Y&R Transcript Wednesday 7/18/07

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 7/18/07 -- Canada; Thursday 7/19/07 -- U.S.A.


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Michael: Bye. I love you.

Kevin: Any luck reaching your wife in Clear Springs?

Michael: I left a message with the hotel and on her cell.

Kevin: Does, uh, does she know what happened?

Michael: No. I couldn't bring myself to tell her about William's death in a message, so I told her to call me as soon as she could.

Kevin: You want coffee?

Michael: Yeah, yeah, it's the only thing keeping me awake.

Kevin: Didn't sleep much, huh?

Michael: Oh, a couple hours. You?

Kevin: Same. I kept waking up, thinking Mom might need me, you know?

Michael: Has she come out of her room?

Kevin: No. I heard her sobbing last night. So I went to the door and knocked to see if she'd let me in, but...

Michael: Nothing?

Kevin: No. I guess she just wanted to be left alone.

Michael: Talk about timing. Gloria's about to confess to manslaughter... and her husband dies.

Kevin: How many second chances does she get?

Michael: He didn't want her to do it.

Kevin: Why?

Michael: Who knows? Maybe it took Gloria almost confessing to make him see that her actions weren't intentional.

Kevin: I don't know. Mister by the books? You really think he would've been able to keep that a secret?

Michael: I wouldn't say this to anyone else but you.

Kevin: Okay.

Michael: As bad as I feel about William, his dying-- it's a relief. He's the only one outside of this family who knew that Gloria is responsible for a woman's death.

Kevin: Yeah. Well... now the Jabot case goes away forever.

Paul: Hey, Heather.

Heather: Hey!

Paul: How you doing?

Heather: I'm doing well. How are you?

Paul: Well, I'm doing well. So, uh... we just stopped in to say hi. What are you up to?

Heather: Moving. My least favorite thing to do. I don't know, I always feel like I've forgotten something, probably because, uh, well, I usually do. But after I'm moved in, I'll be overseeing Mr. Bardwell's old cases.

Maggie: Yeah. Poor William. He was improving. I knew this was a possibility, I just... didn't think it would become a reality.

Paul: Yeah, I know. Me, too.

Heather: You know, I only met Mr. Bardwell once, but I was looking forward to having him as a mentor. Everyone talked about his dedication and more importantly, his unwavering search for the truth.

Maggie: Yeah. I couldn't have said it better. He had the strongest work ethic I've ever seen.

Heather: Well, I'll do my best to keep up that tradition.

Paul: So, um, what cases are you taking over?

Heather: Oh, just a few minor felonies and, um, this one. It's the biggest case I've had in a while. Pretty intriguing if you ask me. It's about, uh, Jabot Cosmetics.

Paul: Well, I'm sure that he would be, um, pleased that someone of your abilities is taking over for him.

Maggie: Yeah, he was working really hard on that case. It had been ongoing for months. He was hoping to close it soon.

Heather: Oh, well, I don't-- I don't think that would happen. I mean, it's pretty much turning out to be a cold case so far. I skimmed the file and it looks like all of William's investigations turned up nothing but dead ends.

Nikki: Done.

Kay: Ah. Well, I, uh, am now the official owner of your Jabot stock.

Nikki: I cannot thank you enough.

Kay: I thank you. You did me a favor.

Nikki: Well, you should know, you own the company.

Kay: Well, my dear, um, I'm glad you got what you wanted. But I'm curious about your husband's change of mind to sell you NVP.

Nikki: Well, I'd like to think that he actually listened to me for a change.

Kay: What do you mean, listened to you?

Nikki: I accused him of wanting to control me when he initially refused to sell. And then he tells me that we're supposed to be working together as partners. I told him he has no idea what that means.

Kay: I bet he loved that.

Nikki: Well, somebody had to tell him the truth. He'll never admit it, but I think he realized I was right.

Kay: Is, uh, this is the way you're trying to fix things between the two of you?

Nikki: It's a start.

Kay: Just a start?

Nikki: Hey, he abandoned me. He left the country when I needed him the most. He's gonna have to do a lot more than sell me shares.

Kay: All right, I understand. I do.

Nikki: I just want him to accept me as an independent business woman. I don't think that's too much to ask.

Kay: Mm-hmm. And if he can do that?

Nikki: Then we're headed in the right direction.

Victor: And I would appreciate it if you'd report to me directly.

Karen: What about Nikki? I thought the renovation was an NVP project.

Victor: Whoever the partners are, Newman Enterprises is in complete control.

Karen: Well, it sounds like a profitable endeavor for all the parties, and I'm eager to be involved, but I have to warn you that it could take me a little while to catch on.

Victor: I'm sure you will.

Karen: Jack Abbott is planning on building a casino there, right? He's part of the development?

Victor: That is true, although I have a feeling he will soon withdraw from that project.

Jack: Just have him send it to the state capital, attention Senator Jack Abbott. That's right. Thanks.

Karen: Oh!

Jack: These blind intersections are dangerous.

Karen: Yeah. Well, maybe I should lobby for traffic lights, huh?

Jack: Not a bad idea.

Karen: Shouldn't you be in Madison, Senator?

Jack: Actually, the party has a long-term lease for offices in this building. I also have an office here to oversee my work at Clear Springs.

Karen: Well, Clear Springs? I thought you were withdrawing from that project?

Jack: Who told you that?

Karen: Mr. Newman did.

Jack: Really?

Karen: You change your mind?

Jack: I guess you could say that. And I am confident I can juggle my senatorial responsibilities and still have a major impact on this project. But I am surprised that Victor is so concerned about me.

Victor: It's official.

Nikki: Oh, NVP is mine! I can't believe it!

Victor: The company is yours, all in the contract.

Nikki: Which I read very carefully.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Nikki: Just in case.

Victor: Something has piqued my curiosity. How'd you raise the capital for this?

Nikki: Well, if you must know, I sold my shares of Jabot to Katherine.

Victor: Well, you're obviously very pleased.

Nikki: I am. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I'm starting to understand why you've enjoyed your job all these years.

Victor: Do you wanna go out and celebrate?

Nikki: I'd love to. I'm so glad I was right.

Victor: About what?

Nikki: I told Katherine that I thought our relationship was changing for the better.

Jack: Well, try my office first. Right. Then my cell. I don't know where I'm gonna be this afternoon. Let me get back to you, okay? Well, hello there! You just swallow a canary?

Nikki: Maybe.

Jack: This I gotta hear.

Nikki: I just bought NVP from Victor. I am the official owner.

Jack: You don't say. Well, good for you.

Nikki: You don't seem very impressed.

Jack: Well, I'm trying to be. When Victor keeps selling things back and forth, I'm not sure I get the point. You two are still married, right?

Nikki: Marriage and business are two separate entities, Jack.

Jack: If you say so.

Nikki: I do say so. Golly, I thought you'd be more excited for me.

Jack: I'm actually more excited about the casino I'm about to build. Right next to the historic buildings you're so lavishly renovating.

Nikki: A garish monstrosity, no doubt.

Jack: I guess when people get tired of living in the past, the can always come over and try their luck at the slot machines.

Nikki: What has happened to your integrity, Senator? You're just trying to get a rise out of me, aren't you?

Jack: Is it working?

Nikki: Not in the least.

Maggie: I hope you don't mind us just dropping by.

Paul: We just wanted to, um, you know, extend our sympathies to your mother.

Maggie: Yeah, I-I, uh, I baked a cake. It should be all right, 'cause I, um, I followed the instructions on the box.

Michael: Thank you.

Maggie: It's kinda silly, actually, you know, considering the last thing she probably feels like doing is eating.

Michael: This is a wonderful gesture. She'll appreciate it.

Paul: Um, is she around? Can we see her or...

Kevin: She's in her room. She hasn't come out yet this morning.

Michael: She refuses to come out, and we can't convince her to open the door.

Maggie: Well, do you think I should try maybe?

Michael: No, you know what? I mean, I appreciate the offer, but, uh, to be honest, I don't think she's gonna be up for much company.

Maggie: Well, we should go.

Paul: Uh, just tell her we stopped by and we'll--we'll be back again soon.

Maggie: Yeah.

Gloria: Good morning, everyone. I'm sorry if I kept anybody waiting.

Kevin: Mom.

Michael: Wow. Uh, you--you... look nice.

Gloria: Thank you, Michael. I think I have to. William wouldn't want me wallowing in self-pity. He'd want me to hold my head up and be strong.

Maggie: Well, Mrs. Bardwell, you don't--you don't have to--

Gloria: Maggie, please, I don't want your pity. I wasn't deserving of that wonderful man when he was alive. But now that he is gone, I... I wanna try and make him proud.

Paul: That's very admirable.

Gloria: I remember how impressed I was when President Kennedy died, and Jacqueline just held her head up and carried on. And if she can do it, I'd like to try to do that, too.

Jack: Well, congratulations. I'm sure it wasn't easy selling NVP to your wife.

Victor: Oh, it was easier than you think, Jack.

Jack: Well, I just saw her. She couldn't be more thrilled.

Victor: Aren't you here to find out how she could afford to pay for it?

Jack: Not really. But if you'd like to tell me...

Victor: It was easy. She sold her shares to Katherine.

Jack: Her shares in what?

Victor: In Jabot.

Jack: Really?

Victor: Yeah.

Jack: Well, I hope she got a good price.

Victor: Aren't your curious to find out why she sold them?

Jack: I'm actually more curious why you're acting so strangely.

Victor: Let's just say everything is falling into place.

Jack: How do you mean?

Victor: Nikki owning a significant portion of Jabot stock prevented me from revealing your shenanigans.

Jack: My shenanigans? Whatever could you be talking about?

Victor: Don't be so smug, Jack. You own Jabot.

Jack: Oh, you're wrong. Katherine Chancellor is now the proud owner of Jabot.

Victor: You're bluffing.

Jack: Bluffing? Well, maybe you don't know. Maybe when you were slashing through the jungles of Sri Lanka or making a movie or whatever it was you were doing, you didn't hear, uh, Ji Min sold the company back to Katherine.

Victor: I don't believe you.

Jack: You don't have to believe me. It's a matter of public record. I have no reason to lie about this. Actually, it does my heart good knowing the company my father worked so hard to build is now in the hands of his oldest and dearest friend. I'm just surprised no one mentioned this to you. I would've thought maybe your wife might've told you.

Victor: She didn't.

Ji Min: Well, hello to you, too.

Nikki: Oh, Ji Min, I'm so sorry. I didn't see you. I'm a little overwhelmed right now.

Ji Min: In a good way, I hope?

Nikki: Well, um, yes. I'm the owner of NVP.

Ji Min: Nikki, congratulations.

Nikki: Thank you.

Ji Min: I couldn't be happier for you.

Nikki: Thanks.

Ji Min: How did you end up acquiring it?

Nikki: Um, kind of a long story, but I basically sold Katherine my Jabot stock. And I have to thank you.

Ji Min: For what?

Nikki: For turning the company around. I really made quite a profit.

Ji Min: It was my pleasure.

Nikki: Well, um, I'm meeting somebody. So, um... I'll talk to you soon. It was great to see you.

Ji Min: All right, we'll talk later. Congratulations again, Nikki.

Nikki: Okay, thanks. Thank you. Hey, David.

David: Oh, hey. Why don't we grab this table?

Nikki: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I have something to tell you. Sit down.

David: Yeah, you mention something about some good news over the phone. What's up?

Nikki: Wait till you hear this.

David: What?

Nikki: I just bought NVP.

David: Your husband gave in?

Nikki: Yeah. I mean, the stubborn, intractable Victor Newman changed his mind. I just bought it.

David: (Chuckles)

Nikki: You're laughing, but you're not happy. Why are you not happy?

David: No, I'm not.

Nikki: Why?

David: All right, I know this might sound horrible and selfish, but I'd rather you say that you'll never forgive your husband and you never wanna see him again.

Nikki: Okay, well, at least you're honest.

David: Great. What's that gonna get me? A gold star? Maybe a drink if I'm lucky?

Nikki: Well, I gotta tell you this, my ego loves you.

David: But you don't really wanna hear it, do you?

Nikki: Did I say that? I don't remember saying that. If I don't remember it, it didn't happen.

David: Okay. Nikki, I'm happy for you. I am. You have your company and your marriage seems like it's on the mend. So think it's time for me to leave town.

Nikki: Well, no matter what, I will never forget everything you brought to my life.

David: Same here.

Nikki: I'd tell you to keep in touch, but...

David: But you're afraid your husband might hunt me down and kill me?

Nikki: Yeah, something like that.

David: For you, I'd risk it.

Maggie: I, uh, admire the way you're holding up.

Gloria: Thank you, Maggie. And I owe you a debt of gratitude.

Maggie: For what?

Gloria: Continuing to investigate the Jabot case. Even after William couldn't do it himself.

Michael: Well, I'm sure the detective is only doing her job.

Maggie: I was doing it for your husband. He's a--he was a good friend of mine and, uh... an inspiration. There's no need to thank me.

Gloria: But he was so touched by it-- your determination. Because his work meant everything to him.

Kevin: Um, would anybody care for anything to drink, eat, anything?

Michael: Yeah.

Maggie: Uh, no, nothing for me.

Paul: I'm fine, thanks.

Gloria: I have always admired public servants. And their willingness to put their lives on the line--

Michael: Oh, I forgot to tell you that-- that Detective Sullivan brought you a cake.

Kevin: I could go for some of that. How about you, Mom?

Michael: Yeah, yeah, I'll serve. Come on, Gloria, you help me out in the kitchen. Come on. This is gonna be good. We're gonna get an extra big piece.

Nikki: Oh! Well, at least I'm on the right floor.

Victor: I told security to alert me the moment you returned to the building.

Nikki: Why, what's going on? I was about to make dinner reservations.

Victor: Never mind that. You come to my office now.

Nikki: "My office now." I don't take well to orders.

Victor: And I do not take well to deliberate betrayal! I can't believe that after all these years, I can't damn well trust you!

Nikki: What are you talking about? What did I do?

Victor: It's what you didn't do.

Nikki: Okay, you wanna be a little more specific or do you just wanna yell at me?

Victor: Why the hell didn't you tell me that Jack Abbott sold Jabot Cosmetics?

Nikki: That's what this is about?

Victor: I thought I could go after that son of a bitch after you sold your shares and I stopped protecting your interests at Jabot.

Nikki: Well, excuse me for being a little preoccupied that our son was alive!

Victor: I don't give a damn about your reasoning. You prevented me to go after Jack Abbott now!

Nikki: Oh, my God! That's why you sold me NVP? To go after Jack?

Victor: You think it was to make you happy? Are you kidding me or what?! Of course I wanted to go after Jack Abbott after what he has done!

Nikki: Your change of heart had nothing to do with me. It had to do with you and your revenge!

Victor: You bet!

Jack: Working hard?

Karen: It's the only way I know how to.

Jack: Listen, I was glad to hear you're gonna be involved in the Clear Springs project.

Karen: Really?

Jack: Well, sure. Knowing someone of your caliber is going to be involved on the Newman end of the development-- it's gonna help me sleep better at night.

Karen: If you're gonna lose any sleep, it should be over your senatorial duties, not a casino.

Jack: Don't worry, my priorities are straight.

Karen: I hope so. Because I spent a lot of time trying to keep you out of that seat.

Jack: You did a great job, too. I mean that. It was a hell of a campaign you ran. No hard feelings?

Karen: Well, after a compliment like that, how can I say no?

Jack: And listen, as far as this, uh, Clear Springs project goes, you do know this was originally my idea? I mean, it's been my baby all along.

Karen: Yes, I understand that.

Jack: So if you need any help, any information, don't hesitate to call me. I'd be glad to help.

Karen: Thanks. I will.

Jack: And of course, if you hear anything...

Karen: I will pass that along.

Jack: Good. Sounds like we understand each other.

Karen: Perfectly.

Kevin: We got another one.

Gloria: Oh, they're beautiful.

Michael: Oh.

Gloria: And my favorites. Let's see who they're from.

Kevin: Here.

Gloria: "Dear Gloria, my deepest sympathies in your time of loss. William was a wonderful man and he loved you very much. May he remain in your heart forever. My thoughts are with you at this time. Jill."

Kevin: Well, that was nice of her.

Gloria: It's ironic, huh?

Kevin: What is?

Gloria: If I hadn't stolen William away from Jill, she'd be the one alone now and I'd be...

Kevin: Dating Ji Min.

Michael: Oh. From the staff of the Genoa City District Attorney's office.

Maggie: Well, they're beautiful. And I know the police department is sending some by, too, today.

Michael: Lauren told me they hired a new assistant D.A.?

Paul: Heather Stevens, a bright young woman. She has a decent amount of experience for someone her age.

Maggie: Yeah, she's taking over some of his cases. You know, he had so many in the works that, uh, they had to split 'em up, reassign.

Michael: Mmm.

(Doorbell rings)

Michael: Oh, excuse me. I'll get that.

Heather: Hi.

Michael: May I help you?

Heather: I'm Heather Stevens from the D.A.'s office. I'm here to see Mrs. Bardwell.

Michael: Everyone, Ms. Stevens from the D.A.'s office. Uh, she's here to see you, Gloria.

Gloria: Hello again.

Heather: Hi. I am so, so sorry for your loss.

Gloria: Thank you.

Heather: I was assigned to clean up your husband's office and, um, well, these are some personal effects of his. I thought you'd want them.

Gloria: That was very thoughtful of you.

Heather: I also put his mail in here. I'm not sure if there's anything important in there.

Gloria: Thank you.

Heather: And uh...

Gloria: Thank you.

Heather: You're welcome. Hi, Guys.

Paul: Hey, Heather.

Michael: Uh, I'll take that.

Heather: Thanks.

Michael: So you're the new assistant district attorney?

Heather: That's me.

Michael: Well, I'm Michael, Gloria's son.

Kevin: He's also one of the best defense attorneys in Genoa City.

Michael: I paid him to say that.

Heather: Well, it looks like we'll be seeing more of each other.

Michael: I'm looking forward to it.

Heather: Likewise. Mrs. Bardwell, I wanna let you know I really wish I had the chance to get to know Mr. Bardwell better. From all the stories I've heard, he sounds like a wonderful-- just wonderful man. Hard working, but definitely knew how to have fun. Jim at the office-- he, uh, told me this one time when he took, uh, everyone out. William was celebrating the winning of a case and, um... I guess it was karaoke night and he didn't know and instead of leaving, he actually was the first one up there, belting out to "Bohemian Rhapsody."

Kevin: I would've paid to see that.

Michael: Yeah.

Gloria: Michael, I'm very hot.

Kevin: You okay, Mom?

Gloria: I'm just dizzy.

Paul: Well, we should go, let you rest.

Maggie: Don't hesitate to call if you need anything.

Gloria: Thank you, Maggie and Paul.

Michael: All right, thank you for coming. Let me show you out. Ms. Stevens, good to meet you.

Heather: Good to meet you.

Paul: Michael.

Michael: Nice to see you, Paul. I'll be calling.

Kevin: Mom, do you wanna call a doctor? You don't look so good.

Gloria: No. I'd just like some peace and quiet.

Victor: So I understand you landed a major acquisition while I was away.

Kay: Can you believe my good fortune? Ji Min not only increased sales, he sold the company back to me at a more than reasonable price.

Victor: Ji Min, huh?

Kay: Who else?

Victor: That's right. Who else?

Kay: Oh, Victor, come on... we are friends, are we not?

Victor: I certainly hope so, Katherine.

Kay: Mm-hmm. And if you knew someone was cheating me or defrauding me, you would bring it to my attention.

Victor: Of course, I'd protect you.

Kay: You'd protect my interests in this case, it would be best that my company be free of scandal, don't you agree?

Victor: I certainly would protect you.

Kay: Well, then let's make certain my clear title to Jabot stays clear. Please?

(Knock on door)

David: Coming.

Nikki: Hi.

David: Well, you're not the bellman.

Nikki: Uh, no, not the bellman. I need to talk to you.

David: What's going on? You look like you're upset. What's happening?

Nikki: David, don't leave Genoa City. I need you to stay.


David: Come in. I have a flight to catch in the next couple hours.

Nikki: Can you cancel it?

David: Why don't you just come with me?

Nikki: David, this isn't about us.

David: All right, now I'm confused.

Nikki: I need you to stay and work with me.

David: And do what? The campaign's over.

Nikki: Help me run NVP.

David: But I'm a political consultant now.

Nikki: You were a political consultant, but you have a business background. You can take any job you want.

David: I'm sure your husband would have something to say about that.

Nikki: That's none of his business.

David: Nikki, the man can't stand me.

Nikki: Not our problem.

David: Look, if this is some kind of ploy to use me to get back at him, I'm not interested.

Nikki: No, no, I promise, it isn't. No, this is a legitimate offer. This has nothing to do with my marriage.

David: Now I thought the two of you were starting to get back on track.

Nikki: Yeah, well, you know how he is. Things can go from bad to worse in a second.

David: Okay, so it's not personal, it's strictly business?

Nikki: That's right. Strictly business. I need a partner. I need somebody who will stand by me and share the same goals that I have.

David: You're really serious about this.

Nikki: Very. I really need the support. Please tell me you're in.

David: I gotta tell you, for the first time in my life, I'm speechless.

Nikki: Well, think about it. But don't think too long.

Heather: Nice digs. Is this where you guys hang out when you're not on duty?

Paul: Yeah, pretty much. This is it. This is where it all happens right here. That and Crimson Lights. They've got the best espresso in town. Keeps you going, you know?

Heather: How long does it last?

Maggie: Well, I get the econo size, so it'll take me about ten hours.

Heather: Huh.

Maggie: Yeah.

Heather: Definitely gonna be a pit stop on my way to work.

Maggie: Actually, you know, Gloria--uh, Mrs. Bardwell, her son owns that place.

Heather: Oh. She seems to be handling it pretty well so far.

Paul: She should. She has some practice. She lost a husband just before William.

Heather: Oh, my God. That's so tragic.

Maggie: Yeah. Things aren't gonna be the same without him around. He used to always get the stuffy D.A. rap, you know, but he made me laugh harder than anyone I've ever met.

Heather: Oh.

Maggie: Besides you, of course.

Heather: Um, excuse me, Guys, just for a second. I need to make a phone call.

Paul: No problem.

Maggie: I like her. She's smart.

Paul: I couldn't be more proud.

Maggie: Hey, you know, seriously, I think you need to tell her that. I think she might like to hear that from her father.

Paul: How do you tell a grown woman she's your daughter?

Maggie: Well, you just... walk up to her and spit it out.

Paul: It's not that easy.

Maggie: Okay, well... it sounds like she's giving up on the Jabot case. Maybe we can start there, you know, involve her in that.

Paul: No, I don't-- I really don't want her involved in that case any more than she has to be.

Maggie: Even if it means solving the case? I mean, she's smart. You said it yourself. We could use--

Paul: Maggie, William knew who the killer was. Involving her in that case could put her in danger. This stays between us.

Gloria: What's the point? I'm not fooling anybody.

Michael: What are you talking about?

Gloria: I am a failure, Michael. I am a complete and total failure.

Kevin: Mom, no, William loved you. You didn't fail him.

Michael: You had no control over the situation.

Gloria: Two good husbands are gone. I was the kiss of death for them.

Kevin: No, no, Mom, that's-- that's ridiculous. Okay, look, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Gloria: William did not deserve to die. It should've been me.

Michael: Oh! You deserve to live just as much as anybody else.

Gloria: Do you realize that if it were not for you two boys... there would be no reason for me to be on this earth. None. But Gloria's sons... have turned out to be such great men and I'm so proud of that.

Kevin: Okay, okay, Mom, that's enough. That's enough, okay? No more morbid talk. Look, look, look, okay? Come here. Look, we get depressed, okay? But sad and lonely? No. No, because Michael and I are here, and we are gonna be here to support you and smother you until you're feeling better, okay?

Michael: Yeah, give it time.

Gloria: But that's just it, Michael. There is no time. I need a pen and a paper.

Michael: What for?

Gloria: To make out my will.

Jack: Katherine, I thought you should know.

Kay: Hmm?

Jack: Victor found out that I sold you my company.

Kay: I'm aware. But I'm surprised it, uh, took him so long.

Jack: Think he's gonna give us any trouble?

Kay: No. He's been sitting on the information you owned Jabot for months.

Kay: So if it came out that he knew about the fraud all along--

Kay: Uh, people would believe that he was in on it, yes.

Jack: Oh, the look on his face when he found out--priceless.

Kay: Oh, Jack, come on, don't gloat too soon.

Jack: Oh, come on, a guy's gotta have some fun.

Kay: Well, let me tell you something, I have learned one thing in life, it's like a roller coaster. One day you're up and the next day you're spiraling downward, you're hanging on for life. You live long enough and you know everything can change in a second.

Jack: Well, that's a lovely metaphor, Katherine. Does it have a point?

Kay: It sure does. Victor Newman is a formidable enemy. And he's even more so when he loses a battle.

Ji Min: Something I can do for you, Victor?

Victor: If it were up to me, you'd get yourself a ticket and fly the hell back to Korea.

Ji Min: Have I done something to offend you?

Victor: Why did you involve yourself in the sale of Jabot Cosmetics to Katherine Chancellor?

Ji Min: How dare you tell me what I can and cannot be involved in. I made a decision for the best of the company and getting us out of a bad situation.

Victor: You were involved in fraud.

Ji Min: Not intentionally, Victor.

Victor: Don't you B.S. me. You did this together with Jack Abbott. How did he manage to get you involved? Did he bribe you or threaten you?

Ji Min: Well, in case you didn't notice, Victor, I've increased the sales of Jabot Cosmetics and made it a more valuable company--

Victor: And you sold the damn company for half of what it's worth! You should have come to me.

Ji Min: You weren't around. And that's not my problem.

Victor: I've been back for a while now.

Ji Min: Well, I figured someone told you, but I don't owe you anything.

Victor: You just made a grave mistake, my man.

Kevin: Hey, so whatever happened to holding your head up high like Jackie Kennedy? Making William proud, huh?

Gloria: What difference does it make? William's not here, Kevin.

Michael: All right, look, you're exhausted. This whole will thing can wait, all right?

Gloria: No, it can't. I wanna finish my will. So would you please get me a pen and paper?

Michael: If you're serious, we can always go to the office in the morning.

Gloria: Yes, I am serious. I'm very serious, Michael. I know I don't have a lot to leave you two, just some mementos and tokens, but I would-- I'd like to get it in writing.

Kevin: Mom, stop it, okay? You're in perfect health.

Gloria: It doesn't hurt to be prepared. Now please... I'll get my own pen.

Gloria: This box. Oh, William. (Sighs) it's still legal if it's written on the back of an envelope, right?

Michael: Can you postpone this till you're feeling better?

Gloria: And when am I going to feel better, Michael? Two great loves--lost. I may not be in prison, but I'm being punished for everything I've done bad.

Kevin: Mom, come on, give it a rest.

Gloria: Oh, listen, if I learned anything from William, it's you don't put things off.

Kevin: What? What is that?

Gloria: It's just a letter from an attorney.

Michael: Well, read it. It could be important.

Michael: What? What's wrong?

Gloria: Read it. Just read it, Michael.

Kevin: Well, what's it say?

Michael: Uh, William's uncle's estate... has been in court with creditors. And according to this the case has been resolved. And the court found in favor of the estate.

Kevin: What does that mean?

Michael: It means our mother is worth $50 million.

Victor: I'm calling security. And this time I'm gonna charge you with trespassing.

Nikki: Oh, for heaven's sake, he's here with me.

Victor: I have made it perfectly clear to you that I don't wanna see you in this building.

David: You might wanna get used to it. I work here now.

Nikki: I hired him to help me run NVP.

Victor: Then you can unhire him.

Nikki: Well, Victor, I own the company now and as I said earlier, I don't take orders.

Victor: You listen to me carefully. You're my wife. You're either for me or against me. There is no middle ground.

Nikki: You think after being married to you all these years I don't know that? Pay no attention to him. I have an appointment at the linen suppliers. You should come with me.

David: You're the boss.

Nikki: Yes, thanks to my husband, I am the boss.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Kevin: The next time you see me is gonna be on the witness stand.

David: By hiring me you're telling Victor that you marriage is over.

Victor: I'm gonna bring down NVP. I'm gonna leave your mother with nothing.

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