Y&R Transcript Friday 7/13/07

Y&R Transcript Friday 7/13/07 -- Canada; Monday 7/16/07 -- U.S.A.


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Jana: He tried to kill me! He held a gun to my head!

Kevin: The one I took from you after you tried to shoot me. What choice did I have?

Sullivan: Is there any truth to her claim?

Kevin: No. She also claimed that she loved me. See how that worked out?

Jana: I do love you! You turned your back on me!

Kevin: There's your proof. She's certifiable.

Colleen: You can't believe a word that comes out of her mouth.

Jana: Ask him about the chloroform!

Sullivan: Chloroform?

Colleen: She ran after him. That's how it happened.

Jana: You're a liar!

Michael: Kevin, whatever you've said to the detective, why don't you just give it a rest.

Sullivan: Michael, I have no reason to arrest Kevin. He did us a favor by restraining this woman.

Jana: Why don't you believe me?!

Michael: Well, good. Any more interviews, let me know. So I can be present, regardless of reason.

Jana: Give me a lie detector! I'm telling the truth!

Sullivan: Whatever you say.

Kevin: They're gonna give you a lot more than that.

Sullivan: Doctor, where are you gonna be taking her?

Doctor: We need to run some more tests, see what's causing the convulsions.

Sullivan: All right.

Kevin: Keep her restrained. She's dangerous.

Jana: Hey, Detective, why don't you ask him about the suitcase full of money?

Sullivan: Well, she wants to help me with the questioning. Is there any truth to the claim that there's hundreds of thousands of dollars that you have?

Colleen: Not in my lifetime.

Kevin: Right? I wish my job at Jabot was that lucrative.

Sullivan: Why would she make that up?

Colleen: Well, she's disturbed. It shouldn't be that complicated.

Kevin: Well, if you do come across this suitcase full of money, I get first dibs. I totaled a car I need to replace.

Sullivan: Miss Carlton?

Colleen: There wasn't any money, Detective. Not even Monopoly.

Amber: I can't stay long. I'm meeting my husband at the coffeehouse.

Daniel: Did you take care of our little situation?

Amber: Done. The cash is buried.

Daniel: The guy I called about is over there at the bar.

Amber: The dude in the suit?

Daniel: Mm-hmm. He's been asking about Plum. You recognize him?

Amber: Never seen him before in my life.

Daniel: You don't seem worried about this.

Amber: I'm not. If he's quizzing strangers, that means he doesn't know Plum came to Genoa City to see me.

Daniel: So what? Are you gonna do anything about it?

Amber: Make sure he and my husband never cross paths.

Daniel: How you gonna do that? You gonna start following him around, stalk him?

Amber: It's my problem.

Daniel: Until you screw up, and then it's mine, too.

Amber: Okay, then help me. Keep an eye on him. He might be looking for something other than Plum.

Daniel: Like maybe the money?

Amber: Mmm. He won't know we have it.

Daniel: What if he does?

Amber: He won't.

Amber: Hi.

Cane: Hey. I've been waiting for you my whole life.

Amber: Ha ha, very funny. I had a few stops to make.

Cane: Don't you have to be back at the store?

Amber: No, no rush. I wanted to run something by you.

Cane: Should I be nervous?

Amber: No. I was thinking I'd take a few days off and go up to Clear Springs with you.

Cane: I hate to break it to you, love, but, um... the stores aren't really open yet and the ones that are there don't have walls, so...

Amber: Well, you can show me around. And I can watch my man in action.

Cane: Yeah, but if I'm gonna be there, I'm gonna have to pitch in. 'Cause I like to be hands on.

Amber: I know. I like that about you. I will watch and then when we're done we'll go hit the town.

Cane: Well, as far as hitting the town, there's only really two restaurants and a Laundromat. And look, to be honest with you, I'm gonna get back, I'll be tired. I'm just gonna wanna have to crash, so...

Amber: I know a few ways to keep you awake.

Cane: Don't you have this, uh, promotion at Lauren's boutique?

Amber: There will be tons more. And they won't care if I'm gone for a short trip.

Cane: All right, look, let's just cut to it. Why do you wanna come on the trip with me?

Amber: I'm your wife. Isn't that a good enough reason?

Cane: And I don't think my grandmother's gonna appreciate if I'm there on the clock and I'm playing tour guide.

Amber: Please? I'm dying to see you in a hardhat. Just a hardhat.

Cane: Mmm. That could be dangerous, couldn't it?

Amber: I live for danger.

Korbel: Hey, Colleen, I'm not sure if you got my 500 other voicemails. Uh, I've been trying to get in touch with you since yesterday. I don't know, maybe your phone is dead or you don't have any service. I hope everything's all right. Um, anyway, whatever the case, give me a call when you get this. Oh, and, uh, can I tell you I miss you? Because I do. Okay, um, call me.

(Cell phone ringing)

Kevin: Kevin here.

Daniel: Hey, it's me. Listen, uh, we got a big problem. Literally.

Kevin: Compared to the small problems we've been dealing with lately?

Daniel: That's not funny, Man. I'm kinda freaking out.

Kevin: Why, what's up?

Daniel: This, uh, dude showed up at Indigo.

Kevin: What dude?

Sullivan: We're finished.

Colleen: Hey, who is it?

Kevin: It's a computer problem at work.

Colleen: Oh, don't they know that you're sick?

Michael: Tell them you're in the middle of something.

Kevin: Look, whatever it is, you're gonna have to handle it.

Daniel: Is there someone else there?

Kevin: Yeah, Colleen, my brother, Detective Sullivan, a couple nurses.

Daniel: Wow, that's great, Man, because, you know, this isn't really the do it yourself kind of problem.

Kevin: Well, I gotta go. The doctor is about to check me out.

Daniel: You know, this guy over here is asking about someone that sounds an awful lot like our deceased friend.

Kevin: That's not funny. Please tell me you're kidding.

Daniel: Do I sound like I'm kidding?

Kevin: All right, hang tight. I'll call you back as soon as I can.

Colleen: There's not a scratch on me. See for yourself.

Brad: Hey, listen, I need a little more information. How did you end up at a warehouse?

Colleen: Okay, this isn't gonna make much sense, but I was actually helping Kevin?

Brad: What? You're helping Kevin? Do what?

Colleen: It doesn't matter.

Brad: Well, it does matter.

Colleen: No.

Brad: Kevin is the last person who deserves your help.

Colleen: Dad, just stop. Okay? Just stop. Detective Sullivan was out of line to call you. I'm fine. Everything's under control. Look, I can't deal with this right now. I promise we'll talk about it later, okay?

Brad: All right. But we will definitely talk about this later.

Colleen: Okay.

Brad: I'm glad you're all right. Come here.

Colleen: Thank you.

Michael: That was an interesting point Detective Sullivan was making.

Kevin: What's that?

Michael: Sit down. The point that Jana insists you have suitcase of money.

Kevin: Jana is whacked out.

Michael: So whacked out she imagines money?

Kevin: Sure. Why not?

Michael: Why not? Because everything else Jana imagines-- like you almost shooting her-- is true.

Kevin: What's your point?

Michael: I can't help you if you keep things from me.

Kevin: I'm not.

Michael: Spit it out.

Kevin: How do you always know when I'm lying to you?

Michael: I've had a lot of practice.

Kevin: Fine. Fine, there's a suitcase full of cash. But it's not what you think.

Michael: I'm not thinking anything. I'm afraid to let my mind go there.

Kevin: It's actually a pretty funny story.

Michael: I'm giddy already.

Kevin: I was trying to get Jana to come to me, right? So I needed to convince her I had enough money for us to run away together.

Michael: How much money did she think you had?

Kevin: Half a million dollars.

Michael: And where do you think you were gonna get that from?

Kevin: I don't have that kind of money. She just thought I did. I had stacks of 1s with 100s on either end. It's a trick I've seen on TV like a hundred times.

Michael: Why didn't you tell the detective that?

Kevin: Because you told me not to say anything. I was just following your advice.

Brad: So why don't we swing by the coffeehouse. I'm buying.

Colleen: Um, you know what? I would love to, but unfortunately, I have some stuff to take care of, so why don't you just go ahead.

Brad: Okay. I'll see you later.

Colleen: All right.

Brad: Love you.

Colleen: I love you, too.

Kevin: Your dad giving you a hard time?

Colleen: No, just being his usual overprotective self. Just being my dad, making sure I'm okay.

Michael: I'm sure he had tons of questions.

Colleen: Yes, as always.

Kevin: What did you tell him?

Colleen: The cover story that we agreed on.

Kevin: Good.

Colleen: Yeah.

Michael: Listen, I hate to say this, but if the doctors decide that Jana is sane--

Kevin: She can be tried, convicted and put away for life. We know.

Michael: I am worried that the authorities are gonna believe her accusations and investigate. After all, you were the one to entice her back to town.

Korbel: You selfish bastard!

Kevin: Great. Great. This is just what we need.

Devon: You have a lawyer yet?

Daniel: Yep.

Devon: You know when your court date is?

Daniel: August. I don't even really wanna think about it.

Devon: I really can't believe how stupid you are.

Daniel: Yeah, can you just... Lily's here.

Lily: Hey. What are you guys talking about?

Daniel: Sports.

Devon: School.

Lily: Okay. Well, I'm gonna get some coffee while you two get your stories straight.

Daniel: I'll be right back.

Daniel: Yeah, hi, this is Daniel Romalotti. Um, I need to make an appointment to see Dr. Farr immediately. Can you tell her it's an emergency?

Amber: Hey, Lily, it's Amber. I have a huge favor to ask of you. No, it has nothing to do with your husband. Its work stuff. Um, I wanted to know if you could cover my shift today. I would owe you big time. Oh, right, summer school. Well, um, thanks anyway. Great.

Amber: Hey, Lauren, it's Amber. I know, I sound terrible. I just--I hate to bail on you, but I think I got a bug. I just--I can't even keep water down. I know. I know its extra work for the other girls, but I just... would hate to give it to anyone else.

Man: Excuse me? Hi.

Cane: Hey.

Man: I'm looking for an old buddy of mine.

Cane: What's his name?

Man: Plum. Here's a picture of him.

Cane: He looks familiar. Does he go by another name?

Man: Do you know him by another name?

Cane: Who is he?

Man: A friend I've traveled a long way to find.

Cane: Yeah? Where are you from?

Man: L.A.

Cane: And he just happens to be in Genoa City?

Man: Well, that's my hope anyway.

Cane: I don't know. Why are you looking for him?

Man: You sure ask a lot of questions.

Cane: Sorry, Mate, can't help you.

Man: Okay.

Michael: Kevin! They're ready for you.

Kevin: What's going on with Jana?

Michael: Well, did you ask?

Kevin: Yeah, they won't tell me anything because I'm not a relative.

Michael: Now you're worried about her?

Kevin: And you're making jokes?

Michael: I'm sorry, we're not exactly keeping vigil at the bedside of a loved one.

Kevin: Yeah, more like a hated one.

Michael: That can be a fine line.

Kevin: Well, don't worry. It's not a line I'm gonna cross.

Michael: Are you sure?

Kevin: Yeah. I'm just worried about Colleen and me. I hope she can convince her boyfriend to keep his mouth shut.

Korbel: You knew how dangerous it was to get involved and you did anyway. No matter how I felt.

Colleen: I couldn't let Kevin do it on his own.

Korbel: And you lied to me.

Colleen: I knew how you would react.

Korbel: Colleen, if this relationship is gonna work, we have to trust each other.

Colleen: Okay, fair enough. But honestly, this wasn't about you.

Korbel: Anything that puts your life in danger is about me.

Colleen: I was trying to avoid another fight.

Korbel: How'd that work out? You know, this isn't the first time you've kept secrets from me either. I feel like it's becoming a habit.

Colleen: A habit? What is that supposed to mean?

Korbel: The stolen art. You didn't tell me the truth about that for months.

Colleen: It's a personal family matter.

Korbel: I just-- I'm starting to believe that you're not telling me the whole story.

Colleen: What does that mean?

Korbel: You said your dad got involved because of his mother, correct?

Colleen: Yes.

Korbel: Well, when I was researching my book on Kutna Hora, I still couldn't find any references to Rebecca. And then I started looking up your dad's family and I discovered that Brad Carlton's mother is deceased. So who was that woman that I met? 'Cause she's not your real grandmother.

Lily: So have you guys eaten?

Devon: I could go for a burger.

Lily: Okay. Daniel?

Daniel: Uh, I can't. I got work in a few.

Lily: Wait, I thought you had the day off.

Daniel: Yeah, well, Brian called out and I said I'd fill in.

Lily: Man, they work you way too much.

Daniel: Mmm. We just need to coordinate our shifts.

Lily: Okay, right after I get promoted.

Devon: Daniel, why'd you tell her that?

Daniel: What?

Devon: That you have to work. Brian's not sick. I talked to him earlier.

Daniel: 'Cause I didn't want her to know what I was doing.

Devon: Oh. Is there a porn film festival in town? Is that what it is? I know, did they turn that sports bar into a strip joint, huh?

Daniel: You know, that's actually pretty funny, but no, it's nothing bad.

Devon: That's why you have to lie to your wife?

Daniel: Okay, if you must know, it's because I was embarrassed.

Devon: About what?

Daniel: I made an appointment to see my therapist.

Devon: And wouldn't Lily find that to be a good thing?

Daniel: Can you just keep it to yourself, please?

Amber: I cleared it with Lauren! We are gonna have fun!

Cane: What did you clear?

Amber: Well, she gave me time off for good behavior, so I can come with you.

Cane: I'm sorry, Love, not on this trip.

Amber: Come on. I can't call her back and tell her I'm working. You might as well let me come.

Cane: It's nothing personal. I just can't get distracted on this job and, uh... we both know what a distraction you can be-- in a good way.

Amber: Hmm. Well, I'll let you think about it some more in case you change your mind. Cane?

Cane: Hmm?

Amber: Where'd you go?

Cane: Sorry, I was, um, I was thinking about this-- this bloke earlier. Strange fellow.

Amber: Strange how?

Cane: He grilled me about, uh, Garrett, your cousin.

Amber: What?

Cane: He had a picture of him.

Amber: Well, who was this guy?

Cane: I don't know. He said he was a friend of, uh, Garrett's.

Amber: Well, did he say what he was looking for?

Cane: No. He said he lost touch, just trying to find him. He knew he was in Genoa City.

Amber: That's weird.

Cane: Mmm. It's weird. You, uh... you haven't talked to Garrett?

Amber: No. Not--not since he left.

Cane: And you have no idea where he could be?

Amber: Not a clue.

Korbel: Did you or did you not tell me Rebecca was your grandmother?

Colleen: She is my grandmother. She worked underground to keep her name a secret. She worked with dangerous people. She couldn't use her real one. Why am I having to explain this to you?

Korbel: Because I saw her death certificate.

Colleen: You know what? I love you, but that doesn't mean I have to tell you everything. There are some things I just can't.

Korbel: You honestly believe that I would hurt your family? Is that why?

Colleen: No.

Korbel: Then I cannot fathom your refusal to trust me. I have proven myself to you time and time again. What is a relationship without trust?

Colleen: Why can't you just accept that some things are private, Adrian. This has nothing to do with you. It is a family matter.

Korbel: And what about Kevin? Was that a family matter, too?

Colleen: I already told you.

Korbel: I know what you told me, but you continue to make bad decisions that affect both of us.

Colleen: Well, they wouldn't if you wouldn't let them. Just please, please, respect my privacy on this.

Korbel: You know, maybe you're not ready for this type of commitment. Your immaturity is becoming more prevalent.

Colleen: My immaturity? What--what is that, code for "I'm ticked off?"

Korbel: I'm beginning to understand why your dad didn't want us together.

Brad: Excuse me.

Man: Sorry. Do you have a minute? Less than a minute, actually. 30 seconds?

Brad: You wanna sell me something?

Man: No, no, not today, maybe next time.

Brad: You're on the clock.

Man: I'm looking for a friend of mine-- tall, dark hair.

Brad: Well, it sounds like you're describing me, but obviously I'm not your friend. I'll need a few more details. You got 20 seconds.

Man: I got a picture right here. You seen him around?

Brad: Don't know him. 10 seconds.

Man: His name's Plum. He could be using an alias. Although, you'd think the name of a fruit would be his alias.

Brad: Never seen him before. Time's up.

Brad: Well, aren't you a little young to bring work home?

Devon: I thought that's why they call it homework.

Brad: Good point. So how are things going with Kline Outdoor Signs?

Devon: Couldn't be better. Productivity has increased. Even though you doubt my capability.

Brad: Actually, Devon, I think you're very capable. And I also think you have a lot of drive and a, uh, burning desire to please your father. But this is also a big responsibility.

Devon: Which I can handle. I meet with a representative from Kline twice a week.

Brad: That's good to hear.

Devon: Mr. Kline has also been very receptive to my ideas, but you already knew that.

Cane: So... that guy I told you about wasn't just looking for his friend.

Amber: How do you know?

Cane: He called Garret, Plum.

Amber: I--you know, I wouldn't be surprised if my cousin is in some kind of trouble.

Cane: What kind of trouble?

Amber: Who knows? I mean, this wouldn't be the first time. You know what? I think that you and I should just say as far away from that guy as possible, just in case Garrett's into something sketchy.

Colleen: Can you believe that he actually had the nerve to call me immature?

Lily: What were you guys fighting about?

Colleen: Trust issues. He thinks that I don't trust him because I believe some things should be kept private.

Lily: And now he doesn't trust you.

Colleen: Right. It's all Jana's fault. I mean, Kevin was just trying to get her to come back to town.

Lily: Wait, wouldn't she be arrested on the spot?

Colleen: That's the point. Kevin told her that if she came back to town, they would run off and live happily ever after, but she'd get caught.

Lily: Okay, well, did it work?

Colleen: Yeah. I mean, there were a few complications.

Lily: And Adrian didn't want you involved?

Colleen: Which is why I didn't tell him. And to be honest, I mean, when things started to spiral out of control, Daniel and Kevin tried to get me to--

Lily: Whoa! Daniel? My husband was involved in this and you didn't tell me?

Colleen: Uh... you know, all that matters is that Jana is in custody and she can't hurt anyone anymore.

Lily: Who else was in on this?

Colleen: Lily, I'm not-- Amber.

Lily: Oh, of course! She's involved in everything sketchy.

Colleen: Daniel just got caught up in this, okay? It wasn't his choice. The same thing happened with me.

Lily: Why didn't you tell me about this?

Colleen: There wasn't time. There wasn't time. Everything happened so quickly. What was I supposed to do?

Lily: I thought we told each other everything.

Colleen: We do.

Lily: Right, my best friend, my husband, Kevin Fisher and Amber are trying to catch a lunatic. And I'm walking around oblivious! Don't you know how stupid that makes me feel?!

Devon: Hey, what's up?

Lily: Hi.

Colleen: Hi.

Lily: Um, I kinda wanna talk to my brother alone.

Colleen: Okay. That's fine. Call me. I guess.

Devon: What was that about?

Lily: Um, me being the most naive person ever.

Devon: Why?

Lily: Because the whole world knows more about my husband than I do.

Devon: What, uh, what has Daniel done now?

Lily: He's been playing detective with Kevin and Amber.

Daniel: I was looking at porn before, but I just didn't think it was a big deal.

Dr. Farr: Do you still feel that way?

Daniel: It can't be a coincidence that from the moment I started that my entire life started going downhill.

Dr. Farr: That's good, Daniel. You can't begin to solve the problem until you can acknowledge it.

Daniel: I think that I'm so messed up I don't know if I can fix it.

Dr. Farr: Are you still watching pornography?

Daniel: No. I'm done with that.

Dr. Farr: That's a step in the right direction.

Daniel: Yeah. I've moved onto bigger secrets and lies.

Dr. Farr: Does Lily know you're here?

Daniel: No.

Dr. Farr: What are these other secrets?

Daniel: Well... let's see, um... I helped catch a killer. I hid hundreds of thousands of dollars and I found a dead body. I could keep going.

Dr. Farr: Why haven't you told your wife you're seeking more help?

Daniel: Because I'm scared I'm gonna lose her for good. I can't tell her a single thing about my life.

Michael: Oh, Doctor? How is he?

Doctor: Well, I've given him a shot for the pain.

Michael: Are you going to admit him?

Doctor: No, no, no, as long as he continues to take the antibiotics--

Michael: Oh, so he's healthy enough to be released?

Doctor: Well, he needs to take it easy, of course.

Michael: Oh. I'll make sure he does, even if I have to tie him to the bed, I will, yes.

Doctor: Okay. Uh, excuse me.

Michael: All right. Hey, you lucked out.

Kevin: Yeah, I guess.

Michael: Look... you guess? You have no idea how bad your condition was. You could've been seriously hurt or--

Kevin: Is there any news on Jana?

Michael: No. Come on, we're heading home.

Kevin: No, I'm not leaving yet. Not until I know what's wrong with her.

Michael: Why do you even care?

Kevin: Because I know she's faking with these convulsions.

Michael: To what purpose?

Kevin: So that somebody will let their guard down and she will escape. And I'm not just gonna sit back and let that happen.

(Kevin’s cell phone ringing)

Michael: Listen, I'm gonna check in with the office.

Kevin: Yeah.

Amber: Kevin, there's a problem. There's this--there's this guy.

Kevin: Yeah, I know. Daniel told me. He's looking for Garrett.

Amber: Yeah, but it gets worse. He talked to Cane and now he's suspicious. He thinks something's up.

Kevin: Well, you're a smart person. Figure it out.

Amber: I tried! I tried! I begged him to go to Clear Springs. I thought if I could just get him out of town, but he won't budge.

Kevin: Look, we've got bigger problems.

Amber: What now?

Kevin: Jana told the cops about the money.

Amber: Oh, I am so glad you're here.

Daniel: I really hope you're not gonna tell me we're screwed, because I am just not in the mood.

Amber: No, no, I found an old letter from Plum. And I was thinking about this. If we send this to Argentina and have somebody mail it back to us, then that'll make-- the postmark will make it look like he's out of the country.

Daniel: You know someone in Argentina?

Amber: No, the place doesn't matter, as long as it's not in Wisconsin.

Daniel: You know why we're in this mess, don't you?

Amber: Yeah, because my ex is a jerk.

Daniel: No, because we lied to everyone about everything. You know, I never thought I'd be lying to my wife on a daily basis.

Amber: What they don't know won't hurt them.

Daniel: Wrong. That is us lying to ourselves.

Amber: You sound like a shrink.

Daniel: Yeah, well, nothing stays buried. Everything bad that I've done and tried to hide from my wife has come back to bite me or is about to.

Amber: And you're telling me this because...?

Daniel: Because I'm sick of it. And I'm gonna tell her everything.

Amber: Are you insane? She will kick you out so fast your head will spin.

Daniel: Probably.

Amber: Okay. You wanna confess? Go right ahead. Go to a priest, but leave my name out of it.

Daniel: How can I? This is all your fault.

Amber: Me?

Daniel: Yeah. You're the one who turned me on to strangersbynight.

Amber: You know what? I did not force you to watch porn! You were all about that!

Daniel: Well, I'm done with it now.

Amber: Please, you gotta leave my name out of this. Cane will freak if he finds out about that video of me on the internet.

Daniel: I'm sorry.

Amber: I thought we were friends. Thanks.

Devon: Daniel? I can't keep your secrets about your arrest, your therapy, whatever. Lily deserves to know what's going on, and if you're not gonna tell her, I will.

Daniel: I'm gonna tell her.

Devon: I hope you're not just saying that. And I resent you putting me in the position to lie to my sister.

Daniel: And I'm sorry. But I'm gonna tell her everything today.

Devon: You know what hurts Lily more than anything? Is when people hide stuff from her.

Daniel: I know.

Devon: Yeah, you know. That's all you do, though. She'd be better off without you.

Daniel: I can't keep covering up one lie with another one, okay? She deserves better than that. I gotta come clean.

Devon: And if she throws you out?

Daniel: Well, then I have no one to blame but myself.

Michael: Kevin! You're awfully quiet. You sure you don't wanna go home?

Kevin: Not yet.

Michael: Are you okay?

Kevin: Not really. I almost killed somebody today. Somebody I used to love.

Michael: But you didn't.

Kevin: But I wanted to. What does that say about me?

Michael: It says that she broke your heart and she betrayed you. She tried to kill you.

Kevin: I'm a bad person. I always have been.

Michael: No, no, you're not a bad person. Listen, you had a father who beat you and locked you up like an animal. You know, all things considered, I think you turned out pretty great.

Kevin: Maybe... maybe he saw something sick in me.

Michael: No. No.

Kevin: Something that nobody else could see.

Michael: No, listen to me. He was the sick one. You were an innocent little kid! You were the victim, all right?

Kevin: I spent so many years angry at him. Angry at the world.

Michael: You had every right.

Kevin: Yeah. But with Jana... I felt like... I felt like for the first time in my life, I had a shot at a normal life. You know, there was always something missing. But with her I was finally... you know, content. Happy. Talk about a cruel, cosmic joke, right? She turns out to be a murderer.

Michael: Which wasn't your fault.

Kevin: But I let her pull me in. Why'd I do that? This is gonna sound crazy, but...

Michael: But what?

Kevin: As much as I hated her, we're in that warehouse, right? I heard the things she was saying to me. It was like having the old Jana back. And what she said-- it meant something. You know, like in her own twisted way, she loves me. I know it. I know she loves me. Look, I know. It's pathetic.


Cane: Hey, can I get a beer, Mate, please? Bottle. Hey.

Korbel: Hey, Cane. I hardly recognize you on this side of the bar.

Cane: Thanks.

Korbel: How's the project going?

Cane: The project's great. The project's good. My grandmother's impressed, the money's good. It comes in handy when you have a wife with champagne tastes on a beer budget.

Korbel: I never thought of her that way.

Cane: Maybe you didn't date her long enough.

Korbel: Maybe.

Cane: Cheers. You know, I didn't date her that long either. I married her without knowing much about her past.

Korbel: Have you asked her?

Cane: Yep. But she's not that anxious to talk about it. I think she gives the term "Wild child" new meaning.

Korbel: Well, she never said anything specific to me.

Cane: No?

Korbel: No. I mean, I know she was a, um, a fashion designer in L.A. but that's about it.

Cane: She ever talk about her cousin Garrett? Or some guy called Plum?

Korbel: Not that I recall. Why?

Cane: There's some guy asking questions and I don't think Amber's giving it to me straight.

Korbel: That's not because you married her too fast. No, you can date someone for a long time and still feel like you hardly know them at all.

Colleen: Don't you answer your cell phone? I left you like six messages.

Brad: Honey, I stopped by Crimson Lights to get a cappuccino. I forgot my phone in the car. What's going on?

Colleen: I'm going to visit Mom.

Brad: Why? Is something wrong?

Colleen: No, Adrian and I just had a big fight. I just wanna get away for a while.

Brad: Okay. Are you asking me for advice?

Colleen: No. Actually, I just wanted to tell you that Adrian has figured out that Brad Carlton's mom is dead. So it's only a matter of time before he figures out who you really are.

Man: Oh, do you have a moment?

Amber: No. I'm sorry. I'm really late for an appointment.

Man: This really-- this really won't take long. Uh, do you recognize him?

Amber: No.

Man: You barely looked.

Amber: I'm sorry, I'm really late.

Man: Oh, please, this is really important. He's a good friend of mine.

Amber: Okay, okay. He doesn't look familiar.

Man: Well, I hope you make your appointment.

Amber: Thank you. And I hope you find your friend.

Man: Thanks. You forgot your coffee, Amber. You know, I knew you looked familiar.

Amber: Um, it's-- it's the "Extreme Catwalk" video. It's all over the internet.

Man: Right, right. That must be it.

Daniel: Hey, Baby.

Lily: Hi.

Daniel: Um... can you sit down on the couch with me for a minute?

Lily: What's going on?

Daniel: I don't wanna do this anymore. And I know we said that we were starting over, right? So I-I need to tell you that there's something that I've kind of been keeping from you.

Lily: I know.

Daniel: What do you mean, you know?

Lily: I mean, I know your secret. It came in the mail today. A summons for you to appear in court for soliciting a prostitute.

Brad: Drinking alone?

Korbel: Sometimes it's the only way I can think.

Brad: Been there. Can I get a scotch, please?

Korbel: You know, I'm not in the mood for chit chat.

Brad: Well, then I'll get right to the point. Why are you investigating my family?

Korbel: I'm writing a book.

Brad: Don't play games with me, Korbel.

Korbel: Well, it appears you may play a bigger role in my narrative than I initially thought.

Brad: Unwanted publicity can get people hurt.

Korbel: Like your daughter.

Brad: And her grandmother. Which is why I'm willing to make you a proposition.

Korbel: And what might that be?

Brad: I'll pay you twice your advance to not write the book.

Korbel: Why would you do that, Brad? It's not about the money for me. It's about my career.

Brad: My mother has spent the majority of her life living anonymously because of the dangers associated with what she does. I'm appealing to your sense of decency.

Korbel: I wasn't aware you thought I had one.

Brad: Don't write the book. I'll make it worth your while.

Korbel: That is a generous offer, Mr. Carlton. But your mother's work has little to do with my research.

Brad: What's that mean?

Korbel: Well, it's your activities that stand to be exposed. Which I've just figured out from your offer.

Brad: And what might that be?

Korbel: Well, you're trafficking in stolen art.

Jana: Wait. Stop. Just for a moment.

Kevin: What's going on?

Jana: They're taking me to Radiology for another CAT scan.

Kevin: Why?

Jana: I'm so scared.

Kevin: What's going on?

Jana: I have a brain tumor.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Neil: You're looking for any reason to spend more time with Sharon. She's got a husband. You've got a wife.

J.T.: Now you're endangering somebody else.

Brad: What the hell are you talking about?

Daniel: Where are you going?

Lily: I just do not wanna be around you right now.

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