Y&R Transcript Wednesday 6/27/07

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 6/27/07 -- Canada; Thursday 6/28/07 -- U.S.A.


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Brad: You're here.

Victoria: My lawyer, uh, should be here soon.

Brad: Can I propose something before he arrives?

Victoria: I'm listening.

Brad: Unfreeze our joint assets and I'll concede on all the demands you've made. Wow. That sounds really fair.

Brad: Take it or leave it.

Victoria: Leaving it.

Brad: What is it you want, Victoria?

Victoria: I want those properties that you sold illegally.

Brad: We're in the middle of something here.

J.T.: I've been trying to call you. Nick's alive.

Phyllis: Hi.

Nick: Hi.

Phyllis: Um, are you feeling better?

Nick: Where's Sharon?

Phyllis: She's with Jack.

Nick: All right, will you just-- will you just stop? Is this some kind of twisted joke? My daughter is dead?

Phyllis: You--you do have a daughter. You have a baby girl named Summer.

Nick: I'm talking--Cassie. My--my daughter Cassie and my wife Sharon.

Phyllis: Sharon is your ex-wife. She's married to Jack.

Nick: All right, just knock it off. Just stop.

Phyllis: You are married to me. You're married to me. Nick, we got married at a little cowboy bar in Los Alamos. It was right after you put out a fire and it was small and romantic. And then we got married again here in Wisconsin to make it legal in front of our friends and family--everybody came. And Noah was your best man.

Nick: I don't know what you're talking about. I want you to get out. I don't want you here anymore.

Jack: Any progress?

Sharon: No.

Jack: What happened when you went in there?

Sharon: Um... Nick's still really confused. He didn't even want Phyllis in the room. But it looks like he's still trying.

Nikki: How can he have no memory of the last two years?

Jack: Poor Phyllis.

Sharon: Poor Nick. I can't imagine how awful this is for him.

Lily: Hey. What are you doing?

Kevin: Hey. Um, hunting.

Lily: Is--is that who I think it is?

Kevin: Yep. Jana.

Lily: When was that taken?

Kevin: A little while ago.

Lily: Uh, wait, what?

Kevin: Yeah, she contacted me, set up a web cam.

Lily: Okay, that's a little creepy. What does she want?

Kevin: It doesn't really matter. As long as this helps me find her.

Lily: Did you call the police?

Kevin: Yep. You wanna help me look?

Lily: For what?

Kevin: For anything that might give away her location.

Lily: Well, it's pretty close up on her.

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

Lily: But wait, what is that in the background?

Kevin: Uh, I think they're pictures. Let me see if I can get any closer. Look at all those skulls and bones.

Lily: Man, she really is a weirdo. Do you recognize it?

Kevin: No. But I think I know who might.

Colleen: Hey, Kev, what's up?

Kevin: Hey, check your e-mail.

Colleen: Um, okay, I'm doing that right now.

Kevin: You get the picture?

Colleen: Yep, sure did.

Kevin: Do you know what it is?

Colleen: Um... it looks like the bone gates in the Kostnice Ossuary, which would make it in the Czech Republic.

Kevin: Really? Maybe Jana's in the Czech Republic then.

Colleen: Or maybe she could've gotten that print anywhere anytime and she just sent it to you to throw you off.

Kevin: Yeah, that's true.

Kevin: So do you know anything about this place?

Colleen: Not much, why?

Kevin: Just--just humor me.

Colleen: You know what? Adrian wrote about it in his book. Let me get that. Hold on. Wait... here it is. Okay. It says here that the, uh, Kostnice Ossuary is perhaps one of the most famous burial grounds in Eastern Europe. Home to the remains of over 40,000 people, it is most noted for its elaborate bone structures created by Frantisek Rint in 1870. Um...

Korbel: Colleen? What are you doing?

Colleen: I'm gonna have to call you back. Bye.

Colleen: Um, I just, uh, I--

Korbel: Can I have that, please?

Colleen: I thought that maybe it might help, um--

Korbel: You know, I spent a lot of time on this research and it would be nice if my work wasn't leaked to the public beforehand. This could be my big break and I really don't appreciate you using it for personal benefit.

Colleen: Oh, no, I-I know. I just thought it might help and that--

Korbel: Help? Help what?

Colleen: Help find Jana. Look, I never meant to betray your trust, I promise.

Korbel: So that's what this is about.

Colleen: Yes, that's what this is about.

Korbel: I think you are making a huge mistake.

Colleen: I'm aware.

Korbel: Just let the police handle this, okay?

Colleen: The police? They have been investigating for months and nothing. Kevin is the only one that she's been in contact with.

Korbel: You know, Colleen, I never pegged you as someone with bad judgment.

Colleen: Bad judgment? Interesting. I want her in jail. How is that bad judgment?

Korbel: She's a sociopath and she's shown no remorse.

Colleen: You know what, Adrian? You don't have to remind me about how dangerous she is. I was there.

Korbel: You just made my point.

Victoria: Mom, where is he?

Nikki: Phyllis is in there with him.

Victoria: Is he okay? Are they any serious complications?

Sharon: He can't remember the last two years of his life.

Victoria: What? Why?

Nikki: They don't know. They're running tests to find out.

Victoria: Well, I have to see him.

Sharon: All right, I'll take you.

Phyllis: This is our wedding and this is Noah at the wedding.

Nick: I don't wanna see those.

Phyllis: Okay. Um, do you wanna see a picture of your daughter Summer? I'll--I have one in here. Kind of goofy of me, but there she is. See? Isn't she adorable?

Nick: She's cute.

Phyllis: Yeah. She's very cute. She's really smart, too. She's really, really smart. She, um... she says words. Not full sentences, of course, but she just says words. Her first word was "Dada." She said it and then I left you a voicemail.

Nick: Look, can you just... just stop?

Phyllis: Okay. All right.

Nick: I know you're trying to help, but I just--I can't...

Nick: There she is-- the life of the party.

Victoria: You really-- you really scared me, you know that? If you ever do that again, I'm gonna kill you.

Nick: I just wanted to remind you how much you'd miss me. Ow!

Victoria: I'm sorry.

Nick: That's patient abuse and I have a really bad cut on this leg. Thanks a lot.

Phyllis: Hey, listen, um, uh, I'll let you guys talk.

Nick: Sis, everything's so weird and confusing. Actually, are you still even my sister?

Brad: Hello? Yes, this Abby's father. Well, what's the matter? She is? All right, well, I'll be right there and pick her up. Thanks.

Nick: So you married Brad? As in, Carlton?

Victoria: Yeah. I'm divorcing him, actually.

Nick: Please tell me I gave you a hard time about that.

Victoria: Yeah, you did. You--you did. And you were right.

Nick: You wrote that down somewhere, right? Maybe framed it?

Victoria: Ha. You wish. So... how are you feeling?

Nick: I feel like an idiot. Apparently I can't remember who I'm married to.

Victoria: Hey, you know what? I had the same feeling.

Nick: It's just so frustrating. I mean, I can-- I can remember you, Mom and Dad, Sharon, the kids. Why can't I remember Phyllis? You got a stomach ache or something?

Victoria: No. Well, I mean, yes, sometimes, in the morning. I'm... I'm pregnant.

Nick: Wow.

Victoria: Yeah.

Nick: How does Brad feel about that?

Victoria: Well, you know, it's sort of a new development.

Nick: How far along are you?

Victoria: Two weeks. And I was thinking that if the baby was a boy, I was gonna name him Nicholas. But I don't think I'm gonna be doing that now.

Nick: Well, if it's a girl, maybe you could name her... Nicolette.

Victoria: Or not.

Nick: How about Nikki? You know, after Mom.

Victoria: No. No. No chance in hell.

Sharon: Any word yet?

Nikki: No. The waiting is killing me.

Jack: Have you reached Victor yet?

Nikki: No.

Jack: Can you stick around for a while? I gotta run out for a bit.

Sharon: No, I have to go to the office and get some work, but, um, I was gonna come back.

Nikki: You two go. It's fine. Victoria's here. Go ahead.

Jack: Okay. You take care. I'll--I'll walk you out.

Sharon: Sure. Um, I'll be right back.

Nikki: Fine.

Phyllis: Doctor? What is wrong with my husband? How come he doesn't remember anything?

Doctor: We still have to run a few tests before we can say for sure.

Phyllis: Should--should I bring my daughter by? Will that trigger something?

Doctor: It couldn't hurt. In the meantime, I need to schedule a C.T. scan for him. That'll help us to determine if there's any brain damage.

Nikki: Thank you.

Brad: So you were pretty quiet in the car. You wanna tell me what's bothering you?

Abby: I'm sick.

Brad: You're sick? Let me see here. Well you don't have a fever. You have a tummy ache?

Abby: It hurts right here.

Brad: Right there?

Abby: Mm-hmm.

Brad: Would a kiss make it better? Or maybe... the tickle monster?

Abby: No. No tickle monster.

Brad: No tickle monster. How about some ice cream?

Abby: No, thank you.

Brad: Hmm. Well, if you don't want ice cream, this is a pretty serious problem.

Abby: Yeah. Daddy, can I play video games?

Brad: If a few minutes, Honey.

Abby: Okay.

Brad: Do you have any idea what's causing this tummy ache? Do you wanna talk about it? Can I just sit her with you for a few minutes?

Abby: Victoria hates me.

Brad: Honey, why would you say that? Victoria loves you very much.

Abby: Then why would she leave? It's all because of me.

Brad: Come here. It's not because of you. It's not.

Ben: I received your résumé. We'll be making staffing decisions in a few days. Yes, we'll be in touch. Okay. People are banging down the door to work for you.

Sharon: Smart people.

Jack: Like my new chief of staff. You did a great job on the campaign, Ben.

Sharon: You really did.

Ben: Thank you. You know, as your chief of staff, I could go over these résumés, pick top contenders for your policy advisor, P.R. coordinator.

Jack: We can talk about that later.

Ben: Okay. How's, uh... how's Nikki's son?

Jack: Well, he's, uh... he's lucky to be alive, but he's suffering some memory loss.

Sharon: Yeah, he, um... he still thinks he's married to me. The last two years are a blank.

Ben: Wow.

Jack: Well, he's lucky to have a great family to support him, though. Anyway, I would like to have a real hands-on approach in hiring my new staff. I'd also like Sharon's opinion.

Sharon: Um, yeah, sure. Just a sec, though. I really wanna make a phone call to Nikki. I wanna know when Nick's test results come back.

J.T.: Well, I haven't seen you smile like that in a long time.

Victoria: Yes, you have.

J.T.: Yeah, well, besides that.

Victoria: I just can't believe my little brother is alive.

J.T.: How's he doing?

Victoria: Oh, he's the same little pain in the butt brother I grew up with. Still making the same old jokes. But I can't tell he's frustrated, though. He can't even remember his wife.

J.T.: Well, I wouldn't wanna remember marrying Phyllis, either.

Nikki: Sharon's gonna stay at the office a while longer.

J.T.: That can't be easy for Nick-- seeing her with Jack.

Nikki: Well, I know Sharon feels some responsibility to help him.

Victoria: She better look out for Phyllis. Has she talked to Noah yet?

Nikki: No, she's gonna wait until Nicholas is feeling a little bit better.

Victoria: Oh, yeah, that's a smart idea. He's gonna have a lot of questions. Um, I'll talk to--to Brad and tell him not to mention it to Abby.

Nikki: Okay, Honey, thanks.

Lily: So how exactly are you guys planning on finding Jana?

Colleen: I don't know yet. Thank you.

Lily: You don't know? Colleen, six months ago you hated this guy and now you wanna risk your life for him?

Colleen: He risked his life for me. I mean, it's the least I can do. Lily, if he didn't put that wet rag over my mouth, I would've died in that fire.

Lily: Yeah, who started that fire?

Colleen: Which is why we need to find her!

Lily: Okay, so you're telling me that this as much for you as it is for him?

Colleen: You don't understand. Sweetie, it's not like this girl stole my purse. She almost took my life. Okay, that is why we need to find her.

Lily: Okay, fine, so... what are you guys gonna do when you find her?

Colleen: I guess we'll figure that out together.

Victoria: What is it?

Brad: I'm calling about Abby.

Victoria: Why? What's the matter?

Brad: She thinks you left because of her.

Victoria: Poor thing. What did she say when you told her that's not the case?

Brad: Well, she's still upset. She doesn't believe me. I think it would help if she heard it from you.

Victoria: Okay, well, we're waiting for test results here at the hospital, so I could come by right now.

Brad: That'd be great. I appreciate it.

Victoria: Yep.

Kevin: You see anything else?

Colleen: Just that picture.

Kevin: Look at the way the light is hitting her face. It must mean that there's a-- there's a window to her left.

Colleen: A window? Yeah, you know, I'm really glad that you caught that, 'cause now we have a room with a window. That really narrows it down.

Kevin: You know, it means more than that. It means wherever she is, the sun was up when we spoke and that eliminates half the world.

Colleen: Oh. Hey, what time was it here?

Kevin: It was about... it was about 7:30, the sun was going down.

Colleen: 7:30?

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

Colleen: 7:30? Okay, so that means... she can't be farther east than... New York or farther west than the Asian coast.

Kevin: Right. If it's natural light.

Colleen: You think she's gonna set up lights just to throw us off?

Kevin: Well, it wouldn't be the craziest thing she's ever done.

Colleen: Yeah, that's true.

Kevin: Hmm.

Colleen: Okay, let's talk about her clothes.

Kevin: What about 'em?

Colleen: Well, her shirt is sleeveless.

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

Colleen: So that means it's maybe warm where she is, which would mean it would have to be-- it would have to be the northern hemisphere, because it's winter in the southern.

Kevin: True. That's good. That's smart. Unless--unless she's wearing clothes to throw us off, too.

Colleen: Okay. All right, um, where does that put us?

Kevin: Uh, well, let's see. At best, we've narrowed it down to a quarter of the world, and at worst, we are nowhere.

Kevin: Come on, Jana. Jana, Jana, Jana.

Phyllis: Summer? This is Summer.

Nick: She's cute.

Phyllis: It's a baby girl.

Nick: She looks like you.

Phyllis: She looks like you. She has your eyes and she has your smile. She has dimples. She's six months old. Right, Sweetie?

Nick: And we named her Summer?

Phyllis: Uh-huh. Half, um, was... because, uh, of me, and then the other half was because, uh, it was irony.

Nick: How so?

Phyllis: Um... well, she was-- she was born, uh, during a massive snow storm. And, uh, I was stuck in an elevator and Jack delivered her. You know, I keep on thinking of this one story, and it was, um, shortly after we brought her back from the hospital. And, um... and she was in the crib and every time you left the room she would cry. And so... you figured if you'd-- if you stayed, she would stop. And it worked, because she stopped crying. And, um... you slept next to the crib the entire night.

Nick: Oh.

Phyllis: You know, you paid for it, because your neck was very, very stiff. It was the cutest thing. Do you remember?

Nick: No. She does have my eyes.

Phyllis: Yes, she does.

Nick: She's perfect. I get it that... she's my daughter.

Phyllis: You do?

Nick: What I don't get... is how we made her together.

Brad: Thanks for coming.

Victoria: Yeah, of course. Yeah.

Brad: Abby, Victoria's here to see you.

Victoria: Hey.

Abby: Hey.

Victoria: Whatcha doing?

Abby: Video games.

Victoria: Oh, wow. Fun. Can I sit?

Abby: Sure.

Brad: Hey, Sweetheart, why don't you put away that video game for a few minutes, huh?

Abby: Fine.

Victoria: So I was thinking that maybe one day you could come to the ranch after camp and you and Noah could feed the horses. What do you think?

Abby: No, thank you.

Victoria: Are you sure? Maybe we could do some arts and crafts. Remember when we used to do that sometimes?

Abby: Yeah... when you lived here.

Victoria: You know, your dad and I... we love you. That's never gonna change.

Abby: Are you sure?

Victoria: Yes. Yes, I'm positive. And guess what? I really do have some arts and crafts that I've love to show you.

Abby: Really?

Victoria: Mm-hmm.

Abby: Like what?

Victoria: Well, like... how to make a dream catcher.

Abby: What's that?

Victoria: It's something from the Native American culture.

Abby: Like the Menominee Indians? I learned about them in school.

Victoria: Yeah. Yeah, like them.

Abby: Does a dream catcher catch dreams?

Victoria: It only catches the bad ones, but it lets the good ones come through.

Abby: Cool.

Victoria: Yeah, cool. So what do you think? You wanna do it sometime?

Abby: Yeah. It sounds fun.

Victoria: All right, good. Good, because I think it would be nice if you and I hung out together sometime and did art.

Abby: Yeah.

Victoria: It's a date!

Brad: (Mouths words)

Ben: The senator would like to meet with you. Yes, to discuss the policy advisor position. Tomorrow? 10:00. Okay.

Jack: Sounds like tomorrow morning just filled up with interviews.

Ben: Yes, and the next day, we'll find the rest of the staff for the, uh, Madison office, which reminds me, will you be keeping an office here in Genoa City?

Jack: I would think so. What do you think? Sharon?

Sharon: Yeah, I think you should.

(Cell phone ringing)

Ben: You know what? I'll take this outside, all right? Excuse me. Yeah?

Jack: Where were you just now?

Sharon: Spaced out.

Jack: What are you thinking about?

Sharon: How to tell Noah about Nick. I'm just not sure that Nick's memory loss isn't gonna scare Noah.

Jack: Why don't you go back to the hospital? Just your being there could jog Nick's memory.

Sharon: Are you sure?

Jack: Yeah, we're just finishing up here. I'll meet you there later.

Sharon: Thanks, Jack. I'll call you.

Jack: Yeah.

Phyllis: And then one night you were up for hours with the baby 'cause she couldn't fall asleep and you read her books and, um, you sang her that lullaby that she loves. She loves it when you sing, of course. She cries when I sing, you know, my voice. Anyway, um, I came home and the two of you were fast asleep. You were zonked out and she was in her bouncy bed. And, uh, you were on the couch. And, um... she was wearing those tiger booties that you got her. And you said that, uh, she looked fierce, just like her mom.

Nick: Right.

Phyllis: Do you remember?

Nick: No. You're nothing like the Phyllis I remember.

Phyllis: It's because you're good to me.

Nick: I just... I don't understand how I could've...

Phyllis: Fallen in love with me? I mean, it--it happened. It just happened.

Nick: But you're just so...

Phyllis: I'm so what?

Nick: You're not my type.

Nikki: Hi, son. How are you doing?

Phyllis: Uh... I'll see you later.

Nikki: What was that about?

Nick: I don't mean to upset her. I just... I don't get it.

Nikki: What, Honey?

Nick: I don't get us. Me and her? Husband and wife? How the hell could that happen?

Nikki: Believe me, you're not the only one with that question.

Victoria: Hi.

J.T.: Hey.

Victoria: Did the C.T. results come back yet?

J.T.: No, no, not yet.

Victoria: Okay.

J.T.: Hey, how's Abby doing?

Victoria: Well, you know, she's--she's taking the divorce pretty hard. She blames herself. I tried my best to make her feel better.

J.T.: Poor kid.

Victoria: Yeah.

J.T.: Can I get you anything?

Victoria: A normal life?

J.T.: And what's the fun in that?

Victoria: Yeah, good point.

J.T.: How about one of those raspberry smoothies from the coffeehouse. I know I could go for one.

Victoria: Yeah. That'd be nice.

J.T.: All right.

Victoria: All right.

J.T.: See you later.

Logan: He was always talking about his family--non-stop. That's all he thought about was getting home.

Phyllis: Did he mention any names?

Logan: Just that he had two children and a beautiful wife.

Nikki: Doctor? What's the latest?

Doctor: Well, the C.T. shows no indication of permanent brain damage.

Phyllis: Oh, thank God. What about his memory?

Doctor: Well, it could come back on its own or it could be permanent. I really have no way of knowing. I'll be running a few more tests. Excuse me.

Nikki: Thank you.

Logan: Doctor?

Sharon: Um, Phyllis? I just wondered if it would be okay with you that I just spend a few minutes with Nick.

Phyllis: That's-- that's fine. That's not my Nick in there.

Sharon: Yeah, um... I won't take too long.

Phyllis: I'm sure he'll be very, very happy to see you.

Phyllis: Hey.

Victoria: Um, so what did-- what did she say?

Logan: I talked to her a little bit more about Nick's behavior in the woods and she's going ahead with an M.R.I. as a precaution. It should give a clear picture as to how extensive the damage really is.

Phyllis: Will he get his memory back?

Logan: There's no time table for recovery. People heal at different rates.

Nikki: So it--it really could be permanent?

Logan: Depending on the extent of the injury, yes.

Phyllis: This can't happen.

Logan: Like I said, you and your children were all Nick could talk about.

Phyllis: He wasn't talking about me. He was talking about Sharon.

Sharon: Hey. How you feeling?

Nick: Like I survived a plane crash.

Sharon: That good, huh?

Nick: When are you gonna bring Noah to see me?

Sharon: Um, Jack and I-- we were just gonna wait until we knew a little bit more about your condition.

Nick: Well, you know, the doctors are pretty sure I'm gonna live.

Sharon: We just, um... Noah's been through a lot these last few months. He doesn't know yet. I haven't told him.

Nick: Yeah. Okay. I still can't believe... that Cassie’s not here with us. I miss her.

Sharon: Yeah, me, too.

Nick: I really need to see my son. He must be crushed.

Sharon: He was. He really was for a long time. And then, a few months ago, you and I-- we put him in therapy.

Nick: You're a good mother. A good wife.

Sharon: Ex-wife.

Nick: I can't stop remembering this one time that I walked into the kitchen and you were just standing there making dinner. And you had your hair pulled back. You didn't have any makeup on. It was just you. You never looked better. And I just stared at you and I kept saying to myself how lucky I was to be with you.

Sharon: I'm sure I didn't look that good.

Nick: I would've showed you if the kids weren't home. Are you happy with Jack?

Sharon: I am.

Nick: Well, then I'm... I'm happy for you.

Ben: I'll try to find us an office somewhere nearby unless, of course, you think Victor will rent us something in this tower.

Jack: Oh, I'd say that's doubtful. I think we're gonna be working out of my living room for a while.

Ben: That works for me.

Jack: Well, great. I do want a place in Madison. I'm not big on staying in hotel rooms.

Ben: I'll look into procuring a condo.

Jack: Great.

Ben: Okay. Oh, you have your first congressional session. It starts on Monday.

Jack: Okay, book me a flight.

Ben: How about Sharon? Is she coming?

Jack: I don't know. Probably not.

Ben: Because of Nicholas?

Jack: Because of Noah.

Ben: You know, you can't work this closely with people and for this long without figuring out a few things about their relationships.

Jack: What do you mean by that?

Ben: You don't have to pretend that this situation with Nicholas isn't bothering you. I'd feel the same.

Jack: I'm not worried about it. Nicholas recognizes her. She wants to help him get through this. I don't blame her for that.

Ben: You know what? My first official recommendation as your chief of staff is to stop what you're doing right now and go home to your beautiful wife.

Colleen: I can't think anymore. My head hurts.

Kevin: We can't let this go. I have got to find Jana.

Colleen: Kevin, we need a break.

(Cell phone ringing)

Kevin: Hello? Oh, okay, okay, uh, hold on. I gotta take this. I'll be right back.

Colleen: Yeah.

J.T.: Hey. So you two are looking for Jana now?

Colleen: Save the lecture, please.

J.T.: Jana put you in a hospital. You wanna risk that again or worse? Don't go near her, okay? That is, if you give a damn about anybody who cares about you.

Colleen: Thank you for your concern. Are you done?

J.T.: Yeah, I'm done. Good-bye.

Kevin: What's his deal?

Colleen: Oh, you know, same as everybody else. This is a bad idea. What about the people who love you? What if you get hurt? You know, whatever.

Kevin: That's it. Hurt. I have an idea.

Colleen: What might that be?

Kevin: What if we make Jana come to us?

Colleen: Kev, you already said that wasn't gonna work.

Kevin: No, no, maybe-- maybe it will. See, she cares about me, right? What if she thinks that I'm badly hurt or dying?

Colleen: Then she might actually risk coming back to see you.

Kevin: Mmm.

Abby: Can we play a game?

Brad: You bet. What do you wanna play?

Abby: How about dominoes?

Brad: Dominoes, huh? Okay, that sounds like fun. Go get the set.

Abby: Okay.

Logan: Well, I'm happy to report that you'll recover just fine.

Nick: All right. How about my memory?

Logan: It might come back, it might not.

Nick: Thanks, that's reassuring, I think.

Logan: I did enough of that in the woods, remember?

Nick: You know, you're the only thing that seems real to me right now. Everything else is... backwards and inside out.

Logan: Life changes. People change.

Nick: I guess. I'm just surprised, you know? I thought that, uh... that my life would be different at this point, but... it's not and I have no idea why.

Logan: Yeah. I know what you mean.

Phyllis: Kiss your eyes smiles await you when you rise sleep, pretty baby do not cry and I will sing you a lullaby golden slumber kiss your eyes smiles await you when you rise sleep, pretty baby do not cry and I will sing you a lullaby.

Jack: Hey. What's the word?

Sharon: Um... Nick's gonna be fine. His memory is a completely different story.

Jack: You ready to tell Noah?

Sharon: I have to be. I just hope this doesn't confuse him even more.

Jack: Honey, this is confusing for all of us.

Sharon: Tell me about it. Nick's in there acting like the last two years didn't even happen.

Jack: Wow, that's gonna feel weird.

Sharon: I can't even wrap my head around it. I mean, just because he doesn't remember it doesn't mean that it didn't happen-- the affair, his marriage to Phyllis, their baby. He's acting like he never even hurt me.

Jack: Any of this feel nostalgic?

Sharon: No. Not at all.

Jack: Come on, let's go sit down.

Sharon: Okay.

Nikki: What's going on?

Logan: He's going in for an M.R.I. I think I'm gonna go with Nick, see if I can't observe.

Nikki: Let me know the results.

Logan: Of course.

Nick: Don't worry, Mom, I'm good.

Nikki: All right, Sweetheart, I'm right here.

Nick: Okay, I'll be back.

Nikki: All right, I know. I love you.

Victor: Hi.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Nick: My heart is having a hard time playing catch up.

Sharon: Just give yourself time, okay?

Brad: After he or she is born, we will do a paternity test. If it's mine, I'm raising it.

Victor: Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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