Y&R Transcript Tuesday 7/10/07

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 7/10/07 -- Canada; Wednesday 7/11/07 -- U.S.A.


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Sharon: Noah, time for bed!

Jack: I'm looking at it right now. When does this come on the floor?

Sharon: Noah?

Jack: I think rotations for agricultural chemical cleanup.

Sharon: Noah? Where are you?

Jack: Yeah.

Sharon: Noah?

Jack: When these chemicals hit the ground water, how long are they still toxic?

Sharon: Jack! Jack!

Jack: I think--one sec. I think the bill needs to cover, you know, a soil contamination from lead arsenate pesticides.

Sharon: Jack, he isn't here!

Jack: Let me-- let me call you right back, okay? Who isn't here?

Sharon: Noah ran away!

Logan: Hey.

Nick: Hey.

Logan: You ready to go?

Nick: Uh, just about. I think I'm getting brain freeze trying to catch up. I mean, so much has happened the last couple of years, I'm never gonna be able to take it all in.

Logan: Just quit your belly-aching. I'm sure they wouldn't have made you a co-C.E.O. if you weren't capable.

Nick: You know, I was looking for a little sympathy right there from you.

Logan: That's not my job.

Nick: Kinda harsh.

Logan: Well, what's the biggest change you see in the company?

Nick: The biggest change? The biggest change is I've noticed we've gone green in the last couple years. That is, thanks to my sister.

Logan: I already like her.

Nick: Actually, you and my sister have a lot in common. There's just... too many changes for me-- new board members, new acquisitions.

Logan: Yeah, changes everywhere. Like Donald Rumsfeld resigning.

Nick: He resigned?

Logan: Yeah. And Dick Cheney shot someone.

Nick: Our vice president shot someone?

Logan: Mm-hmm. It was a hunting accident.

Nick: Yeah, right.

Logan: All right, type into your search engine "Dick Cheney shooting accident."

Nick: I will. Fine. "Dick Cheney." He shot someone! You gotta be kidding me! There's just too many jokes there. Wow.

(Cell phone ringing)

Nick: Hello? Wait, wait, wait, slow down, I can't understand you. What happened to Noah?

Phyllis: No. No, he's not here. Why would Noah come here? Oh. He did? Have you called Nick?

Jill: Oh, great dinner. Can I make you an after dinner drink or something?

Ji Min: I'll pass on the drink. But I'll--I'll take that something.

Jill: Mmm. Why do I always feel like a teenager making out in my mother's living room?

Ji Min: Shh. You'll wake her.

Jill: No, I won't. She's out with her cronies, or should I say crones.

Ji Min: And what about your boy?

Jill: Also out with the wife.

Ji Min: Well, then we should take advantage of this rare opportunity.

Jill: Yeah, but my family could walk in at any moment.

Ji Min: It's all right. I like danger.

Jill: Come on, what would they think?

Ji Min: They'll think that you are lucky to have a man like me who worships at your feet... or at your lips anyway.

Jill: We can't do this.

Ji Min: We're doing it.

Jill: Oh!

Jill: Can't! Can't do it. I'm too nervous. I would hate it if Cane walked in. See, this is the downside of living with family.

Ji Min: You see, if we were married, we could do this anytime we wanted to.

Jill: Did you just say the "M" word?

Ji Min: I did. I said married.

Jill: Yeah, you did.

Cane: After you set the emergency brake, you loosen the lug nuts. Uh, do you have a flashlight?

Amber: Yeah, I always keep a flashlight in my purse, along with my crossbow. No, I don't have a flashlight!

Cane: What about in your gym bag? You got light source, like a candle or cigarette lighter, jar of fireflies?

[Amber remembering]

Colleen: You heard Jana. She said good-bye.

Kevin: She just got scared.

Daniel: She's not gonna come here. She's too smart for that.

Kevin: She wants to be with me.

Colleen: Kevin, this was a bad idea, but we went along with it.

Daniel: And now it's time to give it up.

Kevin: No.

Amber: Her creepiness is contagious, I guess.

Daniel: You know, Man, we all need to get back. You need to get back.

Amber: You know what? We can't stand here arguing and we're not leaving the money.

Kevin: I need it.

Amber: The point was for her to see it. She has seen the money.

Daniel: And I can't keep Lily waiting anymore.

Amber: Okay, we all did what we could, Kevin.

Kevin: Okay, okay, this is the plan. You're gonna take the money but you're gonna leave the bag. So this way when she calls back she sees it.

Colleen: Okay, you know what? You guys go ahead and go. I will make sure that he gets back to the hospital.

Cane: Amber?

Amber: Huh?

Cane: Do you have anything in your gym bag I can use as a light source?

Amber: No.

Cane: It would help if you looked. Here we go.

Amber: No, nothing here. Nothing. Nothing.

Cane: All right, after you've loosened the lug nuts... do you have a, uh, a towel or anything I could use to keep my hands clean after I do this?

Amber: No.

Cane: Once again, it would be nice if you looked.

Amber: I know what's in here, and there's nothing I'm willing to spare on some greasy tool.

Cane: Well, it's nice to see where I stand in your priorities, huh? That your little old gym shorts are more important than keeping my hands clean. Okay, come here. All right, now you do this.

Amber: No, thanks. I'm one of those people who learn better by watching.

Cane: Whatever.

Colleen: You are in a lot of pain. You're not thinking clearly. Kevin, this is a bad plan.

Kevin: You don't know what my plan is.

Colleen: Yes, I know what your plan is! It's so obvious. When Jana comes in and asks to see the money you're gonna whip the gun out of the bag--

Kevin: Shut up! Shut up! She's gonna be close enough to hear soon.

Colleen: You know what? I don't wanna go to your funeral.

Kevin: I said, shut up! I don't wanna go to my funeral either, so don't argue with me, just get the hell outta here!

Colleen: No, you're in no condition to face her by yourself.

Kevin: Shut up! I said go! She's gonna freak out if she knows someone else is here!

Colleen: She is a killer!

Kevin: Go.

(Computer chimes)

Kevin: Shut up. Shut up. I mean it. "Do you wanna accept a chat from Jan-toucan?" Yes. Hey, what's up? I thought you were on your way.

Jana: I changed my mind.

Kevin: What? Jana, no, you said--

Jana: No, wait, wait, I still want to meet you, I just can't go there.

Kevin: Why not? You still don't trust me?

Jana: I-I do. I just, um, I need to meet someplace neutral.

Kevin: Okay. Where?

Jana: Um... how about the water tower?

Kevin: Okay. When?

Jana: In an hour?

Kevin: I'll be there in an hour.

Jana: You know, Kevin, you don't look so good.

Kevin: I'm fine. I have pain killers. Uh, I'm leaving now.

Colleen: Kevin, Kevin, you can't do this. You just can't!

Kevin: I'm doing this.

Logan: Hi.

Phyllis: All right. So, um... have your--have your parents seen Noah?

Nick: Well, they're not home, but, uh, security is searching the property. He's not at my house. He's not up at the main house.

Phyllis: Do you know why he ran away?

Nick: I still haven't gotten the whole story.

Logan: He left a note.

Nick: Yeah, he hates his mother and he's never coming home.

Phyllis: Oh. Until he gets tired or hungry. Well, you know... anyway, I remember a similar story you told me about when you ran away.

Nick: I told you that?

Phyllis: Yeah. Yeah, you--you hid up in a tree.

Nick: That's right. I was in a tree eating a popsicle watching everyone look for me.

Phyllis: Watching everyone go crazy.

Nick: Yeah, it was kinda fun watching everyone flip out.

Logan: What happened after everyone found you?

Nick: They didn't. I got bored and tired and went in the house and fell asleep. I'm gonna go help try and find him.

Logan: All right, I'll help you.

Phyllis: Um, yeah, yeah, yeah, go ahead. Um, I'll stay here and, um, and wait for him to show up. You know, he's a smart kid.

Nick: And he knows how to take care of himself.

Phyllis: Well, with any luck, he'll get bored.

Jack: Cold, tired, hungry-- and he'll come home on his own.

Sharon: Okay, I've already called all of his friend's parents. No one has seen him.

Jack: He can't have gone that far. His bike is still in the garage.

Sharon: I know. Okay, but what about the tool shed? Did we check there?

Jack: We can check there again, yeah.

Sharon: Okay, okay, let's do that. Where else?

Jack: The garage, the room next to the garage, there's the pool house. I do think we need to call the police.

Sharon: Yes, let's do that. Noah? Noah, if you are hiding someplace, this isn't funny!

Jack: Yeah, I need to report a missing person.

Ji Min: You're uncharacteristically quiet.

Jill: I'm stunned. I just didn't think that us getting married was even an option.

Ji Min: Come on, don't talk about it that way. You make it sound like a business arrangement. I'm proposing marriage.

Jill: I know you are and I'm crazy about you. But... we're just getting to know each other.

Ji Min: When something's right... it's right. Chemistry counts for a lot.

Jill: All right, I'm trying to make a paradigm shift here.

Ji Min: Oh, Baby, quit being so analytical.

Jill: I just thought we were having so much fun.

Ji Min: You know, that's not incompatible with marriage.

Jill: Okay, I'm just gonna picture us being married for a minute, okay? Now what does it look like to you?

Ji Min: It looks like the right thing.

Kay: No, you're not getting married.

Jill: Oh, your timing is just perfect as usual! You stay out of this. This is none of your business.

Kay: I am not letting you marry him, because I know you, Ji Min. I know you for what you really are.

Ji Min: A man who is in love with your daughter.

Kay: Oh, you're not in love with her!

Ji Min: How would you know?

Jill: Wait a second! Wait, is it so implausible that he would be in love with me?

Kay: He thinks marrying you is a way to get to my money.

Jill: Your money? It's always about you!

Ji Min: That's insulting!

Kay: Yeah, well, you know, sometimes the truth is insulting, Ji Min.

Ji Min: What is wrong with you?

Kay: Nothing! Nothing is wrong with me! But if you keep this up, my beloved, but myopic daughter will be visiting you on weekends at the state penitentiary. And I promise you that!

Cane: Done.

Amber: My hero!

Cane: Let me take your bag so you don't get grease on it.

Amber: Oh, don't worry about it.

Colleen: Kevin, this is a bad idea! The water tower is in the middle of nowhere.

Kevin: She's being sentimental. It's our special place.

Colleen: And you're being stupid. You can't protect yourself against her. You know what? I'm just gonna call the police. I can't let you do this.

Kevin: No! No! No! Give me your keys.

Colleen: What? No!

Kevin: Give me your keys!

Colleen: No!

Kevin: Give 'em--

Colleen: Ow!

Kevin: Do not follow me. And do not call the police.

Jana: Wait right there.

Kevin: Jana! Oh, come on!

Jana: You said that you didn't tell anyone about us.

Kevin: I didn't. I didn't. She found out by accident. I didn't say--

Jana: Shut up! Sit down! Both of you!

Jill: You're treating me like I'm a teenager.

Kay: When you see someone about to drive off a cliff, one removes the key from the ignition.

Jill: Who is about to drive off a cliff?

Kay: You are! You're trying-- you wanna marry a criminal?

Ji Min: You're wrong about that.

Kay: Well, you tell that to someone who believes it. I know what you did, Ji Min!

Ji Min: Katherine, Jack took advantage of both of us. It's as simple as that.

Kay: Oh, save it! Save it for a judge!

Jill: You just butt out or I'll be in front of a judge for murder!

Cane: Good evening.

Ji Min: Evening.

Jill: Oh, good evening.

Kay: Yes, well, it was a good evening.

Amber: We're interrupting something.

Cane: Yeah.

Jill: Ya think? Honey, what's all over your hands?

Cane: Oh, it's just grease. Amber got a flat tire.

Amber: Yeah, my husband came to the rescue.

Kay: Uh, well, you know, perhaps you should, uh, wash up.

Cane: I was thinking the same thing. Thank you, good night.

Amber: Good night.

Cane: Bye. Oh, you left your bag in the car. I'll go and get it.

Amber: Oh, no, no, you know what? Just don't worry about it. I'm going to the gym first thing in the morning. Come on, I'll help you wash up. Off everything.

Jill: This discussion is over.

Kay: I will not change my mind. I will turn you in. And I mean it.

Ji Min: You know, this insane anger of yours-- it should be directed towards Jack. Thanks for a lovely evening, Jill.

Jill: Oh, I'm coming with you.

Sharon: I saw him about, uh, an hour ago.

Jack: It might've been an hour and a half.

Sharon: Yeah. I told Noah to go upstairs and clean his room and go to bed. I thought that's what he was doing.

Officer: Do you remember what he was wearing?

Logan: Hello?

Sharon: Um, yeah, he was wearing, um, a t-shirt. The one that you got him and jeans.

Jack: A green t-shirt it says "88 all star"-- it says on it.

Nick: Did he call?

Officer: Do you have a recent photograph?

Jack: Uh, I'll get one. Thanks.

Sharon: Logan, thank you so much for bringing Nick over.

Logan: Sure. If there's anything else I can do, just let me know.

Nick: What did the note say? Let me see it.

Sharon: Here.

Nick: "I hate you. You never let me do what I want. I'm not coming back."

Officer: I'd like to take that.

Sharon: This is Noah's father.

Nick: Hey.

Officer: Have you heard from your son today, Mr. Newman?

Nick: I talked to him earlier, but not since--

Sharon: We got into an argument. The reason why Noah was mad is because his stepfather told him that he could play video games and I told him he had to clean his room first.

Nick: Jack should know better than that. He should've consulted you.

Sharon: Well, he usually does.

Jack: Here, I've got a recent picture, as well as a list of his friend's names, their parent's names and the phone numbers. We've called all of them.

Nick: What's the next step?

Officer: We'll put out an APB with his description. A search team will search the area and the property and the neighborhood. Kids this age who run away-- they're usually back in a few hours. Uh, call me if you hear anything or if he turns up.

Jack: Okay, thank you very much. I'll walk you out.

Officer: All right.

Sharon: Nick, he could be out there in the woods in the middle of nowhere or hurt.

Nick: He wouldn't just take off if he couldn't play a video game.

Sharon: Things have been really rough on him lately.

Nick: And you have no idea where he could be?

Sharon: Well, I thought he might call you.

Nick: Well, if he calls the ranch, it'll ring through to my cell. I'd like to check your property if you're okay with that.

Jack: Uh, yeah, that's fine.

Sharon: We've already looked everywhere.

Logan: I'll go with you.

Nick: Well, if he hears my voice, maybe he'll come out. You got a flashlight?

Jack: Yeah, right outside the door. I'll go with you.

Nick: I'd rather you didn't.

Sharon: Are you okay?

Nick: Yeah, I just sprained my ankle a little bit.

Logan: His leg isn't strong.

Nick: I'm not an invalid.

Sharon: Let me help you.

Logan: Actually, I think you are an invalid.

Jack: The search party just got here.

Sharon: Good.

Logan: We saw them on our way in.

Sharon: Can I get you anything?

Nick: I'm fine. I'm fine. Thanks.

Sharon: This waiting is driving me crazy.

(Telephone ringing)

Jack: Oh!

Sharon: Oh.

Jack: Hello? No, it's hanging on the shed door. Yeah, call me if you need anything else. Bye.

Sharon: I am just-- I'm gonna go crazy if anything happens to that boy.

Logan: My oldest ran away once. He hid in the bushes for a few hours and came home thinking he scared us and made his point.

Sharon: You must've been terrified.

Logan: Unfortunately, we didn't know he was missing. We thought he was in the back room watching a video. I told him that running away has little effect unless you let us know you're doing it.

Sharon: You-- you have one son?

Logan: I had two. Alex and Ty.

Nick: They died in a car accident.

Sharon: Oh, I'm so sorry. Uh, we had a daughter that died in a car accident, too. I forgot, you already know that.

Logan: God, they were great kids. Ty was the creative one-- always building things and putting things together and making a mess. The little one just loved soccer. You know, mine loved the attic. Did you guys check your attic?

Jack: Yeah, we checked.

Sharon: Yeah. Um, well, maybe we should check again.

Jack: Yeah, it wouldn't hurt.

Nick: I'll come with you.

Logan: No, you need to relax and rest your leg. But, um, I'll go with you.

Jack: There's no need to.

Logan: I want to.

Sharon: I don't know what I'm gonna do when we find that boy.

Nick: You'll hug him.

Sharon: Yeah. Yeah, of course I will.

Nick: I think I'm gonna put a G.P.S. tracker on him. Maybe in his ear.

Phyllis: Noah, are you in here? Noah? Noah?

Phyllis: Noah, are you here? Gosh... well, if you were here, you'd know that a lot of people are very worried about you and we're looking for you. Your mom, your dad, Jack, me. Well, if you were here, you should know that the ranch hands couldn't even find you. You fooled 'em. You were hiding so well. And if you were here, you should know that I would try to look for you, but you're such a good hider, I would try to talk myself out of it. But I bet if you were here, you'd be very hungry. That's why I brought these, um, marshmallow and rice treats for you. But you're not here, so I'm gonna eat one. I'll have one of these. Oh, this is good! Yeah. I made 'em the way you like with extra butter, extra marshmallow. Mmm. These are great. Maybe I'll give one to Sea Wind.

Noah: No. He might get sick. Go away.

Phyllis: That didn't sound like Sea Wind to me.

Noah: I said go away.

Amber: The coast is clear!

Cane: Shh!

Kay: Yes, well, you get back to me as soon as you can. Good. Yes, yes, indeed, I love you, too. That was your brother Billy.

Cane: It's good to know I have a brother.

Kay: You've never talked to him?

Cane: No, no.

Kay: Well, what's wrong with your mother? She should've arranged that.

Cane: It's not her fault.

Kay: Well, nothing is ever her fault, but you should get to know him.

Cane: Yes, I--

Kay: I mean, face-to-face you should get to know him. Perhaps you should fly over.

Cane: Hong Kong? Hong Kong?

Amber: I've never been to Hong Kong.

Cane: No, neither have I. We can go to Canberra. You can meet my uncle.

Amber: Yeah.

Cane: You two would get on well. He's a salty scoundrel just like you.

Kay: Oh, you think I'm a salty scoundrel?

Cane: In a good way?

Kay: Oh, never mind. I'm just giving you a hard time. Oh, by the way, if the two of you get really, really, really hungry, Esther has made a tofu cheesecake. Good night. And put your clothes on before you catch cold.

Cane: Yes, ma'am.

Amber: Yes, ma'am.

Kevin: There's no one else here.

Jana: Yeah, I heard you before. You also said you were alone.

Kevin: She just showed up! She didn't know we were talking to each other.

Jana: Is that true?

Colleen: Yes.

Jana: Well, then what are you doing here?

Kevin: Look, I had to either call a cab or borrow a car. And any cab driver would've reported me.

Colleen: I never would've come if I knew he was gonna use my car to go see you.

Jana: I thought you two hated each other.

Colleen: Don't you know, Jana? People tend to bond when they almost die together.

Kevin: Do you have to point that thing at us?

Jana: I don't know if I can trust you.

Colleen: That's-- no, I'm sorry, that's what we should be saying to you. Why should we trust you?

Jana: You shouldn't.

Noah: You know, we shouldn't give these to Sea Wind.

Phyllis: Yeah, they're too sticky, right?

Noah: Yeah. He can't brush his teeth.

Phyllis: They should make a big giant toothbrush for horses.

Noah: The vet has one.

Phyllis: Really?

Noah: Yep, I've seen it.

Phyllis: Wow, that's good to know. You know, I'm gonna date myself here, but did you ever see that show called "Mister Ed" with the talking horse?

Noah: Yeah, my dad and I watched it. It was in black and white.

Phyllis: Yeah. It's in black and white. Well, do you know how they got the horse to move its mouth?

Noah: How?

Phyllis: They fed him peanut butter.

Noah: Really?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Noah: Huh.

Phyllis: Isn't that wild?

Noah: Yeah.

Phyllis: Hey. (Muffled voice) how do you get peanut butter off the roof of your mouth?

Noah: How?

Phyllis: You put your finger in there. (Normal voice) how do you get the peanut butter off your finger? Ask me how.

Noah: How?

Phyllis: (Muffled voice) you put it on the roof of your mouth. How do you get the peanut butter off the roof of your mouth?

Noah: I get it. Um, how did you know I was here?

Phyllis: Well, um... I know that you like to come here and see the horses. And I know you like to talk to Sea Wind.

Noah: He was lonely when Dad was gone.

Phyllis: Yeah. He doesn't have to be lonely anymore.

Noah: Yeah, he's happy now.

Phyllis: Yeah, for sure. You know, I ran away from home once.

Noah: You did not.

Phyllis: Yes, I did. I broke my mom's favorite plate and there was a reservoir down the street from our house. And that's where I hid.

Noah: Did she find you?

Phyllis: Nope. She was looking, but she didn't find me.

Noah: What happened?

Phyllis: Well, it got dark and I got scared and then I was itchy. And I realized that I was standing in the middle of poison ivy.

Noah: No!

Phyllis: I was. I was. And when I got home, they had to put calamine lotion all over my body. And I was so itchy and I was all pink. So word to the wise-- don't ever hide in poison ivy.

Noah: Yeah. Was your mom mad at you?

Phyllis: Well, she acted like she was mad, but her eyes were all read and I could tell that she was crying. She was really worried.

Noah: My mom doesn't care.

Phyllis: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, that's not true. She cares a lot. I know your mom. She loves you very much. She's very worried.

Noah: She yells a lot. I wish Jack didn't win the election.

Phyllis: Why?

Noah: Well, now he's busy all the time.

Phyllis: Well, you could spend more time with your mom. And you can spend time with me and Summer.

Noah: Who's taking care of Summer right now?

Phyllis: Miguel. I have a good idea. Why don't you spend the night one night and I'll invite Daniel and Lily over and we can watch movies and eat pizza.

Noah: That would be cool.

Phyllis: Yeah, it would, right? Cool. So, Noah, what do you say that we go back to the tack house and, you know, we just call your parents-- just to make sure they don't worry anymore.

Sharon: So Sam has no idea where he is? Is there maybe another friend that we don't know about? Well, maybe Noah's hiding out in the tree house? Would you? And then-- and then just call me back. Thank you. All right. Okay, Sam's mother is gonna check the tree house.

Nick: I think it's time we call the radio stations, put out a reward. Somebody must've seen him.

Sharon: Okay. We're gonna need a picture then.

Jack: Uh, I gave the officer his good school photo.

Sharon: Oh, that's okay. Um, I have these ones here. We haven't had 'em framed yet. This'll do, yeah?

Nick: Yeah, that's-- that's fine. (Telephone ringing)

Sharon: Oh!

Jack: Oh!

Sharon: Hello? Oh, my gosh, where are you?!

Nick: Where is he?

Sharon: He's with Phyllis.

Noah: Yeah, she's right here. Um, she wants to talk to you. It's Mom.

Phyllis: Okay. Here you go. Hey, Sharon. Yeah, he's fine. No problem. Uh, Miguel's babysitting. We'll be right there. All right. All right, kid, time to face the music.

Noah: Am I gonna be punished?

Phyllis: It's not up to me.

Kevin: We gotta get out of here, Jana.

Jana: I'm thinking.

Colleen: You're thinking? He shouldn't even be out of the hospital and--

Jana: Shut up! We can't stay here.

Kevin: I'm ready. I'm ready.

Jana: Where's the money?

Kevin: I hid it.

Jana: Why?

Kevin: Just--just in case there was a problem.

Jana: What problem?

Colleen: Oh, I'm sorry, you don't think you have a problem?

Jana: No, I told you to shut up! Why? Because you don't trust me?

Kevin: No, no, no, no, no, no, I just--I just wanted to make sure that I could.

Jana: I didn't even know about the money before I decided to come back.

Kevin: I know. I know. Just--you just took so long making up your mind and I--

Jana: I'm here now. I love you. I trusted you.

Kevin: Get the money, Colleen.

Colleen: No.

Kevin: I'll get it.

Jana: No, wait! Go get it, Colleen.

Colleen: No.

Kevin: She said go get it! It's in the closet.

Colleen: Okay. Excuse me.

Colleen: Whoa, Kevin! Kevin!

Kevin: I just could not deal with her anymore. She--she doesn't understand us.

Jana: You do love me.

Kevin: You know I do.

Colleen: Kevin! Hey, Kevin, let me out!

Kevin: Jana-- Jana, we gotta go or somebody's gonna hear her soon.

Jana: You hid the money, though.

Kevin: I had to. I had to be sure. But I have it, let's get out of here! Oh, come on, Jana, I had to be sure that I could trust you! I burned so many bridges to get it, but-- come on! Come on! I need pain killers! We gotta get outta here.

Colleen: Kevin, no! Kevin, don't go with her! Don't go with her!

Kevin: Jana, Jana... you're the woman who taught me that milk at 37 degrees-- it gives me the optimum crunch in my breakfast cereal-- without being so cold that it takes the flavor away, remember? Yeah? And you told me that I need to cut my hair on the full moon.

Jana: So it grows back thicker.

Kevin: Yeah.

Colleen: Kevin! Kevin!

Kevin: And you remember-- do you remember when you discovered that when you press between the fourth and fifth vertebrae of my back--

Jana: You burp.

Kevin: Yeah. I have never, ever met a woman like you before. And I know that I never will again. Please put the gun down. Please... put the gun down, Honey. What do you say?

Colleen: Kevin! Kevin! Kevin!

Kevin: That's great. That's great. It's okay. Come here. Come here.

Colleen: Kevin! Kevin! Kevin! Kevin! Kevin! Hey, come here, Kevin!

Jana: I love you, Kevin.

Kevin: I love you, too.

Kevin: You're so stupid.

Jana: (Muffled screaming)

Kevin: Shh, shh, shh.

Colleen: Kevin?

Kevin: There you go.

Colleen: Kevin! Kevin! Kevin!

Jack: He just walked in the door. Thank you, Officer, for all your help.

Sharon: Oh, my gosh, you worried us so much!

Nick: Come here. You scared us, Buddy.

Noah: I wanted to come home, but it was dark.

Sharon: Well, Honey, don't ever, ever do that to us again, Baby. We were so worried.

Jack: Where's Summer?

Phyllis: Miguel's babysitting.

Nick: Where were you?

Noah: In the stables.

Jack: No, we looked out there.

Noah: Am I in trouble?

Nick: No, you're not in trouble.

Sharon: Well, we're gonna have to talk about this, though, because running away is--

Nick: Is no way to solve your problems.

Sharon: No. It only creates more problems.

Jack: Noah, your bicycle in still in the garage. How did you even get out to the ranch?

Nick: How'd you get out there?

Noah: I hitched a ride.

Sharon: You hitchhiked?

Nick: You did what? Dude, how many times have we told you, you don't ever get in the car with strangers, ever.

Noah: The lady who gave me a ride was nice.

Nick: That doesn't matter!

Sharon: All right, you're gonna be punished for hitchhiking.

Noah: Dad!

Nick: You are. This is a serious deal.

Noah: If you punish me, I'll just run away again!

Nick: That went well. I'm afraid it's worse than you thought.

Nick: We should go talk to him.

Sharon: Well, maybe you should go alone. I think he's really mad at me right now.

Nick: No, I think he's angry at the whole world. And if one of us goes up there alone, he's just gonna play that one against the other.

Sharon: All right, maybe I'll, um, I'll set up an appointment this week with his therapist and the three of us can talk.

Nick: Yeah, anytime.

Phyllis: Well, I guess the "A" team has it all worked out.

Jack: Hey, this is about a whole lot more than just a video game.

Phyllis: Um, yeah, he said that the two of you have been very busy since the campaign.

Jack: Well, I've been in Madison a lot.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Jack: You think he feels abandoned?

Phyllis: He didn't exactly say that, but, yeah--

Logan: I know it's not my business...

Phyllis: Go ahead.

Logan: Noah lost his sister and he thought his father was dead. And his mother, from what I heard, had an accident not too long ago?

Jack: That's right.

Phyllis: Right.

Logan: Well, he must be feeling that his world is fragile. Anything to assure him otherwise would be good for him.

Sharon: I think Noah needs to spend more time with us. He needs more attention from us.

Nick: Well, now that I'm back on my feet, literally, I'll, uh, spend every minute I can with him. I'll take him riding tomorrow.

Sharon: Oh, that would be great. He'd love that.

Noah: You're mean.

Sharon: Honey, take your backpack upstairs right now.

Noah: No.

Nick: Do as your mother says.

Noah: No.

Nick: Noah?

Noah: I hate you.

Jack: Listen, Buddy, think this through. We can't just let you run away.

Noah: I'm not gonna run away. I wanna live with Phyllis. Can I, Phyllis?

Ji Min: Ahem. Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. I was just looking for Jill's purse. She said she left it here.

Amber: Oh. Um, I was just getting something out of my car.

Ji Min: I'm sorry, what did you say?

Amber: It's nothing important.

Ji Min: I don't see it.

Amber: See what?

Ji Min: Jill's purse.

Amber: Right, um... I don't--I don't see it either.

Ji Min: She must've left it somewhere else.

Amber: Well... good night.

Ji Min: Good night.

Colleen: Kevin! Hey, Kevin! Kevin, are you out there? Hey, are you there? Kevin! Kevin! Look, just say something. Please, just say something!

Kevin: I chloroformed her. I gave her a taste of what she did to you. She's not gonna wake up for a couple hours. And when she does, she is going to have a wicked headache.

Colleen: Hey! Kevin, hey, hey, just let me out of here, okay? Just let me out!

Kevin: No, no, sorry, Colleen, I can't do that.

Colleen: Why not? Yes, you can. Why not?

Kevin: Because-- because I'm protecting you. You are not gonna be a part of this.

Colleen: Part of what? Kevin! Hey, just let me out!

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Phyllis: Are you sure that's what you want?

Nikki: Sell me the company. I'm ready to bet on myself.

Michael: Give me the gun. Come on.

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