Y&R Transcript Friday 6/29/07

Y&R Transcript Friday 6/29/07 -- Canada; Monday 7/2/07 -- U.S.A.


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Colleen: You want me to call the number that Jana gave us?

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, yeah, just tell her I'm sick with a slight chance of recovery.

Colleen: You really think she's gonna buy into that? She knows what'll happen to her if she comes back here.

Kevin: Unless-- unless she has a lapse in judgment because she's oh-so-worried about me.

Colleen: Here goes.

Kevin: Wait, wait, wait.

Colleen: What?

Kevin: Well, I wanna hear what you're gonna say first.

Colleen: Oh. Okay. Um... hi, Jana, it's Colleen. Um, I-I didn't call you because I didn't think that you deserved to know, but I'm calling for Kevin's sake. Um, listen, he was at work the other day and he got sick and collapsed. And he was rushed to the emergency room. And the doctors don't know if he's gonna make it.

Kevin: Oh, that's perfect. That's perfect.

Colleen: Yeah.

Kevin: I almost shed a tear. Perfect.

Nikki: Any word on Nicholas?

Victor: As soon as he's awake, the nurse will let us see him. He apparently had a good night's sleep, though.

Nikki: Oh, God, I feel like this is a dream. I feel like I could wake up and he'd be gone and I'd have to lose him all over again.

(Cell phone ringing)

Nikki: Nikki Newman.

David: Hi, it's me.

Nikki: Oh, David, hi. He's better. Um, he had a good night.

David: Great. Glad to hear it. Listen, at some point, we need to decide what to do with your unused campaign contributions. But of course, take as much time as you need at the hospital, all right?

Nikki: Okay, thanks. Um, I'll check in with you later.

Victor: Do me a favor. Do not have a conversation with this man in my presence, all right?

Nikki: I can't help who calls me.

Woman: You can see your son now.

Victor: Thank you.

Nikki: Thank you.

Nikki: Hi, Honey.

Nick: Hey.

Victor: The things you will do for attention.

Nick: Wait till you see what I have planned next.

Nikki: I don't care what it is. I'm just happy you're alive.

Nick: You know, you guys look beat.

Victor: Oh, yeah?

Nikki: Thanks.

Nick: You really didn't have to stay here all night.

Victor: You don't worry about us, all right?

Nikki: How you feeling?

Nick: I feel like I lost my mind.

Victor: We all feel like that a little bit, you know? Glad you're back.

Kevin: No answer?

Colleen: The customer is not available at this time.

Kevin: She threw it away.

Colleen: What, the prepaid cell phone?

Kevin: It has to be, otherwise she would've answered it. Damn it!

Amber: (Sighs) hello!

Lily: Why are you so happy?

Amber: I got some really good news today.

Lily: Let me guess, you're going back to L.A.?

Amber: There's this guy in the music biz who's really interested in me and my mother-in-law decided to give me a loan so I could make a demo.

Lily: Okay.

Amber: You know, I didn't realize we were working the same shift today.

Lily: Yeah, well, Lauren had to reschedule 'cause Kelly has the flu.

Amber: No reason we can't be professional.

Lily: Yeah, none at all.

Amber: Seriously, why can't we put what happened behind us?

Lily: You know, Amber, don't start this here, okay?

Amber: Well, I'm willing to forgive you.

Lily: Oh. You're willing to forgive me?

Amber: Yeah, for making that big scene that got me kicked off "Extreme Catwalk." You know, I know you think I sent that pic to your husband, but I didnít.

Lily: Yes, so you have said.

Amber: Yeah, it was a total misunderstanding. I mean, I would never do something like that to you or Daniel, I swear. I really wish we could all be friends again.

Daniel: Are you sure you don't want me to come home?

Phyllis: No, no, no, this seminar is important. You stay. How's it going?

Daniel: Aw, you know, its typical seminar. Listen, I'm still tripping out about Nick being alive. I mean, I thought that kind of stuff only happened in the movies.

Phyllis: I know. It's incredible, isn't it?

Daniel: He's gonna be okay, right? I mean, you're not keeping anything from me.

Phyllis: Um, he's having a couple memory problems.

Daniel: What kind of memory problems?

Phyllis: Um... he doesn't remember the last two years of his life.

Daniel: As in, he doesn't remember your marriage or the baby?

Phyllis: That's true.

Daniel: No, that's insane.

Phyllis: Yeah. Um, he still thought he was married to Sharon. And, um... you know, when I saw him, he was so dazed and confused, I thought it was only temporary.

Daniel: Yeah, well, what if it isn't?

Phyllis: Listen... I'm gonna make a bet with you, all right? I'm gonna bet you that when I see him this morning, he'll be the same old Nick.

(Knock on door)

Victor: Phyllis, come in.

Phyllis: Hey. Knock, knock. How are you feeling?

Nick: The same.

Nikki: Excuse me just a moment.

Nick: Mom, you don't have to leave. You guys just got here.

Victor: Your mother and I have a deep craving for cold eggs and floppy bacon in the hospital commissary.

Nikki: Love you.

Nick: Love you, too, Mom.

Nikki: We'll be back soon.

Victor: If you need anything, have the nurse page us and you have our cell numbers, okay?

Nikki: So... are you going home?

Victor: No. I'm gonna stay with our son.

Nikki: I-I have, uh, a few things to wrap up.

Victor: I'm sure you do. While you're at it, don't forget to check for cameras before the meeting.

Nikki: I won't be gone long.

Phyllis: Listen, I wanted to apologize for getting so upset. I usually don't do that.

Nick: It's okay.

Phyllis: Cool. I just felt maybe I freaked you out, doing show and tell at warp speed so I could jog your memory.

Nick: It was a little intense.

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah, I know. I know. Um, but I do have something. Today I have a photo album.

Nick: I don't, uh...

Phyllis: We could just look at some pictures. It's not a big deal. I'll tell you some stories. Maybe it'll help you. You know, if you get too tired, you can always kick me out.

Nick: Okay.

Kevin: That's it. We're screwed. My last e-mail just bounced back like the others.

Amber: Oh, I'll take her.

Lily: Are you sure?

Amber: Yeah, didn't you wanna call Daniel?

Lily: Yeah, thanks.

(Cell phone ringing)

[Daniel is at a strip club]

Daniel: Yo.

Lily: Hey.

Daniel: Lily, hey, what's up?

Lily: Uh, nothing, I just-- um, what--what is that music? Where are you?

Daniel: Uh, trade show. It's the entertainment.

Lily: Sounds loud.

Daniel: Yeah, and it sucks, too. "Join us a morning of music as we, uh, show you the latest way to boost the profits of your business."

Lily: Sounds pretty boring.

Daniel: Yeah, you could say that again. My eyes are glazing over.

Lily: So is your seminar almost finished?

Daniel: Uh, one more lecture and I'm on my way home.

Lily: So you're going to your mom's?

Daniel: Yeah, I have to. Listen, I was wondering if, uh, maybe I could stop by afterwards, you know, presuming that everything's okay with her.

Lily: Okay. Well, I'll see you when I see you.

Daniel: All right, take care.

Lily: You, too.

Amber: Hey. Everything okay with Daniel?

Lily: Uh, sounds like it. How's your sale going?

Amber: Oh, she's one of those high-maintenance types.

Lily: Difficult?

Amber: Oh, yeah, she wants my opinion on every single thing she tries on and $5 says she won't walk away buying a thing.

Woman: What about this blouse, Dear? Do you think it'll make me look fat?

Amber: No, Mrs. Merriweather, I love it. It's--it's you.

Mrs. Merriweather: I'm not sure if this color suits me.

Lily: Um, Amber, didn't you tell me that that's what your friends in Paris were wearing last month?

Mrs. Merriweather: You know people in Paris?

Amber: Well--

Lily: Yeah, I mean, Amber designed clothes for a top fashion house in L.A., so Paris is practically her second home.

Mrs. Merriweather: You're the girls from that video-- sending that dirty photo--

Lily: Um... that... that was just a goof. We were acting. I mean, you know those reality shows are not real at all.

Mrs. Merriweather: This blouse is cute.

Amber: It's the last one in stock.

Mrs. Merriweather: Just charge it.

Amber: Would you mind ringing this up, Lily?

Lily: Why? It's your sale. I'm gonna put these away.

Amber: You know, you oughta take that one home for yourself. So you're wearing something hot when Daniel comes home.

Woman: Hi. Want company?

Daniel: Sure.

Caper: I'm Caper. What's your name?

Daniel: Mark.

Caper: Did you enjoy the show, Mark?

Daniel: Yes, I did.

Caper: Are you sure you're old enough to drink?

Daniel: Why, are you gonna card me?

Caper: No. Not my job. All you young guys have fake IDs anyways. But if I don't tell anyone, will you buy me a drink?

Daniel: Deal.

Phyllis: So the car went off the road, down an embankment and they crashed into a tree.

Nick: Who's they?

Phyllis: Daniel and Lily Winters. They're married now.

Nick: Really?

Phyllis: Yeah, no joke.

Nick: And Neil and Dru are okay with that?

Phyllis: Well, I mean, Dru-- that's--that's, um, a story for another time, actually.

Nick: How bad was the accident?

Phyllis: It was really bad. I mean, Daniel was pinned in the car and you got him out. The car went up in flames after that. And you saved his life.

Nick: And Danielís okay now?

Phyllis: Yeah. He's okay because of you. None of this is ringing a bell at all?

Nick: Are you sure you don't have me confused with some young, studly fireman?

Phyllis: No. Unh-unh. It was all you. This--this memory-- it'll come back. It'll--it'll... just give it time.

Nick: This must be painful for you.

Phyllis: At least you're not kicking me out. That's a step forward.

Nick: Yeah, I'm sorry about that. It's just...

Phyllis: Nicholas, donít. Don't worry about it. You're under a lot of pressure. I understand that.

Nick: What was it like between us?

Phyllis: It was... amazing. There was, um... a lot of love, a lot of laughter, and... a lot of sex.

Nick: Really?

Phyllis: Yeah, we-- we had something really great. It was, um... it was something that, you know, songs and novels are made of. I--like, I love you more than... I mean, I still feel that way. I'm just waiting for you to catch up.

Nick: I... this can't be easy for you, and I'm--I'm sorry about that.

Phyllis: Don't worry about it.

Victor: Sorry if I'm interrupting.

Nick: No, Dad, that was a short breakfast. Where's Mom?

Victor: All right, she had some things to take care of.

Nick: Okay, well, I think we're probably done.

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah, definitely.

Nick: I'm kinda wiped out.

Phyllis: Um, get some rest.

Victor: Bye, Phyllis. Nice to see you.

Phyllis: Bye.

Victor: Well, you better get some rest, okay? So I'll just, uh...

Nick: No, Dad, don't-- don't go. I'm really not that tired.

Victor: You just told Phyllis that you were.

Nick: I just... wanted her to leave.

Victor: Oh.

Nick: She makes me uncomfortable.

Victor: Well, I'm sorry to hear that, Son.

Nick: She's just... trying so hard. And I'm trying to remember, you know? I mean, I see all the pictures and I hear the stories, but it's just blank to me, Dad. I know it's real. Phyllis was obviously in my life, but she may as well be talking about somebody else.

Colleen: You're not giving up now, are you?

Kevin: Never. Not as long as I'm breathing.

(Cell phone ringing)

Kevin: Hello?

Jana: Hey, Kev, I missed your voice.

Kevin: Jana! Jana, I was just trying to e-mail you.

Jana: Yeah, sorry about that. Can't even be too cautious.

Kevin: What, are you worried I was gonna instant message you to death?

Jana: Or try to find me.

Kevin: Don't flatter yourself.

Jana: You can pretend you don't miss me, but you do.

Kevin: Oh, yeah? How do you know that?

Jana: Well, you're talking to me now, aren't you? Remember that time we climbed the water tower?

Kevin: Yeah, I shoulda pushed you off when I had the chance.

Jana: Well, time's up. I've got to go now.

Kevin: Wait, wait, Jana--Jana, don't hang up!

Jana: Talk to you soon.

Kevin: She hung up.

Colleen: Okay, look, um, this is good. This is good 'cause now we're back in the game.

Kevin: Sort of.

Colleen: Next time she calls you, don't answer. And that way she has to call me and we can just--

Kevin: It's--

Colleen: Follow our plan?

Kevin: No, it's never gonna work.

Colleen: Listen, you just said that--

Kevin: Forget what I said. She's too smart. She's never gonna fall for me pretending to be deathly ill or injured. I have to make it seem real.

Colleen: So how are you gonna do that?

Kevin: It has to make the news--paper, internet, whatever.

Colleen: Meaning?

Kevin: Meaning I can't just fall off a roof and bust my leg.

Colleen: Oh, hey, uh, why don't you just inject yourself with the Ebola virus?

Kevin: Nice. That's good. Where do I get some of that?

Colleen: Yeah? I was kidding.

Kevin: What if I stage a robbery?

Colleen: Well, that will definitely get you in the media.

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, yeah, tell the cops that someone broke into Crimson Lights one night when I was here late, took all the cash and beat me up.

Colleen: Kevin, you can't fake those kind of injuries.

Kevin: Mnh-mnh. I'm not gonna be faking.

Colleen: You're not gonna be faking?

Kevin: Nope.

Colleen: Well, then how are you gonna-- no. No, don't look at me that way.

Kevin: Come on, just a couple swings with a baseball bat.

Colleen: No! Absolutely not!

Kevin: Colleen, this would've been a dream come true for you a couple months ago.

Colleen: Not anymore.

Kevin: Even if I pay you?

Colleen: No.

Kevin: Fine. I'll get someone else to do it.

David: How's your son?

Nikki: Doing better and better, actually. Even making some jokes.

David: And Victor?

Nikki: Victor is Victor. We're only being civil to each other for Nicholas' sake. That seems to be the only thing we have in common right now.

David: I'm sorry.

Nikki: So what should we do about the campaign funds?

David: Right, right, um, well, I've been going over the donations and it amounts to quite a bit of money. So we can save the funds for a future race or we can give them back to the donors in time to account to the state election commission.

Nikki: Well, what do you think we should do?

David: Personally, I'd prefer we bank the funds. It was a very close senate race, Nikki. I'd like to see you run again.

Nikki: Right. That's all I need-- my face on the internet doing inappropriate things again.

David: No, all of that will be forgotten by the next election.

Nikki: I want it to be forgotten now. So just figure out what to do with the money and let's move on with it. I need to get back to my son.

[Victor and Nick are playing chess]

Nick: Are you ever gonna move?

Victor: Just be patient. Be patient.

Nick: I really don't know why you agonize over every single move. You've beaten me like twice in the last decade.

Victor: I hate to inform you. The last couple of years you have been on a downward spiral. You know that, don't you?

Nick: Yeah, right. You're using my illness to make you feel better.

Victor: Mm-hmm. I am now the reining chess champion, you know that?

Nick: You are such a liar.

Victor: No, I'm not.

Nick: I may not be able to remember my wife or child, but I'd certainly remember that.

Victor: That's what you think. It's your move.

Nick: (Sighs)

Victor: What?

Nick: Boy, I'm a heck of a husband, aren't I? I can't even remember...

Victor: It'll all come back to you. Don't worry about it.

Nick: You know what I don't get, Dad-- is how I could've changed so much.

Victor: You didn't change. Don't worry about it. You're still as competitive as always, just like your dad. Move.

Nick: Dad, I'm talking about Sharon. I mean, she meant everything to me. How could I let my marriage fall apart? It just doesn't make any sense.

Victor: When Cassie died... she was devastated and lonely. And you were angry and upset and in denial.

Nick: A tragedy like that should have brought us closer.

Victor: Well... it didn't, and it often doesn't, you know? A lot of marriages suffer from that.

Nick: And my little girl-- I still can't believe she's not with me. Did she suffer, Dad? Did she know how much I loved her? Was I even there?

Victor: You were there, all right. You were holding her hand and you sang songs to her as she went. I don't think she suffered too much. She was surrounded by nothing but love.

Nick: How did I keep going?

Victor: You kept going by... coming after Daniel. You thought he had been driving the car that Cassie was in when she was killed. It turns out, Cassie had been driving and Daniel was passed out in the backseat.

Nick: Two years ago, Cassie wasn't even old enough to drive.

Victor: I know, but she tried to help him by, you know, driving him home. He just had too much to drink. Sharon was devastated and you went into denial. You went after Phyllis, trying to look for comfort.

Nick: Maybe I'd be better off not remembering.

Victor: What do you mean by that?

Nick: The guy you're describing is a selfish jerk. And I don't ever wanna be him again.

Phyllis: Hey.

Amber: I am so happy your husband was found, Mrs. Newman.

Lily: Hey! I know, you must be ecstatic.

Phyllis: I am. I'm pretty out of my mind over it. It's so great to see his face and hear his voice.

Amber: That is so awesome.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Amber: Hey, is there anything special we can help you with today?

Phyllis: Um, yeah, I'm looking for a 4th of July outfit for my daughter.

Lily: Oh, that's so funny. I was just folding right here the perfect thing.

Phyllis: Oh, my gosh, that is so cute!

Lily: Isn't it?

Phyllis: Yes! Look at this!

Amber: You know, we actually have a matching hat for that in the back. I'm gonna go get it for you.

Phyllis: Oh, great! A hat!

Lily: I love the little bow.

Phyllis: It's so adorable.

Lily: Yeah.

Phyllis: Um, it's not all good news about Nick.

Lily: What do you mean?

Phyllis: Uh, he has forgotten an entire portion of his life. He didn't even know Cassie died.

Lily: But that-- that was years ago, before you and he were--

Phyllis: Before we were married.

Lily: Does Daniel know?

Phyllis: Yeah, I told him.

Lily: So all the times that he and Nick spent together--

Phyllis: It's as if it never happened.

Lily: That is great. That is just what Daniel needs. Another disappointment. And he's been trying so hard lately.

Caper: So... you still haven't told me what you like.

Daniel: I guess that's because I'm pretty easy to please.

Caper: Hmm?

Officer: I'm gonna need to see some identification, please.

Daniel: Uh, listen, Officer, I'm--I'm a married man. I could really use a break here.

Officer: I'm guessing you have a real marriage license but a fake driver's license? If you're 21, then I'm Shrek. I.D., please.

Daniel: Officer, I'm not a troublemaker. I mean, I don't do this kind of stuff. I don't come to these kind of places. Is there some way that we can just, you know--

Officer: Shut up, Son. You came way too close to offering me a bribe. Give me your I.D.

Daniel: That's not what I was trying to do. Look, um, I just--

Officer: For the third and final time, give me your I.D.

Daniel: Officer, I am begging you here. Please, look, I don't want my wife to divorce me.

Officer: Stand up and put your hands behind your head.

Daniel: You gotta be kidding me!

Nick: You know, if anybody else told me this except you, I wouldn't believe it.

Victor: As I said, losing a child is the most devastating thing that a parent can experience. A lot of marriages don't survive it.

Nick: Yeah, but, uh... you and Mom, you know, you--you coped when you thought I was gone.

Victor: Nothing prepares you for that, trust me. We were devastated.

Nick: But you're still together.

Victor: Yeah, our marriage survived. We're lucky.

Nikki: We really did appreciate your contribution so much. Under the circumstances, we need to send you the money back, though. There will be a check going out shortly. Thanks again.

David: Is that the last of them?

Nikki: Uh, there are a few more. Can you take care of it?

David: Sure. I know you're anxious to get back to the hospital.

Nikki: Yeah, well, Victor's there with Nicholas. I said I'd be back soon.

David: Right, right, listen, look, before you go, now that your husband's back, what about us?

Nikki: There is no us. And we were just... a couple of lonely people.

David: Oh, Nikki, you know that's not true.

Nikki: We were both grieving--you for Carmen, me for my son. That's it.

David: And that was it?

Nikki: Yeah, that's it. I'm sorry, I donít... mean to come off like that, but my--my priority right now is my son. And I really do have to get back to the hospital.

(Telephone ringing)

David: You want me to get that?

Nikki: Yes, please.

David: Hello?

Colleen: Kevin, listen. I get it. I do. You want Jana in jail. I do, too. But I am not gonna let you hurt yourself.

Kevin: Doesn't it eat you up inside, what she did to us?

Colleen: Of course it does. I wake up every night in a cold sweat. I turn around to see if somebody is following me.

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, I have that same nightmare that we're back in that freezer.

Colleen: Kevin, just stop.

Kevin: No, I can't, you see? Because it plays over and over in my head. You on the floor gasping for air, smoke coming through the vents.

Colleen: If you wouldn't have been there, I would've died.

Kevin: You never should've been there in the first place, Colleen. She was my girlfriend-- my problem.

Colleen: Well, guess what? Now she is our problem! She's our problem because we are in this together.

Amber: How's this?

Phyllis: Oh, that is so cute! Look at this!

Amber: Oh, we are out of sacks. I'll be right back.

Phyllis: All right, thanks. You two are managing not to kill each other.

Lily: Yes. Well, it's not worth the stress to hold onto my anger. Especially when things with Daniel are getting better.

(Cell phone ringing)

Amber: Amber here.

Daniel: Listen, uh, Amber, um, I really need your help. I got arrested.

Amber: What for?

Daniel: Um, I got carded in a strip club.

Amber: Oh, my God, Lily is gonna kill you! Wait, wait, wait, I've been to strip clubs. They don't arrest for fake IDs.

Daniel: Yeah, well, I tried talking to the cop.

Amber: Oh, you didn't! You are not that stupid! Daniel, please tell me they didn't have to ask you more than twice?

Daniel: I just tried talking to him.

Amber: Just obey the cops. Period. Okay, you are such an idiot!

Daniel: You know what? That's fantastic. Can you dump on me later? They're about to take us all in. Can you just meet me and bail me out?

Amber: I will see you there.

Amber: Oh, Lindsay, that is so terrible. Yeah, I will. I'll try to help. Okay, okay.

Lily: Is there a problem? What's going on?

Amber: A friend of mine got locked out of her car and her keys and wallet are inside.

Phyllis: Oh, I hate when that happens.

Amber: I know. I know. Do you mind?

Lily: No, no, no, go ahead. I have you covered. Don't worry. Here.

Amber: Thank you so much. I owe you.

Lily: Okay.

David: We really do appreciate your support. Thank you very much. Take care. Nikki, wait.

Nikki: I really do have to go.

David: No, I know, of course, but come on, just like that? Good-bye? Good luck?

Nikki: Well... there's really nothing more to say. I'm--I'm sorry. We've gotta get back to the real world.

David: You don't mean that.

Nikki: Yes, I do. What do I have to say to convince you of that?

David: Absolutely nothing. Because it's not true. I've come to know pretty much everything there is to know about you, Nicole Reed Newman.

Nikki: What does that mean?

David: It means that I researched your life thoroughly when I worked for Jack. I was falling in love with you even back then, even when we were still adversaries.

Nikki: Oh, yeah, way back then in the good old days when you were leaking that video of me.

David: Oh, right. Okay, look, that is something I do regret.

Nikki: Um, I'm married. So end of conversation.

David: Oh, of course, of course, you're married. And where was your beloved husband when you needed him most? He didn't call you, Nikki. He didn't even support your campaign. He walked away from you. Here he has this strong-willed, intelligent woman, what does he do? He completely takes her for granted. You've forgiven him way too many times, Nikki. You deserve better.

Nikki: Even if I do, David, I'm married and I just can't--

David: No, you can do what makes you happy. You can be with me.

Nick: Hey, Doc. What brings you by?

Logan: I just came to check on my favorite patient. Hello, Mr. Newman.

Victor: Dr. Armstrong, nice to see you.

Nick: I was your only patient. Unless you got some others stashed out in the woods.

Logan: No, one is more than enough.

Victor: I understand you're quite the outdoorswoman.

Nick: Yeah, she, uh, she made some medicine for me out of plants.

Victor: Really?

Logan: It was the only thing to bring his fever down.

Nick: She took very good care of me. Well, except when she had me tied to the bed.

Victor: Oh, she did? Huh. Interesting.

Nick: It's not what you think.

Logan: Even when he was delirious, he couldn't stop with the jokes.

Victor: Mm-hmm. That's my boy. So, uh, where are you staying, by the way?

Logan: At a motel down the street.

Victor: Well, I would like you to stay at the Genoa City Athletic Club, if you would like to do that.

Logan: That's really not necessary. The place I'm at is fine.

Nick: I should warn you, my father doesn't take no for an answer.

Logan: Then I accept.

Victor: Well, I'll leave the key at the front desk. You can pick it up there.

Logan: Thank you, I appreciate it, Mr. Newman.

Victor: Nice to see you again. You saved my son's life. I'll never forget that. Okay, Son.

Nick: See ya, Dad. Ah, you just couldn't stay away from me, could you?

Logan: You got me. I missed your whining.

Nick: I was a pain, wasn't I? Always arguing, trying to escape.

Logan: It was when you stopped fighting me that I worried.

Nick: You know, uh... what you told me about your family, and not being able to save them, I...

Logan: Hey. Not now. This is about you.

Nick: Will you tell me more about that someday?

Logan: We'll see.

Colleen: Are we on the same page here? Kevin, there is no paying someone to put you in the hospital!

Kevin: It has to make the news, otherwise Jana won't believe I'm really hurt.

Colleen: Okay, well, why don't we stage an accident instead?

Kevin: Yeah. Yeah, that's it.

Colleen: What?

Kevin: My car. I'm gonna make people think I was in a car accident.

Colleen: Oh, my God, no! Kevin, no, that's a bad idea!

Kevin: No, look, I can just rig the accelerator with a--with a rock. It'll drive itself right into a tree.

Colleen: And what about your car? You freak out at even the idea of a scratch. You love that thing.

Kevin: Not as much as I despise Jana. Look, I would be willing to spend every nickel that I have to see her behind bars. What do you say, are you in?

Colleen: I cannot believe I even have to say this. Yes, I'm in. But are you sure? This is crazy!

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, no, I'm positive. Look, I would sacrifice a hell of a lot more than a car to get her to tell us where she's hiding! Okay.

Logan: You asleep?

Nick: No, I'm just resting my eyes.

Logan: I should go.

Nick: Oh, wait, wait, who's gonna keep me entertained?

Logan: Ten minutes. You should rest.

Nick: You got it, Doc. You really missed me, didn't you?

Logan: A little.

Nick: Well, I'm not sure you would've a couple years ago.

Logan: Why do you say that?

Nick: I just learned a lot about... who I was. Let's just say they weren't some of my finer moments.

Nikki: How's Nicholas?

Victor: Um, Dr. Armstrong is in with him right now.

Nikki: You must be exhausted. Why don't you go home and rest a little bit?

Victor: No, I'm fine. I'm getting my second wind. Why don't you go home?

Phyllis: Is my husband asleep?

Victor: Dr. Armstrong is in with him.

Phyllis: So he's not calling out my name, huh?

Victor: I have no clue.

Phyllis: Wow. You know, this is kinda tough on the old ego. I thought I was unforgettable.

Nikki: Oh, you are.

Logan: Hey.

Nikki: How's he doing?

Logan: Out cold.

Phyllis: So he hasn't said anything about me, like, maybe, I'm the most amazing woman on the planet?

Victor: Phyllis, we are concerned with the welfare of our son, okay? So, Dr. Armstrong, how is he? Any improvement?

Logan: Just give it a little more time. One foot in front of the other. That's what I used to tell my patients. Excuse me.

Phyllis: You two probably enjoy this, don't you?

Victor: We enjoy what?

Phyllis: Everything that's happened here. You probably think I deserve it, don't you?

Nikki: I don't think anything about you, Phyllis.

Victor: This has nothing to do with you.

Nikki: Get over yourself.

Victor: This has nothing to do with you. This is about our son. We're concerned about our son.

Phyllis: I'm concerned about your son, too. I'm concerned about my husband. And all I know is today my husband doesn't remember me.

Daniel: I'm in deep. I am in deep here.

Amber: Well, nobody can blame me for this one. And you're welcome, by the way.

Daniel: I said thank you.

Amber: No, you didnít.

Daniel: What am I gonna do? I don't know what to do here.

Amber: You shut your mouth next time a cop asks for your ID. You know, nobody is that stupid unless--were you drunk?

Daniel: No, no, I was not drunk.

Amber: Okay, then you are that stupid!

Daniel: Do you think there is any way that I can get away without Lily finding out that I was in a strip club? No, huh? No. No.

Colleen: Are you sure you know what you're doing?

Kevin: Yeah. Yeah, I got it under control.

Kevin: I'm gonna-- I'm gonna weigh down the accelerator with a rock, right? Hit the ignition, and just, uh, dive out of the way before the car picks up speed.

Colleen: Kevin, listen, I really think that--

Kevin: Look, just stand back, okay?

Colleen: Okay.

Colleen: Kevin! Kevin! Kevin, no! Kevin!!

(Car crashes)

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Nick: The sooner I get outta here, the sooner I can go home with you.

Phyllis: Nick was happy with me.

Nikki: He's happy now-- without you.

Lily: I missed you, too. I want you to move back home.

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