Y&R Transcript Thursday 6/28/07

Y&R Transcript Thursday 6/28/07 -- Canada; Friday 6/29/07 -- U.S.A.


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Nikki: Well, my son and my husband, both back from the dead.

Victor: How is my son?

Nikki: Our son is conscious, even throwing in a few jokes.

Victor: That's good.

Nikki: He's got a bad leg infection. He's got some memory loss.

Victor: How severe?

Nikki: I don't know that right now.

Victor: Can I see him right now?

Nikki: It's gonna take about an hour. I think we should talk about the election and--

Victor: We shouldn't talk about any of that. I read the papers. I am not interested in anything, okay?

Nikki: All right, so you're up to speed--

Victor: If it is not about Nicholas, I am not interested in talking about anything.

Phyllis: Remember how cute Noah was when he was making this video for Nick? And he was sneaking around and getting interviews from everybody? So I'm gonna, um, burn this onto a DVD so Nick can look at it. Maybe that would help. And then there's also, uh, this oil that he used to rub on my feet. He really liked the smell. I have that. Um, and then I have this mobile. He made this mobile, um, for Summer, uh, before he went out of town. Uh... anyway, can you think of anything else?

Jack: Uh, no.

Phyllis: No? All right. Well, um, what time is Noah coming back from camp? Because he can go deliver-- I don't need to go.

Jack: We still haven't told Noah.

Phyllis: Why not?

Jack: Well, we wanted to get as much information about Nick's condition as we could, so we could share everything with him.

Sharon: Yeah, I wanted his visit to summer camp to be worry free.

Phyllis: Wait, I can't imagine anything being better for Noah than knowing his father's alive.

Jack: It could also confuse him.

Phyllis: Confuse him? I-I'm sorry, I... I think it's probably the best thing for both of them. We can tell Noah together, and then I'll go to the hospital if you want.

Sharon: No, Jack and I-- Jack and I will talk to Noah, and Noah's first visit with his father needs to be just he and his father.

Phyllis: Okay, well, give him my love.

Jack: I'll let you know how it goes, okay?

Phyllis: Right. No problem.

Amber: Tell the producer-- Linwood, right. Tell Linwood that just because my demo's a little out of date that-- what? Of course I don't wanna blow it. Fine. Fine, I'll figure something out, okay? Mmm. What's the point of having a record producer if you have to produce a record to get one?

Cane: Bloke wants a new demo, eh?

Amber: The universe is conspiring against me.

Cane: Oh, Amber vs. the universe? My money's on you, Baby.

Amber: Oh, thank you. Come here.

Cane: You okay?

Amber: Who knows, maybe I'll find a buried treasure.

Brad: You left this at my place. I also found a prescription for pre-natal vitamins.

Victoria: You know what? You had no right to go through my stuff.

Brad: I was clearing off the table to play a game with Abby. What did Dr. Okamura say? You've miscarried twice.

Victoria: Thank you-- thank you for the reminder.

Brad: I just wanna know if there's anything you should be doing differently and how I can help.

Victoria: Your asking helps. Thank you.

Brad: Am I the father?

Victoria: J.T. and I--

Brad: I know, I know. A simple yes or no will do.

Victoria: Honestly, I don't know.

Amber: Picture yourself front row at Bradley Center. Me, I'm opening for Beyoncé.

Kevin: Ha!

Amber: Justin?

Kevin: Eh. Maybe.

Amber: Okay, okay, whatever. I am opening for fill-in-the-blank-- your favorite band. You are hanging out backstage with the guys and the groupies.

Kevin: Mmm. Does this have a point?

Amber: Yes. $2,000 for a new demo stands between me and stardom.

Kevin: How many languages do you speak?

Amber: Sorry?

Kevin: Jana speaks four. I'd like to see her try each of 'em out in the state pen. See, now, trapping her is gonna take focus. So don't distract me with your need for a new demo and don't even think about getting into the buried money.

Amber: Okay, well, I spent what I had on Cane's bike.

Kevin: Yeah and now he's raking in a ton of cash, so fall on the stilettos and tell him the truth. If you'd know about the demo, you never would've gotten the bike. Throw in a pout. Guys always fall for that.

Victoria: It could be J.T.'s. It could be yours. I don't know.

(Cell phone buzzing)

J.T.'S voice: Where are you?

Brad: Can we have a conversation without you checking your phone?

Victoria: Can we not do this? You don't want me. I don't want you.

Brad: And the baby can't vote. We don't need an election to figure this out. Just a good lab.

Sharon: Something really, really amazing happened when you were away.

Noah: Fisher learned how to go to the bathroom outside?

Jack: Even better than that.

Sharon: We found your dad.

Noah: His body?

Sharon: No, no, remember-- remember when you used to make signs because you were sure that he was still alive?

Noah: Yeah.

Sharon: You were right, Honey.

Noah: Dad's alive?!

Sharon: Mm-hmm!

Noah: Where is he?

Jack: He's in the hospital. He was hurt pretty badly. He was lost in the woods for a long time.

Noah: Let's go! I wanna see him!

Sharon: Okay, wait, Honey--

Noah: We've got to get to the hospital now!

Jack: Whoa, your mom wants to tell you something else about your dad.

Sharon: Yeah. Um, okay... his memory is a little bit fuzzy. He doesn't remember everything.

Noah: He doesn't remember me?

Sharon: No, he remembers you, but he also thought that we were still married and he thought that Cassie was still alive.

Noah: How old does he think I am? 8?

Jack: Well, he knows the truth now.

Noah: You had to tell him that Cassie was...

Sharon: Yeah, I did.

Noah: Poor Dad. He must be sad all over again. Let's go to the hospital and cheer him up.

Victor: My boy.

Nick: Hey, Dad.

Victor: Great to see you.

Nick: You, too.

Victor: You son of a gun, you ruined a beautiful jet, didn't you?

Nick: I'm never flying private again, only commercial.

Victor: You know I have a lot of questions.

Nick: I may not have the answers, Dad.

Victor: Well, don't worry. It'll come back after a while. You'll regain your memory.

Nick: I hope so.

Victor: You know we had imagined the worst. I love you, my boy.

Nick: I love you, too, Dad.

Amber: One of my own songs and two covers. Musicians and back-up singers? That's fantastic! The most fabulous gown you will ever see. Thank you so much! Oh! Hey, remember my friend Ali?

Cane: You mean your partner in crime? Yeah.

Amber: Well, in Vegas she mentioned a friend who has a studio downtown. He said he'd do my demo for half price if I design a dress for his girlfriend who's entering Miss Wisconsin.

Cane: You see? Amber--1, Universe--0.

Amber: All I need is $1,000. Honey... I know that we were gonna use that bonus check from your grandma for a trip, but--

Cane: Yeah, about that-- I sent it to my uncle.

Amber: You what?

Cane: We live in a mansion. He lives in a hovel with a leaking roof and a busted truck.

Amber: You sent him all the money?

Cane: He needed my help.

Victoria: I really loved him once. And when I think about all of the times that I defended him--

J.T.: Hey, hey, hey, hey...

Victoria: What?

J.T.: Let your ex get angry. We win.

Victoria: We do?

J.T.: Yeah. We have the dartboard. We can make his face the permanent bulls-eye. Right? Besides, what's-- what's Brad throwing a fit compared to you finding your brother?

Victor: He's out cold.

Nikki: I was watching him sleep earlier. It reminded me of when he was little. Oh, I learned a heart really can break. I would wake up in the middle of the night with my chest aching, and all I could think of was, my son is dead. And I would reach out to you, but you weren't there.

Victor: Well, I'm here now.

Nikki: And the object of your escapade?

Victor: Excuse me?

Nikki: Your other son that you left me to find. Did you?

Victor: No.

Nikki: You know how many times I called you? Week after week and you never called me back. No e-mail.

Victor: The reason you couldn't reach me is because I was all the way in Sri Lanka, all right?

Nikki: No. You just didn't want to call me. You were punishing me.

Victor: I gave you a piece of advice. You ignored it. Look where it got you.

Nikki: I'm not sorry I ran for senate.

Victor: Why should you be? There's so many other things to regret.

Nikki: Oh, Victor...

Nick: Look at you. You're huge!

Noah: Mom said you hurt your leg.

Nick: Yeah, a little bit, but it's getting better. I sure missed you, Dude.

Noah: I told everyone you were alive. I knew it.

Nick: Oh, yeah?

Noah: No one believed me. I put up signs so you could find me 'cause we live at Jack's now.

Nick: That's a good plan.

Noah: Did you ever have a dream that you thought was real?

Nick: Yeah. All the time.

Noah: And then you woke up and it wasn't and that made you sad?

Nick: Yeah, but this is real, Buddy. I'm right here.

Noah: Do you know who Summer is?

Nick: I do now. And I know that she has the best big brother in the world.

Noah: But you forgot about her?

Nick: Yeah.

Noah: But not about me, right?

Nick: No. You're my son.

Noah: I can hear your heartbeat. It sounds good.

[Nick is crying holding is son]

Phyllis: And definitely extra whipped cream on the milkshake.

Jack: Uh, could I, uh, get a tall latte to go, please? What's the latest on your hubby?

Phyllis: Well, um, he doesn't remember me.

Jack: Give him some time, huh?

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah, I will. I have surefire memory joggers. I have the hat and, uh, this DVD that--that, um, Noah made and, uh, Summer in a Brewers onesie.

(Cell phone ringing)

Jack: I'm really sorry to do this to you. Sorry.

Phyllis: And other things.

Jack: Hi, Sweetie, what's up? How's Noah? He is? You know what? I'll see you later. I'll tell him myself. Thanks, bye.

Phyllis: Tell Noah yourself what?

Jack: Actually, it's Victor. He's back.

Phyllis: Oh, he is? That's great timing! This is good!

Jack: I'm gonna go over there and congratulate him myself. I'll take care of both of these.

Phyllis: Why, because Nick's alive?

Jack: No. Because he backed the right candidate.

Noah: Oh, I win again! And the crowd goes wild!

Nick: Man, you gotta take it easy on me.

Sharon: Hey, what's the score?

Nick: Him, by 8 T.K.O.s.

Noah: Yeah. Sorry, Dad, but you're out of luck. My special powers took over.

Woman: I hate to do this, but it's only supposed to be one visitor at a time. And your son's been in longer than 15 minutes.

Sharon: You guys can have a rematch tomorrow?

Woman: I need to give your dad some medicine, okay?

Nick: Thanks.

Woman: Five minutes.

Nick: Okay.

Sharon: Sweetheart, we have to go.

Noah: Dad doesn't want me to leave, right?

Nick: That's right, but, uh--

Sharon: The hospital has rules.

Noah: I'll sleep on the floor, like you slept on the floor for me after Mom's accident.

Sharon: Noah...

Noah: I'm not leaving. You can't make me.

Nick: Okay, listen, Dude... if I'm ever gonna get outta here, I gotta get some rest, okay? Besides, I need you to go on a special mission for me.

Noah: Yeah?

Nick: Yeah. You know those milkshakes I like so much at the coffeehouse? I need you to get one for me, put it in the freezer, okay?

Noah: At Jack's house?

Nick: Yeah. At Jack's house. And then, you know, you can bring it to me in the morning, okay? Is that a deal?

Noah: Deal.

Nick: All right.

Noah: Dad?

Nick: Yeah?

Nick: I love you, too. I love you so much.

Nick: I'll see you in the morning, okay?

Noah: Yeah.

Nick: All right.

Sharon: I'll be right out, Honey.

Sharon: You're so great with him.

Nick: How can I not be? That's the best kid in the world. Look, my head knows that you're married to Jack now. To Jack. But my heart is having a hard time playing catch-up.

Sharon: Um... just give yourself time, okay?

Nick: I'm in this place where nothing seems real. I don't know who to-- look, I'll understand if you say no. But I was hoping that after you drop Noah off at Jack's... you could come back to me.

Victoria: Dad!

Victor: Hi, Sweetheart.

Victoria: Hi!

Victor: Hi, Sweetheart.

Victoria: Oh, it is so good to see you.

Victor: Hello, Sweetheart. Hello, J.T.

J.T.: Welcome back, Victor.

Victor: Thank you. So?

J.T.: I'll get you some juice, all right?

Victoria: Oh, okay, thank you.

Victor: All right.

Victoria: So... how are you?

Victor: Never mind me. You lost a baby. I'm sorry.

Victoria: Yeah, me, too. But... I'm pregnant again.

Nikki: What?

Victor: What do you mean, you're pregnant again?

Victoria: Well, we're not telling a lot of people.

Victor: What do you mean, we?

Victoria: J.T. and I. Except for Nick. Nick knows. And, um, and Brad found out.

Victor: Well, who cares if Brad found out?

Victoria: Well, he-- he may be the father.

Brad: Hmm, that's one happy kid.

Sharon: I think, um, blissed out describes it.

Brad: How's Nick?

Sharon: He is fine, physically. When they brought him in, he thought that we were still married and that Cassie was still alive.

Brad: Really? And now?

Sharon: Well, now he knows the truth, but he doesn't feel it.

Brad: Has anyone told him the really bad news-- he's married to Phyllis.

Sharon: Yes.

Noah: Um, hey, Mom? Can I get an éclair for Dad, too?

Sharon: Um, just one. Um, the sad part was that he didn't really remember Summer either.

Brad: Victoria's pregnant.

Sharon: What? Since when?

Brad: Not sure. You know, I can't tell if I'm in a comedy or a tragedy. I wanted us to have a baby. Now that we're getting divorced, my wish may come true.

Sharon: And you're the father?

Brad: Maybe. Could be J.T.

Sharon: Oh, no. Oh, no.

Brad: Well, it won't be maybe for long. I will find out, whether Victoria likes it or not.

Cane: Thank you.

Amber: If we don't pay the cell phone bill--

Cane: They'll turn off the service.

Amber: No, no, not right away, trust me.

Cane: Yeah, that's still hardly enough moolah. Why don't I just sell the bike?

Kevin: What? That sweet ride of yours? No way!

Cane: My girl needs the money for a demo, then consider it sold.

Kevin: Well... that is the kind of selfless relationship that I am looking for.

Cane: You know, Charlie in accounting put a picture of a bike just like it on his cubicle wall.

Amber: I can't let you do that.

Cane: Sweetheart, you are more important to me than a motorcycle.

Kevin: Wow. Wow! And the love and honesty you two share is... inspiring. Really.

Cane: I got it.

Amber: I couldn't ask for a better husband.

Nick: Oh, this is heaven.

Phyllis: That's good. Um...

Phyllis: Um, you got this for me. It was--it was something blue. You know, because we got married in New Mexico.

Nick: Yeah, you said that.

Phyllis: Yeah. Um... I also have... this.

Phyllis: Um, it was-- it was just something that I got when we fell in love, but, um... it--it--it was a funny joke. It was, um...

Nick: Okay.

Phyllis: Yeah, it was really funny at the time. Um, and there's this.

Nick: You made that?

Phyllis: Mnh-mnh. You made it. You made this. See? You--you were going on a business trip and, um, you made it for me and Summer, and you said if-- if, um, her daddy was gonna be away, she could still see him every night-- to put on the crib.

Nick: I made that?

Phyllis: Yeah, you did.

Nick: Look, you-- you obviously have--

Phyllis: Oh, wait, wait, no, I-I don't--wait, no, I have, um, a DVD that--that Noah made you and, um... and I could put it in the DVD player, too.

Nick: Okay, look--

Phyllis: And you could watch it and it might--

Nick: Phyllis--Phyllis... you have the collectibles and you know the shake that I love. We obviously have a history together.

Phyllis: Yeah, we do and we have a baby. And we're married and we have a really good relationship. And we talk all the time. And we laugh. And you always tell me that no one can make you laugh as much as I can.

Nick: I-I believe that.

Phyllis: You just don't feel anything, right?

[Phyllis leaves the room]

Phyllis: Victor!

Victor: Phyllis.

Phyllis: Welcome home.

Victor: So nice to see you.

Phyllis: Oh, isn't it incredible? It's incredible!

Victor: In fact, I'm gonna see my son now.

Phyllis: Okay. I was just talking to Nick about Summer. I mean, she definitely knows her daddy is alive.

Nikki: He doesn't remember who Summer is.

Phyllis: Yes, he does.

Victoria: You know what's amazing? It's amazing how you twist things around to suit your purposes.

Phyllis: What's wrong with you two? This is your niece we're talking about. This is your granddaughter. How insensitive--

Nikki: Look, we would be thrilled if he remembered Summer. You're the one we're not so keen on him remembering.

Phyllis: Listen, I'm not gonna fight with you when the best thing in the world just happened to all of us. So go ahead and argue. You all do it so well.

Kevin: So how do you find somebody smart who doesn't wanna be found?

Amber: Is this Jana stuff a game to you?

Kevin: Look at all the crap you pull with Cane to get what you want.

Amber: Yeah, well, he never tried to barbecue me. He loves me.

Cane: Good news. I sold the bike.

Kevin: Hey!

Amber: Really?!

Cane: Yeah, Charlie's taking it for a ride as we speak.

Kevin: Jana had a bike once when she lived in London. Customized it herself.

Amber: She also, uh, taught pole-dancing and flew fighter jets. 'Cause according to you, she can do anything, right?

Cane: Are you still looking for that nutcase that tried to off you?

Kevin: Yeah, the thought of seeing her pretty face behind big iron bars brings me so much joy.

Cane: Well, maybe she's hanging out with your cousin Garrett.

Amber: I totally wouldn't be surprised.

Cane: You know, the internet's the best way to find people who don't wanna be found.

Kevin: Oh, yeah, I tried all that-- motor vehicle records, court files, change of address. And the best lead I have is that she was registered at some hotel in the Czech Republic as--as Jewel Robin.

Amber: What's with the bird theme?

Kevin: I got nothing.

Cane: Well, how do you know her real name's Jana Hawkes?

Kevin: I don't.

Cane: So it could be a pseudonym.

Kevin: Why didn't I think of that?

Cane: Simple, you're looking for complicated.

Amber: That's why my husband is an executive.

Cane: I'm not just an executive. Back in Oz I had this job-- I was a skip tracer. I used to look for people who didn't pay their bills.

Amber: Got pretty good at it, huh?

Cane: The best.

Jack: Well, the great white hunter returns.

Victor: Jack Abbott. Senator Abbott. Congratulations.

Jack: Well, thank you. Victory is sweet.

Victor: I understand it was a close race.

Jack: Well, I couldn't have done it without your moral and financial backing. I assume you've already heard about Nikki and David Chow?

Victor: That is not of concern to me right now.

Jack: Of course. There is your son.

Victor: You didn't even mention him. Just remember one thing-- power corrupts. And absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Jack: You hear me chiding you? For setting me up, for faking a friendship, for backing me against your own wife, all in an effort to ruin me? I did my part. I won.

Victor: You won for now, Jack Abbott. But you cannot fool everyone.

Jack: You won't find my wife all over the internet kissing another man. Who's the fool now?

Victor: This conversation is over.

Jack: I couldn't agree more. Here, you can talk to him.

David: Jack.

Jack: Hey, David. Hope you're in as good a mood as I am.

Victor: You're very lucky we're in public right now.

David: I didn't realize you were back. How's your son?

Victor: Do yourself a favor and leave, thank you.

David: I'm not looking for trouble. I'm here for Nikki.

Victor: I'm asking you to leave. Besides, that statement is contradictory.

David: I'm worried about her.

Victor: You pull a stunt that assures her defeat?

David: Yeah, well, unlike you, I wanted her to win.

Victor: She and I had a political disagreement. You exploited that.

David: Political disagreement? She's your wife. She lost her son and you pulled a disappearing act.

Victor: I'm telling you, get out of here.

David: What kind of a husband does something like that?

Victor: What the hell do you know about my wife?

David: Oh, I know Nikki. And I know all you care about is bending her to your will.

Victor: My friend, you are begging for it.

David: You don't give a damn about her brilliance. You don't give a damn about her heart.

Victor: Do you also know that I'm known to lose my temper?

David: Excuse me?

[Victor hits David]

Nikki: Oh, my God! What is going on here?

Victor: Stay the hell away from here.

Cane: I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier. I can contact one of my mates in Australia who've still got a skip tracing business.

Kevin: I, uh, I got it covered, but I'll keep it in mind. Thanks.

(Cell phone ringing)

Cane: Charlie? So you like the bike, Mate?

Amber: Cane was a skip tracer? What if he traced-- skip-traced Garrett or me?

Kevin: Well, I guess you should've done your homework.

Cane: So... he test drove the bike... right into a tree.

Kevin: Oh!

Amber: No!

Cane: Yep, it's history.

Amber: It's-- it's not insured!

Cane: I gotta go take care of this. Come on. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'll find a way to get the money for you, I promise, okay? Oh, man.

Amber: It's a sign.

Kevin: That Charlie needed training wheels?

Amber: No, no, Kay would not give me a loan. Cane's bike gets totaled. I'm supposed to get in that bag.

Kevin: We agreed to wait. Besides, Daniel's not here and we're in this together, remember?

Amber: Yeah, but--

Kevin: No. You get greedy, you get caught. You go down, we all go down.

Brad: And how early can the C.V. sampling be done? And that's all that's needed to determine paternity? Great, Doc. Thanks, I appreciate your time. Great news about Nick.

Phyllis: Yeah, it is great news. It's past imagining.

Brad: But not the amnesia.

Phyllis: Would you like sugar in your coffee or arsenic?

Brad: I'm good, thanks.

Phyllis: You're not possibly gloating about a man's injury, are you?

Brad: No, I'm not. But I am considering the possibility that there really is cosmic justice.

Phyllis: You see cosmic justice in the fact that a man doesn't remember his wife?

Brad: Not in Nick's suffering, but some in yours.

Phyllis: Have you been to see him?

Brad: No. I didn't think it was my place.

Phyllis: Oh. Either that or you know he thinks you're road kill. You see, the difference between you and me is that when he regains his memory, and he will, he'll love me. He'll still think you're road kill.

Nikki: Here you go. Please go home before Victor gets back.

David: I never run away from a fight.

Nikki: Oh, I believe that's his line.

David: Really? Well, here's another-- you deserve better.

Nikki: Now is not the time to discuss that. Please go.

Victor: If I were you, I would take her advice.

Cane: Hey, Kev, where's Amber? Jill gave me a check for the demo.

Kevin: She flew outta here a little while ago. I thought she was going to meet you.

J.T.: So your father didn't spontaneously combust when he saw us together.

Victoria: Mnh-mnh. His son is alive and I'm divorcing Dr. Evil. So I guess you could be anyone and he'd be happy.

J.T.: The doctor's in the house.

Victoria: Oh, no.

J.T.: Hey, look, if you're here to upset her--

Brad: Relax, Slick, this is about Victoria's health. I've got some information on in vitro testing. It's tricky. I wanna know who the father is.

J.T.: Well, so do I.

Brad: But I'm more concerned about the baby's health.

Victoria: Well, thank you.

Brad: After he or she is born, we will do a paternity test. If it's mine, I'm raising it.

Phyllis: Well, he loved Summer, definitely. I mean, I could see it in his eyes when he held her. But... me--I'm a different story.

Jack: Hey, hey, just give it time. Give him time.

Phyllis: How much time do I give him? When Nick died, Jack, I couldn't bear the thought. And now he's alive. He's alive. I mean, I should be ecstatic, right? But I look at him and I don't even know that man. It's unreal. I'm losing him all over again.

Jack: Hey, hey, hey, come here.

Nikki: You know, you really need to stop slugging people when you're angry. It's unbecoming.

Victor: Get to the point. What do you want?

Nikki: We need to talk about this whole thing. I kissed David. He kissed me.

Victor: I saw that. It was all over the internet.

Nikki: I always thought you could do anything-- rule empires, calm a sick baby, but when it comes to grief? You don't know anything about that. Grieving scares you. That's why you abandoned me.

Victor: Stop babbling, will you? You're talking about grief? You don't think I grieved? Now it's my fault that you humiliated me?

Nikki: Nothing scares you more than feelings.

Victor: You know that's nonsense.

Nikki: Anybody's feelings--

Victor: That's psychobabble.

Nikki: To be with you is to be alone. And I'm done with being alone.

Victor: Can I tell you something? I don't give a damn what you feel right now.

Sharon: Nick?

Nick: You came back.

Sharon: Noah put your shake in the freezer for you. He, um, thinks we're a family of superheroes.

Nick: Superheroes? Everything used to be Pokémon.

Sharon: Yeah, um... well, that was two years ago. Ever since, um, Phantom Guy-- that's you-- survived a plane crash, I, uh... I think maybe he's right.

Nick: If I was super... I would've been able to save Cassie.

Sharon: No one could.

Nick: How do you go on?

Sharon: Well, um... a moment at a time, and then an hour, and finally a day. But the sadness never goes away, Nick. Remembering the joy-- that comes back.

Nick: When?

[Nick starts crying and Sharon holds him]

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