Y&R Transcript Tuesday 7/17/07

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 7/17/07 -- Canada; Wednesday 7/18/07 -- U.S.A.


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Will: (Coughing)

(Keypad buttons beeping)

Michael: Yeah, hi, I need an ambulance. My--my stepfather's having trouble breathing. It... yeah. Uh, 1-9-0 East Chestnut. Um, 6-3-2. Um, he had a stroke a couple of weeks ago. He--he might be convulsing. I don't know. I'm not sure. Is there anything I should do? Okay. Yeah, thank you.

Will: (Gasping and coughing continuing)

Michael: William, William, William, William, can you hear me? Can you hear me? Look, just--look, just relax. Just try and relax. Please just try and relax. Relax and breathe. Just breathe. Wait...

Will: (Wheezing)

(Telephone beeps)

Michael: Yeah, it's me. Look, y-your--your husband is-- is having trouble breathing. He's--something's wrong. Yeah, I already called 9-1-1. I called the ambulance. How long will it take you to get back here? You know what? You know what? Just calm down. Calm down before you get behind...

Will: (Wheezing loudly)

Michael: Calm down before you get behind the wheel, all right? I don't need you having an accident on your way. I will see you at the hospital. Yeah.

Amber: We have a problem.

Kevin: Oh, great. What else is new?

Amber: That guy who's been showing Garrett's picture around? He recognized me from the "Catwalk" clip.

Kevin: Aren't you supposed to be staying out of sight?

Amber: My husband wouldn't take me on his business trip.

Kevin: So why didn't you just stay home?

Amber: You are not helping!

Kevin: All right. Does this guy know that Garrett's your cousin?

Amber: Well, he knows my name. How hard is it gonna be to make the connection, huh? People saw us together.

Kevin: All right, just don't flip out. We don't know why this guy is even looking for Garrett. He could just be an old friend who wants to catch up.

Amber: Mm-hmm. Or he could be looking for a bunch of dead presidents buried 6 feet under in my backyard. If he finds out that Garrett is at the morgue--

Kevin: All right. He's not going to, okay? So just don't freak out and lay low. This guy will leave in his own time.

Amber: Okay, and what if that doesn't work, huh? My cousin stayed at your place. Somebody dropped off his dead body at the hospital.

Kevin: It wasn't us. We don't know anything about it.

Neil: No, no, listen, I'm just checking in on you to make sure you're okay. Okay, I'm guilty. I'm guilty of being overprotective. What can I say? Have you eaten lunch yet? How about you let me buy it for you? Okay, well, call me back if you change your mind. I love you, too, Darling. Bye-bye. What's that, your lunch break?

Karen: (Laughs) yeah, it's all I got time for. Doesn't look like anybody takes off at 5:00 around here.

Neil: 5:00, are you kidding me? That's a half day.

Karen: Mm.

Victor: I understand you called a meeting of all the department heads.

Karen: Yes, I'm just trying to educate myself.

Victor: Mm-hmm. I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on how we run things around here.

Karen: Yes, Sir.

Victor: So kindly set up a meeting with my secretary.

Karen: Yes, Sir.

Victor: Okay.

Neil: Mm. He's right, you know. You ready for it?

Karen: (Chuckles) try me.

Neil: Well, I'm gonna start you with, uh, something small.

Karen: Okay, good.

Karen: That's an interesting little ritual you have there.

Neil: Oh, this is an old habit.

Karen: Yeah?

Neil: Yeah. Have you had a chance to look at the holiday marketing plan?

Karen: That's "Small"?

Neil: It's almost done. It was the last thing my wife worked on before she died.

Karen: Great. I'll get right to it.

Nikki: "Luxury, tranquility, renewal." I like that. Let's go with that. Yeah. Hey, look, whatever happened to those insurance figures that you were gonna get for me on childcare? Yes, I'm serious. I want them tomorrow. All right, is there anything else pressing? Okay, thanks. Bye.

Victor: Would you like some dinner at the club?

Nikki: Oh. I have something for you.

Victor: What's that?

Nikki: A contract for me to buy N.V.P., and I had a lawyer draw up the agreement so you couldn't possibly say no.

Victor: I'm saying no.

Nikki: How can you say no? This deal is weighted in your favor.

Victor: I'm not interested in selling.

Nikki: You invested in N.V.P. so that I could realize my dreams. I-I should've known that it was all talk. You just want to control me.

Victor: I want no such thing.

Nikki: If anybody else had come to you with this deal, you would have signed the papers by now.

Victor: I have your best interests at heart. I don't want to see you make mistakes.

Nikki: Or is it that you just don't think I'm capable of running my own company?

Victor: Wouldn't it be foolish for you not to consult with me, just to avoid making mistakes?

Nikki: I need to make my own mistakes, okay? So please stop protecting me. Please. I don't want you to protect me. I might be more capable that you give me credit for. You know that?

Victor: That's not the point. I invested in N.V.P. so that you and I could work together.

Nikki: Work together? You don't even know what that means. All you do is override my decisions and second-guess me. You're not turning this down for business reasons. You're turning it down because you want to maintain control of me-- simple as that.

Amber: Hey, uh, did the doctors ever buy your "Jana is nuts" story?

Kevin: Oh, she's been saying all sorts of crazy things to prove my point.

Amber: That girl is a few fries short of a happy meal.

Kevin: Uh, that's probably because, um, she, uh, she has a brain tumor.

Amber: Ah, clever. Did she come up with that one on her own?

Kevin: No, it's true. The doctors confirmed it.

Amber: You talked to her doctors?

Kevin: Uh, they only give out detailed information to family members. She doesn't have any. She's all alone.

Amber: Wait. Are you starting to feel sorry for this girl?

Kevin: I don't know. A little, maybe.

Amber: Um, hello, she tried to kill you.

Kevin: Yeah, I know.

Amber: Karma with a capital "K." That's exactly what this is.

Kevin: No. If that were true, I wouldn't be here right now. I can't do anything for her.

Amber: Who cares about that right now? Right now you need to focus on yourself. How do we stop this Carson guy?

Kevin: We, uh, we find out what he's doing here and why he's looking for your cousin.

Daniel: So this is the guy you're looking for?

Man: Have you seen him? I feel like I'm on "C.S.I." doing an interrogation. You ever watch that show? Great cast, Man.

Daniel: Yeah. No, I-I don't think I've seen him. What, is he in some kind of trouble?

Man: Oh, no, no, no. He's an old friend of mine, actually. I just lost contact with him. Name's Plum.

Daniel: Well, why are you looking for him? I'm--I'm sorry, I didn't get your name.

Carson: Oh, I'm Carson.

Daniel: Daniel.

Carson: Nice to meet you.

Daniel: Nice to meet you. Why do you need to find him?

Carson: Actually, we served together in Iraq. He saved my life. Got out before I did, and kind of fell off the map, you know?

Daniel: Yeah, no, I'm sorry. I don't think I've seen him.

Carson: All right. Well, I'll keep looking. Later, Man.

Daniel: Take care.

[Daniel calls Amber]

Daniel: Hey, it's me. Where are you? Okay, well, stay right there. I'm on my way over.

Gloria: Michael? How is he? Did you talk to the doctor? Did he...

Michael: I don't know.

Gloria: Did he have another stroke?

Michael: I don't know. I don't know. The doctors are still with William.

Gloria: You know I never would have left him if I didn't think he was better.

Michael: All right, you know, don't blame yourself. It's not your fault. It's just bad timing.

Gloria: Just please, God, he has to be okay. He has to get over this.

Michael: Hey, hey, hey. Look how far he's come already. He--he wants to beat this.

Gloria: He does, doesn't he? And he is gonna beat this. Nothing's gonna stop him.

Michael: Well, you're right about that.

Gloria: "They're holding me prisoner"? Michael, this is crazy. We're not holding him prisoner.

Michael: I don't think that's what he's gonna tell the police. I think it'll be more along the lines of having you arrested for murder.

David: I've e-mailed you a list of all your contributors and printed out a hard copy for you to have.

Nikki: Okay.

David: Here's the final accounting and the checkbook. You might want to hold off for at least a month before you close that account, make sure everything's cleared. The good news is there's no outstanding debt.

Nikki: Yeah, that'd be depressing, huh-- losing office and being in debt? In any event, it was a wonderful experience, and I had tremendous support.

David: Yeah. You would've made a wonderful senator, Nikki.

Nikki: Maybe I still will someday.

David: I wouldn't put it past you. If you ever decide to run again--

Nikki: I'll remember not to call you.

David: (Chuckles) right. You could actually win next time.

Nikki: I have only myself to blame.

David: Please. I'm equally responsible. I'm just hoping that this hasn't forever tarnished your image.

Nikki: Oh, are you kidding? That was tarnished years ago.

David: Hmm.

Nikki: What about your reputation?

David: Ah, don't worry about me. I'll bounce back. Your candidate wins, loses, you move on. It's all part of the game.

Nikki: So now you're moving on.

David: In the absence of someone giving me a reason to stay, looks like it, yes.

Nikki: Well...

Victor: Get out. I said get out.

Nikki: Oh, Victor, please. He's just giving me the final wrap-up on the election.

Victor: I will have security escort you out of this building.

Nikki: Sorry.

Doctor: Your husband's stable. He didn't have another stroke.

Gloria: Well, thank God for that.

Michael: Why was he having trouble breathing?

Doctor: Well, there could be a number of reasons why. Uh, I want to take a few more tests, chest x-ray.

Gloria: Is there something that we should be worried about?

Doctor: No, not now. This was a-- an isolated incident, nothing too serious. You see, the level of frustration that a stroke patient experiences, it often produces more stress, which can exacerbate the situation.

Gloria: So he could have a relapse.

Doctor: Yeah, it's a possibility, but the more he exercises and then keeps a positive attitude, stays away from depression and stress, the faster he'll recover.

Michael: Are you keeping him here overnight?

Doctor: I'll let you know after I've seen the test results.

Gloria: Thank you, Doctor.

Doctor: Okay.

Gloria: Michael... why does William think we're holding him prisoner?

Michael: For all practical purposes, he was your prisoner.

Gloria: He had everything he needed. I worked with him for hours every day--

Michael: No one's disputing the fact that you helped your husband.

Gloria: Yeah, except maybe his detective friend Maggie.

Michael: What about her?

Gloria: William has been trying to tell her the truth about me. That's why this happened.

Michael: No. No, it's no one's fault.

Gloria: Mm-hmm. Now I thought I was helping my husband by not letting him focus on anything negative. It's just forced him to keep everything bottled up inside... and it's killing him.

Amber: So you talked to him?

Daniel: Well, more like he talked to me. He was waving around a picture of your cousin, asking if anyone had seen him.

Kevin: What did you say?

Daniel: What do you think I said? I denied seeing the guy.

Amber: Why is this happening? This guy's gonna figure everything out.

Daniel: Way to stay positive.

Kevin: Okay, okay. We need to think of a way to throw him off track.

Amber: What if we told him that Garrett went back to L.A.?

Kevin: Hold up, hold up. Without knowing why he's looking for your cousin, that's a bad idea.

Daniel: He said they were buddies in the army together.

Kevin: Was he in the army?

Amber: I don't know. I hadn't seen him in years.

Daniel: Guys, I can't do this. I am already in so much trouble with my wife.

Kevin: You can't do what?

Daniel: I've gotta tell her everything.

Amber: No, you're not telling her. Unh-unh.

Kevin: No, no.

Daniel: I have to. If I don't, I could lose her.

Kevin: And who cares about us, right?

Daniel: It's not like that.

Amber: No, you can't do this. You're gonna ruin everything.

Amber: You know, we had a deal. Don't you care about that?

Daniel: My marriage has to come first.

Amber: Mine, too! Cane will leave me if he finds out.

Kevin: Who knows what's gonna happen if someone else finds out we hid this body? Come on, you can't do this.

Daniel: Come on, we knew what we were getting ourselves into.

Amber: We did this because we could trust each other!

Daniel: And my wife has to trust me.

Amber: You're just selling us out. What if she can't keep the secret?

Kevin: Yeah, Man. Come on, think about it.

Daniel: You know, I have thought about it, and this guy is gonna find out that your cousin stayed here.

Amber: He won't if you keep your mouth shut.

Daniel: My mouth shut? You know what? Too many people already know. Jana, she saw the money. Is she gonna keep her mouth shut?

Amber: Oh, she already told the police.

Daniel: Wait a minute. Why didn't you tell me this?

Kevin: Because I took care of it. I told 'em she was delusional.

Daniel: And what if someone believes her?

Kevin: I said they were phony stacks of 1s with a 100 on the top and the bottom. It's not a big deal.

Amber: Please, I am begging you, okay? Don't tell Lily, because if she says something to Cane, my marriage is over.

Kevin: She's right, Man. We all go down together.

Daniel: I want no part of this, okay? You guys can keep my share of the money. I don't care. I never met the guy, okay? Deal?

Amber: Please don't tell your wife, okay?

Daniel: Yeah, fine, okay.

Amber: Oh, thank you. Thank you so much. I owe you big-time.

Nikki: Oh, apples.

Karen: Hi.

Nikki: Are there any more in there?

Karen: I think this is the last one, but here. You know what? You take it. Go ahead.

Nikki: Thanks.

Karen: Mm-hmm. Hi.

Neil: Hi, Ladies. Uh, excuse me. I-I read your e-mail.

Karen: And what do you think?

Neil: Well, I found myself thinking why you felt the need to tear the whole campaign apart. I mean, Dru had it all laid out.

Karen: Wait, I'm not-- I wasn't trying to tear it apart. It's just that there have been some shifts in the marketplace since that was drawn up, so...

Neil: Okay, well, it worked fine the way it is.

Karen: No--well, it worked fine, but Dru didn't have all the information about the competition that I have, so I--

Neil: I thought I made myself very clear about it. All I asked you to do was tweak a few things. I mean, it was a very simple request.

Karen: Neil--

Neil: The marketing plan is one of those things that I've been on for--

Karen: Look--

Victor: If you're talking about Karen's marketing plan, I read it. I think it is very innovative.

Karen: Look, with oil prices the way that they are, we have to factor in the cost of shipping. Plus one of your major competitors just changed hands. Now potentially, that's a big shift in the marketplace. Do we ignore that?

Neil: The same management is in place.

Victor: She needs to be given full authority to make decisions as the situation requires.

Neil: Victor, this is her first project.

Victor: I'm perfectly aware of that. From now on, you're in control of the marketing plan.

Karen: Thank you.

Victor: Don't disappoint me.

Gloria: William, please. Please, if you love me... please keep the secret.

Will: I believe that you would never intentionally hurt anyone.

Gloria: That's right. That's right.

Will: I don't want to lose you.

Gloria: I don't want to lose you. (Gasps) please, I will--I will do anything you ask me to do. I will make amends any way, any how.

Will: It's--it's too late.

Gloria: (Crying)

[William remembering]

Will: I cannot turn my back on everything I believe in. I have to--

Gloria: No! No! No!

Maggie: See, what I don't understand is why you had the D.N.A. tested at a private lab. You must have had a reason. Were--were you worried about a leak? Okay. Okay. Okay, William. It's okay. It's okay. We'll find some other way.

Michael: William, she's not innocent, but she's not intentionally guilty of murder or anything else except bad judgment! And she's not even intentionally guilty of that.

Gloria: Hey, Honey. I came as soon as I could.

Michael: Hey, William. You're looking better.

Gloria: I'm so sorry I left you.

Michael: Well, the prognosis is good. The, uh, doctors say it wasn't a relapse. They're testing to see if it's pneumonia.

Gloria: Which might've been... Caused by stress brought on by me. Michael showed me the note you wrote. I never meant to keep you locked away, William. I was just hoping that we could get you better... before we had to deal with all that... that bad stuff. But I don't want to hurt you anymore. So when I leave the hospital today... I'm gonna go turn myself in to the police.

Michael: Think about this.

Gloria: It's the right thing to do, Michael. A woman died because of me... and I thought it'd be all right to keep it a secret... because I didn't mean to hurt anybody. But that's not the way it works, is it, William? The look on your face when you told me that you knew-- I will never forget. I know that I've lost your love and your respect. But if it's possible... I need to see if I can redeem myself by doing what I should've done... a long time ago. (Sniffles) Michael... will you promise me to take very good care of... of William... if I go to prison? Hmm?

Michael: You'll make bail.

Gloria: You can't guarantee that I won't spend time in jail. So just promise me.

Michael: Of course I will.

Gloria: There. It's all done. You're gonna have the best care, and you don't ever have to be afraid of me. You just get better, okay? 'Cause that's all that matters.

Daniel: He said his name was Carson.

Kevin: First or last?

Daniel: First, I think.

Kevin: How old is he?

Amber: 35ish?

Daniel: 40?

Amber: No, he's not 40.

Kevin: All right, fine, 35 to 40, and he's in the army, right?

Daniel: Yeah, something about the 3rd cavalry, Tal Afar.

Kevin: All right. Anything else?

Amber: Uh, brown hair, blue eyes, about 6 feet tall.

Daniel: That's all I got.

Kevin: All right, here goes. Search.

Daniel: Whoa. Jackpot.

Man: I'm sorry. I've never seen him. I'm part-time here. You should talk to the owner.

Carson: Oh, is he around?

Man: He usually comes in later.

Carson: Okay. Well, thanks, Man. I'll be back.

Man: No problem.

Neil: Oh, good. There you are. You, uh, got a minute?

Karen: Yeah. Yeah, sure. What's up?

Neil: Um... listen, I-I wanted to apologize for overreacting earlier.

Karen: Apology accepted.

Neil: That was easy.

Karen: You want me to make it harder?

Neil: No, no, no. Not--not really, no...

Karen: (Chuckles)

Neil: Although I was prepared for it.

Karen: Oh. Good. I'll remember that.

Neil: Yeah, I'm just-- I'm hypersensitive about anything that has to do with my wife.

Karen: Neil, that's understandable.

Neil: I'll tell you the truth, I'm sure you can relate to this. Sometimes it just, um, it hits me out of nowhere.

Karen: Well, yeah.

Neil: Yeah, I-I was walking past the boutique downstairs...

Karen: Mm-hmm.

Neil: And I saw, uh, this hat in the window--

Karen: Wait. It was the--the red hat with the feather?

Neil: Something that Dru might've worn, so... I don't know. I... I lost it.

Karen: I'm sorry.

Neil: Ah, it's cool. You know... I'm sorry for--again-- for snapping at you earlier, and I'd like to make it up to you.

Karen: It's--its--its fine.

Neil: How about I buy you a drink after work?

Karen: You can buy me two. Uh, okay, wait a minute. That came out wrong.

Neil: (Chuckles)

Karen: You know what I mean.

Neil: Yeah, no, I know what you mean.

Karen: Okay.

Neil: How about-- how about I buy you one? We'll start with one, and then we'll go from there.

Karen: I'd like that. Okay.

Woman: Yes?

Victor: Have you seen my wife?

Woman: She left here a little while ago, in a hurry.

Victor: You know where she was going?

Woman: She didn't say.

Victor: Thank you.

Nikki: Hi.

David: Hi. What are you doing here?

Nikki: I know I'm the last person you expected to see at your door.

David: Yeah, just about.

Nikki: Um, there--there were a few personal letters of yours in--in this.

David: Oh. Oh, I'm sorry about that.

Nikki: It was accidental, right?

David: Well, you know what Freud says. There are no accidents.

Nikki: Freud was a very smart man except when it came to women. He and my husband have a lot in common there.

David: Mm-hmm, and we were having such a nice conversation until that point.

Nikki: Oh, I'm sorry. And I do apologize for his dreadful behavior.

David: You don't have to apologize on his behalf. Would you like to come in? I have that bottle of sparkling cider we were gonna open for your victory. I'd hate to see it go to waste.

Nikki: So what's next for you?

David: I haven't decided yet.

Nikki: Why don't you stay a few more days?

David: What for? There's nothing for me here. No job, no campaign.

Nikki: Thanks.

David: Even Carmen's killer has been caught.

Nikki: Yeah, but it hasn't gone to trial yet. Don't you want to stick around and see how that plays out?

David: Mm. Jana's in the psych ward. I trust the prosecution will keep her there. And watching that trial every day will just remind me how much I miss her. So no, I definitely don't want to stay for that reason.

Nikki: Mm.

David: I also have my eye on a lawyer from Illinois who's thinking of running for congress.

Nikki: Wow, I envy you. Moving around the country, meeting new people.

David: Mm, never putting down roots. It's not a life for everyone. It was hell on my marriage.

Nikki: Well, I certainly wouldn't mind a change of scenery.

David: The job getting to you?

Nikki: No, no, no, no. The job is fine. Do you know that Karen works at Newman now?

David: Yeah, I heard.

Nikki: I was watching her with Victor today. So typical. He just has to be the savior. He has to be in control.

David: (Chuckles) well, "Control freak" is compatible with "Successful businessperson."

Nikki: I guess, but it's not compatible with "Husband" or "Business partner." He just cannot stand the idea of me being independent.

David: Victor needs to recognize you for what you have to offer-- your talent and your success.

Nikki: Okay, me.

David: "Me"?

Nikki: You asked for a reason to stay here.

Amber: There are way too many Carsons.

Kevin: Could this guy be an ostrich farmer?

Daniel: No.

Kevin: Tax accountant?

Amber: Doubtful.

Kevin: There's a ton of obituaries. So many soldiers died in Baghdad.

Daniel: Yeah, you know what? I'm already depressed enough as it is.

Kevin: Well, Guys, we're gonna be here for hours.

Amber: Can't we just narrow the search?

Kevin: Yeah, I can add Garrett's name to it. What is it, two R's and two T's, right? What? What's with the looks?

Amber: He isn't really my cousin. His name's not Garrett. It's Plum.

Kevin: Excuse me?

Amber: See, I knew you'd be upset.

Kevin: Are you kidding me? Who the hell is he?

Amber: An ex from L.A.

Kevin: And you lied because?

Amber: Because I didn't want my husband finding out.

Kevin: Did you know about this?

Daniel: Yeah.

Kevin: Are you freaking kidding me? I let the guy live here!

Amber: Oh, he wasn't dangerous.

Kevin: Hmm, what else did you lie about?

Amber: Nothing.

Kevin: I thought I could trust you, and you. You're supposed to be my friend! Who don't you lie to?

Daniel: It's complicated.

Kevin: Oh, yeah, and it's just so much easier to lie, isn't it? You tell me the truth. Do you know who this Carson guy is?

Amber: No. I swear I have never seen him before in my life.

Carson: Yeah, he got out before I did, and a mutual friend said he was headed out here. Have either of you seen him?

Karen: I wanted to deck him.

Neil: F.Y.I., knocking down your boss usually doesn't get you a good referral.


Karen: And then one day we're standing there with the client, and he does it all over again. "Hey, little lady." He calls me "Little lady" in front of the client.

Neil: Wow.

Karen: So that was it.

Neil: Mm. And--and you said?

Karen: Well, I didn't say anything. I just sort of grabbed the mock-up, knocked it over his head, kicked him through the chair onto the floor and...

Neil: Mm. (Chuckles)

Karen: It was sort of funny.

Neil: I must have missed that on your résumé. Uh, remind me not to hire you. Oh, wait. I...

Karen: Too late.

Neil: Anything else that I should know about that frustrates you? I don't want to get decked without warning, you know?

Karen: No, I'm--I'm good. I mean, now that I'm a little older and wiser, I just take it out on a heavy bag.

Neil: Really? Boxing?

Karen: Mm, something like that.

Carson: Excuse me, Guys. I'm sorry to interrupt, but I'm looking for an old buddy of mine. Have either of you seen him?

Karen: Um... no.

Neil: Uh, yeah, you know something? I think I have.

Michael: Well, the doctor was called away, and the nurse can't tell me anything.

Gloria: How are you feeling? (Chuckles) good. Good.

Maggie: I heard the, uh, E.M.T.s brought him in. How's he doing?

Gloria: He's doing better. Please come in, Maggie.

Maggie: Hey, you. Did he have another stroke?

Michael: No, it was more of a scare than anything.

Gloria: They're gonna check for pneumonia, but he's doing just fine. Just fine, aren't you, William?

Maggie: Well, we all miss you at work. You know, it just isn't the same without my favorite district attorney keeping me in line.

Gloria: You know, Maggie, I'm really glad you're here... because I've got something to tell you.

Michael: Hey, ho--

Gloria: And I'd like to do it in front of my husband.

Michael: Now's not the time.

Gloria: Michael, please. There is a reason, Maggie, why I've been keeping William away from you.

Maggie: Oh, okay. I don't want you to worry about that. It's--I know you're protective of him--

Gloria: I'm afraid... there's a little bit more to it than that.

Maggie: Oh, look. Oh, he--oh, he's writing again! Look what he's doing! Oh, William, you're writing again!

Michael: What does it say?

Maggie: "My wife..."

Gloria: Go ahead, William. Finish it.

Maggie: "My wife... I love her." That's sweet.

Gloria: And I love you, too, William Bardwell.

Michael: Incredible.

Maggie: It is, isn't it? Imagine how horrible it must have been for him not to be able to communicate. But now you can, thanks to your wife. She worked hard to help you.

Gloria: Thank you.

Maggie: And as soon as she says that you're up to it, I'd like to go over a few of your outstanding cases with you.

Gloria: That's fine, just as long as it's not too stressful for him.

Michael: Uh, I agree. There's no need to rush.

Doctor: Well, the X-ray confirmed the diagnosis. William has pneumonia.

Michael: So that's why he wasn't able to breathe?

Doctor: When a stroke patient doesn't have control of his facial muscles, something as simple as a coughing fit can cause him to panic. So I'm recommending that you rent him a portable oxygen tank. That'll help.

Gloria: You're sending him home?

Doctor: Yes. I'm discharging you. You've gotta get plenty of rest, okay?

Gloria: Oh, believe me, Doctor, he will get rest.

Michael: Oh, thank you, Doctor.

Doctor: Yes.

(Cell phone rings)

Maggie: Oh... I'm on the clock. I'll call Gloria in a few days and drop by and see you.

Gloria: William would like that, huh?

Maggie: Bye, Counselor.

Michael: Thanks.

Maggie: Detective Sullivan.

Gloria: You have no idea how worried I was when Michael called me. I prayed all the way here that you'd be okay, and now you are. "Take me home." You mean to Michael and Lauren's?

Gloria: Oh, yes, Honey... oh, yes, I am going to take you home.

Karen: You know, Neil, this offer couldn't have come at a better time. I mean, I've been thinking about getting out of politics for a while.

Neil: Really? Huh.

Karen: Yeah.

Neil: I'm guessing this election solidified things for you.

Karen: (Laughs) that's a very good guess.

Neil: You might not want to hear this, but being part of a big corporation can be political.

Karen: (Sighs) touché.

Neil: You'll be fine.

Karen: I know I will be, especially with your guidance, and, you know, I'm smart and I pick things up and everything, but... there's a lot to learn.

Neil: Yeah, well--

Karen: Yeah.

Neil: I'm gonna be there, right next to you, giving you all the corporate secrets, keep you ahead of the game.

Karen: Seriously though, Neil, the last thing I wanna do is mess up your wife's legacy. And regardless of what Victor says, I... I don't know if I'm ready to handle all of this.

Neil: Sure you are, and I'll help you any way I can.

Karen: Thank you.

Neil: Cheers.

Karen: Cheers.

Nikki: It's me.

Victor: I thought you had left for the day.

Nikki: I got your message. What is it you wanted to see me about?

Victor: I've reconsidered. When you started N.V.P., I offered to support you. I still want to do that. If you can raise the capital, I'll sell the company to you.

Daniel: Anything?

Kevin: Plum Island and Rachel Carson... Carson City and Plum Lane... Johnny Carson...

(Knock on door)

Amber: (Whispers) are you expecting someone?

Kevin: No.

Kevin: (Whispers) I've never seen that guy before.

(Knock on door)

Daniel: (Whispers) that's him. That's Carson.

Amber: Well, don't answer it.

Kevin: Well, duh. How did he find me?

Daniel: I told you he would.

(Knock on door)

Kevin: (Normal voice) oh. He's gone. Plum never mentioned an army buddy?

Amber: (Normal voice) no. Never. I-I didn't even know he was in the service.

Daniel: (Normal voice) you'd think that's something that he'd talk about.

Kevin: All right, tell us more about this guy.

Amber: I--there's nothing more to tell. It was a bad time in my life. I had no money, bad job. You know, we dated for a while, I dumped him, and then I didn't see him again until he came here and decided he wanted me back. And this Carson guy-- I never saw him before in my life, ever.

Daniel: Well, get used to it, 'cause he's gonna be back, and he's gonna be looking for some answers.

Michael: I hate leaving you alone like this.

Gloria: (Laughs) Michael, I can take care of my husband myself, without you.

Michael: Are you sure? I can cancel my plans.

Gloria: Honey, please. Your wife, your baby-- they're out of town. Go enjoy your friends, okay?

Michael: All right, call me on my cell if you need me.

Gloria: I will. We're fine. Go.

Michael: I'll see you later, William, all right?

William: (Grunts)

Gloria: (Sighs) and good riddance. (Laughs) we don't get time alone, William. I'm gonna take off my shoes. I've got you all to myself for a few hours. We'll listen to some music, and we'll talk. And here, have a little bit of this delicious tea. It's not too hot. There you go. Perfect. Perfect, perfect. Welcome home. So are you comfortable?

William: (Grunts)

Gloria: I don't think so. You sure? How about a pillow? You stay here. I'm gonna go get you a pillow and give you a nice massage when I get back. Oh, and, William, by the way, I called that, uh, physical therapist. You've been doing so well, I think it's time to move on to the next level of exercises. And I am going to call that speech therapist and ask her if there's anything I can be doing till we can get her in here a couple of times a week. You know, you're going to have the best care possible. And with your determination, I know you going to make a full recovery, Darling. And then, before you go back to work, then we're gonna take that honeymoon. But in the meantime, why don't we take a nice drive up to the lake tomorrow? Just you and me and the fresh air and the sunshine...

Gloria: William? Have you slept all through me rambling? Huh, Honey? Let me put--

Gloria: William? William? Oh, don't leave me. Please don't leave me. (Sobs) please don't leave me.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Ji min: I don't owe you anything.

Victor: You just made a grave mistake, my man.

Kay: Victor is a formidable enemy, and he's even more so when he loses a battle.

Nikki: Don't leave Genoa City. I need you to stay.

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