Y&R Transcript Thursday 6/21/07

Y&R Transcript Thursday 6/21/07 -- Canada; Friday 6/22/07 -- U.S.A.


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Jack: That's weird.

Sharon: What is?

Jack: I had a good night's sleep. I haven't had a good night's sleep since it began.

Sharon: That video that Phyllis and I made is all over the internet and it's taken on a life of its own. People are even adding their own soundtracks. You have to see this.

Man: (Imitating David) candidate Newman, what do you propose to do with the state's budget surplus?

Woman: (Imitating Nikki) that's a budget surplus? I thought you were just happy to see me.

Woman: Comics on last night's talk shows couldn't resist one-liners about Mrs. Newman's intimate consultations with her campaign manager, David Chow. The candidate made--

Nikki: Turn it off. Turn it off.

Victoria: Mother? What are you doing here?

Karen: He's not here.

Nikki: He's not here.

Victoria: What?

Nikki: Technically, he's not here as a consultant.

Karen: He's a volunteer.

Victoria: Well, that's a distinction that no one's gonna care about. Mom, are you crazy?

David: I'm gonna be invisible to the voters.

Victoria: Mom?

Nikki: It's less than 24 hours before the polls open.

Victoria: Okay. Fine. Whatever.

David: Okay, look... I need to ask the obvious here. Should you pull out of the debate?

Karen: The day before the election?

David: It's just a question. If Jack's team would record and release that video, can they really be trusted with a debate?

Karen: No, voters are going to equate dropping out of the debate with dropping out of the election.

David: Not if we turn it into an issue of trust.

Karen: Look, that video was made in secrecy. This is a very public debate.

Victoria: Mom? Mother? Mom, what do you wanna do?

Nikki: I would like to talk to you privately. Please?

Victoria: Dropping out will be in the news for exactly 24 hours and then it'll be lost in statewide election coverage.

Nikki: So you think I shouldn't debate?

Victoria: Do you wanna take any more abuse from Jack?

Nikki: Look, I know that you're upset--

Victoria: No, that-- that is irrelevant. The debate--

Nikki: Well, it's relevant to me.

Victoria: Yes, okay? I am upset. I wish you wouldn't have gotten involved with David. Why did you do that? Dad is gonna be--

Nikki: What? He'll what?

Victoria: He's gonna be very--he's gonna be-- he's gonna feel terrible.

Nikki: Well, it wouldn't have happened if he had been here.

Victoria: Oh, don't blame this on him.

Nikki: Not that I was right to do it, but don't you think it's ironic that Jack has two spouses supporting him-- one ex-spouse and his current spouse.

Victoria: This is pointless.

Nikki: In the meantime, I don't have any spouse supporting me.

Victoria: Don't play the martyr, Mom.

Nikki: Everybody makes mistakes. And I am not gonna walk away from all this hard work just because Jack has no class. Let him drop out. What he did was more shameful. I will be at the debate.

[Cell phone rings]

J.T.: So I got all that stuff you want for your morning sickness.

Victoria: Oh, good. Did you get everything?

J.T.: Yeah, tomato soup, mango sorbet.

Victoria: Pickles?

Nikki: What?

Victoria: Huh? Uh, nothing.

Nikki: I'll be right back. I forgot my debate folder.

Victoria: Okeydokey. Sorry. Did you say pickles?

J.T.: Dill and sweet. I'm thinking about starting a pregnancy service for women craving strange food.

Victoria: Not funny.

J.T.: It's kinda funny.

Victoria: I can't let my mother see me eating this stuff. It's a dead giveaway that I'm pregnant. I'll be right there.

J.T.: All right, hey, hey, no—

Brad: Picnic lunch?

J.T.: Morning, Brad.

Victoria: Why are you calling me when I'm coming--?

Brad: Why do I feel like a third wheel?

Victoria: I have to get back in the meeting.

J.T.: Do you want this?

Victoria: No, I can't. I'll just talk to you later when I have more time.

Kay: Oh, now, Amber, would you like us to drop you off?

Amber: Oh, sure, that would be great.

Cane: I'll drop her off.

Kay: All right.

Amber: But...

Kay: Well, you know, suit yourselves. I'm going to make time for Nikki's debate one way or another.

Jill: Mother, you don't know that they'll even let you inside the studio.

Kay: Well, I will, uh, just force my way in.

Jill: I can't wait to see that drama.

Kay: You're not going?

Jill: No, I have meetings all day long. Good-bye, my sweetheart. Just please, Mother, don't harass the poor security guards. They're only trying to do their jobs, earning minimum wage.

Kay: Earning minimum wage, yes, I know. I'll bribe my way in.

Jill: Bye.

Amber: Bye.

Cane: Bye.

Amber: What's with this mysterious "You'll drop me off" giving me weird looks thing? Come on, I gotta--I gotta go.

Cane: Come here. So... my mother and my grandmother have gone. It's Esther's day off.

Amber: You're acting weird.

Cane: We're in this big house all alone. You are calling in sick.

Amber: Well, I'm not sick.

Cane: I know. You're calling in sick. Have you ever, um... made love in such a big, empty house? The honeymoon we never had.

Amber: (Coughs) hi, Lauren. Yeah, it's me. Yeah, I don't-- I don't think I should come in today. Yeah, I don't want anyone to get what I have. Yeah. (Coughs) yeah, thanks. Thanks, okay, bye. Library?

Cane: Dining room.

Amber: Mmm, the cabana.

David: All right, so what have you decided?

Nikki: I'll debate him.

Karen: Nice.

David: Okay. All right, we're a go.

Victoria: Okay, Mom, what are you wearing?

Nikki: Well, I'm comfortable in this. What do you think?

Victoria: I think to me it says "State senator." It's good. Just, uh, lose the flower.

Nikki: All right. Here, um, read my opening statement. David already approved it.

Karen: Speaking of which, David needs to stay away. Yes. Okay, great, see you there.

Victoria: Yeah, I agree. We don't need a photo op.

Karen: They're gonna be chomping at the bit to get the two of you in a photograph together.

Victoria: Mom?

Nikki: He's taking his own car. He'll wait outside unless he can get in unnoticed.

Karen: It's gonna look like you're flaunting your relationship.

Victoria: This is ridiculous. He shouldn't even be there.

Karen: You know that what we're saying is true.

David: This isn't my first campaign, Karen. And Nikki has my letter of resignation, so...

Kay: Am I interrupting?

Nikki: Oh, Katherine, come in.

Kay: Well, of course I'm interrupting because I have come to cheer on my good friend before her winning debate performance the day before her winning the election. Yes. What is he doing here? I'm sure the reporters still find him around, they'll crucify you both. You know that?

Nikki: I accepted his resignation. He's just a volunteer.

Kay: Oh, well, now there's a distinction they're really going to buy.

Karen: Amen.

Kay: Are you two insane?

Victoria: That's what I said.

David: All right, look, I'm gonna be invisible to the voters, all right?

Kay: I'm a voter and I can see. Now you know what? Uh, whatever. Come on, the three of you, out. I wanna talk to the candidate, please.

Karen: All right.

Kay: For once, just let me handle it, okay? Nothing personal. Nothing personal. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Are you crazy? You should've never kissed him. Although I can certainly see the appeal.

Nikki: Katherine...

Kay: How's the, uh, fallout since we found the footage?

Nikki: Getting worse every hour.

Kay: Well, then you just... take a minute, draw a deep breath, sit down and...

J.T.: Put your feet up.

Victoria: Mmm. Mmm, did you lock the door?

J.T.: Yeah, it's locked.

Victoria: Good. If Brad and my mom see this food, they'll know for sure, because this is the exact food I was craving the last time I was pregnant.

J.T.: Did anybody notice your morning sickness?

Victoria: No. No, why, did somebody say something?

J.T.: Yeah, a couple of staffers were telling me that you didn't used to be so dizzy and groggy and throwing up all the time.

Victoria: You know, that's the second time you're not funny today.

J.T.: I can't help it. I can't hide this talent.

Victoria: Well, I'm gonna forgive you because this is really helping. Thank you.

J.T.: Mm-hmm. So, uh, are you sure you're up for going to the debate?

Victoria: Oh, yeah, it'll be easy. I just sit in a chair and say, "Yay, Mom!"

J.T.: Yeah, but don't you have to be a little more careful with this pregnancy 'cause of the miscarriage?

Victoria: I'm being careful. I am. I'm fine. I cut back on a lot of work.

J.T.: Well, good. So don't go to the debate.

Victoria: Listen, morning sickness isn't dangerous. And whatever my family does right now is open to interpretation. So if I don't show up, people will take that to mean that I don't support my mother, so I'm going.

J.T.: All right, then I'm driving you.

Victoria: I have my car.

J.T.: I'm driving you there and back, all right? If you feel bad before you go, then stay here. And if you feel bad during, I'll bring you home.

Victoria: You know, you really don't have to worry about me so much.

J.T.: Well, I got no choice. All right, I care about you. Worry comes along with that.

Victoria: Come here.

J.T.: Mmm. Mango sorbet and pickles. Sexy.

Victoria: That's also not funny.

J.T.: I am so on a roll.

Ben: Jack, I think it might be better if Phyllis stayed away from the debate.

Sharon: Yeah, I think it would be better.

Phyllis: Phyllis is right here.

Ben: Yeah, well, they might wanna take a shot of you and Jack or even the three of you together.

Sharon: And why provide them with that photo op?

Phyllis: Well, listen, I'll be low key. I'll stand away from Jack. I'll be low key.

Ben: (Chuckles) sorry, I thought you were kidding.

Sharon: Yeah, so did I, really.

Jack: Uh, standing in the background has never been your strong suit.

Phyllis: Well, I'm not above learning something new.

Ben: In two hours?

Phyllis: I'm a quick study.

Sharon: Uh, look, I can understand you wanting to be there when Nikki goes down, but--

Phyllis: Yes, it would be cruel and unusual to deny me that pleasure. I mean--

Ben: It would be a mistake to get photographed with Jack. (Cell phone ringing)

Phyllis: Fine. I'll stay away from Jack.

Ben: Yeah?

Phyllis: It's not a big deal.

Ben: Uh, the video worked. We're two points ahead.

Jack: Yes!

Phyllis: Senator Jack Abbott!

Ben: Okay, I admit-- I didn't wanna release it.

Jack: But?

Sharon: But? Here we go.

Phyllis: Yeah, but what, Ben?

Ben: I'm trying to make a confession here, okay? It's not easy. I would like a little sympathy, please?

Phyllis: You're not gonna get it here.

Ben: Uh, okay, I might've been wrong about the video. But--but now that we are ahead, Jack, it is my duty to say that you have to take the high road on the debate.

Jack: High road's my middle name.

Kay: If you like, I could do something so outrageous it would knock that kiss right out of the headlines.

Nikki: Oh, great, that's just what my campaign needs-- "Zealous Newman supporter makes a fool of herself in front of three cameras instead of one."

Kay: Would you stop it? You didn't make a fool of yourself.

Nikki: Yeah, I made a fool of myself.

Kay: No, you just... you reconfirmed your humanity.

Nikki: Boy, you're good. Makes me sound almost noble.

Kay: Or, uh... do you love the man?

Nikki: What? No! I mean, not like that. I-I-I don't know. It's a valid question.

Kay: Well, at least you're sure about that. Oh, have you talked to Victor?

Nikki: No, I have not been able to get through to him for quite some time.

Kay: Well, if he could just be objective, that would--

Nikki: Objective? In what lifetime?

Kay: All right, now stop it. Just don't beat yourself down, do you understand? You just go out there and you give 'em hell! And don't you dare start crying. Nothing looks worse than mascara running all over your face in front of the camera.

Nikki: I'm not gonna cry. I'm not gonna cry.

Amber: I think I like the cabana better than the kitchen, although, I do really like the granite countertops.

Cane: That was hot, but you know what? They're tile.

Amber: Yeah, but getting it on near all that food made me so hungry.

Cane: (French accent) I thought it was because of the incredible French chef that you are working with. And when I say incredible, I am not referring to my cooking skills.

Amber: That is possibly the worst French accent I have ever heard. But you know what? It gives me an idea.

Cane: (Normal voice) mmm? What's that?

Amber: Costumes!

Cane: See, that's funny. For a second there, I thought you said "Costumes," like the plural.

Amber: Yeah, I did. Costumes for both of us.

Cane: No, no, no, no.

Amber: Oh, come on, come on, haven't you ever fantasized about being with a nurse or a waitress or a high-powered female attorney?

Cane: No, except I've already been with all three. Come here.

Amber: Uh, you know. I'm really not interested in that, you know, real part of your old life.

Cane: Yeah, but now my fantasies involve only you.

Amber: Oh, come on!

Cane: And no clothing, of course.

Amber: Come on, please? Please, please, please? Please? Please? If you do, I will...

Cane: Why are you whispering? There's no one else even here.

Amber: I just wanted to kiss your ear. Come on!

Cane: No. No!

Amber: Yes! Yes! Meet me back here in 20 minutes.

Cane: No, I'm not dressing up.

Amber: Yes, you are!

Cane: I'm not dressing up.

Amber: Yes, you are! Yes!

Cane: I'm not dressing up.

Amber: Yes, you are!

Cane: I'm not gonna enjoy dressing up!

Victoria: Mmm.

J.T.: How's that feel?

Victoria: That's great.

J.T.: Mm-hmm.

(Knock on door)

Karen: Victoria? It's Karen. Can I have a minute, please?

Victoria: It's my mom's campaign manager. Hide the food.

J.T.: Yeah.

Victoria: Uh, Karen? Just a second! One second!

Karen: Hi, listen, I'm sorry to interrupt. The, uh, receptionist told me you were in here and I just... I just need a minute.

Victoria: Oh, yeah, sure, no problem. Karen Taylor, this is J.T. Hellstrom.

Karen: Hi.

J.T.: Hi.

Karen: Nice to meet you. I'll just--I'll be really quick. I will.

Victoria: Karen manages my mother's campaign. Do you think you could give us a break for...?

J.T.: Not a problem.

Victoria: Thanks.

J.T.: I'll just review what we were discussing.

Victoria: Great. Great.

Karen: It's a mistake to have David connected to this campaign in any capacity whatsoever. His presence is gonna keep alive this whole suggestion of an affair, all right? And the whole thing about him being a volunteer versus an employee-- it's--it's--

Victoria: It's insane. I know.

Karen: Yes.

Victoria: I know. You're preaching to the choir.

Karen: Look, I hope I'm not out of line in asking you to try and persuade your mother to drop him. She won't hear me on this issue.

Victoria: She won't hear me. And, no, you're not out of line. And I'm sorry, but I know my mom well enough to know that once she's made up her mind, she's made up her mind. So we take a deep breath and we resume our roles as her cheerleaders.

Karen: All right. Well, thanks for hearing me out.

Victoria: Sure.

Karen: And for being so candid.

Victoria: Of course.

Karen: It smells a little like tomato soup and pickles in here, doesn't it? I'll see ya.

Victoria: See ya.

David: I don't wanna disagree with you in front of them, but they're right. It's absolutely insane for me to be anywhere near you. So I'm gonna take off. All right, I know you're gonna do great and you have my cell number if you need me. And I'm really sorry for my part in this, Nikki.

Nikki: Okay, wait a minute. Let's say that I agree with you that it's insane, but I've got your resignation letter that I can wave at Jack if he gets nasty. I would really feel so much better if you're there. Even if I can't see you.

Ben: So if the moderator asks you about Nikki's relationship with her campaign consultant?

Jack: I will say I deplore the invasions of privacy that are so prevalent in our society today.

Phyllis: The high road. I like that. It's good. I'm gonna stop by daycare on my way over. See ya.

Sharon: Maybe the baby will persuade her to stay away.

Ben: If she does, I will start her college fund. Okay, Jack, if you're also asked about the fact that her husband doesn't support her candidacy--

Jack: I'll say Victor has excellent taste.

Ben: Low road.

Jack: I'll say how happy I am to have my wife's support.

Sharon: There you go.

Nikki: And I'll just say I would no more tell my husband who to vote for than he would tell me.

Karen: Exactly.

Amber: Ready?

Cane: You first.

Amber: Okay, together! One... two... three!

Cane: Wow. This was a good idea after all.

Amber: What are you supposed to be?

Cane: Well, you're always telling me I should, uh, dress up a little more.

Amber: Yeah, but--

Cane: So this is your fantasy.

Amber: That's so not fair.

Cane: I'm serious. Think of me as a, uh... a dangerous opal smuggler.

Amber: What?

Cane: Or a spy.

Amber: Stop.

Cane: What about a high-powered record producer? Look, as far as you're concerned, all I'm gonna do is take your clothes off, so I don't see the point.

Amber: That is the point.

Cane: Oh! I knew that! I did, I really--I knew that!

(Doorbell rings)

Cane: Here.

Amber: What's that?

Cane: A DVD.

Amber: Addressed to?

Cane: Me. But that is the last thing I wanna look at right now. Come here.

[Amber remembering]

Plum: Does your hubby know that "Extreme Catwalk" wasn't your first foray in reality video?

Amber: You're low.

Plum: You didn't tell him about the web site you had in L.A.?

Sharon: Hi. Oh, my. Hi. These guys are with me.

Ben: Yeah.

Jack: Hey, how are you?

Sharon: I, uh, I'm gonna go and see if I can find Karen, see what I can get out of her.

Ben: I'm gonna check out the set.

Jack: I'm gonna find as remote a place as I can and get ready.

Ben: All right, I'll find you.

Jack: I oughta put you on my payroll.

David: I gotta tell you, Jack, I didn't think you had it in you. Planting that camera was low. Even for you.

Jack: You've been a real asset to my campaign. Honestly. First you release the video of Nikki stripping and then you get caught on camera kissing her-- kissing her. Wow, and you're still part of the campaign? We should get a photographer to immortalize this, huh?

Ben: I know you're having fun, but we're not here to have fun. Come on. Good luck with that career. I'm sure you're gonna be in high demand.

Karen: No, I've already spoken to the director about the lighting. Just make sure there's water nearby and no cream in the coffee, 'cause it clogs the throat, okay?

Sharon: I'll remember that when I run for office.

Karen: I charge for advice.

Sharon: I owe you then.

Karen: How's your candidate?

Sharon: Great. How's yours?

Karen: She's fine. Nikki!

Sharon: Ah, the family values candidate is here.

Victoria: Oh, shut up, Sharon.

Sharon: J.T.-- like mother, like daughter, I see. Hey, on the upside, at least you don't have to worry about blackmail. The whole world already knows.

Ben: Remember your high school teacher who said, "A time and place for everything"?

Sharon: Yeah. That was really immature of me, wasn't it?

Ben: Yeah.

Sharon: I'm sorry, it just felt so good.

Ben: Oh, well, since you seem so remorseful, I guess you don't have to go to detention.

Man: I'm sorry, Ma'am, but you're not on my list.

Kay: Young man, I could bribe you or browbeat you or cause a very big scene, but I would really prefer to tell your boss how perspicacious you are in recognizing a pillar of the business and philanthropic communities and being so considerate of me. In fact, I will go so far as to tell them to give you a promotion.

Man: I can honestly say that is the first time I've heard that one, but you'll probably get me fired if I let you in there.

Kay: Well, you know what? Should that happen, you just tell them to call that lady-- Mrs. Chancellor.

Kay: Sharon.

Man: Uh, ladies and gentlemen, we're two minutes to air. Two minutes.

Kay: Psst!

Man: Yeah, you've got it.

Phyllis: Very impressive video, David. Very impressive. Did you and Nikki rehearse that? You know why I'm comfortable talking to you? Because no one wants a picture of us together.

Man: Ladies and gentlemen, one minute! One minute, please.

Jack: Well, I wasn't sure you'd make it.

Nikki: Are you kidding? I wasn't going to miss a chance to tell you to your face what a despicable piece of work you are.

Jack: After the way your people talked about Sharon and me, you can take your piety and stuff it.

Sharon: Amen.

Ben: Ahem.

Nikki: You'd rather lie for free than tell the truth for money.

Jack: Don't like the idea of people seeing you as a hypocrite?

Nikki: In fact, you lie so much that you wouldn't even recognize the truth if it slapped you in the face.

Jack: As the real Nikki? Maybe the moral high ground wasn't the place to go.

Nikki: Your poor father would be so ashamed.

Man: Mrs. Newman, Mr. Abbott, can we please hold off? We're going live.

Man: In five... four... three... two...

Jim: Hello, I'm Jim Moret. Welcome to our final forum of the election cycle--this for the senatorial candidates from Walworth County. After noting what may be unique for Wisconsin--former spouses running against each other-- I'll keep my comments to myself. Now I wanna get an opening statement from each of the candidates going in alphabetical order, starting with Mr. Abbott.

Jack: Thank you, Jim. And I welcome this opportunity to speak to the people of Wisconsin. You deserve a state senator who works hard for you, who is focused on your priorities, who's straight with you, who won't claim one set of values and do or say something... completely different when she thinks no one is watching.

Jim: Mrs. Newman?

Nikki: First of all, I'd like to thank the television station for the opportunity to show the differences between my opponent and me. I am in this race for the privilege to serve you, not to bolster my ego, and certainly not to use my seat in Madison to protect and promote my own personal financial interests.

Jim: We'll be back with the full debate right after these commercial words.

Cane: Hey... look at this wad of cash I found laying around the house. You know, after that break-in, I'll have to tell Katherine to be more careful.

Amber: It's mine.

Cane: It's yours?

Amber: Yeah. Um, remember when I told you I didn't have enough money to buy you a wedding present?

Cane: Baby, I told you I don't care about that.

Amber: Well, I do, so I, um, set aside a little from every paycheck to get you something nice.

Cane: Nice? There's thousands here. What's your salary?

Amber: I'm buying you a very nice gift.

Cane: Sweetheart, you don't have to buy me a very nice gift.

Amber: Yeah, but I want to.

Cane: Well, then... let me show you my appreciation.

Cane: Library?

Amber: Library.

Cane: Library.

Amber: Library.

Jim: Final word now on the issue of fighting crime. Mr. Abbott?

Jack: Thank you. I've often said that fighting crime is not as simple as increasing support for law enforcement. We must also increase education and job opportunities. And I have proposed new funding sources for both.

Jim: Mrs. Newman?

Nikki: Crime is definitely not averted by opening gambling casinos. Their very existence is dependent upon depleting the wealth of their patrons and pocketing the money themselves. Now if that does not set the stage for organized crime, I don't know what does.

Jack: Legal and regulated casinos provide jobs and a larger tax base that affords the very law enforcement and education programs you say you want. I guarantee your husband would not be behind my candidacy if he thought I was bringing in organized crime.

Nikki: My husband and I are separate entities and I would never try to tell him who to support in politics, nor would he try to tell me. But I can tell you that he would not condone the tactics that have been used against me in this campaign.

Jim: Are you alluding to the internet release of the video depicting your intimacy with a member of your staff?

Nikki: And I take full responsibility for my actions, but only the opponent of Jack Abbott would have their privacy invaded like mine was. Do we really want to have a state senator that not only condones, but engages in illegal surveillance?

Jack: I had nothing to do with the making or the release of that video. Like my opponent, I am deeply concerned about the lack of privacy that pervades every aspect of our lives these days.

Nikki: Well, he may be concerned, but Mr. Abbott is hoping that if you believe that, you'll also believe that he didn't secretly buy real estate in Clear Springs. He made quite the show of selling as the corporate owner of that development in order to, and I quote, "Avoid a conflict of interest and focus on the needs of the people of the state of Wisconsin." It was all a big show.

Jack: When an unexpected business opportunity presents itself--

Nikki: Do you own the property or not? Yes or no?

Jim: I'm sorry we have to leave it at that. Both of you are out of time. I'm Jim Moret remind all of you, get out and vote.

Man: And we're clear!

Phyllis: Well, it's obvious who won that debate.

David: Yes, it is.

J.T.: How you feeling?

Victoria: Not so good.

J.T.: Come on, let's go. We'll get you home to rest up a little bit.

Victoria: Yeah, we're here long enough.

Brad: I know you gave your mother that information and I know where you got it from.

J.T.: Excuse us.

Victoria: Not now, Brad.

Brad: But Jack owns it legally and there's nothing you or your mother can do to change it.

Victoria: I don't feel so good.

J.T.: What's the matter?

Victoria: I don't know. I just don't feel so good.

J.T.: Victoria! Hey! Hey!

J.T.: You all right?

Victoria: I am telling you, if all three trimesters are this difficult, I am giving this kid a funny name for him to carry through the rest of his life. You gotta get me outta here now.

J.T.: I'm taking you to the doctor. Come on.

Victoria: No. I need food. I need something in my stomach. Let's go.

J.T.: All right, take it easy.

Jack: This is old news. I sold my company for the reasons I stated at the time.

Nikki: And it's wrong not only to pretend that he doesn't own property in Clear Springs...

Jack: It would be more accurate to say I was given an opportunity to help an area in need of economic development.

Nikki: But also to reveal the fact that from the very beginning he had plans to destroy the character and the architectural history of the city.

Jack: By providing affordable housing and jobs that pay a living wage and bringing tourism to the state.

Nikki: But by doing that, it doesn't alleviate poverty or economic need. He'll take advantage of it.

Jack: The truth is, I would never have set aside my plans to help had my opponent not threatened to... play politics with the lives of the people of Clear Springs.

Nikki: I think what my point is-- he just can't have it both ways. He says he has nothing to hide, but he did hide this investment.

Sharon: Hey, Brad. So... what did you think about the debate?

Brad: Well, too bad for Jack Nikki found out about those properties.

Sharon: Yeah, too bad about your divorce, too.

Brad: Well, that's already gone to hell in a hand basket.

Sharon: I'm sorry.

Brad: It's all right. I've survived worse. Maybe not...

Cane: Are you getting hungry?

Amber: Mmm, I am starved. You know, I could really go for some scrambled eggs.

Cane: You know, I was thinking of something a little more sophisticated.

Amber: Scrambled eggs?

Cane: Okay.

Cane: Hey! Why are you going through my mail?

Amber: I-I wasn't. I just, um... an exercise video. Why didn't you tell me?

Cane: I didn't think it was important. What did you think it was?

Amber: Nothing. That's not scrambled eggs.

Cane: That's because I told you I had something more sophisticated. Come here.

Amber: Beer is not more sophisticated than scrambled eggs. And I can't drink on an empty stomach, so I don't know what you wanna do.

Cane: Ah. You see... I am proposing a picnic.

Amber: Where?

Cane: Follow me.

Karen: Hey.

Nikki: Hey.

Karen: David asked me to let you know that he thought you did a great job.

Nikki: Really?

Karen: Yeah.

Nikki: Where is he?

Karen: I don't know. Oh, listen, I've gotta go back and get my purse and cell phone.

Nikki: Okay, go ahead. Go ahead. Mmm.

Phyllis: David seems like a good kisser. Is he good at other things?

Nikki: You know, what goes around comes around.

Phyllis: Oh, Nikki, that's for sure. Was it worth it?

Nikki: How many marriages have you damaged? I'm not sure. Do you even know?

Phyllis: It doesn't matter. I'll check the internet. Who knows where that next camera will be.

Nikki: Wow. You are so filled with frustration you just don't know what to do with it. I'm sorry, Phyllis, but no matter what you do, your life is always gonna be a mess.

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