Y&R Transcript Tuesday 7/3/07

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 7/3/07 -- Canada; Wednesday 7/4/07 -- U.S.A.


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Jack: I'll get the light. Here we go. You got it?

Nick: Thanks for letting me stay here, Sharon.

Sharon: Sure. There's no sense in letting it sit empty.

Jack: Yeah, it'll be good for you to recuperate in familiar surroundings.

Nick: With this drill sergeant, I'm gonna be outta here in no time.

Logan: Is this your daughter?

Nick: Yeah, that's... my Cassie.

Logan: She's beautiful.

Sharon: So, um... if there's anything else you need, Nick, uh...

Nick: The place hasn't changed. I like that.

[Nick remembering]

Nick: Here it is, Mrs. Newman. Our new home. What do you think of the end result?

Sharon: Oh, Nick... I love it! I thought we were gonna decorate together. Did you do all this yourself?

Nick: With a little help from a pro.

Sharon: It's beautiful. It's incredible.

Nick: It still feels like home.

Kevin: It's done, Mom. Don't blow this one.

Gloria: What were you thinking? Honey, you faked a car accident.

Kevin: You faked a D.N.A. test.

Gloria: I didn't risk my life.

Kevin: Yes, you did. You could've gone to jail.

Gloria: It's not the same.

Kevin: You were protecting yourself. I'm protecting Colleen and me.

Gloria: Jana is crazy. You lure her back here and she will try to kill you again.

Kevin: Mnh-mnh, no, nope, not gonna happen. I'm prepared this time. I know what to expect. If I know when she's coming, then I--

Gloria: Stop it! This has gone too far. And I don't want anything else to happen to you.

Kevin: Then don't tell anyone. Jana cannot find out that this is a trap.

Colleen: Hey. We're missing the fireworks, you know?

Korbel: I heard you.

Colleen: Okay. Um... do you wanna get outta here for a little while?

Korbel: No, I heard what you said about the accident, or should I say the stunt?

Colleen: Adrian, it's no big deal.

Korbel: Your friend is in there fighting for his life. No big deal? You weren't gonna tell me about this, were you?

Colleen: I knew how you were going to react.

Korbel: Like a sane person? When are you gonna stop listening to Kevin?

Colleen: No, I make my own decisions. Kevin is not forcing me to do this. He's my friend.

Korbel: Who's willing to let you risk your life. Some friend.

Colleen: You have no idea--

Korbel: You are both in way over your heads. Jana has murdered someone, which means she's capable of doing it again. Now if you get too close to Kevin, you could be collateral damage.

Colleen: So what do you want me to do?

Korbel: I want you to stay out of it.

Kevin: After everything that I've done for you, Mom, you have to do this one thing for me. You promise?

(Cell phone buzzing)

Kevin: Get Colleen. Quick.

Gloria: Colleen? Colleen?

Korbel: Listen, Kevin, you leave her out of this, all right?

Kevin: Answer it. Answer it. It could be Jana.

Kevin: I'm too injured to answer.

Korbel: Don't do it. Colleen...

Colleen: Hello?

Jana: Where's Kevin?

Colleen: He's on his deathbed. Isn't that right where you wanted him?

Jana: What happened?

Colleen: A car accident, and now he's in critical condition, could actually finish what you started.

Jana: Why do you have his phone?

Colleen: You know what? I just saw him on the side of the road. I don't even know how long he was there. It's just--it's awful.

Jana: Well, let me talk to him.

Colleen: No!

Kevin: Hey--hey--

Colleen: No, you can't talk to him.

Kevin: Surgery.

Colleen: Because he's in surgery. But I'll tell you what, if he makes it out alive, I'll let him know that you called.

Korbel: This-- this has gone too far.

Kevin: That was so perfect. That was so perfect.

Korbel: This has to stop! Do you understand?

Woman: Excuse me. Would you all please step back? I need to check on the patient.

Kevin: That was so good.

Cane: I was about to send out a search party. Your phone's off.

Amber: Kevin got in a car accident.

Cane: Is he all right?

Amber: He's in I.C.U. I'm not really sure.

Cane: We should go down to the hospital.

Amber: You know what? I bet he has a lot of visitors right now. I think, um, I think we should just go by tomorrow.

Cane: Is that where you've been all day?

Amber: What do you mean?

Cane: Well, I, uh, I went down to the boutique earlier.

Amber: Oh, I-I had to help a friend out.

[Amber remembering]

Amber: And you're welcome, by the way.

Daniel: I said thank you.

Amber: No, you didn't.

Daniel: What am I gonna do? I don't know what to do here.

Amber: You shut your mouth next time a cop asks for your I.D. You know, nobody is that stupid unless-- were you drunk?

Daniel: No, no, I was not drunk.

Amber: Okay, then you are that stupid.

Daniel: Do you think there's any way that I can get away without Lily finding out that I was in a strip club? No, huh? No. No.

Amber: Um, my friend Lindsay, uh, locked herself out of her car.

Cane: Oh. You just happen to be, uh, passing by with a coat hanger and some tools?

Amber: You've never seen me in a mechanics jumpsuit.

Cane: Oh, but I'd like to. How about we, uh, pay this bill and get out of here? Excuse me. So, I, uh, haven't heard you talk about this friend Lindsay before.

Amber: That's because you don't always pay attention.

Cane: What, is she a work mate?

Amber: Just an old friend. I mean, we haven't talked in ages.

Cane: That's funny. Then why would she call you if she gets in a bind?

Amber: Because she knows she can always count on me.

Daniel: I wanna say thank you for letting me come home. I know what an idiot I've been the past few months.

Lily: Hey, we're both moving forward, right?

Daniel: Right.

Lily: And besides, this place has been pretty empty without you.

Daniel: Well, I can't wait to start crowding it again. I'm not gonna take it for granted this time, I promise.

Lily: I just... I just want things to go back to how they were.

Daniel: They will. I'm gonna be a better husband, I promise. I love you.

Lily: I love you, too.

Nick: I feel like I should be making my famous ribs at the Newman barbecue.

Sharon: God, I miss those!

[Jack looks at Sharon weird]

Jack: So is there anything we can do to help you settle in any better?

Logan: I'm good. Nick?

Nick: I remember the kids just running around the yard. They were so excited. They used to love chasing each other, till Cassie grew up.

[Nick remembering]

Nick: Could you do a favor for me?

Cassie: Sure.

Nick: Take off some of your eye shadow, please?

Cassie: Dad, come on, it's not that big of a deal.

Nick: I don't think it's appropriate for school.

Cassie: This is how all the girls are wearing their makeup-- lots of eye shadow.

Nick: Well, then just humor me, please.

Cassie: Okay.

Nick: Thank you.

Cassie: So, Dad, can I ask you a question?

Nick: Sure, what's up?

Cassie: Well, soon I'll be old enough to get my learner's permit.

Nick: Your learner's permit?

Cassie: Yeah. Uh, lots of my friends have them. So I was wondering if I could take driving lessons? Maybe you could teach me?

Nick: Wow, you are growing up fast.

Cassie: Dad.

Nick: I'm sorry, it just trips me out sometimes.

Cassie: So what do you think? We could even practice on some of the roads on the ranch. So when the time comes, I'll be ready. Wouldn't that make you feel better?

Jack: Why don't I, uh, show you where the guest room is.

Logan: That'd be great.

Jack: Is this yours?

Logan: Yes.

Nick: In this picture she's hardly wearing any makeup. I used to get on her case about that.

Sharon: You were the only one who could get her to rub it off.

Nick: Sometimes. She was just in such a hurry to grow up.

Sharon: Well, all teenagers are. Makeup, boys...

Nick: Driving.

Sharon: Nick...

Nick: She asked me to teach her how to drive. I should've... I should've helped her learn.

Sharon: She just wasn't ready.

Nick: I should've made her stay home that night.

Sharon: It wasn't your fault. It wasn't anybody's fault.

Nick: I still can't believe she's gone. I wish I could remember.

Sharon: It was a... really, really hard time. Maybe its better that you didn't.

Nick: I'm so sorry that I wasn't there when you needed me most.

Gloria: How's he doing?

Doctor: Well, his heart rate's 80, B.P.'s 140/75 and his respiratory rate's 18.

Gloria: Please just... tell me what that means.

Doctor: It means his blood pressure is still a little low, but his vitals are stabilizing.

Gloria: And his pancreas?

Doctor: Well, there are no complications as of yet, but I wanna keep him around here for a couple of more days, run some more tests, as a precaution, all right?

Gloria: Thank you.

Kevin: Thanks. Mom, I'm fine.

Gloria: No, you are not, because you still have a bruised pancreas.

Kevin: Yeah, well, that's not caused by talking.

Korbel: And you should talk to the police, all right? Just tell them Jana got in touch with you.

Kevin: We tried that. It won't work.

Korbel: So in other words, no.

Kevin: Service providers can't track her calls. It's pointless.

Korbel: What about Paul and Maggie? Don't you think they should be in the loop? I mean, they can be ready if she comes to town.

Kevin: No, no, it would scare Jana off. That's why I stopped.

Korbel: 'Cause you know they'd say the same thing that I'm saying-- that this is crazy!

Kevin: It's already working.

Colleen: He's right. You guys, she sounded really upset.

Gloria: Honey, please just tell me that you didn't mean to hurt yourself so badly.

Kevin: I didn't.

Korbel: Are you telling me that you can't see that he is over the edge? He drove himself into a tree. Kevin, you can't do this by yourself.

Colleen: He's not doing it by himself. He has me.

Kevin: See? And the minute she gets here, we will call the police. I just don't wanna contact them too soon or she won't show.

Korbel: And what's so bad about that?

Kevin: Would you rather her show up when we're not expecting her?

Gloria: I don't want her to show up at all. I don't want you to put yourself in any more danger.

Kevin: You should know better than anyone else that you can't just let things happen to you. You have to do something about it.

Korbel: I'm--I'm calling the police.

Colleen: Adrian, Adrian, please, stop.

Kevin: Please, please, please, if she finds out this was a trap, this whole thing could just blow up. Please, just don't say anything to anyone.

Sullivan: Are you thinking about work? Thinking about Jana?

Paul: No. No, I'll tell you what I was thinking about.

Sullivan: Okay.

Paul: I was thinking about Prague.

Sullivan: Prague?

Paul: How beautiful Prague is.

Sullivan: Oh.

Paul: And how much fun it would be to take a beautiful woman to a beautiful city for a romantic getaway in the Czech Republic. That's what I was thinking.

Sullivan: It would be a romantic getaway, so it would be--

Paul: Yes.

Sullivan: So it would just be pleasure, no work?

Paul: Yes.

Sullivan: Oh.

Paul: I said I was talking about...

Sullivan: Okay. But if we happen to stumble on clues to find Jana...

Paul: See, you're the one that keeps bringing up work. You've done it again.

Sullivan: Okay. One more time. Any more calls from her?

Paul: I told you you would be the first one to know if she called.

Sullivan: I'm just frustrated because I really thought that we would-- you know, that the service provider would be able to trace to a number. So far it's nothing but dead ends. I'm frustrated.

Paul: Yeah, to tell you the truth, I am, too. I thought for sure. So now I have a question for you.

Sullivan: Okay.

Paul: How do you think the "No work" date is going?

Sullivan: Its fun trying.

Cane: Okay, thanks, Mum. Our luck's run out. There's no empty house.

Amber: I thought Esther had the night off.

Cane: Yeah, she does, but it turns out the dinner that Mum and Katherine are going to got canceled.

Amber: Can't they just go out to dinner anyway?

Cane: What, do you suggest I just send them out on a date?

Amber: A little obvious, huh?

Cane: Mm-hmm. God, I feel like a schoolie-- trying to find a time when the parents are out of the house.

Amber: I never thought there'd be a downside to living in a mansion.

Cane: Seriously, can you imagine? The place is that big, there's no privacy.

Amber: I know! I keep thinking your mom or your grandma could be in the next room. Oh, it is so inhibiting.

Cane: You know, that's the first time I heard you use the word "I" and "Inhibiting" in the same sentence.

Amber: Where else could we go?

Cane: A hotel room?

Amber: Hello? We are short on cash and you owe your mom money.

Cane: We did drive here.

Amber: Your car or mine?

Nick: You, me, Cassie and Noah-- that's what got me through being stuck in the woods.

Sharon: Noah missed you so much.

Jack: He sure did.

Nick: I'm glad he went to his party. I could use a night to get readjusted.

Logan: You should rest. Sit down and rest your leg.

Nick: Bossy.

Logan: Here. I'll go unpack these meds. Um, the kitchen?

Jack: The kitchen's that way.

Logan: Thank you.

Sharon: So... tomorrow night, Noah will spend the night here with you.

Nick: I'm excited. We'll play a lot of, uh, Bond 007. I know that's his favorite game.

Sharon: Oh, um, he's moved on to Final Fantasy.

Jack: I've become a real pro myself.

Nick: Right.

Sharon: Well, I should go show Logan around before we go.

Nick: So, uh... shouldn't you be standing in front of a flag, waving, kissing babies and stuff?

Jack: Shouldn't you be thanking me for all the Boy Scout skills I introduced you to?

Nick: Touché. You know, I really can't thank you enough for... looking after Noah the way you did.

Jack: You don't have to thank me for that. All of that was my pleasure.

Nick: Something else I never thought I'd be thanking you for either-- looking after my wife.

Jack: She did the same for me. Helped me get through a pretty rough time.

Nick: I contributed to that.

Jack: All in the past now.

Nick: Yeah, but, uh... I owe you an apology. I know how much Phyllis meant to you.

Jack: That was a long time ago, Nick. We've all moved on with our lives. In fact, I could not be any happier with Sharon.

Kevin: Now I don't want you giving out information on me to anyone. Do you understand? Even if someone claims to be a relative. All of my relatives are aware of my current situation.

Woman: Of course. It's our policy not to give out any information.

Kevin: That's great, thanks. But I have, uh, an ex-girlfriend who has a way of getting around policy. She's... well, she's obsessed with me. So please, no matter what it takes, just keep everything private. Thank you so much.

Kevin: Jana thinks that I'm seriously hurt.

Colleen: I hate to break it to you, Genius, but you are.

Korbel: And now thanks to Colleen, you're on your deathbed.

Kevin: That's the only way Jana would risk coming back here.

Colleen: Do you really think she'll call the hospital?

Kevin: I don't know. Do you think she would?

Korbel: You guys, this is not a chess game.

Kevin: You know, we need proof.

Colleen: We have that photo.

Korbel: What photo?

Colleen: Of the car accident.

Kevin: She can't--ow-- she can't know that it came from your cell phone.

Korbel: Your phone?

Kevin: You know what you should do? You should link her "The Chronicle's" online site, just don't volunteer it. You know, wait for her to draw it out of you.

Korbel: Hang on a second.

Kevin: Ow.

Korbel: You took a picture after the wreck?

Colleen: Okay, Adrian--

Korbel: No, no, you didn't just happen by after the accident, you helped him stage it, didn't you? Answer me.

Colleen: Yes. I did.

Gloria: Well, physically he seems to be a whole lot better, but some of the crazy things he's saying-- I think his head's more bruised than his pancreas. No, Michael, forget it, Michael, I didn't mean anything by it. Hold on. Listen, I've got another call. Just call me later, okay? Hello?

Jana: Hello, Mrs. Abbott. It's Jana.

Gloria: You got some nerve. Why are you calling me?

Jana: Well, about Kevin, of course.

Gloria: Kevin is in the hospital.

Jana: He thinks that he's got me fooled. He thinks he can make me worry.

Gloria: Are you responsible for this? Are you the reason my son is fighting for his life?

Jana: You got any proof of that?

Woman on PA: Paging Dr. Olsen. Dr. Olsen to the emergency room.

Gloria: Is that enough proof? Or do you just wanna see my son in a body bag? Jana, I swear to you, if you had anything to do with this--

Jana: Let me talk to him!

Gloria: Are you deaf? Kevin can't talk. Please... you just stay away from my son.

Gloria: Jana just called.

Kevin: You?

Gloria: Mm-hmm. And wanted to know if you were really hurt.

Kevin: What did you say?

Gloria: I told her that you were barely alive. And that she probably caused this accident.

Kevin: Oh, Mama, I knew you'd come through for me.

Gloria: Yeah. But only because I'm worried she'll find out this is a trap. And then who knows what she'll do.

Kevin: Trust me. I'm doing the right thing here. After this we're never gonna have to worry about her again.

Cane: What is it about you? Huh?

Amber: Who needs fireworks when we can make our own?

Cane: Do you mind if we just stayed in here?

Amber: Oh, it's a toss up. Give up the mansion?

Cane: Maybe you need some more convincing.

Amber: Duck!

Cane: Do you think they saw my butt?

Amber: If they did, they wouldn't have walked away. Wow.

Cane: Where were we?

Amber: Right about here.

Cane: You're turning me into a root rat, you know that?

Amber: You say that like it's a bad thing.

Cane: I just can't get enough of you.

Amber: Oh! Oh! Incoming! I think we hit rush hour.

Cane: What's this?

Amber: Nothing.

Cane: A bail receipt? You lied to me.

Amber: You're right. I lied.

Cane: So you weren't helping your friend Lindsay with the car?

Amber: No.

Cane: Who were you helping?

Amber: Daniel. Look, I know you don't want me to have anything to do with him, but he is my friend and he was in trouble!

Cane: Why was he arrested? You can tell me the truth, you know?

Amber: He was at a strip club. They raided it. He had a fake I.D. I know it sound bad, but--

Cane: Unbelievable! How many, uh, times have you gone behind my back to help your friend?

Amber: I know why you don't want me to hang around with him. I know where you're coming from.

Cane: Good. It's good to know that you hear me. But you just don't give a damn, do you?

Daniel: You know, I really missed being here.

Lily: I'm gonna have to get used to your stuff lying around again.

Daniel: I think I could probably pick up after myself more often.

Lily: Uh-huh, I'll believe it when I see it.

Daniel: I promise. I promise.

Lily: What?

Daniel: I don't know, this is just so perfect. I wouldn't change anything.

Lily: Yeah, me either. Although, we do have to eat.

Daniel: Oh, no, no, no, I am not gonna let you leave this couch.

Lily: No, listen, ten minutes tops.

Daniel: Too long.

Lily: I heard your stomach growl.

Daniel: I didn't hear anything.

Lily: Okay, nice try. You did.

Daniel: Okay, you win. You win. Go.

Lily: Listen, I'll make something really quick.

Daniel: Yeah.

Lily: Macaroni and cheese?

Daniel: That's great. Sounds great.

Lily: Okay.

Daniel: How about I change the music?

Lily: Uh, wait, didn't you wanna take a shower first?

Daniel: Is that some kind of hint? Do I stink?

Lily: No, you can leave my side for five seconds, okay? It's all right.

Daniel: Okay. Time me.

Lily: Okay. Have fun!

Daniel: I will.

[Daniel leaves the room and Lily picks up his laptop]

Sharon: So anything else we can get you guys before we go?

Logan: No. I'm ready to start torturing nick with physical therapy.

Nick: She means that. I think as soon as you leave, she's gonna pop in a jazzercise video.

Jack: Well, I'd love to see that, but—

(Fireworks exploding)

Sharon: Oh, 4th of July!

[Nick remembering]

Nick: What are you doing?

Sharon: I'm cleaning the barbecue grill!

Nick: No, we don't clean the barbecue grill. The grill is like a fine wine, all right? It gets better with age.

Sharon: That's ridiculous!

Nick: It's not ridiculous!

Nick: Hey, if you guys are barbecuing tonight, don't let her anywhere near your grill.

Sharon: Oh! What is wrong with wanting a clean grill? I would take hygiene over flavor any day.

Nick: You'll just never learn.

Sharon: Oh, you will never quit.

Jack: Well, I, uh, I guess we better be going.

Sharon: Yeah, we have to pick up Noah.

Nick: Well, tell him I can't wait to see him tomorrow.

Sharon: I will. Okay, uh, happy 4th!

Logan: Thanks. You, too.

Logan: All right, you can drop the act now.

Nick: What act?

Logan: You're so easy to read. That was hard for you.

Nick: I just can't wrap my mind around this, Logan. I know my wife is with another man, but... it's just how things got here.

Logan: Meaning?

Nick: My daughter dies and I end up cheating on my wife? What kind of a guy does that?

Colleen: Hey. Where'd your mom go?

Kevin: She's checking on her husband.

Colleen: Okay, so get this. Jana just called the hospital.

Kevin: How do you know?

Colleen: Because I overheard the phone call. It was some lady claiming to be a relative.

Kevin: Oh, I knew it.

Colleen: She was requesting information, but they wouldn't give her any.

Kevin: Good. That's good. It's all coming together.

Colleen: Yeah.

Kevin: Almost. Did you get in touch with, uh, Adrian?

Colleen: No, not yet.

Kevin: Did you call his cell?

Colleen: Yeah, it just keeps going straight to voicemail.

Kevin: Where do you think he went?

Colleen: To blow off steam.

Kevin: You don't think he went to the cops?

Colleen: No. No. No.

Kevin: Okay, you sure about that?

Colleen: Yeah, we told him that it would be even more dangerous if they were to tip Jana off. He would never do that to me.

Korbel: I'm glad I caught you guys together. I have new information about the Jana Hawkes case.

Logan: Losing a child changes people.

Nick: Into jerks?

Logan: No. Into human beings that deal with pain in different ways.

Nick: You speaking from experience?

Logan: This isn't about me.

Nick: You withdrew. That's what I did.

Logan: Did you quit your job, leave everyone you know and try to get lost in the wilderness?

Nick: I wish I had.

Logan: Don't be so hard on yourself. I think the guy you are now seems pretty okay to me.

Sharon: Listen, I know there were other functions you probably wanted us to go to tonight.

Jack: No, no, I wanted to be there with you. I knew it might be hard.

Sharon: Yeah. It really is. Knowing that Nick is... in so much pain over Cassie and he's staying in our house and seeing her photos...

Jack: It maybe opened some emotional wounds for you, too.

Sharon: Well, no one should have to go through that twice.

Jack: Honey, I know you wanna be there for him. I know you wanna help.

Sharon: No, but we have to live in the present. I know. I know. It's just... it really is hard knowing that Nick is reliving the pain of losing Cassie and, you know, he... he really clings to those-- those little happy times, like the kids running around. And I feel guilty if I just shut it down, but I-- I feel guilty if I get pulled in.

Jack: Nick has a family of his own, Sweetheart. He's got Phyllis, Summer, Noah. You're gonna do all you can for him, but you can't feel guilty about having a new life.

Daniel: Hey, Lily, where are all the extra towels?

[Lily closes the laptop]

Colleen: What's taking so long? I don't understand.

Kevin: Jana is deliberate. She's probably dissecting everything that's been said.

Colleen: Well, it's just--

Kevin: Oh, look.

Sullivan: Kevin.

Kevin: Its Maggie and Paul coming to visit me.

Paul: Oh, Man, Kevin, what did you do to yourself? Adrian told us about your plan.

Kevin: My plan?

Sullivan: Yeah, how you staged the accident so you could trap Jana.

Paul: What in God's name were you thinking?

Kevin: You think I staged this?

Paul: Look, I know how obsessed you are with her.

Kevin: I want her to go to jail, but I'm not crazy. I wouldn't almost kill myself for her.

Korbel: That's exactly what you did.

Sullivan: You told him you were trying to lure her back.

Colleen: Oh, no, I'm sorry. He must've misunderstood.

Korbel: There was no misunderstanding.

Paul: Kevin, listen to me, this is much too dangerous to do on your own.

Kevin: You don't have to-- you don't have to-- you don't have to tell me--

Colleen: Okay!

Kevin: (Wheezing)

Colleen: Somebody help, please!

Gloria: Kevin!

Woman: Page his doctor and tell him we have a code red!

Gloria: Colleen, what happened?

Colleen: I don't know. One minute, these two were arguing with him.

Gloria: Arguing?

Paul: We were questioning.

Sullivan: We were questioning about faking his accident to trap Jana.

Gloria: You did this to him?! You did this to Kevin?! Doctor, please, what's going on?

Doctor: The hyperventilation cut off a small amount of oxygen to his bloodstream and heart. He's breathing normally now. We gave him a mild sedative. He needs to rest. And please, one visitor at a time. The less stress, the better.

Gloria: Did you hear him? Stay away from him! Stop harassing my son!

Sullivan: If Kevin almost got himself killed to get to this girl, what else would he do?

Paul: I'm afraid to think about it.

Colleen: How could you do this to him?

Korbel: I didn't do anything to him. He did this to himself.

Colleen: No, you're the one that brought the detectives in. That is what made him upset!

Korbel: You could've avoided all this by talking to them in the first place.

Colleen: You're the one that just put--you know what? Just go home. Go home, I don't wanna deal with this right now.

(Cell phone ringing)

Colleen: Hello?

Jana: It's me.

Amber: Say something. Say anything! Just yell at me!

Cane: What's the point? I wouldn't know if you're telling me the truth.

Amber: That's not true! Okay, I know my friendship with Daniel bothered you. That's why I didn't say anything!

Cane: Look, it's not about bailing him out of jail. That doesn't upset me. What really-- it just makes me wonder about other things, that's all.

Amber: Like what?

Cane: The cell phone picture.

Amber: I told you that was--

Cane: You turned up that night at the club with him. You were late. You told me the car broke down. You've been lying to me about work.

Amber: I can explain. I...

Cane: What's the point? I wouldn't know if you were telling me the truth.

Amber: There is nothing going on between me and Daniel. He is my friend. You know what his life has been like. I've just been trying to help him!

Cane: I'm a pretty simple guy, you know that. I don't ask for much and I don't really need that much.

Amber: I know. I know. That's why I love you.

Cane: But I need what's really, just really, really basic about me is that... when you tell me something, I know that my wife is telling me the truth. And I have a clue that you're telling me the truth and right now I don't. And that just upsets me.

Lily: Daniel, I...

Daniel: You know what? I--I get it. You were checking to see if I was still looking at porn.

Lily: Listen, I didn't mean... it's a hard habit to break, I'm sorry.

Daniel: You don't have to apologize 'cause I wouldn't trust me either.

Lily: I wanna believe you.

Daniel: I think you will. You know, once I earn your trust back. And I get that that's gonna take time and whatever it takes, whatever I have to do... I'm gonna do it.

Logan: Okay, that's your oral antibiotic. You'll be taking that four times a day for the next five days.

Nick: Yeah, four in five, I got it.

Logan: Okay, now reserve your walking for therapy. Don't be any more mobile than you have to be.

Nick: But what about that hike you promised me?

Logan: I think you were pretty delusional at that point.

Nick: Mm-hmm. Let me just find...

Logan: What are you doing?

Nick: I am looking for a pen. I'm gonna write you a check.

Logan: Mnh-mnh. You know I'm not practicing, remember?

Nick: You look like you're practicing to me. Wow.

Logan: What's wrong?

Nick: This is the first ring I ever gave Sharon. I gave it to her in high school.

Logan: Did she wear your letterman jacket, too?

Nick: Oh, yeah. You know all those, uh, superlatives you read in the yearbook?

Logan: Best smile? Most popular?

Nick: You got it-- cutest couple.

Logan: Oh, God. I'm gonna throw up now.

Nick: Yeah, me, too, but... we were. I mean, you know, you can see it, right? The dimples, her sweet personality?

Logan: Yeah, I can.

Nick: I fell hard for her. That hasn't changed. You know, I don't care what's happened in the last two years.

Logan: You don't?

Nick: Sharon and I practically spent our whole lives together. What we had--it... it just doesn't go away. I still love her.

Logan: She's married.

Nick: I don't care. I'm gonna win her back.

Jana: I need to know how Kevin is.

Colleen: The medical team was just in the I.C.U. room saving his life and you want proof?

Jana: Yeah, I do!

Colleen: Well, you know what? Why don't you go check out the photo on "The Chronicle's" web site? Leave us alone.

Colleen: Hey.

Kevin: Hey, yourself.

Colleen: How are you feeling?

Kevin: Up for a drive. You?

Colleen: That was not funny. So Jana just called and, um, I told her about the photo online like you asked.

Kevin: Adrian's right. I can't risk your safety anymore.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Lily: You guys aren't superheroes. Just stop before something worse happens.

Daniel: Everyone looks at pictures. It's not an addiction.

Dr. Farr: You can't control yourself.

Kevin: I need my gun.

Gloria: Gun?

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