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Gloria: And Lauren is giving over an entire section of her new boutique for Jabot products. She wants me to be in on the final design. Needless to say, I'm happy to do it and I am so thrilled that she values my opinion.

Michael: Hey.

Gloria: And, Michael, don't go away. Hello! I'm only gonna be gone for a couple of days and you will be in very good hands with Michael.

Michael: Don't tell him that. You're gonna scare the poor guy.

Gloria: Oh, stop it! He's just teasing. What did you write, Honey? What did you write? "Have a good trip." You better believe it, and I'm gonna miss you. I'll be back. Okay.

Michael: Every day an adventure, right?

Gloria: Now my bags are already in the car. Michael, look how clear William's handwriting has gotten.

Michael: Ha! This writing is amazing, William. Congratulations.

Gloria: What are we supposed to do about it?

Michael: I don't know, break his fingers? Burn his pencil?

Gloria: Stop it. I'm trying to be serious. Please don't joke.

Michael: I joke because it helps me deal with the nightmare situations that my family gets me into. Would you rather something more along the lines of... this is more of a threat than a bon voyage. Because if he can write this, he can write, "My wife is a killer." So... every day he makes progress is one day closer to the day they throw you and me and the rest of the family into jail. See, make you happy now?

Victoria: I'm having a normal pregnancy. I never thought that "Normal" would sound like such a magical word. My baby is developing normally.

J.T.: Our baby is developing normally.

Victoria: I sure hope it's our baby.

J.T.: It is, whether it is or not. What can I get you, my normal pregnant lady?

Victoria: Water would be great.

J.T.: Water it is.

(Cell phone ringing)

Victoria: What?

Brad: Didn't you get my messages?

Victoria: I always get your messages.

Brad: Do you listen to them?

Victoria: I was at the doctor.

Brad: Oh. How's the baby?

Victoria: The doctor says that everything is normal.

Brad: Great. Listen, I need to talk to you as soon as possible.

Victoria: We're talking now, aren't we?

Brad: I can't discuss this over the phone.

Victoria: Well, you know where I am.

Brad: I'll be right over.

Victoria: We're having a visitor.

Abby: Victoria's having a baby?

Brad: Hey, Sweetheart, I didn't realize you'd come back in. Uh... yeah, yeah, you obviously, uh, overheard. Victoria's having a baby.

Abby: Will it be my new brother or new sister?

Brad: Well, we don't know if it's a boy or a girl yet. Either way, you're gonna be a big sister.

Abby: This picture will be for the baby.

Nick: Cassie's challenge? What was that?

Phyllis: Oh, that was really cool. That was a, uh, program that you put together-- an educational program-- to counter underage drinking in schools. You and Sharon did it.

Nick: Huh. Did it do a lot of good or was it just to make us feel better?

Phyllis: Um, I think it did a lot of good. I mean, you're gonna have to ask Sharon what happened from it, but, um... I remember you telling me that a lot of high school teachers were--were calling you and telling you, you know, thank you.

Nick: Hmm. Was it my idea or Sharon's?

Phyllis: Uh, I don't know, you're gonna have to ask Sharon.

Nick: Did I... give a big speech or anything?

Phyllis: Um, I-I don't know. I wasn't able to attend. So you're gonna have to ask Sharon.

Nick: Ask...

Phyllis: Yeah.

Nick: Sharon. Right.

Lily: Soliciting a prostitute?

Daniel: Okay, first of all, I didn't do anything. I just sat there.

Lily: No, you paid to get in.

Daniel: I paid the cover and I sat there.

Lily: Yeah, and bought a drink!

Daniel: I bought a drink and I sat there.

Lily: By yourself and watched?

Daniel: Yes, by myself.

Lily: And what, watched five strippers? Ten?

Daniel: I don't know. I don't remember--

Lily: No, you have to remember, Daniel. You have to remember.

Daniel: Two, okay?

Lily: So you had a drink, sat there by yourself and watched two strippers and didn't talk to anybody?

Daniel: I sat there by myself and I-I maybe said hi.

Lily: To who?

Daniel: To one of the strippers. She came over to the table.

Lily: Oh, my God.

Daniel: Look, she came over to the table, she--she asked if-- if I would buy her a drink and I said no thanks.

Lily: No, you said-- you said hi.

Daniel: I said, hi, no thanks.

Lily: No, she asked for a drink, not to buy you a drink. It doesn't make sense that you would say "No thanks" when somebody asks you for something!

Daniel: Because I was saying no to what she was offering.

Lily: And what was she offering?

Daniel: I don't-- a lap dance? Are you okay?

Lily: No. Oh, God, I feel sick.

Daniel: Lily, I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, okay? I was stupidly sitting there when the cops came in and they were asking for I.D.s and I didn't know that those girls were hookers.

Lily: No, the citation isn't for "Stupidly sitting there," it's for soliciting a prostitute!

Daniel: That's because the cop got mad at me because I was begging him not to report me.

Lily: Yeah, for soliciting?

Daniel: No, no, for being there and being underage. I just didn't wanna get reported.

Lily: Yeah, because you didn't want me to know.

Daniel: Yes! And no! Okay, just stop, please.

Lily: You know, it's funny you had no clue that they were hookers, but yet you know when someone's offering you a lap dance!

Daniel: Stop and let me finish! I am sorry. It was stupid of me to be there and I already said that. But you know what? It was even more stupid of me to try talking to the cop 'cause all it did was get him impatient with me, okay? I was arguing with him. He got impatient. He got mad because I was--

Lily: Why was he impatient?

Daniel: Because I was begging him not to report me! Okay? It's as simple as that!

Lily: And you were gonna tell me all of this?

Daniel: Yes!

Lily: When?!

Daniel: Tonight!

Lily: What, because I found the summons?

Daniel: I had made up my mind to tell you everything. Ask Devon. I told him I was gonna tell you.

Lily: You told Devon before you told me?

Michael: I suppose you never imagined in your wildest dreams or nightmares that you'd be, um, well... a prisoner. A prisoner of love?

Will: (Groans)

Michael: No, Gloria loves you. Being spoon-fed by a defense attorney-- now I know that's every prosecutor's nightmare. Having to listen to everything the defense says without being able to object.

Noah: Hey, what?

Phyllis: Hey.

Nick: Hey.

Phyllis: I was just telling your dad about some things that he doesn't remember yet.

Noah: Hey, that was Cassie's challenge. That was fun.

Sharon: Mm-hmm.

Nick: Hey, where was this?

Noah: Crimson Lights.

Nick: Crimson Lights. We should do this again, but we should do it outside.

Noah: How about the duck park?

Nick: That's a good idea. We'll have to pull a permit to reserve a space for the event, but that would be cool.

Sharon: Yeah. Um, go ahead.

Nick: And you're gonna have to help me, not just because you were Cassie's mother either, but because I don't remember a thing about it.

Noah: Okay, Mom?

Sharon: Um, well, you know, it was a lot of work. Um...

Noah: Please?

Sharon: Sure, okay. Yeah, I guess.

Noah: Yes!

Phyllis: This is great. This is gonna be fun. We can all get involved.

Nick: When do you think we should do it?

Sharon: Um... I just--I have to check Jack's schedule.

Nick: Yeah, definitely.

Phyllis: Yeah, Jack would definitely wanna be involved.

Victoria: So what is it that we couldn't talk about on the phone?

Brad: This concerns you, too. We need to be concerned about this book Korbel is writing.

Victoria: Because?

Brad: He's consulting on the architectural restoration project with you and you agreed to work on his book.

Victoria: I agreed to work with him so that I could keep certain information from him if I had to.

Brad: I understand that. I need to know what you've told him and what questions he's been asking.

Victoria: I haven't met with Adrian on his book in weeks. But I don't understand why you find it necessary to monitor our conversation.

Brad: Here's my worry-- Korbel has already accused me of trafficking in stolen artwork. Now I acted appropriately offended, but I could tell by his questions that he fully believes the Newman collection contains stolen pieces. And the fact is, your father, your brother and I did buy some of that artwork when we were posing as dealers on the black market. I'm concerned about where his research may lead.

J.T.: You're just afraid he might find out you're not who you say you are.

Brad: That's right. And if he exposes my background, he could expose yours as well. We can't afford that kind of scrutiny.

J.T.: Look, anything that Victoria and I did that compromised us legally, we did because we got dragged into your personal messes. And now we're supposed to thank you for looking out for us? After the fact? Because now you're endangering somebody else.

Brad: What the hell are you talking about?

Victoria: The baby.

Brad: Look, I'm not here to argue. I just wanted to tell you what's going on and suggest that you be careful in your dealings with the professor. Do we have a consensus?

J.T.: Well, as much as I hate to admit it, I agree with Brad.

Victoria: Well, I don't. You keep your friends close and you keep your enemies closer, and that works fine for me. And that is the right way to handle this situation.

Brad: Normally, I would agree with that strategy.

Victoria: If I avoid Adrian, it's only gonna confirm his suspicions that we have something to hide.

Brad: In this situation, I think you'd be better served.

Victoria: I've made my decision.

Michael: Mmm. And that...

Michael: Well, thanks for dinner? Is that supposed to be sarcastic? Because, you know, this isn't easy on-- okay. You're welcome, Counselor. You know, Mr. District attorney, it wouldn't have been the worst thing that ever happened to me if you had been more than just, you know, my stepfather. Mmm! I mean, if you had been say, my biological father.

Will: (Moans)

Michael: I probably wouldn't have hated it. I definitely wouldn't have hated it. Because I've always looked up to you. Don't get me wrong, you are a, you know, hard ass, by the book son of a bitch. But, you know, I mean that with all due respect and in the nicest sense of all of those words. Yadda, yadda, yadda, yadda. Um... see, you've been all of those things in defense of what is right. You... you're a principled man. Ever since I've known you, you have always tried to do the right thing. Man... do you know how rare that is? Do you? All right, fine, right? Rhetorical question. Of course, you do. "Let... let none presume to wear an undeserved dignity. Oh, that clear honor were purchased by the merit of the ware." Ha! "Merchant of Venice." I remembered, uh... that, uh, little bit of Shakespeare from high school partly because even way back then I realized that I... I didn't know a single man of honor. Not one!

Michael: But you, Sir, you deserve to wear that dignity. Yeah. You are an honorable man. And, uh... as an honorable man, you realize that... your wife may have committed manslaughter? And as an honorable man, you will have to do the right thing. But... the cards on the table, Counselor. I... admittedly less honorable, I cannot let you do that.

Woman: These are the dates when Mr. Abbott has to be in Madison for committee work. Did you need anything else?

Nick: I'm good, thank you.

Nick: Hello, I need to apply for a temporary use permit in Bailey Park. Yeah, it's a, uh, nonprofit event. Uh-huh. Yeah, I have a number of dates to choose from, but it absolutely has to be on one of those. Yeah, I have it right here. August 17th, 18th, 19th or any day the following week.

Brad: All right, Victoria, you play it any way you want. But I would suggest to you that you watch your Ps and Qs when you're around the professor. And by the way, Abby knows you're pregnant.

Victoria: Why did you tell her?

Brad: I didn't tell her. She overheard our phone conversation.

Victoria: Great.

Brad: We are going to have to figure out what to tell her. Of course, if I am the biological father, there'll be nothing to tell her other than the fact that she is going to have a little brother or a little... sister. This is the baby?

Victoria: Yeah.

Brad: Wow.

Brad: What the hell is this? We agreed no amnio. You would risk the baby's life just to prove that it's not mine?

Victoria: I would never do anything to jeopardize my baby.

Brad: What the hell is this?

Victoria: It was with everything else they gave out at the doctor's office. You know what? Just go! Get out!

Brad: I'm sorry that I, uh... jumped to conclusions.

J.T.: Yeah, just-- just go, Brad.

Brad: But if I ever thought this baby was in any kind of danger, any kind at all...

J.T.: Go.

Brad: I would do anything to protect it. Anything.

Victoria: Don't you threaten him.

J.T.: You've got a lot of nerve.

Victoria: Don't do it. Or me. Because to tell you the truth, right now, I could care less about what happens to you and I would be happy to tell everyone that I know that you've been pretending to be someone else for the last 20 years. And that every word that comes out of your mouth is a lie. And technically, I'm not even married to Brad Carlton, because he's dead.

J.T.: Hey.

Michael: I cannot let you hurt my mother... for a lot of reasons. The first one being... too many men in her life have hurt her already. Not just emotionally. What? Am I protective of her? Yeah. Am I overprotective? I have ceased to be the judge of that. I do what I'm compelled to do, as you will do. Rock meeting a hard place, Counselor? But if I am overprotective of her, it's because I basically raised her. When she had me she was 15--15. You should be playing volleyball or going on field trips and building science projects and sneaking into "R"-rated movies when you're 15, not having babies all by yourself. My dad-- my biological father-- he disappeared on us. I didn't even know my own father. Ugh. That sounds like a heinous country music song, doesn't it? I didn't know my own daddy (chuckles) oh... it's just as well he abandoned her. Us. Because you know what? Abandonment, I'm sure is a whole lot better than the abuse we took from my--my first stepfather. Was he a piece of work. Boy howdy! Whoa! My kid brother-- he got the worst of it. He got hurt the worst. Got hit the worst. William... I didn't do anything to stop it. He hates me for it. I know he does. He doesn't say it, but he does. I hate myself. You wanna know about self-hatred? Well, let me draw you a map. First you put yourself in a position where you are unable to protect someone you love from being abused like a dog. That--that... self-hatred-- you will know self-hatred then. What's this? You're writing an awful lot.

Michael: "I'm sorry."

Michael: Yeah. I'm sorry, too. Thank you.

Neil: Okay, listen, I signed off on these bids. Um, I'm gonna leave copies with you and send copies to Victoria. Here's the tentative agreement for the upcoming budget.

Nick: Okay, cool.

Neil: So if you wanna add anything, go ahead.

Nick: All right. Looks good to me.

Phyllis: Hey, Guys!

Nick: Hey.

Phyllis: Hi, I don't wanna interrupt.

Neil: Hey, no, no, we're almost through.

Phyllis: But, uh, she just woke up from her nap. She wanted to see her daddy.

Neil: Yeah, Daddy's not the only one. I could always use a time out to look at a beautiful baby. What are you doing, baby?

Nick: Come here, beautiful. Oh, daddy's little girl.

Phyllis: There you go. Oh, she has Mommy's dress.

Nick: There you go. Oh, hey, you know what? We got some, uh, we got some dates for Bailey Park.

Phyllis: Oh, cool! We're gonna do another Cassie's challenge. Isn't that great?

Neil: Nice.

Phyllis: You know, um... I'm not completely sure, but I think these were the dates that--that Jack, uh, was gonna be in Madison. Um, I know that Sharon wanted him to be there.

Nick: Well, those were the dates they had available.

Phyllis: Oh.

Lily: Oh, there you-- oh, sorry.

Nick: Come on in.

Neil: Hi, Honey.

Lily: Hi. Um, Dad, when would be a good time to talk to you?

Nick: Hey, you know what, Bud? I think we're done here if you wanna take off.

Neil: Yeah? You sure?

Nick: Yeah.

Neil: Okay. Call me if you need any help with this at all, all right?

Nick: All right.

Neil: Okay. Bye, Baby.

Nick: Say bye-bye.

Phyllis: Wow, okay. Sharon will be disappointed. I know Jack will, too.

Nick: Well, I'm afraid if we don't do it now, it's never gonna happen.

Neil: Nobody's using this conference room right now. Sweetheart, what's wrong?

Lily: I'm embarrassed to even say it. Daniel got arrested for soliciting a prostitute, which he says he didn't do. Although, he admits that he got arrested at a strip club, but he can't deny that because he got a summons. Dad, Devon knew about it! He knew about it and he didn't even tell me! And so did a lot of other people! And now I have to figure out if there's even more stuff that he never told me about. And you know what? I'm starting to think that all the doubts you and Mom had were justified and I just must be the most naive person alive.

Neil: Shh. Shh. Shh. Oh, baby, I'm sorry. Come here. Have a seat. Sit down. You listen to me, beautiful girl. You're not naive, all right? You're trusting. We tend to trust people that we love. I mean, I trusted your mother wholeheartedly. I trust you and your brother. I never doubt you.

Lily: You think I should leave Daniel?

Neil: Yeah, I do. I think you should leave Daniel and I'll pay all the attorney's fees.

Lily: Dad, I know you hate him.

Neil: No, I don't hate him, Honey. I don't. I just don't trust him. And neither should you. You should leave him. That is my opinion and not that my opinion really matters or is important, but... unless you need to hear someone else say it, than saying it yourself? Daniel has been dishonest with you since day one. I know what your mother would want you to do, but we can't do it for you.

Michael: I will tell you something about my little brother. Kevin is a hero just for not turning out like his old man. And how he did that, I will never know. But... I give my mother some credit. Not that she's anybody's idea of a good mother. But despite her flaws and failings, she loved us. And I know it's a stretch, but that has got to count for something. And you-- you, to your everlasting credit, you see her, don't you? She's beautiful. You see it? Deep inside... she has got the most beautiful soul. Yeah. Admittedly... sometimes that beauty is hidden by her--her outrageous behavior or her... horrible judgment. But... her motives are always good. She was, in fact... trying to help her former husband when she messed with that new cosmetic product line. So misguided, but she only intended to burn herself. She... she was actually gonna hurt herself to help her husband. Look, long story short, it was a mistake. It was an accident that that cream ever got distributed. It was never, ever her intent.

(Pen tapping)

Michael: What?

Michael: "I love Gloria." Oh, William... I believe you. I believe you. But I also believe... that when you're writing gets even better, that note is gonna say, "I love Gloria, but good intentions don't make her innocent." [Michael shakes Williamís wheelchair hard] Or, "I love Gloria, but I'm gonna have her arrested," or, "I love Gloria, but I'm gonna file negligent homicide charges against her," or obstruction of justice or--I know that, Counselor! That... is the heart of our problem-- our problem. Our problem. Yours and mine.

Neil: Hey!

Nick: What's up?

Neil: Um, staging a repeat of that event in memory of your daughter seems like a really good idea.

Nick: Thanks.

Neil: If you're doing it for the right reasons.

Nick: We're gonna fight underage drinking. Name a better reason than that.

Neil: Well, definitely a better reason than figuring out ways to spend more time with your ex.

Nick: Come on, man, that's a stretch.

Neil: Pretty transparent, don't you think?

Nick: What?

Neil: These dates. They happen to coincide with the same dates that Jack is out of town.

Nick: Those are the dates that were available.

Neil: Yeah, that's what I heard you tell Phyllis. That's what's available for that venue on those dates. Come on, Man. You're looking for any reason to spend more time with Sharon. She's got a husband. You've got a wife. Go home to your wife.

Daniel: One of the guys in the mail room said Lily was up here. I'm looking for her. You know, I didn't do what they said I did.

Neil: You didn't?

Daniel: I have never been unfaithful to your daughter and I never will be. Yeah, it was stupid of me to go into that club, and I didn't know there were prostitutes there.

Neil: Sure, yeah, I understand. It's just one more in an ever expanding list of things that you're not guilty of. You make me wonder what I did wrong as a father that Lily could be married to a man like you.

Daniel: You never liked me.

Neil: My friend, that's as stupid as it is relevant.

Daniel: I'm not a bad person, okay? I'm not a criminal.

Neil: You're a liar.

Daniel: I make mistakes and I learn from them.

Neil: Come here. Come here.

Neil: See, I will buy that you're not a bad person... if there's nothing else important that you haven't told my daughter about or lied to her about. Is there? Daniel, I'm willing to forgive you, son. You just need to tell me if there's anything at all that you've lied to Lily about, that you've hid from Lily. Now's your chance. It's the day of reckoning. Why don't you man up and tell me right now. Can you do that? I didn't think so.

J.T.: Now put it all out of your mind.

Victoria: What am I putting out of my mind?

J.T.: Hey, quiet. All right, just... stop talking. Concentrate on my hands 'cause, uh, I could take your mind off anything.

Victoria: Oh, yeah! That feels good.

J.T.: Yeah?

Victoria: I think its working. Oh, yeah, it's working. Mmm, now all I can think about--

J.T.: Shh. Stop talking.

Victoria: Don't "Shh" me. I wanna talk. It feels good to moan. Mmm. Oh! Wait, don't stop! Don't--what are you doing?

J.T.: Well, I meant to give this to you earlier, but, uh... it's for the baby.

Victoria: What is... what did you do? Oh!

J.T.: It was obviously for, you know, when he or she starts walking, but, uh... it's supposed to keep the baby from slipping. You know, I hated shoes when I was a kid, so... these are supposed to be more comfortable and, um, skid-resistant. What do you think?

Victoria: Kiss me again.

J.T.: All right.

Michael: I was hoping, uh... we could reach an understanding, you... and me. You know, the honorable man and the not so honorable man, about my mother, your wife. I mean, you know what you know about her culpability and, uh, we know what you know and if you didn't know before tonight, you now know that we know you know what you know. We're a very knowledgeable family. But you had to have known earlier because I... I remember Gloria scolding you for writing "Murderer" a while back. So... before your writing skills improve too much, we have to figure out what to do. What to do, what to do... hmm, you dropped something.

Michael: "They're holding me prisoner."

Michael: They're holding me prisoner? You got anymore little surprises around? Do you, William? Do you?!

[Michael shakes Williamís wheelchair hard]

Abby: This is what our family will look like. You, me, Victoria and the new baby.

Brad: That's beautiful, Sweetheart.

Abby: Because we are a beautiful family.

Daniel: Is she here?

Devon: No.

Daniel: She found the summons.

Devon: Really? I'm surprised you're even looking for her or sticking around here at all.

Daniel: Yeah, well, I live here, remember?

Devon: Whatever.

[Lily comes to the front door and listens]

Daniel: You know what? No, thank you. I have had enough criticism and enough condemnation and enough assorted crap to last me an entire lifetime. And I have been apologizing to everyone and I can't apologize anymore! So why don't you take your attitude and why don't you stuff it!

Devon: Oh, yeah, you've had enough? You've had enough? I've heard enough lame ass excuses from you, buddy, to last me and everyone else a lifetime. So why don't you take your attitude and shove it! You screwed over my sister in more ways that I could possibly imagine, all right? And you still vomit up the same old same old crap! You're a loser! You make me sick! I don't know why you don't just disappear!

Daniel: You self-righteous bastard! Are you kidding me? I am so sick of you and your higher than thou attitude.

Devon: You know what? I'm not the one that screwed up today, yesterday, last week.

Daniel: Let's talk about "I'm living with my sister! I'm a big stud!"

[Devon punches Daniel in the stomach. Daniel goes down to his knees in pain. Devon goes upstairs]

Devon: You know what? I should've done that years ago.

[Lily leaves]

Michael: Well, I don't blame you for trying to get out of here. I would if I were you. Just like I understand that you know you can't blame me either for trying to protect my mother, for trying to keep her out of prison, for preventing you from treating her like a criminal. When she's--she's nothing but a-a-a damaged, well-intentioned, if misguided, woman who has had so much misery in her life, more misery than any amount of prison time could inflict on her! William, she is not innocent, but she's not intentionally guilty of murder or anything else except bad judgment! And she's not even intentionally guilty of that! Bad judgment just naturally comes to her. So Shakespeare be damned, I am not gonna let you prove your honor at her expense! So if you can't see your way clear to a compromise-- if you can't see your way clear to letting her walk-- what is it?!

Will: (Wheezing) (coughing)

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