heather: Well, I'm told her assigned public defender is fairly competent.

Michael: Very. Which is why I'm here to offer you my services. You can call me a special prosecutor, an aide-de-camp, a spear-carrier. I will bring you bottled water every hour on the hour, pro bono. As long as Jana Hawkes is locked up for the rest of her life.

Kevin: Welcome to my parlor, said the spider to the fly.

Jana: You came!

Kevin: I came, I saw, I will conquer. You have something to say? Say it. 'Cause the next time you see me is gonna be on the witness stand.

Victoria: You know, um, we could've just had decaf in the break room.

J.T.: That's not much of a break. Besides, you needed, uh, something to eat with your healthy beverage of choice.

Victoria: Or we could just slice and serve the tension between my parents. You know, they're making my divorce look like a cake walk.

J.T.: Yeah, I think we should add your dad to the dartboard. What do you say?

Victoria: It's really not funny. He doesn't respect her.

J.T.: Well, just so you know, I will always respect your desires.

Victoria: Oh, is that so?

J.T.: Yeah, that's so.

Victoria: Prove it.

J.T.: All right.

Nikki: (Sighs) I have to warn you-- Victor is gonna come after me.

David: By that you mean after me.

Nikki: Well, yeah. And he's gonna come after my company. I can tell you everything. He is so predictable.

David: Well, that's good then, because I'm not. He's never tangled with anyone so strong.

Nikki: Well, David, you are pretty tough, but--

David: No, I'm not talking about me. I meant you.

Nikki: You did?

David: Yes, I did.

Nikki: Wow. Okay, you're right. You're right.

David: And the two of us together? Formidable.

Nikki: I still can't believe I did this. You know, the... the best thing about... learning at the knee of the master manipulator? I know all his moves. And I know how to use those against him.

David: Great. Let the games begin.

Victor: She thinks she can walk out on me and humiliate me? I brought her into the business world, I can take her out of it!

Nick: All right, Dad, you need to just relax and take a breath. This can't be good for you.

Victor: It was her choice to make me the enemy.

Nick: Look, I'm serious. You look like you're about to blow a gasket.

Victor: You think this is a joke to me or what?

Nick: No, it's not funny. But this rage, man, it could bring your seizures back. I'm worried about you.

Victor: Don't you worry about me. The only think you should worry about is I'm gonna bring down N.V.P. I'm gonna leave your mother with nothing, just where she came from-- nothing.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Cane: Are you telling me Amber was there at the beginning when you started searching for me?

Phyllis: Jack, if I go to jail, my husband is fair game for your wife.

Daniel: I wanna tell you the truth about everything.

Lily: Are you even capable of telling the truth?

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