Y&R Transcript Wednesday 7/4/07

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 7/4/07 -- Canada; Thursday 7/5/07 -- U.S.A.


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Cane: You want to go riding now?

Amber: Not the horses.

Cane: I gotta work.

Amber: (Groans) you're absolutely no fun.

Cane: Yeah, well, fun's not part of my job description, is it?

Amber: I'll have to talk to your grandma about that one.

Cane: Yeah, well, and who do I talk to about your job?

Amber: Mm, I mean, Lauren, but--

Cane: No, I mean your other job, the one where you're Daniel's guardian angel.

Amber: Come on.

Cane: No, you come on. You lied to me again.

Amber: I didn't lie to you. I just didn't tell you about it.

Cane: You see, where I come from, lying and not telling someone about it is the same thing.

Amber: I bailed him out of jail. It's really not that big a deal.

Cane: No, you see, it is a big deal. Otherwise, his wife would've bailed him out of jail. And the fact that you're hiding it and he's hiding it makes it an even bigger thing. See, I don't understand what it is in your relationship with this guy that allows you to rationalize all this stuff.

Amber: Okay, it's not a relationship. It's a friendship.

Cane: Whatever. Whatever. It's messed up, and he's messed up.

Amber: Nobody's perfect.

Cane: And you're getting messed up in it.

Amber: It's not like I helped him commit murder. He mouthed off to a cop at a strip club. Last time I checked, that's not even a felony.

Cane: And that's where you draw the line, huh, felonies? Well, now is this all sorts of felonies or only certain sorts of felonies? Like, let's say, uh, murder. Is that a "Yes" and mail fraud's a "No"?

Amber: You are making too much of this.

Cane: Am I? See, here's the thing, he is married-- married-- like you and I are married. And the problem is that he didn't do something stupid at a nightclub. The problem is that his wife would not approve of what he's doing at the nightclub. And the fact that you're helping cover it up, it means that you are adding to the mess that his marriage is.

Amber: Okay. I won't help him anymore.

Cane: I want you to promise that to me.

Amber: I promise.

Cane: You know, I don't understand why you couldn't have just said that in the beginning.

Amber: Well, because if I said it in the first place, you wouldn't have kissed me.

Lily: Okay. Stop. No more. I'm done.

Daniel: You're not getting away that easy.

Lily: No! Stop! (Laughs)

Daniel: You're not getting away that easy.

Lily: Stop! Okay, you know what? (Laughs)

Daniel: Okay.

Lily: Wait, Daniel.

Daniel: You know, it was nice sleeping here last night, even though all we did was sleep.

Lily: Yeah, it did feel good. I slept great.

Daniel: Oh, I know. You were snoring.

Lily: (Scoffs) oh, my gosh, shut your mouth.

Daniel: (Snoring)

Lily: Okay, you know what? You're done. Just stop. (Laughs)

Daniel: You got class?

Lily: Uh, yeah, and I have a lecture after, too.

Daniel: Mm. You wanna meet for coffee after?

Lily: Yeah, sure. Actually, you know what? I have to go. I'll see you later, okay?

Daniel: Bye.

Lily: Bye.

Cane: What is the difference between a pizza and a musician?

Amber: Oh, that's an old one.

(Cell phone rings)

Amber: Oh.

Cane: Who's that?

Amber: Nobody important. A pizza can feed a family of four.

Daniel: Hey, Amber, it's me. Uh, look, I need your help, so give me a call. And if you can't pick up, leave a message and let me know what time we can meet, okay?

Michael: He's lucky he wasn't killed.

Lauren: After everything that's happened to him, I can't even believe it. Oh, you know what? I can't even stand looking at that. Here, you eat that.

Gloria: Can't stand looking at what?

Lauren: (Groans) Kevin's accident pictures online.

Gloria: Then, Honey, don't. It's upsetting enough without the pictures. Kevin, how did you run into that tree?

Kevin: I was-- I was aiming for it.

Gloria: Not funny.

Kevin: It's not supposed to be. I did it on purpose. Shh. Shh.

Gloria: (Chuckles) what, for the insurance money or you dislike that tree?

Kevin: No. No, no. I did it for Jana.

(Metal clatters)

Gloria: Who knows? Maybe this will be a wake-up call for Kevin. He'll start taking care of himself. I'm afraid that like his mother, Kevin doesn't always have the best judgment.

(Cell phone rings)

Kevin: Hello?

Jana: (Gasps) oh, God. Thank God you can answer your phone.

Kevin: Jana. I'm glad you called. I've been thinking so much about us.

Jana: I told you and told you to be more careful when you're driving.

Kevin: As a matter of fact, you're all I've been thinking about.

Jana: (Sighs) I miss you, too.

Kevin: Not as much as I miss you.

Jana: I want to see you.

Kevin: Oh, Man. I'd kill to be able to see you.

Kevin: You still there?

Jana: (Sighs) you know I can't come see you. It's--it's too dangerous.

Kevin: (Sighs) I'd fly to wherever you are, but I can't even get out of bed. Aah! Sorry.

Jana: Oh! I can't stand you being hurt like this. How bad is it?

Kevin: I'll live. No one would have to know if you came to visit.

Jana: Just so you know, I never meant to hurt you, Kevin. I-I just got so caught up in this crazy plan of mine, and I lost control. I love you so much.

Kevin: I want not to love you. I couldn't make that work.

Jana: (Sighs) what if I could come see you?

Kevin: Well, then, uh... (Knock on door)

Gloria: Good morning, Sweetheart.

Michael: Hey.

Kevin: Thanks, uh, thanks for calling, Colleen. I am feeling better.

Jana: What's going on there?

Kevin: Well, Mom and Michael just got here so I'm gonna run, but, uh, thank you again for calling and, um, we'll talk later, I hope?

Jana: I'll phone back.

Kevin: Please do. Bye.

Gloria: Well, that was nice of Colleen to check up on you.

Kevin: Yeah. Yeah.

Colleen: (Sighs) oh! Oh, my gosh. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry. Um, here, I'll just bring you-- I'll bring you a new cup. I'm sorry.

Lily: Hey.

Colleen: Hi.

Lily: I, uh, I got your text. What happened?

Colleen: Um... well, Adrian and I had a really big fight. It was bad. He found out that I helped Kevin stage the accident, and he went and he told the police everything.

Lily: Um, well, I hate to say it, but... (Chuckles) at least somebody is thinking straight.

Colleen: I have a customer waiting.

Lily: No, no. Colleen, I'm serious. Okay, Kevin is lucky to be alive. You guys aren't superheroes. Just stop before something worse happens.

Colleen: Customer waiting.

Cane: Adrian.

Korbel: Yeah?

Cane: Did you bring the preservation report?

Korbel: I'm sorry. What?

Cane: The historic homes... Clear Springs?

Korbel: Yeah.

Cane: Colleen did the analysis. You were gonna bring it over and give it to me?

Korbel: Um, yeah, I haven't seen her today.

Cane: Well, when you do, could you ask her to messenger it to my office?

Korbel: You know, why don't you call her yourself and relay the message? Excuse me. Have you talked to Kevin again?

Sullivan: Oh. Well, there's no need. He said he didn't stage the accident.

Korbel: He's lying.

Sullivan: Okay.

Korbel: He is.

Sullivan: Uh-huh.

Korbel: Look, I wouldn't give a damn about that except for the fact that he's putting Colleen at risk. So you have to protect her, all right? Stake out the hospital or--or whatever it is you do. Make sure you're there in case Jana shows up.

Sullivan: I didn't know this place served advice with their coffee. Is there anything else?

Michael: Don't blame your bad judgment on us. Gloria and I are paragons of good judgment compared to you right-- well, maybe one of us is, but--

Gloria: Stop it.

Michael: Look, maturity means accepting full responsibility for your lousy taste in women.

Kevin: Okay, fine. But where did I get my bad judgment?

Michael: Don't look at me.

Gloria: I said stop it, Michael. And you stop being so hard on yourself. You had no idea what she was really like.

Kevin: That's exactly what I'm saying. I am unable to spot a psycho.

Michael: Because you don't think!

Kevin: I think--

Michael: You never think.

Kevin: I think it's the way we were raised or--

Michael: No, stop with this "We"! You have terrible judgment! I turned out fine.

Kevin: Oh? Oh, you turned out fine, did ya? You think your fellow inmates back in the day would say the same thing?

(Cell phone rings)

Michael: I have to get this.

Kevin: So, Mom, you know how I'm always helping you out?

Gloria: Yeah.

Kevin: Great. Well, I need you to return the favor. I need my gun.

Gloria: Gun? Did you just say "Gun"? Since when do you own a gun? We live in Wisconsin, for heaven sakes. Unless you're out shooting geese or ducks or something.

Kevin: Okay, Mom, Mom, take a deep breath. Good. Jana tried to kill me. That's reason enough. It's in my dresser, second drawer down, wrapped in underwear.

Gloria: The only way I am touching a gun is to throw it away.

Kevin: Now what if I'd said that when you asked me to swipe the files from the D.A.?

Gloria: Apples and oranges.

Kevin: Why do you say that?

Gloria: Because I didn't try to kill somebody.

Kevin: Uh, you were covering up the fact that you already did. And I didn't say I was gonna kill anyone.

Gloria: That was an accident. And even Michael said its manslaughter at worst.

Kevin: Please, Mom, do this for me, and don't--

Gloria: Honey, just don't--don't--don't... Honey, listen to me, we all make mistakes. The idea is not to follow one mistake with another one that could even be worse.

Kevin: Right, but that depends on how you define "Mistake." If you let things get worse-- or in my case, don't defend myself against the next psycho who may come along-- you'd be making a bigger mistake.

Gloria: Honey, I've been involved with some pretty awful men... until John and now William. But I never gave up hope. And I never stopped looking for Mr. Right. And I don't want you to lose faith that there is a Ms. Right out there for you. Just don't do something stupid while you're waiting for her.

Kevin: Ahem.

Michael: I am in the room. Whatever this is, it's not subtle.

(Closes cell phone)

Michael: Sometimes, you two just... scare the hell out of me.

Colleen: Okay. Hey.

Lily: Hey.

Colleen: You know, I understand what you're saying. I just need you to get something. It's, like, every night, I wake up and I'm convinced that Jana is in that room with me. Every single time I go to my car, I get a flash of her covering my mouth with that chloroform.

Lily: Sweetie, there's a reason we have police.

Colleen: Yeah, well, whatever they're doing or whatever they say they're doing, I don't feel safe. I don't want them putting her in jail after she kills me.

Lily: Okay, listen, I-I understand why you feel that way. But trying to trap her yourself is stupid. I mean, I--I'm afraid for you.

Colleen: I'm afraid, too. I really am. But I'm more afraid of what's gonna happen if we can't trap her. I mean, there's no telling what she'll do. But the one thing that we know is that she'll do anything to be with Kevin.

Jana: (Whispers) Genoa City.

Dr. Farr: Daniel.

Daniel: Thank you so much for seeing me, 'cause we got a major problem here. I am messed up.

Dr. Farr: Not the language we prefer. Let's just say you're on your way to emotional health.

Daniel: I didn't mean "I'm messed up," which I am, seriously, which you already know. I have messed up big-time.

Dr. Farr: In what way?

Daniel: I got arrested. (Laughs) I thought you'd never ask, by the way. But I got arrested, and, um, I-I was at a strip club. I got carded, and--and I wouldn't keep my mouth shut when I was talking to the cops, and I got arrested. Stupid, right? Yeah, I know. Stupidest. I--I'm--I'm on my way to figuring stuff out with my marriage, and I go to a strip club and I get arrested for having a fake I.D. You know, I know this could break up my marr-- (sighs) what kind of man does this? You know, what's the matter with me?

Dr. Farr: You tell me. Did you ever try and figure out when your interest in all this began?

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah, you know, I've been thinking about it a lot lately, and, uh, I was looking at pictures before. I was looking at pornography before. But I-I guess it kind of happened when I got turned on to this web site by a friend. It's a little embarrassing.

Dr. Farr: No, it's--it's--it's a step in the right direction.

Daniel: (Chuckles) if you say so. It was called "Strangers by Night." You know, there were photographs, e-mail exchanges. It wasn't anything too crazy. You know, nothing way out there, not like some of the stuff that I've seen. Anyway... I kind of wish I never met this person.

Dr. Farr: Someone online?

Daniel: The one who gave me the web site.

Dr. Farr: This person didn't force you to go online, didn't force you to go to the strip club.

Daniel: No. No. I just feel like maybe if I had never met her that none of this stuff would be happening to me, you know? Like, I want her out of my life. But at the same time, I feel like I need her help. I don't know. It's kind of messed up.

Amber: Daniel, I got your message. I'm sorry I couldn't talk. I was with cane. Anyway, uh, whatever you were calling about, call about again. Bye.

Cane: I just don't know enough about, uh, my wife's past.

Lauren: That's a strange thing to say to me, and even stranger seeing that you're already married to her.

Cane: Well, I-I mean, I-I knew enough about her to marry her and fall in love with her. I just, uh... I'm just over my head when it comes to throwing a surprise party for her.

Lauren: That's why you couldn't talk on the phone? (Laughs) oh, boy, I thought...

Cane: What did you...? (Gasps) oh, you thought I was gonna ask you if she had, like, a criminal record or a--or a shady past or something? No!

Lauren: Well... (Laughs) no. Well, yeah. Anyway, I'm just really glad this is about a party. (Laughs) good. Go on.

Cane: All right, well, see, what I wanna do, I wanna do, like, video tribute for her. You know, like, "The best of Amber." So I wanna see if her friends have, like, funny stories about her where, you know, I don't know. I had nowhere to start. But I know you've known her longer than most people. So, uh, I mean, you knew her in L.A., right?

Lauren: Yeah, that's absolutely right.

Cane: So is there anything you could maybe tell me about her or give me a clue on where I could start?

Kevin: Hey, Mom. Didn't you tell me you had a prescription to pick up for William before you bring me a fresh t-shirt and underwear?

Gloria: The prescription is being delivered. And they're not discharging you for a couple of more days. So I think I'm gonna stick around.

Kevin: Oh, well, wouldn't you rather me spend some quality time with my older brother?

Michael: Yeah, yeah. I suddenly have the urge to bond with my brother. Why don't you go take care of your husband, Gloria?

Gloria: Don't know when I'll get back.

Kevin: You'll find time.

Gloria: Bye, Sweetie.

Kevin: See you, Mom.

Gloria: See you, Honey.

Kevin: Oh. So... how's my nephew?

Michael: He's fine. Better for not having to overhear you and Gloria go on like that. I mean, what's going on between you?

Kevin: Michael, aren't you the suspicious one?

Michael: Big surprise. You're not gonna tell me.

Kevin: There's nothing to tell.

Michael: Hmm. Well... all that talk about... us being dysfunctional-- or rather your being dysfunctional...

Kevin: Well, my apologies for giving you an existential crisis.

Michael: How many times have we been here? I mean, how many-- how many times have I had to sit at your bedside and look at you all battered and bleeding? You have no idea what this does to me. You have no idea. I can't... You've made a lot of bad choices. Doesn't mean you have to keep on making bad choices. It's called growing up. It's called not getting Gloria into whatever trouble you're trying to get her into. It's called living long enough so that you can-- might actually meet Ms. Right. And as you reminded me so tactfully, I was in prison ten years ago. But I got out. And I met Lauren.

Kevin: (Scoffs) you got lucky.

Michael: Lucky? Was that what it was? Lucky? I made a conscious choice to change so that when I got lucky enough to meet her, I was worthy of her, or at least a little less unworthy. Now you fell in love with Jana, and it almost killed you. But you've learned better judgment from that, haven't you? You've learned not to get into a similar situation again. Right? Haven't you? You learned not to get Gloria in trouble, haven't you?

Kevin: All right. (Chuckles) all right, now-- now you're speaking in code, and I have no idea what you're saying.

Cane: So who is it that Amber worked for in L.A.?

Lauren: Well, um, her biggest hits were with Spectra Couture. And then she also worked with Forrester.

Cane: Forrester. Okay, Forrester.

Lauren: Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Cane: Um, I think I've heard of them.

Lauren: Mm-hmm. They're really good friends of mine. There was this one story where, uh, Brooke Marone, Amber and I were all sitting around working on this new line for my store.

Cane: Okay, now Brooke Marone was her boss?

Lauren: Uh, right. So anyway, they were a pair of visionaries with some very different visions. I--there was some sort of fight over gold sequins. I think Brooke thought it was too retro, Amber felt that was the point, and all I can tell you, is six years later, I'm still digging out gold sequins from the bottom of my closet. Very funny, actually.

Fen: (Crying)

Lauren: Mm. That is my call. The baby.

Cane: (Sighs)

Colleen: How are things going with Daniel?

Lily: Um... better. Almost good. I mean, he's doing everything right, doing everything I ask, but...

Colleen: But you don't trust him?

Lily: I can't help it.

Colleen: I don't blame you.

Lily: It's, like, I go through his stuff trying to find out if he's lying to me, trying to find porn. And I hope that I don't, you know, but... I'm afraid not to look. And then if I do look, then I just worry even more. And even though I haven't found anything, which makes me want to keep looking... it's like this vicious cycle.

Colleen: What you're doing is normal. It really is. Daniel lied to you, Lily. It's gonna take time before you can trust him again.

Dr. Farr: What you've described is addict behavior.

Daniel: Addict? Come on. This isn't like drugs or alcohol.

Dr. Farr: Well, people can be addicted to drugs, to habits, to even other people.

Daniel: They're pictures. Okay? They're pictures. Everyone looks at pictures. It's not an addiction.

Dr. Farr: I'm not talking about the substance. I'm talking about the behavior. You can't control yourself.

Daniel: I think you're making this sound a little extreme.

Dr. Farr: You went to a strip club even though you knew it would jeopardize your marriage. Is that what you call control?

Daniel: It's what I call bad judgment.

Dr. Farr: In my opinion, it's a serious problem, and you need to tell your wife.

Daniel: Oh. Oh, no. You see, that, that right there? That's gonna happen.

Dr. Farr: Well, bring her in for a session. We'll tell her together.

Daniel: I can't.

Dr. Farr: Daniel, this isn't gonna blow over or just go away. And I don't think you're so far removed from reality to believe that she's not gonna find out sooner or later. An arrest is a matter of public record. Bring Lily in with you as soon as possible.

Cane: So don't forget, this video is a surprise. So please, please don't tell her about this.

Lauren: Now why would I say you were here if you never came over, huh?

Gloria: Oh.

Lauren: Ooh!

Gloria: Hello.

Cane: Hey, Mrs. Bardwell.

Lauren: Uh, okay. Well, then...

Cane: Bye, Mrs. Bardwell.

Lauren: (Laughs) yeah. See you later. Okay.

Cane: Thanks, Lauren.

Lauren: Bye. Is Kevin okay?

Gloria: No, he's not okay. He's in the hospital, he's all banged up, and now the drugs are putting crazy ideas in his head.

Lauren: Is he hallucinating?

Gloria: No. No, he's just not thinking straight.

Lauren: Well, when has he ever, huh? I'm sorry.

Gloria: It's all right. I'm just not in the mood for a joke.

Lauren: Yeah, looks like.

(Knock on door)

Sullivan: Hi, Kevin.

Kevin: Detective Sullivan. Visiting hours are over.

Sullivan: Well, this is a special new service from your local P.D. patients with psychotic ex-girlfriends get extra visits. Isn't that nice?

Kevin: Yeah.

Sullivan: Yeah.

Kevin: Look, I already told you, everything Adrian Korbel said is B.S. he's overreacting.

Sullivan: You know what? If you tell me that you didn't wreck your car on purpose, that's good enough for me. Only a very unbalanced person would do something like that.

Kevin: Agreed.

Sullivan: Only somebody that lost all perspective would try to... find a homicidal psychopath by himself.

Kevin: Agreed.

Sullivan: And as much as you hate your old girlfriend, you haven't lost perspective.

Kevin: Now is that a question or a statement?

Sullivan: That's up to you.

Kevin: Look, I'm not dumb enough or brave enough to go after Jana on my own.

Sullivan: Well, I am relieved to know that. But she has contacted you, and from what you say, she has a fixation. She's in love with you.

Kevin: Yeah, maybe in her own twisted way.

Sullivan: Right. When she hears that you're injured, you're immobilized, she may try to come by here. So we have the hospital under police surveillance.

Kevin: Thanks.

Sullivan: You're welcome. You know, sometimes when we watch for one kind of criminal activity, we end up finding something else altogether. Do you understand?

Kevin: Oh, yeah.

Sullivan: Good. Feel better.

Kevin: Thanks.

 (Door closes)

Daniel: Yeah, the, uh, court date is august 15th. Okay, and what's your retainer? Thank you. Well, we'll be in touch.

Amber: Hey, uh, listen, I'm sorry about earlier.

Daniel: I'm trying to find a lawyer here that'll make this little arrest disappear, but they are so dang expensive. You know, I should've just gone to law school. I could've taken care of this whole thing myself. You know, those guys make bank, too.

Amber: The money I gave you won't cover it?

Daniel: No, not that and the therapist who thinks I need to start seeing her more often because I have a porn addiction.

Amber: For real?

Daniel: Oh, yeah.

And she thinks that I should tell lily about the little strip club arrest.

Amber: I don't wanna be there when that happens.

Daniel: I don't intend for that to happen, so let's get real here. I need my portion of the money, and I need it now.

Amber: (Whispering) I could use mine, too.

Daniel: So what's stopping us? Why don't we just go dig it up? You know, no one's come to claim it. Nothing bad happened after we spent some of it.

Amber: I am with you, but good luck trying to convince Kevin. Okay, he's all, "We still don't know if it's safe."

Daniel: So screw Kevin. He's in the hospital. What's he gonna do?

Amber: (Low voice) let me think about it, okay? I don't want to get into any trouble with my husband.

Daniel: Oh. Oh, you don't want to get into any trouble with your husband, but its okay for me to lie to my wife and have my marriage be falling apart right now?

Amber: You know, I didn't say that, okay? I'm just trying to figure out a way to do everything without jeopardizing everything. And by the way, Cane found out I bailed you outta jail.

Daniel: Well, what did you tell him for?

Amber: I didn't tell him. He found the receipt. I'm sorry. But its okay, you know? I mean, you can trust him. I trust him with my life.

Cane: Uh, hi. Can-- can I speak to, uh, Brooke Marone, please?

Brooke: Speaking.

Cane: Uh, my name's Cane Ashby. I'm, uh, Amber Moore's husband.

Brooke: What can I do for you?

Cane: So, uh, Mrs. Marone, I understand that you, uh, used to be her boss.

Brooke: I was more than that. I was her mother-in-law.

Cane: Oh. Um... right, right. Um, she was married to your son.

Brooke: Rick.

Cane: Yeah, Rick. Uh, yeah, she talks about Rick all the time.

Brooke: Um, look, I'm sure you're a really nice guy, and--and you mean well, but I'm not too comfortable talking about Amber with a complete stranger. She and I haven't spoken in years. And if you're really her husband, then--

Cane: I-I completely understand, and the last thing I want to do is make you, um, uncomfortable. It's just, um, Amber and, uh, and I rushed into the marriage, and--

Brooke: And you're having second thoughts.

Cane: I, uh, I-- I don't know really that much about her past.

Brooke: I'm sure she'd prefer it that way.

Cane: Uh... (Chuckles) when you say it like that, it kinda makes me worry.

Brooke: Look, the only reason I'm talking to you is because I think anybody who deals with Amber needs to know that she is dishonest. And if she's changed, well, then you'll find out one way or the other. Good-bye.

Cane: Uh, maybe we could... hello? Hello?


Gloria: Oh, Honey, that's so good. Push against my hand. That's good. You're gonna be doing this all by yourself in no time.

Gloria: Oh, William... you know... you think you can stop worrying about your kids when they grow up... but it doesn't work out that way. You always want to protect them. I'm worried about Kevin, William. I don't mind telling you... I don't know what to do. I know he thinks his heart's in the right place, but his head's not. So what do I do, get in the middle of it or let him make his own huge mistake? I don't know. What are you doing here?

Michael: Uh, "A," I live here, "B," I had to pick up this case file and... "C," who made what mistake?

Gloria: Honey, I'll be right back. I'm sorry, Michael. I didn't mean that. You just surprised me. Actually, I'm very glad you're here.

Michael: I-I can't help with rehab right now. I will later. I hope everything's going all-- all well, William.

Gloria: (Whispers) it's not about rehab, Honey. (Normal voice) I'm glad you're here because... never mind.

Michael: Wait, whoa, whoa. "Because--never mind"? Are you trying to give me an ulcer?

Gloria: (Whispers) Kevin doesn't want me to tell you.

Michael: But you're going to tell me.

Gloria: Yeah, because I have to tell you.

Michael: Then do it.

Gloria: Kevin asked me to bring him his gun.

Korbel: Hi.

Colleen: Hi.

Korbel: Look, I'm sorry--

Colleen: I'm-- go ahead.

Korbel: I shouldn't be trying to run your life. You've had enough of that already, and... you're not a child.

Colleen: You noticed.

Korbel: You are a smart... loyal woman, and those are just a few of the things that I admire about you.

Colleen: I'm stubborn, too.

Korbel: Yeah, I noticed that, too. But I love you anyway.

Colleen: I understand why you went to the police. I understand why you're worried. I...

Korbel: Yeah, I-I will worry any time you are in danger.

Colleen: And maybe you should. I mean, honestly, I'm worried. Maybe it is a bad idea for us to try and find Jana. I don't know. It seemed sane and logical when we started. But... (sighs) look, it's just, we're really scared. We're scared of her.

Korbel: I know. And fear can distort a person's judgment.

Michael: (Whispers) well, congratulations. (Normal voice) you just set a new standard of Baldwin-Fisher-Bardwell family stupid ideas. What the hell were you thinking?

Kevin: What are you talking about?

Michael: You asked your mother to bring you this. You asked Gloria--Gloria-- to transport a loaded firearm. Now generally, I think of you as a not-unintelligent person. I mean, when you've got all pistons firing and stuff.

Kevin: Well, she wasn't supposed to tell you.

Michael: Oh, well, duh! You better thank your lucky stars she did. I caught her in the middle of asking advice from the D.A.-- you know, the one we like to call "Daddy"-- about how to handle your request.

Kevin: Why the hell would she tell him?

Michael: Well, you know, I think it was still in the theoretical my-son-just-asked-me-to-do- something-stupid stage. I don't think the word "Gun" passed her lips during the entire rehab session.

Kevin: You have no idea how important this is.

Michael: Oh, I hope it's important. What were you planning to do with the gun? You gonna shoot Jana if she comes here?

Kevin: Just give it to me.

Michael: When is she showing up?

Kevin: I don't know. Give it to me.

Michael: Not gonna happen.

Kevin: Fine. Fine. I'll just get one from someone else.

Michael: Not if I'm sitting out in that hallway 24/7.

Kevin: You're an idiot.

Michael: No, that's my line. You're an idiot.

(Cell phone rings)

Kevin: (Groans) hello.

Jana: I'm coming to see you.

Kevin: Not a good idea.

Jana: But you said that--

Kevin: Not here. The police are—

(Door opens)

Michael: Who's that?

Kevin: It's a friend. Do you mind?

Michael: A friend you plan on shooting? All right.

Kevin: The police put the hospital under surveillance.

Jana: You really care if I get arrested?

Kevin: Of course. It's why you can't come here.

Jana: Okay. So where?

Kevin: We'll figure something out. I can... I'll come to you.

Daniel: So how was class?

Lily: Uh, it was good. I like the professor, but she gives a lot of homework, so...

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Lily: What have you been up to?

Daniel: Nothing much.

Lily: Um, I've been thinking that in order for our marriage to work, I have to be able to trust you. And I want it to work.

Daniel: But you don't trust me yet.

Lily: I'm sorry.

Daniel: No, there's nothing to be sorry about.

Lily: And the last time I went to that therapist, I swore I would never go back.

Daniel: Yeah. It gave new meaning to the word "self-conscious," huh?

Lily: But I, um, I think it did me some good.

Daniel: Well, that's great.

Lily: Yeah. And I want us to work out this problem that we have if we can. So... I'm willing to go back.

Daniel: I think that we should probably see different therapists, though.

Lily: Well, no, I want us to go as a couple. I mean, you know, if that's okay with her and, obviously, okay with you.

Daniel: You know, it's funny you should bring up Dr. Farr, because I saw her earlier today, and she said that I turned a major corner.

Lily: Already?

Daniel: I guess I'm a fast learner.

Lily: Daniel, that is great. I'm--I'm so happy for you.

Daniel: Happy for us.

Cane: Hey, beautiful.

Amber: Hi.

Cane: Mwah. How was your morning?

Amber: So-so. Better now that you seem to be in a good mood.

Cane: I don't think being protective about your wife is being in a bad mood. But, you know, I thought about it, and you would not be the Amber I fell in love with if you didn't drop everything to help your friends when they're in trouble.

Amber: So you're cool with me hanging out with Daniel.

Cane: Absolutely, whenever he's near death.

Amber: (Laughs) what a big man you are.

Cane: What can I say?

Amber: (Sighs) okay. I get the point. You know, there needs to be limits with friends, and I-I need to set the boundaries.

Cane: Spoken like a true marriage counselor.

Amber: Mm. I read it in a webzine.

Cane: It's funny you said that, 'cause I read something similar. It was about, uh, honesty in a marriage.

Amber: Well, that's a given. I mean, dishonesty is what's causing problems in Daniel's marriage. We're not talking about Daniel. I mean, his problems are not our problems, right?

Cane: Right, right. His... dishonesty is not our problem.

Amber: Mm-hmm.

Michael: Where is he?

Colleen: Where is he?

Michael: Kevin! Kevin! Oh... I didn't think he could get out of bed, so I foolishly left it here. I hated carrying it around.

Colleen: What did you leave?

Michael: Hell! Hell!

Colleen: No, no, no. Michael, what did you leave?

Michael: His gun.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Sullivan: What do you think, William? Sometimes the ugliest bugs hide under the prettiest rock?

Victor: Perhaps they want to persuade you to drop out of the race by killing your wife.

Gloria: What's going on?

Michael: Look...

Paul: Kevin ran away from the hospital.

Michael: You are injured.

Gloria: What?

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